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Hurricane Hits Many Gulf Cities But
Little Damage Done.
sta te : n e w s
Dallas, Tex.—Driving furiously into
the Texas coast, principally in the
section southwest of Galveston, the
tropical hurricane that has skirted the
Brief Resume Most Important United States gulf coast for nearly a Firm Stand Is Explained Forci
week, apparently has swept inland
bly to Big Audience.
Daily News Items.
near the Mexican border.
Wire communication was interrupt­
ed in most of the affected area and
the extent of the storm’s damage could
not be learned accurately Sunday, but
there were no reports of fatalities.
Brownsville and Corpus Christ! ap­
Events of Noted People, Governments parently felt the brunt of the storm Senate Contest Involves .Only Inter­
which weather bureau officials believe
pretation, With Phraseology
•nd Pacific Northwest, and Other
has passed on into Mexico where it
of Little Import.
Things Worth Knowing.
will be dissipated in the Mexican
Salem.—R. B. Goodin, secretary of
the state board of control, was in Port­
land recently obtaining prices on sup­
plies to be purchased by the state.
Buying In Car Lots Through Cooperation Lowers Cost Ma­
terially—Bids Should Be Obtained Says Specialist.
Astoria.—With high prices prevail­
ing, a fair amount of fish known to
( P r e p a r e d b y O reg o n A g r ic u ltu ra l C o lleg e) erally proper to obtain bids from the
be in the river, and every packing
Lowering the cost of handling is the various dealers. In obtaining them it
plant in operation, the fall fishing sea­
big problem in the cooperative pur­ is well to bear in mind th a t prices
son, which opened at noon Wednesday,
chase of feed, points out E. L. Potter, fluctuate from day to day and dealers
promises to be one of the most suc­
professor of animal husbandry at the do not like to make a bid today which
cessful in years.
Oregon Agricultural college.
would be subject to acceptance within
“In th e cooperative purchase of feed a week or 10 days, because they have
Salem.— Total losses from fires in
Oregon, exclusive of Portland, for Au­ ju st as In the cooperative purchase of no idea w hat the m ark et conditions
gust were $453,190, according to the o th er com modities the popular idea will be. It is proper In requesting a
monthly report of S tate F ire M arshal am ong cooperators,” says Professor bid on any feed to specify the tim e a t
P otter, “it th a t of saving th e profit which the bid is desired and the tim e
which the d ealer might otherw ise at which it would be subject to accept­
Salem.—George E. Saunders, indict­ make. This is all very well b u t it ance. All bids, for example, th a t are
Galveston, w here considerable anx­
Demobilization of the navy dem oral­ iety had been felt, apparently was
Portland.—Sanely and directly, with ed in the Josephine county courts on alw ays m ust be rem em bered th a t if the requested by the feeds com m ittee of
ized the A tlantic fleet so far as man struck by the edge of the storm area but infrequent recourse to eloquence, a charge of embezzlement of $2281 cooperative purchasers are to save the the agricultural college are asked to
power is concerned, it was said S atur­ and again the city was saved from Woodrow W ilson, 28th president of from the Rogue riv er public service profit which the dealer m ight oth er­ be furnished by noon of a certain day
day a t the navy departm ent.
any considerable damage by the pow­ the United S tates, spoke to 7000 citi­ corporation, was acquitted a t G rants wise m ake they m ust also m eet the and subject to acceptance generally at
erful sea wall, constructed after the zens of Oregon Monday night a t the Pass Saturday, according to word re­ expenses which the dealer would incur. 3 or 4 o’lock of th a t afternoon. Unless
The steam er B arnstable, coal laden
1900 disaster. W ater was reported to uditorium , bringing im m ediately home ceived a t the offices of the sta te en­ T hese expenses are not necessarily some provision of th is sort is made
from Savannah to a Cuban port, went
a depth of six feet in sections of Cor­ to them his uncom prom ising advocacy gineer.
lessened by handling the purchase co­ many dealers will not m ake bids at
down o ff'S t. C atherines Friday night.
