The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, December 07, 1900, Image 3

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Tlhon, N. 141,
KMtfHTS or VYTttlAS,
..iifu lAKiK SO. , MtkW
J v "v &.
fml will lata
not to 't itvrw ihroil iwrjliiiMly.
V ZZt Knight, .r iivjll U H.mi wh.a
conwulsaw v 'A? rT..u akiw.;! V a
Court ImleiwiulwiMS N 30, ftrwt
en. of Amrrh. '' wry Tumlay
evening at 8 o'clock. i -
Wbwt, 60c
Fojtgy mornings.
W, It AUln, dentist, Cooper block.
J, L. Stockton has mon' clothing, A No
1, at oKl iriee.
West ud Weekly Statesman,
oue year, f 2.'
The annual meeting ot the lndepen
deuce fire department will be held next
Monday evening at which time officer
for uext year will lie elected.
Ladies' and children'! jackets less
than eout at the Monmouth itore.
Campbell Bros, have no equal In pricing
ranee and itovea,
The Monmouth people have alway
patronised us liberally and still Oontiuu
to do to. Tiiaukiug them for their past
patronage, we ollcit that ol the future.
, J. L, Stockton.
Xmaa decoration, candies, etc.. at
The driveway at the 8. P. depot need
several coat ot good gravel to make it
both useful and ornamental. Teams al
most get "stuck"
Buv your mill feed at the Collin mill
Bran, $15 per urn; hort $16 per ton
Have you bought your winter wrap?
Now ia the time to buv them at lea
than cost at the Monmouth Store.
The Multnomah football team ha
cold feet. The Salem boy have tried
in every a ay to get a game but without
uceeea. ' ' '
Robinson' Book Store ha just re
ceived a larite lot of new books by the
latest and best author. .
J. L. Stockton buys of the beet house
in the U. S. The aame traveling men
sell to him as to the best bouses In Port
land and Salem. We are careful to buy
the latest goods, and in popular price
gools can't be beat.
Newbro's Herpicide, the dandruff
cure, E. T. Henkle the barber, keep it.
Wm. Barnett is preparing to open up
a poultry market on Main street where
be will be ready at all times to supply
customer with freshly dressed fowls.
There ia no use sending away to Port
land or Salem for holiday goods a
Kobinson & Co. keen a good stock on
Wall paper that will please the most
critical, at Campbell Bros.
A moral wave I said to be moving at
Dallas. S'pose It will reach over this
way after a bit.
Campbell Bros, have fust received a
new and complete (lock of wall paper,
J. L. Stockton ha a $30,000 (took.
He is constantly buying and telling,
and in bis stock there is not $50 of old
nntaleable goods. Tbi defies com peti
tion for a clean stock anywhere in the
Several of the boy who "lit out" be
cause court wag about to be in cession at
the county seat on Monday, ' have re
turned, court having adjourned the lame
day it opened.
You would le surprised to aee the
great Variety of air tight heater displayed
on the floor at K. M. Wade A Go's. If
you need anything in that line don't
overlook them.
At Dallas on Monday, Judge Burnett
held court for about fifteen minutes,
called the docket, settled eight case
and continued a half dozen others.
We wish to thank the Independence
people who have patronized u so liber
erally and extend an invitation toothers
also. Jiememiier that if your neighbor
can save money buying dry good in
Monmouth, you can too.
Found On Wednesday morning a
pair of silk mitts was picked up in front
of this office, which some early traveling
lady had dropped. She may call and
get them.
Carpenter Finch ha just finished a
fine skiff for duck bunting and will soon
give it a trial.
Xma goods at Robinson's.
For special rate on . Lipplnoott's
Magazine to subscribers of the West
tsiDK, call at the office.
Portland bicyclist ride on all the
sidewalks right in town. But then,
Portland is a back-number village, has
street lights, a big debt, and is, general
ly, not up to date.
The word Garland is a guarantee that
the stove is first class in every respect
For sale by K. M. Wade & Co.
Campbell Bros, have the best line of
carpets that has ever . been carried in
Independence all wool and a yard wide.
A few growers still hold their hops in
exbectatiori of blither Vices. Offers are
made of cents. In New York Pa
cifies were 19J cent for choice a few
days ago- Buyers are still active, but
Will not go above 15 cents notwithstand
ing the market valuejin the East Wood
burn Independent.
Campbell Bros, carry six different
lines in airtights prices guaranteed the
Try Moore, the barber, north side of j
"C" street, opposite Knox's grocery
store, for a hair cut or shave.
Newbro's Herpicide, the dandruff
cure, at E. T. Henkle's barber shop, 10
When in Salem and you want a good
meal don't forget to go to Strong's
Restaurant, where everything the mar
ket affords can be had.
