The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, June 01, 1879, Page 187, Image 25

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    June, 1879.
nv o. p. MASON.
How re yon this morning, Barkeeper1 -esy, how
are you doiug to-day
With corn ha now glatioos uoii me, and to me
liM nothing to say 1
Perhaps on account of my tatter, or likely my r d
pimpled face,
For he ia dreiae I up in hie broadcloth, and I am a
horrid diagrace!
llisgrao !-Alt, yea, I'm disgusting ! -The thought
ii near driving me wild !
The wrong! l're inflicted on loved 0110a, my wife
and my dear little child ;
When I think of the hope that I once had-re-
pec ted fair proapecti of wealth
Whim I led to the altar that angel, in the bloom of
her youth and her health,
When there at that altar I promised to love her
and shield her from sin,
And Uod granting strength to my efforts, deter
mined life's battle to win.
But, oh, I was sadly mistakeu !-I dreamed not to
this I would cornel
Whon first with a few boon companions, 1 tipulod
so lightly at rum.
The appotlte daily kept growing, but I thought I
had nothing to fear,
My friends and my money both vanished, ami alas !
and alas! I am here
To beg for a small drop of liquor, from him who
has taken my all ;
I know, though, if still 1 had money, ha'd hasten
to come at my call.
I will try him again : Barkeicr, how an you,
good fellow, to-day r
He still, in disgust, frowns upon me, and me he
now orders away I
I suppose, long since, he's forgotten, the moitey
I've paid him for rum,
Barkeeper, oh please give me braudy! I'm dying-
I'm burning ! please, come I
He heeds not!he cares not !-Great heaven ! this
burning, bow oan I Mdura I
The torments of hall are within me, that nothing
but liquor will eure.
I'd drink, if it were mixed with poison ! Ah !
yea, I do know very well
I'd swallow 11 down if that moment, I knew it
would send me to hell !
ih, Barkeeper, give me some brandy I for bran
dy, Barkeeper, I came I
Just one single drop and I'll leave you ' I'm dy
ing I I'm burning with flame!
Oh, Uod, he heeds not my pleading ! My mind la
delirious, I think I
I'd give all the wealth af the nation, for one glaas
of liquor to drink !
for it I would aacrlHoe honor, aye, every loved ob
ject in life.
My credit, ay name, mj salvation, aye, even my
child and my wife I
The viper, the beast, and the monster, ili offspring
will die to protect,
But I in the jews of this damnum, fur mine have
forgotten reaped!
Oh, Barkeeper, one drink of brandy, and I swear
I will go from your door
A nd I pledge you, until I have money. III ask too
for liquor no u. .re !
Ha amrae sael-Aed yet, while I'aa pleading,
around ess tan demons anas I
They hiss, aad they mock at ay garments, and
glare with their blood-stained eyes !
Ah' l.ook el Ue eye of that devil' -See how
the red lease from It shoots I-
Another '-Another ' Oh, tare me '-Ooofl heav-
ens, I've snakes in my boots!
Take 'em off ! -They are gone !-How they stuug
me ! Ah ! an you how totters that wall I
Look out! Look out! It is coming ! Twill
crush me to death it it fall !
Stand clear! It Is falling! It's falling !-There's
a hideous wound in my head !
I'm dying '-I'm dying b- inches I Oh. Ood, how
I wish I were dead !
Oh, Uod, la this I f-I'rsy, where am I r My head
was all crushed when I fell I
Not dead P-Not-Have 1 beau dreaming' I
thought 1 was surely in belli
Or was It Delirium Tremens r Wee I upon hell's
ragged edge,
Surrounded, tormented by demons I'll now take
the temperance pledge.
I'll reform whilst I have the iower, and try to lie
manly again,
"I promise, Uod help me to kep it, from liquor
henceforth I'll abstain ."
And now to my wile I am going, her pardon I'll
ask on my knee,
Ami oh the delight It will give her, her husband
reformed to see !
The Washington Territory " Aid
Sitcifty " addressed u circular letter In
the Walla Walla Union, which thai
journal answer Ha follow :
First-What quantity of land subject to pre
emption or hnniesle..d, and suitable lor terming
or grating ia there withlu easy reach of your own
home t W
Landi contiguous to i hi city nrr near
ly all taken, ami are being cultivated,
that is lo say within a radius ,,f MVffl
In ten mile.
