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Brief Resume Most important
Daily News Items.
In order to provide for linking up
the Columbia highway through The
Dalles, the city council has adopted
four resolutions calling an election for
Friday, June 27, on voting necessary
Daring Airmen Given Up for Corporal York, “ Battling for the Lord,” Slew 24 Germans in Machine
Gun Nest, and With Five Assistants Captured 132 of the
Lost Picked Up at Sea.
Enemy, Including Four Officers — Was Willing
Shows Great Increase
in Use of Artillery
The roster at the opening of the
Washington.—American soldiers
to Drill, but Not Kill.
state grange at Hillsboro Thursday
in the bnttle o f St. Mihiel expended
morning showed 118 delegates, repre
nearly 33 times as much artillery
senting 27 counties, in attendance
ammunition as was expended by
without saying a word. And he didn’t
Three hundred visitors are also pres
the Union army in the battle of
In tha Chicago D ally News.
mean to be unsociable, either. Cor­
ent, making the total number in at
Nashville, Tenn.—He began ids mil­ poral York took after him.
Events o f Noted People, Governments tendance the largest in recent years. News o f Fliers Who Week A go Started itary career as a religious conscien­
Tills comparison and others are
The York estate comprises 40 ncres
shown in a table of statistics pre­
and Pacific Northweat and Other
Across Atlantic Electrifies
The current issue of an eastern mag
pared by the war department to
the need for killing Germans by argu­ land, but most Is hill country. The
azine contains an article by Professor
Thinga Worth Knowing.
emphasize the great Increase in the
Whole World.
ments drawn from the Bible. And he house has one room on the ground
Dryden, o f Oregon Agricultural col
use of artillery to precede Infantry
acted on this conviction by killing 24 floor, which Is dining room, sitting
action as one o f the striking devel­
Germans In a machine gun nest, with room and all, while the loft Is every­
lege, in which is detailed the history
opments of the present war.
his rifle, and capturing, with five as­ body's bedroom.
The supreme economic council an*
London.— Missing for six days and sistants* 132 of the enemy, Including
The high marks in the use of
lean-to, built against the house. The
nounced Tuesday that the allied and son, who cleared $18,300 in four years virtually given up for lost, Harry G. four officers.
In offensive battle were
associated governments had decided from chickens. Mr. Hanson started Hawker and his navigator, Lieutenant-
reached at the Somme in 1916 nnd
This achievement of Corpornl York, live stock consists of a pair of mules,
to lift the blockade of Hungary as
Messlnes ridge In 1917, before the
Commander Mackenzie Grieve, Brit­ which has been called by General Per­ a cow, some hogs nnd chickens. All
effective use o f tnnks wgs devel­
soon as a stable government is estab­
The adoption of a new wage scale ish airmen, who essayed a flight shing the greatest single exploit of about the place is tall virgin timber.
with increase in the minimum wage across the Atlantic ocean, without pro­ the war, has become famous, but the
lished there.
Lived Life of a Pioneer.
The comparative table of artil­
So Corpornl York, before he went to
for common labor from 45 to 50 cents tection from disaster, save what their man himself remains unknown. And
For the first time since February 1,
lery expended in battles of recent
surely such a man deserves to be ex­ war, lived In the one-room house in
an hour, and a proportionate increase frail airplane afforded, are safe.
wars and the present war is us fol­
1917, trading on the stock exchange
plained. You want to know what sort a clearing, which Was the usual home
in skilled labor, was announced by
Monday they reached the mainland
of a chap he is, and what environment of the American pioneer, and the life
lows :
Tuesday exceeded by a slender margin
the Buehner Lumber company at and proceeded to London, where they fostered such a combination of moral
he lived was Just such a life ns his
the 2,000,000-share mark, heavy buy­
North Bend Thursday. The increase were acclaimed as men returned to courage and physical skill.
forefathers had lived for generations.
ing of specialties contributing largely
am m unl-
in wages will become effective at once life.
The answer to these questions Is When not engaged in tilling his 40-
t l o n ex*
to the huge total.
Ye a r.
duration. A r m y
and will apply to over 250 employes.
Some 1100 miles out from New­ found here In the section that pro­ acre farm he»commonly went hunting.