J. 8. Moore, the barber on C street,
now hand leu Newbro's Herpicide. the
famous dandruff cure, endorsed by all
the leading barters of Portland and all
cities in the east. Give it a trial and
save your hair.
Have you arranged yet for your even
ing reading? If not, it will be to your
rdvantage to call at Robinson's Book
, itore on Main street. All the standard
authors are kept on hand and many of
the latest books can be found only there
Every day is a Baraain Dan at Mon
mouth's Big Dry Goods Store and people
, from other towns are fast finding it out.
Our trade is growing rapidly.
8. M. DANIEL, Monmouth, Ore.
CORDWOOD taken on subscription
at the WEST SIDE office. . .. . ,
Tbli signature is on every box of the g.nulne
i Laxative Bromo-yuimne Tbi.u
ua remedy was cans)
Judge Hols ot Salem, wa In town
A number of Monmouth young men
attended the hop last Saturday veiling,
The whist flub will meet this evening
with Mr, an.i Mr. G. W. Kutch,
Mrs, Decker of Montana, ia visiting
her pareut, Mr, and Mrs. BUnaberry.
James Twtherow wa in from the farm
on Thursday.
The orchestra had a goodly attendance
at the dance last Saturday evening.
Last Friday T. J. Fryer took 200 ilieep
down to Portland on the steamer Alton,
Howard Williams, the creamery man
ol Newberg, viiltod over Monday with
K. 0. Eld ridge, V
Mr. and Mr. Clarenro Ireland were
In town from their Oak Ridge home
Saturday and Sunday.
J. 8. Cooper will leave tomorrow tor
the eastern part ot the (late and will be
gone probably a week.
The "Uncle Joth" company held forth
at the opera house on Wednesday even
ing to a $135 house.
M. O,' Potter, a former resident of
this one of tha traveling fra
ternity, wa in the city during the week.
Charlea Sperling spent a portion ol
the week In Portland, going down on
the Altona last Friday.
Mia Nellb Cox, who visited here
nt the ere, left on. tbe; up train
Thursday morning euroute to Grant'
Mr. 8hermn Hay is again in the
8alem hospital. Puring the week she
underwent an operation and It ia hoped
that she will soon regain her health.
George Jone aud At Herren went to
Albany Saturday eveniug and lloated
back next day, capturing a halt dosen
bird on the way.
J. M. Stark ia getting ready to put in
a planer at the saw mill. A shed along
side the mill proper is being made ready
fur the machine which has already been
J. 8. Cooper bought a fine (tiing of
Teal duck the other day and the buy
persuaded him that they were mud hen.
He came near to losing hia birds before
finding out the joke.
II the Portland hunters want the
China bird law extended, why not add
December instead ol beginning a month
earller.wheu the birds are too small to
look after themselves?
C. L. Pearson, an A. 0. U. W. work
er, was In Independence during the
week, on bis way to Corvallis. He
will likely return here soon to look up
some matters (or the good of the order.
Mrs. W. II. Powell, who baa been
visiting at Monmouth several weekn,
was a visitor at the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Mills on Monday, leaving
next morning on the early bout for her
home at 8f Helens.
F. A. Douty, of Independence, was in
Albany yesterday concluding the sale
of 60,000 pounds of wool to the Albany
Woolen Mills Company. The wool was
a choice lot of the best Willamette Val
ley fleeces, and represented a value of
about $9000. Herald.
Morris Wiprut and son, Henry, ot
Salem, spent a tew days here daring the
the week. . While here they went to
Falls City ai d done some work on their
County Treasurer Dalton asks for bids
for school bonds of district No. 23.
These bonds are tor the purpose of re
funding a $13,000 indeptedness. The
bonds will be (or $500 each, to run ten
year with interest at five per cent, pay
able semi-annually. ,
The young men of this city have or
ganised an athletic club. A meeting
was held Monday evening at which a
constitution and by-laws were adopted
and officers elected forthe ensuing term.
A meeting will be held tomorrow even
ing when definite arrangements will be
made for putting the hall in condition
for immediate occupancy. The follow
ing are the officers: Louis J. Brant,
president; Elxa Osborne, vice president;
Archie Hloper, secretary; Perl Hedges,
Subsidy Resolution.
Adopted by Marion county Pomona
grange at Macleay, Oct. 10, 1900:
Whereas, Tbe farmers and laborers
have been and are now paying an undue
proportion of taxes, and
Whereas, There is now pending be
fore congress a b'll creating another
special privilege at the expense -of the
producers of wealth, known as the b rye
Payne ship subsidy bill, and
Whereas, When prices of our pro
ducts advance in foreign markets, char
ters are advanced so much that a decline
of price is sometimes caused in our home
markets to tbe injury and loss ol the
producers. Therefore be it
Resolved, That we are opposed to any
legislation In favor of a class as against
the masses of ouj people and, particular
ly do we obiect to and condemn the at
tempt to subsidise'the shipping Interests
that are already enjoying a greater pros
perity and success than are the agricul
turists of our nation.