Monmoutn. — The Oregon normai operatively.
pus Christi and inform ation received of the league of nations and his plea
It is reported th at 14 of the crew are
by the w eath er bureau from San An­ th a t they as A m ericans stand with school opened for the 1919-20 season
“T he real advantage and practically
The big advantage of obtaining bids,
tonio said w ater was th ree feet deep him for the redem ption of ideals root­ Monday m orning, September 15. The the only advantage of cooperative pur­ believes Professor P otter, lies in the
The miners, by a vote of 5 to 1, de­ in the lobby of the Corpus Christi ho­ ed deep in the trad itio n s of America. attendance ’ is considerably increased chasing of feed are obtaining feed in fact th a t dealers vary in th eir position
cided to end th e strike th a t has for tel.
He spoke as one speaks to his over last year. T here will also be a carload lots. This cuts down th e ex­ to make good prices. The dealer, who
several weeks halted production in the
Early reports from Corpus Christi neighbors and friends, confident of num ber of boys am ong the incoming pense m aterially from buying the feed has a surplus of barley today will make
Tonopah district, and an order was is told of considerable dam age done by th eir appraisal of the ju stice of his students, a co n trast to the w ar years in less than carload lots. W here the a reasonable price, while if he happens
sued S aturday night to resum e work a 65 miles an hour gale which sw ept position and of th eir judgm ent of the when young men in the norm al were feed is purchased in less than carload to be short and would have to go out
at once.
away signs and aw nings and drove task th a t rem ains unfinished, ere peace decidedly lacking.
lots the large dealers generally charge and buy in order to fill the order, his
The application of George L. and J. at least $1 a ton more for the less than bid will be som ew hat higher. The
Several villages in the province of residents of outlying d istricts to the may come in perm anency. He spoke
Siena, Italy, were severely shaken Sun­ g reater security of brick and stone as one friend to another, of the tru st A. M cPherson for au th o rity to con­ carload lots. In addition there are feeds com m ittee of th e agricultural
th a t troubled nations of the old world stru ct a logging spur railroad over and practically always some charges and college has bought feed from nearly
day night by an earthquake. Houses buildings downtown.
place in A m erica in th e d ark hour, across a county road in Columbia coun­ then comes the question of local all the leading dealers of P ortland and
were badly damaged. One person is
dead and several injured at Piancas plete Sunday night, so far as wire a tru st born of unselfish and valiant ty was granted in an order of the Ore­ freight which is much higher th an the has found th at no one of them can be
com munication was concerned, the en try into the w ar for hum an liberty gon public service commission Issued carload rate. By the tim e th e feed depended upon to m ake the low est bid
tagnajo. Ten were injured a t Celle.
only inform ation coming from th a t —and one th a t is not fulfilled in en tire­ Saturday. Under the order the appli­ reaches the consum er it costs the con­ a t all tim es. Bids should usually be
A dispatch received in P aris from city being contained in a brief w ire­ ty until a covenant of nations shall cants m ust bear the expense of the sum er anyw here from $5 to $10 a ton obtained not only from the Portland
Sosnowice in the governm ent of Piotr- less dispatch from F o rt Brown to ren d er futile all future attem p ts to crossing, as well as install standard more than it would have cost had he dealers, but also from the local dealers
kow, Poland, asserts th a t a German southern departm ent headquarters at m ar the happiness of the race.
danger signs.
purchased in carload lots.
in the home town. These men are
army, com prising a minimum of 200,- San Antonio reporting a 75-mile wind
Should senatorial opposition m ar the
“The big opportunity, therefore, in often in a position to m ake a b etter
Eugene.—The m int growers of the
000 men, is concentrated on the fron­ at 4 P. M.
