Cottage Grove sentinel and Cottage Grove leader. (Cottage Grove, Oregon) 1915-1921, September 23, 1921, Image 6

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S to ry of
O ur S ta te s
Good Value Merchandise for
Fall at Umphrey & Mackin s
rka n sa s
wan nani-
* 1 a f t e r the
r I » • r which
flows diagon­
this s la t e ami
la one o f the
c h ie f trlbutnrlea o f th e Missis­
sippi. It la said that the early
ee ttle ra found In this territory,
an ludlan tribe named A rkansas,
t u t the actual meantug o f the
word 1« not known. It prol>ahly
has aoiue relatio n to th e word
K ansas. T h e r e haa beeu much
confusion as to the c o r re ct pro­
nunciation of A rkan sas. T o re ­
move Ihls aa f a r aa possible a
resolution w as passed by the
s t a te s e n a te In 1881 which speci­
fied that the tru e pronunciation
wus " A r kan-saw.”
Originally A rkan sas was a
part o f the L o uisiana Purc hase.
Its first s ettle m e n t was mad e by
the Kreuch about 168.V E xcept
f o r the few y e a r s during which
by s ecret treuty It was ceded to
8(*atu, It rem ain ed under French
rule, until purchased by the L'nl-
ted S t a t e s In 1803. F o r nearly
ten y e a r s a f t e r this, tt was a
part of L o uisiana territory. With
the admission o f the S t a t e of
L o u isiana in 1812 this northern
section was formed Into the Mis­
souri territo ry.
In 181U there
was an o th e r partition and Ar­
k a n s a s te rrito ry was created,
which included the present s ta te
and what l a te r was called Indian
territo ry.
I>ue to the reports o f an early
ex p lo re r named Pike, who visited
th is region In 1 Stitt, th e Incor­
r e c t Idea was generally accepted
that most of the ex)>anse of
p lain s e a st o f the Rookies was
a vast desert.
T h i s Idea per­
sisted to such an e xte n t that as
late a s 18.VI the w estern plalus
were called iu th e school geog­
raphie s “T h e G re at A merit an
D e s e r t ."
Adventurous settlers,
esp ecially from the South, found
conditions iu A rk an sas quite o th ­
erw ise. however, and by 1838
A rk a n sa s was admitted as the
twenty-fifth s t a t e of f h e Union
with an a r e a o f 53,335 square
T h e natu ral resources o f the
s t a t e a re considerable.
T h e re
a r e the mineral springs o f me­
d icinal value, which hav e been
placed under governm ental con­
trol at H ot Springs.
am i every season the year ’round you w ill find good value merchandise here.
W e desire
trood value when we luiv ami we expect that o u r customers waul the same th a t’s whs we
want vou to see the new tall merchandise here lo r voursel!'. You are welcome.
W h e n the W in d
Plays on its
H e .'p c f
1 u nless B ra n c h e s
/ H r n r i; .1 tomb o f en­
chantment in the l e d ot
l.ukawanna Twins “ Slmr
her Suits again a sleepy
young I wk I k - ' 11 w smooth,
dow ny warmth of tlu-bi a;i-
ritully l nit■ ■ J t -hr c is an
imp is 1 barrier to the
nippy wind ol
From iu\ k to to - I n l. a-
v a n n a T w ins “ Sh im b tr
Suits arc stm r’y sewn t, r
wcar-and-w ii i■Mstanic.
The roomy <J i op sc-at isd i-
sipu J to k . . | ■ i ¡ o s c j how­
ever much th wearer may
stretch and toss
Kveiy hlaukct in our s t u r e ¡a
ottuseli vvitli fou Molti pur
pose l'or wcariug qiiality,
vìze vaine, attrae!¡vellosa of
eolor ami pattern ami rea
sonaltlemss of prive. The
hlanket.s are in thè sture
ready for your iu-spect ioti.
Wo invite you to clamine
our hlaukct s toilay.
Though .vini may noi lie roinly i tghl now lo purchase, it w ill
lie lo your ailvautage lo see the many weaves now on display.
We feel eollflileut I lint yoll Will lie plellsei I liy t III' 11 III I moti VO
liess, exeellenl ipialities, as well as liy IIteti' iimiMial values.
