The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, June 20, 1895, Image 2

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Cat S:i3 KMn 0::;nj
On Year ... .
Ux Month .
Three Mouum
Q)njbwdt!&MdgMBotaflreo(. He ! now
wursmg new purer.
Tom Calbreath U building to addi
tion to tb house owned by Alex Kerr
and occukd by Wm, MoCurdy.
L. L. lUkir, of Chicago, Is out wore
one of u.
Mrs, Ella Davidson itlll studies the
guitar under Prof. Won, ef Monmouth.
8am Rowers, Cary Klglu, IkrUanies
and Joe Harper, of Buver, we re seen
ou our streets thle week.
Dan Atklnaou, who had given up all
hop of ever Betting warrled, last
sprlug put a small advertisement lu the
A Brirk Block to It Itullt.
Then wm a rumour floating round
last week that a oertalu larga Arm
Intended consolidating with a certain
other Arm, and that a certain wealthy
tenUeniao, and hit associates Intruded
erecting a uisguiJlclent two, ttory
building, on a oerUlu very prominent
corner in Independence and that a
certain other property owner would
Join wall and erect a btti'k, and that
the block when completed would be
the finest In Polk county, but we guess
it Ute rumor ia flouting yet a we found
no head or tall to It, Perhaps the
West Kins in th rfw ih.t hu .... ! above la the tale, and next week, or
!mttUeKltthBicnteisel- KdM.tlv ili.i....i k m i later, we mav find the head.
I.. Ms. II.m. a.111 H AllOVWl r vM ml
nn .111 h AhuvM v nu not ring." The first week he received no UTKH,
Booiew obttttnr resolutions will be eharged aunwera. hut comlnir aloiiir slowlv ninoe At last the details are arranged, It
ibretue rwt oinveceuuiier iro. . I tneu be hae received lust 030 answer- w " omuiing running
000 were front old tuaids with tender fh)m Mlklu uUvvi U ,0 t th. ivMLnffloa la ludeew feelluee and thirtv were old "Unii." the alley. It will have a large bate
Bane, Oregon, aa aeeoad-elaaa matter.
tUtttONTIKUAXCKS .Remember the the
' pubUhenoflhU paper muat be notified by
ie iter when a subscriber wlhe hl paper
slopped. AU riwumge mul b paid.
offlce to which your paper U nt. Your
twin b oui be found on our buokt uulea.
thl Is don.
who thought "Dan Atkinson" waa a nwilti ortcked and ovruenld, and will
"uon de plume" of eotiie anxious irlrl. Btorlee high. It will be heated
Mr. Atkinson wishes to annouuee that WUD uoofter wui oe own
he will be married this fall, near Alrlie.
8ome time ago I was taken sick with
a cramp In the stomach, followed by
diarrluva. I took a couple of doses of
(.'haiulwrlalu's Code, Cbolora and
Diarrhoea Remedy and we Immed
iately relieved. I consider it the beat
medio! ue In the market for all such
er and J. 11 Cooper will furnish
400,000 brick, for the building.
WEST SIDE, Iadepeatouoa,
all letters should b sddraued to th oomplainta. I have sold the remedy to
otuera aul every one who uses It speaks
highly or it. J. w. otrk'KLkh, Val
Uy Center, Cal. For sale by Alexau-
der-Cxpr Drug Co.
Tinware at the Kaket Htor,
Mist Tilla Dorris returned to her
Albany home Thursday,
Btraw hats at the Itaket Stor.
Mrs. Kmma Yorty 1bvis on Friday
for Iowa, her former home.
Japanese tooth picks at the Itsket
Quite a number will atleud oamp-
meeting at Turner, this week.
Geo, Payne aud sister, of Balein.
ago, that you would be pleawd to have were visiting here during the week.
Ilatnlk mim Mil uaafa ar ih I
e-a ft" V HW WMUUT I n ., ....
Mrs. Dr. Locke, of Portlaud, came
up ThuiWtay to visit A. a Locke and
Oris Itobcrtson was considerably
bruised on Thursday by a horse falling
on him. ,
new members of the Normal btwid
were In town this Week.
