The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, December 21, 1894, Image 2

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Cist a Pdis!:::z C::pj
On Year , .
Bit Mouih.
Thr Moatns , ; .
Aa rorrlirnJ death twite not cwxl.
In fiv itQM Ut be taeertwl Ires, AH over
St line will b cherrl flv emits lor tin
Society obllunury KoluUi wtU be chrgl
r at the rat of flv wou jxt line.
Kitr4 at the rtwUofflo la lodepeo
Senoe, Oregon, m xu1-c1m mslter.
Friday, December 21, m.
DWCOXTINCANCIS .Remember ttrnt M
tutlher of tl'l IMLwr mual M nolinrd 6
tetter when tubeertber wtetie hie paper
4topd. AU amJr4s ml b paid.
offl to which your pp to sen. Your
seme mi ml b found oa our book unle
UktiH doo.
At.r. L.KTTKRS should b sddreeeed to
A word to our business men: Enter
prises ofall klud should b euTOnraged.
For year this town has own but
"laudlug" oo th WlHauwtte river.
When the Attona made Independent
it "head of navigation" it did not
aeern of much Importance, but when
hut vear that steamboat paid out
nearly 84,000 to our ruervnauts, end
Ammn for sunntlea the beneM wm
felt. Tlien we had no warehouse, now
we are to have, three. A through rate of
freight has been made from Dallas (by
(Mm) to Independence, thence to Port
laud. It the people of Independence
give the Alton a liberal support,
they should, the boat will outiune to
make ita headquarters here, If they
falter lu their allegiance the result will
be the boat will seek new patronage,
and tempting ufftsrs are being made to
get the boat away from us. If thU
year Is passed successfully and the
people of Independence stay by the
boat we are auiborUed to announce
that a yearly service for freight and
passengers will be Inaugurated ueit
year. CapU Oraham has explained
the plan and It will be one of great
advantage to us, In having a boat land
here every other day the yearrouud.
Denperate efloru are being made to
direct trade from the Altoua and drive
herofl this route. The rich corpora
tions back of the other boats may even
carry frieght for nothing in order to
drive this neat and dainty boat off the
river. Can our merchants afford to
allow It? We have now a better service
than we ever hud, and are promised a
much better one In the future.
The Wist Bma from time to time
has published a great rnauy luteawtiug
letters regarding Central America and
particularly Guatemala. In all of thobe
letters the country was 1 dlscribed
fruitful, the climate delightful and
money easily made, but still the country
was not filling up as it should. Why?
We irive the answer In this week's
paper, in the rt lutlou of an incident lu
Guatemala, where foreigners are im
prisoned and maltreated. A country
may have fine advantages naturally,
but it must have a good government to
make It a desirable place of residence.
A few years ago these United States
attracted millions of people to its
shores, who were pleased with its
natural advantages (which are here
still) and its good government. But
' lately tbe tide has turned. La, week
at the one port of New York, there
were about twelve thousand arrivals
from Europe and twenty-four thous
and departures. Why? Because our
present governing power Is an Inconi
petentone. When we give our people
. ii i
a better government, men lureiguur
will again come to our shores. When
the Central American states show
Justice to foreigners, then we as Arneri
cans will find a way to get there.
It would be of great advantage to Iht
commercial interests of the Unite
Htaiesif there were more American
in Central America, because it would
enlarge our trade and lucreas our
President John M. Bloss, of the
Oregon Agricultural College, on paw
ing though this city last week, rairl
that he would be much pleased to
assist in conducting a farmers' instituU
in Independence if the farmers wished
and would use their influence in help
ing to making it a success. A vast
amount of valuable knowledge Is to be
gained by having such a meeting, and
our farmers of this vicinity and Polk
county should make arrangements foi
such an institute to be held in tbb
couuty. We learn from the HillHboro
Independent that the farmers of that
county found the institute held then
sometime ago very useful to them and
are agating the prospect of having
another iu a short time. Our furmerr
should make preparations for having
such a meeting.
The evidence as shown by the list o
assessmens of the counties of Oregon,
is that Polk is either paying too blgt
an assessment on her lands, or el
other counties are paying too little.
