Corvallis daily gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon) 1909-1909, May 13, 1909, Image 3

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"Wanted A light job by a willing
man. Phone 129. 5-ll-3t
Miss Jean Kent has gone to Wiscon
sin to remain indefinitely.
Miss Mary Leder has gone to Portland
to visit friends for a couple of weeks.
Cash paid for wool by Wm. Crees.
220 Third street. Independent phone
234. ' . 3-7-3tw
Dr. and Mrs. J. K. Locke, of Portland
were in the city Wednesday, called by
the sickness of the Dr's. mother.
The Special Silk and Lace Curtain
Sale at J. M. Nolan & Son is being
continued to the end of the week.
General repair shop. All work first
class, promptly done. Back of Beal
Bros., blacksmith shop, Wood Bros.
Extra Special Sale 5,000 yards Black
'Taffeta Ribbons at J. M. Nolan & Son
Saturday morning.
A quiet wedding was celebrated yes
terday at the Presbyterian . manse by
Rev. J. R. N. Bell, the groom being
James Reab and the bride Miss Rose
Mrs. F. L. Miller and son Max re
turned from a visit of several days at
Portland. Mr. Miller was exceeding hap
py over the family reunion and is wear
ing a new hat as an expression of his
supreme delight.
50 Dozen Ladies Pure Lin
en Handkerchiefs, 50c Doz.
50 Dozen Ladies Pure Lin
en Handkerchiefs, $1.00
50 Dozen Men's Pure Lin
en Handkerchief s $1.00
25 Dozen Men's Pure Lin
en Handkerchiefs. $2.0 0
These values must be seen
to be appreciated '
R. W. Skellerud and Charles Baker
returned from .their fishing expedition
in the Big Elk country on Tuesday night.
They caught copious doses of rain, were
chilled by ocean breezes and were glad
to see the happy home once more
Sale was ' made yesterday by A. L.
C i c on - i i j.t '
owveusoii, ux ov acres ox muu souwiwesi
of Philomath. It belonged to Mr.' Da
vidson and was sold to Mr. Hurd, of
Denevr, Colorado. The property is well
improved and the' consideration was
The familiar face of Emanuel Knight
will perhaps never be seen on the
streets of Corvallis again.; Being over
80 years of age and quite feeble he
seems unable to withstand his recent se
rious injury and is slowly but surely
fading away.
On account of the annual meeting of
the Grand Lodge, I. 0. 0. F. and the
Rebekah Assembly being in session at
Albany, the initiation. of candidates has
been postponed by Eastern Star Lodge
until some later date of which due no
tice 'will be given. '.
Highest cash prices paid for wool at i
Kline's. - ; 5-14-3t-wl
Buy your wool sacks and fleece twine, i
at Kline's. 5-14-3t-wl
For SALE-Piano. 418 N 17th St.
Phone 2278. 5-13-3t-w
The Seniors carried away their caps
and gowns yesterday and some of the
boys appeared on the streets in their.
natty white trousers.
- ' !
The union picnic, excursion and all
around big time at Monroe, Saturday,
May 22, will be the greatest event of j
the season. Everybody should arrange j
to go.
Go to Dr. Howard for the best and
most artistic dental work. Twenty-two
karat gold crowns reinforced with 18
karat goldsolder made and put on in
one hour. 8tf
Convocation at OAC yesterday was
unusually interesting. Rev. J. R. N.
Bell spoka to the student body and the
esteem which all have for him made his
l-emarks most impressive.
Dr. Mentor Howard, ' the dentist in
the First National Bank building, wants
all his patrons and the public to know
that he is not going to quit but is here
to stay, being quite well satisfied with
the bright outlook which Corvallis pre
sents. . ' .
A growing attendance marked the
second day of the Oregon State Grange
session at McMinnville, many visitors
arriving on every train. Much Grange
legislation is being introduced and sev
eral important matters of public inter
est are coming up..
Charles Baker and Russell Skallerud
went over to Big Elk Sunday on a fish
ing trip. They returned Tuesday eve
ning with 400 trout, less what they had
eaten while away. . It rained about all
the time and they had to camp under
the trees, much to their discomfort.
F. G.; Davis returned last night from
a visit to his. hop ranch at Silverton.