m eaning of the covenant m aterially, W illam ette valley have pooled th eir front of all the farm ers in the way of price than the dealers a t a distance.
then, w arned the president, the giant
tie r of Silesia ready to be throw n
cooperative purchasing is to so com­
“J’urchasers of feed who expect to
task to which th e nations of the league m int oil for 30 days and are holding
against Poland.
addressed them selves in P aris m ust be out for $8 a pound. The W illam ette bine th eir orders th a t an entire carload make a big saving m erely on the net
again attem p ted ; the dictated peace Valley Mint G row ers’ association held can be purchased. T here is, however, profit which the dealer m akes,” says
The bureau of internal revenue a n ­
th a t G erm any w as forced to sign must a meeting here, 15 members, including little advantage in com bining -to pur­ P rofessor P otter, “will be doomed to
nounces th a t virtually all federal taxes,
be resubm itted for quibbling, and the
chase more than one carload.
disappointm ent, b ut * they can m ake
even the 2 cents paid for the privilege
turm oil th a t th e world has endured E. B. Wallace, president, of Albany,
“A fter a com bination has been m ade substantial saving by so handling their
of an ice cream soda, may be deducted
being present. Two thousand pounds
New York.—W ith more than 50 per­ m ust inevitably reaw aken.
In his address, w ithout th e vestige of th is year’s output of oil was repre­ which will handle an entire carload feed as to put it in carlots and elim in­
from gross Income in com puting in­ sons injured and the dam age already
the place w here purchased becomes of ate the expensive cost of handling the
come taxes. Only income and excess done estim ated a t from $5,000,000 to of hesitancy. P resid en t W ilson charged sented at the meeting.
th a t the inference of politics in his
som ew hat less im portance. It is gen- small lot shipm ents.”
profits taxes may not be deducted.
$10,000,000 w eary firem en Sunday advocacy of the league, the h in t that
Salem.—M arion county book dealers
may be looking forw ard to 1920, is are refusing to handle textbooks
the other hand, recognizes the g reat
The railroad adm inistration will un night still w ere fighting a th re a t of he
u tterly unw arranted and unw orthy. If
reservedly accept th e proposal of the further explosions of oil tan k s at the ajjy in the audience, he declared, im through the state agency of J. K. Gill
im portance of the A m erican farm er in
United Brotherhood of M aintenance of fire which practically wiped out the puted such a motive, he desired to & Co. of P ortland u n til the m argin of
the stability and developm ent of the
profit is increased from 15 to 20 per
Way Employes and Railway Shop La Stone & Flem ing Oil com pany’s plant sep arate him self from th a t man.
And the presid en t m ade it clear, cent. H al D. Patton, Salem book deal­
borers for a new working schedule, ac­ in Long Island City Saturday.
“The bank can help in establishing
with em phasis, th a t the m ost sincere
cording to a message read before a
“A relation exists betw een the bank­ a g reater degree of credit,” says Mr.
ill-wisher of the league is the German er, has suggested th a t th e sta te or
closed session of the organization’s ing late Monday. Should th e re be a propagandist, w hose hope is th a t the county school au th o rities establish an e r and the farm er th a t isn ’t found be­ Gunn. “If the farm er obtains the con­
convention in D etroit Sunday morning. sudden shift of the wind from north United S tates may re je c t the covenant independent exchange and thereby pro­
fidence of the bank he can secure the
to northeast, m any additional tanks and thus alien ate herself from the vide a considerable saving for school tw een the farm er and any other class wider known reputation of the bank
of m en,” says F. V. Gunn, farm m an­
“ Radical ideas, bolshevism and I. W. in plants nearby would be threatened friendship of her form er allies and the pupils.
to assist his lim ited reputation. The
tru s t of sister n ations—w eakening the
agem ent dem onstrator a t the college.
