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    VOL. 1. NO. 17
Petition Will Not be Filed Because the People of Oregon Have Shown Them
selves Unalterably Opposed to any Project That Would Interfere
With the Great 'Institution That is Doing so Much
to Advance Practical Education.
The best news that has come to Corvallis in a long
time is that from Ashland today, which authoritatively
states that the petitions asking for a referendum vote on
the special appropriation bill of the recent Legislature
granting the Oregon Agricultural College $210,000 for the
construction of new buildings, equipment and purchase of
lands will not be filed.
E. J. Kaiser, editor of the Valley Record, placed the
petitions in circulation throughout the state immediately
3rd of June and hardly a spare room in
town. Our hotels are so crowded that
they can help but little.
"What are we to do? We must take i
care of the old veterans.
"It would be a burning disgrace after
inviting them here not to make all pos
sible exertion to lodge them comfort
ably. "They will not be exacting, these old
heroes of ours. They did not complain
in youth when our. country called for
the sacrifice of the best part of their
lives and for years of toil, privation and
danger. ' , ' "
1 "These few aged survivors of a mil
lion sturdy youth have not been used to
the luxuries of life; they will be content
with what we can give. But for the
honor of manhood and of our country
let us give the best we have."
4 -
j Odd Fellows Convention at Albany Con
cluded Last Night
Great Third Annual Interscholastic
-. Contests Tomorrow Between Trained
' ' Athletes From all Over State Under
Peddicord; Assistant, Blanchard; field
judges, jumps, Chapman, Farnsworth,
Hamilton; weights, Hail, Smith, En
berg; scorer, J. Dobbin; assistants,
Price, Startzoff ; judges of turn, Haw
ley, H. M. Cross, Brown, Shadduck, G.
A. Cross; field marshall, Duckworth;
assistants, Finlay, McLain, Smith, T5il
lings, Bruce, Leavitt, Eddington, .
Gold medals will be awarded to win
ners of the 1st places. Silver medals
will be awarded winners of the 2nd
places. Bronze medals will be awarded
winners of the 3rd places. A beautiful
oak and gold shield trophy will "be
awarded to the school winning the meet.
A similar trophy will be awarded the
school winning the one-half mile relay
race. A handsome gold medal will be
awarded to the individual point winner.
Capital Increased To A Half Million
Direction of the College Here.
The grand lodge of Oregon I. 0. 0.
after the adjournment of the Legislature, and was active at F- concluded its 54th annual session at
' Albany last night and adjourned to
the same time in agitating an initiative measure to be voted meet next year in Eugene. The Lane
on by the people placing the University of Oregon, the
Agricultural College and the state normals under one board
of control. Mr. Kaiser gave out the following statement
last night:
"The petitions do not contain the number of names
. This means that nearly half a million dollars will now
be available for expenditure here at once and that the big
improvements at OAC will now be commenced at once
and that Corvallis will enjoy the busiest
history. ,
" All honor and gratitude are due to the intelligent and
loyal people of Oregon for their support of the Oregon
Agricultural College. '
All Corvallis and every professor and student of OAC
should now arrange for a monster jollification to celebrate
this joyful news.
Corvallis People Are Asked to Provide
for G. A. F, Visitors.
3, 4. There seems to be some difficulty
county, capitol won the 1910 convention
by a vote of 207 against iOl for Port
land, the other candidates withdrawing
before the ballot was taken. . The con
vention was a most successful one in
every respect and was potable in that
more delegates attended it than any
previous session of the grand lodge. '- "
H. E. COolidge, of La' Grande was
elected grand master of the grand lodge
of Oregon 1. O. O. F.; in the annual
election yesterday. ' .Ti F. Ryan, of
Oregon City, was chosen deputy grand
master and A. W. Bowersox, of Albany,
summer in its i grand warden. E. E. . Sharon, of Port
land, was elected grand secretary for a
' 16th consecutive term and O. D. Doane,
of The Dalles, was re-elected grand
treasurer. Ed Hostetler, of The Dalles,
the retiring grand master, was elected
grand representative for the full term
of two years, and S.VW. Stryker, of
Portland, was chosen grand representa
tive for one year to fill the vacancy
caused by the death of Richard Scott,
of Milwaukie.
