The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, November 09, 1894, Image 2

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X. 0. rt)m.Ait,MMier.
U. U. rtKTUlKD, Cls lor.
Ctst Fuisi; Itapany
Om Yf
Thro Mouuu
that the rvublUan should gain fii!
reprveeutalivt, or total of 170 lu the
Itoui, to have a minority, and in tlu
senate have 45, or a riUu of T. The ro
tums are nut yet fvill enough to give
ofMolal figures but the following l the
pruhnblo rvsitit b iihIIihiUhI by the tl
All msrrlsss t aoUcss not sitwd
In Bys Ums vtllb limrtod fr. AU over
firs lines wlU bt charged Hys wills I Itiw
Society obltumry nsoIuUoimwIUUi cUsrgvtl
lor t lb rt of flv cuu jwr no
Registered at Uis IVnUoffle In lniUSHtfi
dttwOt8ouMcoitd'elMiiMttr. -
publshenofthlt pikMrmurt bsnoUtlmtby
teller whn a subicrltKMr wish his jmper
topped; AU imN(n roiul w pwd.
office to whtoh your rp wut. Your
Bftiua cn Dot be fouud oa our book ttulew
thU la dona.
AtXLXrrKtUI shouM b nWrviwcd to Uip
WEST 8IDK, Indpeodenc
The Wkst Sidk Is In rewlpt of the
first bueof the TlVrJWy irNi, of
Baker ty, published by Foster & IWll,
the latter being Lee Bell formerly of
Independence and one of the forme
proprietors of the Wkst Side. It i
aeveu celuia paper aud show signs of
substantial patronage. We place tht
new paper on our X list and wish it
'' L --" m
n (loath of Alexander III the
m of all the Itusatas, which occurred
lust week, is an important event in the
commercial and political world. The
late Czar ascended the throne lu 18M
and during his relgu endeared himself
to his subjects in the humble walks of
life and engendered the bittert!
hatred the Jews whom he expelled
from the country. His successor la his
eon Grand duke Nicholas, who htm
aheady taken bold of the reigns of
t?iikI a rrvat nation. Ita area b
nearly three times that of the United
fctatcs and Its population about oue and
a batf Unieaaa great. It has been proph
esied that the next great world-nation
will Tt.iHKliv. rh It la to conuuer the
world. It ail dependa upon the limit
of the ambition or greed of the czar
how far the aggressions of the Ruin
may extend. The great Siberian rail
way which la now building and which
win uh from 8t Petersburg, the
capital, through Siberia to the Pacific
ocean will have a great eflect on the
policy of Russia, allowing it to move
its armies on ita own soil to waters
where ita navy can reach any part of
the world without menace. The czar
has unlimited sovereignty over bin
people, and with a man at the head of
that nation whose ambition for conquest
is great, there is no telling what will
be the results. The new czar, who
ascends the throne, already showes
strong desire to extend the commerce
of his people and is seeking a commer
cial alliance with the leading commer
cial nations. He and his father have
always been very friendly towards the
United States, and should complica
tions arise in Europe through the new
ruler, it will probably be of great benefit
to us commercially. It Is probable that
for at least four years all will be quiet,
but with the completion of the Siberian
railway Kusnia will become a power on
sea as well as on land, and her encroach
ments will be gin, and protest will be
made by other nations. The policy of
the United States is to keep peace at
home, and avoid complications abroad,
and thus we will be benefited should
complications arise. On account of the
nrant war with Turkey. Russia is
burdened with a heavy debt, but her
resources are such, under an energetic
ruler, that she will soon recover her
former credit. She can put an army of
1,500,000 soldiers in the Held. The
whole country is a net work of
telegraph lines, covering a distance of
60,000 miles and the subjects of Russia
