The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, July 01, 1879, Page 207, Image 15

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    July, .879.
Cooking claasoa aro now becoming quitA popu
lar in the Kutern citiea. The lecturer (tend
amid her material and aa ahe talka alio actually
preparea tlio diihos which alio deacrilwa, and the
claaa take notea upon the aamc. In Phila
delphia, Miaa Dodda Iih a, claa of thia kind,
and at a recent leaaon aho reviewa certain well
known diahea and gave hur waya o( preparing
them, aome of whiuh we quote:
lriah Stew. Material required: '.' pounda ol
potato, 1 pound of neck mutton, pound of
onioni, aalt, pepper and J pint of water. Out
tho iotatoea in picoea, lioil them and throw
away tho water. Soak the nniona in water,
alice them up and put them with the Ktatoi-ii in
a aaucepau, and cook alowly for an hour and a
half, aeaaoning with pepper and aalt.
Apple Dumpling. Ingredient uacd: Aapplca,
J pound of Hour, 2 ouncea of lard, 1 ounce of
augar, piut of cold water, J teBaMionful of
baking powder, and a piuub of aalt Tare and
core the applea. Mix the lard, yeaat powdor,
and aalt Add water, knead lightly together
and out into live piece. Fill the core hole in
the apple with augar, wrap tho apiilca with
dough, put into a lightly floured tin, and hake
for an hour and a half.
Milk Soup. Stock required: 2 raw potatoea,
1 ounce of lard, 1 pint of milk, I ', ounoea of tine
age, 1 quart of oold water, pepper anil aalt.
( 'over potatoea with water, keep over until the
water boil; then replaoe the water with a quart
of freah, adding the lard at the aame time. Hoil
the potatoea until they are tender; pour the
materiala through a oolander and return to a
auoepan; add milk, aago and aeaaoning.
Macuaroni and Cheeae. -'Ingredient nocea
aary: pound of maooaroni, 8 ounoea of dry
chaaee, 4 pint of milk, and a imall quantity of
pepper and aalt Hoil the maooaroni IS minutea
in water; then replaoe the water with milk,
and boil for half an hour longer. Spread a
layer of maooaroni on a flat diah ; add a layer of
dry cheaae; aprinkl alightly with pper and
aalt Continue alternate layer of maooaroni
and cheeae until th required amount if ob
tained. Then place in the oven and brown for
from 84 to 10 minute.
To Hoil Potatoea. Th only mothod to boil
Ktatoe properly, ay Mi DodiU, i to boil
them until half-done, than pour off all th
water, oover the pot oloaely and permit thm to
team until quite done. Jut before removing
them from the itove take off the lid of the put
that tho ateam may eaeaiie, and the potatoe
will be found to be very dry and very .mealy.
Young potatoe hould be placed in boiling
water; old potatoea in cold and boiled.
To Make Puff Paate. To make thi pantry
he naed nna-quarter of a pound of Hour, aun
quantity of butter, th yolk of one egg, a pinch
of aalt, aeveral drop of lemon juice and a gill
of oold water. Th yolk of th gg, aalt, lemon
juice and water are mixed and then wurked
into th flour, thua forming a atiff dough.
When thi ha been kueaded quite firmly, roll
the dough on a well floured board until it i
quite thin. It i neoeaaary to lie particular to
uae th axact weight of flour and butter, Th
butter ahould than b (que) through a tewl
to extract the water and milk. Having I men
trained, it ia placed in the center of the dough,
which i folded carefully upon it and again
rolled out a thin a poaabla. It ia then folded
in three layer ami rolled, and folded for aava
time; the lint three time very carefully, that
th butter may not ran out Hating rolled
and folded it the tint time, it ahouhf b laid
aid for a tun to ecoL After awhile, it I
rolled again and folded again. lWtween th
acoood ami thin) and fifth ami aula rolhnga it
thoald b allowed to aland in a cool pier
Whew it ta rolled for the eeventh and Ul Urn,
th paate ahould be about a half an inch in
lliickneea. It it then cut ia circular ptaoa
about lieaiaeo' a cap, la th caater f thaw
cake a amalt, round iudciition ia mail half
through. Three niece are removed after the
paate ia conked, which require ten minute,
Kiah I'akea. The recipe given for Hah cake
included one pound of potatoca, one pound of
oodtlah boiled; pepper and aalt, two egga, one
teaapoonful of cream, one-half ounce of butler,
aud a tew tahleapwiufula of bread crumb. After
breaking the boiled liah into email piece, grate
the potatoca while hot upon it through a 110 v;
add one-half ounce of butter, the yolk of the
egga, the cream, and mix all well together;
when aeaaoned with pepwr aud aalt, divide
the niaaa into amall Hat oakra 011 a well floured
board; heat the whitoa of the egga, and, having
coated each of the cake with it, roll them into
the bi.-d crumb; fry in hut fat or lard for two
minute. A oon a the cake are done place
them 011 a piece of pK'r that the auierHuoua
greaae may be absorbed from them.
