The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, April 05, 1901, Image 2

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JOS, 4, 0. BRANT, Editor nd,
fy's up to Russia to move next.
"How sharper than a serpcnt'i
tooth it is to have a thankless lieu
tenant,"- Meditations of Senator
- .
RumoU Sage, it is laid, haa
caught the Carnegie spirit and has
sent his check for 15 to a New York
It is somewhat of a question
whether the utter disregard by the
Boers of the British propositions for
surrender do not constitute a casus
belli in themselves.
The , government will send
million dollars in improving the
harbor at Manila. Senator Carter
didn't get a chance at this, you
A Mississippi mob lynched some
1 negroes the other day and then
threatened to lynch a correspondent
if he said anything about it Talk
about your censorship!
Nine Americans out of ten wil
take it for granted that all Eng
land wants is a port in Alaska.
Give her that and her other oh
jections to the canal would molt
Now the British confess that Lord
Kitchener's plan of campaign is
failure and that some other must be
adopted. The man of "blood am!
iron" is not fighting naked savages
this time.-
Now that the spring tide of im
migration is headed Oregonward
would it not be a good time to pre
pare folders showing the resources
of Tolk County?
It is a good rule in life to study
the place just above you and ' pre
pare to fill it Those who wait for
the chance before getting ready wil
find that the chance never comes.
If asked, G rover might offer
few sugceotions as to what the
country should do with its ex-prcsi
There is a church somewhere out
west that is torn up because seven!
recipta in. a cook book that it is
selling call for wine. Some of the
. congregation wish the book called
in and destroyed.
Now, if Mark Twain would turn
his attention to toe missionaries
who want $500 apiece for sermons
destroyed by the Boxers, be would
satisfy a deeply felt demand.
Unless the United States is care
ful, it will make itself ridiculous in
its demand on Morocco for further
redress. A peripatetic capital chas
ed by a warship, is likely to pro
voke the cartoonist.
If the explosion in New York
politics means anything more than
that the Republicans there are con
sidering a change of bosses, the fact
is not patent to the rest of the
Suppose the new Maryland elec
tion laws were adopted in New
York; how many of Tammany's
ignorant foreign voters would know
enough to mark their ballots pro
perly? Educational qualifications
will aid the Democrats at the south
and the Republicans at the north.
Uncle Sam has withdrawn his
troops from China and now the
other powers are beginning to bint
that if he won't help to enforce the
result of their determinations, he
will not be consulted in regard to
them. After all, this does seem
rather fair.
4 if.
How many people know anything
about the new election law in Mary
land which they are denouncing?
This law sets up no educational
qualifications at all, it merely for
bids its assistance to a voter in pre-
paring his ballot. Thus illiterates
will probably vote contrary to their
wishes or spoil their ballots. That
is the whole of this "crime against
the suffrage."
Probably affairs in Russia are at
a dangerous tension of which the
half is not known to the outer
world. Possibly, also, a great deal
is believed that has never happened.
A censorship like that of Russia,
while it suppresses the truth, also
encourages the fake. - 1
Mr. Evans is evidently to be
frozen out of his job as pension
commissioner" Whether this is in
tended as a sop to the pension at-
torneys of the G. A. R. or is merely
a yielding to the overwhelming
pressure from everywhere for office,
is not yet entirely apparent.
Mr. Carnegie's benefactions will
make some of the other million
aires loosen their purse-itringa or I
take a back aeat
with the rcaulta of his reign up to
thie time that he haa already ap-
i . , ..i..
imiM lui u luuroura vh
n .r on hank Wli
goes out of existence on the 1st of
Jul, bavin beii abolished aa a
mnins nf riUin t war mvmim.
tk. i... ii.i ..... .v. i..4 ora.
a in iiiak unuati wmr auuna lubi sjuvi
000,000 checks passed through the
banks, each bearing a two-cent
stamp, yielding a revenue of I?,'
000,000 to the government
there is only one living ex
President now, Orover Cleveland.
In in latter rl hf the term of
John Adams there waa no
.... ... i - --
Phidont, Washington having died
in 1790. In the early part of the
term of John Quincy Adama there
liin, .i!.lnte-J
John Adama, Jefferson, Madison
and Monroe. The present ex-Presi-
dent is only .63 years tof age, and is
likely to live many years.