Resolved, That as long as protection
is promised, we are in favor of andde
mand that all our people have an equal
opportunity to share in that protection
without being compelled to join tlie
shipping combine.
Resolved, That we believe it is a duty
our senators and representatives owe to
their constituents to protect us against
the special priveleges asked by other
constituents to our injury.
Take Laxative Broiuo Quinine Tablets
Ail druggists refund the money K it
fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature
Is on each box. 25o.
Hop Sold Beer
Bottled beer for
family use to
be had at
, City Election,
The city election on Monday wa a
very quiet one, only 108 vote Iwing
polled. Two ticket were In the field.
The ticket nominated at th mass meet
ing or lion partisan convention was suc
cessful witli the exception ot council
man (or the first ward, The following
gentlemen will look out (or the city's
Interest during the year 1001 1
J. L. Stockton, mayor,
J. D. Irvine, recorder.
C. W. Irvine, treasurer,
A. J. Tupper, marshal.
J. A. Mills, councilman, first ward.
J. W, Klrkland, councilman, twoi d
ward. .
T. B.
Huntley, councilman, third
City Council.
Council met Tuesday evening.
The committee on street reported
progress on street and sidewalk work.
The water and light committee was
empowered to have a 10-candle power
lamp placed In the parlor ol the city
ail. , . ? . ;
Claim were allowed as follows t
F. E. Chamber, nails, elo, $3.15; J.
N. Jones, gravel, 1.50; Enterprise, ejec
tion notice, 3.00; West Side, advertising
and Job work, 7.50; K. T. Henkle, lees,
0.75; E. T. Henkle, election expense.
lflflOr A. J. Tupper, night waieh, S3; J.
F. Hu.-kleyv wae d sirs wort,'
50.25; Oilmore A Calhreath, ;llgh ana
water, 4.5. , , t f ,
One assessment, No. 0, (or the A. O.
U. V. this month. ' , , '
Indeiend ice Lodge No. 62, A. U. U.
V , met on Monday evening and elected
the following otlloers to serve (or the
ensuing year : A. J. Walcott, paat mas
ter; I). L. Hodge, master workman; A.
J. Ooodman, foreman; L. Damon, over
seer; OL. Hawkins, recorder; W, G.
HhariiiHii, tin; E I. Kelchiim, recv;
8. K. Owen, guide; 8. B. Walker, Inside
watchman; E. 8. llilllard, outside
watchman; K, L. Ketchum, trustee.
Homer Irfxlge No. 45 met Wednesday
evening aud elected olllivn for ensuing
term as follows: F. 8. WIImou, chancel
lor commander; U. L. Fraxicr, vice
chancellor; Verd Hill, prelate; J. W.
Richardson, jr., keeper of records and
seal; O. A. Kramer, master of finance;
D, Calbreath, manter of exchequer; O.
C. Locke, master at arms; L. C. Gil-
more, master of work; B. M. Atkins,
liner guard; Win. Beamer, outer guard;
J. V. Kirklnnd, trustee I year; F. E.
Ghamliers, trustee 2 years; J. L. Stock
ton, trustee 3 years.
Holly Hive No. 31, Ladies of the Mac
cabees, elected the following oitlcer
Monday evening; Essie Roliertson, lady
commander; Hattie Kramer, lieutenant
commander; Muggie Poineroy,. record
keeper; Candace Rohluson, finance
keeper; Anua Knox, 'chaplain; Nellie
Hilliard, sergeant; Vanch Dickinson,
mistress atVms; Kliiabelh Burton, in
ner sentinel ; Jane Finch, outer sentinel.
The Musoiiio lodge met on Saturday
evening, election oi oiucers win lane
place at the next meeting.
There ia no assessment (or the Degree
of Honor this month.' This makes sev
en skips during the year, leaving five
assessments on 1300 member. The
Degree seems to be growing.
Roport of the Independence public
school for the mouth ending October 2(1,
1st Grade, Mrs. Tuck, teacher.
Number enrolled 42
Days present.... .' 630
Days absent. 43
Per cent of attendance 03.7
2d Grade, Miss Burke, teacher.
Number enrolled 24
Days present 4(10
Days atment, 15
Percent of attendance 1W.0
3d Grade, Mra, Cochrane, teacher.
N uitilx-r enrolled 36
Days present 620)
Days absent , 47
Percent of attendance...,, 03
4th Grade, Miss Cooier, teacher.
Number enrolled 28
Days present ol4s
Days absent
Percent of attendance 07,8
6th Grade, Miss Goff, teacher.
Number enrolled , 30
Days present 524
Days absent 27J-
Percent of attendance,. 05
6th Grade, Miss Masterson, teacher.
