Corvallis daily gazette. (Corvallis, Benton County, Oregon) 1909-1909, May 08, 1909, Image 3

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    C ' TALK OF THE TOWN . I Miss Jennie Babb is quite ill at the! i ' ., .,..
' Daily "Gazette 50 cents per month.
Call up the Palace of Sweets for your
ice cream and sherbets. Free delivery.
: 5-6-tf
Cash paid for wool by Wm. Crees.
"220 Third street. Independent phone
234- 6-7-Stw
Miss Eva Wyatt, of Philomath,' was
looking af ter business in the city Fri
day. .Charles Baker and R. W. Skallerud
are out in the Big Elk country on a
fishing trip.
J. H. Harris and Vance Taylor left
today for the Alsea Valley country on
fishing trip.
Marion Wood and wife, both former
OAC students, came over Friday to see
the drill at OAC.
Mrs. G. Lester Paul, of Portland, is
visiting her sister, Mrs. George Kerr,
and other relatives in this city.
Miss Jennie Babb is quite ill at the
family home on North Fourth street. .
Mrs. R. W. Skallerud entertained the
Ladies' Sewing Society yesterday after
noon, y
H. Brinkley, of Airlie, Polk county,
was looking after business in Corvallis
Miss Frances. Gellatly, one of the
popular lady clerks at F.'L. Miller's
store, is quite ill.
Robert Burger is having a cement
walk laid aroaid his new property on
Jefferson and Ninth streets.
Mrs. Minnie Leev moved to her new
home in Hershner's addition today and
wH soon be at home to her friends.
Found A nice gold watch charm.
Owner can have same by calling at the
Gazette office and paying for this ad.
Judge McFadden and Commissioner
Smith spent some time this week in the
Fairmount section looking after county
business. - ..
sfeggr : .
Mrs. T,. V) P.nsfool nf Vonnma o
Miss TTnol TTarrlir r.f TW-1J 1 . . . ... ' '
x ..u, uuiib nved m Corvallis yesterday on a visit
m on the tram last evening and will be to her daughter, Miss Edith, a student
uvei- ounuay oi ner niece, i at OAC
the guest
Miss Margaret Nicholai, of OAC
General repair shop. All work first
class, promptly done. Back of Beal
Bros., blacksmith shop, Wood Bros.
Mrs. Fred Buchanan, of southern
Benton, is combining business and
pleasure by trading during the morning
hours and visiting with friends.
New and second-hand furniture, Sam
uel Goodman, Proprietor. Everything
needed for the household. " Call and
ve us a trial. 424 South Second St.
Tho meeting of fhe fruit growers and
farmers at the court house today is be
largely attended and all the work that
is done will be reported in Monday's
The auto speed limit seems to have
been forgotten by some of the citizens
and it might be well for the officers to
look after the matter before some seri
ous accident occurs.
J. B. Marvin has accepted a position
with the Spaulding Lumber Company
as foreman in the timber on the Sam
Moore claim north of town and will
move the family at once.
Mr. Searle and son are touring the
valley with a party of traveling men in
his fine auto. They stopped over at
Corvallis Friday to view the grand re
view and competitive drill at OAC.
For the first time this year the ball
team of Columbia University met defeat-yesterday,
the OAC boys captur
ing, the game by a score of 9 to 4.
Today's game was called at 2 o'clock
and there is a big crowd in attendance.
1 The Josephine Deffry Company-is ap
pearing in Albany all this week, where
they are playing to packed houses and
receiving much praise for their work.
They open their Corvallis engagement
next Monday night, presenting the
comedy drama, "For-Get-Me-Fot. "
The management agrees to please you
or your money back. Special summer
prices 10-20-30, only 30 cents for the
best seat in the house.
There was a small blaze at the Cor
vallis Creamery early last evening,
sparks from the stack falling on the
roof and catching fire. The depart
ment made a quick run after the alarm
was turned in but the employes at the
creamery had put out the flames be
fore the big hose was turned on. The
fire boys were generously supplied with
ice cream by Manager Kaupisch in ap
preciation of their prompt response to
the call.
