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    ONTARIO-The Pivotal Point of the Great Interior of Eastern Oregon
The Produce from
15,000,000 acres ia
marketed from On
tario each year
The Ontario Argus
lead in Prestige,
merit, and Circula
tion. Watch us grow
Representative Newspaper of Ontario and Malheur County.
NO. 34
W. U. Sanderson Sells
Prune Orchard
Former Van Gilse Orchard
Is Bought by Miles Can
non Who Pays $50,000
For Remaining 50 Acres.
Ona of the largest nod most Im
porttnt deala ever transacted to thii
section was closed hare Tuesday by
Mllea Canaou taking over the 50
arre prune orchard of W. II. Hatider
on at the price of 11.' 00 an acre.
Including tlim year's crop. Tbla or
bard was planted by Robert Vim
(lllae ae?eral years ago. when he was
Hit Hk'""t for some Hollander.
IIiihiii'm condition! IhitliMied out
ionic iiiui they iut isted do the aale or
tbe place, J. J. Jenkins hemic the
fortunate purchaser. Jenkins did
not know anything about priiiiM. Rot
no prollt from the treea and waa ready
to pull Mii'in up nod Ro to raising
alfalfa. Mra. Jcnklna aucceeded In
unloading the orchard on a liolae man
lu a trade for Boiae pioperty. yaliu
lug the orchard at 148,000. after
baring tried toeell It at a macb lower
figure, i'l e new owner eooo turned
It over to Henderson, who waa the
llrat man torealixelta value aod know
how to iet the t milts out of It.
The orchard wea thoroughly pruned.
plaee.l In first las shape aud tbe Hret
rop abowed an astonishing Inoreaaa
In gmle and quantity of fruit, netting
tbe new owners bandeouic pro at.
About three months ago Miles Can
Him purubaaed 70 acres of tbe orchard,
paying I45.UOO for It, tbis weak be
purchased tbe balance, paying I1.00J
an acre. Tbe main diiferetioe iu
prioe being due to tbe advanced ttuge
of the crop aud tbe market for tbe
Mr. Cannon baa sold the run of tbe
orchard for "J oenta a box wbiob
im. ma 1050 a oar aud bu eatl
metes tbe crop arniind HO cars.
We underataud that Mr Catinno
will build blm a home in Outarlo ana
wore bla family here this fall.
There bas been a treud back to tbe
lowly prune for tbe past lew years
and sales like the above will place
tbem in tbe lead among tbe fruits.
The entire pear crop of tbe Medford
eci inn baa been eold f. . b. at prlcee
ranging from 11 75 to 1:2.00 per box.
Nut it single grower shipped on coo
igumeut. It ia eucouraging to Hud
our part of tbe state baa at laat dis
uovered tbe ouly reliable way to sell
County Judge and Commissioner Re
placed by New Men.
Oregon City, Or Clackamas coun
ty voted to recall the old county court
and seat a new judge ami commission
r. Returns ahow that II 8. Anderson
defeated It B. Beatle, incumbent, for
county Judge by 331 votes, ami J W
Ha beat N Blair, Incumbent, by
44 ots for county commissioner.
The recall was the result of dissat
isfaction over the way in which tbe
county court let contracts. It waa
charged in the petitions that Judge
Beetle aud Commissioner Hlair did not
advertise for bids on county work and
that their procedure under tbe old
system was a waste of the taxpayers'
Onl about MM votes out of a total
registration oi lO.oou were cast. .
Showers Relieve Kansas.
Kansas CUj Heavy showers over
most of the eastern half of Kansas
added to the relief that came with the
rains of Sunday nil it If believed tbe
drought Is now aflaataall" broken
Effort to Have Extensive
Showing of Machinery
And Inventions
Tbe fair managegment ia making
great efforts to secure an elaborate
exhibit of machinery at tbe coming
fair. They are offering specie. In
ducements to those wbo In. re ma
chinery to exhibit. New inveutiona
are receiving special attention. Home
of tbe machinery will be shown lu
operation. Tbey are plaonlna to
get eoough to cover rive acres.
Among the exhibits promised are
gasoline engines of several different
makes, road machinery of all blods,
a full line of John Ueere farm ma
chlnery. Studebuker and Oliver
Implements and aume practicsl labor
ssvlng tools suoh as hay loaders rskes
The automobile and motor cycle
1 1- i ! arc muklng arrangements to
exhibit as well as some of the wagon
Mini huggv concerns.
