The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, June 01, 1879, Page 170, Image 8

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June, 1879,
Dr. Itollin l(. Oroiiii. of Iluffalo. Now York. ia
confident tint ha has solved the myatery of
oonautnption. Itegular physicians will be apt
to ) that ha has mistaken condition for a
ceue; nevertheless wa am inclined to think that
good may oomo from the emphasis ho layi uxn
that condition, it seems calculated to
work a Iwmoflcial change in tho ouatomary
treatment of tha disease.
Dr. Oregu arguce that aa tha Iota of albumen
from the l,li.,..l tl. I. Ill- t m.1
, , , - "a, aMmmwa
of Dim kiilueya in llrigl.t'a liw, rapidly anil
1.1. 1.1. aL . r '
11 1 j iionvaa vno lyavoin, mucii inoro mult
tha mora rapid loaa of alhumon through tlio
muooua mamhranoa of tha lunga In aarioua in
all ila stages and apeedily fatal in ita roaulta, if
ronr itioaenraa ara not lakan to atop audi
waste Iwfore fatal condition! have ariaon. Thu
nMM'loralioin of oonaunihtivoa, and all thair
otliar catarrhal or muuoua diacharuo. from wh.t.
vr organ, ara mostly alhuman and a direct
loaa of to much of thia onuatituaiit from tlio
U Is una wantage which cauaoa tin emaciation, mm. 1:....
m - --. ... v'iiiiiii...iiii,
and not, ha tliiuka, any failure of the ayatom to
...,, ii.ic aiiii una loaa ol albumen dooa
mischief not only in robbing tho nmaclaa of
their proper nutrition hut alao in throwing tho
' 1,1 iomhI into dinproportii.ii.
Tha loaa of one ounce of alhumou doatroya
i.oatly a pound of 1.1,., -I fr all punniaoa of
healthy nutrition, and laavea in tho I.I I ,
relative aioeM of oiiuom ol water, 7 mggaj
nl hlood ooqiuaclea, II grains of fatty matter
IA Kraina of lllirm, ami 41 grains of aalta!
Thoaa elomanla 111 Hcjajaj aot tlio aame aa foreign
...vara in ma nioo.1, and diatiirh the entire
economy of the ayalem. Night awoaU and
rov art the reault of tha eicoaa of water.
I lie IiIimmI nil lmk. I. I. Ii ... . I 1
1 1 .'...- .ro nocoior-
nod by tha too waUry Mood, and are deinisiUxl
in tha oaptlltriea or amalleat voeeels,
where tho, shrivel and beooino lulwrculoua
. orpuaclaaj an the fatty tnatUra in excess
oauea tha (aUy liver. wl other fatty flwmig
bona attending tha diaeaae; the oaoou f libriti
UJ' "',,n U'e pleura to the inner
.'Si.'"' "" neart. or u. each othor,
nlUn among the moat aarioua of the complica of oonaumpuon; and, llnally, the oicoaa
of aalta cause, calculi, enlargement of the joints
oaaihcaUona, and aimilar morlnd development..'
In audi caaoa ul miiiiinx.1..... 1 .
- , - -...-.... mruiiuilir
iwd in their earlier ate lay an of
! . "I"'u"ii, nr. uregg would at
UihuU the beginning of tha diemva. to a Ine. of
,l..... ,, through other organ or organ.,
the .I.1..0W blood owiuwUa l.nlgino in the
lungs, eUrUng tahanuU there ami Mtting m
a dry cough, HI, the resultant irritation ol the
inucoua memliraoa and outporiug of nmoous.
I-rem this point of view, there mi
ouree ..I hope to tha consumptive in any atae
the .u.. ... . sad that ia through tha fieaW
l the muooua meinlraiM and tho at.,,,,,,,,,,
the of 1, Hi meani, in U.e
WMMtapitJ the Bum ttt all l,o hav.
!k 'u ,U' m.UluU,.
TIT " 10 ""P ,nm J"a treauneut
WhaUre may U the ,bnniary oauaa d cm
aumntion. Mil oretly o.nleol that tha mucou.
die. harv. which altenda the diaoaae and Hnda
reliai m eiu torau, U to be reproo, rather
Ihaofrocwrafod; d to do thia muat ra.lallv
'" "auaJ treaunoot of the diaoaa. 2
P rty Ma. fteaafytV Am,.