Mra.. John 11. ounir had emtio
thirty little tot at her home lust Wed
nesday, In houorof her daughter Jsiile,
four years of sue. Ice cresiu and cake
were served for the refreshtiieuts lu
addition to all the cherries the little
ones could eat. '
The CKtmmeucement exercise at
Mon month this year were the center
of attraction Monday, Tumlsy sml
Wednesday, The crowd In attendance
waa not as large as usual however.
The motor company claim not half
the travel of last year even.
The faculty of the Htate Normal
school was elected cn Thursdsy. Prof.
J. M. Powell wm chosen In place of K.
K. Itsloomb, and Prof. J. A. Churchill,
ofllaHcr Co., In place of Miss Priest.
Miss Hick ler Is dropped, and uo one
elected lu the place. ,
Incireiideiiiw Is to have a uVrt
mant store, Vsiiduyu, Veness A Wllcnx
and the Monmouth Merchautlle Co.
uniting and will, beginning Hepteiu
Iter 1st, osn the first dtartiiieiit slori'
In Polk county. Tlmt means a store,
where everything can be purchased ui
dcr one management.
Mlsa Tilly Ilest reudiod very sweetly
a difficult vocal solo on lest Monday
at the Normal chsiiel.
There's an object lesson for our farmer
in the orchard of a German living near
Dallas. Twenty acres of ordinary land
la planted In prunes; between each
row of tree are ordinary gooecberrlee
and currants, and between those straw
berries. This week there are at least
Reading iu your paper of ometiwe
to Dallas for shipment Later will
ootne the gooseberries, and they will
be nicked and made lute Jelly, and
still later will oome the ripe prunes.
That man had a business head when he
abundant crop. This
so many smiling facea
wots, were ""' home "Bird Islsud Wmrhllno
. . . - i . j i -
and six wagon loaos a any are nme i nope wiu ,ppMr , hk wwk kper
The hops are growing rapidly and
promise an
accounts for
h. P. Dove and wife, accompanied
ho flikBi fas VjtM auk In U I -
wanted M land, and no wonder he is
msKiug muucj, uercisea ortbe Sacred Heart Aoademv.
West Hudson, our best reoresenta- W.A. GUmore, of YBnaiuver. wsm
Numerous complaints come In to Uve, has moved Into Mr. Leabo's attending the Normal this week, belli
. . . I ...I I . . ' I -
this paptr lu regara 10 people picReiiug mnmr nmuicuoe. I nwula
cows on the streets, as we unaer- u-uvexeeu,UgWr.fcrni jouee, Hon. K. T. Hatch, of McCoy, a In
stand the law, If any person pickets
a cow In front of any person's property
besides his own, without permission,
It is the duty of the marshal to
Impound the cow; also if the oow
Bball obstruct traffic on the streets, she
should be Impounded. Strictly speak- Ernest Jones, Sunday.
ing it is not permissable for cows to be Joe Sam can boast of the largest
picketed even on the streets, but unless lUu raised on the Island
someone shall object, no notice has
been taken of it.
Rev. Kyle and wife, of Salem,
Every line of businws has adopted preached last Sunday and will hold
caah" ss wralnst "credit." unless the aieunK8 " week.
It has JonD Albany, visited his
parents Sunday.
Jas. Alexander brought the first
wagon load of ripe raspberries to town
this week.
the 'haaiplon Itaoer'' aud his famous town this week, and attending the
accident, which resulted In the death
of the latter.
The Misses Dove have returned
home for their summer vacation.
Charles U'Hrieh waa the guest of
oommencemeDb s
Misses Ida Maxwell and Ma Porter,
newspaper be an exception
finally come to a point where, if you
want your paper you must pay for it
If some of the readers of this paper are
not more prompt In payment their
paper will come up missing,
"Get out In the street and swing
vour hat." "Enoueh glory for one
day." Independence nas been selected
for the place of-holdlng the next O. A.
R encampmeut, as decided Wednes
day at Oregou City. That means 2,000
soldiers with us, three days, from all
over Oregon. It means 6,000 visitors.