Number enrolled...; 30
Days present '. 8.riS
Days absent 2!),'s
Percent of attendance 05
7th and 8th- Grades, Miss Smith,
Number enrolled , ..43
Days present,..,.. , J"to
I)Hys absent .' 42;6
Percent of attendance,..,. ..85
Oth and 10th Grades, A. M. Sanders,
teacher. , .-v :. . t,r -u rv.
Number enrolled .,,.......3(1
Days present.,.' 015
Days absent. .' .39
Pnreent of attendance -Co.5
Total enrollment 200
Days present 4706
Days absent 255i
Purcent of attendance 05
The following were perfect in attend
ance and excellent in scholarship and
deportment :
First orade Adram tisher, Kutn
Sperling, Bessie Hartman, Leona Sperl
Ing, Ira Mix, Bonetta Tucker, Owen
Thompson, Lena Wolcott, Marie Jones,
Errol Lucas, Garland Lemmon, Ruth
Hodgo. Cora Wilcox, Harry Pickins.
Second grade-Bessie Wolcott, Arthur
Sperling, Lyston Lucas, Harry Madi
Third grade Nellie Albiker, Helen
Ccoper, Dee Woods, Ruby Armstrong,
Flossie Lemmon, Gladays Irvine.
Fourth grade Jessie Freeman, , Row
ena Sperling, Emma Henkle, Grace
Walker, Dale I'omeroy.
Fifth grade Eva Mix, Lewis Sim
mons, Orbie Taylor, Madge Cleland. .
Sixth grade June Seeley, Hazel
Seeley, Hazel Bohannon, Lorena Web
ster, Mabel Boydston.
Ninth and tenth grades -Leola Dun
born, Joel Willson, Flora Byers, Inez
Warner, Mabel Parker, Edna Purvine,
Nola Owen, MiraKimberlin.Glen Good
man, Julien Hurley, Frank Richardson,
Roy Hawkins.
Patrons and others are urged to lend
encouragement by frequent visits.
A. M. Sandbbs, Principal,
Pllll.lC IIUKlNim
Abstract of Instrument Filed In Polk
County Nov. tl to ft-c. 8, 1V00.
,'- UKKP .
N E Duncan to J A L Duncan, 08
leva 25, 30, tp 0 ( r 6 and 7 w-$3328 04.
Sheriff VanOrsdel to Hnry Clanfleld,
14H.4U 3 8 Holman d 1 c tp 9 r 5 w
$25.04 ,A
0 W Lelck to Henry Clifford, 821.02
tec 20, 27, tp fi r 0 w-$2000.
Sanford 8 Harris to Fannie Kemp,
2lH).08a 0 P Zumwalt dlctp0r5w
A W Beckett to Rota J Hall, 20 70a
Cora D and i I) Black to J B Gohtsnn,
4M00a P II Smith d 1 o tp 0 s r 3 w-$25,
Andrew Siefartti to Isaao Hughes,
0 06 H Willoughby d I c tp 8 s r w
$3U 50.
Lucv E and Frank Rowell to Isaac
Hughes, It 0 blk 8, Leveni add Pall
$35. -'
Aeury Meyer to O M Johnson, 55a
8 Telherow d 1,0 tp 9 r 5 w-$1000. .
8 C Dodson to Mr M Bill, 00.40a
McM Dodson d 1 tp 7 r 5 w-$H00.
8 11 Tetherow to Polk County Bank,
( X t( 1, 2, blk 2, out It 2, Mou-$.W0.
F K Hubbard to M 0 Moyer, It 14 blk
K, Fait City $1. ' ' ' 7
. "'-,' .,' i-kohats coiiBT, , , ,,'"
l Estate of W.8 Brit ker Report of sale
f persona! property tiled and approved.
' ; fcetata of Lewi , Helmlik-Seinl an-
nihil account filed and approved tuhject
to final act-omit.
; Estate of Jaine F. Taylor Final ac
count heard and approved; administra
trix discharged.
Estate of David Ackley Final am ount
approved; administratrix discharged.
' Estate of Sylvester Wilson Final ac
count heard and approved; administra
tor discharged.
Estate of John C Allen Final account
heard and approved J administrator dis
charged. Estate ot John Fawk On motion of
attorney tor estate cause continued till
Pec H, at 10 o'clock.
Guardianship of Williams minor heir
BiHirl of sale of real proierty present
ed aud approved and guardian ordered
to make deed. .
Estate of Wm Gay Final account
heard and approve! and administratrix
Estate of Nathan Hussey Petition to
sell real pro;erty filed and same set for
hearing on Feb 4, 1001.
Estate ol Nathan Conner Final ac
count filed and approved; executor
Guardianship of Set It L. and Blanche
L. Faak, minors-Bond filed and ap
proved. J W Lewis, E L Harris, W W
Smith atxinled appraisers.
