The Ontario Argus. (Ontario, Or.) 1???-1947, March 20, 1913, Image 5

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Ontario Pharmacy
Keep the Moths Away
From your Furs with Our Moth Compound
25 Cents per Can
Rexall Remedies
Eastman Kodaks
"The car of the hour" it has been
many seasons! But it's more than
that now. It stands alone "the
universal car. " Nothing but a won
derful merit could have created so
enormous a demand for it. Better
get yours today.
There are more than 220,000 Fords on the world 's
hijrhwaya -the best poiisible testtmony to their
unexcelled worth. Price runabout 6()o tour
injr car $075 town car $8711 f. o. b. Ontario with
complete equipment.
Ford Garage
Ontario, Ore.
Market Day
It pays to trade here because we give the Most of
the Best for the Least
Box Perfumed Toilet Soap, Reg QKn
ular 25c, 2 Boxes for - - OOL
BOOK S Fiction, Regular 65c rfin
this week ... OUL
Rirger's Celebrated Perfume, all OCp
odors. Soecial Saturday onlv -iOC
Try our Pure Olive Oil 25 and 50c
Intmiaiioital ." i-ck Kcmediea, Talbot ' Chicken Remedies
Sold on the Installment Plan
Bermele's Drug Store
"Mof inn viiiiUK led lea bad ooce
to Man a neighboring town a
I time m ud took advantage of
il-Tiuiinv to viitt aouie of tbe
thsre. She waa thiuking of
P';o i oloak .uid priced aoma of a
main- that are carried
OoUrio uud fouud that tbe mer
M btrs MM HlUBfl oouts for 1 1 0. 50
t ttie ut-iiit ,,r m uskiug 120 for
aeut thiciiipib tbe entire line
"lQnd tt.e ...une difference lu prioe
" Unresu it bought a cloak
" rtturoed home and waa much
eVl .1 with u, ufter having
",tH higher price iu tbe neigb
"on loan i ,c Ontario werobauta
'aaat'sjsjosjs, light aud the buyers
11 Hod that out t tbey Investigate
pM Nome Baking Easy
osolutely Pure
zr ""om Royal 404
Local News
Friday ia your day to vole for tbe
new oily ball aud tbe drainage of tbe
(Saturday ia Tradera' day and you
are supposed to In lug somethlun ia
tbat you want to get rid of aod buy
something tbat you need.
Look over tbe meuy onlunms of
advertieinenta lu tbe Argue uud aee
what the merobauta have for you.
Tiiey wilt appreciate it if you look
over tbeir atooks.
J. B. M. AVhli i. r baa goo to Jor
dan Valley after spending the wluter
in Ootario. lie baa aonie iniulug
property be ia goiog to work tbia
Bob Ivera waa iu trom Wataou sever
al daya tbla week.
Mr. aud Mra. I. W. Claon bavegoue
to Alma, Nebraaka, tbelr old borne.
Cbarlea Tbebuud waa dowu from
Vale looking after bualneaa bere.
H. N. Ford, formerly In buaineea
bere. now with tbe Oregon aud West
ern Colonization company, waa calliug
on old frienda bere a few daya ago.
Mra. J. W. Allieou and obiidreu.
who bate been viaitlng with beraiatera
tbe Misses Orautt, lett for ber borne in
Salem Saturday evening.
Tbe 8. aud C. olub will meet with
Mra. Stoetzel and Miaa Sage. Ill
Oregon atieet Tbursduy, Mercn '2 .
Jen Billiogsley buapurohaaed 2300
lambs fro'm Udmuud Butler and aon
and atarted tbem for the range
Mr. Alexander aud bia aeaietaut,
Mr. Ulbmn, of Boise, have been
bere aeveral daya tbia week looklug
after buaineea natters.
Foi Sale Barley at It, l per bun
dred 0 I Reeee.
Local Items
Did you ever think what a large
amount of curmaity the average In
dividual haaatored around bis system?
