The Cottage Grove sentinel. (Cottage Grove, Lane County, Oregon) 1922-current, January 03, 1924, Page 2, Image 2

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Thurs., Jan. 3—Gladys Walton in “The
! Untameable.” International News and a
comedy, “Felix, the Cat.”
Fri., Jan. 4—“A Man’s Man.” The east
includes Lois Wilson and J. Warren Kerri­
gan. “The Steel Trail,” chapter 14.
Sat., Jan. 5—William Russell in “Alias
the Night Wind.” Educational, “Dutch
Treat,” and comedy, “The Roaring Lions.”
Sun.-Mon., Jan. 6-7—“Peg o’ My Heart,”
starring Laurette Taylor. Comedy drama
and comedy.
Tues.-Wed., Jan. 8-9—Zane Grey’s “To
the Last Man,” with Lois Wilson and Rich­
ard Dix. And a comedy.
-------------------------------- --------------------------
The Cold Snap Only Makes
Our Service More Snappy!
Courtesy and Quality Always
Quality Market
Free Delivery
Phone 46
375,000,000 FEET
National Foreét Timber
for Sale
LOCATION AND AMOUNT.—All the merchantable dead timber
»Binding or down and all the live timber designated for cut­
ting on an area embracing about 5,900 acre« in Twpx. 20 and
21 8., Rango 1 E., W. M., on the watershed of Lay ng creek,
known ax the Herman creek unit, within the lJni|>qua Na­
tional Forest, Oregon, estimated to be 375,000,000 feet B. M.,
more or lent*, of Douglas fir, western hemlock, western red
cedar and other species of timber, approximately 92 per cent
Douglas fir.
STUMPAGE PRICES. —Lowest rates considered, $1.75 per M feet
B. M. for the first 40,285,000 feet B. M. of Douglas fir to be
wealed, $2.00 per M feet B. M. for the remainder of the Doug
las fir, $2.00 per M feet B. M. for the western red cedar,
sugar pine and western white pine, and $0.50 per M feet B.
M., for western hemlock, incense cedar and other species.
Rates to be readjusted December 1, 1928, and at three-yenr
intervals thereafter.
DEPOSIT. —$10,000 must be deposited with each bid to be applied
on the purchase price, refunded, or retained in part as liqui­
dated damages according to conditions of sale.
FINAL DATE FOR BIDS.—Sealed bids will be received by the
District Forester, Portland, Oregon, up to and including
April 22, 1924.
The right to reject any or all bids is reserved.
Before bids are submitted full information concerning the
character of tho timber, conditions of sale, deposits, and the sub­
mission of bids should be obtained from the District Forester,
Portland, Oregon, or tho Forest Supervisor, Roseburg, Oregon.
j.landf 12
A self-made man can’t kick about
the material used in his make-up.
• • •
'♦--------------------------------------- ♦
The man with music in his soul
Eugene Register: Mr. and Mrs. J. seldom worries about the staff of
I. Jones entertained with a pretty life.
Christmas day dinner at their home,
• • •
having a gayly lighted tree and a
Somehow good luck never gets
table decked with holly and mistle­ around to those who set out to
toe as added features. Members of »ait for it.
• • •
their two families made up the
party, which included Mr. and Mrs.
The man who was once a boy
Charles VanDenburg, of Cottage hasn’t the heart to refuse to take
Grove; Mr. and Mrs. Chester Van time to take his own boy to the
Denburg, of Yacolt, Wash.; Mr. and circus.
• • •
Mrs. Harry Neet, of Cottage Grove;
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jones and
The music of the home does not
daughter and son Frances and Bob strike one as quite so poetic when
ert, of Cottage Grove, and George the kids begin tuning up during the
Boberts and Marie, Inez and Rob­ wee smt’ hours.
ert Jones, all of Eugene.
Size is pretty much a matter of
The LaComus club held a New inverse perspective. A great man is
Year’s reception at the home of never overly large to his intimates.
• • •
Mrs. G. B. Pitcher Tuesday after­
noon. Red carnations and potted
After winning a girl’s whole
plants furnished the decorations for heart a man shouldn’t make half­
the room. Each tea table was made hearted love.
• • •
most attractive with a bouquet of
the red carnations. Two hundred
If Opportunity doesn’t stop at
invitations were issued for the af your house, hide in the corner of
the door and knock it on the head
♦ ♦ ♦
when it goes by.