tire devoted to their country and would
fight with desperation.' No man can
tell what will be the effect in the
world's history of the death of the czar
'at this time' When Russia shall
establish her naval Rations on the
Pacific, there will then be a new market
for American manufacturers close at
hand the Pacific coast will feel the effect
of the new market. Alaska will feel
the impulse arising from the demand
made for her products. From
a commercial standpoint the United
Slates may well afford to court the
favor of the Russian ruler, and seek to
have friendly' relations with his
Sure. Probable,
Alabama , 0 1
Arkansas (I 0
California, 6 6
Colorado 1 2
IVnna. S 28
U. Island 2 8
Connecticut 4 4
Delaware 1 1
Florida 0 0
Georgia 0 0
Idaho 1 1
Illinois Ul 21
Indiana 13 13
Iowa 11 11
Kaunas 8 8 ,
Keutueky o
Loulsana 0 0
Mai no (lute election) 4 4
Maryland 4 4
Maws. 12 ' 12
Mich. Vi 17
Minn. 7 7
MKs. 0 0
Missouri 8 0
Montana I 1
Nebraska 8 8
Nevada 0 1
NewHamp. 2 2
N, Jersey 8 8
New York U0 80
N. Carolina 8 2
N.Istkota 1 1
Ohio li 1
Oregon (June election) S 2
a Carolina 0 0
8.1nkoU 2 2
Teuueeee . 4 4
Texas 1 1
Vermont 2 2
Virg'iula 2 2
Washington 2 2
W. Vlrgliia 4 4 ,
Wisconsin 10 1
Wyuioning 1 1
. Total W iill
Ida and Mel tay that one little boy
lu brown it a good as two girls lu blue.
lWt forget the coiuvrt; 25 eeiita
You may have nno of my sliors
AlUrt, .
Mrs. Allen and child rvu Eva and
Arlo, were visiting her parvuts in
Kings Valley tills week.
MUses Julia James and Florence
Max field vIbIIihI friends lu Parker
A protracted meeting will lm held
here by Rev. McElroy and Rev,
Iturltngame, commencing HaturdHy
evening November 10th.
The concert glveu by the Sunday
school will be on November 17th, In
tend of the lsth, as reHrtod in lust
weeks iseuo.
Air. J. Ai , rttinmx'II, or Dallas, wri
doing iiunIhom lu town Tuesday.
I'ror. Mortus, or Jiuena Msta, wan
seen on our stni'ta last wtn k.
Miss Mary didders, who Is attending
school here was called to her Lome In
Sak'tu, her mother being very lib
Miss Jennie Turner, of Helo, a former
student of the Normal was vImIUhk
friends here last week. ,
Unite a nuuioer, of Haiem'a young
uieu were here Saturday taking In tli
foot-ball game,
Cora IX'UiMMy, of Rlekreall, nt
few days lu town last week vbltlug
friends. '
Mr. K A. Illggs, of Huleiu, Mrs.
A. Mulkey.of imleiHMideiiw, and Mlim
Nallor, of MmlAint, were calling on
friends in the city hut Saturday.
The seniors, who took part last Frl
day morning lu cbamd are MImh
liarnes and Camell and Mr. Fender,
Mr. Frost sang a solo.
Mrs. R. C. Perclval returned from
Salem the latter part of last week where
she has been waiting on her sister Mrs.
Ike Dompmy.
lr. F. J. Rmlcy a graduate of '01 and
Will Dobbins, a former student,
lIlllstHiro, spent Saturday In town 1ml
The C. W. II M. elected the follow
lug ofllcers for the ensuing year: Pres.
Mrs. J. L, Dunn, Vice Pres.
It setnus TTear now that the pvoplu
have seen tho mistake they iiiuJo lu
Cass Kays has moved to W.
Murphy's farm near Hueua Vista.
Mrs. I). M. Calbrcath is laid up with
rheumatism tn her neck.
O. W. Dellord and W. P. Rradley
sold their buck wheat to I,acli A Howeii
of Portland, for $1.25 per cental.
Cass Kays and Fuquasold their hop
to Phil. Nels & Co. for6 0-10 cents pe
pound. They had 109 bales.
m. Fuqua and F. L, Brown I ave
bouglit forty-nine head of hogs to fatten
for the market.
Lee Steeprow, of Alsen, Ib one of us
again. There seems to bo quite an at
traction for him In the Northwest
corner or school district No. 11.
I was called to time on that potak
Item that appencd lu last week's lwrne
of the paper. There were 42 instead of
40 in that hill,
On last Tuesday elections were held
!n forty-two slates and four territories.
