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Real Estate Transfers Show Market
To be Lively.
All Patriotic People WilK Welcome a
Rousing Celebration of the Glorious
Fourth Here in TLis City and Plans
.Should now Be Made For It.
Quite, a number of Corvallis people
have suggested that it would be most
fitting and proper for a rousing Fourth
of July celebration to be held here this
year and it is more than probable that
the idea will strike a popular chord and
arrangements be made for one of the
. biggest and best times ever known in
this citv.
While there is plenty of time to pre
pare for such a celebration,: there is
none to lose if the day is to be fittingly
observed. ; .
In fuch an event as this the Retail
Merchants' Association-would seem the
proper parties to take the lead, acting
in hearty co-operation -with the Com
mercial Club, City Council. G. A. R,
Post and '.Relief Corps and such other
committees as may be necessary 'to
carry out the plan. . :
That Corvallis should celebrate this
year is practically a unanimous opinion
and the Fourth will be duly observed if
. .steps are taken at once to pot themat-
. ter m proper shape. .Nearly every
other town in Oregon has already out
lined its program for Independence day
.and. it is .not-likely that Corvallis! will
Le- lea -U-iutSrtlikZf Titflieighbors.
away and all preparations made f or
having a. grand time here on the Glor
ious Fourth.
J. A. Devitt to Frankie Ray, 223
acres west of Philomath $1960. .
E. W. Liddle & wf . to C. McFarlan
& wf. 140 acres west of Corvallis $10.
Fred R. Cottage to J. M. Gilkison,
22.69 acres near Albany $1700.
F. W. Smith to R. M. Johnston lot 3
bl. 17 Wilkin's Add. Corvallis $10.
Albert Shriber to ; W. S. Noon lumber
company 2 1-2 acres west of Philomath
$300..;.-,. -
S. S. Dickinson & wf. to Geo. W.
Dickinson & wf. 261.83 acres near Cor
vallis $7500. ;
Henry N. Robinson to Dora D. - Rob
inson undivided 1-2 of 160 acres near
Alsea. ' .
Henrv Robinson to Geo. A. Robinson
Jr., 40 acreB in Alsea. -
W. H. Malone to Elizabeth A. Reed
lots 5-6-7-8 bl. 10 Alsea $133.
W. H. Malone to Elizabeth A. Reed
lots 1 & 2 bl. 1 Alsea $10. . '
Wm: Knotts to W. F. Gay 154.353
acres, north of Corvallis $10. ;
J. L. Caton et al to A. L. Fortson,
lots 9 & 10 bl. 16 Dixon's 2nd Add
Corvallis $10.
J. L. Caton to Ida M. Fortson lots 1
2-7-8 bl 16 Dixon's 2nd Add Corvallis
and 160:42 acres near Bellfountain $10,
J. W. Walters to Shale Lumber Co.
80 acres near Bellfountain $1600.
Fanny Oren and Hus. to W. H. Mc-
Bee 1 1-2 lots bl. 19 N. B. & P. Avery's
Add. Corvallis $2500.
Luzena Hood to Bessie Eoyle et al,
land South of Philomath $1. . -
Ida M. Fortson & Hus. to J. L. Ca
ton 160.42 acres near Bellfountain $10.
Ellis Hammer to Corvallis & Alsea
River R. R. Co. land, near Bellfountain
$230.50. ; ..: , ;
Arthur Tongeland & wf . to Lula Gay
lot 5 bl. 6 N. B. & : P,- Avery's 'Add.
CorvaJlia $1400. - ' " :-
Charles Hofraier to W. C. Noon Lum
ber Co. 3.04 acres- .west of Philomath
$76. -r v i .. -.! ..:
W. S Ross & Wf to J. M. Kitson &
Wf Itrf-lS,? bl. 32 fhildmathl'."
W. G. Fisher to J. M. Tfitson & Wf.
lot 94 bL 32 Philomath $10.
Oregon & California R. R. Co. to C.