WnW (liaraaa. -II jarUra are vnn i(
UwporUal to know bow to then. 2ah
Ua Uaat ruk d harm. At tha Uod of th.
waw we aupaninaj vaa of the le unit, ,1
tUJy lV the undo, .art of the llth
tw.eath the ham atnof trndwa. Thue a lioa
Ura below the kae otatruiU all the eniartu ial
vaaaai bat if the oootnraoo. ia a Lure, th. ham
atrial tanlia keep the ureeeare oft th. ,n0a
whieh retara tha la 1'afurt.aeWly, mmi
ft m UnM a the U ta ....j
tha fartar balow the kawa.
n courw, aa,a me vimrroo. itutuirr, every
body knowa, or ought to know, that walla and
ceilinga are liuialicd with plaater. But every-le-ly
may not lie aware that plaater hu tho
property of ahaorhiug moiature. Thin, perhapa,
will not tako place in rooma where a fire ia
kol.t ntoadilv: hut ill rooma loft. a. 1. often thn
caae, for woeka without a fire, the walla will
take up a coiianloral.le iiiantity of damp. The
.ilfei't ,1 ill I..- inii.ririn. tjt flw, I.. .1,1. nf ,1...
iuinatea. There are few Hiraona who have not
1 ' irom a myaiorioua com, caught thoy
know not how, though, perhapa, damp in the
t.laator hail aomothimr to do with it.
The eitent to which damp ia abiorlied in a
plaatorod wall may bo diacovored by noticing
what ao often takea plucu in roomi whore the
walla ara painted and have become chilled hv a
I ...... .L A
i in nh. winuiur. a a aiKjn aa am Bam par
ature iM.comoa warmer the atmoauhero ia con-
donaod on the walla, and at timea in audi
iuautitioa an to run off in atreama. Now, had
it not lywt.t fur fhe Mini .iin I " ,
-. mo'i Liur.iou o.
thia moiature would have been aheorbod bv the
Lit. I ,. a. . .
(loiaiurm. wa.ia. Aim aa a conaequonce the
IlllalitV of tho urimlil I,., ... I....... ............ I
, - --- ... . . in j. u , . , ,
and tho room made uiiwlioluaomo. In view of
ll.m ellc t ll. ., antern una it .. .......
tion well worth conaideriim. whether, in lininh-
in( a houae, the walla aliould be papered or
!.ailltcil. If in, in, i M. :. i.
t - i m . ii.Mi.a .i, in in guiy
ii.cuaaarv that tho luintim. Iu, .1
r : : r. , .. ,B - rav "
h "-i iniB u...i.oyeil.
lo Kkmovk (Ihkahk ani. Paint Sp.rn. Th.
aYllajfliMNW ami HuiUrr givea the following
...etui inula under tl.u aln.vo head I Tho treat..
niont vanea aooonling to the material; white
linen can atand alkaline lyea, whila cotton,
eapaoially when colored, duea not atid it ao
won, ami wool or ailk not at all. To take greaao
aimta out of linen, eottmi nr .,...l aa
. .... , ' .. nv nil. i-
audi) if theae do not Uka them out perfoctlv
you may uae a potaah or aoda lye for lino,..; for
Wlkill It I. luut ... .... I . . . '
T . . " u" ainnionia, or atrong aoan
auda imio.1 with ammonia. If the greaao ain'ta
aro),nHliilw,l,y tlll,(ri,..inkTiofaatoarinoo.n,ll,.
winch often hapueua, uae atrong alcohol; thia ia
, , ,? """nary greaao cauuot
In, taken out wiLh I, ..I. i. 1 .
. nocoaaary lo uao
athar or benaina, and in any caae U. rub carefully
with a dean rag, ao aa to remove the diaaolved
greaae. Do not (aa we have often notio.l .......
i " merely pour aoino u n ,,,.. n,
greaae a not and lot la ,lrv ,.. 11 .... .1 1 . ,
11 out tha whole operation ia of no uae Silk
require, great care, aa alao doe. p.p.r, audit
reomre. aaaaa ,.,,. 1
t- . , , -" wii.,w au exnen.
On. ea,-xally .Uptoj for remoWng
irreaec .pot. from llght oolored .ilk. and valu
Tyalwt- pa-W
. , .-..or oann, or pitwc av
lay a oaimr ovar 1 .,,.1 it. STT TJ
h-' lt r l VrrV rMU 1 u .1 X. la no
ITS "i ?" nacommemU for
-. . .o wnen uaod with care. In I., . .rni.l.e. h . ..n
nl, , .. .. ' "auaiiy aolul. 0
Ti . . V ,""v"oi man aonie oil rja
It ITS lffil ' lht U,Ur h ut
hu h. ... cmlnnauon with linaal oil, forma a
hanl whiu. emit -Kiek la ' .
