The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, August 22, 1901, Image 3

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Telt dioite No. 141, H I.
TIUUSIUY, Al'lil'ST 2, l't.
Kiiti'titl at Hi p.tMi'!tW Hi titli'i'iiiliiii'
Oiv-n tw jtHtita!V mttinvr.
10MK.ll I.OIH.K NO, 4.V MKkTS KiKl
1 W fHlui'xlKV eveimur. Mi'titevr will lako
duo notiov hii.I ,oetii tlieut'.olM". aeetirUtuiiiv.
VIMIttt KuiKlilAHrv ltiMtt',1 lo tutelnl u.'li
eoiirtmietii, a. VMistiNi'. t
J. V, lill'lUIU'SON.K.It S.
Court 1 mli'iM'inti'iHii No. Sd. Korwd
in of America, nutt every Saturday
eveulKK at S VliK'K,
W. It Alliu, tteuUst, Cooir Week.
Omars, Hi? eh.mvst, at Uiihiiison's,
l'it-Kel makes best stamp pictures.
Si the eoltuii liliiukeis Ht tl Knki't
S U. M. Wade A Co's stove ad in
thin issue.
All I lie maciiKiues and the latest
Hovels tan bo had at KelmiRttu's.
A full lino of steins wagon at H. M.
Wade A Co.
CoUirivKel's for pii'lure novelties,
buttons, etc.
If y want ft hair cut, a good clean
sliu.o, or a hath, hut or cold, call on K.
T. Ilt-tikle, Mum street.
Cltieugo is sulTering with house
maids' union. Her real trouble,
however, will not begin until the
janitors organic.
The Mes.1 liivtrr)itIoii fur Miliaria
("lulls mut l-Vvor l a Ik.tlititH umhyk It.-Tis-i.k
rtiu.i. Tinii Ii Himply ami
vjnhilitf In (HiiulvM ttitm. Nu runs tut p.v,
1'rle, ;Kr.
Ni, lWl ; neither Cuba, nor, the
riuli'liiM' is yet tit to govern it
golf, this proud privilege being . re
served" to New York, riiihuleliihia
and so forth.
For first class milk 'cans go to H. M.
Wade A Co.
Try Moore, the barlatr, north side lit
"0"" street, o(niit Kiioa'a Krooery
store, fur hair cut or shave.
8K'cial prire on cream separators at K.
M. A Co.
J.S. Moure, the barber on V street,
now handles Newbro's Herpleide, tin'
fatnnu dutidrutl'ture, endorsed by ull
the leading barlK-rs of I'ortlaiul ami all
cities in tin eaxt. (live it a trial ami
save your Imir.
An Ohio political! hits recently
moved to Georgia. No doubt hi
will eoon be appointed to a fat job
and charged up to tho credit of his
adopted date. ,
drove 1'asK-less t'ltlll loiuo remove Hie
Dr. Nansen has made a fortune
by lecturing on his actio explora
tions. It will uot he long until
Mr. Baldwin will he having some
posters printed.
A larye variety of garden cultivators
at n. ,m. utiu iv ID.
Wheu iu Salem and vou want a rtomI
meal don't forget to ijo to StroiiR'n
iivHtauraut, where everything tlie mar
ket all'ords eau he liud,
Oregon might repeal the scalp
bounty law and subsidise lioosevelt
to kill coyotes.
' HelttT for tlw ItliHMfr- tbiH -ftdT'.rtpuriIii
fur FfV'-i- Llvmn in Ui M!!.'i..1AirK'i.
Urvive'sTait'-leiit. Clilll Tonic.
The unfortunate thing aliout all
wars between labor and capital is
tho inevitable result suffering of
the innocent.
llnivos TaHteleiw Lhlll Tmili' eurejt MalartA. Kk'
It might be as well to take notice
of the fact that Dayan has been be
fore the people so long that it is
hardly in accordance with the fit
ness of thing3 to refer to him longer
as the "boy orator."
The best Prescription for Malaria
Chills and Fever, is a hottle of ( imve's
Taateleiw Chill Tonic. It is simply iron
and quinine in a tanteleas form. No
cure, no pay. Trice, 50e.
General Grihski, the Governor
General of lilagovestchensk, has
killed himself. He was undoubt
edly making an effort to tell some
body who he was.
Take Laxative Jiromo Quinine Tablets
All drui?giHts refund the money if it
failatoeure. E.W. Grove's signature
In on each box. 25c.
Senator Vest is ready to drop the
silver question, and it is only a
matter of time when he will bewill
ing to drop the nonsense about sur
rendering the Philippines.
The laws of health require that the
bowels move once each day and one of
the penalties for violating this law Is
piles. Keep your bowels regular by
taking a dose of Chamberlain's fStomanh
and Liver Tablets when ntcessary and
you will never have that severe pun-
uhment inflicted upon you. Friee, 5!o
cenTsV Vpr sale by Kltkland Drug Co.
A New Jcrsy man the other, day
bet his brother that he could slot)
a switch engine. Believing that
the engineer would hold the engine
at his signal he faced it on the
track. There's a funeral on hand
in that particular New Jersey town
with the man who bet he could
stop the engine as the principal.