Kstate of Amanda Richards Final ac
count set for hearing Jan 7, 1001, at 8
Estate of J W Richards Final ac
count et for hearing Jan 7, at 9 o'clock.
Estate of Edward O'Blerne Petition
to sell ersonal property filed and prayer
A Ponton Grange. i
On Tuesday delegate from the various
grange throughout the oounly met In
this city and organised a Pomona grange.
Judge R. P. Boise, ol Salem, a past
grand master, wa the Instituting officer,
being assisted by Jacob Voortiee, ot
Woodburn. The following are the offi
cers of the new grange:
Master, J. C. While, Oak Grove.
Overseer, F. M. Smith, Lewisville.
Lecturer, J. B. Stump, Buyer.
Steward, W. W. Smith, Lewisville.
Assistant Steward, II. Black, Dallas.
Chaplain, E. Evens, Monmouth.
Treasurer, W. H. Robertson, Lewisv't.
Secretary, D. A. Hodge, Independence
Gate keeper, A. Nelson, Independence
Pomona, Sister W. W. Smith.
Flora, Sister A. Collins.
Ceres, Sister A. Witherow.
Assistant Steward, Sister T. Simpson.
The next meeting will be hold at
Dallas on January 12, 1901.
The creamery is gradually getting
more business. Farmers are beginning
to annreciate pay day every month and
are adding more and more to their milk
and cream shipments to the creamery.
A man has been running a great fake
game up in Eastern Oregon, catching
suckers right and left. He gives an
auction, sells a lot of cheap Jewelry to
regin with, and then returns the money
to the purchasers. That gets the crowd
excited and they pay exorbitant prices
for itoods: at Pendleton the man cleaned
ii n about $150. giving almost nothing in
return, said he would be back the next
night, and then skipped out.
There Is more Catarrh In tills section of the
rounuy tlml aW oilier (ll-wiM'X.init logeilirr,
mill until Hie Iml tew year, wns suppoxuil la
lie liieiimlile. Kur a amU ninny yews doetnrs
pronounced n a iophi oisim
l..n.,l Hi ,,II,M unrf l,V 111
,,., t'-,IIVU ,W-t " l-'rf
ours with local treatment, pronaiinaea It 1
ooriilile Helena low proven catarrh to ho a
ncmsllmllonal disease, ami therefore, requires
CUIlSUUUKIimi ireHUliuut nmi vuumih
:lire, mniiuiHiHureu uj r. j. ljiuhioj iu.,
Toledo, Ohio, Is the only oonxtltiillnuikl cute
oil lUe InHTKtH. 11' in uteu iiiuiriiHiiy in iuppiw
....... tu . !....... I,, a luaulliuillhll
W on the blood and ntueous suhniHis ol lh
system. They oiler one hiiiidrud dollars fur
any rase It falls to eure. Heud for circulars
ana lesiunonmis
Address, K. J. CIIKNKY 4 CO., Toledo, O.
.... i... lut. tr...
llall s Family 1'llls are the best.
i Married
Leonidas C, Fouos, of Washington
statu, and Miss Edna limin, ot North
Yamliill.'were married at the .home of
the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Bunn, at North Yamhill' Oregon, Nov
ember 20, 1000, the Rev. W. . Gilbert,
chaplin of the Second Oregon, odlclating.
Mr. Fones was a member of the Second
Oregon, and is at present an express
messenger on the Northern Pacific rail
road, M 188 Dunn Is the youngast daugh
ter of J. M. Bunn, There were about
100 guests present to witness the cere
mony, which took placo at 8 p. in.
Dinner was served immediately after.
The presents received by lift bride and
groom were many, being valuable, use
ful and ornament!. McMinnville Tel-epnoue-Regiater.
Miss Bunn Is a sister of Mrs. U. L,
Frazier, ot this city, who was present at
the wedding .
' a. f . i i ,
Tit neat rrenpiign lor malaria
Chills aud Fever, is a bottle of Grove's
Tasteless Cnlll Tonic. It is simply Iron
and quinine in a tasteless form. No
cure, no pay. Price, 50o.
t Free to Inventors.
Tho experience of Q. A. Hnow aCo. In obtain
ing more than 20,001) patents for Inventors linn
enabled thun to helpfully answer many linen
t(on relating to the protection of Intellectual
property, This they nave done in a pamphlet
treating brleliy of United Htaten and foreign
putuiitH, wlttt oost of amc and how to procure
them; trade niarku, rtuHigin, cavcatH, Infringe
ments, decisions in loailUg patent, oases, ete.
This pamphlet will bo sunt free to anyone
writing to U. A. Bnow & Co., Vvashiugtou, U.C
Chrictmas ioods Lai Raket Btor
Our endeavor has
lilUsoful but not .
