The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, April 03, 1913, Image 2

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New Tariff Must Provide Rev
enue Sufficient to Run
Washington. When the gavel Mil
at noon on April 7 the ways and
means committee of the house will be
prepared to submit a complete IjritQI
f revision an. I ask for its approval.
Truth Is that the men charged with
directing the tariff fight have some
misgivings about the bill to be pre
Matetfj and recttgntae tliat it may be
subject to materia amendment when
It gets to the senate. In fact, the
house leaders will be glnd to have the
aen.-ite BaatlBM part of the responsibil
ity for the bill.
NOV 1. is realize that they must
do two things. They must make such
revision a will be In keeping with
their pledges to the peoplle. and at
the same time m:ist provide for ample '
revenue to run the government. They I
,"'"' al covered already that they will
need fully as much revenue as has
been nvailahl.. during the past few
years, for they find they cannot in my
material way reduce the expenses of
the government.
Revision Must Produce Revenue
With n certainty that a certain
amount of revenue must be available
each year, tariff revision must be so
shaped as to produce that revenue
over and above what can be raised
under the Income tax. How much the
Income tax will produce will not be
known, even approximately, until the
tariff bill has passed both branches
of congress and been approved by the
president, for there Is more difference
of opinion about this feature of the
new tariff bill than over any one other
The. as finally passed upon Is
understood to provide for raising the
Income tax revenue on n graduate!
sea I.', exempting Incomes under $4000,
beginning with a 1 per cent tax on In
OMNI of 4noo and running as high as
4 per cent on Incomes of $100,000 and
It was said that the plan retains the
provisions for free raw sugar and free
raw cotton and the 15 per cent tax on
rnw wool. A fight Is expected in both
houses for n change to free raw wool.
Suffragists Ready to Besiege Wilson
Siege Is to be laid to the White
House by the suffragists, it was
announced at national headquart
era, as a result of the refusal of
President Wilson to Include In his
in ii',i to consrtM some reference
to the rjffraga cuiiso. The president's
declination was based on his belief
that congress should take the first
steps, and that he would not be Justi
fied In inaugurating such s sweeping
reform through recommendations.
Representatives Kent, of California,
Lenroot of Wisconsin and Anderson of
Minnesota, progressive republicans,
made a formal annouuement that they
would not join the house progressives
in a new third party organisation and
would not vote for Representative
Murdock for speaker.
Indians to Get Interest
Secretary Lane has signed an order,
effective July 1, 1913, providing that
all Indian fuuds on deposit to the cred
it of superintendents of the various
agencies over the United States that
hitherto have not drawn interest shall
be placed on an interest bearing basis
at the rate that prevails in the local
itles where the money Is deposited
Heretofore these funds have not
drawn any Interest.
It is estimated that these accounts
aprpoxiinate $1,000,000.
National Capital Brevities
The first formal dinner by President
and Mrs. Wilson will be given April
16. in honor of members of the cabinet.
Clay Tallman, an attorney of Tono
pah. Ne.. has been appointed legal
adviser of the reclamation service by
Secretary of the Interior Lane.
Secretary of War Garrison. Wednes
dav. ordered that 50.000 tents and
1,000,000 rations be rushed to Ohio
from Philadelphia for the relief of the
flood sufferers.
One of the best jobs at the disposal
of the Wilson administration, that of
chief forester, has been placed under
the civil service. This position, wow
held by Prof. Henry S. Graves, a re
publican, appointed by Taft to succeed
Oifford Pinchot. pays $5000.
On the requtst of President Wilson,
Secretary of War Garrison went to
Ohio to personally survey conditions
in the flood district. He was accom
panied by General Wood. Presideut
Wilson waa going himself, but later
decided to send Garrison as his person
al representative.
The special session of congress, it
is predicted by democrats of the sen
-in k o i. minuted affair. It Is
ill'' Will Wm "
assumed that President Wilson will
ask consideration of the currency uues
tlon and other matters of pressing Im
portance insofar as their discussion
would not interfere with the right-of-way
of tariff revision. Democratic
1 ,,.Ur UnderWOOd believes that the
tariff will be disponed of iu the house
by liaj I. "' bolh D0U July
Alias Summons
In the Clteuit of the State of
Oregon, for Malheur County,
(iilhett L. King. Plaintiff,
W S. Carey Bnd Benj T. Uln.
i" " Carey and lienj. T
In thp name of (he state of Oregon.
