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    Money Honeys
a hit with Oregon's
biggest bowling
by Renee Cherry
Portland C om m unity Bow ling Association
started its sixth year, Sunday, January 8, not
only as a no n-p rofit organization but with the
prestige o f being the largest bow ling league
in the state. C onsidering the num ber o f
bow lers here in O regon this is quite an honor
(and feat). PCBA went from 32 team s last
year to a w hopping 54 team s this year. Since
there are so m any people eager to bowl and
on ly 36 lanes at Pro 300 Lanes, the present
location, the league was broken down into
tim e periods: the 11:00 o 'clo ck
league and the 2:00 o ’clock
league. In all, 264 bowlers showed up at Pro
30 0 in quest o f bowling excellence. And I
m ust say that not all o f us found it
M argaret Strachan, City C ouncil m em ber
o f Portland, was on hand to roll ou t the first
ball o f the season. Even though she used the
"fa m o u s” rose ball, she only m anaged to
knock down one pin. All o f us are hoping that
eye opener
Ahh, Hawaii!!
by David Breaker
All in all, Hawaii is a w onderful vacation
spot, ju st five and one half hours from Port­
land. And if you play the 1/2 way point game
on board U nited Airlines, the correct tim e was
. . . 4:21 m in u te s . . . I know. I won tw o bottles
o f cham pagne. Just lucky, I guess. We
dow ned one with the crew and other passen­
gers. The other was just put away fo r a rainy
this was not a prelude to com ing attractions
fo r the year.
Tom Geil, organizer o f the league, wel­
com ed all new bowlers and explained some
o f the basics o f league bow ling, such as
m onte carlo tickets. For those w ho d o n ’t
know, m onte carlo is played tw o different
ways: one way to earn m oney is to purchase
tickets from a M oney Honey (5 fo r a dollar)
and hope your num ber is called. The other
way to earn little tidbits is if a colored pin is set
in the head position and you happen to bowl
a strike, you win 50C. If the colored pins show
up in the head position and the second o r the
th ird you w ould receive 75C. And if the co l­
ored pins show up in all three positions you
win $ 1.50!
Halfway through a bow ling line they stop
the action, and the race fo r the jackpot is on. If
your num ber is called (this is where your
tickets com e in) and you bowl a strike you will
win whatever am ount is in the ja c k p o t If by
chance the m oney is not won in three tries all
the bucks w ill be held over fo r the final jack­
pot w hich occurs halfway through the third
and final bow ling line.
Som e readers m ight be w ondering: W hat
is a M oney Honey? Well, the m ore appropri­
ate question w ould be w ho are the Money
Honeys? M oney Honeys are the unsung
heroines o f the bow ling alleys. They flutter
ab out not only dispensing money, but giving
c o m fo rt where needed, trading beauty tips.
and b ringing joy to all. I noticed this year they
have new shirts w hich they, o f course, wear
over the w onderful outfits. These sparkling
people w ho grace ou r Sunday m ornings are:
Lisa Day and M onica Rey.
There are plenty o f high rollers with Cherry
H artm an hitting a 207, Robert Huffm an with
205, B ill Gerald 204, M ic D uggan 202, Reese
House, Hank C upper and Louie Litow inski all
ro llin g a 201 and Rob Brown w ith a 200 even.
A ll o f these bowlers w ill now enter the 2 0 0
C lub.
H igh individual averages and to p team
scores w ill be listed next issue. W ith the large
tu rn o u t o f bowlers the scores were not co m ­
puted by press tim e.
A ll bow lers w ill be classified into five d iffe ­
rent groups according to their averages.
These averages include a handicap o f five
points per open fram e. The to p bowlers in
each class will receive a certificate and a
tro p h y at the end o f the year. Teams w ill also
be grouped into five classes, so even if a team
does no t have a high average bowler, they
can still be com petitive as a team.
Because o f the large tu rn o u t o f bowlers the
m onte carlo jackpot am ounts were quite
high. In all, $248.00 was won at the first ses-
sion and by sheer coincidence the second
session gave out the same a m o u n t C huck C.
fro m the JR ’s Transvestites team walked o ff
w ith the largest jackpot o f $148.00.
A pair o f bow ling shoes donated by the Pro
3 0 0 Lanes were won by Denny fro m the
Tooze F lorist team.
If by chance anyone else out there is not
bow ling, and w ould like to, ju st show up at the
alley one half hour before one o f the sessions
starts and you could bowl as an alternate fo r a
team that is shy a m em ber.
The follow ing are the league bow ling
dates: Jan. 22 & 29, Feb. 5,1 9 , M arch 4 ,1 8 &
25, A pril 1,7 & 29, May 13. May 20th is the
cham pionship day; May 23 is the awards
ba n q u e t
O n A pril 15 the league holds a special
session, The Ham Bowl. In this event if you
ro ll a strike in the 3rd, 6th, & 9th fram es o f
one gam e you w ould win a ham, ju st in tim e
fo r Easter!
June 1st through 3rd is a tim e to definitely
m ark on you r calendar, as that is the date fo r
P ortland’s 2nd Rose Bowl Classic. Last year’s
Classic was a huge success with team s from
Seattle, San Francisco, Sacram ento and
oth er exciting places rolling in fo r some
to u g h com petition.
So if you want to bowl or keep score or ju st
have fun rooting on bowlers, stop by on one
o f the above dates and tim es to jo in in. We
have a party after at one o f the local
pubs to hear the day’s scores and spend the
ja ckp o t w inners’ prize money.
day. Speaking o f w hich, there was an average
tem perature o f 78 for the m ajor part o f the
stay. However, on C hristm as Eve and C hrist­
m as Day it looked as if we had a m onsoon, all
w ith w inds that m oved the sculpture at the
Hyatt Regency HNL at least 4 feet in either
direction, and rains o f 7 inches on Maui. It
really was a great trip and I recom m end that if
you plan to go fo r either o f the holidays in
1984 or sooner, please book early as som e
people are having problem s fin din g reason­
able hotels and condos due to high season
rates. P.S. — I never have seen m ore gay
w om en in H onolulu fo r the holidays. Q uite
im pressive. We shan't say anything at this
p o in t about the European m en; and the
O K, Let’s talk 1984. In 1984 lots o f changes
are g o ing to take place. Schedule changes
are fixed fo r the end o f January and the 1 st o f
February. Be aware that w rong tim es result in
m issed flights and connections. Price
increases w ill take place as o f March 1, and
m ost im portantly, travel on the west coast will
go up, and up, and up due to the O lym pics in
Los Angeles. Denver is going up by alm ost
$ 100 fo r excursion tickets as o f March 1. O f
course, changes are likely at any m o m e n t
and in the travel industry, change seems to be
the rule. So if you are planning to see your
parents, friends, or even take that well de­
served vacation this sum m er, book it now,
pay fo r i t and the price w ill be locked in.
way o f gett in g out o f the lines and crowds. If
your travel agent doesn't autom atically do it
fo r you, ask fo r it, as it saves tim e and Ictsa
fru stration when you find that you and your
friend cannot sit together on that flig h t to
Pocatello to see the Princess Theatre (really
doesn’t exist — I looked).
B oarding passes are a new and im proved
Let’s get som e people together and go to
Bend fo r a ski-trip. I haven’t been once this
year and I am ready, so give a call (225-0064)
and let's coordinate a trip.
Again, if you have any destinations that you
feel w ould be o f interest, let me know and I
w ill investigate what I can and report back to
Just Out January 20-Februarv 3