Corvallis daily gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon) 1909-1909, May 12, 1909, Image 3

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The OAC boys were not required to
drill Monday.
Wanted A light job by a willing
man. Phone 129. 5-ll-3t
Judge McFadden has been in Dallas
on business the last few days.
Miss Lulu Spangler was a passenger
to Albany Saturday.
The Misses Porter were guests at the
Ai J. Johnson home last week.
Mrs. H: S. Pernot visited Portland
the last of the week.
Miss Aleatha, Berry, of Seattle, is
visiting Mrs. T. E. Riley.
Men coming in on the C. & E. road j
report snow as far west as Mehama. '
TT'vfT.o Qnamil Cola OK (Cft irafdo TM VL- I
Taffeta Ribbons at J. M. Nolan & Son
Saturday morning.
"Case of Suspension" will meow.
That sounds pretty tolerable, don't it?
Opera House, May 15.
Miss Woods and Miss Locke spent
several days during the past week with
friends at Wellsdale.
Mrs. Joe Smith has returned from
Portland and is getting on well.
. Dr. Mentor Howard, the dentist in
the First National Bank building, wants
all his patrons . and the public to know
that he is not going to quit but is here
to stay, being .quite well satisfied with
the bright outlook which Corvallis pre
sents. The young men of the Presbyterian
church will entertain the young ladies
at the church on Thursday evening after
the prayer-meeting service. Refresh
ments will he served and an interesting
social evening is in store for all in at
tendance. Mr. and Mrs. J. Fred Yates gave
Mr. Harrv Auld a surnrise nartv Inst
Saturday evening, the occasion being
his birthday. About twenty-five people
were present and a delightful evening
was spent with music, recitations
and closing with a delicious birthday
feast. .
In the case of Bailey vs. Benton coun
ty, on trial at Dalles yesterday, the
plaintiff was nonsuiled and hence will
have all the costs to nav. When a man
goes to law in Oregon he wants to be
Miss Lucile Frazer, of Eugene, is the j mighty certain he's right for when he
guest of Miss Mary McFadden in Cor
Harold Davis has left for Alsea where
he will work on George Mason's large
stock farm.
Walter Taylor, S. L. Kline and Prof.
F. L. Kent will attend the meeting of
the State Grange at McMinville to-day.
General repair shop. All work first
class, promptly 'done. Back of Beal
Bros., blacksmith shop, Wood Bros.
Miss Mary C. Danneman is again in
the lead in the Alaska tour contest "of
the Portland Telegram.
Harry Auld of the Benton County Ab
stract company, has been over to Al
bany on business.
Clarence Johnson is down from Mill
City spending a brief vacation with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Johnson.
Do not confuse the wide parking
with the new charter as that comes un
der the old one.
Aleta Temple No. 44, Pythian Sisters,
will meet tomorrow night for initiatory
work and all officers and members are
urged to be present.
William Williamson, who has been
suffering severely from a broken arm
for the past six weeks is slowly im
proving. -
William Knotts who recently sold one
of his farms for over ten thousand dol
lars, contemplates making his home in
Corvallis in the near future.
Miss Nellie Wood, who has been vis
iting her aunt, Mrs. L. Locke, at
Fourth and Jackson streets,, for more
than three weeks returned to her home
at Eugene Saturday.
Mrs. E. D. Jackson, of Seventh and
- J eff erson streets, has gone as a dele
gate from the Congregational Church
to be in attendance at the convention
at Salem.
A. L. Snow, a former citizen of Cor
vallis, - now of Silverton, was nosing
around here yesterday and it would not
be surprising to see him come back.
He's a good citizen. j
Mrs. Jennie D. Higgins, of Eugene,
State President of the Women's Relief
Corps, will be in Corvallis Friday of
this week and will be entertained by
the ladies of Ellsworth. Corps.
The debate between the Clionian and
Sorosis societies Monday evening was
won by the Clionians. They will now
meet the Feronians in final debate to
-decide who shall have the cup.
"Mothers' Day" was appropriately
observed at the United Evangelical
Church last Sunday evening, with ap
proprite music and a sermon by the
pastor on the subject, "Motherhood."
Almost every one present wore a white
gets on the band wagon to take a ride
he is liable slip a cos: and set it in the
neck. The costs in this case will be
heavy as there were many witnesses.
Spencer Butte Lodge No. 9, I. O, O.