Cottoli Manketa, 64x8(1 tu 72x84, al
$2 25, $2 65, $2 75, $2 95
Wuol finisheil aitil Wooluap rottoli Itlaukets io pretti pialliti
pi u t il at < aeh
$2 95 to $4 50
Wool uiixeil Mankets prieeil
$5 00 to $8 50
l’uro wool Mankets prieeil
$8 50 to $18.00
Sale of Pretty and Desirable
W ash Dresses for Women
You sometimes s«-e on well attired women a
( dress that you heartily desire
these are
j among those you would most prefer to wear,
to feel that you were both Tieeomingly and
unusually attraetivcly costumed. These dress
es are exclusive styles and hardly any two are
alike. The original prices were low $4 50 to
/ $7 50, now reduced fur this sab-
Slumber Suits and
\X’c invite your inspection i>l
l a i kawantuTwiiisin various
styles and la qualities to suit
every itquircincnt i t servue
auii price.
2 0 per cent off
(Hpccial to The S e n tin e l.)
Sept. 21. T h e K. V. P o r le r family
attended the county f a i r last Frid ay.
I E French
M arvin Jat-k.-on, o f S p e n c er B a lt e ,
m issionar­
Wa» in the hollow Tuesday.
ies and fur
Grant S weet and his Ulster, Mrs.
trad e rs were
(iay, motored to the Grove S aturd ay.
Mrs. Anua Ames, o f C o ttag e Grove,
th e
visited the last o f the week with her
whites to pen­
sister, Mrs. Neal.
Miss Iv y P o r t e r took up her work
M I c b I g a n.
as t e ach e r in the Delight Valley sehool
this week.
T h e i r first visits to th is region
Mrs. Wolfo rd and children aud Mrs.
d ate back to 1610. It was not
F ran k CJoek came home from the
until 1008 however, that the first
prune yard f o r the week end.
actu a l s ettle m e n t was made.
The M urry fam ily, of Eugene, Mr.
Sowers and son O tto , o f Cottage
T h i s was the mission a t Sault
Grove, and Miss I v y P o r t e r were Sun
S a in t e M arie, founded by F a t h e r
day guests a t the P e n t ic o home.
M arqu ette.
M a ck in a c was e s ­
Ivans I in v and a trn-nd. of K* llogg.
tablished a few y e a r s later, arid
Ida., on a motorcycle trip to C alifo r
stopped o f f here to vsiit Mr.
D e tro it's
w as
G a y 's m oth er and uncle last week.
A f t e r the F r e n c h and Indian
The Wolford fam ily and Mrs. Clock
w ars the English took o v er this
were din ner guests of Mr. and Mrs.
territory, and In 1774 It was f o r ­
Wm. S l a t e r last Sunday.
Mrs. C. V. Sheridan and daughter
mally declnred a part of Canada.
E liz a b e th , who have been on a trip
Iretro lt rapidly grew in Impor­
through C a lifo r n ia , are spending the
ta n c e and during the Revolution
week with Mrs. S h e r i d a n ’s sister, Mrs.
was the base of o perations for | I. N. Dresser.
The L. A. H. society meets this week
many raids by the B r i ti s h and •
Indians against the A m ericans.
J | with Mrs. E ato n .
B y the te rm s o f the tr e a t y of
P a ris In 1783 this rogtou b ecam e
a p a rt o f the United S ta tes .
( S p c c i la to T h e S e n tin e l.)
W hat is now Michigan, Wiscon­
S ept. 2 i . R e v . Karl M cCoy, o f 1»-
rane, visited friends here a few days
sin, a part o f M innesota, Illinois,
this week and preached Sunday rnor
Indiana and O hio was known as
mug aud evening.
the N orthwest territo ry.
A fter
ile n ry Combs and daughter Orpba
Ohio was set off as a s e p a ra te
left lust Thursday for Corvallis, where
will teach school.
s t a t e the L o w er P en in su la of
Mrs. Mabel Newton left Sunday fur
M ichigan was Joined to Indiana
Monmouth, where she will atte n d nor
territory. In 1805 Michigan be­
mat school.
Cecil Roberta, o f Molalia, began an
cam e a s e p a ra te territory with
eight mouths ’ term o f school Monday.
about its present boundaries.
Mrs. B ert B aughm an and son Jo liu
T h e r e was, however, u great
left Tuesday 1 or their home near Gra
dispute over a small strip of
Ion, Calif.
Arthur Combs has gone to Corvallis
land In the e x tre m e southern
to attend O. A. C.
portion which was claimed by
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cox took their
Ohio. T h i s alm ost led to blood­
little daughter Aubrey to Eugene Fri
shed, but was finally settled by
day and had her tonsils aud adenoids
M ichigan releasing her cla im to
Calvin and
the disputed a r e a and receiving
Thursday night ut the G e o r g e S u i t o r
as com pensation an addition to
land home. Myrtle accom panied th e m
fhe Upper P enin sula .