All the fprty-two elect congressmen
and twenty-one will elect legislatures,
which will each elect one, and in four
states two senators. The present senate
of the United States contaltis 88 raem
of whom 44 are democrats, 38 repub
licans and 3 populists with 3 vacancies.
The house of sepreseutatlvcs has 305
members of whom' 219 are democrats,
127 republicans and 10 populists. In
the elections this week it was necessary i
Miss Campbell, of Dallas, Is visiting
her friends Mr, and Mrs. Jesse Walker,
The Song Circle met and practiced
siDL'tug at tho home of Miss Kinma
Hughes, Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs Frank Hall and daughter
Carrie, of Crouton, Kundnyed with Mr.
and Mrs. E. N. Hall.
, james ninvcs ana sister Mary were
pussengers on tho Eugene, to Salem
Wm. Durrcll and J. B. Williams
raadu a trip to Albany tho lust of the
week. '
Mr. and Mrs. (loo. Bklnner and son,
Claude, of your city attended services
and were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. Wells. ' . .
The Rev, Dr. Parsons preached Sat
urday afternoon, evening and Suuday
morning, glving.ns three able sermons
Sunday morning text was, "We believe
that Jesus died and arose uguln."
Thess. 1:414.
Mrs. A. L. Hhlves returned from her
visit on French prairie ind In Salom on
Friday, She was accompanied home
by Jrmcs, Mary and Dorello. We are
sorry to learn that delicate health will
not permit of Miss Dorello continuing
her studies for sometime.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powdel
Awnrded Gold Medal Midwinter Fair, Sin FrucUcOt
Mr. Will Cobb is up from Portland.
Geo. Brey, of Independence, is buy
ing apples here at 80 cents per bushel.
The Y. P. 8, C. E. bad a large
attendance last Sunday evening, ....
Kuykendall & Co. shipped a ton and
a half of dried apples Tuesday.
Mr. W. M. Molson was attending
business in Portland lust week,
Jliss Wulkor, of Salem, is visiting
Mrs. Hefford. ,
Mr. W. J. Klrkiand, was In Portland
last week. . ' '
Rev. Fu troll, of Dallas, preached last
Secretary Mrs. Mary Campbell, Treat-
Mr, It. F. Murphy.
Whether this bents the blackberry
story or not it surely comes up with It,
Miss Fay Fulkerson brought tn school
one day Inst week a large bunch of ripe
tame strawberries, which she mild grow
In their garden.
The last of the present term Is drew
Ing near and lbs societies are uniting
to give a Joint smlou at the rliwe.
One of the principal features In the
iirogram is I debate on the "Sitre
It seem that soiut oue lu or liear
town is feasting on the fat of the hind
In the form of stolen rbk kens. From
t tie tulk of some of our town people If
the Intruders coino again they wilt not
get away wl'h the booty they cxpeeted
but possibly more solid fooa.'' P.
The foot-hall gome that took place
here last Saturday between the eleven
of the Pacific Uulverslty, and the
eleven here was won by the former the
score being 8 t 0. Throughout the
game the best of feelings prevailed aud
both sides played an excellent game.
In the evening an Informal reception
was tended the vhtlilug team aud at 10
o'clock p. m. the Pacific University
vlnltors took the motor for Iudepcn
douce, where a H(cclal train was await
ing them to carry them home that
I'licliiliiied Letter.
List of unclaimed letters remaining
In the Indcpeoduuce postofllce October
81, WH.
Andrews, John Chin, WHks
Collins, Pat Humphrya Daniel
Harlman, D. V. Keys, Wm. -Keen,
Jtsse Lemater, N. I
McEvoy, J. J. Merrill, Frank
Qulmby, C. F. Williams, Cbas. Ill
Wetmorc, II. J. (2)Vllllams, F. I
V(xkI1, J. N Woodle, Mrs. L. A,
NOV. 2, 1H04. E. O. ItODKKTMO.N, p. m.