The Baltimore Sun refers to
payment of pension. a..the pan-
sion waste" In the same article U
says that the per capita of money
in niMM Intl. in la a ct I. It airainatl
.... . ... . .
v..v - "o"
$18.04 in 1873 and that while the
not Government debt per cilken in is now $14.52.1
The country seems to have been
worth saving, and the men who re
ceived "the pension waste" were
indispensable in saving it.
t, .lut ,,! i ftt
ft ft
..... .
immense steals in the commissary
lepartment at Manila. The com
nunaarv ntliiwr vm limlmhl nnlv
trying to follow in "Embalmed
B'Egan's footsteps and ought
not to be punished. An army of-
fieer cannot do wrong, and the
government did right in sending
Editor Rice away from Manilla be
cause he printed stories about some
of the army officers there being di
The Eugene Guard says a peti
tion is in circulation there request
ing Land Commissioner Hermann
to allow the forest rangers in the
Cascade reserve to devote a portion
of their Ume the coming summer to
improving the public faighwaya. It
is represented that on (be McKenaie
wagon road above Lost creek, a
great many trees have fallen acroes
the road, and it is almost impos
sible for covered wagons to get by
some places. There is practically
no road work available from set'
tiers along the rpad, as there are
no settlers. It is further repre
sented that the rangers have here
tofore employed considerable time
in cutting trails through the
mountain country whore there is
no travel, and that they could ac
complish more by clearing out this
wagon road. C. J. Dodd, one of
the rangers, is circulating the peti
tion, which meets with general
The energetic business man of
Eugene have taken steps to secure
some ot the immigration that is Meredith Reed, and daring his life
now flowing to the Pacifio coast A time, he would never part with
mwtincr war halt! nn Tnnailnv vin. I
ing and committees were appointed
to solicit funds and take other
necessary steps with the view of
keeDinn a man in Portland to dis-
a o
tribute literature and direct people
to Lane county. This action is in
ine with recent suggection in those
columns and will well reply the ef
fort. It would pay Polk county to
do something in the same way,
What are the Chambers of Com
merce of Dallas and Independence
doing? Their existence has not
been manifest now for some time
Are the covers to these useful bodies
fastened down so that the members
cannot see what's going on around
them. The West Side would like
to hear a few suggestions along this
ine of new business.
ft ft ft
Dr. George D. Leetch, formerly a
medical examiner in the Pension
Bureau, who haB just returned from
south Africa, where he served a
year as surgeon in the British army,
said of existing conditions over
there: "The war in South Africa is
bv no means ended, and it is liable
to continue for a long time yet. Of
course it is cuerrilla. rather than
actual warfare, but it is for this
reason that the Boers will be able
to keen ud the struccle and at leant
greatly harass the British, probably
for some vRara. In Prfltrtrm. hnai.
nPHH in fit ii flt.fl.nd dt.ill. hslva thftf. I
whiflh is cnnHnetfld hv namm of
. , I
the presence of the military forces,
he railroad ar nlmnat nnm.
pletely utilized in carrying stores
anil nrovisinns for t.h irrnv. Jinil
thnlnranforrfinnf HoAr nrlannnrafA
ihv am tunin. t!nn.
p.,.4iaii .ni,. n
a iavviiaii.jr j an lyiiu ajuci uujii aiCl
either prisoners of war or are undor
arms, rtnermratfln in am all hunda
in the hills and mountains. There
are probably 20,000 Boer prisoners
in the hands of the British."'
, ,
Washington, D, 0., Mar. 25, 100
Chinese crookedness in diplo
matic matters has been accentuated
I v. .. ii. - i .mil.. - it... t...
uw w "V"
I has negotiated with Russia. This
I . .. . . .
uw gviTotnusut, wmvu umnmu.
