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    Clackamas Community College
Vol. XII, No. 21
Wednesday, April 11, 1979
SG election
eadline nears
lection time draws near for
College Associated Student
lernment candidates and
lents as they prepare for the
9-80 school year.
etitions for ASG offices
! distributed April 3 and are
ie filed by Thursday. A
ting of all candidates and
! President David Riggs
r ethics of election
:edures will follow, and
¡116 and 17 is scheduled
an open, forum, question­
answer period at noon
ie students can observe
ir candidates as they
»nd to questions.
luring the week of April 24
mgh 27, polls will .be open
n 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and
from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. If a
run-off election is needed, the
polls will be open May 2
through 4.
After elections, the new and
existing officers will attend a
retreat where ideas and policies
will be discussed.
president, encourages
everyone to go to the polls and
vote. Apathy on the part of the
students is “no different than it
is out there in the real world,”
McCarty said.
“As long as
things are going well, the
response is little.”
A dance is planned for
sometime before the elections
as a get-out-the-vote tactic for
students, he added.
with the Shrine Circus.
See Page 5 for story.
based budget wins favor
■based budgeting system
is to have met with favor
college department
tep one of the budget
cess required department
ds to prepare reduced
gets and rank “decision
jets”—requests for ad-
mal funds—in order of im-
iinny Weber, life science
[person, believes the zero-
d budgeting system is a
»approach for the College.
Basically, the new system is
pod idea. I think it will
ect a positive public
[ion of the college because
M document where the
ol's budget is being used,
¡public will not think that
I money is being thrown
|nd,” Weber said.
Ny only complaint was with
■ming,” Weber said. “The
[sion packets were due the
[week of winter term. With
[Is scheduled then, the
pion packets meant added
“ I hope they won’t be due
Hie end of the term next
h Richards, language arts
fitment chairperson, is
[ber who believes the
[mis working well.
The zero-budgeting process
!s everyone involved an
of where priorities are in
[department and division,”
publication manager, sees the
system as a good idea for any
institution’s budget.
“It gives departments a
chance to justify what they feel
needs to be budgeted. Depar­
tments which in the past have
been under-budgeted can now
plead their case,” Clark said.
According to Gary Dirrim,
director of fiscal affairs at the
College, communication bet­
ween levels is the key to the
zero-based system.
“Zero-based budgeting lets
everyone know exactly what is
happening. Its all up front. You
can’t play games,” Dirrim said.
The Clackamas Community
College Zero-Base Budget
Manual for 1979-80 states that
zero-based budgeting is “a
budget-planning process based
on the assumption that each
expenditure must be justified.”
After departments submit a list
of. their priorities, the long
review process begins for
budget supervisors and budget
committees on various levels.
“It’s a process to re-evaluate,
je-allocate and re-justify
priorities submitted by the
departments,” Dirrim said.
But Dirrim stressed that
those on thp first level —the
department heads’-will be con­
stantly informed of what is
being done at each level of the
Lisa Thomas, Associated
Student Government senator
and ASG budget committee
member, said the system
generated a lot of debate over
what should be ASG’s biggest
“The system worked well for
us, but it was hard to decide
what our top priorities should
be. We decided on two new
foosball tables because they
were a necessity to raise
money,” Thomas said.
Dirrim describes the zero­
based budgeting system as
believes it will create a feasible
budget for the College next
The Zero-Base Budget
Manual best summarizes the
system’s main objective for the
College, stating, “the process
focuses on establishing decision
packages and the selection of
the best packages based on in­
stitutional objectives and
Scholarships open to students
Costs for college are ex­
pensive for students, and
the 1979-80 school year will
be no exception. However,
some students can receive
aid in the form of scholar­
The College has already a
small, but effective list of
scholarships available to
students for next year and
the remainder of this term.
The National Educational
Society Scholarship, worth
$50, is available to students
this term.
available for next year in­
Association of University
Women, AAUW, which is a
$150 tuition grant. It is given
to a second-year student
who has completed all
graduating requirements
and plans on furthering
education at a higher in­
stitution of learning. Ap­
plicants for this scholarship
will be rated on work ex­
perience in the candidates
field, diversified experiences
(monetary, recreational,
volunteer), type of ex­
tracurricular activities,
organization of thought, at­
titude and need. Deadline
for applicants is April 27.
The Oak Grove Garden
Club will be looking for an
applicant for their three term
or 9 month scholarship who
has completed 42 hours in
horticulture classes required
for a Horticulture Certificate
or associate degree and a
3.0 Grade Point Average.
Applicants will be judged on
academic ability, interest in
horticulture, long range
work goals and current
school and community in­
volvement. Three people
will be selected: a recipient,
a first alternate, and a
second alternate. In case the
recipient fails to comply or
leaves ’ the College, the
scholarship will go to the first
alternate and so on. Ap­
plication deadline is May
Whittier College in Whit­
tier, California, presented
the College with two
scholarships, the Alpha
Gamma Sigma Scholarship,
four awards valued at
$2,500 each and the John
Greenleaf Whittier Scholar­
ship,. ten awards valued at
.$1,500 çach. both awards
are based on outstanding
academic performance.
Taken into consideration are
the student’s GPA, SAT
score, strong recommen­
dations, and for the Alpha
Gamma Sigma scholarship,
membership in a college
chapter of alpha Gamma
Sigma is required. The
student must also qualify for
admission to the College.