I Ircaaod Kmled Kiah, Her mode of drceaiiig
any boiled liah waa dcmoiutretcd with halibut.
To one Hiund of Hah ahe uaod two ouncea of
butter, two ouncea of flour, one ounce of grated
cheeae, one-half pint of milk ami one gill of
cream. Tho butter and flour are placed over
the tiro and mixed while the butter melt.
Milk ia then mixed nd tirred until it IxnU.
At the boiling point add the cicam, pepper and
alt and cook two minute. The lame and
kin having been removed (roiu tho liah, it ia
cut into amall piece nd then mixed into the
aauce, which ahould remain only long enough
over tho tire to heat the Hah. Place the whole
on a Hat diah, apriukle over grated cheeae or
bread crumb, add pcptier and brown quickly
in the oveu. To boil halibut properly, alia nald
it ahould be placed in lulling water, to which a
tahleapoontul of vinegar ha been added. It
hould cook only twenty minute, uuleaa the
Hh i of unuaual aiao.
Ill let ol Hoof and Dutch Sauce The licet
hnuld lie cut in dicea about an inoh in thick
new. It ia then placed in the broiler, which
ahould lie lightly greaeod, and then luhjwited to
the action of the Are for aeven minute, turning
it but once in that time. The hutch aauce waa
prepared with half tblepoonfiil of cream,
half a tebleapoonful of water, th yolk ol two
aggi, a little pep r aud aalt on nunc ol
butter, and the Juioo of half a lemon. The
water and gg yolk are Iwaten will together,
and the lemon Juice, cream ud butter, with
alt and pepper, ar then introduii d, and the
whole ii whiaked over a alow lire until it
thicken. Thi, however, mut not b allowed
to cum to a boil. When Hniahed, our hot
over th tlllet of beef and rrv.
AxMKAiit'a Pi'imixii. Mince a little lean
ham very Hue, and mix it with four wall beaten
egg, a aeaaoning of pepper and aalt, a little
flour and a piece of butter th ai of a walnut;
cut th green parte of the aargua into very
mail piecea, not larger than pea, and mil ail
wall together. Then add a ultlclenl quantity
of truli milk to make the mixture th eon
latency of freah butter, ami put it into wall,
buttered mold that will juat hold it Drdge
a cloth with flour, tie it over th pudding, and
put it iato a aauneiian of boiling water When
done, turn it carefully out on a diah, and pour
aome melted butter wound it
Itrrr-irik a U pArMtalI. lake a pie.,
of ramp aleak about three oiiarter of an inch
thick. Trim it neatly, and beat It prtnkle it
with pepper, dip it in ml, and broil It over a
clear fire. Turn it after it ha been no tfie tire
a minute or two, ami keep turning II until done,
eight or ten minute will do it Sprinkle with
aalt ami eerve with a mall qwnUly of final)
minced paraley and piece of butter mixed
together, and placed over or ander the teak.
liaraiaa with fried potatoe.