W.isin are corrupting the universities as well as thousands of tons, of coal.
farm er who cannot increase his profits
stren g th of the alliance for lasting
“The banker usually is a confidential
of America,” declared Colonel David
The 20 acres of fire-swept te rrito ry peace and leaving open th e path for
by-investing more capital is the excep­
P. Barrows, form er dean of the Uni­ looked like a scene in w ar-devastated such a course as G ermany took when glng company resumed full operations advisor to the farm er and generally
tion ra th e r than the rule. A banker
has no hesitancy in revealing to thg
versity of California, a t a banquet in Frunce or Belgium. T anks were crum ­ she sought to dom inate the world.
“My contest w ith them is a contest num ber of the employes went out on a banker anything concerning his farm is in the business principally to loan
Oakland, Cal., Sunday night, given in pled up; huge steel girders lay in a
of in terp retatio n ,” declared P resident strike, b ut the company continued to business. The successful banker also money to the members of a community.
honor of Lieutenant-Colonel Theodore tangled m ass, few walls w ere left Wilson, speaking of the opponents and
Before m aking a loan he m ust be sure
Roosevelt by American Legion posts standing, and burning oil continued to the opposition to the league covenant, ru n one side of the camp or about 50 has the confidence and respect of the
the money will be returned. It is Nec­
farm er who thinks his advice is worth
of Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley and flow along the surface of Newton assertin g th a t m ere phraseology is a
essary th a t he take little or no risk
if his business is to succeed.”
the substance of th e docum ent rem ains on th e strik e have retu rn ed to work
“The banker is very much interested
A Dawson, Y. T. dispatch says sev­
unmeddled with.
and asked to be reinstated and the in the farm er’s fin an cial welfare. As
Plane Up 34,000 Feet.
From first to la st the address was an
eral thousand tons of silver ore will be
Bulk Grain Handling Grows.
Mineola, N. Y. — A new unofficial appeal for the sup p o rt of Am ericans company agreed to take on such men his whole financial success depends
shipped “outside” next spring from
Bulk handling of grains is holding
world's altitude record, it was learned in retaining th e fru its of peace and as it could use.
upon the farm er’s prosperity, he is in­
Yukon and Alaska, according to Vol-
its dwn in most of the eastern Oregon
was established here Saturday, when assuring “the safety and honor of
Salem.—A representative of the state terested in aiding th e farm er. As a
ney Richmond, superintendent of the
fu tu re generations.” He dealt but
Roland Rohlens, testing pilot for the slightly with critics of the covenant, highway commission went to Roseburg first aid he can assist th e farm er to districts and in some places is making
N orthern Commercial company. Half
a distinct growth, says Paul Mehl, fed­
Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor corpora­ though at one period he upbraided Friday to investigate the case brought install business m ethods.”
of this am ount, he said, would come
tion, climbed to a height of 34,000 feet them as men, in some instances, for against the commission, Governor 01-
Farm record and account is a basis eral and college agent in marketing,
from Nixon Fork, n ear Iditarod, and
more than six miles—beating the whom he had no vestige of respect.
cott and State Treasurer Hoff to en­ of a profitable and permanent agricul­ after completing a field survey of
half from K antishna, near F airbanks.
join the state from proceeding with ture, believes Mr. Gunn. The farmer grain handling in the eastern Oregon
The S tew art river country is expected
Adjutant Casale of the French army
the construction of the so-called Can- is or at least should be a business man. wheat belts.. The increase is greatest
to ship possibly 1000 or 2000 tons.
in districts where threshermen charge
By a vote of 244 to 7 the bill confer­
ring the rank of permanent admiral
on Admiral Benson and Rear-Admiral
Sims was passed Wednesday by the
house. The measure now goes to the
The government has so much “coin
of the realm" th a t it actually bulges
out the walls of the vaults containing
It. The treasury has asked congress
to appropriate $1,600,000 to make the
vaults secure and provide additional
ones. The treasury's gold and sliver
accumulated during the war.
