The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, June 13, 1895, Image 1

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rho Best Newsoaoer
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: i0 bit . mi..j k ... J
Takm tni Liao w Polk County.
r ii
u the on that gives th most and
trwheat r.w Compare ths WEST
jlDH with any pw In Tglk county.
$2.00 Per Year.
Five Cents Per Copy.
No. 30.
rursiciAxs-D ntisthy-
r L. KETCH UM. M. I.
P. aud residence, eorucr ltailreiiti
J Alouuioutb t,, Ittdepeudene, Or,
L Deutist. All work warntuttKt to
V til Wt M MlWCNdMOD. lUUOpt'O
n, Or,
) and Surgeon. Diseases of the no it
Mirest and skin, specialties, At Thomai
uarinacy, Montnoutb, Or,
Law. Will practice in til elate
od federal eonrta, Abstracts o( title
lrnwhed. Ofnce over Independence
Uttomd Baas.
lYl nfaeturere of sash and don.
il, aoroli eawiug,
Main street, lode
jeudenoe. Or.
M , Istge, No. 22, meet every Mon
fay uiiiht iu I. O, O. F. hall. All anjoqru-
tog brothers are luvited to attend. E.
U Kctehum, Al. W.; W. U. Coui
Jieeorder. ......
I f ALLEY LODGE. Na 2. 1. 0.0
I V F. Moe in Vsndnye a ball every
f buraduy evening. All Odd fellows our
Imlly invited to meet with na. J sine
A. Roberta JN. U.; A. J. iloodiuan, nee-
HOMER LODOE, NO. 45 K. of P.
Meet every Wednesday evening.
all knights aw cordially invited, o,
A. Kramer, C. C J. It Motln, K
l .Amnrtean and KuMpMuitPlvu
Jevtnlh and Wal)loj(too Hu.,
dependence mud MonmontbMutul'
East and South
via .
of the
Southern Pacific
I California expre train run dally.Mnpplui
tll Id ok Iwlween 1'urtlund and Aluany.
103 r. u.
lir.ti a. u.
l.v. Pordund Ar.
Lv. Albany Ar.
Ar. Han Kmnclnco tv.
i-rg, A. M.
7u r. M.
Rotaburo Mall ("""yj.
n.u . Arrive.
Portland .... HMA.M. I Rowburg .... P. . Portlaud ...AM A. M.
lining Car: on Ojis Route.
BwcotKl-Claas Bleeplnif Cara atta;hed
to all througu tratns.
West Side Division.
Qatwaan Portland and Corvallia.
Mall train dally (except Sunday.)
l.v Portland Ar
A r.. J ndependehc-. A r
Ar Oirvalllw l.v
oito p Id
1 ;( p m
7:' p in
At Albany and CorvalllH, mmneet with trolm
Oregon Initio railroad.
Express train aally (except Hunday)
4 441 p III
1M p in
Lr.. I'ortiand -Ar I a m
Ar MCMlnnvllle Lv I Wpm
Oragonlan Railway Divlalon and
" CPortland and Yamhill Ry.
Airlle mail TrUweckly,
:40 a m
6:'i) p in
f p rn
Lv Ll'ortlandj. Ar f w p i
I v MnmnoUth 4I.V I 7:45 a m
7;U0 m.
Through t(ktw to all point intlie f jwrn
Hlaten, Canada, and Kurope, can be
from T, M. UT1VKK, Agent, Indcindence.
MaimKr. At. O. F- 1 a. gi
Cveat, and Tmde-Mark obtained and al Pat-i
ent DuuneMConaucua lor miodiukts
andwecaniecure ptentu IM tune Umn UwmI
, Send model, drawing or pfcoto., with
tlon. We adviM, ii JMtenlable or not, tree ol
charge. Our fee not due till patent heeeored. ,
A aMPHLCT " How to Obtain Patent,' with
colt cTVthe U. 8. and toreign eounme.
sent free, AddreM,
i. E
Important Resolution
Adopted. '
Clianffes Made in Prirate
Nlwty DMuocnttle Edltort In Ohio le
dure for Frra Silver, Which
Look Bad lor Biit.
I'lllLAnKLPHU, Jun 1!.-Tb
flrrt) Attntwl onvntluit of rite lutt
imtltiual Irfntirtte of l'rta Chtiia tin
tills luorntuir iu Die old viihih) eouu
fll fliaiulHT In liuli'iHHuli'uce Hall and
will lx Iu aoiailon four tlaya. IVa aud
piMx-ll wttkkww front all ho WdltiK
pivim fiulM from Malue o i;allfornla
are In dtttudant. l'ivKlout Clarke
ItuWoll of Atlnatrt. chIIihI tin oooveu'.
tla to oMr, Mayor Warwick tli'V'
eml h mhh u of welwtiif. hikI rlien
turned over to I'tvuldent Ihtwoll an
old lilatorkwl kiy wlilclt he wild
would oiHHi ilie gale of the Hty.
Tlie nnmeutatlvt of the ltnltl
more delftftttlou outred a tir.vtmlilt
and roMolutiau wblob alnteU tlut the
Jiiilkinry throuxbeut toe country
lint etlUfHtetl to au utidenuaiMtlni; of
I he netvweity of euullileuHat rehulont
iK'tween ntwttuHr men nl tluate
mum whom they rely for Information
and tireiiit; the neetwaliy of leulnlntlon
lo liroiwt iMw8iuiM'r mm lu re.
ervaciiiti or all tHinndeneea that are
roxwed la thetn.
Waxhiuiftoii, Jtme 11. Mr. K. M
mihIIh, who wa nrlvitte awretary
ef Ilie htto Keertrtary (in'Hliiiin, him
nwiKiietl Mint poult Ion and wilt return
tu Clili'HKo to reauuie (be intrlJoe of
law. .
J. Wntter ltlnmlfniil wna today aiv
imlntml private aeeretary to Swn-tnry
nf Stale tMttey. lie wviipliM the tutnie
Nvnltlim with (ilney while the latter
wan at tlie bend of the detxtrtiucut of
jtiHtne. Mr. Itliimlford 1m a lawyer.
