The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, June 01, 1879, Page 173, Image 11

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    June, 1879.
Fleeter Ciaii time. acroae the continent.
Through unaunned ocean depths, from beach to beach,
Around the rolling globe thougtu'e courlera reach.
Tha new-tuned earth, like eoni vaat Inairuuioiil,
Ting lea fmm anno to tone; lor art baa lent
New iieriea, new pulse, new motion all to each
And each to all In awlfl electric ipecch
Bound by a loroa nnwearled and unspent.
Now lone Kalalidltl lalka with Caucasus,
Tha Arctic Ice-flalda with tha aullry South',
The lun-bathtd palm thrilla to the tiine-lree'i call.
Wa for all realmawere made, and tney (or ua
For all there la a soul, an ear, a mouth ;
And tlnieatid apace are nought. Tha mind la all.
-Atlantic JfenlAlp.
Wa mem oor fooliih, improvident mil health
dsatraying hnbite. It ii reduced to just that
alternative. To go on without change ia aimply
to pariah. We may talk about land grabbing,
and monopolies and a took, gambling, all bad
enough, but it ia the evil habit of the maaaea
that are their real oppreaaora, and unleaa they
oan find emancipation from these their dam
nation ia certain. There oomea up from tha
million a moan of want and a pleading (or work;
but thia aame million the moment they have
earned a dollar will ruah off and aond tha
major part of it in some inexouaably fooliah or
criminally wasteful manner. And thna their
time, etiergiea and means are conaumad to no
good, but very often to only a bad purpose
Over a thousand men are idle on the Comatock
For months thev have been without work, liv
ii,'. frniii hand t.i mouth, and moatlv on credit.
Then they get employment at four and five
,1, ,11.11 s a dav in the Sutro tunnel. Thuaa are
good wagea, and with economy they could save
more than one-half their earninga. But the
moat of them save little or nothing. The
oanihWa and aalnonkoriwra get 75 ; of their
wiicee. Half the buildings in the town of Sutn
are devoted to dioe, card dealing anil the liquor
traffic. A new whiaky ahop ia oiened there
every day in tha week, and a place of thia kind
having been opened nover oloaea. ' It ia run day
n,l .11.1,1 week dava and Sundava, aud will so
go on till tha town euffnra a oollapse and the
miuera, joining the brigade of the deed broke,
decamp in search of other quartan. Ho addicted
,. thi. ,.laaa to thoao unoiulthrift ways and vi
cious pastimes, that the buaineee prosperity of a
mining camp can wall be measured by the
uutnber of these dene it ia able to eupport.
But theae and like folliea are not confined to
in. .nut am towns and tha minora. They are
indulged in by tha maaaea everywhere. II 11
tha city a manor woman ia advertised to walk
on a wager thonaanda (look to sea them, gaping
and gassing and working thameelvea into an
escitemrnt, even though tha thing is a sell
throughout And ao of tha horae races, billiard
......... 1 mat, I. in and other put no I11U of
CZ t',.l start anything of the seuaalional
order and it ia easy to wnng a few thoueaiida
out of the hard flats ol tna woraing peopi..
If ,.11.. fellow iteU him nit-' an India
robber sack and floato down Western rivers the mM salher in crowds and receive him
wilt acclamations, firing rockete and ringing
balls sa it soma great conqueror had arrived at
their place. .
Tha misery and impoverishment of the meases
an due mainly to thai exoreeee aud follies.
They are slaves to their appetites sod pasepue,
and from this bondage they oan alnte set thrin
selves free. Wa have nursed into s trouble
eoraa vigor too many ewperfiuoue stints and
asset aet about getting rid .4 than. We moat the calendar of or idle days, curtail
unnecessary eipeneee sad learn to live mora
within our means or onr eondition as a geWtf to
k. iMssnkaenl And in ffr. lu.g this
arresodmsnt It will not do to rely .pen the
1.1 ... l.Vww nl others, every msa Will
WKUinii. ' ' - :- .