U... l .l H-
refused the assi.tanc. asked, but the
diplomatic representative of the
Ptl,er Pww wn0 M noW
Washington, merely smile and
ahrui their shoulders when aaked
their opinion. They were not lur
prised. On the contrary, they re
gard it as the uaual thing in Chin
ese diplomacy. Whether cocky
little Japan, which is the country
most directly affected by the big
gD. "M S war
ni.i. . ! ii .. - it.. . i ..
ra"u " uun
"nw, ta as yet an open que.-
uu " wm UUI 'urP"" "
" , ,
Undo Sam la now sole ownor
W,hol, WM l
w? m"a
vuu " m"'rH'w
lands" of that archipelago outside
of the limits named in the Paris
I i ... T, . . a 1.... tl. 1
ri "L.
w . . . , ""u'"w
rant for the cash, they exchanged
J I !.... l .1. . 1 1 1
uumra ui L lia hiii.w luiKiniuiiT ku.
i .t.. ..i c...:- u..:.,. i i
" - i w -
7 T " m "
In red with the royal arms in gold,
and that of the U. S. bound in blue
with the national coat of arms em
bossed thereon, ibis money was
appropriated by congress at the re
cent session.
Congressmen who have been to
Cuba since the adjournment, ex-
nresa the ouinion that it will be
f Am"KD u lor but
they will eventually do so. They
"J 18 4 I' th
If er it will plewe three-fourth, of
the property holders and business
men of Cuba
Senator Burrews, of Michigan,
who will probably be chairman of
the senate committee on privileges
and elections, when the committees
are re-organized at the next session
of congress, predicts that the new
Maryland ballot law will cause the
Uo 'M,U "yrUU
Congress on the basis of men who
f n vr' undor lhe
1. J come before congress. He
aavi tn AnnriAatiiAfal airttuwIiAn.
u BnAii p rnana w ina i atr
iuviiv aueavsv vj kiiv in vvugt w vu
the census of 1900, will not neces
aarily stand for ten years; that
every congress nas authority to
make a new apportionment; if it
" The congressional library has re
cently acquired sixteen old manu
script books, which contain hiatori
cat date, to be found nowhere else,
and which are consequently regard
ed as priceless. They relate to the
public and1 private life of Robert
Morris, the financier of the Ameri
can revolution, and were all written
by him. These volumes contain
reports of the U. S. treasury de
partment for the first three years of
its existence, which are not includ
ed in the government archives. The
junk ,hop by the ,ttt Gen- ,ohn
a !few Idea.
Th Electric Light company bis Just
received a new lot o( lamps which are
JUBt the lhin t0 red Th 1"roP
are fronted to that one don't have the
glare to romend with. The Wnrr Sioa
hat used one during the Dut year and
ipki from eiperience In recommend
ing theie lamps for reading purpoiea. A
trial of tlii lamp will convince the most
skeptical of the benefits to be derived
from using a frosted lamp.
Metiers, Wilkin 4 Humphreys, with
three loaded teams and a lot of loose
horse, passed through Independence on
Wednesday headed for Jackson county.
They left Wallowa county last Septem
ber and intend to return as soon u they
dispose of all their s'ock Id the Willam
ette valley,
Ot UMl Uver UU IS the means
ot lire, and enjoyment Ot lite to
thousands: men WCmen ana
Wnen appetite tails, it re
Stores 11. wnen IOOd. IS a
burden, it lifts the burden.
When youlose brings
the plumpness Ot health.
When work is hard and
duty IS heavy, it makes life
i'. ,1 , 1
it me mm ecige oi tne
wedge; the thick end is food.
DUl WliaC IS ine US6 01 IOOd,
when. You hate ll and can 1 dl
KSI lu
ScOtt's EmulsiOn Of Cod
Liver Oil is thefood that makes
vou toreet vour stomach.
. t a j a a
sample, it grabie taste will
Win IMVU lt VWS1KJ ivi
SCOT t BOWNt. Chsmlsti.
SCOff A BOWNB, Chamlata.
9 Pearl 8trt. ' New Yoi
eoo. ana $1.00 1 all druggists.
Ar.Q r,-. -!. V..I.
West Hide and Pacifio Homestead.
one year, $2.
The ratareaftat Talley.
A recent visitor to the Wil
lamette valley wrote to his bona
paper in Eastern Washington that
ha saw no reason why the town,
and cities of the WlllamstU vallsy
Ihould aver be any larger than they
now are. Aa they depend upon
the farming community and
country is all settled up he saw no
hope for further growth. ' Thla wai
not written In as unfriendly eplrit,
but the writer failed to graap the
situation. The value of the agri
cultural production of the Wil
lammette valley will probably
quadrupled Within a generation.
