The Cottage Grove sentinel. (Cottage Grove, Lane County, Oregon) 1922-current, December 17, 1909, Image 12

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Splendid Opportunities Are Offered by the
Great Valley of the Willamette*
The State of Oregon contains 95,746 garden spot,” and is capable of sup­
square miles, or 61,277,400 acres, equal­ porting many thousands of people more
ing in size the combined area of the than at present. For diversified farm­
six New England States and New York ing, or fruit, stock or poultry-raising,
state included. Of the total acreage this section is especially adapted. The
over 10,000,000 acres are included in foothills and newly cleared timber
farms although less than 3,000,000 acres, lands furnish splendid grazing for
are under cultivation; about 35,000,000 sheep, goats and live stock. These
acres are in timber and 13,122,168 are lands are very fretile, and possess the
non-tillable. Oregon, as thickly peo­ advantage of drying off earlier than
pled as Ohio, would easily support a deeper in the valley, making possible
population of over 8,000,000 inhabitants. greater cultivation, and greater variety
The half million already here are ex­ of products.
ceedingly prosperous and contented.
As a Fruit Section.
The Western portion of the state, lying
Fruit has been grown in Oregon for
between the Cascade Range and the forty years, but only of late years in a
Pacific Orean, contains 75 per cent of- scientific manner.
Several hundred
the entire population. It is divided by acres have been planted to apples and
the Coast Range, and its laterals into pears in the territory immediately sur­
four sections: The Willamette Valley, rounding Cottage Grove the past year, '
Umpqua River Valley, Rogue River and this acreage will probably be great­
Valley and the Coast district or Coast ly enhanced in 1910. One company
counties, bordering the Pacific Ocean alone is planting one thousand acres to
for three hundred miles. The seasons fruit trees. ' Cottage Grove has the
in Western Oregon are distinguished by banner two-year-old orchard in the
the wet and dry rather than by the us­ state. Years of experience have dem­
ual designation. The wet season is by onstrated that we can sucessfully grow
no means uniformly wet or rainy, nor apples as a commercial product. The
must the dry season be supposed to in­ fame of the apple of Western Oregon
dicate a dearth of moisture, but during is well established; its perfection is
the wet season 75 per cent of the an-> due to the moisture in air and soil at
niial precipitation occurs, while in the time of maturing.
dry season comes the qther 25 per cent,
Oregon ranks a good second to Cali­
in the shape of occasional showers. fornia in prune production, which is
The dry period extends from May 1st now practically confined to the Pacific
to October 15th. There are a few States. Ever sensitive to environment,
showers, usually in September, which the sucessful growth of the prune will
become more frequent until the middle alway be confined to favored localities;
of November. Thence to March 15th it cannot be reared far and wide like
frequent rains are expected. From wheat or berries. 'Hie early settlers
March 15 to May 1st intermittent found that the plum was peculiarly
showers, as in October. The precipi­ adapted to growth in Western Oregon,
tation as we travel south through the and that its yearly yield of luscious
great valleys gradually decreases. fruit was nearly as sure as the coming
There are no extremes of temperature of the seasons. Gradually the success­
at any season, the mean temperature ful culture of the prune and its profit­
of the State being 49 degrees. The able return brought the fruit promin­
mean temperature for twenty-seven ently before the public, and today we
years past, has been 53 degrees. The find an acreage of prune orchards in
mean average temperature of the Coast Western Oregon exceeded only by our
region is 51 degrees, the thermometer neighbor, California. No irrigation is
rarely rising above 80 degrees in sum­ necessary, which insures a meaty, sug­
mer, or falling below 30 degrees in the ary fruit, of large size.
Poultry Raising.