Chronic Nervousness
Could Not Sleep, Nervous
Gcntlomou: I have been taking
our Restorative Nervine for the past
hreo months and I cannot say
enough la itspralso. It has
Saved fly Life, ,
for I had almost given up hope of
ever bclnir well aealn. I was a
chronic sufferer from nervousness and
could not Bleep. I was also troubled
with nervous headache, and had tried
doctors la vain, until I used your
Nervine. Yours truly, ' WOOD, Ringwood, lit.
Dr. . Miles' Nervine
Dr. Miles' Nervine li told on a positive
Xusranteo that the Ant bottle will Oonoflt,
11 druirirUtu mill It ntSI. S bottliM for 18. or
ft Will boaimt, prepaid, oa rocotnt of price
by tbo Dr. Uliu.' Mudlctl Co., Itlkhart, luO.
tt M ill Koou lUvMllesitllfnl llulhilug
Puwrnl wetkd ago D. P. Patterson,
0. K llodMter, II. F. Durch, Dr.
ibtttbitt and mum others decided thai
Ihent was an urgent iuhxI in Indepen
dence for a plm of nwirt for the young
men and possibly the wonieu of Inde
peudenos, and set nlmut organising tin
IudtiHudetie Amateur Athletic Club
The membership reached fiaeen aud
an AMHcssnient whs made to obtain
apparatus and $75 spent In that way,
The room over the Indesmleiic
National bunk was rented, but war
found to be too small. Prescott A
Voiie made a proposltloii to erect t
iultabl building for the club provided
they were leeurwl In a three year
lease. In the meaiil line the club liar
lneifaHi w thirty-four tneinUrs. Iast
Wedutwday a canvass of the town wa
made to raise fund to pay the lease,
sud the committee met with reason
ble degree of wioixum. We believe that
the club will have a building aud so we
will give a brief dberlptiori of It. It
will stand oo the earner of 1) and Main
streets aud be forty feet wide aud
seventy-tight and half long with a
tweuty foot celling, bs neatly painted
Inside and out, having a rvoeptlon and
reading room eaeli 1(1x20, ami a gallery
iWitOand an amlltorum room 40x62
There will bt four bath itHinis, and a
shower bath, a double bowling alley,
and a swimming tank 80x32 holding
95,000 gallons of water. The gymnastic
spparatus now In uso will tie increased.
The membership fist Is $5, which gives
one share of stock, and monthly dues
keep up the club Idy relatives of
members can have full privileges of the
club for SS cii!a mouth, sud members
can bring a stronger to visit tho club
fro. Persons , living In town, but
member are uot admitted. Front 4 to
8 p. tu. boys under 18 will be admitted
to the gynuiaHlum, and two days In
the we k it wilt probably lw thrown
open to the publlo at an admission fie,
By nivalis of the swimming tank the
boys, wives ami sisters can loarn to
swim without endangering themselves
In any way. The business men of our
town have taken hold of thlsenterprlse
and it will go ahead.
Or. Price's Crtsm Baking Powder
Woritl'.Fdr hlglxtl MxUlimj Dlptooi
niii'li tigs HVery Friday evening. There 1 1
s no twttcr place for drill In readings
literary societies, and there should be
more of them in connect len with our
Laxy men never gut
Kiino one puts one on
ahead unless
htiu. Boston
Kitautts from ttmoaphnrl. onadlttoss,
unoluao ruuiici. Imttvrfvul vanUl.Uas
ml mors frcuuanllr truni th. 4adlr
MIWUK UAt. A ixMral rundnws sod
luiovrliihwl DamlUlan or tha blutSl to
una, nd if sat eirrulwl, Cstsrrb. Hras
iiltu, mint ra HiununipOuS m b. IS
mauit. H. 1 wouiiiily eurrwis sll
UtraMi vll Rtcu,
Mr. Ji A. UIm. Ottw, Ksa., wrlWi
l"'r ihre ywrt I u Uuublmt wllh Ms
Urla, wblch siiimmI m MpUta V lll.
unit 1 wm m Mm4 Is OMh, lbl
111 l.wl It (hum. I trl4 marourlsl
nd tulith romwtlM.tuloultl sst no rIUil,
I tnon nniaiHi 10 irr
A low txiktlpa ( this
wundnrful iinxllolni
BiiwU . mmplaMMd
tnrmsnvnt our, lui
sow enjoy btir biilik tasa ever.