According to the list we publish in tbh
issue Polk county stands ninth in tin
list of 32 counties in Oregon in reguard
to wealth. When w take the poimla-
tlon of 1SW) and divide the taxable
property aa returned this year we
stand second, Multnomah county
with her city of Porttsnd etc., only be-
lug ahead of her. When the cn of
agricultural lands are divided Into the
total assessment of lauds, Polk couuty
stands third $10. 88 an acre) belug ex
ceeded only by Multnomah (ltS.Be) and
Yamhill 1 1.1S. Our people should ex
amine this matter and If Polk Is pay
ing more lhau her share of state taxes
auk for a reduction.
Independence people are bow realli-
lug that they live In a favored part of
the state, that they live lu a very fertile
wvtion of country and that
merclal prosperity of tlis town Is
attracting attention. This la very
pleasant to eoutemplate. Now how
ever Is a time when the energy of a
few men can work wonders in our
midst. We refer to soma systematle
effort for directing th most desirable
Immigration her. This is a subject
that should be carefully considered and
acted udou and now is th time to
organise, A meeting of our business
men might result in some plan ol
action tending in the right direction.
People are coming to Oregou, and we
want them to come to Independence.
81 nee November 24, last, the day ou
which the bids for the last bonds were
opeued, the treasurer of the United
States has paid out 125,500,000 in gold
and it is going out at the rate of 1V
000,000 a week and, very suou another
Issue ot bonds will be neccessary. It
must be humllatlng to our democratic
brethren to reallx that this nation is
oorrowlng tuouey now to help pay
running expenses, and yet that is
what these bond Issues amount to. If
the revenues of our government were
1100,000,000 a year more than the ex
penses, eustead of less, you would see
nu flurry over the gold leaving tne
treasury. People do not cash their
clieck on a bank when It has plenty
of money, but only when It Is short of
cash, like our government la now.
The number of cases of accidental
shooting Is becoming very numerous.
The "Nlmrods'' of the country, who
mistake men for deer, should exercise
more care wheu they are buutlng.
There will be a school entertainment
at Elklus st;hoohbouw rrlday
December 21st. They have a we
selected program, and a cordial In
vltatlon Is extended to all.
Rev, Ingals, of Albany, filled the
appointment left by Rev. Wooley at
Elklus and Fa!rvtew Huudsy.
James Hiltlbrand has been putting
new foundation under his reeldeuce.
King Tetherow, of I udewndeoce, Is
speuding a few days with bis parents,
Rev. Yort and tklman, are holding
protracted meeting at Elklus.
Mrs. Llllie has been visiting friends
at Dallas the past week.
The wind stirm of last week did
great deal of damage by blowing down
considerable fenclug. The One" Adams
wiudmill" on the farm of W. K.
Williams, was completely torn to pieces.
One of I. M. Hlmuson's barns had
good portion of the roof torn off.
There has been a delating society
orgauized at this place to meet every
Friday night. Questlou for discussion
at ucxt meeting "Resolved that Foreign
Immigration should be prohibited."
J. M. Btaat bad a fine mare get her
leg broken while running lu the pas
ture last week. This makes two horses
that he has Inst within tbe lost month
both from the same cause.
The old housB lately vacated by W.
fi. Williams, caught fire and burned to
the ground last Sunday morning.
Mrs. W. E. Daltori and family, oi
Monmouth, are spending a few days
with her mother of this place.
Borne of our citizens are taking in
the sights at Portland this week.
Hon. Isaac Hlmpson C, 8. Btaats
with their wives has taken a trip to
'or; laud. If their Is as lurge a country
outh of Independence as there is' lie
tweeti, Mere and Jfortlund It is a
wbopjer. v
Mr. T. P. Beveus has moved on his
mountain ranch and will butch no
more. His friends are watching how
much fut he will take on subsisting on
mountain scenery and rabbit tracks.
Dr. T. B. Williams has gone out of
the doK buisness; he don't buy any
more dogs. Mr. Z. H. Htlne runs that
lepartment. Too much competition
for the M D. you see.
ine uoys at tne Airue school piay a
game called shinney; a beautiful game
for only half play at a time as the other
half are putting arnica on their shins,
Last Friday J. N. Smith was in
Dallas in the Interest of the steamer
Altoua. His plan is to lay freight
iowu so it is about ten cents cheaper
per one hundred than by the 8. P. R. R.
Several of our business men readily
iccepted the proposition and business
will begin at once. '
There has been an addition of three
io the population of Dallas the last
week, sons have arrived at the homes
if A. Dray on December the 12th; at T.
f. Morrison's on December 15tn, and at
H. Ellis' on December 17th.
Jas. Coulee and Gus. Butcher, of the
Mill Creek section, were arrested last
Friday on the charge of stealing oats
and cheat seed from a Mr. Andrews-
rhey bad a jury trial Monday after
noon and were acquitted.