The rain fall of this valley varies from
Cottage Grove is pre-eminenty the
35 to 50 inches, falling in from 125 to poultry section of Oregon, and there is
156 days. As in all parts of the state,
need of more experienced poultrymen
the months from June to October are
who will raise better fowls, and more
practically free from rain. Snow rare­ of them. For such there is ample room
ly falls, and when it does, it seldom
and a very profitable field. The de­
remains longer than sixty hours on the
mand of good eggs and poultry has al­
ground. A frost that penetrates the
ways been beyond the supply; and the
ground is very unusual. In all portions
present stimulation in the mining in­
of Western Oregon, in Which Cottage
dustry and increasing immigration must
Grove is located, no matter, whit the
create a greater future market. The
day temperature may be, the night,
Willamette valley is the paradise of
temperature is always below 70 de­
the Golden, Chinese, Denny, or ring­
grees, being cool and comfortable for
necked pheasant. Climatic conditions
sleeping. Sweltering hot night are
are favorable to their rapid propaga­
therefore unknown.
tion, as is proved by the thousands of
The main line of the Southern Pacific
wild ones all over this section.
Shasta Route traverses the length of
There is room in and around Cottage
the State from Portland to the Sis- Grove for manufacturing enterprises of
kiyous, passing through the chief cit­
many kinds, but especially for wood­
ies of the State. Cottage Grove has
working institutions. Lane county is
the Oregon and Southeastern, which
credited on expert testimony with 29,-
extends to within a short distance of
000,000,000 board feet, and a large por­
the Bohemia mining district, travers­
tion of this vast amount is directly tri­
ing one of the finest sections of timber butary to this city. This portion of the
on the continent.
State offers better and cheaper facili­
Fanning Lands.
Western Oregon affords a vast area
of fertile and productive farming land,
the best conditions to warrant the pro­
duction of heavy and diversified crops,
and a climate enabling the husbandman
to work outdoors at something every
month of the year. There is but little
land in this Wide region that is not
good for one product or another, either
wheat, oats, barley, hay, hops, fruits,
vegetables, berries or pasture. The
farmer can seed all the fall until Christ­
mas, or all the spring until May. Har­
vest is continued just as long as the
grain will stand. ^The tillable farm
lands of this section are considered
too valuable to be used for the exclu­
sive growing of grain, hence the rais­
ing of stock and poultry of all kinds,
growing of fodder plants for feed, rais­
ing fruits for export, growing vegeta­
bles and cultivation of many varietiej
of berries, form valuable and impor­
tant industries. All varieties of plant­
growth—rich fields of clover, alfalfa,
corn, vetch, rape, orchard, grass, peas,
thousand-head cabbages, velvet grass,
blue grass, timothy, etc., give luxuri­
ant crops. In the Willamette Valley
clover is king. Corn for market and
fodder is grown extensively. Climatic
conditions and soil fertility combined,
make a Western Oregon farm more pro­
ductive than the general average of
farms in the East. The present time,
therefore, affords opportunity for peo­
ple living east of the Rocky Mountains
to buy better land in Oregon for con­
siderably less money than is being real­
ized from the sale of Eastern homes,
and many are doing this, finding here
all the social and educational advan­
tages possessed by the older States in
the Union.
The Willamette Valley, and especial­
ly the southern end in which Cottage
Grove is located, is considered “the
ties in the way of material, fuel and la­
bor than can be obtained elsewhere,
making it a very desirable location for
the establishment and successful oper­
ation of various industrial and manu­
facturing enterprises.
The mining industry in the Bohemia
district, reached only through Cottage
Grove, promises vast’ wealth from the
yellow metal, and needs money for de­
velopment. The industry may be said
to be only in its first stage. There has
been a scratching of the surface in
spots, but the deep work is, so far,
comparatively limited, and far less
than would be justified by legitimate
exploitation of the leads which have
been uncovered. This district offers a
most inviting field to either prospector
or investor. Enough has been accom­
plished to dissipate past errors and
misconception, and the present returns
are quite ample to indicate the direc­
tion and value of the mining industry
when prospected under correct meth­
forth the story abroad of Ponce de Le­
on’s myth.
Paso Robles Hot Springs, California,
are now the cause of universal wonder­
ment because of the continued success­
ful cures being made there.
