The Polk County post. (Independence, Or.) 1918-19??, April 05, 1918, Image 4

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The neighborhood isn ’t all to th e bed
P ostm aster II. S. Wood w as in Al­ pendence N ational B ank Building.
bany W ednesday.
Before you m en buy those new
K. C. Eldridge w as a passenger to sum m er sh irts and ties, you should
Eugene this m orning.
see the good assortm ent Conkey &
W alker has.
Mr and Mrs. W. A. M ettzer of Dal­
las visited friends here yesterday.
Mae M arsh w as a t her best
W ednesday night in one of the m ost
Jam es H art, a form er resident, is clever productions ever seen a t the
in the city.
We can save you m oney on sm all
Our ready to w ear su its are b ar­
m usical goods such ns violins, b an ­ gains w orth com ing after, $10.50 to
joes, guitars, m andolins, strings and ! $25.00.
- x—
S. T aylor Jones is now Southern
Miss C arrie Seam an of P o rtlan d Pacific ag en t in Independence and
¡pent several days with her p aren ts we are quite sure he w ill give sat-
invested in THRIFT STAMPS will help win
!iore th is week.
isfactory service both to the com­
pany an d the public.
the war and at the same time lay away a nest
A rth u r Lyday of H oskins has
| been enrolled in the Ju n io r Rain-
H obart M. Dickson, one of Uncle I
egg for you.
J bow Division.
Sam ’s No. 1 navy m en, arrived in (
Independence today. He has sailed
From A pril 1st, on account of the the “seven seas” and has m an y in­
high price of stock and low m a r­ teresting stories to tell. His enlist­
gins in sales, I sh all lim it my credit m ent recently expired and a fte r a
accounts to a th irty-day basis.
short vacation, he w ill sign up j
again. He w on’t desert his country
right a t the tim e w hen his help is
W illiam F arn u m a t the Isis next most needed.
W ednesday night.
Î Ï Ï B I I I H I I I H I I I B I I I H I I I H H i N I H H I I I H l I i W I H I I I H I I I H I I I B I I I H I l M U M I I I H I I I H I l I f l l I l H I I I H I I I B I I I H l t l H I I I ■ili
W illiam F a rn u m ’s new screen
m asterpiece, “The H eart of a Lion"
Iola retu rn s, too. She breaks into
is a th rillin g ad v en tu re of love and
B arney Kem per (W illiam Far- Bohem ian life, a n d one n ight gives
life in the lum ber cam ps. A t the num j is a sturdy young A m erican a party. B arney m akes an unex­
Isis, one n ight only . W ednesday, farm er who aspires to become a pected visit to the city an d goes to
A pril 10.
D uring sp are m om ents the hoarding l)ouser w here h i a r­
from his “chores” he reads and rives in the m idst of th e revelry.
Mrs. E rnest Tice of P o rtland is studies m edicine u n d er the tu te­ He is surprised to see d ru n k en men
visiting relatives a n d friends in lage of H iram D anford, a fine type and women in I d a ’s hom e. In a
of the ofd fashioned country phy­ daze he seeks Dick’s room s, but in ­
sician. M argaret, his d aughter, a
W hy w ear those old overalls w insom e country m aid, secretly w here he discovers her in Dick’s
w hen you can get th e U nionalls for loves B arney, who, however, is u n -fa rm s
a very littlem ore a t Conkey & aw are ofher affection foe him.
In a rage, the deceived lover de­
W alk er’s—for m en, women land
B arney has a younger brother at nounces thorn both. Dick is grief-
ch ild ren ’s sizes.
a d stant college, stu d y in g for the
— x—
m in istry . Dick has fallen into bad
W arm w eather is coming, a n d we w ays a n d continually im portunes ¡buck to the farm , seils everything
are begiim m g to th in k of shedding his b ro th er for funds. B arney has and disappears.
Dick, sincerely
our h eav y w in te r underw ear, and ju st paid a note of $500, w hich sorry, tu rn s to M argaret and, in
if you need a couple of suits far a leaves bom w ith nothing but th e their common sorrow , they are u n i­
change, go in at Conkey & W alk­ old farm.
ted in a brotherly am i sisterly bond.
e r’s and get them . The having
Two years pass away. Dick, ta k ­
At that* stage Dick decides to spend
lioiight early w ill save you th e ad ­ his straim er vacation “back on th e ing up his religious studies in ear­
vance in price.
farm ." At the sam e tim e Iola Ham­ nest, becomes an ordained m inister.
M eanwhile, on the “edge of civi­
m ond- w ho is stu d y in g for an oper­
$5 dow n, $1 weekly are the very atic career, visits M argaret. B ar­ lization", in a faraw ay cam p, B ar­
liberal term s Slopec Bros. & Cockle ney is attracted to the visitor from ney has settled as the com m unity’s
are offer m g on the guarantee! May­ the city, an d believing th a t h e is doctor. The roughest ch aracter in
tag w asher.
No need for any really in love w ith her, is quite town is “T exas”, who ru n s a saloon.
w om an to break her back over the happy. B arney’s love scene w ith
M eanw hile'D ick h a s accepted an
w ash tub in th is section.