Cnma iii and boo
v will pkuiKO you. Wo will
f Bamboo hampers, or Laundry Basket,
L, Crokcnolc Boards, Parlor Croquet, Doll
; ! Carriages, Books for Little Polks and Big Folks.
1 ijioto Albums, Scrap Albums,
lit J Huffier and Fine Neck Wear.
: : Yiu can surety find something to please your friends
1 i
, ' I lie ucat i iasier.
"A 4k of flannel dampened with
UhW rliHit'a IViii Itaiiii and bouutl
tC tV-AMjwMl itnrta Is superior to any
parts, is i -rlor to any plaster. When
iMiihhd with a mine liack or tmlti lit
,. A i.
t' aside it ebeet, give it a trial and you
are etrt.ln to be nmro than pu-ioad
with D prompt relief wlilnli It Milords
I'alli, . 11 ill al cures tin uiiiut lain
One aiHieatioii gives relief, For snlo
by Uiriliti'd Drug Co.
, I Tloi amH'ohl.
A ler day ago W. (1. Sharman re
ceived t ital card of wtilch the follow-
; Fall City. Oregon
. ' 'U Nuv., 1WH).
1 1 I luuri.Y n
K. liutler.
Mr Barman didn't send the shirts but
he sentthe bill (or 'em ahieh will doubt
less kftt Frank warm until the shirts
are recdved
Drf iijy prcnftrntlo
opdryttarrh they dry I
itmtlon simply dorel.
up tli soerntiotia,
wukii llhera to the membrane and deoom.
pose, taming a far more serious trouble than
the tmUiary form of catarrh. Avoid aUdry.
ing lnliiUuta, fumes, smokes and auuffs
aud UKUhat which cleanses, sootlie aud
brla. By' Cresra Italia is such a remedy
and willjcuro catarrh or cold in the head
easily aitl pleasantly. A trial sirs will be
mailed fi-10 cents. All dniKtflsts sail th
Mo. siie.1 Uy Itrolhers, CO Warrou Kt.,K.Y.
The IWw cures without pain, doe not
irritate l wiso It spreads itftelf
over an rnitatnd aud aiiKT surface, reller.
Inc iinin11atty the painful Inflamnintion.
ViiU lilj's Cream llulm you are armed
against Kasul Catarrh and Uuy Fovor.
.. . .
j A (heap LIk1 System.
Myrtle Totnt, a small town ot Coos
county, has installed gasoline street
lam , The Enterprise of that city say
that four lamps, with a 500-caodle
power,' have been placed in position,!
almost equal electricity. The Enter
prise goo on to state that the coat of
erecting- tho same, including posts, wire,
etc., amounted to about $20 each, and
that the maintenance of the same Is
about thirty cents a night. There is a
hint ii this to the city of Arlington. To
install a system of light for the main
street ot Arlington similar to that of
Myrtlf Point and maintain the same (or
a year, iljllio estimato ot Myrtle Point
Miterprao bo correct, would cost toe
remarkajly small sum of 9180.50.
The Independent suggests that the
proKis!tbn be investignted. It would
not be Tiwiee for tho city council to
CQimmirrato with the olllulals of Myrtle
Point iijregard to tlieir system, in view
of alo'iig the same service in our city.
Arlington Independent.
MyrtR Point has no electric light sys
tem, tlfefore the above proKisition Is
all right About a year ago the light
company of this city offered to place arc
lamps if 2000 candle ower tor $3.25 per
montlbr "'H cents' per night. We do
not ktiiw what these gasoline lamps will
d0 in tit way of street lighting but un
dumtail that some company desires to
plae .ififew hero on trial. The city
should lit the company do so, Our city
should li lighted, if only by coal oil
Tlil (blna birds seem to know that
tbe Inning season, so far as it concerns
tlieiuW over for they apjiear now to
have no fear of anyone,
'Stilee to Wuter I'oiiNiimers.
It Is tiiither honest nor honorable for
wator.consumers to allow their bibbs to
run in, ,f reusing,. weather, and hereafter
any.arty ,or parlies allowing or permit
ting; such waste upon their premises
willjhave the same charged up at meter
raieM I'rotect your pipes at your own
Impendence & Monmouth
tljl Mater and Electilc Light Co.
7 '
To the Deaf.
A' Hell luHv iMirnd nf liur l.ur,ncu
and:oi iwa In tho bend bv Dr. Nlniiol.
souli f rtiflclitl liar Druins, jgavejlO.OOO
w ism iirtuiuie, so mni ueur people un
able t6 procure the ear drums may'have
theijtifiee. Address No. 13134-c, The
NlchOson Inatltuto, 780, Eighth
Avenip, New York, U. 8. A.