Oliiclntiatl. June H.ltmdleM to
I'lrt'iilur wut out to 110 democratl?
eillton of Ohio almw that HO favor
free allver and !io othera are tllvtihM
in tlii'lr vlewa. TIiIh rcattrt wan umde
pnlillo tixl.iy after (lie aiiiioiiiui'iiieni
of Scii.itor Itrlee at Lima of hi randl
ilitcy for re-rieviton eu a aoutul utojwy
MemplilH. June 11. The allvee men
will have fine weaiber fur tlM'lr con
vetitlon tomorrow at the Auditorium,
where' a "onndmont'y', convention
vfin held hint luontb. The liultctttiutia
point to a very large attendance, In
liiitlnx men prominent In iiiitlotuil
inilltli'n. I Mesratiotia are nrrlrlnir on
every train, and will cutiilnuc to come
in up to tiiHin tomorrow, l licro I no
tlceahly a la rue proportion of men
from the country and muullcr towtm.
It m llmticht that there wilt ln fully
111 tleletratea iireaeiit.
licletfatloitM are eamftetl from 25
dtalt. hut -ircely any from the
Htittcn ettKt of the .MlMdMKijd nod
mirth of tho Ohio, 'lliere ore here
'nihil Kt.Kc Setinlura Jonen and
llerry, of Arknimna; Hate and Iliirria,
of TeuneMH!; tieorge and Walthal, of
Mississippi, and Turole, of Iudlana.
Kemvtora Stewart, of Nevada, Ktrouft
bf Idaho, and Btfller, of North Caro
lina, are expected tonight.
The convftitlon will be culled to or
der at 11 o'clock tomorrow !y W. X.
itrown, prcxt.ieiit or the liluuinillc
.eii;e of MmnphlH. Judge T. J. Katee
of the circuit court will offer a prayer
ami an adlreaa of welcome will tie
illvered ly et-tlotign-HHtiran Cawy
Young of Memphis. It bun not yet
been determined it to whether there
will be a temporary orgnnluitlgti. lo
aw It la decided to tilitrt off with
pcrmnnent orgunlznthin, Senator
Ifiiri'lx will nominate for permanent
liiuriiinn either Henator Tuirw or
Heimtor Joiich. of Arkamwn; protmtriy
the former. If Turple I niado chnlr-
mmi of the convention Joiich will he
Imlnnan of the onnnilttee on resolu
tion)), and vice verxa; comimittees 011
nwlfiit lul and resolution, will tie n-
polniiHl and the convention adjourn
until afternoon. Iteaolutitma . will
prohahly Ijo presented at the aeeond
day' new I on. Among the mwakcra
will lie ex-CongresHinan Hlbli'y trf
'etiiiKylvanla, Alex Dclmrtr of Cnll-
forula, ex-tioveronr Prince of New
Mexico. Henator Jones, Turple, Htew-
ai't and Hhottp, and jirolmhly ex-Con-gwnninan
Bryan of Nehrnnka. Henn-
lor IlurrlM will not Kieak hut will de
vote his attention to the IhiwIiichh of
the convention. ,
I'EXDIKTONTjimc ll.--Arter the
e of Monday morning at CIuih. (Hut-
liigham'a ranch IS mllea frmi here,
the nronrletor wlbb wven of hln ein-
phiyes prepared to watch during the
night, tnakintr Ihiiikb on tlie ground
with londed piwtola by their Rldtm and
aunlted the mornliie. Dlvldwl Into
nqnd to keep watch, toward :t o'clock
Wilt consult tbeir beat in
tereata by, purobamng their
, of the reliable manufacturer, " ;
; Independence, Or., auccea- ,
gor to Ferguson A VanMeer
. Sugar pine and cceder doors
all alzes, on hand.
Screen doors.
mil R!f eh misi-a pays
If you u the Petalon
Incolieton Bnwder.
Make money while
otheri era vnwling
lime hvold nroceMe.
Cataloirtellsall about
Jt,andaecrioe; every
article neeaeaior
The "ERIE'
tnechulcally the bt '
.wheel. Prettleet model.
IWe are Pacific Coast.
AfFMtt. nirvcle cata-
FEIAL0MA rWCTaUtot CO.,Petalama,Cat.
Bvincu llouBB, 3 8 Main Bt., Ioe Angelee.
the men doaed, two men Mole tip.
lniured keroaeue ou the woil ware
iioune and m lire, In the houxe were
H ancka of wool, two huudriHl and
forty thouannd ihhiiuIk. 'i lie entire
lot tNHtan burning and will 1 a total
huaj. The wool was att 111 furiously
tiunilnir at noon today when the ram
wtta vlHtteil. U la thought it w
tttiru lor two week, The men were
tracked a mile down the rood and
then loat. The Urea the lust tw
nights agvretrate to thiiiiilu-haiu over
MUJ toM wttlt l.ttUKsi inmirfliice,
ltorh rn nolo are wIinhI out except
one nuiutiujc out of uneeu or twenty
Ilia eueiutea aevut determined to
cause tlie deatrueilott of all funning
ham'a proHrty. This nutke tlve flt'e
on his ranch., all of Incendiary orig
to, It wm the must complete mueb
plant lu the Inland Kmidre. The tire
leave only bare range ami ahev
with all other real property dcstroyei
The ouly partletilara of the killing
of Mra, Charle K. Lisle on tdumhla
river to lie obtained any alio went to
a barn where glaut powder wa atorvd
ami au expWmlon followeil. There
wa 110 one near, aud what caused tlie
Ignition of the powder will never be
discovered. Hlie was inarrletl ouly a
month ago, and lived at ft'ho, Oregon,
nut wa croa the Columbia river
Pwhea tilled.