» • •
Miss Thelma Jordan, of this city,
and Clyde O’Neal, of Raymond,
The man who falls from grace
Wash., were united in marriage Sun­ may be merely taking a tumble to
day at the home of the officiating himself.
minister, J. H. Ebert. Miss Jordan
had been employed at Umphrey &
Language was made to conceal
Mackin’s. The couple left Sunday thought. Home people are keeping
evening by motor for Raymond, a lot of things to themselves.
where they will make their homo.
• • •
«> <S> <S>
The man who beats up his rival
The American Legion auxiliary in an attempt to win a wife can
met Saturday evening at the home hardly qualify as angelic and sweet-
of Mrs. C. C. Cruson. Tho following tempered.
officers were elected: Mrs. C. C.
Cruson, president; Mrs. W. H.
Hard luck novcr fusses very long
Daugherty, vice president; Mrs. D. around the man with a determina­
O. Byrne, reelected secretary, and tion to get there anyway.
Mrs. R. L. Stewart, treasurer. At
the close of the evening a uo-hostess
The person who never says any­
dinner was served.
thing worth remembering will es-
The H. D. 8. club held a watch
night party New Yoar’s eve at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Helli
well, Five hundred was the diver
sion. Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Nelson Jr.
were invited guests of the club. De­
lightful refreshments wore nerved at
a late hour.
A person who sacrifices himself
to leave the fruits of his toil to
posterity is making two mistakes.
He is not getting the enjoyment of
life that he is entitled to and would
appreciate aud is giving them to
those not entitled to them and who
can not fully appreciate them.
• • •
What’s the use of saying you
won’t stand a certain thing when
you know full well you will have to.
• • •
A man just naturally gets down
on his knees to the girl he worships.
• • •
It is better to be a spoke in the
wheel of progress than the driving
power in a plant that is getting no­
A model is not always to be pat-
terned after.
In the matter of the estate of
Mary Alice DesLarzes, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that Elmer
Boy DesLarzes has been by the
County Court of the State of Ore­
gon in and for Lane County, Ore­
gon, appointed administrator of the
estate of Mary Alice DesLarzes,
deceased, and that all persons hav-
Your wants may be few—provici,
ing claims against said estate are ^jvn^jise_8entincl wantads
notified to present the same duly
verified to the said administrator
“I Cot Real Mad whan I Lost My
at Cottage Grove, Oregon, within Setting Han,” writes Mr». Hanna,
six months from the 3rd day of
N. J.
January, 1924.
“When I went Into our bun sad found my but
Better dead I got real mad. One package of Rat-
Snap killed mx big rat«. Poultry raisers should UM
Administrator of the estate of Rat-Snap.
” Comes in cakes, no mixing. No smell
Mary Alice DesLarzes, deceased. from dead rat* Three sixes. Prices. 35c. 65c. $1.25.
Sold and guaranteed by
Attorney for Administrator. J3-31C
New Year’s Resolution
Resolved: I shall not starve my motor
for oil.
Resolved: I will drive to
Have my crankcase drained FREE.
Lee Tires and Tubes
causes bloating—gassy pains that
crowd the heart—constipation.
Always find rtlitf and comfort in
No griping—no nausea—only 25 cents
Mr». Crandall (Iowa) Tells How She
Stopped Chicken Losses
“Last spring, rats killed all our baby chicks. Wish
I’d known about Rat-Snap before. With just one
large package we killed swarms of rats. They won’t
get this year’s hatches. I’ll bet.” Rat-Soap is guar­
anteed and sells for 35c. 65c. $1.25.
Sold and guaranteed by
Our New Year Mottos
More for Your Money
Under Our Cash Plan.
1924 Is Here
The occasion being Miss Lillian’s
twelfth birthday anniversary, her
mother, Mrs. Harry Culver, enter-
tained a few of Miss Lillian's
friends last Saturday for an after-
noon of 1 games and play. Dainty re-
freshmei inta were served.
Sidney A. Hickoz, of this city,
and Miss Charlotte Thompson, of
Bandon, were married December 22
nt the home of the bride’s sister,
Mrs. Harold I.eep, in Bandon. The
couple have returned hero to make
their homo at Woodard’s mill.