have to be hia own
Many readers will remember the Smith sisters,
of Ulaatonbury, Conn., who did not believe in
taxation without representation, and allowed
their oows to be sold by the sheriff rather than
pay the taxea aaaaaaed against them. Tha
Smith aiatera are no mora one ia dead, the
other married. The 'oourtin'" of Miaa Julia
Smith begauin a literary correspondence, "I ft
summer," said the venerable bridegroom at tho
wedding reception, "when I read that her ais
ear had departed, I wanted to express ray aym-
pathy in aome way, nut knew not now to no 11
xactlv: hut hually sent her s volume 01 111
luteins, having written on the margin
J .1.1 f At iL ' Tt.H
jeep eympautio. 01 mo buiiht.
sent me a pnuiphhit entilleil, 'Ahoy Nmllh ami
her Cows. On the cover of
of my
'1 'hereupon ah
that pamphlet
aaw an advertisement saying that Miss Julia
Smith, unaided, hail traiislateil the entire mine,
and that it was for ssle at Hartford. I inline-
listclv arnt for it. and found that it waa unlike
the uaual version, or King Jamea'a lllble, as it
ia oalled. I then began reviewing the llible,
and tha lint thing that 1 waa the taueea
how different they were from inoae in mo
common version. I then wrote to tho trans
lator, and aha replied. Then I wrote again ami
got another reply; and finally I wrote to her
that anoh a largo book aa tha Bible could not be
gone over hy correepondence, and ssid 1 would
Ilk. to har. She then uordtally and
frankly invited ma to come. I came, ami we
chatted together. I think on the first visit we
chattel three houra at one Billing. 1 out i"
axpeot to oall again. And at laat, whan 1 got
ready with my satohal in my hand to walk
down to Uks the atage, I found a carriage at
the door. I aaked her who waste uriver nne
aaid, 'I must, aa you would not know wnsre 10
go.' From that time I found har acquaintance
an pleasant that I aaked leave to call again,
ttho thonoht it not adviaahlo to marry at all;
that alio hail liettor wend her way through the
r .m.lnr of her life s one. Hill St last I coil
1 ' h.r that 1 was a man of honor and some
what of a scholar, and not a tramp; and ao aha
finally aaidi 'Upon the whole, il wa can live
happier together, I don't know why wa should
not TheTiouee is large enough lor Isilh of us
A nl an aha twit tha rue into Inv hand", and, hy
the help of Or. Koudder, aha ia my wife. An
rnormoua cake 'waa preeanted to the married
nair bv divers friends, who ornamented II with
this genial inscription:
"flood wlehee end v to the new marrle.1 pair,
Mua JulU the brave and A. Parker, Ken
What II, ...mi . or tub Biaits - "A tlsrman
dealer recently received S2,(i dead Inn ng
birds, 80,000 dead aquatic birds, and HOO ISX)
nana of wings ol luMs as all ainna i"r in"
Lieta Thia U a Met but significant pare-
graph. All theae binla are eaeriticed tha
?i. ' .. 1..1.,,.,. Hhonl.l tho faahion Iw miieh
longer continued our birds may all fall victims
to ft, and than the inaecU will have their own
lively time of it. The only salvation from such
a threatening C'mtinjraaey ia In tusking the
wearing of inseota faentoMhle by Hie whole pen
..I. Il..l..,,i, Unmet oriialurllts might l
i uu.h .1 out of grasshoppers. ook r.
huttetfiiee ami molba; and eplendbl Jewelry oat
Yea, I know it Tom and Isabel are divorced.
Rut what are you going to do about it?
There ian't the amalleat filament of any sort of
mutual feeling or Internal to hold them together.
You might as well eipeot two grains of eand
to make rock, by being blown about in the winds
of San Kranciaoo. People used to marry with
the eiieetation of being helpful to each other.