The directors want, every farmer,
or, In fact anyone who has a labor
savlug device or farm iniplemeut of
i .Tii own inrentiou to bring It to the
fair and put It on exhibition. They
want to make this exhibit of especial
Interest to the fsrmor and helpful to
all who attend tbe fair.
FtlOlo b, American 1'rrM Association
William Suiter, governor of New
York, against whom Impeachment pro
ceedlnga have been Inetltuted.
Seattle, Wash - In hU address at
tin- commercial club here Secretary
Lane declared It was one of the first
duties of the government to devalop
"If the government were Justlfleil
tn spending f4no.uuti.00u to join tbe At
lantic and i'aciflc coasts with a canal,
why waa It not aa much obligated to
link to Itself with an outlying portion
of i he United States by an expendi
ture of f40,0UU,UUU? The Tinted States
built a dirt road across Teuusylvanla
a century ago, and dug a canal from
Lake Krie to the Hudson river."
The secretary declared himself not
only In favor of government construc
tion of an Alaskan railroad system,
but Its operation, so that products
might be transported at reasonable
cost. lie wished to see the coal lands
developed so that they would benefit
all the people aud not fall luto the
bands of a monopoly.
Editor Kills Former California Official
Qulncy, Cal. Aa tbe result of a feeu
growing out of the rival claims of
the towns of Qulncy and Greenville
for a $40,000 high school now under
construction, i. A Boyle las former
city attorney, waa ahot aud killed b
O H:il. veteran editor of the Plu
mas National Bulletin, of Qaincy.
- TP LaV
aV 9H gjw
N. P. Minster Secures Contract On
The Second Low Bid.
Tbe 1 ll.rer- liard baa Anally got
all the red tape unwound and the
new in 1 1 ll i ' l be commenced the
first o' tbe v k on tbe lots near the
Presbyterian cliiucb.
N. 1'. Minster haa tbe oootraot.
Mr. MoOee asking to he released and
the board considered the delay en
titled blm to some consideration.
The llnea for tbe foundation have
l. ii placed and the digging of the
tenement will be done by (leorge
Kootti, wbo will start soon as be can
get teams.
The liuilding will be Mulshed tbis
fall and ready for occupancy, marking
another slrp furwnrd lu the permanent
Improvements of the ysar.
With a creamery, an ice anil cold
storage plant, new rlty hall, new
sewer and drainage system aud a new
Horary building, all rioneHbia year.
Ontario bas set a pace . - ltl b
few cities of ber size.
Mr Moore, tho Janitor at the
cbool. fell from a step ladder Mon
day morniug and broke his left arm
at tbe wrist. He waa up on the
ladder cleaning windows, when the
ladder spread out throwing him to
tbe floor with great force, ti Ikiog
on the band, whlob was bent back
aud tbe cords all torn loose.
Floyd Christ innaou, tbe ilyear old
oo of S. Cbrlstlaoson, tbe barber,
fell from a slide be waa playing ou
Tuesday aud broke bla arm at the
ll 1$ Rumored ThdtOretjon Short UneiPowerfu, Autos Ad Empe of
Is lo Take Over the Above Named
Road in Near future
Many ruiuora have bean ouirent
tbis week to the etfeot that tbe Oregon
Short Line la preparing to take over
tbe Idaho Northern railroad.
D. W. Laodis, representative of
tbe Hlmmona Hardware company, who
Is also vice president and one of the
principal stockholders of tbe Outarlo
Hardware oompany, waa up tbe Pin
road laat week and beard tin-in
rumors, but could not oontlrui them.
Mr. Lsudis. wbo has Leeii In the
hardware business for twenty tears,
baa recently moved his tauillj aud
headquarters to Outarlo from Uolse
lu order to be iu closer touch with
bis business here and give It mora
of bla time. He ia very much of a
booster for tbis place and the people
here and says he duds tbe outsiders,
generally speaking, buve alwaya got
a good word to aay for Outarlo aud
it la resulting io mauy men making
iu text man ta bere.
Mrs. J. V. tifunett died at her
boms on the BoueUard Weduesdav
muring ai,l will h.- buried from tbe
; Methodi-t uluirc'i here Friday at 1 1
I o'clock Mrs. Bsi iett waa ill about l'
mluuti r Leiag atnckeu with heart
Sue was born in Amelia, Ohio, in
Jauosir fS nd united to the weat
shout M yewrs sgj. coming to Ontario
from 'etul'idgc Idaho, laat fawf,
She laaart iel by her nuetaod aod
I one son, .1. Dennett, res id lug here.
ii iu lata (-'lty aud a daughter
at Iaiw Jen, Wash.