F. of, Eugene, have just finished and
will dedicate, on Saturday, May 15. one
of the finest lodge buildings in the state
Instead of sitting around contented and
happy, and turning their earnings to
some outsider for a measly old place in
which to meet they have had an eve to
business thus showing: that it means
something to be a good Odd Fellow,
Barnum Lodge No. 7, of Corvallis, has
an invitation to be present and should
attend in a body. Perhaps it would in
fuse new lifeblood in the membership.
Candidates Will
Be Considered
Accommodations for Summer Students
Students from abrqad attending the
. summer school will make inquiry for
board and room from June 21 to July
30 inclusive. Those wishing to accom
modate them will please give rates and
other information . necessary to the
Registrar of the OAC at once. It is
possible that a few students will wish
to do light housekeeping and will de
sire to rent furnished rooms.. Hence
any information on the subject regard
ing the accommodations for students
attending the summer school will be
gratefully received.
There is lots of interest being- taken
m the public meeting called for half
past seven o'clock tonight at the court
house for the purpose of considering
who will be the most available candi
dates to be placed in nomination for the
municipal ticket which will be voted for
next Monday. v
. This shows that the citizens of Cor
vallis are fully alive to the necessity of
selectmg the very best men and there no scarcity of material, for this
city has plenty of live, 1 capable men
and if they can be inducecito take the
various offices the future progress of
the city will be assured. ; Let every
body turn out tonight and express their
Notice to Subscribers to the
Advertising Fund
You are each and all hereby
notified of the organization of an
executive committee to have
charge of the advertising of our
City and County and the hand
ling of the funds subscribed
monthly for such uurpose,
through the election of the fol
lowing nine men to-wit : M. S.
Woodcock, B. W. Johnson, J. M.
Nolan, Virgil E. Watters, John
F, Allen, N. R. Moore, G. A.
Robinson, F. L. Miller and A. J.
Johnson, the former having
been elected as Chairman and
the latter as Secretary and
Treasurer. (. A.- Waggoner has
been elected bv this executive
committee as Advertising Mana
ger and with instructions to
make all collections on monthly
subscriptions, beginning on May
1st, all subscriptions are payable
in advance. We trust all will
be prompt with their monthly
payments and thus p-reatlv aid
V o J
the Committee in their work.
By order of the Committee,
A. J Johnson.
4-27-4t Secretary.
Harry Beck is laid ud for renairs at.
the lamily home. .
E iison records for May jiow on
sale at Graham & Wells. 4 27 4t
Go to Dr. Howard for . the best and
most artistic dental work,' . Twenty-two
karat gold crowns reinforced with 18
karat goldsolder made and put on in
one hour. ' 8tf
M. L. Earnest, of Alsea. was trading
in Corvallis Saturday and reports crop
prospects good although a little back
ward on account of cool weather. ' He
reports a new postoffice, to be known as
Denzer, and located at the bridge on
Five Rivers at the Dr. Miller ranch
Frederick Denzer will be the postmrs
ter. It Will also be gratifying to coast
travelers to know that the cherrv thick
ets along the road have been cut away
and the road generally improved so that
a trip now over this route of scenic
beauty will be one- of great pleasure.
Dr. Howard don't keep you in the
anxious chair and make you lose vour.
valuable time and punish you a half
day for 15 minutes work. A mechanic
can always do a piece of work first
class in a reasonable time. 8tf
Spuds Will be Scarce.
In some of the farming districts of
the Willamette Valley very few pota
toes will be planted because of the high
price of seed. While many fore-handefi
larmers have their own potatoes to
plant, others less fortunate will make
no effort to produce a surplus crop.
Physical Culture Exhibition
The girl's classes in physical culture
are planning for a big time at the Ar
mory Friday night, May 14, when the
young ladies will give some pleasing
displays of their training in folk dances,
calesthenics and games. An added at
traction on that evening will be the de
ciding basketball game for the cham
pionship between the Seniors and
Freshmen. "
Baptist Busines Meetings
There will be a special business meet
ing at the First Baptist Church Thurs
day evening at 7:30 o'clock. Every one
interested m the affairs of the church
and especially all members are re
quested to be present as there are im
portant matters to be brought up.
A Grass Widow
Draws A Crowd
Trunks and suit cases at 0.
Blackledge's. 4-2
Eaaics Ulatcftes neea
Constant Repairitii
Their method of carrying them is
responsible for the fact. Pinned to
the waist or hanging on a chain the
delicate mechanism is easily disar-
ranged-. - We pay special attention
.to ladies' watches, and when rer
paired by us you will find that they
keep in order longer. ' j .