What most people want is something
mild and gentle, when in need of a
1 nhvsie. Chamberlain's (Stomach and
Liver Tablets fill the hill to a dot. They
are easy to take and pleasant in effect.
For sale by Kirkland Drug Co.
West Hide and Pacific Homestead,
one year, $2.
E. PicKel, the photographer, is hiiv
ing an addition built to his photo
graph gallery. The patronage of Mr.
PicKel's gallery has increased so rapidly
of late that he lias found it impossible
to do all the work in the limited amount
of space afforded by his car. The' ad
dition will be 12x32 feet.
nrMTC UoWiwI'rainlJIn''. Bend 10
AbtlN I O ra'Utsilvcr(rHtHiiiforsiumlj
HUNTE.R & C0.612W Fifth St.Cincinnati 0
Thii Btgnature Is on every box of the genuine
Laxative BromoQuinine
U remedy that cores cold in en 47
Mm. J. 8. Cooper vixited ill Villein
Mr. K. A, iKiuly returned yeeteidny
lor a two week' outing at Long IWaeh.
J, J, Henderson came up from Amity
for nhoi t vUit th Hist of the week.
F. Whitlow, of F.ngetie, KM III this
city the lirst of the week on biuo'iie.
11. K, Miles, of Newbeig, wan in the
city on bumc! the lirst of the week.
J. A. MelVmuld, of Mem, made
liueini'KM visit to thin city Monday.
Mi. II, !,. Foster is visiting friend
in Portland.
Mis. It. 0. Allen visited in Salem
Miss iliittie Jones, of Salem, is visit
ing her sister, Mrs. K. M. Young,
Mrt, Sorogiis left last Friday for.a
visit with relative at Junction.
K. K. Paddock ia in Seattle, Wash.,
on I'UMiieiM tlii eeek,
Kev. and Mrs. N, 8hupp, of Portland
visited in this city yesterday.
J, F, droves, of Dallas, was seen on
our stieets yesterday.
L. P. Freitiig.ot Monmouth, came Hp
on tho train front I'ortland Friday,
Miss Fleie Howe, o Portland, who
tins been visiting here for the past two
weeks, returned to her home Saturday.
Miss Gray, of Philomath, formerally
teacher iu the public school of this city here on a visit last Saturday,
Dick Madison came down from Leba
non last Friday tor a few days'visit with
relative here. f
Kev. Jas Waggoner, of I'kiah Califor
nia, wi'l preach at the Christian church
next Sunday, Aug. 25,
J, M. McCaleb, after a two week' ill
ness, returned to his gallery last Satur
day. Mr. Katerine Pastier, of I'ortland,
relumed to her home Tuesday after a
short visit w ith Irieud here.
Miss M;iy Kenedy went down lo
l'errydale Tuesday afternoon t for
week's visit.
Millie Scott, who has been vlsitinj
relatives bete, left Tuesday for Cuditx,
Jeft McDaniel, of North Yakama,
Wasli,, wa in the city a couple of days
the flat of the week.
Mrs. tieo. Clagttclt returned to her
home in Portland Wednesday alter a
weeks' visit with relatives in llii city.
Miss Nellie Haley, of Highland, was a
passenger on the train for I'ortland
Miss Ami Mann made a short busi
ness visit to Salem Monday returning
iu the eveniiiB.
, County Sujierintendaut C. L, Starr,' of
Dallas, wa in,the oily on business yes
terday .
Eph Young, w ho has been very ill for
several days, is able to be around once
Kev. K. J. Thompson went np on the
train to Corvallis last Friday (or to at
tend the funeral of Mrs, E. W. Fisher.
Mins Fannie Martin went to Corvallis
last Friday for a nionth's visit with
Uos Nelson, Van lVrnsifend (teorge
tiriives returned last Friday from New
port where they had been camping for
the lust ten days.
John J. Wall, of Portland, was in the
city a couple of days this week in the
interest id the correspondence schools of
Seranton, Fa.
.Mis Myra Kiinberlin, of I.aFayette,
arrived on the train this morning for a
visit with relatives tin J friends in this
Miss Ann Mann will leave shortly for
L'lml.iska where she has secured a gov
eminent iiosition as a teacher in the
Indian school.
Mrs. Uruuingin, who hos been visiting
her mother, Mrs. II. L. Foster, darted
for her home in Vancouver, Wash.,
Mrs. Mary Tuck returned Saturday
from Minnie, where she has been en
joying a vacation for the past three
MissOra and Cora Smith, ol Mon
mouth, started Tuesday for Hamilton,
Missouri, for an extended visit with
Claude Pengra, baggage master at the
Southern Pacific depot here for the
past year and a half, has been
transferred to the depot at Corvallis.
Clarence Ireland, Perl Hedges, Ernest
Irvine arid George Jones started Tues
day for the Alsea country whore they
have homestead claims. They are ex
pected back tonight.
Miss Jennie Cunningham, who has
been visiting relatives in this city fof
the past two months, started on Tues
day's train for her home in North Piatt,
Raymond Hankie, of Corvallis, visit
ited relatives in this city a couple of
days the first of the week. He returned
to his home Wednesday and expects to
leave today for California to take a nine
months' post graduate couise in the
Berkley medical collego at San Iran
cisco. J. C. Peterson, who came out here
from Nebraska a short time ago has
purchased the Pat Ituley place near
Highland, Mr. Peterson started Satur
day for Nebraska to get his fomily and
household goods, and expects to return
about the first of October.
