The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, August 11, 1900, Image 3

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T.l.phont, No. 141.
8ATVKDAY, AUGV8T 11, 1800.
RMdim or rvTHi.,
te. ....
1 1
W ihIumhIhV ewiltllit,
Membera Drill Ink
ilm now ami Kovvrn tlifrnaelvw awinltiiuly
Vlititui kmulllaaru Im-H.'ri liv aitmi.l
o turned to MiU'itJ liv
rouvvmviiL. V. I rKAZIKK. .. t
Tti nun on Monday ilMit'l ,lo
UiiiiK, ouly laid l he Just little.
Now tylih flu, all kimln of show
nt J 1,. Mocktou n. .
i;.k1 iMtnuiitt nullum H. M. Wado A
Co , price f .V to t'.3
COKDWOOI) taken on uborltatoii
HI tlltt 9U& OHIO.
Sm PuKKvr, of Scio, u vUitor
hore lat Sunday,
Any yonr mill fowl at the Collin, mill
Uruii, $10 p ton; huit, $12 pr tun.
Mm. i., il nmdo a aliort vimi to
Mouiuiivum tho ttntt ol lint -tHk, w
turning bm Tueaday,
Fine now lino gouU' hata at J. L
Stockton . v .
ervam sua ic cream tod at
itoliiimon .
Sam Thuroton, tl tnti'ririinjj mill
uiHii ot Dallaa, wa vmitor itr taut
.Sunday. Saiu had bettor niovo hit law
mill ,lnt uwr here where there it
plenty of water to tloat lm log. .
At Robinson 'a you can havo crushed
f ruiu in your io cream.
Mr, Eiiite Cattron, ol Wut-o, iru
down on Monday tisidng hi family.
Remember J. L. Stockton Bella rooJi
at price to commie with any in Oregon.
We are ileail to note that Mr. Claude
Yottntf, recently attsistaut curator of
thm place, is doing well iu hit elioeeii
vroteetiioii. lie i now In a roerou
little town in southern urem ami re
jHrt8 tniainess rnehlug and gold dut
wry plentiful. ,
Ten Thousand dollars of new goods at
J. L,, Mocmon a.
Kmil Waldman, the tconia' traveling
man from Portland, intuto"Uie town look
j'li'usnnt through lm pruauuee on Tue
The Ladi' Aid Society of the Mfilio
dist church still null ice ereatu on Satur
days and an doing well,
Walter Caatator hag gone to the eaal
ern part of the mate to joiu his father in
the harvest Ik'lde. - ,
For HptK-ial rate
on IjIp
Magazine to aubsK-rlbera of lli
ie xv vsr
Hidk, call wt the otltce.
W. 0. Cook got home from Ida trip to
the southern jmilollhe state on Tuca
day evening.
Our creamery will aoou be in opera
tion, now in the time to order your
cream oeparntnr; the United Htatrs i
the ehepst aud the lett.. You will
tiud thetu at U. M. Wade A Co 'a.
The city council did not have a meet
ing on Tueeday evening for lack of a
Fincat dre goods in the county at
J. L. Stockton's.
Why i it that farmers wilt buy fan
niug mills and ft eel ranges of strangers
canvansing through the country when
they can buy from their home dealers
for 50 per cen less. . ,
LX B. Iloydetton has a new dray, built
it himself and is as Justly proud of his
handiwork as a boy with his first pair of
mi-topped ooots.
Try Moore, the barber, north side of
"C" street, opposite Knox's grocery
store, lor a nair cut or shave.
It is not considered good form for I
red-haired girl to ride a white bicycle
This is important aud should be remem
When in Salem and you want a good
nieal don t forget to go to Strong'
Kwtaiirant, where everything the mar
ket a Horda can be had.
Will the party who picked
up the
purse, with a little money in it, last
Monday bet wen J. L. Stockton's store
and the post otlice, kindly return the
same to W. ft. Kelly and receive reward.
Buy your cameras and supplies of
We can beat Dallas now raising the
wind. An eastern man came in during
the week with a carload of fanning
New goods at J. L. Stockton's to drees
your whole family.
Steel ranges at It. M Wade A Co's at
prices that cannot he met by any can
vafsing agent
The Salem Statesman says that Milt
Hulman, of Dallas, has skipped out with
a sister-in law, deserting his wife and
child. He also leaves N. L. Cornelius,
the well known Montana cattle man, in
the lurch for f 4,200, money advanced by
Cornelius to I'uluinn het summer to
purchase cattle with. Afterwards Cor
nelius took Ifolman's note for the
amount, which is now worthless.