-I all I liiff ' mUruJ
m-.take. remarko.1 ,1., "'" hu
atover may be thought of the merita 0f
infuaing creosote, sometime! called carbolic
acid, into tho fiber of timber for its preservation,
we know that either the material or the method
adopted to infuse it into the pores of the wood
uaod in the construction of the U. S. 9, Van
ilalia, was a total failure. In some cases the
strength was so completely destroyed that
planks broke into two lengths while being trans
ported on men's shoulders from the tank to the
The effect of the infusion of this material into
the liber of green timber, on ita strength, seems
never to have been thought of, much less tested.
So far as observation could determine, the
strength was impaired in the ratio of about the
amount of material infused. It was found by
the workmen, who left their dinner baskets
standing in contact with the timber so treated
on the Vandalia, from roll-call to dinner
time, that the food had acquired a greenish hue,
and could not be eaten. The most sensible
method of seasoning timber, so as to make it
durable, is to extract the poisonous juices drawn
up into tho fiber by capillary attraction. If
thia ia nronorlv done thn timbor will K.
than when in its green state. There are several
.. 1- 1 L t I il I
uoinoue ny wnicn mis desirable end may be
secured, at reasonable cost, and the timber
made secure against rot for the third of a cen
tury, at least. American Ship.
SVYKKriNII CARPKTH. An.k.1 (I An.!e.f i.
recommended to sweep her carpet with a wet
u.uoiii, in omer to prevent tno dust rising. To
prepare tho broom for sweeping dip it in clean
water, let it l.ccoinn urfflu ri.. ..,
jar the water off so thoroughly that it will not
.,noo. a ureauin, or part ot a breadth,
then give the broom another bath always in
'It mi water, and Rh. ill l
iiriaed at the quantity of dnst that has found
.m.giiiaiK in tne Droom which changes, m a
twiiiklimr. the nail nf ,....r .,t- ...... ,.,.,,1
puddle, and which otherwise would be sailing
about in an untrammded freedom quite beauti
ful to see, if only it wasn't dust, .intimately to
nettle hint where it wnn r.nt lnm-ul nee,.
locting to settle a portion of itself upon the
e -I moon oiw oi ine wiidwood that have been
in fully and nrti.tioallv nrr,..,,l ..,., the
pictures in the sitting room." The most deli
catolv tinted rinwtntn K. 1 tk. ---
y . , r wmm . unwu .u hw ui.ii
ner described without injury, always bearing in
mind that no dripping broom must oome near
1 1. . TH ,',..ii T... ........ .. . a. 1
" , rnuw . nil. MA. III.. A oSISl oSOTena Ol
W Alton, Delaware oounty, died on May 1st of
InnUioM, Although this is a rare occurrence,
this i. an mnlim, ,,....) ..... ,.r J .1.
Hfruvwu mwj ui uca... ic.u.vinn
Irom aa exoruciating toothache. The victim,
Who Ufa ...... . A ; t J :
i ,1 ' Aiuonoan woman employee, ia
a family in Walton, had suffered some days
U'llk . . : 1 . 1 .. A At A .... . r i
-"ii"..- looinncno, wnicn aocompanien
... tl I .r..l Iau A. ..... a I .
j..n . au an cm pi was mane vo aa -
tract the troubleaome members, but her teeth
were broken off and her face was too sore to
wrmit their removal by the painful prooass of
cutting away the gums. The girl suffered eu
dr.. - .. a" aj .P . , .
- H''rauoo irom tne extreme pain,
and gradually aank under it until death ended
btr sufferings. An army aurgaoo, who atteaded
her, pronounced her aymptoma the same as those
fdlowing the amputation of a limb.
to. If. T., Pnu.
A HIIAI.I llOV I, A.I lii. .k.. n. .r
that had been badly eaten by moths. Shortly
afterward he waa in his father's stable watching
the prooee. of currying his pet pony. Tke aw
mat was ahedding ita ooat, and consequently
Urge bunches of hair oame out with each appli
cation of the comb. With teen in his eyes the
little fel n.U 1... ... 1. -
. . , '..imii iuui wie ouuav Mia
claimed, "Oh, mammal rnaanma! the moths
nave sot into m. I I ' .fU k'
minej!" ' "