Y'ming men made sums ostentations and prepar
ations before marriage. Oirla had store of
hoiiiekeeplug tlilnga made up, and lying ready
for uaa. There waa a roof over tha heade of
young couplca in those daya, meal in the meal,
cheat, and hlauketa, feather bede and house
linen to the fore. Tha young folks mule a loint
atock company, and ware willing to work to
aave, that the'i'nmpany'a affairs might prosper,
and the firm remaiu aolvent
Hut Tom and Bel I Tom badu't a dollar that
he didn't gel bv chance. He went through tha
high eohool and came nnt with Juat that kind
and amount of knowledge that filled him to be
taken care ol by l.. ..l . Instead ol acquir
ing some Iniaineae enperionoe, or learning a trade
well, before he was il, or being appointed to a
BjeJejajM and working hia way up to a good
holding on place, he came out of action! to hang
,ti . inn. I hla mother a parlor or pernsia o. .
oomere, to "look for a situation," without really
wlalilug to get it, and to fall In love ami man
into mslrimouv. mil "I nir iiiicueee. Aim net,
why Bel aupiMiaed that marriage nonlerred aome
aiipomstural pnwars of gelling a living, I euii-
ttoec, or elan ann never nsn an me auuwe saw
matter. 1 would lika to know how people are
to continue living together wben Uiey are tired
to death of each other's helplesaness, and when
they haven't a aingle mutual interact to anchor
to. Bl Hied to get a "situation, aeeing that
l oin couldn't, and auulled for a oerlllleaU to
leaeh 111 Ihn schools lhal tlnialieil her off. Did
tin gat In? Not a bit of it She oouldn'l be-
gin to pees an inanimation. oat .n. ewfeei"
to .I.., now aha ia divorced, gootlneaa knowe !
What aha aaajW do it would 1st hard to tell
And Tom ! why 1 suppose ha will U fas; acwi
that ia aa faat aa he can be without any monev,
hut that which hia friend fnrnlsh him. A mis
take in the matrimonial line ia auppoesd MM t
perinll Ui go to the Isnl. It eannoi tie neipeti,
1 ,.....o.e Yerdiel Nolaely l n
AWii rwroa, Is 'H'l' "ernl V.
rformer,-JiV mmd
A Wonu tu laauaAHit Orrnaa. The
CI..W f SaU,ttf Kt!r anggeaU to Ufa
Insurance companies, that Instead of merely
hammering al a man's eheet to find if he hat a
tendency to any disease, would it not be wall
for Ihe medical eamlners of life insurance com
panic, to inquire if he has nut got a aeml
leak log into hia well, or unlrappeal plpea be
neath hta Itaaina awl eb-eeU! More par sons
.lie of .ym'itlc diseaass ia New York than Irom
alinusl any other malady, yet a man living in
Iba mldsl ol Mmlagloos leflueneea, and hsnea
dally liable to lake diphtheria or lypbcid fever,
would yel hud lillU trouble in getting a heavy
policy on his life If insurance nfllcsra would
viva n.ia aubieel their altenli m tl"y ml(jhlae
ol l lorad polato Iwtb, l urculM-. appU Ire. 1 m,u, h-. u, MMMM an. si- aw
01 iwie.ii'r- , .. .. . ..ullw . .', ... 1 (,,.,( men foilin that
borers ami 1 lunch uugs. we mmmm - , nt ins pwitiu g 11 - - . ,r
V. II Ihlnge ennltii. ae iney asw . lu. h.-mes were ratwo m ni-.- , -
Ibis will uliinaaUly I- oor owly aais- mua mMm Ugm to thlak ..f finding a ra-4y
....oarer (. ,!. .Ulbiull.
what wa aa
g.niig now
guard against
".,w ranch do yon ask for thai I
qsiraal a cuatomar "f a market wooiso
&I0 . iioi I ,r tha two." raullad lb.
"flat f want only ," aaid the cuaUwwr
can't help il, in. woman,
a g..iu to sell una without taw other
,r In-
(.. is Itsisrii'S r. Hasi.r. Iler.tolora
Ml haa l.o o.aplefal highly don-laclvn Ui
hMlth tballlisanesccavlinglyalhlnlrli-
. ..i. ,. tk. .ito.i.h.t.. hot sevatal aesantasii aave
I ami MKwetJy Uk.o lb. opyuwl. view, ansa M)be
t.M; ...suing i-iuwha
.. U.-e .bo believe .oa-me aawf " aWlHtV1
certain knowUdge. the, era gwraa have hat .Ua are aOa aalvaaaUy
vgcibar for mors n 13 ysars. ami I am I a-gmn , l 1
I,, !, ao eeieaua' sa to asperate 'am new. I"""""