The west shore. (Portland, Or.) 1875-1891, December 01, 1878, Page 108, Image 10

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December, 1878.
According to the Science Summary,
Iwlrfmmlrml, some freeh uhee rveti"iia on the
hutting of xu-xU have been made by J. Perez.
Ilr believes that the cauae of Luuing certainly
resides in the winga. Id tin Hymenoptera ami
IhpUra the buuing UI doe to two ilutinct
cauaee oue th vibration of which the artoiila
Uun of the wing u the teal, ami which coneti
UU true burling; tha other the friction of the
wing, an effect which more or leu modifies the
former. In mntha of etrong flight, audi aa the
epbiugea, tha aoft anil full hutting which thuae
loarala proluea ia only due to Die friction of
the air by the winga. Thii Bound, which ii
alwayi grata, ia alone produced. It ia not
avaiiiipanied by the haaal beatinge, owing to a
wruliar organitatlon, ami especially to the
pmeeuoe of the a. alee. In the dragon-Hiea,
alao, in which the heat of the wing ia furniahed
with aoll flrahy arta, M true hutting occura;
hul a annul rustling, due to the friction of the
organa of flight M. Psjsj believes that th
Maaage of air through the reaiiratory onHoea
I,.. Li. .1.. mmI. ll. - I.. .4. f .
. - mmm utuitn ih aomin,
aa whan injured or olueed the butting go on.
unen we auginale or air hole are atoniied her
ineli.-ajly. u wae done ,y llarineiatcr, the hut
ting ia only weakened, aa the meeut itnalf Ii
l-ytially Mi.hynato! l.y the loss of freah air
hen, aa I hM m did, Pent atuck together
vne wuga mi a ny, the aoiin.l waa .1,11 lr, 1
aa Uta usee of the wing coutinuel to vibrate
aim to uiuing eomid Ui In iroducel. Hut all
lH""jf eto.l if, ,y holding the winga
reaad together, over aa large an eitont aa
'l T ' ?5" ''"rUl" MMtaM upon
...aar ammm, ail mutemeiit of heae organa ia
MevUra.1 impassible I whatever way the
(! are ooaflned, provided Uieir immobility
11 I1MM,,.I.I. 11. 1 J 11.. .
in. ouuing aioiuUily cnaaei
nlrary to Hunter . eUtemenl. M. I'orei
"'rr.u,Ki. can n. rvavlily related, if ,,
'" "! I""" "dor. ,, ,, ,, ,.U,,
I thai ud thu veied .nation be act
Kmrriau a NtSAiiaoAT to Si tu Aamia
. PMI aUamlioat waa almiue,! f,,
tUrairg, Penney I van .a, in the 1 0th of October
aaa. Bjr way of ,w Vara, to be d.livsrwd t.
the Ifnitod Hut-a of Colombia. South Am.,,...
It ea ahipfnl , aertnaaa, and will U ,,t Ul.
. Mar alien .... i.- J . .
""Hiiaiion ly ,ei,
w 'r,H " ittaiiurg for that our
I " '"iT T'-. U'. ' feet It, nche.
Tr."""-"' ". and mad,
en..B. , iMuulti atrrnifth ,.f 70, (MX)
ztt7 rM"uta lvi,,,h ,,y'0'1"'.
- .. ,.wr. in I eel
tan h..MM i. i . 1 cu"'
1 ""' . m katne .d the ilMial.i .l.
Aa h niniv. Pliu a it- l
'' ''" Hw Norths IVific ra,ln.
& i. 3 5m
et w.v. TtL . ""f""""".!! the
ar way ,.f thju naptn., ...
"aive ltr. ,j r, ' 1 "'' U to
r-r ana,, af L11 2 ?
A Honsu NpoHiilL Tic Mew York
Auade iij of iScicnaeahaj had an lotcreatuig ipe-
Oican of luarnie which came from a ship
wrecked in 1871, off the south coast of Long
1-1. ui'!. Thu marble was perfectly honey -
comlwil by aome mariiie-boring animal The
Sfirnlijir A mrritaH says that Dr. Newberry be
l.. .1... la .. 1.. a,, a. . . :
i.' .' .ii. ii ib viMiiuo i" tin laiacstu a njn i icn
of aKing of the genus ('liomi, and this view
lias been recently indorsed in a note on the sub
ject puhliehed by I'rof. A. E. Verrill. who has
I, ail 1U "j j ' 'i i " ii, i j in CAAIOIOIO BOOIC BWKI
mena aei.l tt II,.. l'..,ll, 1 ..f V..1..