$1.00 81.50,
$2.00, ' $2,25,
$4.00 and $5.00
in i m i
Vy Those arc extra good
value. . , .
Call in and be con
vinced. : 5 k
V Yours, for.
Fountain Pens,
Jewelen and Opticians,
t .v ' , ' -
at tho
boon this year to buy
Expensive Articles
thorn. I am sure our Drices
mention somo things:
It, M. Gilbert, one of the largest farm
arson the' Yakima Indian reservation
reports ' having completed digging til
potatoes; of which he has about 200 ton
of the famous Yakima t)urhnik. Ha
ha imported a thrashing machine ami
will U'gin at once the work of thrashing
aud cleaning 'what he estimates as lit
least 1000 sack of beans. The crop was
Very large and tho yield excellent. The
varities of beans grown were the brown
Mexican and red navy. He will probab
ly snip to tbe markets of the east. Gil
bert is the man who last year told over
$1000 worth of potatoes from a 30 acre
field, and harvested over (10 bushel of
Wans from an acr. Dispatch from
North Yakima, Wash., In 8pokesmn
How to Cure Croup.
Mr. It. (tray, who lives near A men
la, DnelieoH county, N. Y . any
"ChamlM-rlnln's Cough I.eiiiedy Is tbe
last nied li-ln I have ever ued. It Is
a flue children's remedy for croup and
lit ver mils to euro " When given
soon aa the child liecomes hoarse, or
eveu artcr the croupy cough has tie
veload, It will prevent the attack.
Thl should 1 borne In mind and a
buttle of the Cough iteuiedy kept at
hand ready for Instant use aa soon as
thine symptom appear. For sale by
KirKiaiid Urugl.o.
On Monday, Decembers, to Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. (Jorso, a boy, 9,'t lbs.
One of Kipling's new "Just So" stories,
which he is now writing for The Ladies'
Home Journal, will tell "How Pussy
Got Her Purr." lu the same humorous
vein the famous author will tell of
another feline peculiarity j "How the
Tiger Out His Stripes." Kipling love
to write about animals, and to Interest
children in bis stories; but fond as he is
of children he will not write "down" to
them. lie despise the ''twaddle"
which till to many book intended for
tlieir entertainment, and keep far a-
way from It in everything be doe with
his pen; consequently hit stories inter
est men and women a well a delight
children. . ' ,
J. fi. Stump tent a fine buck goat to
8. C Ruble, Wolf Creek, near Roseburg,
on Wednesday. ,
Among the tens of thousand who
have used Chamberlain's Cough Item
ed y for oolds aud la grippe during the
past few years, to our Kuowleuge, not a
single raae has resulted In pneumonia.
Thos. Whit Held A Co., 240 Wabash
aveuue, Chicago, one of the most pro
minent retail druggists In that city, in
speaking of this, says: "We recommend
Chambermiu'a Cough Remedy for la
grippe In many eaaea, aa It not only
gives prompt ana complete recovery,
hut hIm) couuterneta auy tendency of
la irrliipono result in pneiiiuoula." For
rale by Klrklitud Drug Co.
Oliver Locke and L. C. Uilmore went
ocrops tho river Thanksgiving Day for a
final hunt. They brought back (ever
al scraggy birds. Its very likely that
Gilmore killed them but he's afraid of
hurting Oliver's feelings by telling the
truth. : . '
Kutch' Barber Shop.
Inilqiemleiico Oregon
, i I,
Office and Residence Corner Railroad
Monmouth Btreets,
, . 't ' 7.
Dan P. Stouffer.
Insurance ,
4 Titles
, T . Examined,
Main Street
Dallas, Oregon
W. O. Sharman,
" ...
Main Street, Independence
Southern California.
Notable among the treasures afforded
by the (Shasta ltoute Is the winter trip
to Southern California and Arizona,
Heuewed acqualntence with this seo
tlon will ever develop fresh points of
miereai aim auueu souroes or enjoy
ment, under Its sunny sklca, In the
Variety of Its Industries, In Its prolific
vegetation aud among its numberless
resorts of mountain, shore, valley and
The two dally Shasta trains from
Portland to California have been re
cently equipped with the most approve
ed pattern of standard and tourist
sleeping curs, but the low rates of fare
will still continue In effect. ' '
llhiatrated oulilea in i4 wlntar I'm-
sorts of California and Arizona may be
had on appiioatlon to
C. U. MAUKHAM, U. i". A.,..
! Portland, Oregon.
Election is now over
roHult. Uut from now on let w talk business.
Tho Holiday Boason is very near here, and you
are all in need of an -
I ovorBtocked myself with tlie abovo garments
thoreforo concluded to cIoho them out at whole
sale cost price for tho NEXT 30 DAYS.