Seonuil- (live particular description uf each
MO acre tract, soil, timber, water -whether
level or rolling. Ulve distance to navigable
water, and describe mads leading lo the land,
with ' o.t and best manusr of travel, (live um
ber of neighbors within a circuit of say Ova miles
school houses, stores, ohurcbee, mills, etc. Are
there My water powers, and If eo, desert be them,
with estimated cost of Improvement t How es lo
building aud fencing material '
Hcyond l)rv creek and between it
and the Tom-bet river, there are large
tracts ot laud covered with hunch graaa,
which support large numberi i stock
annually, of both t.iltle and horses, na
also sheep. There arc drawbacks to
its settlement; sin l .is remoteness from
timber awl lack of -tier. These lands,
too, are suitable for raising grain) in
polnl f fertility, hut little inferior lo in 0111 mole immediate vicinity,
upon which thirty to fifty bushels of
w heat to the acre is taiscil. J his N il
of country is from ten to Iwcltc miles
wide, by about fifteen long. The farms
in the whole district are confined, at
the lower end, to one awl a hall mil,
alon' the water course, ami the graa
for a distance of thi, c 01 loin mlleesTom
water is yearly fed olT.
There is another large scope of coun
try lieyoral the Toochet, and south of
.Snake river, where Hie lawl ia rijually
gooil, but more remote from limlstr,
.-v,-,.,.l t,, , ,,. ,, r,r(,, n
SWUM river; anil ilu- ililticultics of get.
ling wiitet by digging are, perhaps,
mattr than on the land more con
UgUOUa, The li-t 1 ict is Iron fifteen
mile wide b) twenty in length, Kit
rcka flat, situated a! the upper end,
Within the last ye n , h is bean claimed,
and 1 belli,? rapidly brought into ctilti
ration, with very etwouraging result
a to grain raising. These hinds me
atvessihle to Snake titer nut ig.uion,
awl are front seven to fifteen miles dis
taOt All the lands uliove desciihed ale
rnore m less rolling, it would u ditii-
cull to particiiluiie a to uuv small
tracts composed ol mhi acres, hut the
soil i gtnerallj good, The Tom-bet l
quite a streain, with great fall, and
which in the settlements, near the
mountains, fat utillaed, and ba several
saw nulls, and there are three flouring
mills, In a distance of ten miles. There
are roads radiating iVoin this city a. mas
the unsettled dislnct above desciihed.
There are no school h es nor store
nearer than from live lo twenty miles.
The same is true a to chinches and
mills. As to fencing and building, the
mountains, di-l.uit from lilleeit lo thith
live miles, have (0 Ik- dcH-mlcd upon.
Third - Are there Irarls of laud in your victnlly
iiiUble fur a wilutiy, sey uf In.m (en to Ihlilv
fsmillea t '
There are no land in close proximity
for sitchpurMie. Indeed there ia , arcc-
ly a ifio acre lot vacant within Mten
miles of this phice, except schwil or
tailioad hunk It must Ik- remarked
here that all the lands unsettled in tins
county arc within the laihoad limits.
Fourth Whal advantages dues jreur ntlghhnr.
his! offer for stork-raising ' Her whelhei I., .1
for sheep or relUe and horses
The wit. ullage for stock raising are
not good, for ins reaena tint (bj gra
is nil eaten out, awl the w bolt i ounti i
in diatcly arnund Walla Walla i
fenced up and mulct cullivati et.rpi
such as is too gravelly to be plowed.
We would remark, however, iimt the
whole of the country spoken of above
is auaceolible of Ihiiil' dWidnl I..,..
farms of acres, or If' water can I
oht. lined bv iliieuns.
- Ss -'ilirill
..cpu.-, In! jr IuiimU of .tiNk .
- 1 rc .
renreo, 1 ne wain 01 walei is the only
drawback to sm.essful .i, k raising.
Three winter out of (but, wnh wttm
plenty, stock COUW lie hrrt during , old
we.illui without oi the native frees ee. Awl during
witnei mere is senium in,,,,, than one
moiilh. at ant lime, ol 1. . .In, ...i-.i
. ,
to , .nit ,t,Kk through.
The present year i the eighteen
hundrrth anniversary of the deslrm
Hon ol Pompeii and Urn tilaucuin by
Mount S eauviiis, I here is to In a sci
entific ermi me moral ion of the event in
l'nmKii in Sot, iiiher,
Victor Hugo
blue pajicr.
cannot write with