E. Bantoiu 40 acres, in Alsea $100.
mm tuiuiiuh
People Will Pass. Upon Question . of
Sufficient Issue to Construct the new
Building ia Order to f Accommodate
the Increased Attendance., C -
Good Words For
OAC Track Team
The Teams Break
Even at Eugene
The special election in School District
No. 9, which is to be held next v Satur
day, May 22, at the court house,, to de
cide upon a sufficient bond issue for, the
construction of a hew high school build
ing and the purchase of a site on which
to locate one of the; present' school
houses, is a matter that should .person
ally interest every qualified yter in
the city and there should be a unani
mous vote cast in favor of the proposi
tion. - ' . . J
The result of the former election "was
almost a unit for the bond 1ssue;r and
but for some technical error in the call
. ji i n. . . f .li ...
ior me election, me maimr wouiu now
have all been settled and the work be
This mistake has been remedied in
the new call and - it is only reasonable
to suppose that the . people -of . Ceirvallis
will turn out again to give , their un
qualified consent to the improvements
rwhich have become a'pbsitive-necessity
in- the educational facilities of the city.
In addition to the question -of ;votmg
for the bonds for ..a- new .High school
building there will also be y idbMtted
the-raising of a fund fprjJhe pr
of a site on wtii(h t- 1 -e otip
present sciiooi-ijuiiuuigs and the. laty
Beard of Education -is ready to go
ahead with all these improvements as
soon as the election is held and the
bonds disposed of. . .
Let every voter turn out next Satur
day and cast a ballot in favor of the
.nthusiastic Meeting to Award Trophies
Given by OAC. .
The , handsome bronze trophy and
medals which OAC recently gSve to the
Silverton High School basketball team
to mark its winning of the interscholas-
tic championship here, caused the good
people of Silverton to -celebrate the
event according to the following in the
The most important of anything
that has happened in Silverton for a
long time was the meeting of the people
in the opera house Thursday night to
witness the awarding of the medals for
the High School basketball champion
ship of the state in the games recently
played at OAC. The program was as
follows: Introduction and Welcome,
Mayor-elect L. E. Rauch; Music, Or
chestra; Address, "Importance of a
High School Education," Rev. F. E.
Billirigton; vocal solo, Mrs. W. A. Fish-
burn; address and presentation of med-
Prof. Angell, of OAC; Introduction
of the team and Prof. Rule, their coach,
to the audience; Nine rah, rah, rahs
and tiger by everybody. The champions
of the state are William Steelhammer;
Raymond Fischer, Irwin Brooks, Ches
ter Wolcott and Charles Reynolds.
Greater enthusiasm we have not
seen in this City, and everything shows
that we are really -catching the booster
spirit here, and that we are really turn
ing our attention to the things - that
make for good citizenship and a greater
Silverton." - - "'
Crowds of Voters Visited the City Hall
all day to Cast Their Ballots and the
Race for Mayor is Thought to Be
Very Close. ,
Adjourned Session Held to Dispose of
Business. '
La Grande Gets
The Farm Site
se 1:
The board of regents of the Oregon
Agricultural College -met in Union Sat:
urday-and organized plans by which ex
tensive development.' work will be car
ried on at the Eastern ' Oregon- Experiment-Station;
. . One hundred and sixty
acres will be : devoted t to. experiment
e.-balance of the . '640
In the reports which have been sent
out on the recent track meet at Pull
man between OAC and W. S. C., the
following favorable mention is iriade of
the men from Corvallis:
"Despite the onesidedness of the
score at Pullman, the men from Corval
lis acquitted themselves with .credit.
Wolff was the bright particular star of
his team. ' He won .the discus throw
and the shotput, making a record of 43
feet 3 1-2 inches in the latter event.
Bergman showed good form by winning
the high hurdles and Scott -was second
to Nelson in both of the short sprints.
Chapman, of OAC, .defeated Putman,
ofW. S. C, in the high jump, the
height being only 5 feet 4. inches. En
berg, a .Corvallis freshman, picked up a
second place in the discus throw and
third in the shot. Enberg was one of
- the mainstays of the Corvallis football
team last fall and is a coming man in
Northwest athletics. ' .
Mrs. R. S. Harrington.
Mrs. R. S. Harrington, an old and
highly respected citizen, died very sud
denly of heart failure at the family
home corner Fifth and VanBurenstreets,
At 9 o'clock this morning. She was born
in Belf ast, Ireland , and .came to Amer
ica when 9 years old. The family mov
ed to Benton .county in 1889 and .settled
on a farm where they lived until about
two yearf ago, moving to town and liv
ing with the son, R. S. Harrington. She
' was 80 years old and although feeble,
was not considered in a critical condi
tion. The husband has been yisiting in
New York for the past three months
and is perhaps on his way home as the
telegrams sent failed to reach him. She
was a member of the Methodist church
and with her life work completed, was
ready for the summons when it came.
She leaves a husband, and two children,
Mr. E. J. Harrington and Mrs. B. L.