Under proper development this
valley with IU adjacent foothills it
capable of producing in the same
year more butter, egga and poultry
than are produced In the whole
Pacifio Northwest; mora wool than
la now grown in all Oregon; more
hop. than the total present output
of the United State.; enough pota
toea to feed everybody In the United
States west ot the Rocky Mount
alna; mora mohair than the present
production of the United States,
and enough wheat to auppljr the
home demands of Oregon and
w asnmgion, oesiaes a v,ast quan
tity of fruit, hay, bats, onion, g
den vegaUbles, etc. It will proha
bly be a long time before the
agricultural and other resources
the Willamette valley are fully de
veloped, but long before that la
accomplished there will be more
than one targe city in the place
the small cities of the present day
Oregon Agriculturist
A Katiaf, Rsariaf flee4
Washed down a telegraph Une whloh
Chaa. a Kills, of I4bon, la., had
repair. "BUndlog waist deep In ley
water," be writes, "gave me a terrible
sold and cough. - It grew worse dally.
Finally the bast doctors la Oakland
Neb., Blous City sud Omaha said I bad
Consumption and could not live. Then
I began using Dr. King's New Dis
covery and was wholly eared by sis
bottles." Positively gueianteed for
Onughs, Colds and all throat and Lung
troubles by Kiraland Drug Co. Price
6Qo and 11.00. !
The Aafera QeaU
It is estimated that there are
about 400,000 Angora goats in the
United States, abd that our annual
production ot mohair is about 1,-
000,000 pounds.. Although very
little has been said' or written
about Angora goats during the last
forty years, they have been ex
tensively bred in the western elates
and territories, especially in Texas,
New Mexico, Nevada, Florida,Cell
fornia and Oregon. C v,t
Investigations proves that tbey
are not only classed among the
most useful of the domestic aoimals
and have been so classed for thoos
ands of year., but their usefulness
is manifested in various ways. The
fleece, called "mohair,, furnishes
some of the finest fabrics among
ladies' goods, and I. used in various
other manufactures. Their habit of
browsing enables the farmer! in
wooded locality to use titeta to help
in subjugating the forest Their
flesh is exceedingly delicate and
nutritious; the milk, though not so
abundant as with the milk breed of
goats, is richer than cow's milk;
their tanned skins, though Inferior
in quality to the skins of the com
mon goat, are need for leather; their
pelt, make the neatest of ruga and
robes, and they are excellent pat.
for children. Jl few of them in
flock of sheep are a protection from
wolves and dogs; and their manure
is noticably helpful to the grass
which follows them after they have
cleaned away the underbrush.
There is much iut rest in the
goat question, and' the United
States department of Agriculture
has received numerous letter, of in
quiry concerning Angora goats. For
the purpose of answering the many
questions contained in these letters.
the Bureau of Animal Industry of
that ' department has just issued
bulletin No. 27, Bureau of Animal
industry entitlod "Information Con
cerning the Angora goat': -The
bulletin was prepared by Mr. George
Fayette Thompson, editorial clerk
of the bureau, and contain, much
information concerning, the origin,
history and use. of this domestic
animal. ' 1
The bulletin is illustrated with a
frontispiece and seventeen plates,
and is for sals to miscellaneous ap
plicants by the Superintendent of
Documents, Union building, Washi
ngton, P. C, at 15c, the price af
fixed by him. ' ... . ,
City Council.
The council met in regular session
Tuesday evening with Mayor Stockton
in the chair and all the members pres
ent except Sperling. - '
W. G. Cress v was made a deputy mar
sbal so that the south end of the city
would be protected from loose stock,
tramps, eto.
The usual monthly claims were paid.