Br all means let us have "Native
Sons and Daughters of Oregon" org
anized In Polk County. Independence
has quite a number of sons and daugh
ters of pioneers who came to Oregon
prior to 1859 and a strong associotlon
could be formed.
Rev. Knapp, of Albany, will preach
here at 4 p. m. next Sunday.
Bam Is all broken to pieces since last
Friday night's ball, but he says he
don't mind getting left once In a while.
very well and the farmer are looking
for a big acreage this year.
Jack Creel's favorite song Is "Daisy
Bell," It ought to be "Laura Belle."
Roseburg Pioneers.
Well, what if the government Is
building a stone pier near Gray Gables?
Isn't Gray Gables Mr. Cleveland's
summer residence, and doesn't Mr.
Cleveland own the government? Let
unreasonable people answer these
questions; then we'll ask some more.
After a disasterous war Cblua has
had to negotiate loan of $80,000,000.
In a time of profound peace the Cleve.
land administration has negotiated
loans to a greater amount
It seems that about the time the
Chinese minister at Washington was
thanking the President for his good
offices as a peace-maker his country
men at home were massacring Cbrin-
tiuu missionaries and their wives and
Jerry Simpson will now try to get
an office by peddling butter and eggs.
If he finds peddling profitable he had
better stick to it.
A portion of Mr. Cleveland's foreign
policy has been endorsed- by the Em
peror of China.
Roue Fair Premiums.
of Linn Co., were atteudiug commence
ment this week.
Owing to the sickness of Miss Ann
Mann, a typo lu this office we are short
of hands this week
Misses Florence Alexander and
Lottie Masterson have returned from
school at McMinnvllle.
The Republican League clubs are In
session at Cleve.atid, Ohio. The silver
question Is going to come up.
The salary of the Independence post-
office was reduced from SHOO to 11000
by the postal department this week
Misses Bertha aud Jean McDaulel,
of Linn Co., were present at the
alumni reunion on Wednesday even
J. W. Bentley, the shoe dealer, leaves
tt9 Ilia ftm,n lt.ttn.ft In AH.mi, ?..
XliA fipntiA ftFmn4 llttM M 1n..LIl - 1
h i .t. . : day evening, to spend Sunday with bis
sry well and the farmer are looking ,',,.. ., ... '
IftUJIljr HI tutj
Mrs. Hamilton, (nee Aggie Wlnnell,)
was visiting at Monmouth aud Inde
pendence this week. Mra. Hamilton
J.D.Woods, the school teacher of Is looking exceedlns: well.
mil UIVI5 uw UUV KUUIU, nUITBU I ,!. ... 1 1 .... J
uv fOTtwM wmvc uuuw It mm I f 4111' , ru
from adjoining the Gem saloon, to the
nam ssy s u ne goes across the moun- location above the First National bank
Ulns, shewlU forget that there ever 15-oent meals, as good as ever.
. n. icuna in uuw iu nioiwi,
Wash. He met with much success in
Mlnnapolls selling Oregon fir. Ship-
u.lll l JU ll'l-l L
RoaEBf no. Jt'NE 15. 1895. w'" """" mnu "
Editor West Side: Todav we hd Geo. Wblteaker's cream horse ran
the greatest reunion of pioneers ever way 00 TuoB,Iy' trtlng at Mon
exwrienced in Roeeburir. We hsd mouth with a buggy, ending up at
Gov. Lord and the Hon. Blnger Her- Independence without even harness.
man with us, who both responded to a I Hon. O. F, Pax ton, of Portland,
call for some remarks relating to Judge L. Flinn, of Albany, and Hon.
pioneer life. A fine free dinner was! J. P. Calbreath, of McMinnvllle, the
furnished and partaken of with a
hearty good will, which showed their
appreciation of the generosity of the
citizens of Roseburg. Judge Loughary
formerly of Yamhill, a nephew of our
friend Lafe, delivered the anuual
address, which waa complete In
historical facts and received the
undivided attention of the vast
multitude assembled. Your humble
correspondent was presented with
beautiful silken badge a token of regard
by some pioneer friends, which he
values very highly, and which he
hopes will be kept by his descendants
as a memorial of tbeoccaslon of its pre
I send you two copies of the poem
sung on the occasion. The audience
nined in the ringing with a gusto that
welkin ring with melody.