Von ami each of you Hre hereby re.iii
el to appear and answer the complaint
Had against you and each of ynu
II the above entitled case mid cau-e
in the above entitled Court on or be
fore six (61 weeks from the date of
the first publication of this summons.
which first publication Is on t ho i0th
day of February. 1913. and the time
within which you shall appear and
answer will expire April 3, 1913, this
being the time mentioned in the order
directing the publlention of this sum
mons, and If you fall to appear ami
answer said complaint on or before
sltl six weeks, the defendant will
sppkf to tbs Court for the relief
prayed for in . his complaint, towlt :
For a decree and judgment fore
uloing that certain mortgage made
nod delivered by ynu on the .mtb dBy
of April, 1010. to Gilbert L. King
and given on Lot number 15 in blank
number seveutj six, Iu the City of
Ontario. County of Malheur, State of
Oregon, to secure the tuytm-nt of a
oertslu promissory note of even date
therewith, for the sum of one hundred
dollars and iuterett at 10 per cent per
annum from date and for such other
relief as the Court may deem jut aud
This summons is published by order
or Hon. Dslton Biggs, Judge of the
Circuit Court of the of Oregou.
for Malheur County, which order Is
dated February 13. 1013. and directs
that this summons be served upou you
by being published once each week for
a period of six Irt) consecutive weeks
In the regular Issue of the Ontatio
Oste of first puHicatloti February
20, 1013.
Oate of last publication April 3,
Uilbert I. King, Plaiutlff.
I ''a-MI t ll lit Itf tr,.. I. .4. ....-- ft rt '
. . t 1(T- init-i ittr, j, o
iua utnee at Vale, Oregon. March
20th. 1913.
Notice is hereby given that Nelson
Wilier, of Payette. Malm, who ou
May '27th. 1011, made Homestead
application, No. 01880, for NJ SK.
NKJ HW, and If W. Section 2,
Township 17 R. Range 40 E.. Wll.
lamette Meridian, has tilarf notloe of
intention to make final Commutation
oroof to establish claim to the land
above described, before the Register
and Receiver. U. 8. Land Office, at
Vale, Oregon, on the 3rd day of May.
claimant names as witnesses:
Charles D. Warren, Angus Mo
Donald, Aug. H. s.nkbeil, of Vernle,
Oregon; D. It. Stokely. of Payette,
Kester, Register.
In tli iNrrnlt CYurt of the Stite of
Oitogn. for the County at .Malheur.
A. J. Steward, Plslntlff,
George Benjamin, Defendant.
To George Benjamin. Defendant.
Iu the name of the State of Oregon :
You are hereby required to appear
aud aoswer the complaint tiled
against you In tbe above entitled suit
Friday, the 0th day of May. 1013. cr
for waut thereof Plulntitf will spply
to the Court for tbe relief therein de
manded, namely for a decree, requlr
iug sod commanding the said George
Benjamin, defendant, to couvey to
tbe plaintiff all of tbe following de
scribed lands towlt : An undivided
half Interest In tbe Nortbeust (Quarter
ot Section Thirty, iu Township six.
teeu south of Range forty-seven. Fast
Willamette Meridian, In Malheur
County, Oregon, iu fee simple, sub
jeot to tbe lien of a certain indenture
of Mortgage to secure the repayment
of 4)800. 00 in favor of Joel Rouillanl,
as shown by exhibit "A" of the com
plaint ou tile herein, refereuce to
which is hereby mads. Tbis Sum
mous is served by publication thereof
for six cousecutive weeks iu tne uu
tario Argus, a weekly newspaper of
general circulation iusaidoouuty aud
State, by order of tu Hou. Daltou
Biggs, dated March '25th. 1013.
Date of first publication Marob 27tb,
19 13; date of last publication May 8th
Harris A Smith and C. McGouaglll,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Malheur County.
Jacob Prinzing. Plaintiff,
R. M. Beard and Lena F. Beard,
husband and wife. L. A. Corey,
and J. B. McClelland, Defendants!
To U. M. Beard. Lena F. Beard, L, A.
Corey and J. B. McClelland, the
above named defendants:
In the name of the State of Oregon.
