The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, April 08, 1892, Image 2

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    THE WEST SIDE' ruKxsmcm
ss-ssss ' ' Xlnywmo lhiw was a ills
J. A. K. EEIL tDITOR. i m institute hold ill IndotHMtiloncc,
is- and to our mind it was the very
iKsiKt m'v wtsi 1111 it uto we ever AttomuHl
ii .1...
Ilka P!J.'.t a uuui mo one Hold lust weeK at
nesi oius ryuiisnin? uoiiiDaiiY Monmouth. The m vrai
utfHiiifciiiNiiiujj leuiurea 01 in is iiim
SUBSCRIPTION RATES. institute. The addrwtsca ( up
AlAM.ttIM A..YAWfc tO the H ifcmlitlHl. Tllft ...IV
w lmn$ iwpwts the bout we
ever luui. 1 lie experiments lu
in ... . I .1 . . , .
Ait tunrriAiw rtttii ittth hnii.w titi ot.i. i runiiiivi ri' vMt uikitti iiiit iv it
in. n !.... ii .v.;.,;... a:., v..".:;-,' j H c
limw will lw rlimwd itw is lm. I llltd lloforo. Tim full iimim-iitim i(
M itt! f Itlllllljll'V IS..tlitll..l tk-(ll lb. .iltnr...l 1 . 1
Cm Viwf
Mx M.miiM
Tim Muni In
lur n UU' row il Rv oviiin mr lui.
A'l n nil in niinlitlm (r uhu,mili
n iiiK Bir Mn.n.i iitKito nil (viumniin
l"W" " IVIH VWIMJ! rutllllllll( Ctllll.
KrltivO at tho In tmWiWtt
v. ... v., nm WHmVIRMI II1H1IIT.
i'UlDAY, Al'KIL 8, 1 sl
the Sml Normal School wiw uaed
during tho sivwion. AH tluwo fa
eilitiosand opportunities gave groat
satnduotlon. Kvery ludy ami gou
tinman that had been aliped to
special duty, had prepared well
for the occasion. Tho chvw drills
were especially instructive. There
ia no question but uiul-r tho efHoleut
Not irson.iliavoritism, but tho lagoinent of tho state suporlu
best men, is tho Democratic motto. tcmlont, and by tho help of his co
. workers lu the advancement of pub
u hviu some oi our prom- u u.M oduoalion. thnt our
,-.. lU!ir. nrranmonia wlll Mot ,iljS , U iUmHiou of jmb
tlw Wpgpst PourUi over hold in .sinoothostatoofCvgon hu lUilod
,.,,,, tuui iiiiviikh ivnwi-, rt i,.,.!.., o,v,.....1.ll.,., f .
. . ,
lwid oiutohiv-h for tho 'Vomnli. ""tjoitn the aoliools of Urogon,
iiionts." of a ftiond hist Friday i Mm Ui tilliwt collo to tho r
Monmouth, it lninir tlu first d:iv of district noliool In tlio stiito,
April. IWt moutiou it to thm. 4W 8iS b.ivo mi exhibit,
- i mors wiituwettiiy:iiri,juiN4fo Amtt
i;uh imi.s should U cool and m exhibit tt NWif fair next
eollit tod. nnd iut tho In-sit men vear. And we would KiiirLit thnt
forward for olfloe, and there eau while tho maiia''eni are eollwUnir
8i-.mviy to. my doubt of a mwf- iviiuoiis of art from tho differiHit
ins i u-tory for Iho lVimwraey iu UeluKiIs of the state, that Prof, Con
tamoiis old Polk uoxt June. don. our Iato L'eoliiL-ist. not oulv
c r r -- -
take fawiU of 'ttio wai6 te
riotto of Oropni's evolvemont,
but that lie l iimtruetwl to
secure and clarify (If he cau)
the inodt notetl foil known
to the neieneo of ginilogy, namely,
the "miKsbiek." We would kind-
Tit K iitm'iu'c of a Universalis S direet tho iirofofwor to a pluoe
minLster in the city reminds u ol wni,a,wl'' these djMjeimmis of
the NijiuK of .mold lady. On hear- tiioity nm be found. (So to the
in? the ire.)iher say "Everybody IMW,intf of the hist Oregon
will behaved." h sighinjjly said, Megislatare, and look at tho name
"'I h.nlhoi'ed foi so'inethiuirtHtterP' lw' tliuse who voteil iijialnst the
- - - ,
-- world n-fuir niiroriation. The
A ii ho can look at the styles iamwt fi,Hdiiioii of thn iii.sli1u.L'
in lauira uoimeis itejuetiHl in
the .March Dtlliuuht without
t'Oiumittins Huicide or beeom-
ing a raving maniac mut lie
under the immediate care of the
Tin: near future will see a revo
lution in e!tnc lighting. The
new s stem will do away with all
wnxi or oIImt connections, anil
SiNi K the republican ticket k
not 'viiluvh" satisfactory, the
lViiiiH-rats vhould he euroful not to
niHat llcpuhiicaii folly iu polk
county. Nominate a utrong ticket
nnd tho voters will do the rest.