Tbe Ontario schools will open Mon
day. September 1 and Principal Hailer
looka for tbe largest enrollment they
have ever had here. Mauy new books
bare been ordered by the legislature,
which requires a change every al.x
years, believing that better succesa
will be gained tn tbla way.
Following is the list of teachera
selected for tbe term :
K. (J. Bailey, Prlncliiel; Ray L.
waits assistant principal, pedagogy;
Oavid C. Petrle, science; Alice Kind
dsril, nisi hematics; din Martinson,
commercial and licrniaii ; Malicl tirav.
domestic science and Latin; Anna
stoeti'l and Helta Payne, tlrst pri
niHiv. Betay Taylor, and Lsurosc Bal
ley coin! primary; Kutb Puicell,
third grade; Wilmoth Curry, fourth
grade; Nona Austin aud HualcNtoetel
Hi grade:Mae Piatt ami .Mae Hutton.
sixth grade: Kveyliu Peok. seventh
grade; Edna OrittJu and Nellie Piatt,
eighth grude.
LI. vd Simpson, aoa of L. A. Simp
son, foreman of Harper's ranch, met
a bun idle deatb Saturday evenlug.
lit- waa standing near a mowing
machine wbioh knooked him down
outtiog tbe tnp of Ida skull off. He
lived about four buurs after tbe acci
dent. Tbe fuorral waa held Sunday
all. in. on at 2:30 at Vale.
Stanford White's Slayer
From Matteawan.
Matteawan. N. Y Harry K. Thaw,
the alayer of Htanford White, escaped
from the hospital for the criminal In
aane at 7 4:. Sunday morning. A dart
for liberty through an open gate, a
dash Into tbe open door of a power
ful automobile that atood quivering
outalde, and a flight like a rocket for
for tbe Connecticut state line, SO milea
away, accomplished his escape, and
the hoapltal authorities are certain
he la outalde the state. Once beyond
its boundaries, 1 haw Is free. Only
long, perhups years, of litigation can
bring linn back, and then ouly tn one
event that he be adjudged Insane In
the atate to which he has fled.
Five confederates manned the car
In which Thaw escaped and a big
black limousine which trailed It past
the asylum gale
The shades were drawn In the dor
mltorlea and the inmates were getting
their second sleep when Thaw left his
room. The milkman's cart was rum
bllng oo the road outalde aa he walked
through the storeroom and Into the
oiiti-i court or yard of the asylum
grouuda. A all cylinder touring car,
black, and 60 horsepower, followed by
a limousine, also black, loafed lazily
along the road as ! milkman drew
near the gale Thaw, siaudiug a few
feet away, apparently unconcerned,
waited until liarnum, attendant at law
gate, unlocked the gate and swung It
wide to let the milkman enter As
Hanium steppe 1 aside '"r the milkman
lo drive Inside Thaw fla-hed pan him
MraitUii for one of the waiting
Willi a shout li.i.-iium htarteil in pur
suit, hut a Bjiaf leap liuul'-'l
aafely wllh.ii I l W 'I I W
were alow- I
bad fairly i H roadway Tl
were ihrowina up a i loml of dust he
fore he had goue N feet.
W. U. Sanderson and H. A.
Chapman to Raise And
Train Thoroughbreds
Malheur couoty la to have an op
to ilsl e polo farm in the near future
where polo horses will he bred and
trained for tbe market.
W. U. Sanderson and II. A. Chap
man are the promoters aud are going
to makaaucb a plaoe of the Van (iilse
ranch, located seven miles aoutb of
Both of these men are well .p ml Mod
to suceasfully carry out this under
tsklng. Mr. Hnnderson Is from South
Africa aud has a wide acquaintance
In Knglaud and the United States
among the sporting fraternity. He
la a royal entertainer and has the
financial ability to carry out his pro
Mr. Chapman bas an extensive ec
iiualntani'c among polo playeis. hav
ing made a very creditable showing
In several of the noted tournaments
that have taken place In this country.
He also, like Mr. Sanderson, lias a
wide acquaintance, lieiug well known
In I .iik laml and Australia, where there
la li good demand for hlgn class polo
Work has already been started
toward Improving (he farm and Mr.
Chapman will leave in a few days for
Wyoming to where he will purchase
on i' load of thoroughbreds wbioh
they will put lu training.
iu. by
Asso. Ullun
Harry K. Thaw, who eecaped from
the hospital for criminal Insane at
Matteawan, N. V.