Fred Eupp, agod 22 years was drowned
iu the Willamette river near Salem last
Thursday afternoon. He had jumped
astride of a log and stayed on until it
ilea ted out into the current, when he
jumped off and started for the shore.
The water was up to his neck and the
current so s,,rong that he could not
keep his footing, nd being unable to
swim, he called for help, but before
anyone could reach him he Bank. The
body' was not recovered until Monday.
Would you like to get the very low
est rate and the quickest time to that
point In the east where you expect to
an sometime In the future. Write to
B. W. Foster Agent Burlington Boute
Comer 3rd aud Htark Hlreels, Portland
Or. and receive a letter by return mall
giving just the information desired and
a free book ducriblng our chair ear
WANTED Giil, 11 to 14 years of age.
Good steady home.. Address, Mrs. I. M
Wilson, No. 80, 6th street, Portland,
K. V. Dalloli, our ellieient county
treasurer, was a visitor here Satuiday.
Miss Yanohe Dickinson returned Sat
urday from a week' outing at Newport.
Dr. W. C, IHow n made a short visit in
Corvallis last Saturday,
Mr. and Mrs. Fd, llerren, of Salem,
visited relative in this city Sunday.
Elsie Simpson, ol Monmouth, eaine
upon the train from I'ortland Monday,
,1, F.. Kirkland came up (rom Salem
Simday.ieluriilng Monday morning.
Kev. I.. Jean wa a passeng-r on the
train for Foil land Monday.
Amie Ford re' tuned to hi homo in
Dallas Monday alter a Inn I visit with
friends in ltd city.
Dave Collin came down fioiu Tacoma
Satuidaj for a visit with relative here.
He leturned to hi home Monday,
Layton Smith went over to Newiiort
Monday and returned Tuesday with hi
wife and child.
Mis Kate Joue. who has been at
tending school In Salem for the pat
two mouth, ivi m tied home Saturday,
Claude l'engta went up to Corvallis
Sunday, returning on the afternoon
Olof Olssoii, wlp ha lieen acting a
depot Hgenl timing Mr. Wilcox ' absence
leil Sunday fot Carlton,
'J. S. Cooper and CUreuee Ireland
were passenger on the train for Port
land Sunday,
J, S, Moore, the lonsmlel artist has
set np new harta'r pole in front of hl
Mia, I,. Kitchen, of Centralis, Wash.,
arrived last Saturday fr a visit with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs, H. J. Taylor.
Ernest Stansherry has returned to his
home in Portland alter a two week'
visit with relatives here,
Kalph Williams, ol Delia, passed
through here last Saturday on hi way
home from a vacation at Newport.
tin Tuesday, J. II. Stump, of Mon
mouth, shipped a tlnu large sheep to
A. D. Snaicr at Salsnp, Waahltiton.
Kalph Fish, of Monmouth, will leave
shortly for Woudburn where he ha se
cured a position as teacher in the public
Miss Mackey, after week's visit with
her sister, Mrs. S. K. Owen, returned to
her home at Fort Simeoe, Wash., last
The lainily of J. f. llolianuon returned
last Thuisdny from Sodaville where
they had Iktii camping for the last three
A. K. Ha", of Moiganiown, Intl.,
had lo get up ten or twelve tluienln the
night and bail severe inieKaene ami
pains In the kidney. Wa cured by
Foley's Kidney Cure, lt' guaranteed.
A. R LiR-ke.
liev, M. J.Coldren, of Samtbelta In
dia, will address the people of Indepen
deuce In the Hapllst church Sunday at
10::!0a. m. Mr. Coldren has been a
missionary In India for 22 year aud no
one can afford to miss ids address.
Wm. Finn, of Lima, )., obtained ex
celleut result from the use of Foley's
Kidney Cute. "It relieved my back
ache and severe pain over the hips. It
toned my system and gave me new vim
and energy" It is an hinet and rell
ahle remedy, tt sure cure for all kidney
dim-to-." A. 8. l.aKe,
Word has been received here that Mrs,
Hoy Martin, wife cd Uoy Martin, who
conducted the livery stable now owned
by At a Taylor, die I at her home iu La
Fayette TucsiUy.
Mr. Daniel llauU, Ollervillo, la.,
aavs: "Have bud ant lima and a Very bad
eotigh for years, but could get no relief
from the doctors anil nieuiciue i men,
until I took Foley's Honey and Tar.
It gave Immediate relief, ami done me
more gissi lliriil all the other remedies
combined." A. R Locks.
The Oiegon Naval Reserve will take
their annual cruise this year on the
cruiser I'lulidelphia. They will leave
Asim-ia about (September 2 and lie gone
one week.
If you have u baby in your house you
will wish to know the best way to
check any unusual loosciitwH ol the
bowels, or diarrhoea so common to
email children. O. V. M. Holiday, ot
IJeming, Did., who has an eleven
months' old child says: "Through the
months of June and July our baby
was teething and took a running oil' of
the bowel and sicklies of the atoiii-
ach. His bowels would move from live
lo eight times a day. I had a bollle of
(Miaiiiherlulii'a Colic Cholera and
liimrboea Bullied v In the house and
gave him four drops in a touspoonfu
of wuter and he got better at once."