TiantiiXT nor Mt rnaa. fwr quart of
Hoar, one tear a p of (agar, on teaeap of butter,
cap ywat, foar egg, a lillla aalt two qaarte
of ifMt milk; let ml (tare nee all night, bA
ia muffin ring
In a lecture Mora the Workingmn' 1
ceum, Dr. Seguin mk aa follow of fowl: "An
ordinary meal ia generally iximHid of Ilea in.
gretlianta animal nr uitrogenou (mid, atarehy
01 aweet food, watery vageteldoa, leverage and
ooiidiuienta. Tht fowl whn dlgtel I taken
into the ayatem by blood veaaela Kor pron,
and eaiecially for workingnwn, in thi climate,
meat are the moat ewily digeeted, and at th
aame time are the timet noniiahing load. Trip
i the eaaieat and mrk the hardt to digeat
Among vegetable, hoe and tented oabbag ar
th xlreine. Anything tint i boiled in fat la
xtramely indigestible. Milk contain th ttv
ingredient relerred to ahova, and o I really
'all ullloicut. ' Mother niak a great miateka
in tryiug to iuduce iiifante under two yuan ol
age to eat alarxhy (nwl, for there no alkaline
Html in the atomach of an intuit by which the
atarcb can lie changed to augar, and o infuawl
into the ayatem. It ha been Mtimated that a
man working in the open air dally naed IA
ounce ol meat, IN ounce uf bread, .'It nf batter
or (at and M tit water. I agree with many
eminent herniate w ho have proved thai alcoholic
drinka re an aid to the ayatem In retarding the
wute of liaaii. Ho, too, tor th Mini raaenn,
I regard tea and coffee a uniiriahing, Aa u -ceM
of atarehy (owl i to be carefully avoided.
Mm who haiull ld uught to alataia Imm
alcohol, lor if ton much la taken th kidney.,
which throw olf the mih ol t he haul, an likely
to Imhioiii diaaad. "
Nature ha aupplied aa minute variaty ol food
to auit every Uate aud the gratification of 1MB
tomarh. "What la on man' meat I another
man poianii," i an old mol tru ylng. Th
wind ol good health may ba ooneeiitraleil In Die
mi pie uheervalion to al only whet agree
wilii you." Volume ol information can ,,
no better or other advice. No ahytii'iaa eaa
prescribe more ellhai urn remedy.
Aai'tutr AKD Tim Piooua. A now
methwl ol lay 1 on down llwir ha beau adopted
III Kranu, and la aaid to have obtained a wide
pplicatmu. 1 1 ooiuuat in putting dowj? a floor,
not u hitherto, on JuiaU, but in rabdding Uw
Imarding 111 aaphalt Tha new goer are uaed
iiuxilly lor ground alorlea of barrack ami ho,
pitala, u wall a for ohuielie end court of Uw.
Keen ol oak, uauatly '.'J to 4 uiehe broad,
12 to .HI inch long, ami one inch thick, ar
preed down into layer of hot aaphalt not
quite halt an Inch thick, tn Iha well knows
herring lame pattern. To inwir a complete
adheaion of the ... d to the aapliell, ami obtain
lb emallael pnaaibl joint, th edge uf lb
piece of woud at plane. 1 down, bcvalling
Liwrl Iha bottom, an that their criaw eecttoo
beoomea wedg lik. Nut of ouan ar Bat
neaery, and perfectly level aurfac atay b
given to th Mooring by flailing alter lh laying
down la completed. I he a. (vantage tbi
fl'Hirlng, which only reqiurea an eves bed upon
which to rati, are (aid to ba th following Id
Damp Imm Ulow ami It oMHMiuaaw, rot, are
prevaateil. 2l. Itoor may b eleaaad qui. la ly
and with the laul amount of water, laaartag
rapid drying. M. Vermin cannot accumulate
in Uw jotate. ilh. 1'nhealthy axhalatioo Irotn
th em! cannot penetrate Into living rouat 1
phalt bing impermeable to damp, room l
ooa peff:tly haaltbr, M if laay ar not
vaalted utwlernealh In bolldiag iatiag of
aeveral tVarUa, aa ia boepitaJ, the vlltateaTatr
of lh lower room cannot aaceml, aa obleai
which it ha hitherto been impoaaibte to attain
ry any other mean. Ala. The layer of aaphalt
will aUo unreal th taTeadla uf Ar from oaa
floor to another la cat f uaflagraUtt,
"Haaan." aald a yoaag man the athar day, la
t bnly of thai aam. " any iloa'l yia vaaf
ring"' "fliiau I havaa'l had ey aara
puread." "I ili laite them for yaa, tha "
"I thank yoa. airi yaa have 'tone It eaoagh."