' Osr TrasIlM ar Blnwl Stla TMmmM
naiiM mm w ur our
awiri inane ca, aussu, .
It. 1C I'AdlC, Proprietor.
For a Cold to Ran into Bron
chltia or Pneumonic.
Check It at Onco
Cherry pectoral.
TEarly In tlin Winter. I took a J?
severe com wnu ii ueveioptni inio 0
an ouMtinate, miming
very painful to endu
COIIgll, o
ire anu o
troubling me day and night, for J
nlno weeks, In spite of numerous 0
remoilics. Ayur's Cherry Pco- o
thrill tirilnir rui'ilnimfilili'il tnn. I O
t A A I I...LIA..ffll O
IH'KUIl to litKB it, nun liinuiv ui . 0i
notirs, 1 was reueveu m tno
tlekllnu' in mv throat, llcfore I
finished the bottle, my coiign
was nearly gone, 1 cannot speak
tm highly
Mrs. j lfo
of Its excellence."
Received Huzhest Award o
ot II, Kittoii, Ohio.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
t'ood For Sale !
All nersons wantinir trood FIR MA.
PLIfl and AHII wood' all cut and split,
can purchase it, on the rlvef bank here
for $1.00 a tier, or delivered In Inde,
pendence fot $1.25: Talmaire for 8,!t6
and Monmouth for $1.50 a tier. These
are Cash prices. Leave Orders with
Estes & Klkins, or
Bam. Fisher.
, Hilt Miller.
Our doctors are unusually busy, for
Dallas and vicinity, there being much
sluktieftH, mostly of a typhoid nature.
Interesting meetings In prognssat
the Baptist church, by Miss Idu Will
iams. '
Grand Master L. 0. Parker left
Thursday for his trip among the I. 0.
0. F. lodges of eiiNteru and southern
Oregon. May his trip be a pleasant one.
Our Iwiys are slinipcnlng up their
muscles aud becoming "high kickers"
on the grid-Iron Held, Wo warn the
0. 8. N. H. mid other teams to look well
to their laurels.
Mr. Ed. F. Coad and family arrived
from Halt Luke City Monday. Mr,'
Coad is a relative of those of that name,
well known in this county, aud will
nettle lu Dallas, and practice hie profes
sionthe law.
No marriages, no nmrrlnge licenses,
no dog fights, nothing to mar our
peaceful spirits- except tho question
"Shall cows be allowed to run at ltirge
jjti the streets of Dallas? ' A petition
bearing 145 names was presented to tho
council Monday evening, asking that
the ordinance be repealed.
Several members of Ahnlra Itobekah
Degree went to filieildau Inst Saturday
to attend the Institution of a llobekah
lodge wlilch was organized with 18
members. They returned speaking
highly of the work done by the sisters
team from Friendshlpllodge of McMInn
vllle. i
Home talent well present the drama
"Nhamrock and the Itosu" on the lOth.
Being a little off to one Bide we are not
often visited by outside own panics, and
heribe provide our own animuse
ment. And in this we have the satis
faction .of keeping our money (what
little there is these days) at homo.
A good literary society has been organ.
Jzed in connection with the LaCreole
academy. Archie Mcpoyvn is president;
Altle Elkins, Secretary; Jennie tinydcr,
treasurer and Homer Shops, sorgent-
at-arms, Tbe society will hold Its
Choice Steaks,
Mutton and Pork Chops.
Fine Sausages.
Corned Beef.
Lard and Suet Always on Hand.
Blioji Ia located nearly opposite
J. M. Vniiilujn'R, on Main atrwt.
PARK Obcsltj
Will rmlun yourwflhl pvrtn.ovnily (rum
13 10 IS pound S DKilltb, m MTAKVIMU
ltknM or Injuryi Nil n IU.ICITY. Thor
build up His tivnllh suit baullfy lbs cum.
lilKiitin, li'ftvlnx uo Wrtoklrs or n.bblntiw.