1863. . C h i c k a m ’g a
U nion
The council of four of the peace con­
1863. . G e t t y s b u r g
U nion
foundland and 800 miles from the Irish duced Corporal York. It may be stated All of the men thereabouts go hunt­
1870. . St. P r i v a t
Germ an
ing nn*l nre good shots, but York
ference has decided conditionally to
coast, Monday, May 19, the aviators,
1904. . N a n s h a n
J a p a n e s e 34,047
1904.. Liao Y a n g
R u s s i a n 134,400
recognized the anti-bolshevik govern­ their location of the road from the making the best of an engine which longs to the vanishing race of old was especially efficient with the rifle.
1904 . . S h a H o
R u s s i a n 274.360
1915. . N . C h a p e l l e 35 m ln . B r i t i s h
ments of Admiral Kolchak and General end of the present paving in Umatilla was failing to function properly, were Americans. Men who were Just like The standard nud favorite game of
1915. . S o u c h e z
him in their faith in God, their courage the section is the squirrel. Every man
191 6..
B r i t i s h 4.000,000
Reuter’s county at Rieth, to Echo. Data, maps forced to alight on the water. The
1917. . M es . R i d g e
B r i t i s h 2.753.000
and their straight shooting won the has a squirrel .dog, nnd n good one is
and specifications for a call for bids
1918. .St. M ih ie l 4 hrs. U. S.
Agency in Paris.
little Danish steamer Mary, bound Revolution and several subsequent worth $35 or $40. The dog trees the
will be rushed so that the work may
from New Orleans and Norfolk for wars.
Two hotels, representing jointly an be completed this summer. The road
Aarhuus, Denmark, picked the way­
Of Pure American Breed.
always through the head, so ns not to
investment of $4,50(1,000, will be built as surveyed, follows the river, using
Such men have become scarce in mangle the meat. If you want to know plnee that the theater, the movie, the
farers up and continued her voyage.
in the northwest by the California in many places, the old railroad grade.
Lacking a wireless outfit, the cap­ America now. New breeds have come how Corporal York learned to shoot, parade and other similar stimulants o f
Hotel corporation, Charles W. Moore,
tain of the- steamer was Obliged to in and tlie old breed lias been changed try to knock n squirrel out of a tall emotion take in cities. Thnt is one
vice-president, announced Tuesday
by changing conditions. But there is hickory tree with n rifle, shooting al­ rensoh why tne camp meeting, with Its
One will be in Seattle and the other. Mrs- Charles H. Castner of Hood River withhold tidings of the rescue until one section of America in which the ways for the head, 'Jfhey also hunt wild crowd emotionalism, Is found in
he was opposite Butt of Lewis, where old American race still breeds true to
foxes here, running them with dogs all backwoods sections. It also prob-
in Tacoma.
. . and Mrs. W, H Dancy of Salem were
designated members of the advisory the information was signalled by type, ond more than that still lives nnd bringing down tlie swift quarry nbly explains in part the appeal o f
Thy Philippine mission which went board for the state industrial school means of flags that Hawker and almost as it lived when the Boones-
from a "stand.”
On autumn nights such sects ns the Holiness church.
to tlie United States in the interest for girls, in appointments announced Grieve were aboard his ship.
boro men threw down their nxes, took coon hunting Is In order. The coon
York’s father was a Methodist, and
of independence of the islands re­ by Governor Olcott.
Immediately word was flashed to their rifles and went out to extermi­ is chased up a tree by the dogs.
Mrs. Baldwin
he was brought up n Methodist, but
turned to Manila Monday and was succeeds Mrs. George McMath, who the British admiralty which sent out nate General Ferguson’s command nt
In the old days the tree was then he nnd his mother nnd sisters became
always chopped down, so that the dogs converts to the Holiness church. The
given an enthusiastic welcome by a served temporarily during Mrs. Bald­ destroyers to overtake the Danish ves­ King’s mountain.
The section referred to Is the south­ nnd the coon could flglit it out, no mat­ belief of this church seems to be that
crowd of thousands of persons who win’s absence from the state during sel and obtain confirmation. This was
Allegheny mountain region. The
greeted the party as it landed.
done and one of the destroyers took plnee where Corpornl York was born ter who owned the tree or how valu­ If a mortal neither does wrong nor
the war.
able It was. Recently, owing to the
the airmen off and later transferred nnd lived ail his life until he was called high price of lumber, a sentiment thinks wrong, he Is already, In effect,
A delegation of 250 women employes
an angel, and may taste on earth some­
That plans are being worked out them to the flagship Revenge.