For sale by Kirkland Drug Co.
Ate you going east? Write to U. W.
Foster Ticket Agent The Burlington
Boute Portland Or., for the lowest
rates, quickest time and best service,
choice of routes.
High living, Intemperance, exposure
and many other things bring ou
Bright' disease. Foley's Kidney Cute
will prevent Bright' disease and all
other kidney or bladder disorders If
taken in time. Be sure to take Foley's.
A. H. Locke.
The tint dancing party of the season
was given at the opera houso Tuesday
evening by a number of young ladies of
this city. The affair was very success
ful and was greatly enjoyed by all who
A. II. Davis, Mt.Hlerllng, la,, writes:
"I was troubled with kidney complaint
for about two years, but two one dollar
bottles of Foley's Kidney Cure ell'eetcd
a permanent cure." A. B. .Limine.
Rural free delivery mail routes will be
established at Eugene and Silverton the
first of next month. There will bo one
carrier for each route.
The fruit dryer being erected by D. A,
Hodgu in the northern part of town is
Hearing completion. The plant ia equip
ped with the Stykes hot air dryer and
will have a capacity of five tons daily.
Seven Days at Carnival.
All the transoortation lines in the
Northwest are arranging to give special
ly low rates to and from the Portland
Carnival, which runs from Sept. 1H to
Oct ifl, and the excursion tickets will
be good for 7 days. This is the longest
limit ever given on such tickets, and will
give people ample time to see all the
sights connected with the exposition.
With two full military hands, a mili
tary tournament, a horse show, athletic
sports, exhibits of mining, agriculture,
horticulture and manufacturing, a full
midway, fire works' and an array of
amusement attractions, the carnival will
he one of the greatest events of the
season, and the admission fee is going
to be only 20 cents, lOoents for children.
Hoi. nickel wanted at my Jw acre
trvllised yard l't tulle el d iNtllas.
GKoitoK Km-tiirra.
Their Net-ret Is Out. j
All Kadlevllle, Ky , was rtirlou to
learn theeauseof thevaet Improvement
In the health of Mr. H. I Whit taker,
Who had for H long time, endured un
told aufl'eihiK from ehtonle bronchial
trouble. "It's all due lo Dr, King'
New DUeovery," write her huhand.
"It completely eiued Iter ami also eu red
our little grand highler of a severe at-,
tack of Wlusqdiig Cough." It positive
ly cures Cough, Colds, l.a'tnppe,
Itroiieblll. all Throat and Lung trou
ble. Guaranteed lailHc fH' and l t
Trial bottle, free at Klikland's drug
"The Oregon Stale Fair at (Salem,
SeptcnilH.r 2:lrd to 2Hth, l'HIl, Inclusive,
promises to tie the best this year that
lias yet been held. New features lor a
miiseinent and Instruction have been
added, and particular attention will Its
given to the Slock Exhibit, owing to the
great and constantly increasing Interest
In dairying throughout the state,
For tin occasion, the Southern Pacillc
Co. will make a rate of one tare for the
round trlit, from all Its stations In Ore
gon, to Salem and return, and it is Iu Iw
hoped (hat everyone who can do to will
show his appic Uaiion by taking advan
tage ol this opportunity to past few
day profitably aud pleasantly stour
Stale Capital."
To Heal a Hurt,
De Banner Halve, the great healer.
It' guaranteed for cut, wound, wire,
plh and all skin disease. Use no
ulwtllute. A. R IsK-ke,
Card of Thanks.
Wcileiiro to extend our sincere thanks
to the many friend who assisted us dur
ing the illness ami death of uur beloved
wile and mother.
J. Sersfford and family.
Astounded the Editor.
Editor H. A. Brown, of Beiitietta
villa, H, C, wa onee Immensely sur
prised. "Through long sullerltig from
DytTua," he writes, "my wife was
greatly run down. Hhe had no strength
or vigor ami aullorvd great dll re from
her stomach, but she tried Electrlo Hit
ter which hettmd her at onee, and,
after using fmir bottle, she is entirely
well, eau eat anything. , It's a grand
tonic, and It gentle laxative qualities
are splcndcd for torpid liver." For ln-
dlgeMloii, Loss of AplK-tite, Stomach
ami Liver trouble It's a itosilive, guar-
auatit.-d euro. Only fast at Kirklaud'p
drug store.
the homo of the bride's parent- in
Monmouth, on Tuesday, August
20, Mr. Virgil H. Griu-sley and
Miss Bertha l.eMasters were unit
ed in marriage by tho llov. Win.
Short, of Salem,
Tim brido i a highly esteemed
young lady of Monmoutii where she j
has resided for a number of years.
She was foriiu-rlv tt critic teacher in
tho training department of the Nor
mal school. Tho groom is it young
man of ability and is well and fav
orably known in Monmouth, hav
ing attended the Normal school for
ii number of years.
The lmppy couple left on the 1:!!0
motor Tuesday for San Francisco,
where they will visit for short
time la-fore going to their new home
at LaMooro, (Jul., where the groom
has a position as principal of the
La Moore schools.
To .save Her Child
From frightful disfigurement Mr.