Homer Lodge. No. 45, Knights of Py
thias, conferred the first rank Wednes
day evening. There are now two can
didates for tiio second rat k, which will
probably be .given next Wednesday
' Al Jestmp, a dentist of Salem, is mak
ing arrangements to open an office in
the Cooper block.
F. E. Chambers had some fresh paint
put on the froat of his store rooms Wed
nesday, adding much to the good ap
pearance thereof.
A letter addressed toMrs. J. A. Mu
stek, Santa Cruz, Cal., is held at the
poetotfice latcausn there was a two-cent
stamp lacking. Uncle Ham does not do
postal business on credit,
. J. R. Shepherd, the well known Polk
County prune grower, says that he is
satisfied that good prices await the Ore
gon prune crop, and that he is confirmed
in this opinion by the methods of a Cali
fornia buyer, who recently visited this
section. The buyer in question went
around quietly to the various growers
and told them that he needed a few car
loads of prunes to fill an order and that
in order to get the fruit he would pay an
advance of cent per pound on the
market price. He made the provision,
however, that all who wanted to get
this advanced price must mike contracts
within a limited time, when he will
stop buying. Mr. Shepard believes that
Californiuns cannot supply orders and
will have to buy from Oregon.
Perl Hedges, Oliver Locke, Claude
Fryer and Ernest Irvine arrived home
Wednesday noon after being away from
their mammas some fifteen days. They
reort having a good time hunting and
fishing and the rest of the boys are full
of stories about Oliver which may be in
print sometime. The boys would have
stayed longer but Oliver couldn't stand
the thick brush, the rough traveling,
the cold rater and the cooking. He'd
rather be at home where he has all the
comforts and can see his beet girl several
times a day if necessary. The next
time the boys have him along they are
going to smooth down the rough spots,
hang hammocks in shady dells and hire
a French chef. The fish they brought
back are numbered by the gallon. ,
"During the mouths of June and
July our baby was teething and took a
running oft or the bowels ana etcKness
of the stomach," says 0. P. M. Holll
day, of Demlng, Ind. "His bowels
would move from five to eight times a
day. I had a bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Itemedy
in the bouse and gave him four drops
in a teaspoonful of water and he got
better at ouce." Bold by Klrkland
E. Paddock it ylalting
Mrs. Al Herrvn and dsughUr,
went to Salem on Wsdnesday.
Mist F.I la Fennel), of Salem, cam
orwr iasi cunuay lor iiiort viaiu
Mra. E. J. Hostler left for Nawport on
euneia? irain.
Mrs. I. L. Smith cams home from tht
coast last Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Wilson cam houis
Saturday from their aeasidt tr(p.
Mrs. Maria Kelso left on Saturday for
Mrs. Lynch, of McMlimvllle, rlalted
Mrs. A. t . Ntauswrry during the week
Miss Pearl Cooner went to Purtland
inursuay lor a tiiort visit.
Mrs. J. A. Mills returned from ths
coast on Thursday. . .
J. 8. llohanuon exnects to leava for
bait Lake city this Saturday,
Uet your onler fur lion ticket In to
the kst ftDi olllce.
W. G. Cressv left for Ptnret Sound on
Home grown teaches are comlna In
K. If, Knox hat remodeled hi baka
oven, , ?
Misa Minnie Heart, of Klckrall. ts
visiting thia week with Misa Mabel
Creasy, - .., '
Mrt, Frl Edwards, of Sncdionlsh.
Wash., is visiting Mrs. J. N. Jonea and
Nra. O. V. Kider. .
Mist Kata Jonea went to Uorvaiua on
Wednesday to visit durln tbo bad ana
of tlm week.
Mrs. E. T. Henkle and daughter. Em
ma, went to Newport on Wednesday for
a two or three weeks stay.
Mrs, Mottershead and Mrs. F. E
Chambers on Thursday started for Nye
creek for a lew days' outing.
Mrs. Laura V. Carlton left on Monday
for Oregon City where she wilt go into
Frank Skinner started to Newport on
his bicycle Thursday evening, where he
will toy with the surf for a lew days
f- Dallas will hold an election on the 13th
to provide for issuing '.'."XH) school bonds
to finish the school building.
Link Kelly, who has been working at
flood Hiver, came home on Tuesday and
will remain until after hop harvest.
Walter Goodman, of Eugene, is visit
ing Ins uncle. A. J. Uoodman, in this
city. .
Polity's bova went down to Salem
Sunday on their wheels. They met the
Salem ball team and won the game by a
score 01 3o to la.
Lyon Lodge No. 20, A. F. h A. M.
will meet on the evening of the 18ih
when there will be work in ths second
Mr. Ira Powell, cashier of ths Polk
County hunk at Monmouth, with his
family, is rusticating on the beach at
Woods' near Nestucca.