Walla Walla. June ll.-Tula after
noonhe Ku nners' Implement ware
house, near it be V. ft V,. It. ilcpot, was
destroyed ly tire. Itoinml lecml,
ninimger, wa so severely burned he
will die. The building wna a , large,
two-atory wue, with corruif.iteil Imu
ldes. It wa tilled with farming tun
ciiinery ami fiiriiliure, which were a
total hew. Mr, Yeeiid'a children wert'
lihiyliig in the second etory, wtMcb
waa used a a workshop by cnriieu
tern, a iMiy agini aisnit 4 ennn k
nrutcti and Ignited some uluivlngs
IMie (Ire rapidly spread to a titmtitlty
of machinery oil. The children gave
the am rm. mhuI ruslH'd uiwlalr to
save the children; ho hurried rhem out
then Mtnrtod 1,1 extinguish the lire, but
the na niii aprtad with such rapidity
he was forced to retire He ruehed
down alalra to save the eouitiauy
book and lock the safe, then rushed
out the office door, hut the Humes
were comluir In so llercely flint his
clothing raughl lire, lie rushed out
lulu tlie tnhMle of the alreot ami fell
prostrate, MislUnl asslstnuiv wmmi nr
rived and It wa found the names
had burned every panicle of hi cloth
tint, aud eaten Into his entire body,
the face ami ecaln lielng literally
einiked. lie was riMiioved to hH Iioiim1
aud nt lust account wna alive, hut
there are no hoiie of hi recovery.
The los on building aud contents Is
estimated at; Insurance est!
mated at fli),
POUTLAXn. Or., June ll.-Iml
Stnllhle, (Htnilnml in the county lull
aw airing tlie mtlon of the grniul jury
on a charge of stealing a cow, bus
confessed to the murder of lleoig W.
lottng three years ago at Mttt,
mall plin-e ueur Dmismulr, t'al.
The utory a told by Kmithle I thai
Ave year ago be went to Sllvertou,
In Marion county, where he became
aciuuluted with tienrge loiitik', who,
Willi Ida wife ami four children, was
resitting at that place ami wn cutting
wood for a llvluj.'. An lutliimey
sprnng up iM'tween Mmlthle and .Mrs,
Young. The imrrte nfierwnrd went
0 rttsMona. t ni. On the way ciililier,
Young norhHl bow familiar Hiulthlo
ami bl wife ' had become and hi
ealuiisy became nrniim'tl to auch ail
exteut that he tbreateued to shoot
Finally It waa determined by the
guilty couple to put Young out of the
way rorever. Aworiiiujfiy, .Mr.
Youmr made an appointineiit with her
husband to meet her at Hoda Hprlngs
on Hoda Creek. , YtMimr came and
when he wna silting on the bank of
the creek hi wife came up liehlml
him ami sclxed hold of him. Hmirhle
then plunged a knife Into Ida brenst,
killing lilm. The body was then con.
calod. Young wa missed in the
neighborhood, but people supposed
that he bad alwmloued his wife nntl
no aearch wna made for the body.
Acting on Huilthlea coufesKlon,
HberlffHiitra arsted Mr. YotiiiK,
widow vof the murtlered limn, In, a
ton cahlu near Keavertou aud she
now otvimlca a cell in the county jail
Delroit, June M.-A juwcuil to flic
New from Ht. Louis, Mh'h., nays;
Mra. Hcnimu Hecker, aged 84, anil her
two children, aged 4 and 5, were found
slay by her HMIe dementeil boy In
back cellar with bullet bole In their
bead. They must have been dead at
bust two hour. It I claimed that
Mm. IhH-ker waa not of sound mind.
Hhe left a letter enylug aliu wna alek
mid so were her children, ami they
(mint die.
WAHIIIXOTON. June ll.-The fol
lowing letter was lent today 'to all
ol ector of cuatunw on the omat
from New York to the Hlo (irnnde by
the nerlnir aeeretary of the. trcumiryi
"To collectora of ctiNtoiim and others;
It U a mutter of rumor thnt nl
vitrlou nolnta iu the United. Hlaten
atteinpiH are umkliig to enllxt men to
niiln and arm vessel and ny other
Hlejral ineaHure to aid the InHiirree
tlon now In progress In the lalnnd of
Cuba.' While thl dejMtrttnent hun
been f urn Inhed with 110 tniiKllue evl-
deuce conlirtimtory of such niinors,
It (leonm It of great importance tnat
no isimdblllty be given for complaint
that the , government of the United
mutes hna In any reueet fallen tthort
of il full duty to a friendly nation."
Aot ng Heeretary McAdoo or tno no-
partmout n Id this afternoon thnt the
Instruction aont to tha comiuotlore of
the cruiser Kalelgli for bla frtUdance
when on iwirol duty on: Florida const
were of the moat comprehensive kind
and provided for a full and ati1?t en
forcement r the. neutrality laws.
With Hpnnleh uien-of-wiir lylnir off
the Florida wast outxldo of the three
mile limit and the itulelgh and her
lioat sweeping the limide wat(r,
over-uirrhuHliiMtlc Cubaim and their
American riympathlHein ,who uiuler
take to drive the United Htale lute
trouble by using Florida na a ImhIs
of hoHtlle operation agnlimt the gov-
eriiiiient of Culm ore likely to no re
pressed with a sarong hand.
r Market iibpokt.
8m Franctooo, June 11. Wheat, (05
cent per cental ror new nnu
coul for dd. Mlllliiff wheat kwp
sternly at OTMrSt per cental. .
Llverpotrl Wheat, apot, aieuuy, uo
hiond iiKxlernte; No. 'i red winter, fis
lid; No.. 2 red ftprlne, 0 3jdr No. 1
hird Manltolm, (ia iPjd; No. 1 Cnllfoe;
uln, Ri lixl.
Hop at Lonuon. iticiuc consc,
2 S.
New York Hope quiet.
11 il
Of the Klamath Falls
Takes PJace at the Topsy
The Same Lone lllf bwayniau Pcrftrig
the Job Neatly but With
Hilfht Ualo,
ASHLAND. Or,. Juue lt.-llio regu
lar imuitbly hold up of tha Aaer.