Robert Andrews, of Portland, and J.
F. Risely, of Oswego, were chosen
trustees of the Odd Fellows Home.
The following officers were appointed
Special Election Will Be Held Tomor
row May 22
The reputation which Corvallis , has
always enjoyed for true hospitality
should be fully sustained when the G.
A. R. Encampment meets here June 2,
in securing accomoantion lor the veter- yesterday afternoon to serve for the
an and the following letter to the Ga- ' ensuing year: Grand marshal, R. H.
ZETTE from one who is deeply interest- j Rohrig, of Union; grand conductor,
ed in the success oi the Encampment, . Wayne Grider, of Condon; grand guard-
should awaken the people to the neces- ; a. Wheeler, of Portland; grand
sity of proving themselves to be'gener- : herald, O." B, Dews, of Ashland; grand
ous hosts: ',. J chaplain, Jtev, C. P. Gates, of.St. John.
"Much difficulty is being -encountered i The; itebekah Assembly also complet
by the committee in its efforts to find i ed its session and adjourned last night,
lodgings for the old 'soldiers who are to ' The session is pronounced the most
visit us soon. I pleasant in the .history ol the .assemoiy.
' The interscholastic field and track
meet at OAC tomorrow will be the
greatest gathering of High School ath
letes ever seen in Oregon. Twentv-five
schools have entered accredited con
testants and there will be every known
sport on the list of events. Hundreds
of visitors are now here and more com
ing by very train.
The order of the day will be as fol
lows:.. ,
i 5;30 to 9:00 a. m., automobile parade
of high school students through town
anc around the college campus. ,
i' l-OO to 9:30 Review of OAC cadets,
by.high school visitors.
10:00 Meet begins for the trial heats
in the 100 yard dash, 220 yard hurdles,
440 yard dash, 120 yard hurdles, 220
yard dashj Jhigh jump, pole vault, run
ning broad jump. .
" 'All men jumping over 4 feet 19 inches
ittSl-'gh jimpvajiltims -Oyer, nine feet,
lumpiner over lsleet 'will qualify , Tor
afternoon. '..f ' " j
. The final heats will begin at 2:30 p.
m. and last - until 5 p. in. and will be
called in the following order:
100 yard dash, 220 yard hurdles, 440
yard dash, 120 yard hurdles, 880 yard
run, 220 yard dash, one mile run, high
jump, discus throw, running broad
jump hammer throw, pole vault, shot
put, relay race.
6:30 to 8:30 Banquet at Waldo Hall
and presentation of medals and trophies.
8:30 to 11:59 Dance given by the
OAC student body in honor of the High'
School visitors. ,
The officials of the day will be:
Referee, E. D. Angell; starter, C V.
Swann; announcer, Neal; judges of
finish. Prof. Fulton, Prof. Johnson,
Millions of Feet of Timber Bought and
Mills Equipped With Modern Ma
chinery to Turn Out Every Kind of
Building and Structural Lumber.
The one important duty ot every
qualified voter in Corvallis tomorrow
afternoon should be to go to the court
house and deposit a ballot in favor of
the bond issue for the new High School
This special election is for all the
voters in School District No. 9 and the
result should show the sentiment to be
unanimous for the proposed improve
ment. -
There is a necessity for construct
ing such a building and of having it
completed and equipped before the
opening of the fall term of school.
Every room in the present buildings is
so overcrowded that the scholars are
not receiving the attention that the
teachers are all anxious to give them
and this state of affairs should not be
permitted to continue any longer.
, The additional High School building
to build it should be voted for without
any opposition.
But for technical error the last elec
tion for this purpose which met with such
DODular favor, would have been suffici
ent. This error will be done away
with in the election tomorrow and
work can then be commenced.
Corvallis is going to have one of the
largest industrial enterprises of its kind
in all this section of Oregon, the Occi
dental Mill Company which has already
been a great factor in the progress of
the city, having just been reorganized
on a firm business basis and increased
its capital to half a million dollars to
provide for enlarged equipment of the
tree plants and the purchase of immense
bodies of standing timber.