to war, is a typlrul bit o f it. His against cutting down a $10 tree to get thing of the bliss of heaven. At Its
of the Brooklyn Rapid Transit com ­ for construction of a dam across Lost
From this safe haven Hawker sent home post office is Pall Mali, Fentress a $1 coon has developed, nnd tills is meetings there are brief rendings from
pany appeared before Governor Smith River bed below Merrill by which
a message that his machine had stop- . county, Tennessee, about 100 miles regarded with contempt by the old- the Scripture, then periods of silent
of New York at the city hall Tuesday later it is proposed to irrigate the
ped owing to the blocking of the water east <>f this city. There is nothing at timers as a sign of tlie degenerate mod­ meditation, then shouting of great joy,
to protest against the newly enacted reclaimed lands of Tule lake, is an­ circulation system.
Pall Mall except the post office, and ern mercenary spirit.
ns the full glory of their triumph over
transportation law which bars women nounced by Project Manager H. D.
, ____ .
the three forks of the W olf river,
Tlie law in this section is whatever sin nnd trouble burst upon the con­
\\ hen the airplane sped away from
from working after 10 o’clock at night Newell, at Klamath Falls. Mr. Newell ,
. ..
. ,
. ,,
, 'which come together there. On all local custom approved, and It does not gregation, all at once. These alternate
her starting point Pilot Hawker let |
are , he wooded rtdgw of the Al-
and which had cost them their jobs.
npprove of restricting a man’s personal periods of silent meditation nnd fren­
says there is no certainty as to when loose his wheels and under gearing,
legheny mountains.
Until two years freedom. Tills is a fact of prime zied rejoicing often extend fnr into the
One man was killed and several work will be undertaken but that the thereby lightening the weight of the ago it was 35 miles to the nearest rail­ importance to the understanding of
night, and throw the congregation into
Many men who went to war Corporal York. Every man here car­ n stnte of religious ecstasy.
were hurt when a giant Tarrant tri­ plans will be ready when the funds machine by a considerable amount, road.
but making a possible landing in Ire­ from this section saw a railroad train ries a gun, and is prepared ns a mat­
plane, largest in the world, was are available.
York took his new faith seriously. It
for tho first time when they answered ter of course, to shoot anyone who
land a more hazardous venture.
ing for its first flight near Farn-
some cravings of his nature.
Eleven thousand eight hundred nine
This probably proved of much ad­ the call to arms. To all intents nnd presumes to trespass on Ills prem­ He still enrrled arms. He was still
wrecked Tuesday morning while taxy- ty four voters were registered in Linn
borough. England. The machine dug county Wednesday night when County vantage when it became necessary to
prepared to fight when need nrose.
eenth century nnd into tlie twentieth.
Men Make Their Own Liquor.
its nose into tho ground and turned Clerk Russell closed the books for alight on the water. The airplane re­ That is whnt Corpornl York did.
But when lie heard of tlie war and the
Every man who wants to do so
draft law he realized thnt he faced a
over. It weighed 20 tons and was the special election to be held June mained afloat without difficulty during
Region Where Clemens Was Born.
makes his own whisky, keeps it in his
great crisis. He believed In fighting
the hour and a half it took the Danish
equipped with six engines.
Ail the people in this region are of house and drinks it when lie pleases.
3. Of this number 6887 were men and
for the right, but he did not see how,
steamer to effect a rescue.
Thirty thousand men, ship workers’ 5007 women. The number in each
All England is stirred by the news Their ancestors came down through In deference to federal regulations, but ns an angel on earth, he could kill a
representatives of the merchants’ and political party is as follows: Republi of the safety of the two aviatars, but (he mountains from Virginia and North the revenue officer does not intrude fellow who had never as an individual
done him any harm.
manufacturers’ association, federation can, 6662; democratic, 4127; prohi owing to the difficulties of communi­ Carolina. in colonial days, nnd the much.
It would be Impossible here
Willing to Drill, Not Kill.
of labor and other organizations, bit ion. 376; socialist, 254; miscellan­
cation some time must pass before
York nnd his mother went to S. E5.
ilies ever since. One o f these fnmHIes drug law, the prohibition law, or any
marched through the business section eous, 475.
the full details of the voyage are
is the Clemens family, which produced other law which involves opening bng- Frogge, a merchant nnd farmer liv­
of Baltimore Sunday afternoon as a
In reply to the complaint of R. W. known.