Martin, to mourn her loss. The funeral
will take place from the family home at
2:30 o'clock tomorrow 'afternoon and
the services will be conducted by Rev.
D, B. Leech. Interment at Odd Fel
lows Cemetery.
Rev. Evan P. Hughes went to Eugene4
Saturday to fill the pulpit of the ' Con
gregational church in that city. .'
The OAC baseball team and
University of Oregon nine broke even
in the first two games of a series of
four for the college championship of
the state Saturday. The Oregon team
took the morning game, 5 to 2, but in
the afternoon the Corvallis nine revers
ed the result by the score of .7 to 4.
The morning contest was a pitcher's
battle between Keene, of OAC, and
Henkle, of Oregon, with honors in fav
or of the Eugene twir-ler. : The game
was won in the sixth "inning, with a
bunch of three errors by OAC, and a
hit by Oregon which netted the three
deciding runs. .
In the Second .game in the afternoon
Oregon scored her Jour tallies in the
first two innings. ; Pitcher Henkle was
still in the box at -the first -of the eighth
inning, when an error, a -two-base, hit
by Crews, of OAC,, and a home run by
Center Fielder Keck brought in the.
three runs, that decided the game.
Hurd immediately w-ent to .the box for
Oregon, and while iis work was effec
tive, the game had been lost. Score:
. R. il. JS. ' R. H. E.
Oregon......5 7 1 2 OAC.... 2 6 3
Batteries Oregon, Henkle ' and Ga-
brielson: OAC, Keene and Phillips.
The afternoon .score:
R. H. E. R. II. E.
Oregon .4 5 4 OAC 7 8 2
Batteries Oregon, Henkle, Hurd and
Gabrielson; OAC Rieben and Phillips.
Corvallis Fails To
Get Next Grange
Messrs. Chambers and Prather,
clarionet players in- the OAC military
band are suffering, from attacks of
measles. 1 he sickness of these play
ers will probably prevent the bandfrom
taking the contemplated Southern Ore
gon trip. . - '
The closing day of the State Grange
session at McMinnville , Friday was
marked by a rush of reports : from the
standing committees, which covered-the
work far into the night.
The committee advocated a co-opera
tion between the Agricultural College
and the State University, which many
believe to be an endorsement of a sin
gle board -of control. The . committee
denied any such intention, but the reso
lution will allow of such an inference,
and it is known tfrat many persons are
in favor of a single board for both in
stitutions. " The recommendation was
approved by the Grange.
The committee : oh Agricultural Col
lege recommended ample appropriations
by the state for the institution.' The
Grange is committed to assist the col
lege in every legitimate, manner, and
its members are; iustructed to defeat
the proposed referendum upon the last
state appropriation, if possible.
Oregon City was selected as the next
meeting'place of the State Grange over
Corvallis, by a close vote.
Annual Guild Meeting.
The annual meeting of the Women's
Guild of the Church of the Good Sam
aritan will be held Wednesday after
noon, May 19, at the home of Mrs.
Chas. L. Springer, 212 South Eighth
street. As the election of officers for
the coming year will be held at this
meeting all members are requested to
attend. ' .
acres being leased until a sufficient sum
of money shall be appropriated to bring
it under subjection. The experiments
will be conducted along the most prac
tical lines and great care will be used
to breed up and cultivate the most
profitable fruits and vegetables for the
soil and climate. "
A five-acre orchard plat was laid out,
where apples, cherries and pears will
receive the principal attention. The
grains which will be looked after chief
ly are wheat, oats and barley. In this
respect the board believes that by
proper propagation - and cultivation the
yield can be increased at least 50 per
cent. -'
When the polls opened at nine o'clock
this morning for the holding of the mu
nicipal election the UJity Hall was
thronged with voters all eager to cast
their ballots for their respective candi
dates, and all day long there has been
a steady stream of citizens exercising
their right to say who shall be chosen
to administer the affairs of this pro
gressive city.
The official ticket voted for today
contains the following names for the
respective offices: - "
Mayor Virgil E.Watters, P. Avery.
Police Judge George W. Denman.
Chief of Police-J. D. Wells, J. T.
Treasurer Z. H. Davis.
Water Committee J. M. Nolan,
Evan McLennan.
Councilman, First Ward, F. O. Gray.
Councilman, Second Ward C. V.
Johnson, William Bogue, Sam Moore.
Councilman, . Third Ward G. V.
Skelton, R. H Colbert.