Nannie Galleger, of La Grange, On.,
applied BuoMiu'a Arnica Salve to great
sores on her head and face, and writes
It quick cure exceeded all her hopes,
It works wonders In Korea, Bruises,
Skill Eruptions, Cuts, Burns, Scalds
aud Piles. 2.r)C Cure guaranteed by
Kirkland' Drug Co.
The outlook of the hop crop in Polk
county for thie season is very encourag
ing and a large output ia expected. The
Imps are well advanced and growers
contemplate starting (licking on the first
Monday in September, though a few
will be picking in the last week in Aug
ust. The warm dry weather has kept
the lice from appearing, and a conlinu
ance of similar weather will guarantee
the best crop iu both quality and quant
ity marketed for years. Growers show
reluctance to contract, as they feel con
fident of realizing a better figure after
the market opens.
It Saved Ills llahy.
"Baby was terribly sick with the
diarrhoea we were unable to cure him
with the doctor's assistance, and as a
last resort we tried Chamberlain's
Colic Cholera Diarrhoea Bemedy,"
aays Mr. J. H. Douk, of Williams Ore.
"I am happy to say it gave immedi
ate relief and complete cure." For
sale by Kirkland Drug Co.
Nerlous Aeeident
I. ChiKuett, yard nmnii)er of tho In
depeudeuee tnills, was the victim of a
mtrion accident hmt Friday, He win
workiuu about the machinery, when it
was started without his ktiowlodKO, and
he became entangled in tho carrier.
He suffered a compound fracture of the
leg and many bruisuB. His advanced
giro will render the tracture slow of
Would Have tost Him His Lire.
Oscar Downian, Lebanon, Ky.,
writes: "I have la-en twiiiR Foley's Kid
ney Cure ami take (Trent pleasure In
stating it i(ave me permanent cure of
kidney disease which certainly would
bavo cost me my life." Take none but
FoleyJ. A. 8. Locke.
Mr. Carrie Nation has applied for
a divorce, from Mrs. Carrie Nation
on the ground . that oho made a
public ridicule of him, neglectod
her family duties and has aban
doned her homo. It is a trite say
ing that the hand that rocks the
cradle rules the world, but it has
also been wittily said thatthchand
which makes a specialty of ruling
the world rockB no cradles. Re
form, even temperance reform, lies
much nearer the cradle than it does
the hatchet or the police court-Statesman,
Mieiitr Afbr Forger.
Last Friday Governor Goer lsud
requisition a'r for It. It. More, who
Is st Mayvllbt, N. Y., to return bhii to
Allatnv, where In will he trim! mi the
charge of raising an order. The young
man, who Is only la years ol age, ws
working ou a fnnn near Lebanon, aud
In payment of hi service wa given an
order for S. This he raised to S(I,
cashed and (tailed lor hi home in New
York. It i said the set ws committed
heoiitise ho 'w a hoim-slck and adopted
this mean to visit his parents- Slierifl
Mcllargne asked tor (he appointment
of a deputy to accompany him, but the
lute does tmt aptsiint deputies. The
name preaented lor this place was thai
of Mullargue's son Fred, The state
lieari all expenses ol the trip in ease the
sheriff return with the right man,
otherwise the expense of the mrucv
must las Iktii by the olllcer.
TTSilMltll.l, ITV MS isl i.t tnv,
rsssJ l iiimy iiiakath tlntl ' I- On
stMUtir IwrlMur ol 111 II MM ill S. .1,1 Mt'ltV A
lu, UhIii Im-lneu In Ilia t oy or I'.iliilu,
rcuiily sin! stall) Hliirinsll. ntet tltul sslil tlttu
will v llm sum "I 'INK IH li
hit Its luri'seli Hint eviry t'ti ut I nun ill tluti
,'Hiiiint tat cured liy Una iw ul llsM.'s Cat a sit it
Hwtirtt lit lii'font in suit NiiliM'tliuM lit my
ptwui'ii, tills ittli liny oi pwi nil"'!', A . tt, isi,
. . . . A.Vt.ul.liVSiiN,
Ustl.J .Wiirj I'hI'Ih',
llslt'st'alsrrh t'tin" I ("lout ltil riiiil ami
set t!irteiiy tttt thti IiIihhI sii.l moriMii. Hiirfsoi'
ul ills nj.l.,111. tti'tiil liir li".ilmiiiiK Inn.
Hiilit liv hnmiftl. T.s-.
F . ,1. it r.; r. i !'., ,fi.'i",
Ilsll's r aititi) I'llu ro llm Wt,
Itesoltilhiiis ef (tiiitliileiice.
