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T he P olk C ounty
A num ber of Polk county young
m en will be called to the colors this
m onth.
The eight chosen for technical
tra in in g are Roy H am ilton, Hick-
reall; H oward M orlan, M onmouth;
Duane Gibson Salem ; Joseph Bow­
m an, M onm outh; David Oleinan,
M onm outh; W esley S. Osborn, Mon-
m outhL ester George, M onm outh; Or­
lando N. B urbank, Airlie.
Among the U to report about June
25 and go to Cam p Lewis a re Glen
Keeney an d W alter B aker, Hoskins;
R alph J. C raber, Jefferson; Robert
B utts, A irlie; Richard W. Osborn,
M onm outh; Laxity A. P arrish , Hos­
kins; W illiam C. K earns, Independ­
ence; John C.wald, Independence;
P erry B. A rran t, M onm outh; George
R. McCoskey, A irlie; Jam es ('.. Cham
berlain, Independence. George T.
H aas of Independence is an a lte r­
Helen G ertrude B utler
Ernest Lester Chown
Ethel C arm ack
l'Ila K. Dickinson
Leona H anna
Vera Jzola Johnson
Dorothy Jane Paddock
Elm er E. Paddock, Jr.
Lillian F rances Tow nsend
FRIDAY, JU N E % 1918.
In the Shadow
O f the Eclipse
“No Quarter,
Everybody 99
Such were the orders of
The Commencement exercises of
tin* Independence High School w ill
: lake place this evening at the opera
! house at w hieh tim e seven girls an d
two boss will receive diplom as. Vein
I lAlinson will deliver the valedictory.
The address of the evening will ho
! delivered, by Dr. H. 1). Sheldon, dean
i of the School of Education of the
j University of Oregon
The 1 J) 1S class motto is “H onor
Before Honors.'' The colors are red
and w hite and Bed C arnation tho
1 flower. 1 *
the German officers on the
Get your smoked glass ready for the big eclipse tomor­
march of the Prussian troops
row. Failure on your part to properly prepare yourself
through Belgium. One who
witnessed the horrible deeds
will make you wait ninety nine years for another chance.
describes them in
The big attraction commences about 4 o ’clock in the aft­
ernoon and will be with less than umpty minutes.
Members of the Independence city council are wonder­
ing if it would be fair for the Oregon Power Co. to charge
for the juice that may be used during the life of the eclipse
A remarkable story b y
To avoid a like question coming up again, they1 will see
a young Prussian officer
that .in ordinance is passed putting electricity on the free
whose conscience revolted
list during occasions of this kind. At the next meeting
at the atrocities and who
made his escape to this
of the council, the recorder will be given ninety eight
Dallas, Ju n e 6—(Special) Big
country after the battle of
Moses and little fishes bow W inuio
years to draw up such an ordinance.
Mons. Don’t miss the in­
Braden goes over the top. Just last
stallments in
Commenting on Vhe statement made in Tuesday’s Post
week she called in the boys who dis­
that chickens will go to roost during the eclipse, a well
tribute the precious w hite Hour
am ong the natives and persuaded
known married man of this city wonders if it applies to
' them to sell one hundred per cent
old hens as well. If it does, he may get an evening meal on
substitutes witJi every order for
; w heat Hour u n til A ugust 1, and a
j num ber of patriots had no chance to
The Post has received a letter which says that the end
NEAR AIRLIE, AGED 40 "lay in" enough to last them , it w as
of the world is at hand and the “ chosen are praying.” S. 11. Pet re died at his hom e near 1 all so sudden. Then W im ii" and
Airlie on Tuesday, Ju n e t, at the aire her boys resoluted besides. They
That’s another thing eclipses are good for. It makes of forty years. He had been si ck for declared it was naughty to uso
some people pray. I t ’s too bad there are not more nearly two years. He is survived wheat to m ake booze. Big Moses
and little fislieq, th ere's skedaddles
hy a widow and six children.
Mr. Pet re w as born in Tennessee, of th irsty right in Polk county today
If it happens to be cloudy tomorrow, nobody here will bad resided in Polk county for four w ho would trad e a bushel of w heat
for a bottle of cold brew if they had
be permitted to see the eclipse. However, if its cloudy, it teen years and served as county the
w heat and could get the brew.
¿‘om m issioner from 1911 to 1915.
will be darker than a stack of black cats.
These fellows m ay get m ad at W in­
nie's Isiys and buy th e ir spearhead
P. S. The eclipse is caused by the Moon getting in INDEPENDENCE OFFICERS
ARE NOW “OVER THERE” in Salem. All right, we'll stand by
between the Sun and Earth. If it would happen to get Two form er Independence men, I W innie and her hoys till tin' row s
stuck there, there’d be no use of anybody doing their now officers, are in France. Letters come home and follow (In' tip of
from “over th ere'' have been receiv the su ltry "dry” who says to eat all
Christmas shopping early.
ed from C aptain H arry Ord and the barley so there w on’t he any
Confessions of a
(Mr. Stantiehl tiled liis report
last night. He certified to a person-
expense of $500.)
