The Cottage Grove sentinel. (Cottage Grove, Lane County, Oregon) 1922-current, May 22, 1924, Page 3, Image 3

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I I.e’d-lr Fits under Windows
id by Korex After Flu
Nearly Got Him.
er having the flu four
” says Henry R. Haines, of
Oklahoma, ”1 came out in
ition worse than death. I
vigor, strength or courage,
laking korex, I gained 10
right away and it seemed
lew life into my nerves and
by blood circulate faster,
im full of pep again.” To­
by months later, Mr. Haines
.Is as ‘ ‘ good as new, ’ ’ ac-
to his own statement.
fling to enthusiastic users,
tfits of korex are complete
ting. Thousands the world
e now using this wonder
d. Weary and worn-out
Id women, sufferers from
pain, lack of appetite,
vigor and low glandular
will be interested in learn-
the American distributors
c compound have arranged
x compound to be sold in
Grove at Kent’s for Drugs,
at korex compound the next
I are in this drug store.
k Your Health as Other
;tage Grove Folks
Have Done.
,ny people suffer lame, ach-
i>, distressing kidney disor
rheumatic aches and pains,
is is due to faulty kidney
id there’s danger of hard-
lories, dropsy, gravel or
disease. Don’t let weak
year you out. Use Doan’s
ire it is too late! Doan’s
nulnnt diuretic to the kid-
n’s have helped thousands,
uld help you. Here is one
Cottage Grove cases:
i. Kebelbeck, Birch and J
; “I was subject to kid­
ness for a long timo and
ind anything that helped
I began using Doan’s
used Doan’s occasionally
keep me free from all
Iments. ”
jelbeck said: “I always
d Doan’s for they put my
a good order.”
Oc, at all dealers. Don’t
k for a kidney remedy—
I’s Pills—the same that
ilbeck had. Foster-Milburn
Buffalo, N. Y.
Fitting under a closed window, a
i ■iiile I Cad-in now on the market
Vei satUity,Originality,Charm and Beauty Mark f i i.ould n r o v e
lopular with
Programs of Going-Bell-Epperson Com
adio fans. The
cud-in is thin
pany, Chautauqua, Second Day.
.nd fiat, and can
>e bent to any
> h a p e to fit
doselv to the
lindow ledges,
it is covered
vith a fireproof,
nsulating m a -
erial which pre­
rents grounding
5 f circuits o n
wet window
tills, and elimi­
nates the neces­
sity of drilling
holes and fitting
porcelain tubes
in the window
frames. Tabs
are provided at
the ends for
soldering the down lead from the
aerial and the lead to the instrument.
The fittir.gviH prove of special benefit
to radio enthusiasts living in apart­
ments, where the drillilg of window
frames is usually prohibited.
Simple Method or Making Raj
Excellent doormats can be made a'
home from stripe of rag or burlap
The strips must all be of the sam<
width and twisted until they are alxiu1
the thickness of a finger. The stripi
in tacked, about 4 in. front one end
to a length of wood, and are spaced •%
in. apart. The width of the mat de­
pends on the number of stripe used
which must be an even number.
After fastening the length of woo»:
io a table or bench, the strips are read>
to he woven, which is done by tyinii
them together with “square” knots un­
til the mat is completed. The first
knot is tied with the first and seconu
strips, the second knot with the third
and fourth strips, the third knot with
the fifth and sixth strips, and so on tq
the end. The second row of knots if
Steamed and frosted windows are a oegun by tying the second and third
source of annoyance to many house­ | strips, then the fourth and fifth strips!
wives as the moisture not only ob­ i ind so on. The knots are all tied in thd
structs the view but also soils the •’me way, and the method of doind
glass through the accumulation of uu: is plainly shown m Un. A
dust when sweeping or cleaning A ei.c'ng peg must be used, so that all
cloth bag containing a few spoonfuls I. ■ knot. will be of the same size; the
of tobacco, placed in the water used in,. > tied around the peg, which is
to wash the windows, will overcome I .. -lipped out. The peg should be
this trouble and will also impart a : bout 1 in. square and tapered to a
clear, crystal effect.