At the council meeting Monday
evening ths council aoospMI tht
donation of 1100 from the Knetu
(Xnnpany for the purchase of a new $100
hose cart.
Grand Master L. C Parker returned
hmiie from his trip throuhout several
portlous of Oregon, last Hunday.
The Kp worth League of the M. .
church gave a very pleasant entertain
meut Hunday eveuiug.
On Friday veiling the academy
society will give a literary entertain
meut at the vlty halL
On Wednesday last tba Rebekah
fair began. ltcontluueaoverHaturday
J. F. Clark, of Oregon City, was In
Pallas a few days during the past week
It la said then will be a masquerade
nail glveu In this city anon. (Jnodl
lion. Ira H Hiulth, of Moutuouth
whs lu Dallas last Wednesday.
Our Sunday school elected the follow
lngoffl!en for th next year last Bun
dsy. Buperlntendeut Mrs. H. , 8.
Ilowers, AsMlstsnt Mr. F, Cauthora,
Secretary Miss, Ida Harer, Chorister
Miss llelcu Klitln, Assistant Miss May
C. Yater, of Lcwlsvllle, was vlslllna
bis sister Mrs, Kd Mo Lane last week
There will be a shooting and rafttlng
match here on Christinas day.
Chss. Elgin, of Albany, was visiting
bis uncle F. Klglu last week.
Home suow fell her last week but
did not lay on.
The Chrlntuian Ire will be In th
ball this year.
A rather lively election wat held In
this city last Monday. Th principal
Issue was whether cows should run at
large or not. Must of th anti-cow
ticket were elected. The successful
ones are aa follows: President of
council J. II. llawley, Recorder
Ground, Marshal 8. I. Coata, Treasurer
I. a Powell; council, L. Rcntley, O. T.
Uontbhy, F. a Powell, and A,
HhlplVy. The Uui number of votes
were 1.19.
The student of the Normal ar uiak
log arrangements to leav for ihelr
ditlVrent home Hat unlay to spend
their holiday. Vacation will last
about two weeks and during that time
It Is hoped that those, who remain here
will by some means contrive to have
a good time so th time will not
grow monotonous.
Tlue who did not attend Hi lecture
given Tuesday evening by Hon. IL B.
wilier, or uranli l'a, missed a rare
treat. It was among the best of the
sers. of lectures given In th Normal
chapel. Ii addrewted Wednesday
moruiug to the student In chapel.
The E. E. appointed tbe following
delegate to attvud the convention in
Dallas: Lin ul Murphy, Ora Morehead,
Alice Hmith, Edith Perolval, Carrie
Haley, Cyrus ltrlggs, H. H. Curtis and
A cougar Is reported to hav been
seen near Heudersou Murphy's place
betweeu here and Buena Vista
rteveial of our sportsmen are thinking
of trying to catch It.
It McMurphy, of Eugene, Mrs
I'oppletou, of Portlaud, and Mis Blcy
Hheitou, of Haiuin, relatives of Gtaud
ma Hhelton, were here last week to
attend her funeral. ,
Tbatwas rather a comical Incident
which happened to the young gentle
men, wno is instructing a company
of youtig Indies In military tactic last
The special exercise for last Friday
morning was eways by Mr. HUals and
Mlssni Chltders . and Prescott. Mis
Parish sang a solo.
Walter Hembree, who Is running
his father's farm in Yamhill county
Is visiting his parents in this city.
The ladle of ib Christian church
will give a fair in the building west of
W heeler's confectionary store
Mrs. G. O. Nolan, of Tillamook
couuty, spent several days with her
mother Mrs. Mumper last week.
Heveral young people of Independence
attended sarvlces at the Christian
church Huudsy evening.
The 8. 8. of the Christian church
arrlngtng to have a Christmas tree
Christmas eve.
Mrs. Htella Davis, of Toledo, is visit
Ing her mother Mrs. Cressey, of this
Miss Effle Powell, of Portlaud,
visiting her uncle Mr. Frauk Powell.
w. u. cressey, wno nas for some
time been quite sick, is Improving.
Mr. C. Hughes, wife and daughter
will soon be resident of Hllverton,
they expect to leave this week, we are
sorry to hear of them leaving.