variety the professor can find, is sit
uated a few miles south of Kugeue,
near the Soul hem Pacific railroad.
Anyone iu Iane county can give
directions as to the locality of this
specimen, ow as curioet of past
ages, those pja'ciuieim tthou'.d be
taken to Chicago, and while they
would attract much attention there,
they would det met from the com
the lamps w ill lie carried about the mereial interests of our stale more
same in the ordinary coal oil lamp than millions of dollars. Th
arc now. I hero will l absolutely N hmds, colleges, institutes, and
no danger. friend t.f
'" "
.Mviou .Mi Kini.ey will need l,,iUM u,0'r 0WM lPprtatioint.
those Saleia blankets to keen him M '",' l"lut. Tlierc
warm nest winter, for next Xovem- ero mmJ ' " institute
ber willlKJajiiiirlitv cold dav for we Bli,,t "'din had we space.
the MeKinley hill in particular, and 1 " r,TllaI ,0,w weTO 'l'"1' "P
the remiblicans in mnnml 'v Huidard, and v ilhout any hesita-
will see icicles hiunrimr from rcntib- lio" wo V confidently that tie
" ' I .: I. .1 j ... . . . ,
lican newspaper editorials about '"" U,,1U insirumeuiaianu vocai,
The business outlook Is unusu
ally bright for tho omniiiir of
spring. Usually a presidential
year is consldertHl a hoodoo iu biwl
nmdrcleH, but it (hs u't look that
way now. Tho flnauclal condl
Hon or tno eon u try wan never
healthier. Thera 1m uo Hurry 1
tho stock market. Money
plenty at reasonable rate. Trade
is not booming, but lit good, nnd
o the Inereoso. Tho wciihiton
ara not active, but that Is all the
bettor for tho country.
Iu h.istern cities they are speak
ing hoptifully of tho busluos for
tho year. There k wrtalnly noth
inR for dlsiH)uremeiit hem ia the
West, Perhaps there will not btt ho
utucli railroad lniildlnjai In some
former yeurs, yet tho indications
are there will bo iiwra tins, year
than last. Kail road securities are
set ll I ng dow u to IhhI rock . The po-
rtml of trouble and readjustment
Is over, which removes the cause for
It is a morbid nature Unit sees
diredisiister ia the future. There
ia nothing to justify It. The ex
citementof a presidential campaign
may distract the public mind
little, but it will not Interfere with
the progress of legitimate business.
Trlrtjiyut. ,
To MuiiKow is the time of the
Doniooratleoounty convention, and
will bo held at Dallas. The doors
will Ik le ojM'n at 10 o' clock a. m,
and tho curtain will rise about
:30p. m. Tho Domoerota have
the material to put a good ticket
In the field, and one that can win,
and we honestly believe they will
do so.
that time.
TT t... ma
iio.v ihm;ek iikhmax.v was
nominated for congnss hist Wed
nesday by acclamation. Those fel
lows in Southern Oregon it seems are
mere pigmies along side of Ilinger.
They ouht to shut up now, and
go oil and dio. 'ow let the Hem-
ocrats nominate a good man for
congress, and then in the election
of either , the First district i3 iu
safe hamlH. The prospect for the
Buccasa ot Jiomocrats were
never better thuu at present. Let
all put their shoulders to the wheel
and push.
