The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, July 12, 1890, Page 866, Image 2

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li. SAMUEL, Publisher,
Irimd in the l'ot Office in Portland, Oregonjor trammmion through
the mailt at icmid clam rutet.
One Yeir,
Six Month!
$4.00 1 Three Months,
1.1; I Single Copies,
wr-Cnnlei will in no case be sent to subscribers beyond the term
paidTr iScTed manuscript will not be returned unless stamps have
been sent to pay postage.
The West Shore offers the Best Medium for Advertis
ers of any publication on the Pacific Coast.
Haturday, July 12, 1890.
kOW is the season when the residents of the city
y abandon their elegant mansions, their beautiful
I flowers, their green lawns and all the comforts
and luxuries of home life at the dictate of fash
ionthat most autocratic of rulers and pretend to
seek health and comfort at the seaside. Such of them
as do not die before the next season from the effects of
their trip " to the coast" manage by the aid of a phy
sician to get into pretty fair condition, by the opening
of another season, to stand it again. On the center
pages the artist has depicted a few typical scenes famil
iar to the " seasider," upon which he may cast his eye
before taking the fatal Btep. In the center is a scene
showing how much the servants left at home relish
the comforts and pleasures their masters have volun
tarily abandoned, while grouped about it are numer
ous sketches depicting the experiences of the deluded
seekers after health and comfort. If there ever was a
flham it is this craze to go to the seaside, where genuine
comfort is not to be found and genuine ill health is to
bo found only too easily. There is no reason why a
resident of Western Oregon or Washington should go
to the coast for comfort, since for every comfortable day
he experiences there he misses two at home, and for
every comfortable surrounding he forfeits a dozen. If
a change of scene and climato is necessary for the
recuperation of health or exhausted vitality, go to the
mountains and drink in health and strength with the
pure water of its streams and pine-scented air of its
forests. You will forfeit home comforts and luxuries
tut your lungs will expand with pure ozone, your
limbs will gain strength, your failing appetite will
return and your digestion will be repaired to meet the
strain put upon it when you return. At home are
comforts and luxuries, in the mountains health, and
at the seaside nothing but a deluded crowd of fashion's
It is now more than a month since West Shore
called upon the Portland Chamber of Commerce to
inaugurate a movement for the proper representation
of Oregon at the World's Columbian Exposition, yet
nothing has been done. If those gentlemen will cease
all this nonsense about the census and turn their atten
tion to this more important matter, they will accom
plish some good. It is of comparatively little moment
whether the government census credits Portland with
her entire population or not, since a year from now
those figures will be valueless; but it is of vital impor
tance that Oregon be bo represented at Chicago that
she will attract the attention of the people of the '
United States, notwithstanding the superb exhibits
that will be made by other 'states and by foreign na
tions. No mere collection of grains, however fine the
quality, no exhibit of woods, however large the variety,
no display of fruit, however luscious and tempting in
appearance, will serve to call marked attention to Ore
gon in the mass of displays that will be there collected.
These we must have, in great quantity and of our best
quality, but there must be something novel and unique
some great feature that will appeal to the eye and
excite the curiosity in order to draw attention to the
display of our products, otherwise it will be passed by
with scarcely a glance. To prepare this, money, brains
and time are required, and this is the reason why the
Chamber of Commerce should take hold of the matter
promptly and with some faint appreciation of the task
to be performed.
On the fifteenth and sixteenth of August the Oregon
Press Association will hold its annual meeting in Port
land, at which will be gathered representatives of the
press from every section of the state. The hospitalities
of the city should be extended to these gentlemen with
a liberal hand. They represent the best and most pro
gressive element of the state, and have at their com
mand the most powerful factor in all progression.
Their good opinion will be valuable to the city, and
there will never be a better opportunity to help remove
the false idea that there is any necessary antagonism
between Portland and the other cities and towns of the
state. If any of the city press have the idea that the
brains of the newspaper field are monopolized by them
they will have an opportunity to discover their error,
from which a careful reading of the many bright
papers of the state should have preserved them.
Reports from the north are to the effect that the
campaign in Behring sea has already begun. The first
vessel taken in by the revenue officers is an American
schooner. Sealers have all had fair warning, and 1
they suffer financial loss from their failure to heed it
they will have no one but themselves to blame.