Mark Twuln. He was born at James­ gage nnd invndiflg premises. These ing near them, who was their repre­
protest against the proposed action
Price, president of the Multnomah
town, the county sent of Fentress coun­ people stand by the Constitution ns It sentative in the state legislature, nnd
of the United States shipping board in
Anglers' club, to the general effect
London. — A dispatch to the Ex­ ty. His father owned large areas of is written, not ns it is Interpreted. begged that Frogge try to obtain an
cancelling its shipbuilding programme.
that the state fish and game commis­ change Telegraph from Copenhagen land near there, which he sold and Their creed in brief is that ns long ns exemption for York. The young man
Information regarding numerous sion was in need of reorganization, and say8 it is reported on good authority traded nbout In such a way ns to Im- a man does not Interfere with anyone said thnt he could never kill in war.
Jewish masskcres in central and east­ that matters within it were far from that the Esthonians have captured uiortnlize his name, for they nre still else, no one has n right to Interfere Frogge, of course, could do nothing. A
trying to straighten out the titles to with him. That was tlie gist of Pat­ few days later York left for the first
ern Europe during last March and right, Governor Olcott has written Mr Peterhof, 19 miles west of Petrograd.
the Clemen, lands, nnd the old man’s rick Henry’s bill o f rights.
time in his life the little clearing and
A Helsingfors newspaper prints a
April, forwarded by special representa­ Price saying that such, an inquiry will
dealings promise to furnish occupation
Like most men who vnlde their lib­ the cabin and tlie wild woodlands
tives of the Jewish relief organization,
for many more generations of law­ erty, these mountaineers have a strong wliloji had theretofore been all the
was presented to the state department mission are in the state, and that the Lenine, the bolshevik leader, has of­ yers.
sense o f Justic«. They believe In the world to him.
He took his convic­
fered an armistice to Admiral Kol­
Tuesday by Representative Siegel of inquiry will be thorough and open
York Is the "third from the top,” proper use o f liquor by responsible tions ngninst war with him unshaken.
chak, commanding the anti-bolshevik as they say down here, in a family of persons. When n couple o f bootleggers As soon as he reached enmp he said
New York. Names of 54 Jews who
A shameless rancher profiteer, who forces, in order to consider peace nine children, nnd is twenty-seven came Into the neighborhood nnd began that he was willing to drill, but not to
were massacred were given in the re­
refused to divulge his name,"made $36 terms.
years old.
His father having died, selling whisky to boys, n posse was fight. He made his position perfectly
last Sunday pulling stalled automo-
By a surprise attack Friday night and his two older brothers married, he organized nnd the bootleggers disap­ clear to the cnptnln o f his company.
Young Americans who regret the biles from the mud at the eastern
became the head of the family and peared. The law was not invoked.
In having this captain. York was for­
Ejthonian forces broke through the
took care o f his mother nnd tho fam­
Mountaineer is Religious.
fact that they did not get an opportu and western termini of the Coos City
tunate. If he had been imprisoned,
bolshevik positions along the whole ily homestead. He once described him­
Next to his personal freedom, the
ntty to go to France during the world bridge, where the rains had created a
Pskov front, captured Izborsk and ad­ self ns being "a kind of a roomraer's thing that a mountain man takes most hazed or mistreated, as other conscien­
tious objectors were, he would almost
war, and who still desire to go over mired condition not observed until the
vanced to within six miles of Pskov, boy.”
seriously Is his religion. He believes certainly have spent the period of the
seas, are offered a chance by the machines plunged in over the hubs
capturing 1000 prisoners and many
He is not. however, given to describ­ in the Bibh; ns the source of truth, and war in prison. But this captain was
United States marine corps, which is The rancher said his tram could have
cannon and machine guns, according ing himself at length. In this country as a guide for human conduct.
a man of insight. He snw thnt York
enlisting men for "special limited serv­ made twice as much had the necessary
In these regions the church is a had In him the making o f a fine sol­
to an official statement issued at Es- where people never talk much unless
ice" in France. Musicians, especially, number of tourists happened alon&.
they are running for office, the Yorks place of sincere worship, a place o f so­ dier, nnd he also snw thnt York was a
thonian staff headquarters.
are in demand to relieve men now in
had a reputation for silence. His fa­ cial gathering nnd an emotional expe­ conscientious objector by sincere re­
ther Is said often to have gone through rience.