General Gibson W. H. C. No. 42,
adopted the following resolutions last
Saturday evening:
Whereas t Our sister, Mrs. Amelia
Scraffonl, passed from this life August
Kith, UHII, after s brief Illness, there'
lore be it
Resolved : That the Woman's Relief
Corps sustains a seveie los by her re-
inovol, shs was an active iiieioUer
faithful olllcer, and always found a; the
post of duty, taking lively interest In
ail linn.- pertaining lo the good of Un
order. That wo shall uii Iter wise
counsel, cheerful genial bearing and
warm friendship. And
Resolved: That we signify the high
esteem in which she was held, and out
sense of loss, by draping our charter
with the emblem of sorrow. for thirty
davs, while at the same time we dresi
her olllolal ehair with evergreen ami
Dowers in token of her imortaluy; aud
having arisen to a higher hie of useful
lies aud progression; ami of our lastiuk
loving memory ol tier noble trails ul
Resolved : That we extend lo the be
reived famllv and relative our sincere
sympathy ; aud desire to spcnli a wold
ul consolation a well as of condolence,
by reminding them that as love I un
dying, her lave aud sympathy is their 's
till. And although their hearts are
ore aud bleeding, yet may the thought
of the glad reunion on the other shore,
lat to all her loved ones, the silver lin
ing of the dark cloud id sorrow w hose
shadows now envelope them, Also
Resolved ! That these resolutions be
published in the city piiis-i-; a copy ol
which Shall lat si lit to the bereaved bus
band aud children; also a copy sei.t 1
the lh'partnic lit Headquarter, and a
copy be preserved iu the records of t lie
(Mi. 11. M. sliller.
Committee Mrs Mary I,. Froce.
(Mr. A. K. Johnson.
What a Tale II Tells.
If that mlrmr of your shows a
wrett bed, sallow complexion, a Jaun
diced look, moth patches ami blotches
ou the skin, it' liver trouble; but Dr,
King' New Life Pills regulate the
liver, purify the blood, give eleur skin,
roay ehet-ks, rieli complexion. Only 2V
at Kirkland drug ntore.
Teacher Examination.
Following ia a list of those who re
ceived certificate at tho .teacher ex
amination held iu Dallas hist week:
Miss Kosa Smith, Mlsa Mary Scott,
Monmouth Mis Mabel Cooper, lude
1st grade Mr. Nancy Tillery, Halls
ton; G. A. W. Russell, lluell.
Second grade It. B. Fisher, Dee
Simpson, Miss Glennie Runnels, Mon
mouth; Miss Ella Oviatt, lluell; Miss
Myrtle Davis, McCoy; Mrs. Sevens,
Third grade Scott Leavitt, Miss Elbe
flunking! talis City; Viisi Ann
Mann, Independence.
Primary Miss Nellie Museotl, Dallas.
The papers of Miss Effie Chuk, BnliH
ton, were sent lo Marion County for
grading, aud those of Miss Nellie Smck
man, Monmouth, were sent to Yamhill.
For Vlioiiilnir Cuiilt.
"Itoth my children were taken with
whoopiiiK rouijhi" writes .mis o. n,.
Dultoii, of Danville, 111. "A amull bot
tle of Foley's Honey and lur cured the
couijli and saved me it doctor hill. A, 8.
Harvesting operations, which ere now
well atlvaiiceil, develops the fact Unit
the prediction of a larte wheut crop
in the Willamette Valley were in no
wise overdrawn, the yield averaging
between 25 and 30 bushels to the acre.
There w ill be busy times for the next
few mouths getting the big crop of wheat
and oats to market..
Dr. W. C. Brown started Sunday for
Buffalo, New York, to visit the Pun
American exposition. He will also
spend a short time visiting otlter eiiHtern
points before returning home. He ex
pects to be gone (lvo or six weeks.
To Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Calbreath, on
Tuesday August 20th a girl.
A Eugene woman 'tried to eoare her
husband, who was a hard drinker, into
reforming recently. Hhe secured a cos
tume of sivtiin that had been worn at a
mask ball, and the next time her spouse
came home with hie shoes off, alio quick
ly donned the satauic rolius. As he
opened the door he stepped forward and
Bakl in a sepnlcheal voice: "Come with
me, lam the dovi I" The result rather
startled her, for his answer was: "Zat
i. , II I . Tl. U .1
601 Bliaae, oni ooy , i in your utouiei-
injaw, I married your sister." He still
drihis. Kncene luard.
JfOli SALE Ten head of choice Cots
wolill buukB. Inquire of
M;4 J)'. Ukounus,' Buona Vista. Tel. 914.
tucttsios Bsaisu
t- I I UII
A I i Clolliinn
t is m r - i i . . . -
fnf ftttf yi'r Daw
If OVh'
m I! in (lit oi;i,
tiHc 111 Mu lit. ii I
WltrfMllH HRtatri.UH.t, A
luiff himI ""I'Htlh, Uilln-4 X
rm h, y 'iff r ,. w V
, T, K'ltltiJ l'V'nt,t Jf
(.) (wrl.frt, (J
H- wu G
ttft MitHtif rlitt ft 1
I'l HI.IC lil'hIXKS.H.
AMiMi-l of DlHiriiuit'U' I'lh il lu Polk
( iiuiily .te;.-ii,l HI lit 111, lilol.
Cnili d .Stales to Lewis l Rock wood,
lent ec. 2 tp 7 s r S a- l'airnt.
United HtitU-s to J J Ihtiiley, Hit. sec i
tp V r H w I'litent.
Sheriff Van Orsdel lo Ellen' Collins, lot
i H ut ft bik I lieio Add Pallas-l-liHMX.
