The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, May 01, 1884, Page 126, Image 2

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the Three Sisters are all viBible, some of them with their
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T"KKB " rTZi S ir ly Hood and St. Helens, as dissimilar in appearand
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One of the greatest attractions in the immediate
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U7 Z;I h - hi river, foaming ' River, at Oregon City, sixteen miles above. By taking
, nt 8ix 'clock in the mOTgte Falls will
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will not Hwak, Have
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of the ordinary tour
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existence of which,
perhaps ho never
Assuming, thou,
that liy oiio of the
numerous routes of
travel t!i tourint Iiiih
arrived in Portliuxl,
(lit lirnt questions
that naturally arise
aro, What jxiints of
interest nhall I viMit,
and how nhall I mail'
ago it HO IIS ill HOO
the inimt in tho 1 i in
ited time allotted to
mo V The Went
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trnctuniH acooHHililo to 5fjT i'
thow who nro traveling for '' 'ffifaM
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HiiHWein to the aliovo (pies-
vioim may im nnltnt in noising
them. The lirnt thoiiLdit tlml un.r.
gentH itwlf i, that Uhi many
The boat will be taken tlirougn tne jjocks, a very interesting opera
tion, during which the Falls may be seen from the west side. A
landing will be made at Canemah, on the east side of the river,
whpre, if bound south, the traveler can board the train and continue
his journey. Otherwise a delightful walk of a mile along the river
bank brings him to Oregon City, where he can spend an hour at the
Falls and be in Portland again at ten A. M. ; One not caring to pass
through the Locks can take the train at half-past seven to Oregon
City and return as before.
A trip that no tourist should omit to make is to The Dalles by
water. The scenery
"ffiST V 7i"-iii!l!U. 1 of the Columbia
River is admitted to
be unexcelled by
that of any naviga
ble stream in the
world; and the best
of it lies between
Portland and The
Dalles. The trip
can be made by rail
one way and water
the other. Trains
now leave here at
one o'clock in the
afternoon, and step
at Multnomah Falls
fifteen minutes to rive passengers
that beauti-
'ilLt.i un,u' """"j
J" fL i f ul sheet of water, pouring over the edge
' of the Columbia Gorge and falling a distance of
.iJL 800 feet, Stoiminrr 11 tiiht at The Dalles, and
rr o o , .
;..r..jL viewing the cascades from which the city derives
its name. Rtwimar mnv ha fa Von tnr the return trip IB
j - mw vuuvu . i- .
the morning. The trip down the river, embracing views of
rocky bluffs, forest-crowned banks, the Cascades, the famon
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TXMXr7jnA"-Shn 'm iAt Ite W. to MuUnomal. Falls,
r.n 1 Lxl m ml . ,.f .,? . t 5' "i "le !lmmer at Mv o'll morning, can mak