All members of the Wisconsin dele­
gation in the house introduced identi­
cal bills Wednesday proposing bonus­
es at the rate of $30 a month for each
month's service of soldiers, sailors,
marines and Red Cross nurses. It
was estimated $1.400,000,000 would be
required to make the payments.
One hundred and twenty-one women
teachers in the public schools in Yak­
ima, Wash., have so far been able,
with the help of City Superintendent
Davis, to find only 11 suitable rooms
for rent. The situation Is causing the
school authorities embarrassment, as
the opening of school is only about a
week distant.
at Vallacoubley last June by 864 feet.
Rohlens explained that he took the
air intending only to make a test
flight, but he found conditions so satis­
factory that he decided to keep climb­
ing until his air apparatus showed the
new record a'titude.
The machine Rohlens usod was the
same Curtiss wasp, equipped with a
400-horsepower motor, in which last
July he flew to a height of 30,700 feet.
He said he found that he was comfort­
able in his warm garments at the
34,000-foot level, where the thermom­
eter registered 44 degrees below zero.
Deaths Now Total 13.
Kansas City, Mo.—With the death
Monday of four more employes of the
Murray grain elevator here, which was
wrecked Saturday by a spontaneous
combustion explosion and fire, the list
of fatalities in connection with the
accident reached 13.
Four bodies were taken from the
ruins Monday. Five persons were
killed outright by the explosion or
died early Monday.
Officials of the company said the
loss would be In the neighborhood of
$3,500,000. They said there were ap­
proximately 1,000,000,000 bushels of
grain In the elevator.
Four hundred thousand German
Japan Demands Shantung.
workers have volunteered for the work
New York.—Japan will refuse to rat­
of restoration In northern France, ac­
ify the peace treaty If the Shantung
cording to Vorwaerts. Large scale re­
clause is excluded. In the opinion of
construction operations are contem­
Baron Shimpei Goto, member of the
Japanese national commission for dis­
Peter Lynch, said to be an organiser cussion of foreign poljples and former
for the I. W. W„ who was arrested foreign minister, who arrived here on
Saturday and placed In the city Jail his way home after a three-months'
at Calipatrta. Cal., was released from visit to England and France. Baron
jail, escorted to the city limits by a Goto said he spoke as a private citizen
•'citizens’ ” committee and ordered and was expressing only hla personal
never to return.
yonville cut-off highway. In case the The work on the farm depends not
road is built under present plans the only on scientific and practical knowl­ two cents less per bushel for thresh­
town of Riddle, about 30 miles south edge of the farm Itself, but upon the ing grain to be bulk handled, due to
of Roseburg, will be eliminated from ability and willingness of the farmer paying the expense of jigger and sack-
Portland.—Two men were killed and
to make the best use of better business sewer.
the main highway.
three others were injured when a high-
Elevator managers are urged to
machinery. The use of a checking
Salem.—Robert E. Downing and A.
powered Packard touring car attached
their terminal grades more
system at the bank is a matter of
to President Wilson’s automobile high­ I. Eoff, who own a 37-acre tract of hops importance and is to be encouraged, closely and when desirable file ap­
way party swerved into a ultcu and in the American bottom country, south not because the bank is a safe place peals, which often result in a raising
overturned on the Powell Valley road, of Independence, has refused a cash to keep the money, but because the of the grade. Last year only one man­
a mile and a half west of Gresham, offer of 65 cents a pound for their checks themselves are an excellent re­ ager in the entire district filed an
shortly before 12 o’clock, noon, Mon­ product or a 24-hour option at 70 cents
cord and proof of any transaction. This appeal.
a pound. The tract will produce about
The two men killed were Ben F. 10,000 pounds of hops, it is estimated gives a detailed record of all farm ex­
Silage Trouble Due to Greenest
Allen, aged 39, Washington correspond­
penses, and if the farmer, when de­
ent for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, by the owners. Mr. Downing said he positing his money, will fill out dupli­ Trouble with silage in some of the
and a member of the newspaper party has great faith in the future of hops
attached to the president's special and that he is in no hurry to dispose cate deposit slips and indicate what dairy districts of Oregon is due to
each amount is for, a complete record immaturity of the silage crops and
James R. Patterson, aged 66. a re­ of his crop.