John Weaver baa been rutting down
aome old apple treea on bia plaoe and
baa left tbe stomps standing ao tbey
can be easily pulled out and it baa been
a pionlo for John and the boy
to bear tbe commenta of tbe people
who pass. Tbey have had those
stumps doing more fanny stunts
than a band of monkeys.
Cbarlea Peteraon Is in from tbe
ranob for a few days. He ssys tbe
grass baa not got much of a atart yet.
but tbe rain this week will warm
things up. Tbe stock haa nil done
well tbia year and tbe loaa will be
Mifts Marvin, state lihrnrlsn. met
with the library hoard to aasiat In
plans for the new building.
K.I i tor 8eabury. wbo Is starting
pnpera at Brogan and Malheur, was
interviewing Ontario people tbia
Arrangementa have been muds for
drilling at the oil well with an ex
perlenoed man In charge, wbo la con
fident In- enn locate tbe oil.
Another of tbe series of school
.-tii.-rf 1 1 n in- iitn waa given at the
I ire. mil. no I on Friday evening to a
crowded houae.
Mlaa Kdna Flelda waa married to
Jease Ball by Judge M, -Knight at Vale
on Saturday, Both have a boat of
friends wbo looked after tbelr enter
tainment and extended good wishes.
There will be an eutertalnmcnt in
tbe Dreamland on April lltb for tbe
beneOt of tbe Commercial olub.
l'artlcnlara will be announced later.
Frank Transper was found dead In
hedjon Tueaday morning at tbe Charles
Adam place. He was about 45 years
of age and bad been srnund here
several years. It was known be bad
heart trouble, lie left a brother in
Kanaaa and sisters In Idaho and
A. Venator wss bere for a lot of
supplies for himself and ueigbbora
tbia week, lie reports all stock
doing well and prospects for a good
sesion wltb little loss.
Mr. Widger, of Superior. Wiacun
slo, is bere lug bis sister. Mrs.
W. K. Lees. He Is looking for a
location and Is favorably impressed
John Wood loaded up several wagoua
with auppllea from the M. M. Co. store
tbis wsek. Cauued milk, cheese,
bacon, hauia uud lard were tbe princi
pal items aud they were all shipped
lu bere, tbe best bog and dairy see
tion lu tbe weat.
Aldioe F. Pillabury died ut Mig
Beud on March lltb aud waa buried
at Kosewell He was a civil war
You will aoou be tbinkiogof taking
up tbe carpeta aud ruga and will need
a few hundred old papera to place
uuder tbeui to ave the carpet and
deaden the aouud. Tbe Argus bus
tbem tied up in bond lea of 100 each
wbiob we sell for 25 ceuts.
Prof. Oryden, of tbe Agricultural
college advocates trap neaU aa tbe
ouly means of determining tbe good
layera from tbe poor ones. Tbe acbool
bus doubled tbe egg productiou of
tbeir fJoeks by nieaus of tbeee nests
For Sale -A match' team of maree,
weight 2400. at tbe Eagle Livery.
P Tfr JaaaiSf bW'' M"sjBsA i i. ,e
San BKfcLT l" TtlLBaJsaBafiv
n HsJaiB i4iK"s aasfik. tv
What are
you needing
for the
spring work
in the
There are
no imple
ments bet
ter than
John Deere
For Sale 3 horse power Internation
al engine for sale. Inquire of Box 6fl7.
Money to loan on Improved irri
gated farms. W. II. Ooollttle Co.
Druyage ordera taken at Moore
Hotel John Landiiigliaui, reeldenoa
phone 424
Three Iota for sale 2 blooka west
of postoftice at a bargain. Inquire at
Argua office.
For Sale One Percheou stallion. 2
yearn past, weight IfiUU lbs Souud
and K'-utle. A sure fosl gettr.
J. C. Fleming. Ontario, Oregon.
Ladlee tailor aud dressmaker. Mra.