Iola is w itnessed By M argaret.w ho appointm ent to th e self-sam e cam p,
is broken hearted.
w here he is to open the tow n's first
Mrs. P eter K nrre returned Mon­
W hen Diek re tu rn s to his studies church. M argaret, still tru e to her
flnence over it. Concluding his
day evening from M innesota where
love for B arney, accom panies him serm on w ith the w ords, “Forgive­
she has been for several m onths.
to tak e charge of the hospital. They ness brings happiness, for one day
Mrs. K nrre says she is certainly
arc received in a rowdy m anner, the two brothers m et again," B arney
glad to be hom e and that she
n’lid “Texas" at once declares th at strtles “Texas" an d the crowd by
doesn’t care to spend another win
“no sky pilot can clean up this giving back the $3,000 he h ad won
te r in M innesota.
town.” Barney goes w ith the crowd from the saloon keeper gam bler.
to h ear the new m in ister deliver “Texas" not to be outdone, a n n o u n ­
John Feagles. form er city m ar­
his first serm on an d —discovers ces th a t he w ill give it to th e new
shal, hid farew ell to Independence
Dick. He struggles in rage an d church. Even “Texas" is redeem ed.
this week and left for G rants Pass
jealousy, and his better n atu re
Dick, repentant and happy in the
where he will rem ain for a few
comes tothe fore.
j reunited love of B arney an d Mar-
weeks. He doesn’t know where lie
“Texas" decides to fram e Dick garet, dies from the bullet wound.
will go from there.
the aid of a dissolute w om an. The lovers decide to rem ain in tth e
I By subterfuge he entices Dick to cam p and w ith the prom ise of a
Some stag n an t surface w ater in
the w om an’s room, w here she seizes golden future, tak e up a new life
this city w as recently examined
; him in h er arm s and kisses him w ith the clouds behind them .
and found to contain a large num ­
j just as the door opens and “Texas"
ber of typhoid germs.
! and his gang enter.
The Money
will save
to P r o s p e r ity
g^Er==-==------------ s n
T o attainy our highest efficiency in busi­
ness—to maintain the best of health—to be able
to keep your appointm ents—your feet must be
com fortable—th ey m ust n ot distract you,
Good Fitting
Johnson & Collins
Shoes that fit your feet perfectly are
essential. T h e y leave your mind free to think
— not fret. A nd they make it possible for you
to g o w here and w h en you please.
Max Goldman
Deals in
We have made a special study of fit­
ting and give it particular attention.
We have the newest fashions and our
prices w ill please you.
Conkey &W alker
Local Briefs
Phone the news
T h a t’s the Post.
to Main
Buy a bond.
The Baptist
(122. five (|iiilts.
New sum m er goods are com ing in
every week at Conkey & W alker's.
Reuben Bowman of Monmouth
aged IS, died in a Snleni hospital
last Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. ('.. V. C lodfelter of
Jefferson w ere over Sunday visit­
ors at the O. Me Beth home.
— x—
ladies have
— x—
Miss Frances Tow nsend is now
the m usical genius at th e Isis.
The C lark Jew el Oil Stove saves
oil has high speed burn ers am t has
large capacity.
Craven & HurfY
carry them .
Fishing season is now on. C ra­
ven & Huff can fill your w ants.
Fishing licenses and tackle.
— x—
Miss Vivian W hjteak er w as the
Frances Shcythe and Della T ruax
of friends in P o rtland this
of Pedee have been enrolled in the
Ju n io r Rainbow Division.
Mr-,. A. Nelson of Albany was
Clara Toedem ier of Airlie h as won
a place in the Ju n io r Rainbow Div­ 1 calling on friends in Independence
I 4 | W ednesday.
HE Germans, even
centuries ago, were
famous all over Europe
for their ability as bread
and pastry makers. They
ar-i s'nd to have first invented the doughnut,
now popular throughout the entire v/orld.
Our Doughnuts
> *c throughout this entire community. Our
tell us they are “like those mother used
'. * u t 1 ’ md that is the best recommendation a
" *• r any other article of pastry can have.
. < fly «ad c /in tln n i ora Ott twin
V tfa
* * k - rj
of «A
J. B. V. B utler and son. Jay, visit­
ed the cantonm ent at Camp Lewis
this w eek W hile there they were 6 Bars soap .........................
the guests of th eir son and brother, 5 Bars Soap W hite L a u n d ry ...
Dr. W. D. B utler, w ho is a m em ber
5 Rare Boh W hite .................
of the m edical corps.
“Now we’vq got the goods on you,"
he shouts, “you will never dare to
25c preach around here."
M eanwhile, Dolly, a cam p follow
goes to B arney an d tells "him of I
his brother's danger. B arney sta rts
5 Bars Wh. Borax N a p th a .... 25c to the rescue, a fight ensues, and fh
The m ilk house on the farm of A.
the m elee Dick is shot. Barney |
V. Tcthorow w as burned yesterday
carries him to the hospital, w here
w ith all its contents, including a
he m eets M argaret again. B arney !
New Gasoline Filling Station.
cream separator.
at first w ill not listen to M argaret's j
I '.xplnnation and pleading, hut he
The W. C T. U. will meet at the
; finally succum bs to Dick's plead-
hom e of Mrs. Alice P orter April 9th.
ngs and a reconciliation of the
Butter and Eggs Taken in Er
All m em bers are requested to be
nrothers follows.
change fot Groceries.
ik d iy
again w arns B arney o f
"Texas’ " intentions and, Dick ly-1
Rev. Carson, who has been in a
se n tsly w ounded, Barney de- j
Salem hospital for several weeks. Is HOLSUM Brand, Pics and Caktts h
cides to take his brother's place.
sutflkienUy recovered from the .>(•
Frank Every Morning.
H e g o o t o the cnurch and lays his
(rets of an operation, to be able to
gun betore him on the pulpit. Ho ;
retu rn to the horn» of his daughter,
then bt ins to tell the st^ry of the ;
Mrs. E. King.
two brothers. The crowd Is sym- j
— X —
pathetic, an d “T exas” loses hi* in- '
J. G. McIntosh.
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