The W. C. T. U, presented a petition
asking the city council to see that the
state law regarding saloons and other
prohibited business bouses on Sunday
opening was enforced. As the council
took no action on the petition it la evi
dent that the council men feel that par
ties who seevlolstions of. the state law
ought to take steps to report the same
to the state oOlcers, snd not wait for the
city to take action. -
Cc3rde! Block, Washington street,
,' Tha president, it is said, will now
abandon all attempt, to promote
Sampson and Schley. Both of
them- will retire before congresa
meet! again and could only be pro
moted on the retired liat at the best
It Is hard, however, thst Schley
should suffer, after all his magna
ntmity, on account of Sampson's
wqbblebnoM. ,
.aJ w v "
1 , ' He KM Ms Leg.
mlve'ywansgo J. W. Bulllvan, of
Bartord, Conn., scratched his leg with
srty Wlre."Ibaamatloii and blood
bollMoIng set in. For two years he
suffered Intensely V Then the but doe-
tors urged amputlon, "but," he writes,
MI need one bottle of Kleotrle Bitters
and t 1-t boxes of fiaokleo't Amies
Halve and my kg was sound And well
as ever." ' Por Eruptions, Eosenia,
Tetter, Bait Rheum, Bores and all bkod
disorders Kleotrle Bitters has uo rival
ou earth. Try tbsm, Klrkland Drug
Co, , will guarantee satisfautlon or re
fund ntouey. Ouly 60uts.
Hop growers ere more generally tnak
n eootreow than tbey bate don for
ssrsral years. This Is due to ssveisl
uusse, chiefly among which is the fact
that the prices offeml are higher than
for a long time. Another is ths fact
that bop dealers now In the business sre
geaerally wore reliable than the average
of those In the past. It is evident that
the consumers la England and In the
east, lor whom most of the contracts are
btiot made, have concluded that it is
ths safest plan lur thsm to be sure of i
supply at living prices, instead of wait
ing until after harvest, with the hope of
beating the growers down to hupovish
lag prices. Statesman. '
awf sM ylssasal la
w Onalafaa M It-
ttala aaS Nas UN Mmhtaaa, RMom Ihs
MMsaf TaMaaaS Smsll ltf Sim, to omu 4
brwsU m aiall I Trial Sm, IS emia ay awll.
.( acfrruatu, wma sms iwk.
'' M Rala-tan hara la alrMil . k.
coming a. pest in Missouri, where it
hss destroyed a number of young
Qrqbarda. It may soon be neces
sary id adopt mean, for extermi
nating that exotic quadruped.
.."!- .
, Satire to Dellaqueal Tsx Tirer
The Delinqoent Tax Roll hr the year
I8W has been placed In my hands Jor
eelleetioo by the Honorable. County
Cwart, with instructions to collect all
taxes due on the same at once. Notice
Is hsreby given to delinquents that un
less payment is made at once I shall
proceed to levy upon property to satisfy
said delinquent taxes.
Dated at Dallas, Polk County, Oregon,
this 12th day of Msrch 1001. ,
" J. G. Van OaaoKt,
' V Sheriff of Polk County, Oregon.
MMt. f
'X.J, HCNKLC, Proprietor
Hot and Cold Bathe at all
' ; Tlmea.
Real Estate...,
;:dhsura,ricer toans
HalnBt Independence, Ore.
W ANTED. Capable, 'reliable pernor! In
Mir.ominty to mprtwunt lre company of
xllA .M.llfll.l Mnnl.(lnn.ilUI..I... nv uua.
pajrahla weekly; S3 per day abnolutoly sure
and all eipenieii; trulibt, lxma.flde. duflnlle
aalanr. no
nalDrdar and ex panne money
eommiHion; laiary paia eacn
Ivauoud eaoh
mi Dearborn
St., CbloHO.
The Castle
Keeps constantly on hand a flue
"i assortment or
f n 5 Whiskies,
O Wines,
. Brandies; '
O Cigars,
Also the famous Hop Gold Beer.
ED. GALE, Proprietor.
& Hedges, Props.
Cigars, Cigarettes,
First Class Soda Fountain In eon-
"v - neetlon.
This Is a
Business Age I
(live your Sons and Daughters a
Business Education.
In smwIuo all the year. Htteclal at
tention given to (Shorthand ty mail.
Mewl for Catalogue and free trial
M.W.BEMNKE, Principal.
corner Haowid, PORTLAND, ORflOON
Polk County Bank
H i. 1 U .1 .. ' . .
