The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, April 05, 1890, Page 418, Image 2

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a a r ihiciiii n th rctn cu
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tu Wk ill I in f ujti an iiu
..t i.l; hkll Hit ill rt aLit I'MHMI,
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.!f thai ?. n l 7 tail litjf eating ab"l
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tn VifMK cl f , ,!! mI ll.mi.iiii,
tj ti i lbl i' n 1m! r lh rutr, and utt
U' ft'ju.'f f Ur an I ofna'o'-nUl
M V( f'M, ri J'f'. v Tl at h-tcur,
tktb'f II b.r r-( lb geat fi!y of cty
llin f. tu Wf it Th l'fti .f it railrd
tvil Wk a H .liliitif i j j ft 1 the o-fittfyr-l
-a -f 4 I ?fi'H li l r lt r l (touting in tl
r-ty, H m t r l f? ti lb r ijr itIf, )!!
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ft r.iftl U ! i tH Out (ctt. I !
4 rf tt A jr;t, ft!ftf tift
kf4Ultkt t$ fJ Utcn r.ftlitfl
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iU it 14 ik)uktW t t.,t tu o fclc
f tt- I. M ti tU C.'.l. J.U-'f, ftl H (I
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lh Vfi'wn Y.'t t ' ,,;r,J- A 1,1,1 11
fy.t;rri jt'A'.t t ? U.- 'yr.ij.jnjr chftrkr ftir a Ui
ftri ihf (' l Vn- hiv r, (r the rutrurt;ti
of hi'h r j'tM-ii! ,,iac' nt '"N" i
Itilff ltt ' I'3-'?''' Tlir rwut ha lwn ur.
rrr"l ftl Iht .'It "f (..nftrii'ii T will lx? rotiitrnrrl
jut't fti VI prihl? ft r congnt authoriin it.
Ajft.t of thr v)'an4T arc making arrangnncNU fur
rrtiiiral (a' ilitiM in iurh ritiea of the nunl muntry
a ih t ill rrach, anI it will not I long U tur
that Mfi'n I'urtland will m UmtA lp vr ly lif . Thrre arc other railmaJ ta c ritr
itif in the t it, in lu ling the cxtnicion of the South
ern Tariff to the kounJ, hut none of them arc lufliri
ftitl; lrvrl"l to lr Jwlarrtl a work of the j.rrwitt
...n. A nt isnptrtant pn'jxt i that of a tni
lu'.nihljr lin of lU-atncri U-twwn Portland anl the
j.,rl of ari'l China, which will Ugin oj-ratin
the firtof June. The i flirt thii will have UKn the
Iff! of ilv ritjr ran not fail It I very great, ami
with the jmwrrftil Cnioti Pacific Uhind it the line will
yUy an imjurtaiit part in the tran Pncific trade. No
oil; on th Pacific coat, not even Han Franc io, ha
If railr4 l adratitagn of Portland, anl the Oregon
ittn!i mil n rival the city at the (ioldcn Gate
in iiirioe trtirtati'n a well. It ia m than cven
yrkr kioc llif firt train from the cant entered Port
land, and now thi ctjr il the grealent railroad outer
.n t!n Pa;fir rfttf with l'tt-r immeiliate ri,,fU
of n-re than arijr other. The ritiieni have rta.on for
th"ir faith in the continued and increaning pnjH'rity
of the toel'J!: of the Columbia hanin.
War It the knif in the republican camp, little
kMiof men fathered en itret roniem, in hallwayi
at I ithin th arml wall of the private ofiiw, know
irj !! at.d winkk. the oft related " We've pot Yin,"
hue i.rn t,. bn ng fraturiii of Ptsrtlaria life thi' '
prfkrnt fxk. Todjy tho primaries are held, and the
that have Urn nurihalirig and maneuvering
ill jln battle and n.t rrane the utruggle till the
g ting d n of the un. If the mult-nhal! lie purtr
liltr in Portland, which rnran purer in Orrgon
r of rally, tvay lionmt man, of whatever j)litical jrr
t'jki m h may U, will have rauae to rrjoirc; If the
ktrtjjlo kball frr the nomination of pd men U
tle bj;L.Unfe, and tlw in turn hall U inMrumental
in knfit g the muh nmlnl reform in our tlt:tien
Um and yUta ebalbHirg, the orrakionfur rejoicinf
will X t.ll grraVr. Jl-re can be no jmninrtit ovrr
th of .,tirl U.mUiii without a radical change in
lb tut .!!.,.! ;i!rw xjJtl hil lhf f)flt
lf" ,!tir,p l ke4 to give u, atvl only men
tWl U kt.t thrre who art known Ui Uxvt th
tak-jfw ar h will demand it.