While there- is considerable excite
ment over tha contest for- mayor and
some hard work being done by the
friends 'of the respective" candidates,
with-each confident .of -victory -the day
is passing quietly. , -
450 votes were cast up to half -past
three o'clock. .
The honorable county court met in
adjourned session Saturday May 15,
with all members present. Victor P.
Moses, Clerk.
Miss Snell, Miss Pauline Kline, Mrs.
E. R. Bryson, and Mrs. Selling, repre
senting the ladies auxiliary to the Corns
mercial Club, appeared before the court
and requested that the court house" be
kept cleaner and neater and the lawn of
the CQurt house properly mowed in
keeping with the progressive spirit of
the times. Also, if deemed practicable, -that
the jail be placed m the basement.
No action was taken by the couet.
The plat of Emery & Kent for a new '
addition, west ot college urest, was
presented, carefully examined and ap
proved by the court. - ;
An order was made vacating a for
mer order of the court granting boun
ties on certain wild animals as the new
law, passed at the last session of the
legislature, will take effect on May 22.
A petition was filed from residents of
road district No. 6. asking an appropri
ation of $85 for county road leading to
Palestine church which was duly con
sidered, request granted and warrant
In the matter of the claim for the re
ward offered for the arrest of the burg
lars Clayton and Davis district attorney
Bryson gave it as his opinion that the
court had no right to make division to
the parties in contest which will neces
sitate a -mutual agreement .. between
Wells and Solomon or a suit in circuit
court to determine who is entitled to
the reward. : '
In the matter of the road petition in
Irish Bend, known as the Herron Rick
ard road, the case was continued until
the June term. . .
'- c
Track Meet
" ThS new cement sidewalk now being
laid around the corner of Madison and
Fourth streets by the peonle of the M.
E. Church is a decided improvement to
the property.
J. M. Lamb, local manager of the
Bell Telephone Company, has resigned
his position here to take a Tnueh better
one in Alaska. - rle will be - greatly
missed, -especially by the Sunday School
Athletic Club boys. -.
The Union memorial service will be
held at the Opera house next Sunday
morning instead of at , the Christian
church, in order to accommodate the
large number who desire to attend. -
- Daily Gazette 50
Why not take it. ,
cents per month.
Funeral Notice.
- Mrs. R. S. Harrington died this morn
ing at nine o'clock. ! The funeral will
be held tomorrow", Tuesday, afternoon
at half-past two o'clock from the fam
ily residence, Fifth' and Van Buren
sireeis, me remains to De Duned in
Odd Fellows' cemetery. All friends
and acquaintances are respectfully in
vited to attend the funeral services.
Mrs. Struber, of Troutdale, is visiting
her son John who is a student at OAC
John has the measles and there's noth
ing like a "mother's care in time of w
eiccness. - . $-i -I
There is lots of sport going on out at
Athletic Field this afternoon, the occa
sion being the dual track meet between
OAC and University of Idaho teams.
There are fifteen events on the pro
gram and but for the unexpected sick
ness of Chapman, the Orange team had
every expectation of defeating the vis
itors. .
Mrs. Charles Brague, who has besn '
vioiuug Hi urc . uuuie oi mr. ami mrs.
R. L. Whitehead, left today for her
home in Salem..
Get Ready To
' . Clean Up
Mayor George E. Lilly officially an
nounces that next Saturday, May i,
will be fixed for a general cleaning tip
of the city and he calls upm every resi- ;
dent to help carry oat the plan pro- :
posed Dy me jaaies Auxniary ana me
Civic Improvement Society to make
Corvallis one of the cleanest and most
inviting powns m all Uregon. -
On the day mentioned teams will be ,
engaged to cart ,away all rubbish and
refuse from the streets, alleys and
yards, and it is earnestly hoped that
everybody will collect whatever is un
sightly about their premises and pile it
up so it can be taken away.
It is the intention to have a grand
bonfire at night of whatever can he.
burned, while all other refuse will be
hauled outside the city limits.
Get ready for cleaning up -day and
make the work thorough. - 1
I pS" IMP' '' 1 '
1 V'l , ' .
4 . "
n . MM t - j
Our entire stock of High Grade Clothing
is on sale without reserve. The finest and
most complete stock in Corvallis. Five of '
America's leading makes to choose from,
Society Brand, micbaek-Stcrn and Senior
eolkge glotfett '
Regular $12.50, special, $ 9.85 $20.00, special, $ 15.85
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