Mrs. Ford Potter, of Portland, former
ly Miss Carrie Munkeri of this city, ar
rived on the morning train Tuesday for
a short visit here. '
Mrs. J., P. Meeker and child, who
have been visiting- relatives at Puyallun
Wash., for several weeks, returned borne
on Wednesday mornings train.
Mrs. 0. N. Florins, of Vancouver,
Wash., who visited Mrs. 0. Nelson dur
ing the nest week, returned to her home
on Wednesday.
Miss Jennie Robinson came home
from Amity last Saturday. In alighting
from the car here, she slipped and came
near having a sertoua (all. Mis sprained
one ankle slightly.
Mr. L. B. Frssier, who hat been living
with his son, U. L. t railer in this City
is quite sick at his McCoy farm where
he was taken last week in the hope that
a cnange wuuiu ue Deuenuiai to mm.
Manager Lines, of the telephone com.
pany, has built him a long ladder, al
most as long as Jacob's ladder, with
which to straighten out kinks in the
The best yield of wheat yet reported
was living threshed Thursday in one of
H. Hirschberg'a fielde. The average ia
near 25 bushels and the wheat looks
Mr. and Mrs. George Kutch started
last Saturday for the sescoast in ths
neighborhood of Tillamook. George will
put in three weeks 'chasing raaor-clamt
and trimming the whiskers of the test
ive rock oyster.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. McDonald, of
Boise City, Idaho, and Mrs. U. W.
Stapleton, of Portland, who have been
visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Stapleton
and family, returned to their homes on
Frank S. Harding, editor of the Tele
phone Register at McMinnVille, passed
through here Thursday enroute to New
port where he will feast on clams, crabs
and torn cods and let old ocean s breeses
blow through his whiskers for ten days.
He was accompanied by his wife, other
wise Frank would bear watching.
Newt and wife, of Buena Vis
ta, were in town last rriday as the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Al llerren. The
Prathers had just returned from their
outing on the headwater! of the De
schutes river and state that they had an
elegant time and have, already decided
to return to that hunter a and fisher
man's paradise next year.
Despite the unusually low stage of ths
upper Willamette river, Salem continues
to enjoy a splendid steamboat service
with Portland. I his fact is dun to the
enterprise of the Oregon City Transpor
tation company, winch has succeeded
thus far in regularly following their river
schedule, its two steamers the Altona
and I'omona being able to run almost
on schedule time. The company is do
ing an enormous freight business and
with its combined freight and passenger
service is giving splenuio satisfaction.
For a time it was feared that this com
pany would be obliged to retire its
steamers from the river for the remain
der of the summer season, but it is
thought that boats will be able to con
tinue to run between that city and Port
land throughout the season, and main
tain the company's regular daily service
with the metropolis. The boats leave
Salem alternately, every day, at 7 o'clock
in the morning. - ; . , '
My baby was terribly sick with the
diarrhoea," says J. H. Doak, of Wil
liams, Oregon. "We were unable to
cure him with the doctor's aaaiBtance,
and as a last resort we tried Chamber-
Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy. I am happy to say tbat it
gave Immediate relief and a complete
cure." f or sale by ivirkiana jurug uo,
Bottled beer for
family use to
be had at -
Mis. K.
Hop Hold Beer
v Oar CreaiHiry.
Ths Indeponilonott creamury wi
toon be in operation, Mr. KMrklgc
Inform us. It will be tho most
complete plant In Oregon, having
tho latest improvud nmohinory and
up to date in every particular.
The building Mr. Mitchell lms
erccttxl for tins plant is to have
Cement floors, tho advantage of
which Is very apparent, being so
much easier kept clean.
The delay in getting started ia
due to the rush on tho ninnufnc
turort of tho uiaohlnei Mr. Kldridge
U to uo. All these things were
ordered from the factories the flrxt
of May and should have been here
only for the rush of " orders for
creamery outfits from all over tho
country. This goes to show that
people are awakening to tho
bilities of the dairy as against the
raising of wheat. . '
We of the valley are again con
fronted with 10 and 12 bushels of
wheat per acre, and the army worm
at work on the hops, Let us turn
our attention to this other industry
and give it a thorough trial aud
tost ':
Another ons of Oregon's pioneers has
passsd away. Mrs. Nancy tioff, who
died at I'ullman. Washington, Monday,
was t resident ot this county, (the came
semis ths plains In the train captutued
by Unroll in 1847, her native state twing
Kentucky. She was aged about 74 years
and leavea six children living, as fol
low!: Samuel tioff, lndeMuidnce; Mrs,
Lucretla llsoon, drains i'ass: Mrs.
(ieneva Fialnr, San Krsnrii:o; Mrs,
Lnvema Uelwick, Pullman, Wash.; Mrs.