The 15th of June 1805 will ever be
memorable In the minds of the Douglas
county pioneers as one of great social
enjoyment, ana tne renewing or a I
friendship characterestlc of the old
That Dog.
The subject for dicuwloq at the Con
grogatlonsl ohureh next Munduy at o
p. i. The Putin Orrytmlan say of
thle lecture; "That Dog," was the
subject of a lecture delivered by Rev.
O, It, Whltmore at the Centenary M.
E. church last night. Those who
atteuded listened to an address or
unusual power. The quaint and
pointed mauner lu which Mr. Willi
more applied the subject "That Dog''
to Uie various phases of the temper
ance question was ertaiuly original."
Cannot be parmsosatly oared by the se
of oplstse and sedative compounds. It Is
too dasply seated. It ie eaussd by aa
Impoverished ooadltioa of the blood,
apna which th Birrs depend for auite
nsnos. Thii t th tru sod only oaturtU
esplanatloa tor asrvouansaa. Purify, ea
rlua and vitalise the blood with
and ntrvotunoM will dissppear. Hood
Bsrsapartlla will (Its vitality to th blood
and will send it courting through th
vein and arterls ehargsd with tb life
glvloc, strength botidlri quallll which
make irons nsrv. It you are nervous,
try Hood's (UnsnarlUs and And the ssm
relief of which hundreds of psoplearetsl
Hug In thslr publlshsd testlinouisls, Uet
Hood's oat Hood's
Beoansc Flood'" BsrMnarllts Is th only
True tlloud Purlfler prominently In the
public y today. Hold by sll araggist.
Mood's Pills
Hit kMtwl
Uon, rrt( SM. 9 kaa.
Look out for the
Kramer will
make next
IpM Civic Parade!
(00 Calathcpians, cr Plug Ugh.
A Magnificent Series ot Bicycle Races.
Hon Thonas II. Tangue, Orator of the Daj
l!on V. John D'ircy, Reader Declaration
of iodependence.
The Grand Day u Conclude with a Suimrb Display of
FIREWORKS, In the Evening.
Come Everybody and be Happy.
MRS. J. Hocvur,
Best collection of not less than five
varieties, Mrs. A. J. Goodman; best
collection of five varieties, Mrs. O. D.
Butler; two varieties, Mrs. J. O.Btaats,
Alrlie; three varieties of pink roses,
Mrs. A. A. C'attron, Monmouth. Best
specimen pink rose, Mrs. J. V. Richard
eon, Sr.; red rose, Mrs. A. Nelson;
yellow rose, Mrs. A. S. Goodman;
white rose, Mrs. E. T. Henkle. Total
receipts of fulr $07.20. '
Owing to an aggravated dlssatisfa
tlon the crowning of the rose queen
was postponed one year.
One car of wheat and oats wa
shipped to Helmlck's mill from here
this week.
Clint Bradley, of Suver, was in town
A. Bridges' house is finished and
ready for the occupants.
Arthur Kays was in town Sunday.
Arthur la a genial farm hand, whom
Tune; "Aulil Lang Syne."
Should old times ever be forgot,
And never called to mind f
We'll yearly meet In frlendiihlp sweet, .
For the early day. "lang yne."
Two here we met a Pioneers,
O'er forty years ago;
We pitched our ten In, itaked oil our claims,
Prepared to mine and sow.
Together dangers here we mot,
Beitet by aavage foe.;
Together In tills far land
We .bared our Joy. and woe.
Today we meet with glowing hearts,
To clap the bard-worn band
That tolled and fought In bygone yean,
And conquered savage bands.
Our valley, teem with beauty now,
t Great plenty crown, our cheer;
dive honor to whom honor', duo,
The brave old Pioneer.