Mrs. B. R. Job will entertain the
members of the Social Twelve club
this afternoon.
Mrs. 0. O’Neil,
sister of Mrs. Homer Galloway, who
is visiting at the Galloway home,
is to be an invited guest of the
A number of families held n cov­
ered dish supper Tuesday evening
at the S. I., Mackin home. Others
present were the Umphrey, Nelson
Durham, l>. M. Moore, Richmond
and Buell families.
♦ ♦ ♦
The Presbyterian ladies’ aid will
meet Wednesday, January 9, in the
church pnrlors with Mrs. E. C.
Shay, Mrs. VanOsdel, Mrs. Wyatt
and Mrs. Connell ns hostesses.
<8> ❖ •$>
The Toujours Prete club post­
poned its meeting from last evening
to next Wednesday evening, at
which time they will meet at the
home of Miss Clara Milne.
> « «
The Constellation club will meet
next Thursday, January 10, in Ma
sonic temple with Mrs. H. B. Griggs,
Mrs. Earl Hill and Mrs. W J.
Woods as hostesses.
♦ ♦ ♦
Mrs. Marvin Smith entertained
tho S. T. 8. club yesterday after
noon. Tho afternoon was pleasantly
spent socially.
Delieious refresh
nients were served.
If we all pull together we can make life in Cottagg
Grove during 1924 a profitable and pleasant experience.
Cottage Grove Creamery
Cutsforth & Dickson, Props.
Phone 15
For Better and Greater
Public Service
siuHE YEAR 1923 was a most active period
JW for Mountain States Power Company. In-
creased population and industrial develop­
ment have kept our organization busy con­
structing improvements to meet public demands.
Company in 1923, in the course of its activities
Brought electric service to 2535 additional customers;
Built 42 miles of new transmission and distributing
lines; '
Began installation of additional generating equip­
Supplied 25.54 per cent more electric energy than in
2(X) citizens were added to the number of customer­
investors of the Company. Home investors supplied a
substantial amount of new capital towards the cost of
the construction of additions, extensions and improve­
WE REGARD THE FUTURE of the progressive cities
and towns and productive territories whose welfare is
interwoven with our own, as most encouraging. Our
plans for constructive progress essential to community
advancement are based upon full belief in future growth
and widely diffused prosperity.
♦ ♦ ♦
The Tanglefoot club will meet
next Tuesday in Phillips hall.
♦ ♦ ♦
The TiUieum club met___
last even
ing with Mrs. C. H. Stevens.
The Missouri young lady who has
succeeded in trisecting an angle,
and says she can solve the perpetual
motion problem, probably couldn’t
divide ♦SO a month so as to sup- ,
ply a multiplying family and leave
a remainder.
* * *
The only thing sweeter than a
sweetheart is the little tot made in
her image that cornea in after years
to coo and play, toddle and talk
and cause you to muae upon the
mysteries or life.
Cleanliness, Quality,
Serviqe, Price.
Keep your money in Cottage Grove by patronizing
her business houses; they need you—you need them;
they in turn will extend to you greater privileges and
courtesies than you can obtain from any other source.
Mrs. T. G. Sudtoll will be hostess
for the members of the Tuesday
bridge club nt a 1 o’clock luncheon
next Tuesday.
♦ ♦ ♦
The Jolly club held a dance New
Year's eve in Phillips hall. Dainty
refreshments were servod.
♦ ♦ ♦
Mrs. O. L. Nichols will entertain
the M. P. G. club members next
Tuesday afternoon.
♦ ♦ ♦
The Baptist ladies’ aid society
met yesterday afternoon with Mrs.
E R. Clevenger.
♦ ♦ ♦
The Tuesday Evening club will
meet January 8 with Mrs. J. H.
♦ ♦ ♦
The Joker club will meet tomor­
row evening at the home of Mr». C.
E. Frost.
Woman smiles and nays nothing
a« man expatiates upon the superi­
ority of the male over the female—
that ‘ b the way the woman proves
her superiority.
• • •
A person isn’t a Christian bemuse
he merely refrains from deing !
• • •
Pay Cash and Pay Less.
Make it a part of your program for 1924 to do all in
your power to Boost Cottage Grove and the industries
on which it depends for its existence.
You should be
an investor
Investment Department
( ottage Grove, Orvgou