IIU roWKLL, (UwhUr.
Paid Capital , . $30,000.00
J. II. Hawley, P. L. Camplwil, I. M.
Hitnpsiin, J. 11. V. Duller, John
, 11. Btump, V. U. Powell, '
Joaepli Craven.
Tranaacts a General Banking
and Exchange Buelncsa. ,
The Independence
CaplUl Stock, $(0,000.00
. naacBBBRo. asaaaiM ntitox,
rntin. Vtca-rraaiaaal
, O.W.iavUIB,Caalar.
It HlMhlwrf D W Hmra UK Mmllb
A. N ! ' U W Hloaart
A laawal Ranktns aat irkn( bnilaMi
traaMsitd; lo:n nut, fcllli diouowJ, em
aiarolalcrrdlusranlrd; dco!u rtMloadl
urrtnl oruoi sublt M tatck. Iaiarl aatS
a UaM4"iU.
The Hotel Cail
Pallaa, Pro,
. Has been refitted and renovated
from cellar to garret, and every
thing is new. Hood sample room
for commercial men. Hatinfaction
guaranteed. Kates, $1.00 to $2.00.
Special rates by tbo week.
Carries a fine Line of-
Robinson & Co.
Independence, Oregou.
G. L Hawkins
lodcpcndtace, Ore.
Monuments and
Head stones
" Cemetery Work
For Draylng
....Call on....
Orders for hauling
executed promptly
and at reasonable
IM M1BBU and
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic.
The formula is plainly printed on every bottle -hence you
know just what you arc taking when you take drove's. Imitators
do not advertise their formula knowing that you would not buy
their medicine if you knew what it contained. ; Grove's contains
Iron and Quinine put up in correct proportions and is in a Tasteless
form. The Iron acts as a tonic while . the Quinine drives the
malaria out of the system. Any reliable druggist will tell you that
Grove's IS the Original and that all other so-called Tasteless
Chill Tonics' arc imitations. An analysis of other chill tonics shows
that Grove's is superior to all others in every respect.. You
are not experimenting when you take Grove's its superiority
and excellence having long been established. Grove's is the
only Chill Cure sold throughout the 'entire malarial sections of
the United States. No Cure, No Pay, Price, 50c
C. JD. CallDteatl7 1
Opera House block, Hain Street, Independence, 7
flood gocnin at Right Prices Make Eay Selling. X
I to
m Our gooda are first-class, our prices am low an the
lowent quality of goods considered. ;
M All kinds of country produce bought at the ify
W lliirhuat Market Vt'w.o. SS
1 1 Share of Tour Patronage Respsctfully Sclicitei. vv
SB .
I i7eact(tiattefs
Z The high grade Cleveland, 2
S ; The old reliable Crescent, , ' ZSS
' The elegant fininhed Qendron, z
5. : . The Reliance, the king of cheap wheels
Jp: Come iii and examine bur stock. We take
pleasure in showing you our wheels whether
51 you wish to buy or not.
y" Wo carry also ' 35
A full line of Bicycle Sundries 2
I R. M
A. J. Ooodman, Mgr. 2
Are you looking
for a brush?
Not with Germanybut a hairbrush,
1 tooth brush,- or a silver-polishing
brush. I have a good all-bristle hair
brusli for 25c. Tooth brushes, 5c up.'
Our fee returned if wo fail. Any ono sending sketch and description of
any invention will promptly receive our opinion free concerning the patent
ability of samo. "How to obtain a patent" sent upon request Patent
secured through us advertised for salo at our expense. -
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Thk Patent IIkcokd, an illustrated and widely circulated journal, consulted
by Manufacturers and Investors.
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(Patent Attorneys,)
Evans Building, - VIASHIKOTO:!, D C.
ia, Chills
i V
. WADE & CO., 1
Prescription Druggist
A Han Slips Up
On it ery time that he takes his laun
dry work outnld of the Baltm Steam
laundry to be done up. He finds "that
tlrd Mlug" steallug over him when he
uotea the diflVrenoe in the exquisite color
and beautiful flnlnh, saying nothing of the
K(mkI condition in which your linens are
returned by the
Salem Steam Laundry.
Phone 411 230Ubertyst