Where'er we go In after life,
We never can forget
The tried old friend, of early day.
A Pioneer, we met.
We're getting old and feeble now,
Our live, are nearly panned;
To aome of u. old Pioneer.
This gathering 1. our lost.
We hope to meet old Pioneer
All .alely on that.hor
Ye., every one of our loved band,
To live forevermore.
uouiq not sleep.
Prof. L. D. Edwards, nf Proattn.
Idaho, says: "I waa all run down,
weak, nervous and Irritable through
overwork. 1 suffered from brain fa.
tlguo, mental depression, etc 1 bo.
came so weak and nervous that I
could not sleep, I would arise tlrei
J I j i i i ..."
Dr. Miles Nervine
and now everything Is changed. I
sleep soundly, I feel bright, active
and ambitious. I can do mora in nna
day now than I used to do In a week.
For tins great good I give Dr. Miles'
Beatoratlve Kcrvlno the sole credit.
It Cures."
vt .... . . .
it. miar nervine n an a on a nnaii
ruarantoe that the flrt bottlo will hvn
Ali'irusgUuiaullltatll.tbottln for 15, or
It will b vent, prepaid, on recnlpt of prlre
t7 the Pr, Mllo AMlcal Co., Wkhart. lud.
Permanently Located at
113 Fourth Street, Corner of Washington, Portland, Oregon
Where he nm be.cviumUed on all
Examination and Advice, FREE.
Coma one, Come all, and embrace this grand opportunity to learn the true
condition or your neaitn, without money ami without price.
These old reliable doctors will consult with you Free of Charge, and tell
you your aisesj without askluir you a question. They also furnish all medl
cine at their ortlces, aud save you extra cost of tuiyhm medicine at the drug
store. W can irlve you referemvs of many remarkable cures they have made
on tins toast, oy leading bankers and business men. Call at the ofttce and
read ttiem for proof.
f ? i1 r1 r1 f ? ? f ? I f
t J&fasw
The successful physician
the skillful surKinm the end
nent speolallst your oest
friend the world's benefactor
permanently Jis-ated con
sult him this day.
Treats rupture, plUm, fissure
flstula and rectal uhwrs, with
out kuife, ligature or caustic,
f auo wimout pain or detention
from business. He also treats
all private diseases, loss of
power, spermatorrhea, syph
Ills, pimples, eta
i kill t i i k i
Most Successful CATARRH Doctors
These old reliable specialists of many years' ex nor ence. treat with wonder.
mi success all lung and throut aneciion, Uanccr, 1'lles, f istula aud ltupture.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking: Powder
Awanbd ScM MW Mldwistar Pair. Su Frmssa,
Mm. M. 8. Ooff and Mia Hophl
Oofthaveentered tntospartneniblp
and will conduct dremimaklng at
MImi Hophla OofT. dresMinaklng
parlor, on the corner of Railroad
and D street.. The latest .y.tvm
of cutting uiied and .atl.factlnn
guaranteed. Work done promptly
and at reoaonable rate.
All cases of acute or chronic Inllainatloii, far or near slghtedness, dim
iiess of vision, scrofulous eyes, closing of the eye duct, soultitluir. cnsis.
eyes, wuu nairs, sypniiuicso.-e eyer, granuiua mis, tumor.canceror the lids, etc.
Deamets from cstsrrh, singing or roaring noises, thickened drum, In
fiamstlon of external ear, purulent discharges from the ear, etc.
Urif) Neuralgia, sick, nervous, or congestive headache, dull, full feeling
IlLHU loss of memory, dizziness, soften lot; of the bralu. tumors und eczema
oi tne seal p.
TI1R0IT t-HtBrr,lft' flll(1 "yphllitlcssre throat, acute and ohrouic pharyngitis,
I IinUfl I enlarged toiiHilllis and nulale, hoarseness, loss of voice, thick nfclcirm
in throat, which causes hawking.
I IltJ QQ Consumption in the first and second stages, hemorrhage and chronic
LUilOO bronchitis, dry and loose cough, pains In chest, dltlluulty In breathing
hepatizations, asthma, etc.
