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    L/G Pride needs
Unity and
More in '84
O b je c t Unity and M ore in ’84. With that in
mind, 31 m em b ers o f Portland’s lesbian and
g a y com m u n ity gathered at M C C on Febru­
ary 16 to begin planning the 16th anniversary
celebration o f the uprising at the Stonewall
Bar in Mew York’s Greenwich Village.
T h e m arch and rally will probably occur on
Saturday rather than Sunday this year. Dur­
ing discussion concerning the change sev­
eral p eop le said that having the event on
Saturday rather than Sunday would make a
m uch stronger statem ent “ M arching on
em p ty streets just d o esn ’t m ake it” said one
participant w h o rem em bered last year’s d e ­
serted downtown.
A perm it application for the use o f the
W aterfront Park stage area for Saturday, June
16, was filed with the Bureau o f Parks and
Recreation on February 24. T h e application
was filed by Kristine C hatw ood for Lesbian/
G ay Pride ’84. Chatw ood is a m em b er o f an
ad h oc com m ittee c o m p o s e d o f eight volun­
teers organizing a com m unity m eeting for
Thursday, March 8. Other m em b ers o f the ad
h oc com m ittee are Jane Howard, Ray South-
wick, Am ani, Jim Morford, T o m Sim ons, Ric
Tribue and Dennis Peterson.
T h e ad h oc com m ittee m et for a second
tim e on February 23, to discuss the next
com m u n ity m eeting and to discuss ways o f
involving m ore people in the planning pro­
cess. T h e ad h oc com m ittee has reserved the
auditorium o f the N W Service Center (1819
N W Everett) for Thursday, March 8 at 7 3 0
pm , in the hope that their call for com m unity
involvem ent will be overwhelm ing.
At the March 8 m eeting com m unity m e m ­
bers will be asked to b e c o m e involved in the
planning o f Lesbian/Gay Pride ’84 by volun­
teering to lend support in the follow ing areas:
com m u n ity outreach, finance/accounting,
fundraising, m arch and rally, monitors/
security, ga y care, publicity, and special
C om m u nity m em bers are urged to get in­
volved in the planning process o f Lesbian/
G ay Pride ’8 4 .1984 is a crucial year in poli­
tics; lesbians and gays need to be visible. W e
n eed to m ake a strong im p a ct T h e m ajor
political party conventions will be held within
six w eeks o f Lesbian/Gay Pride Week. All
across the nation, lesbians and gays are c o n ­
centrating on m aking their voices heard by
politicians w ho can no longer afford to ignore
our existence.______________________________
Privacy, PAC, worked closely with the gay and
lesbian com m unity in her various roles as
past chair o f the O regon W om en 's Political
Caucus, Aide to form er House Speaker
Hardy Myers, and C onstituted Liaison during
the 1980 Carter cam paign in O regon.
Just Out
GPA Awards
Representative judge
joins GRNL
GRM L Acting Director Jerry Weller an­
n ou nced this week that O rego n State Rep.
Barbara Roberts has b e c o m e the only cur­
rently elected official in O rego n to join the
con gression al lobbying group. T h e first O re­
g o n elected official to join GRML was form er
State Rep. Gretchen Kafoury, now serving as
Human Services Coordinator for the City o f
Roberts, w ho has dem onstrated a long
history o f support o f legal protections for
gays and lesbians, has recently entered the
race for O rego n Secretary o f State. She has
served on the Parkrose Sch ool Board, Mult­
nom ah County Com m ission, and two terms
in the O rego n House where she is the current
m ajority leader.
A nne Greenfield, candidate in the D e m o ­
cratic primary in House District 19, has also
recently joined GRML. Greenfield, who has
received the endorsem ent o f the Right to
R enee LaChance, Just O u t Director, will
be o n e o f five judges for the 1984 Gay Press
Awards for work published in 1983. The
awards are to be presented at the 1984 Gay
Press Association Convention in Los A ngeles
on May 26,1984.
J u d ges for the awards were recruited from
the ga y and lesbian m edia with em phasis on
broad, inclusive representation. Several
ju d ges will evaluate each submission inde­
pendently o f on e another and another party
will tabulate their scores, resulting in the final
Requesting LaC hance’s participation in
the ju dgin g process, Phil Mash. 1983 GPA
Awards program coordinator, said “It is our
con cern that our judging panel be as g e o ­
graphically and gen der representative as we
can m ake it, and we are short o f both w om en
and W est Coast folks this time. It is also appa­
rent that you know how to put together a
g o o d -lo o k in g and issue-oriented paper —
the qualification that, in m y opinion, is of
utm ost importance."
In its secon d year, the Gay Press Associa­
tion awards program has been greatly
expanded to include 22 areas o f award rec­
ognition. Eleven o f the awards will be given to
publications and eleven to individual
journalists. T h e 1983 awards will recognize
outstanding accom plishm ents by writers and
publications covering national news, local
news, cultural developm ents, and health is­
sues. O pinion writers, com m entators,
colum nists, and feature writers will also be
T h s year, the G PA Awards has been ex­
panded to include photo journalism, illustra­
tion, graphic design, co vera ge o f minority
issues, covera ge o f lesbian issues, and sp e­
cial projects im plem ented by publications to
benefit the com m unities they serve. Awards
recogn izin g an outstanding lesbian journalist
and publication and an outstanding minority
journalist and publication will also be pre­
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