Albany, N. Y Martin H (ilynu
i-hi'ik mated a movement of William
Bulser to Invoke the arbitrament of
the iinir'h on the question w lilt It of
the two Is the lawful present aJaV f
eiei-utive of Hie state of New I ork
IteplyliiK to a formal propisal by
the Impeached executive lo auhmii
the Issue to adjudication on an agreed
Btuieinent of i.n is Mr tilyiin duclan-il
I It waa beyond his power to "lmit-i
'away any of the functions attaintns.
to the office In which 1 am BjgdJgeJ aj
your lupearhmellt."
"Any attempt on my part to do so,"
he said, "or to stipulate a met hod l
which It might be done, would proper
ly place lue In the position you now
oi'iup) thai of being I m eai toil for
malfeasance lu of:
Mr Otjrai derlarei) tniiher that he
proposed to p rform every function of
the office of governor, "em ept Insofar
as I am restrained by our Illegal
action or by physical force "
Dakota Farmers Harvest at Night.
t.iaml Forks, N I' ly Iransf.
the headlights from their automobile
to their binders, tinners uf the Ida
River valley are onilm ting harvest
ing operations througk the night ami
lying 14k '1'iiiiiK 'he fjaj
Talg if owing lo in'- more
than im i iai 'iieii traai
.n during (he past week, accord
log lo reports that have reached hers
pr""5L -i J
sadJgai LV ''Sm' awaw
Amsrk-ua frssa
Interior Town Goes On
the Map.
Now Haa a Newspaper
Railroad Delivering: The
Freight Within Six Milea
of Station.
Tlie promoters of the new town of
Jaolura determined to get themselvaa
lieforo the public nnd have In
duced some young men to start a
paper there. The first Issue nrrlved
a few day ago and Is full or news re
garding that section.
The railroad ia uow delivering
freight at a point six miles from
.1 ii ii t ii in and lias three bridges to
build before reaching thn town, whlob
ordinarily takes fwo weeks each.
This will bring the railroad to the
town ill. not the llrst of Octoher. but
much freight Is being unlomle.1 at the
end of the track for the Harney valley
Tbe new buildings are mostly of
atone, line iiiarrles helug found near
by. There Is a brick yard ready
with sonic .'in, mil i brink. The lum
ber used waa mostly hauled about
sixty miles.
Iiis Hint bank of.luutura will have
a new building completed In few
daya. with David Orabam In charge.
Tbe Townalte compauy haa graded
and leveled tbe sfreeta and furnished
water fur all the lota. They have
also ael aside a block for a park and
public play ground.
Tbey are working for tbe eonstinc
linn of new roada lo Oreweey, cutting
olf the 1 1 in ti over tbe kill and another
tu Crestun to tap the Uurrau valley
aectlon. They have a good road kg
Heulsb at present.
Hamsun KeawMrd lute come to the
couclusiou that man's strength Is too
ooetly for handling alfalfa hay aud
baa purchased a able delivering rake
and hay loader, which glvea g I
satisfaction as wltb these tools be cau
put bis buy In the stack for about one
half tbe cost of the old way aud he
aaya that wllb tbis equipment he cao
oure his hay aud get It into the slack
with leas waate than by the old arm
stroug method of doing the work with
a band fork.
Mr Heaweard baa promised to place
his hay loader and delivering lake
on exhibition at the fair.
liltM '.oiiiuii, was lu tbe city Mon
day luoklng after some hoiiimas mat
ters lu connection wllb bis atatM
ci op. He ba, some scv nty seres ol
prunes to liaivest and will haw in lbs
nelKhb'i bond of llfly ear hauls He
baa sold the entire crop tluough the
association for seventy cents a Inn,
wbli'h Is considered a very good price
fur tbe run ol the oi hard. He alio
lepnitn s.. .Il.i nf If, SQ a bOl for Ills
Winter Baasl s apples.
(' II Ssrgent passed th uugh Inwu
M .: day fi him bis I i oltl ,' d S le I si lu
i . , . ii . . ii . . . . . . i .
l-IIIOIJie in IJUIse. lie i.tli'H lllll III
clop tills ftai will uut im
nil his fatt" aCle trait as last Mil
but the ludlcal inns ai llmt tin prices
will b. i.m.i II. ..Id his lii. i
i to a b 1 leaf yt i im I I f o. b
liuitl.iud, w L i,-ii wu al. nt th
an y nl them did lie b.i ii' t ii . . i . ,- l
any oaTaW so far. but the tone ot the
Inqulrloa Inillatti taal laa "tap ll
uol nearly as heavy as last yar.