There was a singing given at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. A. Anderson's
In honor of Misses Mora and Addle
Mrs. J. Sullms and family, J. L.
Canter and wife after a weeks sojourn
at French Prairie returned home last
week. .
Clios, Docksteader and family, of In
dependence, moved to this vicinity
lust week,
Pearl Hall left here Friday for Oregon
City, where ho will remain for some
Misses Laura Whitman and Dorclle
Bhlves went to Hulem Wednesday.
A. J. Richardson tood the Hoag for
Hulein Tuesduy.
Gene Hlmpson, of Corvallls, visited
here lust week.
Ches Hall, of Wells, Is visiting in
this burg.
BUTLER.- About Decembor 10, 1894,
Mr. and Mrs. Word Butler, of Ward
ner, Idaho, were made the parents of
an eleven pound boy.
BCOTT.-In this city on December 16,
1804, to the wife of M. D. Scott, an
eight pound girl. .
LANE. On - December 16, 1894, in
North Independence, an eleven
pound boy was born to Mr. and Mrs.
David Lan.
Blows Vita tae Lash Malatea 0b.
Hao Francisco JCramtoer, Dec. It.
With tit arrival of th staamer
Colou from Pauama and Central Amer
ican ports yesterday, comes th story
of another outrage, th victims of which
art two American and a Belgian,
Th story wm brought here by Eugene
llaliu, a wtll known local newspaper
man, who returned on the Cokiu from
a bust nes trip lo th tropic. In ten
eated lo tit story aa h first heard
Mr. Hahu Investigated th matter and
the result w best told lu his own words:
"Tit greatest sensation which hat
stirred up tht peopl of Uuatemala of
late," said Mr. Habn," data back a
far as August 25th. Tba oecumuo of
which I waut to speak is of a startling
nature, and la bow tuo subject of cor
respondence between th Hut Depart
meut at Washington and tht author
ities of Guatemala. About two miles
north of the city of Guatemala then la
located a 11m kllu, owned by Robert
Van ds Putte, a Belgian,
H waa doing a lucrative business.
William Usury ArgaU of I HI aula was
his superintendent. H called hfc kiln
La Pedrtdo. Argall : engaged two
American tiegroaa, familiar with th
w.M-k, named Robert Pardee and Henry
Thomas, and they were supplying Hue
euough fur all the Guatemalan who
wanted It.
"This prosperity aud apparent source
of future wealth, according to the
usual practice of the Guatemalan
Government official, aroused the
Jealousy of the Jeft Politico or chief
magistrate, of tbe town, Kleajare
Asturlat by name, aud the fact that be
did not receive any dividend from the
lime kiln excited his euvy. One day
Henor Asturlas ordered that a crew
men be at once dispatched to La Ped
rtdo, and that a cabin be erected on tit
grounds, whose constructor should
claim the property as their own, By
this means N expected to drive out the
fnrelgtier aud acquire the property
himself. But no sooner bad that cabin
been erected than Argall called on his
two colored men, and the three, under
order from tbe owner, tore the shanty
down and drov Um intmdera off the
This was la tbe morning, and later
on, aoout S p. m., Cummandante Gob
Kales, accompanied by six policemen,
arrived on the scene and arrested Ar
gall. They found him oo home-back
but mad him dismount and walked
him two miles to the city and through
the principal streets n the prison,
where be wa fcsjked up.
"Argsll. when be realised his pred
Icament, asked of a trusty to be allowed
to see Betior Loprt, th cummandante
of the penitentiary, with whom be bad
a personal acquaiulalnoe,
Instead of complying with the
request, the trusty eel ted a heavy
flexlbl club, b swung it around bis
bead and then let the lash fall oo the
prisoner, bitting him s cross the back,
Three time did be repeat this, aud
then, bis victim having swooned, he
desisted aud bad him thrown into
In tbe mean time Pardee and
Thomas, the two negroes who worked
for Argall, had also been arrested, and
wheu Van de Putte, the owner of Kilo,
arrived to remonstrate be was also
thrown Into Jail. ' -
''vand Putte at once eooimunl
cated with tbe Belgian Minister, and
it was not long before the Minister suc
ceeded in securing Mr. Van de Putte's
"Mlulster Young, who represent tbe
United States In Guatemala, wa no
less active than the Belgian Mlulster
to aid his Gouutryruen. Time and
agaiu be saw President Barrios, but
Barrios would always tell him that h
For a Cold to Bun into Bron
chitis or Pneumonia.
