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This morning when I woke I felt re­
freshed and ready to meet the day. This
feeling was immediately replaced with a
deep sense of gloom when I opened my
drapes and discovered that I was surrounded
by masses of dense fog. Will spring ever get
It’s not so much Domestic
that I hate winter, it’s
just that I’m running
out of ways to keep my
daughter occupied.
Every time I sit down Swartzendruber
to do my homework my
daughter decides that it would be a won­
derful time to play a game. So she runs and
gets her game of Candy Land and shoves it
under my nose, begging me to play it with
It used to be fairly easy to tell her no,
but now that she’s older she has grown
more diplomatic. Now she says, “Mommy,
let’s do something special tonight. I know
you don’t have any money to take me to a
movie so let’s just play a game.”
I try to tell her that I don’t have time
and she interrupts me by saying, “I know
you don’t really have the time Mom, but I
missed you so bad during school that I
What do you think about
'mercy killings'?
If someone is in a coma, who should decide if
they should be kept on life-saving machines -
family, doctor, hospital?
"I feel that if a person has been in
a coma for a year, without his or
her condition improving, then their
immediate family and friends
should make a joint decision on
their outcome."
-Jerry Jones
"There are miracle stories of how
persons in a coma have been re­
vived and live normal lives, but I
feel that, after a few months, the
patient’s family should decide
whether or not to continue life­
sustaining procedures. If I were
the patient, I would rather have
the machines disconnected and
cease being a burden on my fam­
ily. Then maybe my healthy or­
gans could be used as transplants
to give someone else a normal life
- someone who might not have
lived if I had been kept on ma­
-Brenda Cyrus
raised my hand and told the teacher I had to
go to the bathroom and then when I got in
the bathroom I just cried and cried. I wanted
to come home so bad.” I wonder vaguely
whatever happened to those days when she
could barely put two words together to
form a sentence.
Now she is putting her arms around me
and saying, “You’re so special to me Mom.”
“Okay dear. I will play one game with
you.” I can’t believe I’ve fallen prey to her
again. Let me just say here that any of you
who think that a six year old is not capable
of this kind of manipulation probably do
not have a six year old of your own.
Needless to say, my school work can’t
survive much of this kind of coaxing, and
this makes for a long explanation when a
teacher asks why my paper isn’t done. So I
have learned to just say, “I’m sorry I didn’t
get this paper done. You see it was foggy
yesterday.” They look at me a little strange
and that’s usually the end of it.
Because of all this I will be very glad
when spring is finally here. Teachers seem
to understand it better when I tell them I
had spring fever rather than when 1 tell
them that the weather was bad yesterday.
Here's to Japan's Haiku
The English invented the sonnet and
the clerihew; the Americans invented the
limerick, or was it the British. The Japa­
nese like the short, succinct, descriptive
I like to compose haiku while I watch
TV. I spread numbers on a page, one
through seventeen (the number of syllables
"If a person is terminally ill and
in each haiku) and proceed to write a thought,
slips into a coma, they should be
placing a syllable over
kept pain-free and intravenously
each number. The ex­ The Laugh
fed, but as far a machines which
ercise offers a result with
breathe for them, etc., I feel that
Clinic ®
words like finger-paint­
those are one more example ofyet
ing does with visuals: free
another way that doctors and
wheeling, yet thought­ Joseph Patrick
hospitals are in the business of
ful, like snapshots of in­ I
gouging the public.
sights or impressions.
-Elissa McGarry
One day I saw a maiden playing a gui­
tar. All the while she smiled.
Sea gulls on a lonely stretch of beach
strutting, preening. Quite out of reach.
Now and then I think of her as she
looked the day she left me, smiling..
Homeless people huddled on the street
Chemeketa’s is $240. At $230 this year, our
waiting for a meal. This life is mean.
costs are comparitive.
Jumping on grapes tends to make the
I would also like to point out that
tuition costs at any college are not on­ feet royally purple, so they say.
The French are marvelous folk: They
going expenses such as the electric bill or
housing, something everyone pays for ev­ enjoy vin ordinaire with their meals.
Traffic Court is for the birds; the judge
ery month-forever. Students are expected
to attend college and pay tuition for only a hears the cop and bangs his gavel.
Vitamins taken every day help to keep
short period (2-5 years) of their lives. That
the student who attended in 1978-79 paid the doctor away.
Meditate twice a day and you will keep
$110 should have no bearing on whether or
not $230 for the 1988-89 student is reason­ the psychiatrist at bay.
Money is not just the root of all evil; it
able. You can’t buy a loaf of bread today for
35 cents as you could in 1978. Ten years ago is the whole damn tree.
Touch me with your eyes, caress me
I bought a new off-the-show-room-floor
car for $4,200. Today a comparible car
costs $8,000.
CCC Tuition increase acceptable
While it is not surprising that Clacka­
mas Community College’s Board of Edu­
cation has approved a tuition increase for
1989-90, it is surprising that the school
newspaper would take such a reactionary
position on the issue.
Yes, it is true that the tuition costs for
next year will be more than double the full-
time costs of 1978-79. And yes, it is true
that Umpqua Community College’s tui­
tion is 20 percent higher than ours. But you
fail to mention that in 1978-79 Umpqua’s
tuition was $135 for full-time enrollment,
22 percent higher than our $110 at that
You also fail to note that Umpqua is a
small community college serving a largely
rural area with an isolated population;
Umpqua doesn’t have to compete for stu­
dents with other community colleges or
universities. Clackamas, on the other hand,
does. Our students may be enticed to at­
tend Portland Community College, Mt.
Hood Community College, Chemeketa
Community College, or even several of the
local four year institutions or technical
schools. Therefore, our tuition costs must
be comparitive within the metropolitan
area. Portland and Mt. Hood both charge
$225 for full-time tuition during 1988-89.
with your lovely voice, scratch me with
Does anyone around here know karate
or kung fu like Bruce Lee?
The passion in her voice was all he
needed to hear; Love’s Fire was there.
The vast wasteland that is television
keeps us busy hours on end.
Now we can go on to bigger and better
things than watching TV.
Freud was right, Karl Jung was right:
the Mind is a terrible thing to waste.
He held her in his arms and cried and
laughed because it seemed, Oh, so right.
Try these on for size, he said. We can
always make alterations, Mac.
Let us all resolve to make each day
better than the best days of yore.
Stun guns shock those geeks who try to
grab the girls when they are vulnerable.
Never give a sucker an even break;
he’ll come back for more and more.
Love, laughter and work make life worth
while, she said, with a beautiful smile.
One day after another, one day at a
time, gets the job done right.
Ronald Reagan talks and talks,
smoothly, like silk rustling in the darkness.
Nancy Reagan is pretty in her green
dress, big eyes almost teary.
Poindexter and North will be known to
history as suede-shoeless boys.
Designer dresses borrowed and kept,
make headlines for gossipy press.
Lap top computers: the machine is
mightier than the sword or the pen.
Lila is fervent, caring and willing to
help others in their need.
Melissa Banks
Department Secretaiy
Financial Aid
Editor’s Note: Although Umpqua Commu­
nity College serves a largely rural area with
an isolated population, it should be taken
into account that Blue Mountain Commu­
nity College and Treasure Valley Community
College also fit that definition and have the
two lowest full-time tuition rates in the state
at $216 and $220 respectively.
16 (M) .
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