, ,
Portland-—Robert N. Stanfield, re­
cent candidate for nom ination as
United States senator, according to
section ;)490 of Lord's Oregon Laws,
has been becoming indebted to the
state at the rate of $25 a day since
Ju n e 1. In addition, u n d er the pro
visions of section .‘15:15 of the law,
were th e verdict of thecourt directed
ag ain st him , he w ould be liable to
im prisonm ent in the county jail for
not m ore th a n one year, or fine of
not m ore th an $5000, or both such
and im prisonm ent.
Mr. S tanfield has not yet filed his
D allas—Carl Sw enson and V. E. statem ent of cam paign expenses
Gasso, residents of th is city, tiled a w ith the secretary of state, as re­
su it th is week ag ain st the city of quired by the corupt practices act.
It is doubtful if any previous cam ­
D allas to quiet title to property ow n­
for public office since the
ed by them selves in East Dallas.
enactm ent of the direct prim ary law
The suit is the outgrow th of an a t­
tem pt on the partof the city of D al­ an d the election of United States
las to collect overdue assessm ents senators by direct vote of th e people
h as w itnessed such a lavish expend­
for street im provem ent w ork per­
iture of mony as th a t of Mr. S tan ­
form ed on Uglow avenue a few
for thesenatorial nom ination.
years ago an d the property in ques­
tion lias been advertised by the city It m ay have been in the old days
m arsh al on a foreclosure proceeding w hen the legislatures joeketed with
tin" senatorial elections for 10-day
in stitu ted by the city council. The
periods, du rin g w hich Hie sack w as
atto rn ey s for Gosso and Swenson,
open, th at m ore money w as spent
instead of following the usual pro­
on account of tin1 senatorship than
cedure in such cases preferred to
bring suit to quiet till«« to the prop­ w as expended in the recent S tan ­
field cam paign.
erty an d th u s m akes it incum bent
I left for the booze m akers to stew.
L ieutenant J. S. Cooper, Jr.
The Stanfield for Senator league NO WONDER HE DON’T
upon the city to show its right, title
tiled its account recently giving
or interest to the property in ques­
tion. O ther property ow ners on the $6,841 as the am ount of m oney ex­
P ortland O. C. Griffith, an em ­ „Oregon C ity—After having served
above nam ed street are also said to pended by it d u rin g the cam paign.
be aw aitin g the outcom e of the ac­ This, however, does not include the ploye of the Supplc-Rnllin S hip­ a !N)-day sentence for attem p tin g to
personal statem ent of Mr. Stanfield, building corporation, is a native of avoid conscription by chopping off
tion before settlin g up th eir assess­
1 which the law require«» him to m ake W ales having been born in the city fils’fffiger; Merle Tones will b‘r YnTTen
m ents w ith the city,
and w hich should have been tiled of Llnufairpw llgivyiigyllgogerchw y- to (’am p Lewis under guard and
j w ith the secretary of state on or be­ (Irobwirlicheliilantysiliogogocli. The turned over to the m ilitary au th o r­
IS SHORT ON CARS fore June 1, or, as the law puts it B ritish postoffice calls it “Llanfair-' ities. Jones had liis wife cut off the
“w ithin 15 days a fte r the election p. g. In order th a t his letters m ay trigger finger of liis right hand so
Salem —More th an 2,500,000 feet of a t ' vl,ich Me WHS n candidate." If he reach the_homefolks, he fu rth er a d ­ th a t tie m ight not have to go to war.
lum ber needed by the governm ent *!"'"* »» ni,,l" ,.V personally, he is dresses the envelope th u s: "The
for ship building and for a irp la n e s ,! »tiH required to m ake Ins statem ent Church of St M ary, in the Valley of FOOD ADMINISTRATOR TELLS
W hite Hazel, near the W hirlpool of
are being held up a t the S paulding j ’° th a t effect.
Not only is it m ade tl te duty of St. Tysills by the Red Cave.
logging cam p on the Valley A Siletz
P o rtland—In reply to inquiries
railro ad , in Folk county, on account | Mr. S tanfield to tile the statem ent
th at are com ing to the food ad m in ­
of the railroad not furnishing cars w ith in the k5 days, or suffer the OREGON POWER CO. SH IFTS
for the shipm ent of logs from th e j Peiial,iM prescribed by the law, but
MEN IN VALLEY TOWNS istration office regarding w heatless
Spaulding c-amp, according to a high tho law requires the secretary of
i days, W. B. Ayer, federal food ad
auth o rity of the Spaulding Logging s,a ,e to 110,ify the district attorney
Eugene—F our changes in resident j m inis!ratin' for Oregon, gave out the
of th e failure of th ecandidate to file m anagers for the Oregon Pow er Co. following statem ent :
“There seems to he some m isun­
At the cam p on the Valley & Siletz liis statem ent. It is m ade the duty in W illam ette valley cities w ere a n ­
road the com pany has been delayed of th e district attorney to prosecute nounced By E lm er Dover of Tacom a, derstanding in regard to the w heat
tw o w eeks in th eshipm ent of logs the can d idate w ithin 10 days after president of the M ountain States situation. Mr. Hoover’s statem ents
for tiie governm ent specially a d a p t­ receiving the notice for violating the Pow er Co., w hich ow ns the Oregon are absolutely clear and definite
Pow er Co.
and no attention w hatever should
ed for a ir plane stock an d the long co rru p t practices act.
