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Events Occurring Throughout
the State During the Past
oi(l-r to Ret away from the scene of
the burglary.
Ho is a brother of James V. Parks,
ex-mayor of Aberdeen, and head of
the Pacific Fisheries and Packing
company. I
O. A. C. Boys for Strikebreakers.
Corvallls. The department of
lectrlcal englnecrlnK at the Oregon
agricultural college wishes it under
Stood that the students who gave up
their college course to become wireless
professionals and help the Marconi
Company through the present opera
tors' strike, did so in spite of the
earnest advice of the professors
against such action.
"I do not consider that it is fair to
organized labor and on this grouml
as well as on the ground of the per
sonal loss to the students in sacrific
ing their college educational oppor
tunltles, I urged the young men not
to take the Btep." said Professor . V
"The Marconi company offered kucIi
glittering inducements to the boys,
however, and they were so Inter
in the work, that I could not keep
District Attorney Is Unable to Lesrn
Where Swindler Obtained Body.
Portland. To explanation, neith
er of them credited by the district
attorney, have been given by .1. ('. La
frnnee regarding the cadaver which,
dressed In l.nfrnnce's clothing, win
found on the upper Clackamas river
and used In Jui.e, 11)12, to defrau I
three Insurance companies of u total
of approximately $15. on".
In the first story LaffSMS said that
two medical students obtained the
body, took It to the point where It
was found, dressed It In l.nlrun
clothing and urrnngi'd so that It should
he (.hi.. I to the attention of passim
The gaeond was that Lafrntue had
sectt i .1 I tliiough the
assist. une of a hill collector In Port
land and Hi it they had parked It lino
the ClacK.n.i.iH country, where they
dressed It In a khaki hunting suit attd
Itsd purchased a similar salt, ami "' '
making sure that his acquaintances
should he Informed of his depart ui-.
hud ot. ntatlously gone up the Clack
amas on a fishing trip.
Oregon and Washington Join In Op
posing Harrlman Plan.
Portland. On the grounds that the
plan of the Harrlman roads, to close
the gateways at Walluls, Bllver Bow,
Spokane and Denver against their
competitors, will adversely affect the
service by eliminating competition In
routings, cause car shortages, limit
the scope of the markets and In some
cases actually force an Increase In the
rates, representatives of the West
"'oast Lumber Manufacturers' Asso
ciation, the Northwestern Fruit Ex
change and the Portland Chamber of
Commerce presented vigorous protest
against the railroad's proposal before
James W. Carmalt, examiner for the
Interstate commerce commission.
While the evidence showed that the
shippers have not been much inclined
to use the routes alternative to those
of the Harrlman system, the testimony
made appnrent the fact that thee
shippers want these various rout.-..
left open so thnt they can use them
In case they become dissatisfied with
the Union Pacific, Oregon Hhort Line
and O.-W. R. & N. Co.
Medford Merchant Accused of Theft.
Mcdford. Ppon a specific charge
of stealing $40, H. ('. Kentner, a lead
ing dry goods merchant here, has been
served with a wurrunt. Business as
sociates, upon whose move the warrant
was issued, say that Kentner's alleged
peculations will amount to $12,000.
Kentner Is alleged to have raised his
salary from $175 to $.100 a month with
out authority rrom the directors of
the 11. C. Kentner company, of which
He was the majority stockholder, and
Is said to have drawn heavy amounts
from the company In addition.
Contractors Win Big Dsmags Suit.
Portland. Judgment for H4MMJI
nst the city and In favor of Hob-
it Wakefield and his associates, con
triiciois for the Mount 'labor reser
voirs. In their action for $408,000, was
returned h. the Jury. It was Just five
iI.ivh, lacking hull an hour, since they
. .1 io deliberate.
Loot-Loaded Man is Killed.
Koseburg. -Carring two suits of
clothes, four pairs of shoes and other
articles of wearing appurel, which
comprised the loot taken from the
store of ill' tfutherlln Mercantile com
pany at Butherlln, Hoy Parks, of Arle
ta. a suburb of Portland, was struck
and killed by a northbound passenger
trr.lti which he attempted to board In
Suffragists Pay No Taxes.