But aside from any romatic feature
of the springs, dealing with its Indian
tradition or its occupancy by the Fran­
ciscan Monks, Posa Robles is today
among medical men who know, the
cause of much interest and scientific
Many are not aware of what a place.
Paso Robles really is. The town is by
all means one of the most thorough
health towns in the world. It is given
over to the cure of the sick. Tts citi­
zens regard its waters almost in an in­
fallible, light. '
The temperature, altitude, air and
scenery make it an ideal retreat. Its
cures of rheumatism, gout, stomach
trouble, kidney and other organic di­
seases have been so remarkable that
its citizens believe there is nothing its
baths cannot conquer.
.Invalids from all over the country
come to Paso Robles. Here can be
seen every strata of human life from
the bank president in the sumptuous
hotel to the sick man reposing in his
tent on the meadows.
Paso Robles is distinctly a spot where
weak women gain health rapidly, and
an hour’s conversation at the bath
house will reveal tales of nervous wom-
en who have been cured.
One wonders, after being at Paso
Robles—The Pass of the Oaks—whether
once de Leon really was without jus­
tification when he started in search of
the wonderful “waters of youth.”
A small book, neatly illustrated, has
been recently published by the manage­
ment telling the story of the Hot
Springs in a most interesting manner
and giving complete information. "Send
for it, either to Wm. McMurray, Gen­
eral Passenger Agent of the O. R. &
N., Portland, Ore., or Dr. F. W. Saw­
yer, manager , Paso Robles, Cal.
Learn the Cause of Daily' Woes and
End Them.
When the back aches and throbs.
When the housework is torture.
When night brings no rest nor sleep.
When urinary disorders set in
Women’s lot is a weary one.
There is a way to escape these woes.
Doan’s Kidney Pills cure such ills.
Have cured women here in Cottage
This's is one Cottage Grove woman’s
Mrs. Ella Bisby, East Side, Cottage
Grove, Oregon, says: “Doan’s Kidney
Pills, procured at Benson’s Pharmacy,
have been used in our family and have
proven very effective in relieving kid­
ney trouble. The person who took
them was quite bad off with this com­
plaint, but he is now enjoying good
health. This experience has convinced
us of the merits of Doan’s Kidney
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name—Doan's—and
take no, other.
TA 7^ have passed “the new boot
VV " stage.” We do not experi­
ment with our business? nor with yours.
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pose of financing auxiliary enterprises.
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Do Not Delay, But
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Grove Studio
Is better prepared than- ever before to
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The Aristo lamp
process doesn’t require sunlight or even
daylight. It is the perfect way of mak­
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THERE IS an abundance of matchless scenery, and
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L. S. TAYLOR, Agent Southern Pacific Co.,
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Large Sample Rooms
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Rooms with Bath
New Brick Annex
The New Star Theatre
Woodward ^Building
First National Bank
Splendid Program every Performance
of Cottage Gorve
Not a dull moment
Something to
amuse both, old and young «£ Change of
Program Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
In the days of Spain’s splendor, when
returning Spanish galleons brought
precious cargoes of gold and other min­
erals back to Madrid, wild legends of
springs of eternal life were told in
every European court.
Ponce de Leno, a Spanish gentleman
of great riches, fitted out an expedition
and went in search of the spring of
life. The ludicrous and pathetic end­
Improved and Unimproved Farms «A
ing of this expedition is known to every
Choice Acreage Adjoining Town J* Bus­
school boy, but it is very often called
to mind by some new discovery of won­
iness and Residence Property for Sale
derful healing springs somwhere in the
Reference: First National Bank or Any­
wilds of Africa, India or Asia.
Frank Ebby’s old Stand on 4th
The recent and practical demonstra­
one in Cottage Grove. «3» Send for
tion of mineral springs which make street. All work guaranteed.
Phone Main 321.
marvelous cures has again brought
Price List, etc.
Rates to All.