Katmatn - fan nag owurre.1 iasi
ulgbt whortly after It o' The
robbery occurred half a mile from
Toy arrade aud very near where the
robherh of one and two moiitha ago
look place. The smite lone highway
man ta miiNMwed to have executed the
Job. The aiase left Alter yesterday nf
terniMin aud w lieu the coiimuind to
Iratt came f ruin" ambush. Charlie
llarnebuig waa driving, w Ith two pmt
senger. Clma, xwlsler wua otttalde
with Hie driver, .wlsler wn made
lo cut oHn the letter pom-he ami
throw them out aud the driver wa
told to break open the ex pre b t
me unver tuiu the roldicr tm're
liorhlug tu the box aud the h..
scorned satlsilinl when he heard i t
empty ritttle and the ex pre Ikix w
left in the hoot. After the coat tii.
vest of all were throwu out the rmi-
lsr ordered the driver to take t1ie
stage lantern ami leave It Inside of the
conch nod move away, aud when he
nnttditHi hi exaiiduiuloii they could
(Mime back and set their coats. They
moved on tlfty yard and the nddier
coiHti in piaiuly siHMi a he went
through the registered mall and coat
but be overlooked some letter ami
iiki in nn in .wlsler a coat pocket
After tlii performance he e,tlled the
driver and passenger lmk and they
got their clothe ami what waa left
of the mull, ell then bid them good
night aud they were imtiiiIiumI to
drive on. The hlk'hwaytmtn wa of
medium sixe and wore a imrk over
com and light Ktrnw lint. He wore 110
mask, but kept out of the light o Ills
feature could Hot be outlined. He got
but a few dollar from the passeii
gem, nothing from the express com.
paiir, and it I thought little from the
ma II poucho.
Kilt Lake, June 11.--A tec1iil from
Hutte, Mont., 10 the Hem Id soys; A
destierate attempt to rob the Hllver
Kow .National bunk today by one rob
hcr.wa made,. Many shot were ex
changed, but no one wn hurt. The
robber wa captured.
Million Worth of -Property Destroyed,
. out no Killing.
London. Juue lt-Aecordluir...tu a
siiislal dlHimti li. from Hliiinirluil. the
is tif property 11 s the result of the
reient noting at t beng Tit, Kntuiig
ml Ho tiling, niiiouui to Ncverul
million dollars. The Chinese olllclnlsi
It I added, headed by the viceroy
f the province of Kxorlnieu, oimiiIv
etm-ournged the mob to nil eort of
omiagi H, ami the petition of foreign
ers for protection were refused.
.New York, .rune H.The following
ublegnim of tmhiy's date, front Itev.
. 11. Hike. atHluingbal: ha been re
ceived at the oltlce of the Methodist
Missionary .s-lely In tlila city:
rtiperty at tTlieng Tu. deatroyed.
MlMHoiiarlc nil afe.M
"These ndvliH," wild Dr. Italdwln.
rwonllug 'aeeretary of the eindety,
are tdllclnl and should act at rent the
rumor of the umsHUcrc of nileelon-
rleH.Tliere wa no inmeatcre.''
Washington, June 11. The t'htiiee
gallon 1 si 111 wllbout tiifonnntbin
a to the report of depredation on
American tuisNlonm lu China, It I
coittddoml willed (hut no live have
icon lout and flint any depredations
nu n may hove occurred are coiitincii
to uilsMloiinry property, It I wild If
the repoil are eonllrmiMl that of
ficial comrlcnnoccd the dito ruction
they will Im severely dealt, with. It I
tiaton.nry to degrade ylccroy. even
vhen they are not rMsmwlbfe for
rlotM In their province, ittul the puu
Isliuumt, It Is e:tlL doulitlea will be
more severe If . they have aided the
onthreak a the, report ntnte.
I,Borte, Iud., Juue 11, Indiana has
youthful murderer In Otlbort Row.
slier, 4 year old, who killiHl Rernlce
Colflns nt Montleello, hia vlitlin ImIii
tiNlclflnir ' Infant of '2 year. How-
slier, who .waa iu comiwny with two
other laiya. imswd Hernlce 011 the
street. The hitter spoke to RowKber's
(VmiimiiloiiH, Wit roniNtM to imrllce
hi in. Thl angered young 'luv slier,
and luytnir lu wait for the Collins
child, he attacked her with atom,
ami before her piteous erle 6ir help
brought relief, alio wu Ocuti. 1 he
itiichoi'irie are pulled' a to what
step are to lie taken In dealing with
the boy, the annuls of the statu full
ing to record a' parallel fa wo. Roth
families are prominent.
Ann Francisco, Juno 11. The In-
qtiDHt over the death of Ml Nellie
Harrington wus "concluded today.
Four additional witnesses -completed
the alibi of Henator Ruck,. established
at the Iniiuewt yeeterday. I. W. Lees,
hlcf of detectives, was the last wit
ncKM. He wild no stranger commiueu
the crime. The murderer was thor-
uglily , familiar, with .the , premlsea.
The erliuo waa'.not for, the ptittmsc
of ' rohlH-ry.' The ' tiiunler1 was most
brittal. The wound were hiflloted by
tilHtol useil n a clube The jury re
turned a: verdict of murder by an tin
known' person, '1,
oiifengo? .Tune1 iol-Eiigene' V.' Debs
and vtijer'i otllclals of the A nierlcan
railway unloii, w.lll bo. aoirj; to Wood-shK-k
Jail tomo'rrow.. A' cert tiled order
of ..tho supiiHiiii'.court wus retwlvcd
here today, rue men unuer senrence
re: 13. V. Debs, U. -W. Howard, H.
Kolllhcr, L. W. RogersJnnies llogan,
W. 10. Hum, n. M, Ooodwln and
Martin Elliott. There is a question.
a to tho time tho men .will serve.
The oriental sentenco wns six months
for .Delis' and three-, months for bi;
aasocuntos, In two different contempt
nasas senlten(!e belnir niude.eonnirrenr
by tho court. TJ19 defendants', attor
ney later had-the Sentence iiinde cumu
lative, In .order , to tuke, the delrrid le
git! intflon.' It is thought probnblo
thnt an'effbrt! wilLht nindo to have
Judge Wood rdustate the concurrent
An Interesting leUc
from Japan.
The Late War Was Sim
ply a Feeler. '
Grave Constitutional Qneilltint (0 Be
Broached In the Very Sear
Potare. .