London. Tax resistance as a means
of protest against the failure of the
British government to grant woman
suffrage is spreading throughout the
rouutry among women who are reluct
nut to employ the more violent Puuk
hurstlan methods.
Old papers st the Argus cilice 25
oeuls per hundred. Just hst you
ueed to Hue your cabins and place
under the carpet.
You get all the cream
if your separator is
li.' a Ued with
Standard Hand
Separator Oil
Specially prepared for cream
separators. Sold by dealers
everywhere and the
l-il.-ll VM A!N I KArvk.l3W
" .,, ':::-. -'-
Tuesday, May
m F w .... If v I L E BV , R.'v'V,!
SA f sT "-' sT. . 1 . . IF.sf m:. t
4 TO
VJafe f Y Vv ALL Mty-
.r: P..raHp 100 a.m.
free UrCU& X il open dent of wild animals.
O hRndSe 250 hOrSeS, XJhant. camels-400
V DHUe AV.V lUBia, wi be shown in parade,
people of all clime, .n J ni ht at p. door open .t 1
JSpSStt Admi Jon 25 cents to 5 ,t dL
Bakers council Is proceeding with
plans for the establishing of a munici
pal lighting plant.
Grants Pass city council has named
nine women to act as Judges and
clerks of the city election.
When the next school year opens
Myrtle Point will have a fine new
schoolhouse, to cost to the neighbor
hood of $16,000.
George Messlnger, who has been on
trial In the circuit court of Crook
county charged with larceny of cattle,
waa found guilty by trial Jury.
With the arrest of Frank J. Allen,
with $640 worth of opium on his per
son, the Baker police have uncovered
a big smuggling business.
The proceeds of Yoncalla's school
building bond Issue of $20,000 are held
up by reason of an Injunction suit,
filed on the allegation of Irregularities
In the bondltiK proceedings.
The trial of Marshfleld Socialists
who were arrested recently for violat
ing an ordinance prohibiting strett
speaking was postponed. Meanwhile
the accused men are allowed their
freedom on their own recognisance.
The Portland city council passed an
ordinance appropriating $6102.60 for
the payment of the salaries and clerks
of the recent election and an additional
sum of i" for meals furnished the
County w. S. Worden of Kla
m.itli Falls has promised the hardest
kind of a flabi against the opponents
who are seeking his recall. He Is so
anxious for battle that fit has offered
to aid them In getting the recall elec
tion before the people.
"Guilty" was the verdict brought in
by the Marshfleld Jury In the case
of Stuii- Representative J. S Barton,
of Coiiuille, Indicted on complaint of
Miss Mini)-.. oiikuni, an employe In
his office. The Jury wus out only a
few hours.
Krunk Matoml, a Japanese, has In
Mailed a plant al Independence for
the, purpose of making quassia chips,
used In spraying hops. He has re
ceived 16n tons or logs from Japan at
a cost In fr.-lnht alone of $1 Too. and
will begin chipping them at once.
A cache of dynamite homh has hSM
discovered near the old Immigrant
road a mile west of Kcho. The bombs
were 16 In number, and each consisted
of tt stick or dynamite in n lead pipe.
'i hey had been wrapped In an old
gunny sack and stuck In a badger hole,
01 ulciit l mouths ago.
An effort to Introduce a disease that
will exterminate rabbits In the western
portion of I'matllla county, Dr. W. H.
I.ii ile, state sheep Inspector, went to
Kcho armed with a bottle of "culturo
of snuffles" with which he will Inom
late a number of animals.
Declaring that rabies again has up
p. ured In Oregon sad that the sit mi
tlon In Multnomah und adjoining conn
ties Is grave, the stale board of health
in a report Issued for the quarter
ending In March, reroinuieuded that
all dogs be mussled.
The four representatives of a Has
elan colony in Saskatchewan, who
have been touring western Oregon tor
lo duys, have closed a deal for tho
purchase of 3600 acres, practically In
MM hod. In L'nn county. They have
filed incorporation papers under the
name of the Society of Indepeudeut
Iioukhobors, with a capital of $100,000.