Kite Cope, In the Lamnie house, or
Juqulre at Cope and Duuuuck.
For Baut Housekeeping rooms.
Main street, two blocks uortb P. O.
electric lights, telephone. Phoue 804.
For Sale -Fifty seta of harness, all
guaranteed. Kroeeain llaruesss Co
JuHt arrived a dray load of whips
aud au it cases. Kroaesin Harness Co.
A 'lh 17-Jewel Elpin Watch
will bt gWtfl .iHiiv tn lucky
liuinher nt ('rank's liauk t uj-t
lloek Bali " Bstfurdt" night.
Kwry dollar's wui tli pur
flhtltd Satunlitv entitles pur
0DM)f to (Hit chance. K-
otpiiontl bftrgtitif in Ladle'
ainl Qcnt'i Foi uifthlngs.
prawiug ttl 9
Wbite Orpiuglou ,. for aale.
Kelleratraaa strulu or tine Individuals,
l'boue 1042. Ontario.
The tuxpayere are Invited to bring
their noticea of taxes due. to um aud
let ua send in tbeir paymeuts and
take oare of the receipta until called
for. Ontario National Bunk.
For Bent 40 aorea alfalfa, cutting
6 to D tons per acre; U acrea alfalfa,
I acrea for crops with email dwelling,
and lit acrea alfalfa uud for crops
witb dwelling of 4 rooms aud family
oicburd. All udjoluiug Nyeea. H.
II Houaley, Nyeea, Oregon
Tbe taxpayers are Invited to bring
tbeir noticea of taxea due. to ua uud
let ua send In tbeir ayments and
take care of tbe receipta until called
for. OuUrlo National Bauk.
Trees -Trees -Trees!
For Fruit, Shade Trees, Ornament
als, Small Fruits, etc. Obtain them
at the Ontario, Oregon Sales Yards of
Chas. P. Hartley. Proprietor
Emmett. Idaho
We have a complete stock in
We guarantee all trees to be strictly as represented,
first class in every particular. Wc can supply Italian
Prune trees, excellent stock at 12.50 per 1(, $10.00
per 100 in lots of 500 or more.
You are cordially invited to call and inspect OUT nurs
ery stock at the local sal s grounds. If you are unalle
to personally see the trees, etc , mail orders will receive
prompt attention.
Ontario, Oregon Sales Yard
n i Ik Corner crow from the Carter HouMe
CHAS. P. HARUEY. Jr.. Kes'dVnt Representative.
P. O. Box 487 - Ontario, Oretfon
For Sale Hungarian Millet aeed,
pliorie 1513. Kruitland.
Ontario Bakery Kives you mm.
aud better oaudy fur your muuey ttiuu
any other plaoe iu towu.
O. 1. C awlue fur aale by K. K.
IriKle arid J. b. Atberton OuUirio,
Ort-jjon. Pboue 215.
Tbe plaoe to buy first olasa caudies
' is at tbe Ontario bakery.
Now is the time to Kt-t a new mjk for
that room while Parlay lias a bijf atock
to selec-t from.
i'or tbe beat bread aud mtry iu
loan u to tbe Ontario t.Hkery
Sate mout'v aud liiiy your trunks
nt tin- Kroesfein HaMMIal Jtn Suices
ts to K. It. IrVasxjM
If you want printing of the. better
claas you net it at the Art(u oftV ' ''
Let Us Help You Out
it' you a iv in doubt tut to where:
U muke the most praAtstblt
Spring pi. We have
gone to much expense and
troutile to provide for our pa
trons the newest lines of Spring
articles, and the store is redo
lent of Kaster freahness. We
ask you to pay us a visit of in
spect ion, which, we are sure,
will Nad U) purchases when
you i ICOVi r the kind of rare
.mis that Wfl are now off-
. prudent ami far-seeing
The Toggery
Style Center for Men