Kolie, Jntstn. May lTth, (Via Van
cgayerj-a'here la trouble In the air,
At io moment .of Uilawrliltm It la
kuown lliikt China baa mtined ' the
treaty of peace agreed Umn at Hhl
tuutHiaeki; aud the proimblllty waa
that alie would. Rut that la not the
uuiwthin. 'It baa been announced aud
no routradlotlon lata followed, that
KuahI'I, Fmucw and Uermany have
atidresMiHi a joint note to due Tokl
government, protesting against the
eesslon of tmrltory by China, and It
la also tntcd that the cabluet linn
deeblml to nuilnlnlii that the tonus
of pem-e wice:ti oolssly except the
two pnrtle ,1 .ciwiiej. Kngliind,
seem. Inui diMdwl mot to Join in this
protcMt, although her lulenua are
mattlfeetly affisited when a strong
ami warlike jwer obtain Haoton
or f oniHMt.'t ami the recudore la
bind. It 1 not Improhnble thnt the
Itiitlsli goveniineiit Is of the opinion
Ilia JitNin rtsrtlmlil on the conll
nont might. In future, act a a barrier
against ItiisMht'a future encroach
uitHit. Her male!!-' subliMM Iu
Japan are tlioroiiglily disgusted with
the attitude of their goveniineiit; they
onjocxi unanimously, it may ue said
ajfttlnst -the nw treaty, and the Jap
anese, so far from acknowledging the
tnvor, nave shown since Hint time de
rided ntluhy, or ratbr hatred
against the English. lit waa only the
otnr uny wtieu au exblldtton of na
nv wrestling was Kiven. that two
residents, a tlermuu nisi an English
man, attended the entertainment.
Upon Ita conclusion one of the hung
er on, iiuicimrnbie 40 all such shows,
planted himself liefore tlie two for-
rlifner. ami when they attempted to
evade in disagmvilile proximity,
shook his list lu their faces, and lu
reuiaraaiuy short Mine exhibited
the itutal extent of his knowledge of
our vernacular by sajtlug; "Ood d
r.iutnsfcmanr- Tlrnt i the trouble.
IVi stkh fellows, that Is to the mas
of .the people, every white man I
r.iigllsh, and If a row break out with
any huropetui power, we are Ismnd
to get our share, "Ob. bosh!" uld
ouh of our tourist to me, "you are
limning upon tilings rrotii too dark a
side!" Rut this visitor of course did
not understand the language: and
when some urchins greeted lilm a lie
passed by lu his iliirlkbdia with veils
or "ro-jtnj To-juir (Foreign Devil I)
iwsmue pieamMyotieliMU of
ue attention he wus attracting, mid
:tiistiii that Uncle Ham'a children at
least, are very popular In Joint 11.
x unti l mean 10 say that the govern
ment is against foreigners, but slm
ply thikt we are, haled y the mmnle
utut mat ine government Is utterly
poweruioj to control tlie musses. Au
toenttle as tho rule bus Ishmi here,
there always, was ami Is a b.hmI deal
of Independent thought' and notion
among the gentry. In former da) a.
hum w prior to iw, wnen one or them
waa dissatisfied with his lord's action
or policy, or when he had a grievance
of any kind, he used to etud lu his
resignation as a retainer and be
come a ronln, literally "wavenmu"
tlie fne and more correct translation
of which is eimmu" Refore lodrcsn-
ing nia grievance a suited lilm Ut
he would have a good time, devote
himself to Venus aud Racchua, nnd
then become an exalted hero lu hli
own eye and those of hut fellow aul-
ect by dlspntchlng his eiiemv. real
and siipitosed, to the happy hunting
grounds, and, end his own life by the
ceremonious.!, Jinra-kui. -There aie
balf-a-mlllloo of these men In lamui.
and one of thcin need only think that
roreignetw- nave long emmgh profaned
Dal Nippon's holy ground, nud tukc
upon hltiModf their externilnntlmi,
when the fuu will commence. He
loti't eiire: be has umde up hla inlud
tlint his .country detiuind tho sncrl-
ee of his. own life: thoughts of a
hereafter do .not bother lilm. 80 he
Whet hi sword or buys a revolver
aud the next thing we hear la that
poor so ami so has hcou killed by a
rnsy jai. this spirit, which led to
the attack 011 the present exur lu 1891.
to tlie ''murder df Oknho, to the dyua
mltlng of Okuiiift, and the imire recent
wounding of LI Hung: (lining, -will
irenk out mtnpaiit as soon na a for
eign jKiwer dare Interfere with Jair-
11 s schemes of aggrandisement.
Thousand -.of Japanese would deem
theiiiKolve . wpiM'lully calhsl iiiniii to
defend their beloved country, and we,
well, we shall liave a pretty warm
IIIIMJ or it.
Iu the menu while, very few of us
would euro to stand In I to' shoes.
'here Is hwi fun than excitement
any way, trf be prime minister of such
mercurial people a the Japanese.
'he Fremdi have a prett) fair notion
as to their . national excellence, hut
the Japanese can double discount
thorn and . nent them at that. We
think thnt Japan has done pretty
well lu this war. h gets a neat lit
tle Ruin, which will be . wholly de
voted to lncreusii herarmy and navy;
she has annexed thv Chinese fleet, or
wlmt remains of It, and, If foreign
powers will let' her, slm will tnko pos
sess lou' of 'ft dtwiif slice of "China,
bold (.Vu'en in ad affectionate embrace
whloh'Huvy turu Into an exceedingly
tight souceze, and extend her Island
empire Into, the tropica by Jnpunning
I'ortnoKii and tho .Pescadores. Now
the; JjmMw .are intiy thing bttt-eJiiUnd
at thla,rtult:.l.ijit,y think that they
nave tstuaveu wonuernu mag
naulinUy1'. ' lind they proclaim openly
mid lu'ifissl fult'h that the whole civ
lllsiod wvttrI 1 etnrius oiyen-monthed
at Japuft's imbeard iif ireneroalty to-
wjwtl n eoiuiueiwl ' we, They would
ave said 'the same thing If Japan had
demiusled,' the. v holu ,0 Chlnu'8 seti
boilrd.,ntwl .they would still have in
Rlsted,, us they; do today, tha.t this wus
simply In Uie, Interest of Oorea'a in
dopcmbdV'f Olid; .tho preservation of
is'iice In HiOi l't ...