Sophia Kohel, Nlehait, Montana; Mrs.
Mary Ellen Pierce. Ooldcmlale. Waal).
Hlis also has a brother, Samul Vergm,
In l. ....... I ... . .1...., 1.. .1.1.
in .ikpoviui i, hiiu iu viBirm in nun Rim,
ons, Mrs. Henry Hill, reaidiug in this
oily, and the other, Mrs. Mary Ribbe,
living in Kiodgett a Valley, ikuitoii coun
ty. The funeral took place on Thursday
interment being iu the Itickreall ceme
tery. A large numlair of irienda from
here attended the funeral.
A Siwssh with a jug and a bicycle
makes a queer combination. There was
such an one on the streets Thursday
and the first named had a bottle In eseh
side pocket of his coat, re-nforced by
one in his pistol pocket,
Lay ton Smith got home from his
hunting and fishing trip on Sunday
evening. Me reitorla having had a tine
time, catching plenty of trout, tie re
membered the Wkxt bins with some
fuurteen-inch lake trout,
A heavy fog started off on Thursday
morning. Xbia ia usually considered at
a sign of good weather Just now a p
of wet weather would he disastrous, as
there is vet plenty of grain in the fields
wsiting for the thresher, As the grain
is not stacked a rain storm would prove
very damaging.
L. P. W. Qiiimby, state game and for
estry warden, says all upland birds are
Increasing in numbers, especially Chin
ese pheasants, grouse and quail. The
open season for Chinese pheasants does
not commence until Oct. 1st thia year,
aud Mr. Quiuiby ia taking tneasurva to
tisve the law enforced that la designed
to prevent their destruction.
In view of the (act that the Southern
Pacific does not turn a car wheel on the
west side on Sundays, why can't our
people petition Manager Koehler for per
mission to use our motor on the line be
tween here aud Corvallia on that day?
There are euough who would go to the
coast on tbat day who can't get away on
any other.
Nearly every day a large number of
logs pass here on their way to the. pulp
nulls at Oregon City. The logs belong
to hpalding liros., who have a large
number of men and horses on three Hat-
boats following uo the drifting lous. for
the purpose of keeping them off the
gravel bars and out of the blind sloughs.
it Is estimated that several weeks will
elapse before they reach their destina
In speaking of hon nickins. a man at
the editor's elbow says that growers
should combine, not so much for getting
pickers at a low price, but for the pur
pose ol Having pickers do good, clean
work, "If a nicker is discharged by a
grower for unclean work, he should not
be employed bv any other grower." savs
our advisor, ' thus pickers would soon
learn tbat merit only will hold a job."
Last Saturday Charley Madison 'a hoy
rove into town and hitched his horse
to a post in front of Douty's. The horse
got scared at something and commenced
circling about the post, the buggy fol
lowing, t he boy got scared, too, and
lit out. After making two complete cir
cles, the horse was stopped hy bystand
ers and the only damage done was a
broken shaft.
The Wbht bids learns by grapevine
telegraph that quite a niiinher of men
ncl boys, who have been shooting Den
ny pheusants of lute are about to receive
visit from Uame Warden Uulmliy. It
is too bad that our boys cannot roMiect
the game laws. We don't so much on
set to the rarmer potting an occasional
ilril as we do the city man who sneaks
off from town with his gun and says its
to shoot trie dogs that are chasing Ins
sheep. The Wkst Sids ulso learned
that two young men from Dallas last
week killed twenty Chinas and made of
the occasion a big game dinner. ' '
A money earning business in Grants
Pass Is for sale on account of sickness.
Will bear close investigation, Address
for particulars, E. C. I'bntund, Grants
Pass, Oregon.
Thst 1(H) acres of land, three miles
from Grants Pass, is all right. House,
barn, 4 acres orchard, and twentv acres
cleared. Every foot of land could be
plowed when cleared. If yon want a
lomeforiHOO buy this one. Address.
E. 0. Pentlanu, Grants Pass, Ore.
Abstract of Instruments Filed In Polk
County July 81 to Atiff. (1, 11)00. .
' ' . BUMS ' ' -
State of Oregon to W D Gilliam. 100a
sec 4, tp 9 a r 6 w $130.
O&OKK to WD Gilliam, 80a sec 5.
tp 9 s r 6 w $280.
L Abrame to Harriot H Crangle. Its 7.
8, blk 5, Lincoln $50.
Harriet H and C P Crangle to Robert
R Granule. 5 6 int in lta 7. 8. blk 5.
coin $1. '
I G Singleton to Prlscilla DeWitt, a
.c It 21, Monmouth $1,
Chandler and Sargeant Heirs to Perrv
Conner, 30.32a Mason Seward d 1 c tp tt
r o w iw.