On this
ho me for t h e week end.
Mrs. Albert Noth and daughter Viv
b asis Michigan w as admitted to
lan spent Tuesday night a t the W. T.
th e Union in 1837 and became
J o n e s home.
the twenty-sixth s tate .
Mrs. Dill, o f ls»s Angeles, arriv ed
Michigan has a unique s it u a ­
Tuesday to visit her daughter, Mrs.
Ed. Powell.
tion, as It is bounded by the
three largest o f the U re at Lakes,
and divided Into two peninsulas.
T h i s gives It a ro a s t lin e larger
(S p e cia l to The Sent ¡riel.)
Sept. 21
Lionel ilm g h t s|s-nt S a t ­
in proportion to Its a r e a than
urday night nnd Sunday with Bernard
any o f th e o th e r s ta te s . It Is
named a f t e r l.a k e
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Brown, o f Isis
which is the Algonquin word,
Angeles, and Mrs. Ben J a c k s o n and
" M irh l-g an ,”
meanin g
children were Sunday guests at the
s e a .” It Is entitled to 15 votes
O scar J a c k s o n home.
C a r te r Keene, o f Salem, and B a r t
in th e e le c to rs l college.
F a y , o f P ortla n d, are spending a week
(1$ by llcCtars N«w»p«r,»r KyaAlrat* «
at the W. A. Keene home.
Lowell B en sto n was in Roseburg
Frid ay and S aturd ay.
School opened Monday with Miss Iv y
When a m a n ’s home lif e is happy
his business cares d o n ’t cause many P o r t e r as teach er.
Miss M ary H aight le ft Sunday fo r
Here are new good values in
domestic and imported hand­
kerchiefs that we are sure ev­
ery woman will be delighted
with. We invite our women
customers to look these over
Price range
.............. 5c,
8c, 10c, I 2 V 2 C, 15c, 25c to 75c
Men’s “Star” Brand
Dress Shoes at
Lower Prices
$2 75
$3 50
These shoes are a lot w hieli a jobber
offered to us to close mil the balance
of ibis style on band ami they are the
ei|uui value of like shoes at regular
more iu price.
one half
These shoes are made
of tine dark brown kid, good weight,
fKxible extended soles; two styles,
New spreads are
which reflect the
proved quality of
ufacture as well
lower prices. See
40c, 45c, 50c
55c and 60c
25c to 40c
Pi xv r u g a
E xtra sizes, It) to 12, priced.
Lighter weight stockings priced
Buy the Best Q UA LITY Groceries
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Hulk peanut butter, a lb
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Olympic Pancake I'loitr, ¡21 ••-lb. package
Hi st white laundry soap, a bar
' IV«In-rry blend coffee, lb
( 'urve cut macaroni .'{ lbs for
(!|(> uiip (| small white le ans .’>* » llm tor
Here are shown a splendid range
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Price range
$4 50 to $7 00
a yd
Sale of New Shipment of Children’s
Shoes at $ 1 .4 5 the Pair
Here are high quality stockings
for girls and boys that we want
every mother lo see. These stock
iugs are (Jordon brand " Ituiind
T ic k e t ” stockings with double
heel, sole and toe, und hard to
wear out. The new Improvement
is the narrow ankle with double
uml elastic spring needle Weave
from ankle to top. The price is
110 higher than the old style sin
gle weave kind.
Neighborhood News
fili lo tin meli all wool fuhries prieed
$1 05
$2 25
button and lace.
( @ b r M c C lu r « N > w a p t p « r 8 j r n d l c » t O
The Story of
Our States
a yd
44 lo 4s ¡neh all wool faillies prieed a yd
|8 tu till ineli all wool faillies prieeil a yd
New Improved Hosiery for Children
Umphrey & Mackin
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Picnic shoulder meat, a lb
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Men’s Solid Leather
Work Shoes at
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Would we dare tell you that we
are selling men’s high quality
work shoes at almost the prices
of eight years agof
You may
feel that such a statement is too
good to be Irne yet we ask you
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Here are Hie prices:
7 ineli work shoes
on display
greatly im­
recent man­
as the new
them today.
$3.75 to $4.50
Hi top outing shoes $5.00 to $9 00
Logger shoes
$12.50 to $14.50
= J
Curvallis to atte u il O. A. C.