The amusement loving public have a
treat in store in the appearance of
' Miss Josephine Deffry and her capable
company at the opera house next Mon
day night, May 10. This company has
received most, flattering comments
through the state and is the best popu
lar priced company on the road. The
costumes of the company are a feature
by themselves and far surpass those
worn by most of the high priced at
tractions. .This company will appear
in Corvallis three nights, on each
of which thejr will present a dif
ferent play. The opening bill will be
the beautiful comedy, "For-Get-Me-Not,"
a highclass play not lacking in
numerous comedy situations. ' The local
management guarantees this attrac
tion to be thoroughly firstclass and the
best popular show seen here in a very
long time. Special summer prices
10-20-30, only 30 cents for the best seat
in the house. Reserved seats at Gra
ham & Wortha'm's.
A Mr. Hodges, of Medford, has pur
chased the 190-acre farm of Henry Bid
ders, near Wells, paying $52.50 per acre
for the property.
Mrs. E. F. Pernot entertained at
luncheon yesterday . a party of ladies
who had been out to ees th regimental
drill and inspection.
Max Miller and Victor Spencer went
to Portland today. Thev will hear
Mischa Ellman, the great violinist, on
Monday night, May 10.
Mrs. A. F. Miller is moving to the
Alsea ranch to spend the summer. The
husband has been over there some time
looking after the spring planting.
WANTED Two or three intelligent
girls at the Gazette office to learn to
set type. Good wages paid after learn
ing. Call at once for particulars.
The. medals for the Inter-Scholastic
and Track Meet, which is held here on
Athletic Field, have been selected by
Director Angell and will soon arrive
from San- Francisco.
E. N. Bourne has gone to Vancouver
where he will engage in the real estate
business. He" came here recently from"
the Isle of Pines, but could not .find a
satisfactory business opening.
The Sunday evening service at the
Presbyterian church will be a Mothers'
meeting, Rev. Bell preaching a sermon
prepared for the occasion. Excellent
music will be furnished and the public
well entertained.
The Palace of Oriental Exhibits and Manufacturers Building have a
frontage on Cascade Court and Geyser Basin and look across at Foreign
Exhibits and Agricultural Palaces; Yukon Avenue separates these mag
nificent display buildings, and in the back ground th"e state buildings of
Oregon and California are located, i
Construction work on these buildings was completed last year and
exhibits are being received and placed in position. The Oriental Palace
will house the most valuable collection of Far Eastern art that has ever
been sent from the Orient, and will present displays from Japan, China,
India, Ceylon, Straits Settlements, French Indo China, Borneo, Java and
all the eastern countries of Asia. y
The Manufacturers building encloses a vast amount of exhibit space
and every foot of this has been engaged for display purposes by domestic
and foreign manufacturers. The interest manifested in this department of
the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition is world-wide and competitive dis
plays will be general and comprehensive. Exhibits are being daily re
ceived and the heavy work of installation is rapidly being accomplished.
Copyright. 1909.
Roseburg Bank
Buys City Bonds
At an adjourned meeting of the Rose
burg City Council Thursday night Rose
burg's $35,000 worth' of street paving
and bridge bonds, which were rejected
last Monday by A. B. Leach & Co., of
Chicago, were sold to the Douglas
County Bank of that city at par. This
action will be followed next Monday by
the execution of a contract between the
city and the Warren. Construction Com
pany, of Portland, f orte laying of 19
blocks of bitulithic pavement in Rose
burg this year, at a cost of nearly $63,
000. Concurrently with the paving, a
concrete bridge, costing about . $7000,
'will be built across -Deer Creek, which
runs through the northern part of the
Notice of Election
Corvallis, Oregon, May 3, 1909.
, Notice Is Hereby given that the annual .
Election for the City of Corvallis, Ore
gon will be held on Monday, May 17,
1909, beginning at 9 o'clock A. M. and
continuing until 6 o clock P. M. of the
said day at the City Hall of said City
for the purpose of electing, A Mayor to
serve for the period of two years; Two
members of the Water Committee to
serve for the period of five years; a
Police Judge, Chief of Police, City Trea
surer, each to serve for the period of one
year; first ward one councilman to serve
for the period of three years; second
ward two councilmen to serve for the
period of three years and one year re
spectively; third ward one councilman
to serve for the period of three years.