Exaggerating! You enn't exagger
ate, t t urn writing bai-o facts. 1 irlve
.ew extracts from leading Japanese
'paper on the pence problem, Tho
JJyit said: I .
"Tho tlmfj Is rlpo for Japan to prove
whether her powT nnd energy suuice
to ninke her the loading spirit lu tho
Ktit, or, what i vastly more luipor
tuut, tx ensure, licr rise, as the godding
star of clviUIzait'Ioii nnd progress in
the whole world." Tlie Kokumln held:
"It I not a ocesihm merely at a
tMMlful of Imlsmtilty money or a rfot
of land. It I a question of the
orieut'e stability. Japan will not
hesitate If dostluy direct. Hhe will
tavatle China frtm end to end, fight
lur hot merely with tho maUilal
weopon of rifle and cannon, but also
with the moral arm of benevolence,
Justice, civilisation and enlighten
ment, until the blessing of proa
purity and good government ar se
cured to the 400 million of luhabltauta
of China."
1 can continue quoting vernacular
pnisir. ou more eraiy tlian the
other; but the conclusion la thla: If
foreign lower forbid the aequlaltlon
tf territory, Jataa muat go to war,
The Uvea is? the member of the cab
inet would not be worth an hour's
liiitvhii, f they should submit to
the Inevitable; and If Japan be per-
nitrusj to annex uie stiptiiateii ter
ritory, hu will be an Inconcelvaldv
dlaturtang ideinent In the far Fast,
fw no government will acquire any
Stability, that, doe not submit to the
popular clamor for territorial aggro n
ulsetnojrt Hllght tncldent show the
crisis wt H'h Is fast approaching, The
Ktiasian minbfti to Japan, M. Hit-
rovo, la folbiwed wherever he go,
not for the purpose of spying, but to
defend hi in lu case ou of those self
const Huted patriot should avenge
ttussia a Interference uptn the person
of the envoy. Tlie tigW of the gov
ernment to stisuid newspapers, Is
exepHsed wltJt the greatest prodigal
ity. There I not a day when one or
more mctrotMilllau paper do not fall
under the ban. They, were permitted
to mor at Kngiumi. ami twist the
IIimis tall as much a they nloascd
Rut the ltiisslun bear might Is more
ticklish, ami must he tieated gin
gtirly. The T111110 (Mikado) ha re
moved to Kioto, hi aniHutrnl canital.
ami thl fiu't alone shows that Hie
goveniineiit feel ailxUiu. lUm
shlum, wlee the general headquar
ter wen during the war, Is expiated
to an attack: so to a certain extent Is
TokUi, wltorcna Kioto la inluud and
council ueu tly safer In case of attack.
ltcMide U must he remembered that
to the Jiiianee, converted or uueon-
verted the emperor is the sou of
heaven, the living representative of
the Deity, and that he I the ouly one
who might aucceed In bridling or curb
ing Japan headstrong proclivities.
In tlie posMoilon of a issislble Hiirc
isuly, he might succeed In avitrtlug
a emit calamity from Japan; but If
Mirr.Mimh'd by those who breelhe
war, no barrier except superior force
ouiii stem Japanese ambition.
A few daya ago I would Istve hesi
tated to state Hint the converted Jan-
nncse have atlll the same feeling of
reverence fi their emperor to
them uUhi he wa the m'rsoiilftcd
deity. Rut Dr. Raker of Washington,
D. U, pastor of one of the churches
of that city, on his vacation trip
IMSMcd th rough Jiere, and told me
that while lu Nagasaki, he hud ac
companied the presiding divine of his
iiurch to a eyuod or assembly of Uie
native isistor. tine of these, on be
ing requoatvd to didlver an addri1,
at once launciieii into the war. glv
lug, vivid t'escrlplbiua of Japanese
lirwwesa and valor. When remon
stritteu witn mat, However great a
virtue patriotism might ls, the nssem-
dy had met for more peaceful pur
poMsa, nnotlM'r young pastor proiocd
to enliven the meeting of the next day
by adding a magic lantern, and thus
Illustrating scone of-tbe wm-. Fun
cy tho old d.K tor Innnclilng Into nil
hi time Metlssllst revival of which
bis Jaimuese hearers seemed not lo
ucdorsiaud a word, until he told thotu
in plain terms that American mission
sis'letles did not pay their salurba
for tbuso purmises. "This." auld the
doctor, "brought them to terms." Dr.
I'.aKor opinion of Japanese convert!
would be exceedingly Interesting to
our societies at home.
In the nienuwhile there la activity
In Toklo, and the wire bet wee u that
capliol and Ht, Petersburg ta kept
hot There were three Russian and
one French wur vessel here In port
but they have left-destination uu-
nown. If war should bivak out. and
It la lniMjslble to forsee the alterna
tive when one power will not and tlie
other can not submit the end must
lie Japan's defent. For while she hns
defeated China, there never wna any
fi to oppose her. In all the battles
that have been fought during thla
war, Japan, according to olllclal sta-
tlHtlcs, hiut not lost, two thousand In
killed both by land and by sou. If
then, war breaks out and tlie enemy
succeeds In destroying the Japanese
nccr, wnat is tuts country going to do
nil her active army In China? Jar
1111 would light, to bo sure, but the
same warl'ke spirit prevailed In the
days of tho Hhoguuate, and the lesson
she rx'olved at Hblmonosekt and
Kagoshma, wus taken in very good
part. Whll.) regretting the boastful-
lies and vainglory whbdi ooxos out
of every pore today, It ia Impossible
not to admire the pluck, perseverance,
thrift and other .valuable qualities
whfeh must be admitted, find a place
tu 'the Japanese character.