You nre hereby required to appear
and answer the complaint filed against
you in the above entitled suit on or
before the 4th day of April, 1913, and
if you fail to so appear, for want
thereof, the plaintiff will apply to the
Court for the relief prayed for in his
complaint on file herein; the said relief
being the foreclosure "f plaintiff's
mortgage upon the following described
real property, towit:
All of lot 14, 15, 15, 17. 18, 19 snd
20 m Block 158 iu the City of Ontario,
Malheur County, Oregou; for judgment
against the defendants, R. M. Beard
and Lena F. Beard, L. A. Corey and
J, B. McClelland, for the sum of 80,
with interest thereon at the rate of
per cent per annum from the 1st day
of October, 191". and for the further
sum oi ltii attorney s fees and for the
costs and disbursements of the suit;
that a decree may be made for the sale
of the said premises by the sheriff of
Malheur county, Oregon, and that the
proceeds of said sale may be applied in
payment of the amounts due to the
plaintiff, and that said defendants and
each of them, and all persona claiming
by. through or under said defendant or
either or any of them, either a pur
chasers, incumbrancers or otherwise,
may be barred and foreclosed of all
rights, claim or equity of redemption
in or to the said premises; for judgment
against said defendants, K. M. Beard
and Lena F. Beard, for any deficiency
which may remain arter applying all
the proceeds of the sale of said
premises properly applicable to the
satisfaction of said judgment; (hat the
plaintiff or any party to this auit may
become a purchaser at said sale, and
that the purchaser be let into the im
mediate possession of said premises,
You will also take notice that this
summons is served upon you by publica
tion in the Ontario Argus, a newspaper
printed and published weekly at Onta
rio, Malheur County, Oregon, and of
general circulation in said Malheur
County, by virtue of an order of the
Hon George W McKnight, Judge of
the County Court of the State of Ore
gon for Malheur County, which order
bears date the 17th day of February,
1913, and by which order it is directed
that this summons be served upon you
by publication in the above named
newspaper for six full consecutive
weeks, and that you appear and answer
the same on or before April 4th. 1913.
The first publication of this summons
will appear in the issue of said paper of
February 20th, 1913, and the last pub
lication will appear in the issue of
April 3d, 1913.
Dated this 19th day of February, 1013.
McCulloch A EckhardL
Attorneys for the Plaintiff.
Empire Lumber Company,
Sash, Doors and Weatherproof
Lumber. Lime, Cement, Plaster and
The Most Complete Line of Building Material in Ontario.
Vale 01950
Department of the Icterinr, U. 8.
Lbii I Office at Vale, Oregon, February
20th. 1913.
Notice is hereby given that Mary F.
Wrlnales. of Ontario. Oregon, who.
on August 10th, 1911. made Home
stead Application, No. 01660, for l
IfBJ andSWJ NKJ, He.- 17 Tp. 17 8..
Range 47 K. . Willamette Meridian,
bss tiled notice of intention to make
Final Commutation Proof, to establish
claim to the land above described,
before tbe Register and Receiver, U.
8. Land Office, at Vale, Oregon, on
the Ml da? of April, 1913.
Claimant names as witnesses:
M. W. Jones. i; . ... E. laaam,
Pcnrl Crane, of Ontario, Oregon;
Melvin 8. Hpaulding, of Payette,
Bruce R. Kester. Register.
Vale 01130. Bums 0394 4
Department of the Interior, U. 8.
Land (Xfloe at Vale. Oregon. March
6tb, 1913.
Notice is hereby given thst .lames E.
Rusk, of Outario, Oregou, who, on
N' vember 22nd, 1909. made Mome
nt.,. I Application. No. Vale 01130.
fot NWL section 22. Township 17 8..
Ratine 40 r". . Wlllsmctts Msrldlnn.
I.NN ill.., notice of Intention to make
Final three-year proof, to estsbllsb
claim to the Isnd above described
before the Register and Receiver U.
8. Land Office, at Vale, Oregon, ou
the i Mi. day of April, 1913.
claimant namo as witnesses:
Frank Welch. Joseph Little. Blaln
Maya, cf Outmi,. Or-guu : Jobn Tay
lor, ut Payette, Idahu.
Bruce K. Kester, Register
Electric Power
Irrigate your high land with
our Electric Motor
driven pump.
Simple and economical to operate.
Reliable and Satisfactory
in Service
Let us figure on your complete installation.
Write or phone to the
Idaho-Oregon Light & Power
Ontario, --.... Oregon
Administrator's Notice
Vale 027:t, Burns 01308
Department of the Interior, U. S
Land Office at Vale. Oregon, March "th.
Notice is hereby given that Guy P.
Morgan, of Ontario, Oregon, who. on
January Bad, 19tV, made Homestead
application No. Vale 0273, for El8 SEJ
Sec. 14 and W, SV4, Sec. 18, Tp.
17 S , Range 46 K., Willamette Mcri
dian. has filed notice of intention to
make Fnal three year .roof, to establish
claim to the land alve described, be
fore Register and Keener, u. o. i"u
Office, at Vale, Oregon,
day of April. 1913.
In the Couuty Court of the state of
Oregon for Malheur County.