The Common Council of the City of
Corvallis has appointed W. H. Savage,
of the first , ward; S. L. Henderson of
the second ward; and Geo. A. Robinson
of the third ward to act as Judges of
said election and A. L. Stevenson ' and
Harper Mecklin to act as Clerks of said
Dated this 3rd day of May, 1909
Geo. W. Denman,
Police Judge
First Publication May 4, 1909.
Last Publication, May 15, 1909.
by A merican Press Asso
They met on the transcontinental
train going west.,' He "started from
New York, and she got on at Omaha
She was a dashing girl. He was a
bit of a swell in fancy waistcoat
and light gaiters over his shoes. She
sat near him in the parlor car, and
when the conductor took her ticket
auu iet ic aown iiKe tne steps or a
coach of 179G he saw that she was
booked for San Francisco. He was
going to San Francisco himself.
He wished he had, some one to in
troduce him, but 'he hadn't. In a little
while, though,. something funny oc
curred, and she smiled, happening to
catch his eye at the same time. He
hadn't been used to having eastern la
dies smile at him on a train. He
wouldn't make this one out. : fy
When they reached the mountains
and the scenery became grand the girl
had become so interested in the man
that she did nothing but prattle to him,
leaving the canyons to waste their gor
geous beauty on some one else. She
treated him with as much unreserve
and unconventionality as if she had
been- brought up with him. He could
only understand It on the assumption
that there was something just a little
bit queer about her. However, something,-
he knew not what, kept him
from acting on the assumption till
they were nearing San Francisco.
Then when they were alone on the car
platform she put her red lips so near
to his thilt there was nothing left for
mm but to take a kiss. Instead of
blushing or drawfng back, she burst
into a merry laugh. Then he was
more mystified than ever. v
He asked to see her to a cab when
they should reach the station, but she
told him that she expected friends
to meet her very straitlaced friends
who would not like to see her in com
pany with a man, so he must go away
by himself. He asked if he miht call
on her, and she said he might. She
would see that he got her address.
When he saw his friend Wolf ord he
; luw vyeie crossing me aiimH plains, , recounted Ms adventure. Wolford told
and there was nothing attractive, to him he could not tell anything about
look at. ; Even the" river Platte, devoid the western girls, they were so dif
of a fringe of bushes on its banks, f erent from eastern girls so unconven-
was Dereit of beauty. .He couldn't tional. At that Scarborough
stand it any longer. He took his news- hort of telling about the
paper and novels,' dumped them on the
seat Deside her, lifted his hat, threw
open his-coat the better to show the
pattern of his waistcoat and said:
"I shall be pleased if you can .find
anything among those 'to help you
while away the time in this desolate
"Oh, I don't wish to read!" she said.
"I've had enough of books lately. I'd
much rather talk."
She took up the papers and put them
on the opposite seat. He sat down
beside her.
He was quite astonished at the ease
with which the acquaintance had been
made. Since he had never thus made
a lady's acquaintance before it was
natural that he should be a little surprised.
When Wolford took his best man to
meet his fiancee who should she be
but the girl on the train! '
"Charlie," she said, her eyes dancing
with mischief, "how came you to hare
such a friend? Do you know he
scraped an acquaintance with me on
the journey and he actually kissed
"Well. I'll be jinged!" said Charlie.
"And I'll never trust any girl again,"
said the best man.
Dflfcs' matches need
Constant Repairing
Their method of carrying them is
responsible for the fact. Pinned to
the waist or hanging on a chain the
delicate mechanism is easily disar
ranged. ; We, pay special attention
to ladies' watches, and when re
paired by us you will find that they
keep in order longer. '
E W, S. PRAXTi Jeweler and Optician
A Waiter's Dilemma. 1
It was in one of the large down
town restaurants that the short lit
tle woman and her tall husband
went for dinner one night. .