No doubt In all remote re­ ligious convictions.
the service, and men for service duty . Mrs. Jessie Jarvis of Portland was
Dry Orator Raps Wilson.
a whole day in the company o f a friend gions the church takes somewhat the
who want to spend the snmnfer abroad j Thursday elected president of the
This captain was something of a Bi­
Denver. — "Since. President Wilson
are urged to enlist at once.
Oregon Rebekah assembly, to succeed
ble student himself. He now refresh­
Mrs. Jeanle Burke of Grants Pass. made his declaration in favor of beer
ed himself on the Scriptures, called
Frank Livingston, negro, was tied to Other officers elected were;
Vice- and light wines, brewery stock has
York to him, nnd set out to convert
a tree and burned alive by a mob of president, Miss Ethel Fletcher. Salem; advanced 40 per cent and the presi­
him to war by the good book. It is
about 150 men, both white and negroes, secretary, Mrs. Ora Cosper, Dallas, dent's stock has gone down just that
said that the argument lasted fnr Into
about 18 miles from Eldorado, Ark., | re elected; treasurer, Miss Edna Ja- much,” declared Frank B. Willis, ex­
the night, that it was audible nt quite
a distance, and thnt Biblical quotations
cobs, Portland, reelected; warden. governor and ex-representative of
thundered back and forth like big guns
¡Mrs. Ethel Mehlrum, Mtlwaukie. The Ohio, in an address at an anti-saloon
The supreme court was askid in
In a bnttle. But when thd pale dawn
latter was elected over a field of ten league meeting here Sunday night.
memoranda filed by tho Commercial
came, one mountain man was con­
The ex governor also ridiculed the
and the Comrherciat Pacific Cables
vinced that his God commanded him to
federal court ruling that 3 per cent |
go forth and slay Germans.
companies to decide upon their merits I Efforts are being made to conserve
beer is hot intoxicating, declaring that j
the suits brought by the companies to th. 0Pop o f ragoara, one of the mo8t
Battled for the Lord.
if 6 per cent is intoxicating one can i
«njoln the postmaster general from . ..
„ ,
When he went home on a furlough.
get the same effect by drinking twice J
seizing their properties under the j i n d , s p e n 8 * b l e * r,lc ,P 8 , n t h e m o d i c a l
Corporal York, late conscientious ob­
as much 3 per cent beer. He also de­
presidential proclamation of last Nov w or^d and grown only on the Pacific
jector, was a soldier through and
nied that Ihe dry amendment was |
through. A hunter nnd marksman by
(coast. The present crop growing In
forced on an unwilling people.
training, he wns fascinated by modern
Ten s quare blocks of Mobile's resl-
military arms. The machine gun, with
Woman and Son Killed.
Its deadly sweep and play, the vicious
deuce si tlon were swept by fire Fri to fill the demand for ail time If prop­
erly conserved. In other words, the
army automatic, the mllitnry rifle with
lavwiston, Idaho.—Jane Redcrow. a
day which caused $750,000 property,
Its wonderful range ar.d flat trajectory,
1casoars crop. If no! wasted, is repro- Nes Perce Indian woman, and her 5-
d.m agr left 1600 people houseless ■ ducin8 Itgelf „ fagt „ „ „
now held his heart ns the creed of
year-old son, struck by a freight en­
holiness on earth had held it before.
and destroyed p ro b .b l, 200 buildings. amned. Thc mature crop still standing gine on the Spalding bridge, the lad
There Is nothing more t o #tell about
parliamentary ,s Prob» b,y »mple to supply the de- being hurled Into the Clearwater river,
Corporal York, except that when he
commerclal conference has decided
performed his wonderful feat o f shoot­
new crop which is springing up on Joseph's hospital and the boy being
ing 24 Germans and capturing 132 of
to reserve its decision on the question
the million of acres of logged-off lands swept away by the current The wo­
them, he did not take the prisoners
o f the internationalization of the Rhine. throughout the Pacific coast will ma­
man. accompanied by two other
back to his own bnttniion, but to an­
.T h e Belgian claim for complete eco­ ture a new crop which will become
squaws, had waited at the end of the
other. Nor did he report what he had
nomic and military liberty waa agreed available in 10 to 16 years If not de­
done. His exploit was discovered and
bridge for the passing of the Spokane
Class In toy nuAIng at work In the reconstruction hospital for disabled verified by accident. He did not bat­
to unanimously by the conference.
passenger train.
•oldlers at Colonia, N J.
tle for glory, he battled for the Lord.