College. I'rof. Verrill states that the exposed
rtiona of the alaba examined by him are
thoroughly penetrated to the depth of one or
mm . .. ..I l... .L. 1 i : i i :
eel in. ii. n u aoo i iuiimh kjiu irregular uunugs
or gallcrica of the sponge, Vliona mtlphurea, so
mm vu in. in in u m 1 1 1 1 ' ii noncycomo,
reailily crumblini. in the tinners. The marble
ia (jerfectly aound and unaltered beyond the
lainnga. no aaya unit ino rapid destruction of
the hln Ik of ..I,. Ki, ill. L. . .J
ll ii -jmmm, vim., uj 111.. UUI IllgS Ol
Una apouge has long been familiar to him, but
... .m ... ii m ii i' ai'i'n eimniuiui or i n nniinti
on marble orlimeatono: for calcareous rocks do
not occur along those iNirtions of our coast in
habited by the animal. He suggests that its
oinvy vo rapmiy uesiroy audi rocks might have
. Ill ii In :,1 luiarinn in ..I I - .1
1 "T" 01 euouianue siruc-
ea looeaione or oiner similar materials.
Spontaneous Combi htion.- Dr. Hoffman has
called attention to some curious cases of snnn.
. . . a
tanooiia ignition of hydrogen in air. The nh.n
omenon has been noticed in factories where large
uanuiies ol line were lieing dissolved in hydro
i hloric acid for th nana..y.. ..i ci .
... . , , 1 r.'u ui uuu cuionae.
lolent expl.enona l,.k place when no flame
waa near: and j .
1 , . weuui wHueu mat
the gaa took hro spontaneously. It appears to
wi; I i S3T" ve,T Porous rinc,
which, when ifu . ...... ii... ...I--- 1
l: ii i , . .uuaw 01 LI"'
liipiid dunng the violent evolution f tk
and bo brouirht in ... n i ... -t u ii, L. J M !
....... 1.1V11 iiaunwen and
,Zt Z . - t",e ul"ur "flMllllll tho
DSftomaBaa of aiiek : .t
Sa ,7T - a iiauaaej in ine open air.
The ignition can be shown by treating a few
kilogrammes of linelv .lii.l..C -:TS ,eW
The "line i-lvLT 71"
with waUr ' " 'mM "y
1ounii ai. The Polutrrhni.- i
Ik. . . . ' nia
....-uun a private etter fr n. t
Hunt tk.t k. "
i iwigreasat Paris was
Kreat success. There were -XVI m.k.
preaent : anil varii.i.a :.i
it., work of .h, : ,r T.!m
and ufuL AmZ lZ?Lm "PrUt
will la. ,u,re.u.l , . 0,Le """-"ho
levote hirnlf o m.K,rta sci'n , 10
Uona. IWf,ir- laavataS SliLfSTr "'vcettga.
""utio,, u.i.ii. i. "f
Tut Sun or IIalbTItv. t-n
-1 "toa may.,. 3.. :,U:,DKPr4Ct'-
. , -".el ny tnoae whose
Mhsj i, ik. i . ! wnose
ktltJ rare 7 7T ttoo
oaiea ary frt,m A to A i . .
a lO . mrh JJ.L .... ..
weigh, eafrl'C'
dimena.ona are dilT. .. j- .- The
Prt thu. lJtCZ-rJ," WPHM
' .-!.... bale. .l.i,,,k7",U:.,.';-W.V. ;
if oncoa-nu. "r"?.h ll- Bale.