Dr. T. W. Harris has been elected
president 01 the reorganized corporation;
G. O. Bassett, vice president and gen
eral manager and C. A. Dobell, secre-
Johnson, John F. Allen and dther prom
inent local men closely identified with
the organization.
The company is now making exten
sive improvements in the three mills at
Corvallis, Beaver Creek and Oak Creek
and with the new and modern machinery
which is-being -iiistalleAtheombinedj
capacity will run up to about 70,000
feet of finished lumber per day.
To keep the mills in constant opera
tion the company has just bought out
right 68 million feet of standing timber
and options are held on 90 to 100 million
tlle t feet more which is now, being cruised
:-rjreraratorv to its purchase. This tim-
"Fifteen hundred are expected on the
AY 22
Corvallis is growing rapidly and its ' v, w;ii he brought to the mills by the
school facilities should be kept fully j c. & A. R. river railroad and by rrit
adequate to the increasing requirements, i dowrl the Willamette an(j every der
Vote for the bonds tomorrow and scription of lumber for general building
make this satisfactory improvement
Natures own remedy. The demand
is still great. It has absolutely cured
a bad case of appendicitis without an
Prof. Cordley, Cooke, Harding, Brodie, operation. Also many other ills, bee
Wolff; timers, Heater, Bergman, j demonstrator, 220 Third street, phone
Crowe, Scott, Howard; clerk of course, 234. 5-20-lt-D-W.
. . -i ' -t i . 1 ! J-l
purposes, . wul De cut n Demg t:ie
intention of the company to supply
every demand from this home and ad
' joining market so that no builder need
send away for material.
The Occidental Mill Company is a
Corvallis industry and its institution
here should be followed by many other
j-T J. 1 r. A r-.Of1ir
enterprises so mat a isigc uj
pay roll may become an assured fact.
Will be a big clean up day for
in Men's Suits
'Anything in opr shop at' this price.
Suits all made in New York and
by the best tailors the country
i ,! .. TCORVALUS., ORE'
and nothing occurred to cause a single
jar. . The assembly by resolution gave
a hundred votes of thanks to Mrs. J.
K. Weatherford, Mrs. C. W. Sears and
Mrs. J. J. Collins, the committee of
Albany women who handled arrange
ments for the gathering.
The Rebekah .assembly elected officers
as follows: President, Corrie JSubbard,
of Independence vice president, Addie
Grout, of La Grande; warden, Belle
Belcher, of Lafayette;' secretary, Ora:
Cosper, of Dallas, (re-elected);' treas
urer, H.da j aeons, ot Corvallis, (re
elected); trustee of Odd FeHows Home
in Portland, Emma Galloway, of Mc
Minnville; trustees of Rebekah assem
bly Minnie Baird, of Union; Anna
Templeton, of Forest Grove, and Jessie
White, of Sellwood.
The following appointive officers were
Grand marshal, Jessie White, of Sell
wood; grand conductor, Mary D. Moro,
of Lakeview; grand chaplain, May Don
nelly, of Condon; . grand inside guard,
Rebecca Martin, of Oswego; grand out
side guard, Zilla Fletcher, of Salem;
executive committee of Eugene women
to arrange for the session of the assem
bly in that city next year,-Ella Fraser,
Jaca Wil'.oughby and Jennie Peters.
The election of Mrs. Ora Cosper the j
popular grand secretary, reversed the
fates, for this is her 13th year as secre
tary and the 23r'd annual session of the
assembly. . .
The members , of the Congregational i
church spent a most delightful time fait i
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
R. L. Whitehead , on College Hill, an
enjoyable feature of the evening bei- g 1
a picnic luncheon spread on long tabks
in the orchard. There was a large at
tendance and the menu included all the i
delicious viands ihat could be secured.
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nee Sale ends
more for you to
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May 29th. Just one week
secure unequaled bargains
Contract Goods Excepted
' Extra Special prices this .week on Men's
' Clothing and Women's Suits and Skirt
53 -
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