In the matter of the estate of Clemeo
tine Chambers, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that tbe
the undersigned bss bsen duly sp
pointed by the County Court of tbs
State of Oregon, for Malheur County,
administrator of tbe estate of said
Clementine Chambers, deceased. All
persons having claims against the
estate of said Clementine Chambers,
deceased, are herebj required to
present tbe same to the undersigned
with proper vouchers as b? lsw re-
itbin six months from date
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for the County of Malheur,
D. B. Purcell, Plaintiff
The Oregon Short Line Railway Com
pany, (Oregou Short Line Railroad
Company successor in interest) The
Idaho and Oregon Land Improvement
Company, James W. Virtue, Robert
K Strahorn, trustee, snd Mary Jane
Jsnney, Defendants.
To The Idaho and Oregon Land Im
provement Company, James W.
Virtue, Robert E. htrahorn, trustee,
and Mary Jane Janney, of the above
named defendants.
In the name of the State of Oregon:
You are hereby required to appear
and answer the complaint riled against
you in the above entitled suit by Fri
day, the 4th day of April, 1913, or for
want thereof, plaintiff will apply to the
Court lor the relief therein demanded,
namely, for a decree forever barring
any right or claim which you may have
in the following described real property
towit: Lots lb, 17, 1 and 19 iu Block
No, 21, in the City of Ontario, Malheur
County, Oregon. This summons is
served upon you by publication thereof,
in the Ontario Argus for six consecu
tive weeks, beginning on the 20th day
of February, 1913, and ending on the
3rd day of April. 1913, by order of
Hon. Dalton Biggs, Circuit Judge of
the above entitled Court
Dated February 18th, 1913.
C. McGonagill.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Moore Livery & Grain Co.
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Finest Livery Turnouts in City
Come in and give us a chance.
Phone 95
W. H. Fiser A. E. Chapman
on the Wh
'i.oi.i .,,t num.-M :is witnesses
Prank Welch, Joseph Little, Charles
F. Hager. of Ontario Oregon; John
Tuylor, of Payette. Idaho.
Bruce R. Kester, Register
NatkHidl forest Timber tor Sale
Sealed bids will be received by the
District Forester. Portland. Oreou.
up to and includluu April 21. 1913.
for all or auy part of 8.605.000 feet
of B. M.. more or less, of western
yellow pine saw timber upon a desig
nated area within T IT .. '' 35 E.,
aud T. 18 S.. R. 35 K-. W, M.. Aute
lope creek water shed. Malheur Na
tioual Forest, Oregou. No bid of lt.
thanl'J.50 perM.. will be cnmiJered.
Deposit with bid 200.
Vale 0708. Burns02.')17. H. K. 447,
Department of the Iuterior. U. 8.
Land Office at Vale. Oregou, April ltt
Notice is hereby given tbat Angus
MoDonald.oi Veniie. Malheur couuty.
Oregon, who, on March 30tb. 1908,
made Homestead Application No.
0708. for NU't. Sectiou 6. Towoshlp
17 8.. Range 47 E. . Willamette Meri
dian, bss tiled notice of intention to
make final three year proof, to estab
lish claim to tbe laud above described,
before Harry B. Orauel, U. 8. Com
missioner, at Ontario. Oregon, on tbe
tith day of May, 1913.
Claimant names as witness:
lieman W. Clement, of Ontario.
Oregou; Roy B. Kelley. of Weiser.
Usorge Tbiel, of Payette,
A. R. White, of Ontario,
The Most Qualified Judges
Bruce R. Kester. Register.
for Sdle
I motor. S H. P. 3 phase 1.700
K. P. M. No. Kroub eeutnfujal
pump. Pump and motor are ou ous
OS & M fl
Pronounce Taylor & WiMans
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FOR SALE in'quantities from
One gallon up, and many other
Good brands, by
L. B. TETER. Wholesaler.
The nxht base aud have direct shaft, tiausmis-
Dated at Ontario, Oregou. this 27th
day of February. 1913.
Oeorue v. nauiuer.
Administrator of the estate- of Clem
!.. lknn.lVd ilttCMMliM.'l- t'
el. III." - umm'.-", -.-- .
to reject auy aud all bids reserved.
Before bide are submitted full iufor
nistion concern iu tbe timber, tbe
couditious of sale and the submissiou
of bids should be obtained from the
Forest Supervi.or, Join Dav. Oregou.
sion. practically new and just tbe
klud of an outfit for lifting water for
irrinatiuK purpose. This outfit must
be sold aud will go at a bamais.
Write or inquire of R. W. Laraou.
Ooiorte, Oracasv
Farm Loans
On Improved Propertv
At current rates Any amount.
For straight term or with In
stallment privilege.