He was accompanied home by his niece,
Miss Lora Ames, of Silverton, who will
make an extended visit here. Mr. Davis
reports the rain of the past week as
having been of inestimable value to the
growing crops, especially grain and
hops, and that these two crops were
looking exceptionally fine throughout
the valley. "
, The Endeavorers of the United Evan
gelical church held a social on Thurs
day evening at the beautiful home of
C. L. Heckart, where a most enjoyable
time was had under the direction of the
social committee, who had everything
well planned. The refreshments were
delicious and bountiful. , There were
about 60 present, who voted hearty
thanks tot the social committee and
Mr. and Mrs. Heckart for the pleasant
time. . . " ...
An interesting feature of the surprise
party at the J. F. Yates' home on Sat
urday evening was the presentation by'
tha co-laborers in the Benton county
abstract office, of a new baby buggy
which was deemed essentially necessary
for the care and keeping of the first
young hopeful at the Roy Yates' home.
It is very neat and tasty, strong and
durable and will last for many years.
It was certainly an act of great kind
ness and consideration and was received
by Roy .with that sense of joy and pride
known only to the parent wtio is called
upon to meet the cares and responsibil
ities of married life for the first time.
Trunks and suit cases at O. J.
Blackledge's. . ; 4-2-tf
The Puzzle of the Tiny Firefly
; ; and the Mighty Comet.
Eafiies Klatcbes Heed
Constant Repairing
Their method of carrying them is
responsible for the fact. Pinned to
the waist or hanging on a chain the
delicate mechanism is easily disar
ranged. We pay special attention
to ladies' watches, and when re
paired by us you will find that they
keep in order longer.
It Is a Mystery to Science, and the Man
Who Is Able to Penetrate That Mys
tery Will Be In a Position to Revo
lutionize' This .Planet of Ours.
This is not an Aesop fable, although
It has a moral. ;
There are two things in whose pres
ence science stands wondering' and
abashed the little glowworm (or the
yet tinier firefly and the mighty comet i
arching the sky with its glimmering
train.. Each of them holds the same
secret how to make light without
heat. The man who gets that secret
will revolutionize the planet.
The late president of the Royal As
tronomical Society of Great Britain
referred to the value of the comet's
secret in his retiring address. He
thought that we do not sufficiently ap
preciate the wondrous spectacle of a
comet's tail. It. shows us hundreds of
billions of cubic miles of space simul
taneously glowing "with luminosity
whose origin is a mystery. .
It is a gigantic experiment in a
branch of physics of which we as yet
know very .-little. The conjet is Im
mersed in what we may well regard
as a vacuum; at least it is a far more
perfect vacuum than we can produce.
Yet the persistent glow of the comet's
tail shows that there no real vacuum
there, but a vast quantity of extreme
ly attenuated matter which no doubt
Is the cause of the luminosity.
We ought, Professor Newall thinks,
to awake to the importance of this
hint. "Who knows," he says, "whethr
er, if we could discover -a method of
disrupting gases and vapors in ultra
vacuous spaces artificially maintained
on earth, we should not have a meth
od of artificial illumination as econom
ical as that of the glowworm and as
brilliant as is needed for our nocturnal
This thing may really be within our
reach, . although at the present , time
we cannot even suggest to ourselves
exactly how it. Is to be attained, put
the tendency of recent investigation is
in that direction. As Sir John Her
schel said of another discovery which
was just at the door. "We can feel it
trembling along the farreaching line
of our analysis." , t
There, are not a few men, who are
regarded by their harder headed scien
tific brethren as "dreamers," who pic
ture to themselves a fast coming time
when we shall not only obtain light at
as cheap a rate as the firefly has it,
but when we shall have tapped the ex
haustless stores of energy that sleep
all around us in nature. "
We are like one in a dream sus
pended in the midst of a vast work
shop .crowded with- multitudinous ma
chines, all whirling and fluttering in
a storm of energies, but which, he can
neither control nor understand. Xf
we could see these things they might
terrify us, as the dreamer is terrified
by the whirring belts and spinning
wheels of his. vision, seeming to grasp
at his life. ,
If the scientific Investigator needs
to estahlish a raison d'etre in the eyes
of the public, which cannot follow
either his processes or his results, he
has only to point -to the fact that the
greatest practical discoveries of mod
ern times have come out of the labora
tories from things as incomprehensible
to the unitiated as, so much magic. It
Is a well known fact that the growing
might ,of, Germany springs from her
devotion to "pure research." :
Referring again to the pregnant hint
of the comet, Professor Newall -is
clearly right in saying, "Here is
theme that should stir up the most
commercial mind in the support of as
tronomy." Garrett P. Serviss in New
York" American; "
Notice to Subscribers, to the
Adverstisinj Fund
You are each and all -hereby
notified of the organization of an
executive committee to have
charge of the advertising of our
City and Countv and the hand
ling, of the funds subscribed
monthly lor , such ourpose,
through the -election of the fol
lowing nine men to-wit: M.S.