From Oorea there la a report na to
the progress made In civilising those
Invertebrate, nnd It reads rather
urtouslM, Ito's old time friend,
Ootmt lnouyo, who has ployed some
very nnjkortant parls- during and
stuce the restoration, has undertaken
to livid the Inhabitants In the ways
tihey should go; and lie finds that he
luis a pretty tough job on baud. First
there Is the lierMlltiiry hatred ef the
Japanese, a fiMnug wiiieii aeemn to
grow atrongtr lusieiid of wenker. Of
cotiiw, tho civilizing. of the Coronin
was to be ou the Japanese plan.
When Inoiiye arrived, there wns pnic
tlcally no government nt all, and what
was worse, them was no money. The
in rainiiy, wiuoli had ruled tlie
count ry ' ou the. time-honored squeea
lug plan, lilghly', nppio id of by the
ihluese nldent and the ruling
classes, nud tacitly tu' inl.tid to by
the puoi'ile-had dlsappi ..r, d out ' of
gai'd for a whole akin, aud the pro-
jApanme otllclals appointed throuKh
the lnlluetice of the Japauwe minister,
ktort, did iMt feel quite at home. So
lnouyo, had' their commissions coil-flnnud,-
nud all went lovely when the
old regtuit, or Tal-won-Kun as he Is
called, took a hand In tho game. This
ivouty-slx-yetir-old patriot or rogue,
iccordliu te whether his actions are
pro-JiiiKiuese or -'pixhOhiiieae, Is the
tullier of ... tlio preseut king for whom
he (loos iipt cni'e, find the grandfather
of a youhg4 fellow fir whom he 'cares
a great deal," Ills motto la Corea for
the Uoreaua, and all he desires Is to
be ..left alone,.; He. did not -. like tlie
now Utenilfl's of the government; he
did not take niucli stock In this newly
acqulretl lnlleiH'ndehce, ' and as Ills
influence Is extensive among tho peo
ple, caused ..the Japanese considerable
.trouble by ..secretly fostering the Tong
link oi Togiiku-to ralrele. Among the
object' of ''tlie' Ttiewon-Kim's special
dislike was .the.' .minister of tlnance,
and he waft assassinated. This mur
der pixxltieed a panic among the other
UMimbere of tho cublnot, who all pre
sented their .resignations which the
king, however, by the. advice of
Count Inotiye, refiistHl to accept.
Since dltls 'time Itbe murderers hove
Highest of nil ia Leavening
i ;
been caught, ami the ex-regent as
well tut hi favorite gratidsou have
been seriously implicated. The for
mer. It seems, hi screened by bis pop
ularity and lullueiK'e from the ven
geance of the Japanese; but the sum
mary way In which they have arrest
ed hla grandson, and Uie refusal of hla
pardon, preferred by the king himself,
doe nH tend to Increase the good
will of the nulivei for tlMsse who have
brought them lildMswdence. This In
dependence mentis indeed nothing else
but the Japanese protectorate, and It
must be granted that, a far aa the
Ooreah people are concerned. It will
be to their benefit Core ta naturally
rich In resources; It people are fru
gal, kindly disposed and, If protected
It the enjoyment of the fruit of tbelr
Industry, can be made to work. At
preseut the country present a dread
fully neglected appearance; districts
that should eupport a Uirlvlng popula
tion, are almost wholly deswted. Ilie
Japanese promise good and Just gov
ernment, and will probably keep their
word; yet such Is the dread which
tbelr name Inspire that large num
ber of the iieople emigrate Into the
Hlberhui territory. This immigration
became so iiuuioroiHi, Hint the Russian
government nunlly decided to for
bhl It.
Thl IVI-won Kun, who k the snly
Corean with true grit, ha left bl
palace si me the arrest of hla grand'
son, and muse to budge from a
small store near tlie prison where be
haa equalled. The sight of tbelr for
mer ruler, a supplicant In this misera
ble hoveL la necessarily very Irritat
ing to the Corean aud does not tend
to Increase their good will toward
their lllsjrwtor. FoMgner In Soul
exHct before long an outbreak In
which the Japanese will have a hot
time holding their own.
Ito Mlyojl, the general eeeretary to
the cabinet, has loft for Chefoo per
Yayeyaina kan. baring been uiiiHilnt-
ed cemiiilrtsloucr for the exchange of
the rattncntliHi.
In vlw of the complication that
have arisen by the Joint protest ol
Russia, France aud Oeruutny against
the owupoition Is
uow thought that Japanese diplomacy
uuiy sea a way out of the ditllculty
by ted In g a northern port In Corea to
the Russian, and giving France
slice of some southern part of China,
Of course. In such a settlement,
neither Corea nor China Is consulted,
but tlie quest kn la will England tame
ly submit to Russia acquiring terri
tory which led some few years ago to
the occupation of Port Hamilton by
the RrrUHhT U really does aeem as
If the aetUetneiit of this far Fasten
question may yet lead to a European
war. The Ruastan fleet left uuder
sealed order, ae that there la abso
lutely no vessel of that nation In
Japanese ports. And there I n rumor
of (Vmnt lto'a resignation; such a step
at thla Utue would at ence lead to the 1
conclusion that the war party baa
gained the day, ami that henceforth
peace, except by the withdrawal of all
opposition from foreign jiowers, liai
Become an impossibility.
It Is Sixteen Years Since Thfs Business
Man List Saw His Reflection.
As the Result of a Bet.
His Vow Hai Four Year More
Ban, and Then He Will Take
a Good View.
(Tho following true story Is about a
well known downtown business man.
The N. Y. Herald has his name, but
withholds It at his earnest solicita
Did It ever occur to you when you
have made that easily spoken an
swer, T can't," to some proposition,
that if you ouly ninde up your mind
and put down your foot you could as
readily say, "I will, and, what
more, adhere to the resolution? If you
have never thought of this, and you
have the time and Inclination to con
sider what a niau or a woman, eith
er, for that matter rnu do wheu he Is
determined It shall be done, rend this
It Is about a niau who, when he waa
seventeen years old, said to a friend
who had been tnntering him, that he
would not voluntarily look nt hla re
flection In a mirror for twenty years.
