The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, June 01, 1879, Page 169, Image 7

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    June, 1879.
imi viuou, ba .m.'m 1 VYUMKN.
A strong, free and happy womanhood seems
to demand in addition to moral, mental and
physical culture, tuoh a direction of prautical
energy as will make self-support as easy as it is
for men; Anna C. Oarlin.
Whether woman ii inferior, superior, the
'ual, or the complement of man, it still remains
true that each human being would thrive best
I'nder the fullest culture and with tho largest
liberty to grow. Grace Anna Lewi.
Girls in their teens should learn the worth of
money and the judioious use of it. If poor, they
should earn it honestly, and then expend it in
gaining an education, save it for the emergen
cies of the future. Sarah M. Perkin:
The field of literature is conquered for wo
men. There are no longer bars or obstructions
of any sort in the way. A woman who has any
thing to Bay i privileged to say it; and if it is
worth hearing tho world will loud u attentive
ear. Mr: E. B. Duffry.
What is noeded is free, untrammeled access
of womon to all fields of labor, aad equal indus
trial training with men. No girl should be con
sidered educated for life till sue is in possession
ot a trade, profession, or business that will give
her a living. Mr: Lktmort.
The charitable institutions of the future will
doubtless be practically managed ohielly by wo
men. Let ui see to it that these women have
ininda so carefully and perfectly organised that
the charity of the future shall uot wi only emo
tional, but wise and reasonable Anna V.
It is often lamented that the female teachers
in our publn- schools change so often, because
they leave the schools to be married 1 but I be
liuve this is far from being an unmixed evil, bat
that on the contrary, this fresh young element
has its value in the schools, and that whatever
evil arises is more than compensated by the
knowledge of the schools which is thus gained
by the future mothers of the community, who
can exercise so powerful an influence upon edu
cation. Hdna D. Vhenry.
Moan Ohnamrntx. A beautiful ornament for
the sitting-room can be made by oovering a
common glass tumbler with moss, the latter
fastened in place, by sewing cot ten wound
around. Then glue dried moss upon a aancer
into which set the tumbler, filling it and the
remaining space in the saucer with loot earth
from the woods. Plant the former with a
variety of ferns, and the latter with wood
violate. On the edge of the grata also plant
some of the nameless little evergreen vine,
which bears rod (scarlet) berries, and whose
dark, (lossy, ivy-like foliage will trail over ike
fresh bl an and white of the violate with beauti
ful effect. Another good plan ia to fill a rather
deep plate with tome of the nameless but beau
tiful silvery and light green and delicate pink
mosses, which are met with in profusion in all
the swamps and marshes. This can be kept
fresh and beautiful aa long as it ss not neglected
to water it profusely onca a day. It most, of
count, bo placed in the shade, or the mots will
blanch aad din. Ia the center of this, a clamp
of large aaora violets should be placed, adding
ome curious lichens and pretty fungus growth
from the harks of forest treat, and a few oonee,
sheila and pebbles.
Tut fair tax in Guernsey is not to be trifled
witfi. Ala fancy -drees ball given there recently
by the subalterns of aa infantry regiment.
lady noted for originality and wit was brought
by chance to the sidt of out of the chief mili
tary Minorities of ant place Said she to
Colonel Z. : "May 1 ask, Colonel, what yoa
are " "Oh," answered tilt Colonel, who was
evidently not ia one of bit happy taenia, " I an
nothing f What are yoa ? "I a next to
nothing," was tat prompt rejoinder
In Powells "Kxploration of the Colorado
River of the West," is given a view of Marble
canyon from the Vermilion cliffs near the mouth
of the Paria. This engraving is also given in
Lt Conte'l "Klemonts of Geology" (Applelnn ft
Co.), from whioh we take it. In the distance,
the Colorado river it seen to turn to the west,
where its gorge divides the twin nlsteaus. On
tho right is seen tho Kasteru Kaibah displace. I
ments, appearing as folds, and, further in the '
distance, aa faults.
ffriio general surface of the country between
of Marble canyon, and look oil down the river,
over a stretch of country that steadily rises In
the distance. Ulltil it loaches ail altitude far
above even tho elevated point of observation,
and then see meandering through it to the
south of the gorge in Inch the river runs,
everywhere, breaking dowu with a sharp brink,
sud 111 tho perHelive the summits of the walls
aptwaring to approach until they am merged iu
a black line, and yon can hardly resist the
thought that the rival burrows into, and la lost
undor, the great inclined plateau.
TmMUM, At a recent meeting of the
British Arohioologieal Association, to statement
made that these articles were o( a recent date,
BxttHftnaBBBBBaW. xW jKmm- " ''VanaBBaftsnaxatM.
SsxssxsanaaMT" - -.tCaBnajannBxW." tswS
-SBIl'aBXBane. L1MmmflVSBK
jjjjuihflnjbaL- - .Saw 1 1 .jBBaW- mms
the month of the Paria ami that of the ('.dorado
Chiiuite, is the summit of the carboniferous
firaiatkin. At tbt mouth of the Paria, this It
at tbt wattrt edge, at tat month of the I talon
00 Cbiuulla, it u :t,) fart abuTt tbt rlvtr.
Tbt fail of tbt river, ia tbt tame distance, It
a boat COO feet, so that the dip of
tbt rook between tbt to nutate Is shoot
.i.Kilot Tbt distance bjr river it ti
miles; in direct Bat, to milts late
Wt bare therefore a dip of , feat in 48
mikes, or shoot 70 feat to a milt. The slope of
lot country to Ike north is the same ts tbt drp
of the bads, for toe eoaalry rum to tbt sot til
as Use beds rise to tbt snath.
Stand tbt Ventrthoe dials, at t!
vidence was addnotd to tiww that lbs Were
wll known to tbt Unmans. The earliest at
am) l, bwer r, In Kngland and North Kurope
appear to have beta of leather, one of that
material lieing shown It was in use la Coaaly
Corh an lata at IWX A large namer of ts
Sat plea of brans, d sting front I WW vara ex
hlldtrtl They were mostly found M Uiexbm.
awl some of Ike eevtntoenlk center? have
To partly rancid baiter, work It an with a
enleUoa of at streaks af an la, chloride af Ba
tata, sugar aad tartartt aevC A patent baa
beta taken oat far Use sassitn, wbita It It
, burned will rattort lave awel raaetd bailor.