Birds at evening—birds in the early morning chirping In the old
apple trees—birds out on the farm or plantation, in the woods or In the
city yard—will be heard under the Chautauqua tent when the Golng-
Bell-Epperson Company appear here. Miss Fay Epperson, who Is a genius
nt Interpreting birds calls, gives a charmingly Informal talk on birds be­
fore her performance, and adds some clever whistling solos for good
measure. Other members of the company are Miss Evelyn Going—whose
fine soprano voice Is a perfect joy to those who love vocal music, and
Miss Bernice Bell, well-known pianist, who can make the Ivory keys talk
Your bottom dollar may be the
The woman who purrs when ycu
In any language.
Artists of unusual ability and personal charm, Misses Going, Bell and I call her a kitten would scratch your foundation of a » fortune.
* •
Epperson, will give a diversified program of entertainment Including a I eyes out if you were to call her a
The luckiest people in this old
1 cat.
bit of song, a bit of Instrumental music, a bit of whistling, a bit of Im­
• • •
world arc those who go after what
personation—In fact a bit of everything dainty and satisfying.
Be sure the world laughs with they want with hammer and tongs.
you and uot at you.
Patience ceases to be a virtue
Call a spade by any name you when you allow others to impose
hke—-bu£jre^j>ur jind use jt;
McDonald Birch in Artistic
Magic at Chautauqua
Sentinel Wantad Will Sell It for You
With ^Purchase
Cup Custard
of a Pound or More of Tru-Bhi
All this week—until closing time Saturday night, May 31—your gro­
cer will give you, with each purchase of the famous Tru-Bhi “Cup Cus­
tard” Cookie-Cakes, a regular 8-ounce
Package of the NEW
The Universal Cracker
Birch—the man wbo mystifies—-Is bringing his wonderful entertain­
ment, “Artistic Magic," to Chautauqua. His entertainment is clean,
wholesome and far above the average type of magic. It will include none
of the tiresome hanky-panky tricks, but clever, scientific mysteries of
manipulative magic, art and psychic phenomena, mind reading, and un­
usual and original novelties.
McDonald Birch Is a humorist as well as a “mystifier”—and the fact
that a professional In this line can be really funny la claimed by some to
be the greatest mystery of all. A vein of humorous patter, apropos al­
lusions to the audience and his tricks, run throughout the performance
and keeps the audience In an uproar. This combination of mystery, be­
wilderment and laughter promises to be a great tonic, equally enjoyed
by young, old and the ln-betweena.
This is purely an introductory offer and will posi­
tively be withdrawn at store closing time Saturday
night, May 31 at. Clip the coupon now, and present
it to your grocer as soon as possible.
From Australia To You
be de­
lighted with the crispness and
richness oi TRU BAKE SODAS
Trio of Artists Brings Splendid Concerts to Chautauqua
—and with the NEW »hap®—
that they take this means of giv­
ing you a trial package FREE.
Everybody Likes These Tru-Blu
Cup Custard Cookies
They are the delightful English style cake-, with
a delicious layer of custardy filling.
Served at
teas, luncheons, or with your dinner dessert ices.
Your grocer has a fresh supply of Tru-Blu ‘'Clip
Costard" cookies at
7 oodson
»' m
40c Lb
Get a Pound or 7 u)o and
In a program which shades from the finest classical masterpieces to
the whimsical and humorous In music, the Australian Trio, a group of
exceptionally high class artists, will give Chautauqua audiences a de­
lightful variety of satisfying entertainment on the fifth day. Australia,
like Tipperary, is a long, long ways from our Chautauqua circuit, but the
spldtadld reputation which this trio has made with the public tn that
musically critical Island country, and Its enthusiastic reception by the
most discerning critics, prompted the management to secure the organi­
sation for appearance here.
“Mr. Alan Murray, baritone, whose rich, finely pf.lsed voice threat-
heights of fame” (Sydney Bulletin, ; Mr. Edwyn
ens to soar to ths
big violinists, and Miss Dolly Stewart wbo does
Hames, one of ths
delightful “songs at the plena,“ with whimsical characteriMttons of the
tighter vein, make tip the trio. Mias Stewart la always popular and great
demand» are made upon bar for encore» As a violinist Mr Hames eg.
cals in tnsstarfttl teAnlque and tonal qnalttl-«, while Mr. Murray Is a
wizard at tnaatoal inf tswtsrion. phrasing and enun. latlon.