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Don Latarski group Campus clubs
to entertain students
By Amy Doane
Of The Print
To some students, nothing
could be finer than an after­
noon spent listening to relax­
ing entertainment unless, of
course, it was an afternoon
spent listening to Don Latarski
and his Jazz band. That op-
protunity will present itself
this Friday as Alcohol
Awareness Week comes to a
Events will be taking place
throughout the week that will
help inform the public about
the dangers and problems of
alcohol consumption.
Don Latarski will be perfor­
ming during the last hour of a
non-alcoholic “happy hour”
that lasts from 11 a.m.-l p.m.
What does jazz music have
to do with Alcohol Awareness
Week? Daniel Hilts, ASG
president, said that jazz music
tied in well with the happy
hour and that it would compli­
ment it better than say Rock
“I’m not saying that only
Jazz music ties in well for the
happy hour, but it does com­
pliment it well and Don Latar­
ski just happen to be available
at the time,” Hilts noted.
This will not be the first
time Don Latarski and his
band have played on the Col­
lege’s campus. Latarski played
last year and the performance
went over well. Latarski ’s
repeat performance should be
one worth viewing.
Friday, October 25th at
12:00 is a date and time you
will not want to miss. So make
a note of it and catch it.
Here’s to jazz music and
Don Latarski. Bottom’s up!
The Edge is dull
By Thad Kreisher
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“The Jagged Edge” might
have been good if it had been a
Monday Night Movie on
Channel two and not a
feature-length film. Unfor­
tunately, this is not the case.
“The Jagged Edge” is not a
film to see for action’s sake,
for the sole reason that it
dosen’t have any. And even
though it boasts several big­
name stars, the acting wasn’t
particularly stunning either.
The movie is about Jack
Forester, the editor of the San
Francisco Times, who is por­
trayed by Jeff Bridges. Early
on in the film his wife, Page
Forester, is brutally raped and
murdered in their weekend
beach house. Forester
however, recieves only a bump
on the head from the assailant.
Naturally, he is arrested and
accused of her murder. Pro­
tecting Forester from the
onslaught of public prosecutor
Craszni, a character so
ridiculously despicable that
it’s unbelievable, is Meryl
For a good hour the film in­
ches forward through Streep’s
investigation of the crime and
her seduction at the hands of
Jack Forester. Both are very
boring. Of course, included in
October 22, 1985
this fun-filled hour are equally
boring attempts at dramatic
sub-plots and Streep’s conflict
with the cold-blooded Craszni.
I managed to stay awake
through all this however,
thinking that it had to get bet­
ter. Well, it did, but not much.
The trial scene, while mildly
entertaining, was far too
cliche’. It reminded me of an
old Perry Mason re-run with
Streep as Mason. It has an old
judge, a good-guy lawyer and
a greedy bad-guy lawyer. It
had twists, testimonies, and
witnesses, all with something
to hide. The only thing it lack­
ed was originality.
In the end, Streep gets
Forester aquitted only to find
out later that he actually did it.
Forester tries to murder her,
and she ends up killing him.
No one should have to pay
five dollars to be bored for
ninety minutes only to face the
let down of such a predictable
ending. “The Jagged Edge”
uses an over-used, run down
theme, and I do not recco-
mend seeing it. If you want to
be bored and disappointed,
stay home and watch the Mon­
day Night Movie. At least that
way you’ll save yourself five
By Kathy Jones
Of The Print
is the key
ing, then you will go far. The
most common reason for club
abandonment is lack of
motivation. The key members
of the club leave or graduate,
and without their motivation
force the club folds. So c’mon,
get motivated, be someone,
make yourself known, go out
an join a club, and get involv­
No experience is necessary,
we have a professional coach
to teach you everything you
need to know about bowling,
and, if you already know how
to bowl, he can help you im­
prove your technique, and br­
ing your scores up.
The bowling club meets
once a week at Canby Bowl at
3 p.m. on Tuesdays.
Bowling is great fun,
whether you are a beginning or
anexperienced bowler. We
meet at the college, then car­
pool to Canby Bowl. If you
are interested in joining us just
sign up at the Student Ac­
tivities Office or contact club
president Michael Wright at
656-9663 or club secretary
Kathie Jones at 266-6309.
see..... Business Club, Ski
Qub, Bowling Club, Drama
Club, which one should I
In case you didn’t know,
there is wide variety of clubs to
choose from at the College.
Everything from bowling and
skiing, to Spanish Club and
drama, plus everything in bet­
ween can be found here at the
College for anyone who is in­
Do you like to have fun,
terested in taking part.
make new friends, and meet
In an interview with ASG people? Then join the bowling
Vice President Shawn Wat- dub.
terberg, he tells me that “it
If you’re a person who en­
takes motivated people with joys friendly competition,
common interest to form a likes to have fun, and take
club.” When I asked Shawn at part in a good source of excer-
what time the majority of the cise, then the bowling club is
clubs will begin forming, he for you.
told me that “because of peo­
ple having to get adjusted to
their classes, and becoming us­
ed to their schedules, it usually
takes anywhere between 3 and
4 weeks into the school year
for people to begin forming
I was interested as to what it
takes to start a club, so going
without our Razor Point marker pen
over some information given He wrote beautifully
and our "Better Ballpoint Pen”...
to me by Shawn, I have found
but imagine what he might hove written with them.
that the first step to forming a
club, is to find an advisor,
who must be a member of the
College staff. Secondly, you
must submit the clubs con­
stitution to the ASG through
its vice president. Third, it
must go before the ASG for
Once approval is received,
the club will be officially
recognized by the College, and
the ASG will allocated $50.00
to the club for expenses. The
Student Activities Office will
also help the club in flyer and
poster making. While talking
with Shawn, he told me “If
You’ll want Pilot s Better Ballpoint
You moy not be o Mark
any one is interested in form­
Pen" as well. Its tungsten carbide
Twom but with a Pilot Razor
boll, held securely within a durable
Point there’s no telling whdt you
ing a club, I would be glad to
stainless steel tip insures
could do The Razor
help them in any way.”
- It ° non skip ink delivery
Point's durable plastic
Clubs are the life of the
point conveys every
, iWR
and smooth write-out
campus, in that they provide
//ord in a smooth, thin -
Carbons? They re a breeze
unbroken flow F xpress
| .A
because pt its uniquely
opportunities for social in­
ribbed grip and there s no
/our individual personality
teraction outside of the
z/itfi every stroke
’ II • < j
wnrei s cramp;
classroom. Clubs are also an
Only 79’
opportunity for reaching a
goal and receiving personal
The key word to forming or RAZOR POINT | PILOT |
joining a club is motivation. If marker pen
you are a motivated person or
group of people who are
serious about what you are do-
North end of Me Loughlin hall 657-8400 ext. 248
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