Muts A lla H ayes is atte n d in g high
school in the Grove.
Miss laiuise B y s er , » f Agenda, Kan.,
in v is itin g at the K. J - K e n t hinne.
The O m ar J a c k s o n , l-ee Nixon am i
J . A. J o i l fam ilie s Were in Eugene
Mrs. J . A. .loll was hostess to the
G T X. i-luh Wednesday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. T . D. Hodges were in
Eugene W ednesday.
(tqieeial to the Hentiael.)
Moot. 21
Mr Moore, o f the Grove,
has moved to the M. H. Anderson
Mr. anil Mm. W a lle r L ark y and son
E rn e s t, o f W inchester B a y , are visit
ing Mr. L a r k y ’s parents, Mr. and Mrs.
K B. l a n k y .
Mr and Mm. J u d d Doolittle and non,
o f the Grove, npent Hunday with Mrs.
, , .
Mr nnd Mrs. Killistiri and bab y, o f
A lb any, are v is itin g at the home o f
Mrs. K illin tin 's mother, Mrs. Ilinshawr.
Mr. and Mrs. Miinpson and daughter,
o f Oregon C it y , a re v isitin g al the
home of Mr. Himpnon's s is le r , Mrs.
Miss lla/.el Führer is a t t e n d in g liieh
school in the Grove.
Mrs. A rthu r Campbell, o f Lynx lini
low, visited a few ilays ib is week ut
thè houle o f ber molher, Mrs. Adney.
G e o r g e N eel
s|s-iil Hiinilay
a n d In iu ily . o f f o l u i r g ,
ut th è C n n s . Hliiiriin
Miss Flossie Ma Ibis went. to Eugeni*
Tuemluy lo visit her siste r, Mrs. Mar
veli Kaiidiill.
Mr. nini Mrn. C lair B. imton nnd non
Henry, o f Hliannniiv, Wunh., visited
thè pnnt week a t tn e F. T . B cnston
The T rnn x litui Queener fam ilies re
turneil Hnturdny from a in in pi ng t rip
in Dnoglnn eounty.
Mr. and
Mrn. Wendell M cC nrg ar
moved to C o ttag e Orove Monduy.
Mrs. ,1. T. Alien aud daughters
Glndys and Thelm a, o f l ’ortliiuil, were
ut thè A. K. Hcott homi* Tuenday eve
A newn item States that a hasband
riunirteli al pulire headipiurter* t h a t a
t h i e f Inni sin ico bis w i f e 's wnrdrobe
frinii thè rh ithes line. Noi in ne li o f a
lui ul.
• • •
A Chinigli man f n i e l l i m i bis wrist
thè ut her day wliile c ra n k in g thè Ire
freezer. No ime c ru n a* a 11 ieo
S A G IN A W .
e rea ni fre ezer tiulenn there is u fumilv
ubimi and *ve wouder why thè wife
(Hpeeml to The
w a s n ’t ut her post. Wives ure g e ttin g
Kept. 2 1 . - J . A. Burgess
more rnreless every dny witli their
Grove Tuesday .
Those who attend ed I he roiin ty f a ir
• • •
lanl week were B a r t le t t J o h n s t o n , T e r
The man who w o a ’t do an y th in g and
ry and llnwurd Moody, W. I*. Diek
Works at i t , surreeds n fte n e r thiiu thè
and fam ily, Mr. and Mrs. O. Knight
noe who wants to ilo nomething unii
ami Robert Kllintt and fam ily.
waits fnr somenne else to lenii thè way.
Ethel Moody returned from Kiigene
• • •
Hnturday night.
The money n|»-nt un wars and prep-
M isn E11 11 T a y lo r arriv ed Minidny
a rat ina for their isinsibility wnuld, if
from Crenwell aud in visitin g her sis-
|irn|>erly useil, edu e at* thè nopulation
ter, Mrs. Howard Moody.
All Ibis sen tim ent nlsiut. thè |»»ir " f thè World to thè u tte r foolishness
Mrs. A. K. Meott was in Kugene
being hnppier and more ro n te n te d tfiu 11 o f wnr.
• • •
Mrs. W. L. Leonard and children thè neh wns probably inveliteli by thè
The most uiirommou kind o f l e s s e
spent yesterd ay afternoon a t the W. I*. rieh to noothe thè downtroddeu und ss
is common sena«.
I suage fusteriug wounda.
D ick borne.