Hioul Al.dunteiu mid dlltlitilt timtinitig lurs.
linn ai4 MMlllv rfllff. mliiilwl only after
yartf awrlinr. All ordrrs up)lld dl
n I fmm our offlu. frlw itO pur mck4 00 bjmtt pt psld. TmII.
uumliiU sua rtlrulpi (Moled) t els.
All cirrt-mdnnr nirloily nmndantlsl.
i n ii-
It.. 14iM
m4 t .tt
In IMtl. Vllt.. Itf tm.1
tm auk rtmm tm tmm pur .
l4Mf IMM M.I Itt t) IM
im In-tr.n.nW. gt wof k.
Onm in n.1
tttiftiliorm. I'll
kmn .hlii4. Ill M P Ii
ordr, m ntlriiMi. 1m. lite
.nuM, lmi4uV. "rllt
NsrrHws A C Cltrk 10, CsIssiSiii, 0.
any kind of legal blank, you
will now find a full auppl
at the Wnrr Bid offloa. Among
ths most called for blanks
we note:
lkwd for Deed
Warranty deed
Quit clsim deed
Hpeelal warranty dead
Trust deed
Lease, long form-
Legal tlii!t$
special form
" ahort form
Assignment of mortgage
Country mortgage
Covenant of warranty mortgage
Satisfaction of mortgage
Affidavit for attachment
Bill of costs and disbursements
Undertaking on appeal
on sttsebment
ft recovery of prop
Hill of sale- erty.
' -COi 10 JELL 100
He has'the Wagons,
and they are the very
Bring along your
ftr sals
Chattel mortgage
Crop mortgage
Notice of protest
Verification of clsim against lnj
solvent debtor-
Affidavit of attachmsotr-
ofsppssl Judge, debtor
Copy of writ of attachment
Illll of disbursements
Constable's sale
Copy of eieoutlon
Oariilshee notice
Hubpoma, civil, original
" criminal, original
" u oopyof
Hummons, Justice's
Undertaking for attachment
" foreosU
Warrant for arrest, felony
Writ of arrest, mbtdemeauor
Notlee to quit
Verification of elslm against es
Mechaulo's leln (Ut
Laborers kiln.
We have a very conveniently ar-
ranged receipt book, which those of I
our patrons who have seen pronounce
very handy. They tell at Sftoentaa
; South Main St. - . IXUtl'EXDIiSCE.
fllexaoder-Cooper Drug Go.,
Sgrogl Supplies
Tho Most Coinj)loto Stock
In the City.
f-iin Street, - .Wepeoiencj, ki
. ""Vr
HAIR - - -
"Hello there! Let me give
you a pointer where
you can get most
goods for your
F. E. SHAFER.Proprlotop.
Msoafsciuntr of sad Dealer in
Saddles, HarnessBlanket
Whips. Robes, Etc.
-IU'ilrlii iii,ily mil promptly dour.
ffortn milii of Q street, Uinr
But go
and take your
Cash and Produce
to Smith & Co.. the
Independence grocers."
Un post office, IndspfDdtee.
A Few Facts
For Farmers:
Vanduyn can save you dollars,
Vantluyn's prices make your produce
return oldtime values.
Vanduyn can sell you what you need
in return for what you wish to sell,
and these facts,'
Remember Vanduyn, will sell you,
UOK,' BOOTS and Sill P'
k: Mt, Ms, Mi : Mttt, k, M
while Yoa Are Toaehing
. filings
Renecber that
Have a fine stock of
i ft in
It will pay you to call and examine our tplendid
Slock of goods, ' '
i mm pirn
J. I WW, mm
And we will
Fair exchange Is uo roblmry".
think ,
Ifyou trailo with us you will
has struck you broadside, for we uro giving
.and weoan'thelplt.
as long as
We are bouud to coutinuo
A.. W. Dooksteader, THESE TIMES LAST
(Suocotisor to CbarlM HUats)
City M aai If m k
We don't expect to mako any monoy this winter, but we
you to eat and come out .
In the Spring. , ;
Independence, Oregon?
uaniing uono at itcasonabw lUtm. filab wood for uiW 1