Fiuli y Ivlgttr to Daniel Hoffman, a (.2 a,
sec 7 and S tp " a r tt althh
United Slates to ClaretiiD Alkiiuiti, plOa
sec ft tp II s r 5 v Patent,
Clarenes Aikioan to A N Smith, hill sc
llciuy Siiopt r t use lo W li Cumpbell,
lots 3 bik Li Corkey's 2nd add Dallas
- trail.
0 W Stutloid lit W G Campla-ll, W'M'm
Jno Nichol d I o tp S s r fi w liji'si).
Sheriff Van Ot h i to W 0 lh l.tol, an
undivided lot iu a trac of laud in T
C Thorp d le-jlS.A
Iliitisli Consul Vuiisittart at New
Orleans, thinks that the rutted
States has been very lux' in assist
ing his government to suppress the
liners. Most piople will fail to
agree willi llm, believing lliut
Uncle Sam has gone to the limit jn j
favor of llm British.
Nitsul Cittliri-ll quickly yields to (rest
uiMit by l'!y' CrtMiu liitha, wliirh i neri e
ably anmintifl. It is reeeived tltroiij;lt tho
uohtiils, eleiitj and In lis Iho wliolo sur
faen over which it diffuses Hxolf. Driiyi;Ws
m il tho S'le. kiei 'i niil size by mud, 10
eeut. 'l .t it and you are mm tg couliuutJ
To aecotiuiioiluto tlemo wlto nra purtiiJ
to tin una id atoiitiasrs in applying liquids
into lliti niiHtd -. for e,iUirrhil -,.
WrJ, I let i-ropt i. tor pn-l-are ( rt-niti l.ahn in
llipiitl form, which wiit kuoan as Ely's
I.;,pii. Civ-mt Fi lm, l'rit-o iiKTieiii'i? tl
lt-.,yiiit! itiho is 'i.ici-nts. Jnij-i:ii.tii or by
it..iiL ii." leptiil form t-iiihislii-s tin?
iciad pt pt-itin t,t the wd.d pn-paraiioo.
They Say
ami ly "Tlu'v" wo mt-itii
j)toj!o who ought to know
O. A. K HAM Mil t' C,, lU'f
Sfllit) wak'Iit-s as clifitp
us any tli'partincnt slort in
rnrtliitul or Chicago, qual
ity cott.-lth-rvil, ami
We Are Glad
to show you tlii'so goods
and conviiu't' you of this
fact. A tint' line lo H-leot
o. a. Kramer &co.
Jeweler and Optician.
(Jo to
lr Wall paper. Window Sh-.nk-s,
l'ii-ture. Ki .tines, etc.
FuniitntT of nil kinds n puiril.
tUlit-i,1 witli tho Telephone company
VVANTKI'.-t'itl'iiI'lt'. relinlile person In
i-v.'ry iMioitv I" t ri'pivM'i.'l urc t'inii.itiiy t'l
wllil ilimnchti mftilul eii; M udnry ier-er,
imviilile wccliiy; S.l ikt tiny ii'isiilul.ily wnt'e
mill it I M'!-IIM"; "1 "llUi'l-. Iliilltl-llile, ili-rtnlie
Milury, tot fitttttiitHl.tit; Militry pni't en. h
Hnliit'ltiv mill esiii'inc in.mi.y inlvnucct dl
ivwk. Kl'.VMtAku IIOUSK, ;.-! lfttarlMiru
si., UiW'iiuo,
ineil lo trnvi-1 unit .'ulvciliNC lOr ul.l vuli li.
ii-lii-il uniiHii ul soli.) lluitiiflal stioitllnt;. Kil
mv ; .11 H yi itr uliil e -Itien, "U pitynl.te lu
.ii'-li. N(. enltv-lea IVMltlfc,',. tlive ri !. I.
etlitH mill rliduM- M'lHeltli'i'K-i'il oilllert ell
velnii., -.Vtlilre MiuniH-l, ,) ii CuxUUI Ullia.,
The" Best In Current Literate
12 Complete Novels Yearly
$2.60 PER YEAR i 23 CT8. A COPY
Lipliiiieott's Ahti! i.ine ami Hie WlisT
Siiik, one year,
iniMi to 1,1'itvol mill silvor Imi lur oltl eslnli
IIkIiimI Iiiiuso ol Millil llitilllHul NUtlltllllK Mill
ury ;so a yottr iniil cxiwiisvh, all myubli' in
I'twli, No t'tinvanBlna rniiifti.l. HIvh roft-r-fiira-K
atut pnt'liisB si-U iulitiiiifctt stunipcut rn
vi'lnpn. AttilrjttH Maiisnur, ft Uiixlun HKln
WANTI-:i). Cnimliltt, ivIlitlilB poiMivn In
Dvtii-y t'liutily to -ivivsoMl IttfKtt iinniiniiiy of
Holltf ttnitni-liil riimi.iilioii;S!l,iOsii!invv (H t-ytur,
tmyuiiltt wtM-aiy; per tiny itiisiiniun.v moh
unit Hll tixpt'iist'n; utritliflit, linii'Wlliln, ti. tlnlle
HHlui-v, no eiiiiimlssluii; Kiilary pulil fiti'li
KiiiufJuy ami oxpi'itse ntimny intvtintioil eiu'li
wiMik. STAN I) A It 11 IIOliSK, Ml Dotirltorn
8t (JhltiUKO.