UriQT Valvular diseases, weak aud fatly hearts, dropsy, and rheumatism of
IILHIII the heart, languid circulation, etc.
Ill Catarrh and ulceration and acid dyspepsia, Indigestion, pain and
III fuluess after eating, heaitburn. wuterbrush. aud difficulty in
IIVTP Q P C CIJ A" d,Hl,1,He ' l'ie liver, spleen, bowels, constipation,
LiIlIIi UI LlLIi chronlcdiurrlucH, kidney und blnddcr.nll nervous and reflex
disordcis, rheumatism and all skin dls uses, H ,cina. salt rheum, rlmrworm. bin
-Jl. ......... ..1.1 nH .... . L. ll l . 1
jtn ui u wunr , uiii miira, invrr mirrn, nun joiimh, unir lip, riiriHl iri liaiion, uerv
ous prostraiion, rupture, piles, nstum, rectal ulcers, which produces pain In
sniuil of back. v
0 r V 1 1 j I nDQIUO All private dlseiiM'S, spermatorrhea, nightly or dally
OCAUAL UliuAn V losses, which, iieicleclt'd, nnMlucc nervous Irritation, loss
of memory and ambition, softening of tlie limln, idiocy, disunity, etc, syphilis,
stricture, Inability to hold the urine, impotency or loss of power, sterility, pros,
tstorrhea, ropy, sandy sediment In urine, or gravel, varicocele treated bv a new
surgical operation, hydrocele, all losses or drains, atrophy or shrinking of the
Piles, Fistula, Varicocele, Hydrocele, and all tenderness or swelU
Ing treated without pain or detention from business.
I iniEQ Wll tmy ' "ll,'t'r'"tf fn)"1 uliy of tlie distressing Hllments peculiar
LhUIlU tothulrsex,sush as iiersistent headaches, painful menstruations, dls-
piaisement, eic , no not give up in despair, even ir you have met with repented
failures in seeking relief. We are happy to state that we have cured hundreds
of cases after other physicians have pronounced t'lem hopelcwi Charges very
The remedies umh! in this dispensary are known only to our.
selves, aud have descended to us as u priceless heritage from our
Illustrious ancestors, through many generations of the hriKhtt'Ht liuhts In (lie
medical profession that the world bus ever known; and to these precious treas
ures of knowledge we have added the results of many years of labor and re
search In our chosen calling, until now we feel confident of eii'lng all curable
cases, and of greatly benefiting all who have nut yet received any relief whattver.
ational Bank!
Capital Stock, $50,000.00,
Vln J'rwUknt.
. CMltlM.
agsnwsl bsiihlng and slinit tmalBss.
trsussied loan. niad. bill. dicouotd,oni
mr. lal rredlU .ritnUidl dpMlM Itwflvtd OS
urrent amount .uuJMt la ebMk, Interest paid
OB Hill. dspOSlM.
rr-Vn nnn nr-
! DlllWTOlWfc
H. F. Mmllh, A. Nolxifl, 1. A, Alln, M.
lR.Mrwin, A. J.Uoudmsu, II. W, K'r,
Commenced Butlneii March 4, 16139
Kliilild by NsUoctsJ Aut'Hirlly.
of IndeusndMiitt, OrsU.
CbbIUI ttoab
W. it HAWLBY,(jMblf.
i,ll.Cwipr, U KubtrUioo, Uwt Iteimlok
O. W. Whiukr, W. W. Collin.
A sansrsl baaklni tmtiM triMkrtd
Huy aud sell, .scltaug on all important
iPmIU rmelvtxl ublaiit to eltwk or on
unraii or anpuum .aummns waa. .
Ufllaehourw I a. lu. W p. m.
Polk County Bank
I H, HWI KV. ,.,,..OT...,.,.llMit
'. UM MrilKlX
Ill A C ruWELL , CxhkiT
Paid Capital, 330,000
l, II. Uawlrr, l.L.rampbll, f.M.HImMmn
l, B. v, nuuer. j. s, mump, r, a. idw.ii
JiMMiih l raa.