Woodcock, B. W. Johnson, J M.
Nolan, Virgil E. Watters, John
F. Allen, N. R. Moore, G. A.
Robinson, F. L. Miller and A. J.
Johnson, the former haviner
been elected as Chairman and
the latter as Secretary and
Treasurer. G. A. Waggoner has
been elected bv this executive
committee as Advertising Mana
ger, and, with instructions to' collections on monthlv
subscriptions, beginning on May
-ill i .
ist, an subscriptions are. payable
in advance. We trust all will
be prompt with their monthly
payments and thus greatly aid
the Committee in their work.
By order of. the Committee,
. A. J. Johnson,'
4-27-4t Secretary.
In the County Court of the- State of
Oregon tor Linn County. In Probate
In the matter of the Guardianship
Veltna J. Lawrenson, Alice V.
Lawrenspn and Mary E. Lawren
son, Minors.
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed, Myrtle M. Way, guardian of Vel
ma J Lawrenson, Alice , V. Lawrenson
and Mary E. Lawrenson, minor heirs of
Samuel Lawrenson, deceased, . will in
pursuance of an order oi the County
Court of the State of Oregon for Linn
County under date of May 8, 1909, from
and after June 12,1909. and at private
sale in Albany, at her residence at No
620 West Fourth Street, Albany, Oregon,
sell for cash for 'he highest and best offer
the following described real estate to
wit: Beginning at a point which is 22.18
chains north of the southwest come-of
the southeast quarter of Section -34 in
Township 10, South of Range 4 West of
tne Willamette Meridian in Kenton Coun
ty, Oregon, and running thence north
12 50 chains; thence east 20 chains; thence
south 12.50 chains; thence west 20 chain
to the place of beginning, and containing
25 acres, in Benton County, Oregon; also
tne roartway appurtenant, to said 1 na,
and purchased of P. F . Karstens by H. J
Ruse and being the passway to the main
road leading from Wells Sta ion to Al
bany, Oregon Persons interest ed in the
sale of said tract of land may appl , for
Information at tne residence of Mrs.
Myrtle Way, 620 West Fourth Street, or
to her attorney,- L. H. Montanye, at his
office 329 West Second Street, Albany,
Oregon -
Dated May 8, 1909. - -: ..
Myrtle M. Wav, ,
. Guardian.
L H. Montanye, .
1 . Att'y for Guardian. " : . 4 ,
First Publication May 14, 1909.
Last Publication June II, 1909.
E W, S, PRATT, Jeweler and Optician
Our Shirt Waist Sale
Is a Success
, If you want the newest and best in all the popu-
lar models in shirt waists, you wflKhnd our.
stock complete. .
Ladles' Skirts
We are groins- to let these SDeak for themselves.
...... o a x. . ' j.
They are so pretty and the prices af e so reason-
able that we don't have to puff them up. We
would like you to call and see them though, be
. , fore you buy then you'll buy here.
On the Cars of New York.
. The surface cars of New York carry
on each line as different a nationality
as if each belonged to a different coun
try. ; On the Eighth avenue line there
are mostly colored people; on the Sixth
avenue, they are largely Americans, if
there are any Americans in New York;,
on the Broadway cars there are styl
ishly dressed New Yorkers; on the
Third avenue Irish and Jewish people
predominate, on the Second avenue
Jewish, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish
and German, while on the surface cars
that run along Avenue A you see
every foreign nationality under the
sun, all bareheaded. New York Press.
. "V . Vain Regrets. ;
, "That man Biffin lacks courage and
energy." - - ,
"Yes, confound him!"
"Why do you say that?"
-J "Because he-was courting my wife,
long before I met her. If he had had
a little more courage and energy But
what's the iise of talking j.,aboiit it
now?"--Cleveland Plain Dealer.