imperfect methods of ensiling, say
of all farm receipts will thus be had.
tired real estate dealer of 444 Carter
Eugene.—A large number of sheep
In this manner the banker is assist­ specialists in dairying and crops at
Lane, Portland.
have been brought into Lane county ing the farmer to keep his record. The the college. Most of the difficulties
Mr. Patterson, owner and driver of
the machine, lost control and went into this year and the number now In the object is not to get the banker to do reported are with oats and vetch,
a small ditch when he was compelled county is climbing back to what it was the work for the farmer, but to make which should not be ensiled until they
to swerve sharply to the right to avoid four or five years ago, according to he may have attained, as a good farm­ reach the hay stage. The hard seeds
striking a machine driven by C. H. N. S. Robb, county agricultural agent.
er. may be.lost by poor business man- of the vetch is modified in fermenta­
Barnett of Wasco. Or. The Barnett
the farmer realize that what success tion in change to silage. The crops
machine had been parked by the road
side until the presidential party had says the agent, and with the number agement, and that the remedy is busi­ should be cut rather fine and packed
passed by on its way into the city. of sheep 25 per cent below normal ness methods. A half dozen years ago very tight in the silos.
Thinking, he asserts, that the long in all of the large western sheep states
a banking system was not thought
line of automobiles had passed, Mr,
Two hundred thousand pounds of
Barnett started hts machine back into sheep raising looks as if It will remain necessary by many farmers. Today
the road, but had stopped squarely in profitable for several years, Is the the successful farmer realizes that a gunpowder m anufactured In this coun­
the roadway when Mr. Patterson ap­ opinion of Mr. Robb.
bank is as much an aid to financial try, sold to England, then to R ussia
proached in his big car traveling about
40 miles an hour, according to wit­ Salem.—Acting on a letter sent out progress as a good farm and good and finally resold to the U nited S tates,
by Fred O. Buchtel of the Oregon pub­ methods of farming. The bank, on turned out to be useless.
lic service commission, J. P. O’Brien,
Sugar Crop la Largest.
Milk Testers’ Exams. Monthly.
Appointment of J. W. Severy of St.
federal manager of the United States
Honolulu. T. H.—The sugar crop of railroad administration, has called a Louis, as instructor in botany is an­
Milk testers’ examination will be
the territory of Hawaii this year will meeting in Portland for Monday, when nounced. Severy was recently dis­ held at the state agricultural college
reach 605,000 tons. This is above any a committee similar to the national charged from a hospital unit in the at Corvallis the first Thursday in each
previous estimate by several thousand board of defense will be organized to Vmerioan Expeditionary forces and month, and at Portland, 611 Worces­
tons and is based upon the latest cal­ deal with the threatened car shortage since then has served as a chemist in ter building, at such dates as may be
culations on "cleanups" at several in Oregon. All railroad heads in the a commercial plant. He is a graduate announced by the state dairy and food
plantations. The factories have ship­ northwest, together with yard masters of Oberlin college where he obtained commissioner. Applicants for the col­
ped 446.000 tons and 31,000 tons more and many other officials, have been final honors in botany and spent two lege examinations must notify the
will be sent to San Francisco prior to urged to attend. The committee, when ' years as a graduate student and teach- dairy department in time to allow
October 15. The total output from organlzed. will proceed along the lines | ing fellow students in the Shaw school preparations for all who may enter,
original mills will be 585.000 tons of adopted by the railroads of the country of botany, Washington university, SL says P. M. Brandt, chief. All testers
raw sugar and 20,000 tons of refined. during the war.
must be licensed.