A rl ban king and ichans bualnau
lraiisaiMli liwn niadni axixniu rrli
uiijwl to ehnk or on wflinrau of depoalt
nuiwi muii on lime uwikmim.
-Klr i.nif uH and burglar proof aafs,
wunmii; raioiiin.iorn.
ii, tvlloura- rn.
, '. mid -'
AT 6:30 A. M.
AT 6:00 A. M.
Freight end Paasage apa'r
k. pRKstxrrr.
J. A. VKKKttt)
Prescott & Veness,
-rmprl.Uir. uf
Manufacturer, of and Usal.r. In
Rouh and Dressed
J. A. WHEELER, . Manager.
fine Photograpbs
Crayon Work
India Inks
Water Colors
- Goto -
Photograph Gallery
independence, Or.
I Soltntlflo Anerloaa
K,1 ."J""', "V,0,! Hndboo writs to
Ml NM A I1!).. A UKtkAlttt'.W Maw v....
glilo.i bunmu for Mwurlm pmeuu In Amenoa.
jrr patMii linen out by u. It broutht bfra
U. publio b; a nouo. girw trtt of obrg. in th.
$ mntiiit mxiau
Larrat ejiwilstlon of any nlanUflo papar In tb
world. Splsuillilly tlluurated. No inti;iVout
Bian ihaiild be without It. Wwklr, B3.UO
eri II.SII Hi month.. Addreu MPk.N OO.
Vusususiuk 301 Broadway. JM.w York a.
Thl. 1. the Standard Military EnryclopMla of th
world wd tb only work of It kind In lb. KiurlliUt
lmmnwn. It ba. tli iidorwniu( ot tbe War
lMwrtrannt and th. leadlns uUIIUry oommand.n
of Amor lift and Kuroiw. H I. Usued In tkrw lanr
octavo toIuium ot about 1000 jmittm each, printed
on flu paper, from new elmtrotype platM, pro.
fiurly IUutrld and bftndnomoly boond. It US
oonipli-U library ot military Information both for
military and nan-m!IIUry pmpl., livery library
hoNld have It Circular, out on application.
Good annum wanted.
All ih loading, op-to-dMo military and naval
books, Price llu raruutued on applUsatlon.
ett-21 Broadway, New York City,
Dress Silks, Former Price SI now 75 cents.
Dress Silks,; Former Price $1.1 5 now 00 cents.
Gray and Brown mixed Sheeting, Former
Price 8 1 cents now 224 cents,
All Wool Small Check, Former Price 45
cents 'now 35 cents.
Small Check All Wool, Former Price 37
cents now 27 cents.
Novelty Dress Patterns,
now 75 cents.
Former. Price $1
Dress Ducks, Former Price 15 cents now 2li
Ladies Muslin Underwear.
Embroideried Chemise 50 cents each.
Drawcrs,trimmed with embroidery 35c per pr.
50c per pr.
75c per pr.
$1.00 per pr.
Ladies' Night Gowns tmbroidcricd 70 cents.
, Lewis Ilelmick. Proprietor.
Mill Feed on Hand and to Order.
B a
inaepenaence, Near the S. P. Depot.) Oreton
Harvest Coming:!
Deering anricCormlc Harvesters,
HI ti'lt'rs, and Mowers, sre the only two
mschlues made that sre aold in every
tiatloo on the globe; when you buy it la
Economy to get the best.
Dou't be Induced to buy an luferlor
machiDe simple to save a few dollar, aa
you will soon pay out twice that amount
for repairs.
Sold by R. M. Wade & Co.'
Pioneer Drug Store,
Alexander-Cooper Drug Co,
Here's Soap!
You probably want tUo very tltitwt ana beat when you ,
use H on th dullest akin of your wlfo or baby. W '
have all kinds of Toilet Soaps. They are dellKhtfaily
. peiftimodnndaremndeofpuremaUirlals. W eHpeolally
call jour atumtlou t th MsxIom Soap Hoot soap,
which la purely vegetable. Corns and get a FREE
Patterson Bros., The Druggists,