Ella Fennell to Berine Cal breath. It 4
and i It 3, blk 25, Hill's Town Inde-.
pendence $8.
Ulara and lewis ititner to Thos Kans
dell, 2Ja sec 32, tp 9 s r 6 w $25,
K (J Kevt to K E Williams, nurt of It
1, blk t, Dallas $1000.
Lewis Savage to C H and Fred Pfaflle.
55a sec 10, tp 7 a r 3 w $900.
State of Oregon to Korv H McDonald.
240a sec 36, tp f a r 7 w-$3000.
frank Jjucas to D 8 Martin (ot c ). 5a
John B Smith d 1 c-$l.
Elizabeth Lucas to D S Martin (at c).
25a John B Smith d 1 c-$l. .
U a Martin to Elizabeth Lucas (at a .
10a John B Smith d I c-1. .
Falls Clly Hallway.
' Grunts 1W, Or., Aug. C,' MX).
Kditor Wwr Him;:
I rend today" in tho telegraph
news from Iiulciiundeucu to the
Portland Telegram that tho Uoan
of Trade of Independence had son
a comm Uee to Falls City to con
fur with the people I hero as
building a railroad to Indcpomi
oneo. I wish to congratulate your
iKHinle u Don their evident awaken
inn and that thev are goinir to tnk
concerted action.
Ten years ago I earnestly advo
cated tho building of that road an
tullv believed then, and am of the
Huiiio opinion utill, that it will
more towards advancing, the inter
ests of your town than any other
one enterprise. I had Mr, e, Jlut
ler niako a survey from Falls City
W Indei'iulonee, nt my, own ex
pcimt, una I learned Iroiu it tiiiit
the water fall at Kails City is 120
foot higher than Independence, and
that a rcilrond from there to the
Willtimetto river will be a dow
(rude all the way. As a logging
and lumber road it offers exception
al advantaaes. The"cmMy care
could be taken up the grade wit
small exjKuidiiure of power, and re
turning loaded the grade would al
he iu favor of an economical haul
If the water power nt Falls City
wore developed the r ad could Iw
operated by electricity.
Several years ago I ucuompauiot!
0. McFartano a gentleman from
Vancouver, Wash., into tho timhi
belt adjacent to Falls City and he
was well pleased with tho oppor
tuuity it afforded for a lugging rail
road, and us ho was about to so
Ins railroad from anuouver out In
to tho timber near there, beaHHtirei
mo that when the sale win consum
muted, bo would himself build the
road. On account of tho panic of
181K$ his party did not buy tho road
so the project fell through.
A year or so later one of your
lending business men and capitul
ists came to mo and requested that
I go oit among the citiions of In
dependence and raiu a bonus for
the road amounting to something
like 112,000. 1 told him that if
certain individual would start the
list with a subscription of 12000, 1
would guarantee to raNe the rest of
the amount. I heard nothing more
about tho matter, so presume the
first subscription could not bo ob
tained. "'
If tho present plan contemplates
asking for help from tho citizens of
Independence I hope there will lie
a unity of sentiment in favor of the
road. It will be of more advant
age to the town than a county seat
or a court house. When that rail
road is completed it means a popu
lation in the hills west of Indc'pciid
enco of two or three thousand wage-
earners, and Iiulemndence as the
money center and dintributing
point. It will mean, that Indcioiid
enco will soon become a city of four
or five thousand people, and pro
perty that now is slow sale at 1(100
autl 200 a lot will then be worth
and reudv sale at fo(X) and $1000.
The location of Independence is
particularly favorable as tho termi
nus of a railroad from Falls City.
You have a transcontinental rail
roud system for shipment of lum
ber, also the river for shipment by
boat, or floating tho logs to an ex
tensive market down stream.
I wish the people of Independ
enco all success in this enterpruc
and hopo to hear of tho road being
built in a short time, I am not in
formed us ti'j who the promoters of
tho road may bn, nor of any of the
conditions, but 1 feel confident that
tho energetic citizens of Independ
ence will do their part towards en
couraging this road, if there are not
too many interested persons who
are unwilling to asuist in the pros
pect. E. 0. 1'knti.and.
Hops In Oregon never had n bettor
prospect for a good crop of excellent
quality. This is the concensus of opin
ion, and there is scarcely a hop grower,
dt'ttler or expert that dissents from the
above statement. While it is true that
the crop will not he as large us that
grown some years, the hops promise to
he richer, and free from vermin, unless
unfavorable weather conditions should
Interfere. Many of tho largo yards are
in excellent condition, and the growers
are enthusiastic over the prospect. Lice
are few and far between, und the yards
that have been systematically sprayed
are entirely free from this pest that, in
the past, bus buen so disastrous to the
". . .....