What Rules the World.
When Napoleon caused the names of
his dead -soldiers to be inscribed on the
face of Pompey's pillar, some one crit
icised, the act as "a mere bit of .imagi
nation,!. "That-la .true.?' .replied Na
poleon, "but imagination rules the
worm." Atlantic. : 5
, Compensation.
y A young cadet-was, complaining of
the tight fit of his uniform.
"Why, father." he declared, "the col
lar presses my -Adam's ;apple so hard
I can taste elder!" Harper's Weekly,
Your little child. Is your only true
O! IR POFFFF are fresh Roas
J U I r JLE4O eVery Week by Wad-
ham and Co. of Portland Oregon, Ensuring Freshness
and Cleanliness.
40c per pound 25c per pound
Please give these Brands your attention when ordering
Department of the Interior, ; -
U. S. Land Offiee at Roseburg. Oregon,
' 1 ... .t May 11, 1909
Notice is hereby given that Albert F.
Oakes, of Monroe, Oregon, who, on Au
gust 2, 1902, made Homestead Entry No.
11891 S. R 03357, tor EJ4 ot .SWX. Sec
tion 4, Township 14 South, Range 6 West,
Willamette Meridian, has filed notice of
intention to make Final Five Year Proof,
to establish claim to the land above de
scribed, before the Coun'y Clerk.ofBen
ton County, at Corvallis, Oregon, 6n the
25th day ot June, 1909. . - -
Claimant names as witnesses: Walter
J Sisson, of Monroe. Oregon, R. R. No
1; Jabba Wilson, ot Monroe, Oregon, K.
R. No 1;' Ransom Oakes, of Monroe, Ore
gon, R. R. No. 1; James Oakes, of Mon
roe, Oregon, R. R. No. I.
- ' BENJAMIN h. liDDY,
5- Register.
First Publication May 14, 1909.
Last Publication June ir, 1909.
In the matter of the estate of Precious
Shedd, deceased.
Notice is hereby eiven that the under
signed as executor of the last will and
testament of Precious Shedd, deceased,
has filed his final account as such execu
tor with the clerk of the county court' of
the state of Oregon for Benton County,
and the said court has fixed Monday, the
17th day of May. 1900, at . the hour of two
o'clock in the afternoon as the lime, and
the county court room, an the courthouse
in Corvallis, Oregon, as the place, for
hearing any and all objectionsto the said
account, and-for settlement tnereot. -
Dated tnis April ibtn, 1909. : - '
- t - i , Jessb L. CaTon,- "
Executor of the last will and testament
of Precious Shedd, deceased '
First Publication April 16 '09.
Last Publication May 14, '09.
' For ...Sale or. Trade A- good
Studebaker. cart and single har
ness. Apply 360 Jackson street;
: 4-9-tf
Usitil Fur
X 17
I will place on sale PATTERN HATS,
hereafter carry, a line of hair goods,
I am in receipt of a fine line of stamping
patters for lingerie dresses, shirt waists,
I have a nice line of CHILDREN'S
if desired by a competent dressmaker.
La Mode Millinery Parlors
151 Madison Street
The Benton County
Heal Estate Agent
Corvallis, Oregon
If you have anything to buy, sell or exchange, see us. No padded
prices. As to our responsibility, and methods of doing business, we refer
...... you to the business men of Corvallis. If Some splendid bargains send for
o, list. .
This includes all the beautiful patterns in crown effects,
cut-outs, ingrains, etc. If you contemplate using paper in
your house this Spring, come to our store, see our poods
and we will show you how many dollars we can save YOU
Second Street, Near Palace Theater
Phone Your Orders To No. 7,
Where They Will be Promptly Filled.
Daily Gazette 50 cents a month,
Subscribe for the Gazette
All the News All Ihe
Time in the
Corvallis Gazette ;
Fine Line of Crockery, Glassware, Cut
Glass, Haviland and Chinaware,
Successors to
Seqoa&Slrset, - Gogvallis,, Oregon
U - ; , Dealers in V, v . ; vv
Hardware Implements, JBuggies, Wagons,? Creain Sepa-
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, 'jy' (.Sole Agents for
Cdhno nooiinn add 'Quick' l.lo'al RanoGD
democrat. Stowe. . . 1 '