Think of that length of time! It was
it'.t n loiur n Hip van inkle slept.
aud you Limw how he cluiiiKid iu that
period. HcYcuieen years of that num
ber have come nud gone, aud this man
of strong will say he has kept his
promise, and this, too, lu the face of
all manner of devices on the part of
bis friends to make him tako a
glimpse of himself.
This man, who does not see himself
at others see lilm, Is well knowu lu
business circles. There la nothing
about 'him which should ninke him
refrain' from having as much use for a
mirror aa any other man. About
thirty-three year old, of the average
height a-td well built, his dark face is
tin intelligent, attractive one, his mus
tache Is well trimmed aud his hair,
which Is somewhat spare at tho tem
ples, Is ns nicely parted nnd as care
fully brushed ns that f any of his
rellows, His necktie, too, Is tied In
the most approved fushlon, and, In
deed, his whole nppeutnnoe Is that of
the well groomed man who spends an
hour or two every morning before hla
dressing case, making sure that every
thing is Just so before he presents
himself to the gnze of the public.
In the daya of his youth he must
have been a very handsome boy, and
there Is little doubt Unit he took as
much pleasure from his own linage In
tho glass as any youngster. It may be
that he was given to gating at him
self too frequently, for it was from
this penchant that bis resolution grew,
He was visiting a young lady ac
quaintance one day, and she caught
him looking Into a mirror every few
minutes. She knew him so well that
she felt at liberty to remark; ,
"HI wager that you could not keep
Power - Latest U.S. Gov't Report
ft -r'
I I 1 'am, m I
your eye from a mirror for an hour."
Perhaps bis pride waa touched try
the Innocent words. At any rate hie '
"I so, and not only for one hour,
but for enough of them to arrke
twenty years." .r
This wa seemingly so prepoaterocf '
that the young lady offered to make a
wager for anything be pleased, then ,
and there, and so the bargain waa
closed. There are few who know what
are the term of the bet, and then ,
may be a nice little romance blddt '
behind It all. But that' not the sub
ject of the atory. Enough It Is to
know that be try that from that day
to this b6 has never glanced Into a
mirror, or, In fact, at any surface
that would cast hla reflection, and
those who know him well do not hes
itate to say that this la undoubtedly
"It waa a little Inconvenient at first
I must admit,'' be said to me the other
day, "for 1 knew my bair wasn't
parted well, and that my necktie
must be all askew. Rot after a few
days the awkwardness passed away,
nnd you may easily Imagine that at
una time Hie last thing 1 ever think
of Is looking Into a mirror."
He ha beeu shaved la a barber shop
In an uptown street, off Broadway,for
many years, and bis peculiarity is
known to nil the barbers. He was In
the proprietor' chair one day, aud
his eyes were closed. The man of
razors took a small hand glass, held It
close to his face and suddenly ex
claimed: "Ob. look!"
But that was an old game to bis
customer. Keeping bis eyelids shut,
he turned his face to one side, cau
tiously t.jiened one eye and then
slowly moved bl head until he could
see that the barber held something In
hi hand.
"I guess not," he said, as be put out
his hand and shoved the glas aside,
"I have IsH-n tried that way too often,
In Hie last seventeen years, to be
caught now."
He has gone to the same tailor for
year and be never looks at himself as
he dona a new suit His tailor knows
what he wants, is aware that some Of
bis frlenda would Inform him If his
garments did cot fit him as the
should, and. In addition to all this.
reel that he la put on his honor to do
the right thing by a customer who
put faith In him. And no one can
truthfully say that be la not a well
dressed man. 80 It la also with hla
hatter. He looks at the stvle of the
hat he desires to wear, after having
made a careful selection, s bat he
leave It all to the tradesman and to
hla friends as to whether In ahane
and otherwise It la suitable to his face.
Heated in a car on his war to busi
ness he make It a point to hold a
newspaper so that by no chance would - -be
see his Image should the window
pane opposite reveal It For the same
reason he never looks Into a shop
window, and whenever In a theatre, a
restaurant or any place where be
might have to break hla vow. he la
especially careful not to turn suddenly
It la needless to say that the ar.
rangetuent of mirrors when by one la
enabled to see one hundred reflections
of himself la aa an uncut book to him.
Meeting him in the office of the hotel
where he haa his rooms, I ventured
the guess that the dressing case In bis
room was minus a mirror.
"Not at all," was the surprising
answer. "Of course there Is a mirror
there. But It Is Just as If it were cov
ered with a dark cloth for all that I
core. My own room !s the easiest
place for me to keep from breaking
my promise; It is ouly when I am out
aud lu strange places that I am
afraid. As I travel a great deal and
go to places that I am unacquainted
with I must be very careful.'
"What has all this taught you?"
"That a man can do many things If
he will which may seem almost Im
possible to him at first blush. It haa
helped me lu many ways. I waa a
very heavy smoker, twelve or fifteen
cigars a day was my average. My
doctor asked me to stop on the first
day of the year and not to smoke un
til February 1st. I did it without any
trouble. , No It was not a New Year's
resolution, and probably that was tho
reason it was not broken. After the
first month he told p I could have a
cigar after each meal, and I don't eat
more than three meals a day."
"When the twenty years is passed
will you look Into a mirror?"
"I wll indeed, and I thluk I will
take more pleasure out of It then than
If I had been looking at myself all the
"Does the lady with whom you
made the wager know how you have
kept your vow?"
"Now, now, my boy. Well, I don't
mind telling you that she does, and
thnt she has often asked me why I
did not give up my foolish resolution.
But I said It was for twenty years.
and It will lie, If I can niake It so."
"And what will you win from the
"Ah, thnt Is eiitre eons."
Washington, June li. All members '
of the cabinet except Secretary Her
bert and Postmaster-General Wilson
were present at a meeting today. The
president presented the new ttorney
general, Harmon, to the other mem
bers. The session was protracted, as
the president desired to close up all
business it possible, so that he might
be able to go to Gray Gables.
Hichest Honors World's Pair.
Gold Medal, Midwinter Fair.
Most Perfect Made. '
40 Years the Standard.
eimm o.nce. WaeMlNOTON, D. C.