Check It at Onco
Cherry Pectoral.
"Earlv in th Winter. I took a
severe cold which developed Into
an obstinate, hacking cough, o
very painful to endure aud g
troubling me day and night, for J
nine weeks, in spite of numerous 0
remedies. Ayer'i Cherry Pec
toral being recommended me, l w
began to take ic, and inside of 24 J
hours, I waa relieved of the o
tickling In my throat, Before I
finished the bottle, my cough
was nearly gone. I cannot speak o
too highly of its excellence." o
Mrs. . Bosch, Eaton, Ohio.
Ayer'8 Chsrry Pectoral
. Received Highest Awards
voc!4 look Into the matter without
vr taking any action, v
"The three wan wie kept hi prison
for ' twslv day. There wer no
ehacea preferred against them, but
the were treated like dogs.
On the twelfth day au order
ead for their releaa aud they
wart turned loose. Argall waa a
cripple then, and when I left Guate
mala be was still suffering from the
ffeotaof the blows he ha received.
"After Argall and the two meroei
bad beea released ihey went before
Coneul Pnngl of the United Btatee
and filed a oorumuulcatioD addressed
lo Beoretary of HtsU Gresham, rehears
ing tbe fat t of their arrest aud Im
prisonment aud of tbe cruel treatment
accorded them while Imprisoned and
asking th Secretary to take step
toward securing damages from the
OuaUmalan Government. Argall also
Bled an additional Individual petition
resting the Datura of hi Injuries and
how he received him. The Belgian
Minister also presented a statement of
the case of Van de Putte io his
Government asking that r jme action
be taken. In oouree of time, and Just
belbre tbe Consul left Guatemala,
reply was received by Minister Young
from HcrtaryGrsham, In which th
latter asked that President Barrios be
at ono requested to tusks an explana
tion, and that la all.
"Huch Is the life of an American In
that country." Mr. Habn said In
eoooiualia, "that bmb of high stand
ing in toe ABienoao oniony do nut
dsre to go upon lb street at night
without a passport. V. K, Kelly,
Castle Brothers' representative; George
uawiey, air. ncott orcMott to, auu
many other well-knowu Han Francis
cans are In constant fear of the auto,
cratlc polio officers of that little out.
of-th-way village, ind their life dowu
were is auyuiing out agreeable."
Chronic Nervousness
CczU Not Sleep, Nemss
Oootlemen: I have beea taking
yov RsstoratlTs Kervlne for tbe pail
throe months and 1 c snoot say
SBovfB la its praise. It has
Saved fly Life, ,
for 1 had almost given np hops of
ever being wsll again. I was s
chroniosuserer from nerrousnes and
could not sleep, 1 was also troubled
with nervous headache, and had tried
doctors la tain, antll 1 used jour
HcrrwB. Yours traly,
MM. M. WOOD, Blaiweed. UL
Dr. Miles' Nervine
Dr. MlW Mania
'sill S2uls"ltl CmmS
ItalBL S bolUM for Sk r
fwaraatoa that tbs
Bids For County Printing.
Bids ar. eslM jt lorurnlsh lo Ms eminty,
Orsrw, for Uis 7 mt MB, th Mlowl.t
blanks, and doing th. ftilkiwlog prlDUug
tU.r heads, per Utonssnd,
Ucal Blsnks-MII slss, pr liundrsd.
tCl blanks-hslf slss, pr hundrsd.
I All blanks and ImIst bradt lo b prlnled nn
fourtMn nonnd plr, good qssJIty, sampl
of snob pPr lo b. sabmltutd to Ui. county
drk Sir lasptoUott beftir. tb. work is psr-
Strmwll ?
PTlnUitflsslBoUw,arcoantr ert, sod
moaUll siaumsnt or bill tllowsd. ptt stiusra,
psr Issus, nonpartsl rownur.
Printing twenty oopiss eirosii court aockV
oiual iIm.
AsMMinsot blank. prr thoatsnd.
Bids will M opvntd M Ut sount mart
bouMset Palls, Tnundsy, Jsnusry 10, 1MB.
Don bx order of tbs county court, this II
dsy ofOsMinbsrlsM.