"Will you have oysters?" asked
There was an added zest iu finding ' the man, glancing over the bill of
her out plenty of diflietrlty in it. And fare.
it was an adventure much to his lik- "Ypj " mrl tha dmi-t w,-
SfLr1" suspected that an as sne tried vain to touch W
might turn out to be an adven- x a t, . . r
turess or a ladylike pickpocket. She' lues. T ' ' X
was fairly well educated, made no slips j a haSSck: a -
in grammar, used no slang, but he had! .'?nn nodded, and as he handed
not beeu conversing with her an hour ! n3 01der to the waiter he said,
before she treated him as if they had I "Yes, and bring a hassock for the
been introduced, and at the end of j lady."
twenty-four hours acquaintance like - "One hassock?" asked the waiter,
an old friend.. - ! Witl, wh0( .Tii-r. v,
ne was astomsbed at himself
. And
or the confidence he comjmitted to
her. He told her he had a chum liv
ing in San Francisco who was abont
to be married. He was going out
there to be his friend's best man. She
asked him a great many questions
concerning the couple who were to par
ticipate as principals whether there
was a. romance in it, how old the
groom was, the bride. Was he hand
some? Was she pretty? Were they
rich or poor? She prattled and rattled
on till she had exhausted all he knew
about the groom and had made up all
he didn't know about the bride, which
was considerable. . By this time she
knew that his. own name was Scarbor-ough,-his
friend's name; Wolford and
the bride's Merriam." She was disap.
pointed that he couldn't tell her the
bride's first;, name,, thongh. -she was
sure It was Rosalie. ' When he asked
why she said it was because that was
the name she should have. He told
-her that Charlie Wolford after this
she always spoke of him as Charlie-
. was not a romantic chap,, so he In
ferred that there wasn't much romance
in the case. She said she didn't be
lieve it that she had never known a
Charlie that wasn't a good fellow and
just . full of love and lovableness.
What) .''bad Charlie told Mm 'about
Rosalie's looks? He couldn't remem
ber Charlie having- written him about
that, but he was sure Charlie thought
tierjirettj. . - ' -
ordinary interest, as he nodded in
the affirmative. Still the waiter
did not go, but brushed 'the table
cloth with a towel and rearranged
the articles on it several times,
while his face got very red. Then
he came around to John's side and,
speaking sotto voce, said : "Say, mis
ter, I haven't been here long, and
I'm not on to all these things. Will
the lady have the hassock broiled or
fried?" Chicago Chronicle.
Had Experience.
Not long ago there entered the office
of the superintendent of a trolley line
In Detroit an angry citizen demanding
justice In no uncertain terms. ;
In response to th6 official's gentle In
quiry touching the cause of the demand
the angry citizen explained that on the
day" previous as his wife, was boarding
one of the company's cars the conductor
thereof had stepped on Ms spouse's
dress, tearing from it more than a yard
of material. . -
- "I can't'see that we are to blame for
that," protested the superintendent
"What do yon expect us to do get her
a new dress?"
"No, sir, I do not." rejoined the angry
citizen, brandishing a piece of cloth.
"What 'Ir propose is that you people
shall match this materlaLw Harper's.
Ail Kinds, In
The Benton County
Heal Estate Agent
Corvallis, Oregon
. If If you have anything to buy, sell or exchange, see ns. No padded
prices. If As to our responsibility, and methods of doing business we refer
you to the business men of Corvallis. Some splendid bargains send for
This includes all the beautiful patterns in crown effects,
cut-outs, ingrains, etc. If you contemplate using paper in
your house this Spring, come to our store, see our goods
and we will show you how many dollars we can save YOU
Second Street, Near Palace Theater
Occidental Lumber Co.
Successors to;
Corvallis Lumber Co.
We are here to supply your needs in the Lumber line. Please
call on J. B IRVING for information and prices. And take
notice that if we have not got exactly what you want we will
get it for you. . .
G. O. BASSET r, Local Mer.
Phone Your Orders To No. 7,
Where They Will be Promptly Filled.
Fine Line of Crockery, Glassware, Cat
Glass, Haviland and Chinaware,
Benton County Lumber Go,
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Fir Lumber, Moaidioos, Cedar Posts,
Sawed mi Spiit. Gedar Shakes
Dealers in
Doors, Windows, Lfsns, Efre Dement
Shingles, etc
Successors to
Second Street,
Corvallis, Oregon
Dealers In
Hardware, Implements, Buggies, Wagons, Cream Sepa
v rators, Graniteware, Tinware and Builders'
' Hardware.
Sole Agents for
Congo Roofing and Quick Meal Ranges