By the cownodious
Leavt's .I'ortland daily exeept Sun
dnv at 7 u ru.
'i'bis tc the Oreat Weenie Houte, All
tourista utlmit that, the Heoner.y ou tlie
Mtdtllt! Columbia Is not excelled for
beauty and grandeur in the United
Htatwt. Knll information by address
ing or calling on
C. G. THAYER, Agt,, '
Portland, Or
j H
iLi'Vi tj
- -
f A
Ahi a fi.iU Unit of
. 1
Eastman's W. D. platinum
paper clevelppes in hot water.
We carry the following sizes:
"1 V
,i A
Sl' and ' .
('luinwible vi'atl)(,r Ixiween two seasons encour
ages your' chronic trouble and inllicta upon you
iiuitih jM'tty fcicknoss. Ib-tU-r ward it off, 10 cents
liiiht 'prevent it -when $10 wouldn't euro it.
CmiH1 to u to have your prescriptions filled, and
for every thin;,' kept in a well regulated drug store.
Dallas, Oregon.
Iry !5toe.k always on Hand, also Cedar Shingles.
NO I K: -W have a nittt-eltw dry iiilu w hieli enables us to give you thor
oughly dry lumber.
if, - ir-
f , t , l' , i ,
. . . - ,
ltd.."!' J..,-
Jmii ptxi Lnko
1 -your hat off to
Hie man
wc ars cur
because we know they are
best madc-to-ordcr clolhc
"'cculd possibly ect cost a
more tlun a ready-made but out
livt three made to fit and wear
bctitlM are guaranteed these
are the torments made by
San Francisco'i leading tailor.
OH on
and Insist that you see the H1LP
samples, then leave your measure.
Indopendcnce, Oregron
Real Estate....
Insurance, Loans.
Main Ht. - - Independence, Ore
Ctrr!ttu! ti fltito.
onoo tor MimmnuUtp
' l.vifcvwf Ai'lie lor
t M o n ui o vi t h n u 1
illHtt'pf U(ICIM!,
; 9:0(( u, in.
j A: 00 p. iu.
j lt?iivrn Halla for
iMsII1III(1I) hiiU In
(It'pClllli'IUH. a ml Alrlto.
7:im u. m.
a;;ui p. in,
oiu'e for Monmouth
tint! DultttN.
11:00 u. ill.
p. in.
Ija.vPH Monmouth1
tur Aii'lie.
7:50 am.
;50 p. m.
Loovch iMotimoutli
for llliH,
1 n. m.
7 -10
1 OD j. m.
8;;i0 i
lor liiU()t'mkuioe.
0 -lo a. in,
1:.10 p. in.
fi:4o ti m,
0:0(, i, in.
Leaves Iiuloin'iirt
e licit lor lUomtuiutli'
8;0."S p. in.
Davidson & Hedges, Props.
Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobaccos and
Flrat Class Soda Fountain in con-
1 -
r Company,
A ITan Slips Up
tin it evtry time that he takes his laun
dry work outside of the Balem Steam
Laundry to lie done up. He finds "that
til' d feeling" stealing over him when he
notea the different lu the exquisite oolor
and i'toitil'ul tluisli, saying nothing of the
K'ii'hI condition lu whleh your liueus are
reiiirtjtd by the
Saiem Steam Laundry.
Phone 4ti 0;)0 Liberty it
SOUTH and EAST --via-,
Shasta Route.
Train loaves Indcponncnoe for Portland and
way HtHtlons at 2;0T p. m.
irfuvc lor Corvallis at 11:00 a. m.
Lv I'ortland
l.v Altiutiy..,'
Ar Anlihintl
" SatirHinonto
" San FraiioiMflo...
8:30 a. m.
, I2::l0p, m.
. 12.5T) a. m.
. 6:10 p.m.
7:45 p.m.
, 4:55 a.m.
. HIilui.
, 7:iria. m.
. 7:42 a. in.
7:80 p. m.
ll:;p. m
12s a. m,
5:00 . m.
8:46 a. m.
7:00 a. m
9:15a, m
7:25 a. m
8:05 a. m
6:00 p. m
6:;i0 a. m
11:30 a, m
7:00 a. m
6:30 p, m
6:42 a, m
12:10 p. m
Katisiia City
I.os A use lea
Kl I'asu
Fort Worth
t'lty of Mexico...
New Orleans
Now York
. 2:00 p. m.
, 6:00 p.m.
, 6:80 a.m.
.. 11:110 a. iu.
,. 7:00 a. m.
, 6:30 p.m.
, 6:12 a.m.
. . 12:10 p. m.
PtiltniHii and Tourist, cars ou both trains
(11 alrcai'sHaoi'AineutntnOKileuand El Faso
ana curs lo oiiieugo, Bl. LiOUis, new
Orleiins iiutt WHsbitiKton.
Connecting at San Franctsoo with sovera
steiiuisliip lines for Honolulu, Japan, Clilna
l'Uiiiiiiiius, Ceiitml aud South America.
SmiJIh.U. A. Wacox at Independence sta
tion, or address 1
General PassoniKer Agent fortland, Or,
Dan P. Stouffer.
Titles .
Main Street Dallas, Oregon
Foley's Honey and Tar
for children,safe,sure, NoopUltta,