B. r, Mclcsv,
IVrtinljr Clerk,
( C""5 i
ml $
Don't Feel Downhearted,
When you hear your in
timate friends tell of the
bargains they get in some
other town,
You Can Recover
From the shock and turn
the tables on them bytell
, ing them of the greater
bargains right in Indepen
dence. You can insure
Good Spirits
and good savings if you
deal exclusively
lsMdtf 4 "-'V.f
SteMlSlSttvMS. Irfi ""
,b liwM ihaa U i sadjej
SST WWW wwrww w . . -
im awers. Tit mm s"e rsst I
fr wkl
MUll IM,, rti"
tSf WlUas U sfi rwrf
illuiMlMw4 . ...
SWf. M
M 4 f -S ara
wwmm mmw wmmrw
WITT SfBCtnc OS., Atfests,
Gilbert Pond, of Mllfbrd, Mas., who
played with tbe Medlbrd brass band
t the dedication of tbs Bunker Hill
monument, has Just celebrated hi Mtb
birthday, and la one of the oldest
musicians of the country. Oreyonioa
Or. Prics'sCrwtm Baklnf PvwC
svsraa 0M Msl Mktwlsiw Im rmsst
Asslgaee'i Settee.
Notlo. Is bcrvbyglv. Ibst os tb tblrd Say
ot NuvaralMf. IBM, , r. O'Doandl, of I
pMdMes, Polk wwnty.Orsgna, sm4 aa a.
lBBisat for tb. SMsAt o bis etwdllors, and
Jsmss S. Osopsr. ot IsdstHMidMes, Orsvoa,
has bta duly appoiaWd asslgass of salS
law, Mow, UMrsfors, all pwMtas boldlsg or
bsvlag slalms against said J. r.O'Doonsll,
will prvawil them prupwiy twiasd to said
Jam M,OMpr, at IsdvptodaAe, OMgoa,
wltbls tar. Moatbs rroat la daw btrmX.
MdaBismMis Indvbtad to said t, t, 0Doa.
as'l by fsMoa of sasb ssslgsmwit, will pay
Utt mum si oatm lo Jam a, Coopw at lad.
pMdns, Oregon.
PsMd ibb) slsIB day of iMMMte, IBM.
Proposal Par Weed.
il U brty flvo tblal4 bids will
bs rwwlTsd by t, I, lrln, seboot sistfe of
duuiet riu. as. at Ldpo, asr Um
niratoblng of on bnndrsd snrds ot good
rod fir wood, four ajsi kwg, dstlvwsd and
rtckwl on lb seboot boas iraaads not lata
tbaa Haphrtnbsr I, ISM. 1)1(1 will bs oososd Friday, Pojmbf 21, ISM.
Tbs rlgbt I rirvd lo W oar ead all
bids. AddrsasJ. D.ISVIP.
HJtt lrpBdsBes,Or,
RoUm ef HtockkoUsr Meetlag.
NoUot t brby glvsa tbat to. aaaeal
niMHlns of tbs ttoekboldsis ot IndspsndsaM
snd Nunimmlb Hall Oompany will b
bi d t iBdvprndnno. Ortgon, oa fctunday,
)Mmbrll, ISM, Itar In purpas of slsetlng
board of dlreetur and to. Iraasaeuoa
sny otbw butlaaas tbat my ewu bSr U
.Iodpnda, Oregon), DMsnbsr t, USi.
w. F. CossAwav,
7JS Bsewiary,
. 8teckael4er' Xeetlsf.
Tbftll b. a nilng of tbssloeb bolsters'
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Bod smile while we weep. We) have
Bbontalily Ltdiiw snd (TiildrHi's
Jackets, which we are folhg to m il,
Ebb these priev snd Cora Bnnnlng
for Ihey will oof last tons;.
MEN'S Long Rubber Boots . - 03.75.
MEN;S'Short . . 2.50.
CHILDREN'S A 1 School Shoes 1.00.
Clothing and Dress Goods,
(Any way to assist yon for CASH.)
Alexander-Cooper Drug Co,
Then pnrchB boom of our BARGAIN f n
Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables-
We btb agents for
FLOUR of Salem.
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Have a fine stock of
and follow
5 This is the way for Bargains.
BargBiniMB what we ar all looking for these Hard Times..
and you will have plenty at every meal, if yon trade with
They give more for the money, carry the largest stock and delive
Fresh Salem Bread every day. Produce bought aud sold.
are looking for Bargains now and
Presents for the friends. We undoubtedly have
one of the finest lines 01 CELLULOID
. Also a fine
. We cordially invite you to inspect our Holiday Display
CLODFELTER Bros. Indopondonco.
the crowd.
GOODS ever brought to Independ'ce,
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