This year's crop will be ready for the
pickers somewhat earlier than usual,
and it id likely that by September 6th
all yards will be alive with pickers har
vesting the rich golden burrs.
lucre is less contracting going on this
year than usual, growers appearing to
be determined to control their own
crops ns far us possible.
P. U CAMPBELL, Pres., or W,
A MlnUlrr'a (haul Work.
"I hud a severe attack of bilious eollu,
got a bottle nr Chamberlain's Udle,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Itemedy, took
two dotes and was entirely cured,"
) lU-v. A. A. Power, of KuiH.rla,
Kan. "My ni'lahlMir across the street
waa sick fur over a weik. hml turn nr
three boitU of medicine from lbs
uooior. He ued them for three or
tour usys without relief, then called In
simmer doctor who treated Mm for
wiiiie days and gavehhu no relief, so
discharged him, ( went over to see
Dim ma next iiiornlig He aald tils
how. la were in a terrible fig, that they
hltd Imhui rutiiilng off so long that it
was HiiniH.t i,iHi,y (lux. I axked him
it lie hud tried C'liuiNrlalira Colin,
( imirfH and Diarrhoea Itciiusly an
liesanl, '.No,' 1 went home and brought
nun my iMiiti.i iuhi gave him one dow;
told li tut to tske another diwe hi fifteen
or twenty mlimtealf he did not tin.
relief, but he look uo more aud waa en
llrely cured." For aula by Klrkland
Prug Co.
Itesul lit lous
Adopted by o, (ilbsoti V. It. (1. No
iS, Ati-msi 4. 1100.
Hkiikan, Wo have learned with deep
sorrow, of the dentil ol the son of oui
Past IVitartineiit President and Denart
ini'iit t'ouucellor Helen M, (fates, and
Lomtiiniider N. V. (la tea,
HBNoi.visti. That (len. G bson W. H
v., no. m, extends its hesrtieit sym
en! by to the U resved family, aud
ItMM'i.vsti, That copy of these reso-
lotion lm sent to the la oily, one spresil
upon the minutes of this Hireling and
one to the Wkht Kioh for publication.
rraiernaliy sunmitteii,
i Mrs. M.O. Fluke, "
tlij. K. K. Itaker, Committee.
i Mrs. M.T. Cresy, )
StAfs e.s Oairt, i'itv os Tui.KDo,!
i htli AmVl'NTV. I
rttNK J i:Mkr mk owtli (list I'S In tho
SKiuor Niriitr of llm Sim uf f, J.( iikikv k
', itiilii tjulmM In Dm I'liy hi I invito,
t'imiity Kiel StuU' iilnriKI.. unit llinl milil drill
Will .uy I he mini ol o,g IIUMMIKO ll,
Inr eaeh ami every nn i i nunli Hint
imiiiul Imiuui-oU l.y iliu uwi uf Hall's 1'itAHKM
1 1 HK.
Sworn l before tun mid uh.miha.l i ,v
lirci'iiii;, iiit.uiii tiny til iieetilliiHir, A. li. Mwl
( . A. n , iii.innu.
II n I ( nurrli Curu In taken liiuirntlv mid
tlliuvtly mi Iho l,., ,u uiel lllui'liua nrl..'
til m lem. neiul li.r lriii.ii'iiml, (..
f.4,i lir.,r.y A'.;n TwlMdu.O.
fiuei ii? i.nii(iii. tiA',
Hull1. I nuuiy I'll!. ru Hie U.l.
OmiiM'il met in siieciitl etnn Wed
liesdsy evening.
rir eimniiJttee directed to have fire
test of apparatus.
.Major Ke'.i'lmui reiiorted nrouress
hi coii(ireiH'e with Manager Koehler as
to sti'iH't improvement.
The inarnhall was instmctuil to notify
water company to repair all leaks in
pirn's within 30 day.
tuiniiiitlee dirvctetl to reimir ore
The usual claims wereordered paid.
A IW mini's Ittg lliirden of Mugaxlue.
A Washington iMistmsii has been
made weary uf his job by Tho Ladles
Homo Journal. J im reason is that on
the twentydifili of each mouth ho ia
couiM!iiei to make a sik-i-Iui trip ovi r
his route to deliver that magssine to
aulmcrihera, He la almost completely
submerged by Journals, their aggregate
weight ext-eding forty Miunds, i'he
noisy lutnteii preeiU'les ins carrying
ny outer man matter, mo Waniunu
ton pont-oflke reiHirta that the monthly
consignment of Journals to sulcrihcrs
In thul cily ! "the biggest lot of one
puhlicatioii ever sent from our office.'