J L. W hite, who has been m a n a ­ be given to statem en ts em anating
tim b er used in ship construction.
T he delay h as become so serious Over the High P laces W ith a Ford ger a t Albany, lias resigned his po­ from any o th er source or to idle
W illard Craven and wife of Inde* sition and will engage in business rumor.
th a t the S paulding com pany lias re­
"W hen we realize th a t we a re at
ferred the m a tte r to th e P ublic Ser­ pendence of the Craven and Huff for him self in Seattle. He will be
H ardw are Co. passed over the succeded by C. IT. Steelquist, who the end of the supplies of one h a r­
vice Commission for relief.
Broadway’s Greatest Star Outshining His
H eights toward Falls City S aturday has been m anager a t Dallas. H. A. vest and th a t the retu rn s from this
Brilliant Stage Career In a Photo-Adaptation
m orning.—M onmouth H erald.
Joslin, m an ag er at Eugene, will be years harvest are still some distance
Tell The Post.
of His Best and Funniest Play
tran sferred to Dallas.
away, we m ust confine ourselves to
the q u an tities absolutely known to
Tin a I.H I K I H I h l ■ T H T H I M I I H I H I B i l l ■ I ■ I ■ ! ■ I H I M I ■ I M i M l I IM I M ill HIRSCHBERG IS RE-ELECTED
he on hand front last year's crop. As
STATE GRANGE TREASURER far as the food ad m inistration at
rem ained 56,000,000 bushels of w heat
H. H ischberg w as re-elected tre a s­ on June 1. S hipm ents to our arm y
u rer of the S tate G range at its nil- and to the allied people will require
A typical American play endorsed by the Amer­
- t nun convention held in Salem this a m inim um
of .'H),000,000 bushels,
ican public and personified by America’s great­
¿ (w e e k . Mr. H irschberg is solid w ith leaving only 26,000,000 bushels for
{I j the G rangers and w hile som etim es Am erican consum ption, which is
est stage interpreter, the inimitable George M.
BI there is a candidate ag ain st him , lie less than one third the norm al re­
Cohan. An Artcraft Picture Achievement
■ ; gets most of the votes,
quirem ents
A ltho bitterly opposed hy fhe Port-
“Mr Hoover in his appeal th ru the
land O regonian and Telegram , C. E. churches and fraternal organiza­
Spence w as re-elected M aster hy a tions on May 26, asked the Am erican
is approaching and the far-sighted housewife
two to one vote.
people to abstain from the use of
will this year above all others buy her require­
w heat flour in any form until tiie
ments early.
next harvest. Following this appeal, I
GERMAN DESERTER” GOOD the county ad m in istrato rs in session
We advise that you do not delay in buying all
resolved to do th eir utm ost to have
Considerable in terest is being the people of the state respond to
of the jars that you need as a traveling sales­
3 taken in "Tiie Confessions of a Ger- Mr. H oover's
request, and have,
man told us that only about ten per cent of the
1 1 m an D eserter,” tije first installm ent therefore, been holding conferences
B | of w hieh appeared in T uesday's w ith th e retail m erchants of th eir
glass factories in the United States are run­
B Post. The second in stallm en t ap- respective counties
These m er­
ning. We have quite a generous supply on
■ I pears today.
chants have most loyally agreed to
We have a few extra copies of the support the- needs of the country
hand and are selling Mason’s for—
Tuesday issue w hich w ill be given and ab stain from the sale of w heat
Pints ........
85c dozen
to anyone who m issed the first in ­ flour until tiie next h arv est, or until
stallm ent.
such tim e as the food ad m inistration
advises them th at there is no longer
G allon s......................
$1.25 dozen
I any necessity of doing so. The peo-
REGISTER IN POLK COUNTY ' pie of the state should give every
Zinc C a p s..........................
30c dozen
K6 young men, who have attain ed I aid and encouragem ent to this
Yours Truly,
H ip age o f 21 since Ju n e 5, 1917, reg m ovem ent and while the action of
istered in Polk county W ednesday. the m erch an ts has been purely vol
They will lie placed at the bottom of untary, th e ir custom ers should lx*
the list available for m ilitary ser­ no less patriotic, th an they have
i n H i ii H i i « ii m * i«
vice. .
This Newspaper
been Waiting for!
George M
"Broadway Jones”
June 9