You are tho buyer, I ant tho seller, when the
seller is ready to sell, that's the time to buy; you
have your innings now, and it is your turn to j
tako advantage and make tho profit yourself.
This off?r f lands good
for only 30 days at the
A Bitr Kick
a wan makes wheu bis lauudry work Is
sent home with porcupiue elg4s and
sun-ail eaide button boles. It be would
brlug his linen to an up-to-date lauudry,
where perfect methods obtain at all
times, such as thaHalein HUam Lauudry,
he will receive bis shirts, collars and
cull's equal to new every time that we
send them borne.
Ltvyour orJtrt at Kuuh's Barter itiop, or
with thi lilim stags,
Are you looking
for a brush?
Not with Germany but a hair brush,
tooth brush, or a silver-polishing
brush. I have a good all-bnstlo hair
brush for 2oc. Tooth brushes, 5c up.
Polk County Bank
rrld.aU , , virvrrcaliliMt.
KAU POWKLt, Cahlr. .
...:. if'. - " V.
Paid Capital . . $30,000.60
J. II. Hawley, P. L. Campbell, I. M.
tiltnpson, J. Ii. V. Butler, John
U. Htump, F. 8. Powell, ,
Joseph Craven.
Transacts a General Banking
and Exchange Business.
The Independence
Capital Stock, $50,000.00
Prcatdont. Vlos-Tissldaat
aw. laVIHt, Caaatat.
S. P. Smith, A, Nltoa, A. N. Bnah.H. H. fas
paraoa, J. Jt. Rhodta, O. W. Bsars, U. Hlisckbstf
A i-enrral Banklni an4 aichaa(S knatass)
tratiaacttil; loam madci, bllli dlacounted, cook
luerenl crfdlti granlM; raoalyed en
current account tubjeel U caacm, laUrut ftii
a lima dapotta. .
Changeable weatlur between two seasons encour
ages your, chronic troubles and inflicts upon you
much petty sickness. Better, off. 10 cents
might prevent it yhen $10 wouldn't cure it. "
CJpnie to us to have your prescriptions filled, and
for everything ke'pt in a well regulated drug store.
Corrected to date.
Leaves Iiidnpend.
Leaves Alrlle for
Monmouth and
ence lir Moummith
mid Alrlle. , ,
TillO a. m.
3:30 p. m.
I.eavnn Independ-
9;OI) a. in.
6 00 p. in.
Leaves Dallas for
Monmouth uud In
dependence, vnoe for Sloiiinoutli
mid DhIIiih.
I'OO p. in.
8:30 "
Leaves Monmouth
for Independence.
9:45 a. m.
, ,, , 1:30 p.ui.
' :40
8i4S n m.
i ' 0:l)t p.m.
HiOO a. m. .
7:15 . m.
Leaves Muiiiiioiitli
fur Alrlle.
7.50 a.m. 1
3:50 p. in. , ,
Leaves Monmoiitli
for Dallas.
' ll!"!0 a. m.
7:30 p.m.
Leaves IncTcnend-
ence ror nionniouin
8:05 p. m.
nolerloilellveranclhiileotlii O esoi hr old
BHtabltHhed in'mi'Taotnr):!! tvoaica' house
,K)Bear, Biueny. Hoik v v irn"2 (hancx
DerloricB rtqo'rod. Our wt n a. nnv banit
n any oily Euolom be'1 iut d maunped
nvclope. ManufaoliM'Si. , Tt'.i'd Fajor, VA
and you all know the
t't tt
Prescription Druggist
the arcade;
Davidson & Hedges, Props.
Cigara, Cigarettes, Tobaeoos and
First Class Soda Fountain In eon.
The Castle
Keeps coustauily on hand a fine
assortment of
0 Brandies,
Also the famous Hop Gold Beer.
ED. GALE, Proprietor.
The Hntel Eail
IDallas, Ore.
Has been refitted and renovated
from cellar to garret, and every
thing is new. Good sample room
for commercial men. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Rates, $1.00 to $2.0(X
Special rates by the week. W
West Side and Orevonias, I yt, $2.
Send your business direct to Washington,
saves time, eosta loss, better service.
My offlc clou to IT. S. Psttnt Offloa. TREE nnllmlB
UT uiminttlont mad. Atty'l tm not-daa nniUpatent
ACTUAL E1PEKIEN0K. Book "HowtoobtalnFatmiti,"
to., lant true. Fatanti procured through S. O. Stggara
recti va special notice, without ekwia, li the
sm, $1. s year.
U1WVHN mouwuy ...evimu yvar Hraw, m yon.-.
Lata 01 v. a. snow a uo.
918 FSt.. N. W.,
anything you Invent or Improve! also get
PROTECTION. Send model, sketch, or photo,
for free examination and advice.
Patent Lawyers. WASHINGTON. D.C.
ssasaa-- r . w m M1 m ''