!'Mdwh4ll0r r,5f"tb3rS'tby:
A letter from John E. Martin to the Railroad
QautU contains the following: I notice in the
discussion on boilers at the last convention of
master mechanics, that Mr. Hudson recom
mends washing ont locomotive boilers with hot
water. I have used the injector for that pur.
pose lately and with great success. We conn
uie boilers to be washed ont with the injector
of another locomotive by means of wrought-iron
piping and a flexible hose pipe that will srju,d,
good pressure. A nozzle of five-sixteenths of
an inch is used on the hose. With snch
nozzle and with a boiler pressure of about 130
pounds we throw a stream of hot water of 140'
Fahr. temperature into the boiler to be washed
out. A gauge on the hose pipe showed a prei
sure of 1 10 pounds, equal to a vertical weight of
nearly 250 feet The hot water loosens th.
scale more effectually than cold water, and the
force of the stream is all that can be desired
A stream of water can be thrown a distance of
60 feet and could be used aa a fire extinguisher.
Population of Sohr o the Great Crnn
of the World. The Registrar General of
London, in one of his weekly reports, gives the
population of the cities of the world having over
a quarter of a million of inhabitants, as follows :
r irat COIIloa TjinHnn milk ii. Q KTf OA1 i '
. ... , ,, ,,ov people :
next is Pans, with its 1,988,800; New York,
with it 1,084,528, and its olose neiahborn.
partner Brooklyn, with 549,438 ; and then Ber
lin, with 1,019,620 inhabitants lhiU,l..l,,i,;.
has its 876. 1 If) 707071 . o. 1. f
. ' ' i oia reiers.
T8' Bombay, 644,405; Glasgow,
566.940 : .iverimo MO Kfil . VI.-k.-i.-
Salfor, 530,765 people. All these are above
the half mil ion. Then ,.,,.,. v 1 m. ...
1KT Jv. ri . . v""'DO i.-uica, iriun
"JiW ; Calcutta, with 429,535; Madras, 397-
""- , 1 1 inn 11 11 1' II. Mini Aiir. 111.1 . in :
h.. .. . . - . ' --W, .V , llll III 111.'
am, 883. 17 : Ka timne- 9RR nnn . n..j. n Ic
Old i. ' ! " VW , UIIUl-I BBIU,
.tl,.50; Dublin, 314,666; Leeds, 304,948;
Amsterdam. :K 9111! . k.ffi.u nan o- .
-HA -'14, and Breslau, with 267,000 population.
niu great tninese and Jspan-
eaui nitma 1
ThOUIIHTS FOR WlNTR weilur t. Ik.
New York Jmlrpendent sayi : Typhus, typhoid
fever, and diphtheria are more abundant in
winter than in summer; while, if the apecifio
ntectlve IMBA-ju.. .i ..... t .l.u ; ,1 r 11
ik 7" 6"' ""j luumoiu in me tan,
uiey are apt to linger wjth continuous pertina
city until the Into spring. It is quite apparent
too that our population suffer, from the winter
confinement amid impure air, even where do
special distemner ia i,-,i.,.,.i n l-
1 "iwu. hub rvaeuu wiij
t seems so necessary for our urban population
w spend the summer on the seashore or in the
mou.,U.nsi.Ju.tkttMtherehM , .
uctionof v,ul forc8 by surroundings, which
Ze m (t',u,,r,Pirel- These heated chamber.
,0.1.1, bMement do not send into these
heaven. Nature struggle, on, witfc her com-
Pensatlnna ami ... ...
ln-.; 1 j"vmenia, until .nein.tituMS
ance it lf . 88' "lld """"
. 'IlllUlgf.
Prize Cattle Cam Tk. t 1 oi-a a-.
.1 a. " -a.uvau oQcieay io
the I revontionof a..-i. ,, a.
l v auiiuais 1 rjigianoh
having offered 400 i n. ... ! ' a
ii . . f."ai iur improvea obm
-iyu-tlfT Md ,elected 'our, whiob
.la. iiTlk '""'tor. to build of full
Ub, r canal T." P
il tnT ?hU9t mi1ht Three of
mvTto? lZ 'kT D0,W oompIecaMl. and on.
uXZrV '"rther time The
pr. aa.Ml tk2. j J""rys companies ex-
saf. .ml -T-TT. ""Pt simpja. light cheap.
d transit if 1 "",thod of
hithlrtofani lL the.; f-ture.