E W. S, PRiVTf; Jew, and: Optician
It goes without saviner that when
Corvallis theatre-goers turnout in num
bers as last night the form of enter
tainment must be popular and good.
The Deffry Company made good their
promise in making evervbodv. laue.
and if they live up to their promises in
this way they will doubtless become
prime favorites in the Valley.
Great Sells-Floto
Shows Enlarged
Bigger and better than ever, the
Sells-Floto Circus will soon be with us.
Every department has been enlarged.
Five hundred arenic performers: over
a hundred cages contain the' Million
Dollar Zoo, and the show is comDletelv
filled with all absolutely different
novelties. The Sells-Floto Consolida
ted is truly a mammoth institution.
When one has seen it from end to end.
outside and inside, and has formed an
inventory of what he has seen and
learned for a very nominal fee. how
much real pleasure and benefit it has
been, he can easily understand why a
big three-ring circus, of the hieh stand
ard of the Sells-Floto Shows, occupies
the enviable position in the amusement
world that it does.- The far-famed
Armour Dapple Gravs $25,000 Prize
Winners are also presented in conjunc
tion with the Big Show. This great
attraction will appear in Corvallis Fri
day, May 21.
Grange is Now in Thirty-Sixth
Annual Convention. '
With two of the principal officers ab
sent on account of illness, the Oregon
State Grange met in. its 36th annual
session at McMinnville yesterday with
nearly all delegates and several hundred
visitors present.
State Master Austin T. Buxton was
unable to be present on account of a re
cent serious attack of pneumonia, from
which he is rapidly recovering. r His
chair was filled by Past Master B. G.
Leedy. State Chaplain Oscar Eaton,
who is very old and feeble, was also un
able to be present His place was filled
by the appointment of M. M. Birtner.
The committee on credentials report'
I Benton County : H. L. French, Carrie
jj'rencn, y. w. Jones, Mrs. M. E., Whit
aker. y,:. --.- r-r'-...
A reception was given the delegates
and visitors in the evening at the Im
perial Theatre. Mayor Charles W. Wil-
1 ams made the address of welcome,
wnicn was responded to by Eugene Pal
mer. Addresses were made by Presi
dent L. W. Riley, of the McMinnville
College, and J. J. Johnson, lecturer of
the State Grange. Excellent vocal and
instrumental music was interspersed
between the speeches.
Great Brotherhood Convention Meets
at Portland. .
There will be a great convention of
the Presbyterian Brotherhood in Port
land June 8 and 9, 1909. All the Pres
byterian churches of Oregon are being
asked to send delegates, and it is ex
pected that these will number several
hundred. The principal speakers will
be men of national reputation, who
will come to the coast following- the
meeting of the General Assembly at
Denver in May.
1 he Portland meeting is hut
four to be held on the coast, the places
and dates being as follows: San Fran
Cisco, June 3 and 4: Portland. June 8
and 9; Seattle,' June 11 and 12; Spokane,
June 14 and 15.
lhe Presbyterian Brotherhood has
made-great strides since its orgraniza
tion a few years ago, as the thousands
who attend its conventions testify. The
Pittsburg gathering filled to overflow
ing the auditorium, which seated 5,000
Only men are admitted to the meetings
It is expected that a great imDetus
to Presbyterian church work as well as
the Brotherhood movement will come as
result of the conventions on the coast
All correspondence concerning the
Portland convention should be addressed
Presbyterian Brotherhood Conven
tion, 415 Worcester Block, Portland.
An executive committee for the meet
ings on the coast has been aDDointed bv
the National Brotherhood, consisting of
Kev. William Hiram Foulkes, D. D
Portland, Oregon, chairman: President
John Willis Baer, LL. D., Los Angeles,
Cal.: Rev. Mark A. Matthews. T TV.
Seattle, Wash. ; Rev.' William Rader,
D. D., San Francisco, Cal.: Rev. S.
Willis McFaddin. D. D. : of Sookane.
An Author's Initials. '
, Initials are sometimes the resort of
the writer who is anxious to rvmrpni
his identity, and a glance through anv
one of the 700 volumes that comprise
the catalogue of the British museum
reading room will disoovpr
strange Instances. A theological book.
entitled "Inquiry Into the Meaning f
Demoniacks In the New Tpstn mont M
is attributed to T. P. A. P..-0. A.' R. T.
C O. S. Its real author was a certain
Arthur Svkes, and the Initials tpvpi
his position as "the nrecentor and
prebendary of Alton Borealis in th
church at Salisbury." London Chron
In the matter of the estate n(
Shedd, deceased.