The Oregon Press Assmnstion will
meet tin year at Ashland, Or., on 8en
lumber 19 and 'A), llcfore proceeding to
tli meeting place, they will be guests of
the Agricultural Male Fair Atsuciatiop,
at rW'iiir, on mo iNtn and tiivnce nro-
ceu iu Asuianu. iMijneii)
.,. i LEO PKTKltSON, -
' (iKO. L. PKASLEE, .
. F. f). WAUNKK.
Kxecutive Cotnuiitlee,
8. STEW ART. President
A. TOZlEtt, Secretary. i
The Thurston Lumlwr company is pili
ng in another lloial dam on the La-
reole. It will be :'" feet in heiuht and
x roils long, ami will back up the water
for a dmtsnce of about a mile and a half.
his, with the other four dams, will give
lein a large and strong bead of water.
and will guarantee them a steady supply
of logs for their null at this place, Ob
Elks Carnival.
Account Grand Carnival of the Benev
olent Protective Order of Elks, to le
eld at I'ortiaml hrpteinlier 4tlt to loth
inclusive, tickets will be sold at reduced
rales from all stations on Oregon lines
to Portland and return, These tickets
ill be on sale HeiitemlHir 3d, ath. 0th,
10th and 13th, and limited to three days
Her date ol sale.
For further particulars, cull on or ad-
rcss Niutiiern raciiio agent at inde
feet Us on The Midway."
Ths Event of ths Times-
Great Street
Fair and
Ocoupyluir ninny solid blocks, taking
Iu entire street, from curb to curb.
ortland, Oregon,
Sept. 4 to 1 5, 1900.
ruder the auspices of the Portland
Elk MurpaMHin? in magnitude and
grandeur anything of the kind ever
attempted 011 the Paul tie Coast.
Homethlngto remember ud to the
date of your heart failure.
The Streets of Cairo,
Ths Orlsntsl Thsstrs, ,
' The German Yillags,
, Ths Dancing Girls,
An Arabian Pageant,
. Crowning ths Queen,
Rex, King of ths Carnival, Attended
by His Magnificent Court.
The uruiit nariula (if tho Klkn and oilier or-
diTHj Tim IIhIIiui I'arlt mid Fniiiilalii; The
tn HKnl Mccii 1 1 1 lti m i li hi A anil (mum Mid
way tilled with wondurfiil atlravtloim; Mining
lerunnuiu, rViirlrulUire and olhor exhlhlU;
lipAViinini'a f'avllliiii. dnslvnud tiv wiinipu.
biitlt by womun, and docornted by women for
the exhibit of women's Imlimti'liil work) The
grain palace, l 1 1 1 1 1 ofowgon and WushliigUm
uralnn and urimscn.
l.owNt rail and water rate" ever glvun to
Portland from all parts ol the Northwest,
Monmouth, Oregon,
Fall Term Opens September 18th
Tile Bluriauta of the Normal Bolioo)
tire preimrtid to take the State Certificate
Graduates readily secure good positions
Expense of year from U0 to 150.
Strong Aeailemio and Professional
nourmes. New Special Department In
Manmil Training. Well equipped Train .
lug Depurtnieut.
For Catalogue eontalnlng full sn
nounoamsnts, addrsss . - "
A. NVANN, Sec. ol Faculty,
Davidson & Hedges, Props.
Cigars, Clyarsttss, Tebseoes
First Clsss Sods Fountain In eon
nsotlsn. With svsry ssh surehsss, you gs
ehsnos en $50 Mllohsll bloyels
to bs given sway September 20,
as v
uooo rruKOiin.
run is
Special Attention lo Ccmmcrcicl Men.
liitij nl W Ms,
I. W. DICKINSON, Proprietor.
Huulli i.f 1,1111a VuUve llutnl,
ttullronil Klrwt, InilnaouilviKi, Orvgua,
The Hntel Eail
IDallao, Oxo.
Has Ik-cm refitted and rcnovatot
from collar to uarrut, and every
thing is new. Uood suinjdt! room
for commercial men. KatinfacUon
guaranteed. Kales, $1.0) to $2.00.
bixrcial rates by 4he week.
C.T. HENKLE, Proprietor
Hot and Cold Baths at all
, -AND A-
Kuteh's Barber 8hop.
IiidciKiiiIeiifo Oregon
For Draylng
Cull on
. Independence.
Orders for hauling
executed promptly
and at reasonable
G. L Hawkins
Indcpeodcsce, Ore.
Monuments and
' Headstones
Cemetery Work
Real Estate....
Insurance, Loans.
Main Ht.
Independence, Ore.
Dan P. Stouffer.
Main Street
Dallas, Oregon.