I.ii families will come from Canada
at once, and others -ill follow soon.
Timber owners of .'oik county have
organized for the purpose of protecting
i he forests In this county from fire
.lining the coming dry season. W. V.
Puller, Ol Dallas, a prominent timber
mail ol In- county, has advised all
'iilug the work of forest
protect iuii. gad all efforts by the own
uiil :.. l.ut torth to lessen the
sgteai Ol ''' burned districts this
l ..miner.
TfM hunii-sti aders and timber claim
ants at Klaiii.ith Kails have been
awarded the final decision In the long
iliawn out j710 land case. The tliu
her lands were claimed by A. D. Dan
UU and associates, who had placed
sorff on them, and also by a number
of Individuals who proved up on the
la mi under the homestead aud timber
laws. The-litigatiou has been in prog
ress for about 10 years.
Two accidents were caused at The
Dalles by the explosion of flashlight
posders. One of them may oost Karl
Corson. 14 year old. the loss of hla
eyesight, as he looked directly inte
the Hash while attempting to tak a
picture at a oampfire picnic. The
kltcuep range of Mrs. B. K. Vlckers
was wrecked by the explosion of I
box which she supposed was empty,
but which contained flashlight pow
ders. From VYhltesville. Mo., to Peudletea,
a distance of 2000 ssiles. Is the journey
completed a few days ago by two fair
of naming pigeons. About six weeks
tigo Mrs. 1. O Pell of Pendleton ship
ped the four birds te N. O. Roderker
iu Whitesvllle. He liberated them
with his other pigeons and they Imme
diately disappeared. Upon receiving
a letter from him telling of his loss
Mrs. Pell went to her pigeon lofts sad
found the four birds resting on taelr
home roosts. All were In good ceoal-
tlou. It Is not kuown how leas
VON Is cwvariug the dTsUUMS
Always on the Job
If you have s Job of hauling yon
want dons, large or small, you can
always depend on John Landiogbam
being ready for you. Call him at tho
Moore Hotel.
The Most Qualified Judges
ssk I VCB Lr .ssfl
Pronounce Taylor & Williams
Straight Yellow Stone w.ilskey thi BEST
FOR SALE in quantities frnm
One gallon up. and many other
Good brands, hv
L. li. TETER. Wholesaler.
Farm Loans
On Improved Property
At current rates. Any amount.
For straight term or with In
stallment privilege.
Thomas VV. Clagett
Ontario - - Oregon
I mm - mn,iT"ir
If it's right why change it? A
multiplicity of models is evidence
that the maker is still experi
menting. There is but one Ford
model. And for five years our
rapidly growing factories haven't
been able to make all we could
sell because it is right.
Our great factory has produced nearly a
quarter of a million Model T's. Prices: Run
about, 00; Touring Car, W7B; Town Car,
875 f. o. b. Ontario with all equipment.
Ford Auto Company
Ontario, Ore.
Buy your Meat at
and get
the best the market affords
100 Acre Ranch
For Sate or Trade
Some improvements 100
acres choice land, cannot
be beat anywhere. First
class water right. Good
terms on full amount.
Postoffice Box 94
Ontario, Oregon
Wing Chong Laundry
New man in charge who thor
oughly understands the business,
Washing & Ironing
West of 1st National Bank and Telephone Office.
L 1 ZZZ '
igggB I
'fc sssssssssssst'f MMfcWr W W l V a"1 -UlM B
Paint Kitchen Floors
Don't Scrub Them
Avoid the backache and sore knees caused
by scrubbing bare floors. Painted floors are easy
to keep bright and clean, are attractive and
very inexpensive.
gives a hard, durable, sanitary finish for floors,
steps or any inside surface to be walked on,
jjejr. easy to keep clean and hard to wear
isfKfHL out. You can apply it yourseii-
It dries in a short time. Offered
;n c.nnroDriate and attractive shades.
t nM