Notice is herebv siven that thp nnrW.
signed as executor, of the last will and
testament of Previous SVip- H A
hasllled his final flproimt fie aiirh (nrofit
tor with the clerk of the countv court of
the state of Oregon for Benton County,
and the said court. has fixed Monday, the
I7th dav of Mav. Toon, at tho hnnr rftmr
o'clock in the afternoon as the lime, and
tne county court room in the courthouse
in; Corvallis. Orecrrm aa tVn. nlaw Aw
, . -0 , t".
hearing any and all objectionsjto the said
account, and for settlement thereof.
uatea tnis April iota, 1909.
. Jbsss L. Caton,
Executor of the last urill anA,mit
of Precious Shedd, deceased
first Publication April 16, '09.
Last Publication May 14, tog.
For Rale rr Trndo A rrnnA
- - w - -ww i YSV
Studebaker cart and single har
ness. AddLv 360 Jackson street.
4-9 tf
Daily Gazette 50 cents a month.
Special Church Notice.
Especial notice is herebv eiven to all
members of the Baptist church and con
gregation that Rev. F. C. W. Parker.
corresponding secretary, of Oregon
State Convention, will occupy the . pul
pit next Sunday, May 16, at 11 a. m.
and 8 p. m. Sunday School opens
promptly at 10 a. m. B. Y. P. U. at 7
p.. m. Prayer service and Bible study
Thursday evening at 8 p.m. 5-ll-5t
ed thefoUowing deeresrom SfflTO LeM
Notice of Election
Corvallis, Oregon, May 3, 1909.
Notice Ts Hprehv
Election for the City of Corvallis, Ore
con will h
1909, beginning at 9 o'clock A. M. and
continuing unm b o'clock if. M. of the
said day at the City Hall of said City
for the nnmnsA rf olont-inn- A M,..
" t 1 - i M.ajji iaj
serve for the period of two years; Two
memuers .01 tne water uommittee to
serve for : the. period of. five years; a
Police Judce. Chief of PnliVo P.itTr TVo
surer, each to serve for the period of one
year; nrst ward one councilman to serve
for the period of three years; second
Ward wrt pminnilmon n DAMra 1
- ..w.. w .o&w 1U1 UllC
period of three years and one year re-
upetuvtuy; inira wara .one councilman
to serve for the period of three years.
Corvallis has appointed W. H. Savage,
01 me nrst wara; !5. L. Henderson of
the second ward: and Geo. A. Robinson
of the third ward to act as Judcres of
' UWTUUVll auu
Harper Meckhn to act na nwira nf aiA
election. .
Dated this 3rd day Of May, 1909
ueo. w. JJenman,
First Publication Maw A IQno.
Last Publication, May 15,' 1909.
All Kinds, In
. E.
The Benton County
Heal Estate Agent
Corvallis, Oregon
IT If you have anything to buv. sell ir ovrhmn. xt .33.,
prices. J As to our responsibility, and methods oi doing business, we refer
you to the business men of Corvallis. IT Some sulendid harin-J. tl
H list
This includes all the beautiful patterns in crown effects,
cut-outs, ingrains, etc. If you contemplate using paper in
your house this Spring, come to our store, see our goods
and we will show you how many dollars we can save YOU
Second Street, Near Palace Theater
Occidental Lumber Co.
Successors to)
Corvallis Lumber Co.
We are here to supply your needs in the Lumber line. Please
call on J. B IRVING for information and prices. And take
notice that if we have not got exactly what you want we will
get it for you.
G. O. BASSET r, Local Mer.
Phone Your Orders To No. 7,
Where They Will be Promptly Filled.
Fine Line of Crockery, Glassware, Cut
Glass, Haviland and Chinavvare,
Benton County Lumber Co
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Fir Lumber, Mouldings, Cedar Posts,
Sawed and Split. Oedar Shakes
Dealers in
Doors, Windows, Lima, Brtex Cemsnt,
. Shingles, etc
V Aip'-i '
Successors to
- r - :CorvalKs, Oregon
U:. ':-..x .... Dealers In Av-X l
Hardware, Implements, Buggies, Wagons, Cream Sepa-
w,;raiors, yranneware,1 .iinware and Builders
. ,-h'u'i . ' ;'";:r---";-:iHardwarei4-v.'r- l;
iifisiaf-RSoie Agefmmurm
Congo Hoofing aad Quick Mca! Ganges