Corrected to rtntn.
Leave lndi'iiend
Leave Alrlle for
cuee tor Monmouth
Monmouth aud
and Alrlle.
,Ti80 a.m.
; Hiltll p. m. .
0:111) a. m. ,
8 0O p. ra.
Leaven Dnlla for
LeHven In(l0innl-
enoe for Monmouth
Aloiinioiith aud Iu-
aud Unlln.
' lliOOa. m.
7:13 p. m.
1:01) p. m.
8:30 "
Leaven Monmouth
I.enven Monmouth
for Inilependeuoo.
for Alille.
7 00 a in.
' StfiO p. m.
8:4 a. m."
1::(I p. in. .
l40 p. III.
Bi4 p. m.
': " 9:00 p.m. ' .
Leave. Mouinouth
for Dullm.
lliao a. m.
Leaven lnclentmd-
euoe ror monmouin
' S:Oa p. ra.
September 17 to 22, 1900.
Polk County Bank
J. B. lUWI.KT, r.Ut'tVPRKIJ,.
I'mlilrat. Vkfroldrat.
iat. rilWI I,!, laxklrr.
Paid Capital . . $30,000.00
J. If. Hawley, P. L. (Campbell, I. M.
Biiiipwin, J. it. V. Itutlor, John
H. Htump, V. a Powell,
Joseph Craven.
Transact a General Banking
and Exchange Business.
Smoked Glasses-
Protect your eyes from
the jr.lare and hoteun with
u pair of ymoked glasses.
Wo have, a fine assort
ment. For Sale byx
0. A. KRAMER & CO.
Jewelers asd Optklasa.
Independenco - Oregon
Are you looking:
for a brush?
Not with Germanybut a hair brash,
tootli brush, or a silver-polishing
brush. I have a good all-bristle hair
brush for 25c. Tooth brushes, 5c up.
Who said there was nothing
new under the sun?....
If you think so, you will have to change
your mind when you see that....
'Special Bicycle"
Campbell Bros.
They also have the celebrated
'golightly'V imperial for
Changeable weather between two seasons encour
ages your chronic troubles and inflicts upon you
much petty sickness. Better ward it off. 10 cents
might prevent it when $10 wouldn't cure it.
Come to us to have your prescriptions filled, and
for everything kept in a well regulated drug store.
: A Big Kick
man makes when his laundry work ia
eent' home with poroupine edgss sad
spread eagle button holes. It he would
bring his llueu to an up-to-date laundry,
where perfect methods obtain at all
times, auoh as the Salem Steam Laundry,
he will reoelve his shirts, collars and
cuffs equal to new every time that we
send them home.
Leave your ordera at
Kutch'a Barber ahop, or
with the Salem itage.
3. M. STARK, Prop.
You can get...
6 Tickets for Si
Our Everyday Meal
is as good as our
Sunday Dinner, and
our Sunday Dinner .
is decidedly the best
Meal to be had in
town. Try it. -
Office and Bt-sUimice Corner Railroad
,, Monmouth Streets,
The Independence ;
Capital Btock, $50,000.00
rrciMrnl. VIcs-riMldtal
1. 9. Smith, A. fiction, A. N. Bath, R. K, Ju
(rtftoo, 1. K. KhodM, D. W. start, U. HlncbUrf
A fenermt Rtnlflne d4 ichm koilnen
Irtmaotcd ; loan, mvt, tillli riifcrunUHl, com.
Brrvml cicdlta triii1; dMlu) rowWed a
euruui wuiuuni lubjwt U eboek, ia itrn I mis
MUttdtMiU, .
The Castle
conHtaiitly'on JiuikI a fine
aniiortmnut of
Also the famous Hop Gold Beer.
ED. QALE, Proprietor.
A. s. LOCKE,
Prescription Druggist
Independence, Ore-
Send yonr bnalneaadireet to WaahinKton,
aves time. oosU leaa, bettor acrvlce.
lty ofllca eloaa to U. 8. rntant Offlca. FREE prellmln
arr Mamloatloni mad. At.ty'8 fM not due until patent
ACTUAL EXPERIENCE. Boot "HowteoMalnFatanti,"
te., tent traa. Patenti prooarad through . 8. Slggon
nctlva apeelal notfe. without oharga, in th.
Ulutratail monthly Elmnth year tarmi. $1. a year.
Late ot u. a. snow a vo.
918 FSt.. N. W..
anythlnp: you invent or improve i also s-et
PROTECTION. Send model, sketch, or photo,
for free examination and advice.
DflMf Ml DITrilTC ?. HoAttrt
uuun un hi km
fee before patent.
Patent Lawyer. WASH I NGTO N.D.C.
v: 1 1 tP