EVAXGKU.ST MlM-H liassueceed-
ed in inducing Boine 2, OOU people of
Portland to avow Christiantiy, It
would be tho best investment Port
land could make if the city would
hire Mr. "Mills to remain there, for
there is probably no city the size
of Portland in this country which
more urgently needs a purification
of its morals. A -city whose crim
. Jnals are so bold and power Ail that
even ministers of the gospel dare
not openly rebuke them, certainly
' stands in great need of the services
of an evangelist.
The MeKinley act placed more
during the day and in the evening,
was superior by far to any efibrta
wo ever heard nt any institute,
ana was only excelled uy one
teachers' association, held at Salem
three years ngo. 1 (alias, .Mon
mouth, and Independence, each had
an cvcuing. and then all mined
together tho hist evening. The
union of all the forces on the last
evening was something highly ap
predated by the audience, The
kiudly spirit of emulation without
contentons rivalry was apparent in
the mush-ales and soires, and in
fact it was the eprU le corp of the
Mak.s, our nearest neighbor
among tho pluneta, is not only
thought to be inhabited, but many
of the most prominent ustronomers
believe that tho people of that
world have been endeavoring to
signal ns for years. W'e know, at
least, that tho seasons follow each
other there much the same us here
that spring, summer, autumn, and
all the phenomena
of nature so familiar to us. occur
-here in tho same nover-ending
cycles. The completion of a tele
scope now in course of construction
that will be much superior to that at
E. C Pkntmsh, secretary of
the State Pretw Association, 1ms
moved his family to Frankfort,
where ho propose to publls!
a jwper for a towu yet to come, to le
located opposite to Astoria. We
wish Mr. Pentium! the lot of sue
cess nnd Iiojks hm new towu may lie
rival to its great immosake,
W. C. T, V,
Motlm la lb Loral I ulunauf ntk Cuuttly
rreaidolits ot raeti Ulilmi mid nuner-
tiiU'tulfiit of th-iutrtuieiil work more
iint-i tinuitt iLo citiiity utIUvr of
the . r. T. r. t Mmmimilh, April
10, isya, nt tlie revldenee of Mim. II. A
Adklim, st 2 oYUx-k p. in., to swlt In
nuMiliiB up the isuiiiiy work left lit the
niton or urn extvutive oniiiiiilt(
,S'Viriil liiiKirtant nmiu-m wliU h lh
un Ion urn IhitIh! In wlll I pre
wilted nt till iiHwtliiK, All tiro rv
ipHKteil toenuip (lint i-an,
Mrs. WmiKAKiH, I'nulili'iit,
M a. Akkixs, Cor.
Mm. Anns KIk'sh, tnte r-rraliU'tit of
i ne i:. i. I., wnii uivltiHl to Ukc
chnr or tln (iiiinly rtioviMillun, whh-h
tliltil Kivittly to ll xiimw, t gnvv
uvw inunip' nun iiiniirtlot to llio
inaiiy Morki-m In out (iMinly, mid eu
denred tier to nil henrls prtwut
The Ixtyal 'IVmperiiiiet) UkIiui wm
itnln revival at thin place on Ihu Itwt
dny of the iMiiveiiilon , afli r the chil
dren' liHHtliiK. Mrs. Ads I tmih.Wate
sup'riiittuileiit of Juvenile work, pre
liled over the ehlhlrt'ii' imoftlng, V
are fortunate In hnvltiit m eoo.1 a hti.l
er In thentiitw work for th chllilren.
I wo of our county nituvn were (-
wot frniu the ennveutliiil, detaliusl hy
nii'knewi. Mrs. lllihllo, of iHillim, the
nssirdliiK neeretary, wiw very III, a nit
had toaend a iilllluln. Mm. Ailkum
wan jut rMiivirlii(f fnm a Iiiiik k-K of
fevt-r, and nieliiii-M In lnr family ki'pt
her from UIiik one of our valuable an
NUiiintM. Vp ncn l vrv niiieli that
we wpreili'iirlvml of the excellent er
vine of them) two noted workers Iu our
eiu ute. ,
lli'jxirt of Juvenile work for the coun-
tty will I piitilmhed In next weekt pa
per, simi me piau or worn! ami reaoiu
tliiimwlll follow, lao retHirla on other
per, sImi the iilau of work; and renin
line of work, which wrre erowilisl out
of the convention for want of tlnw.
The new unlona Just oriranliwd hy
Mm. IMIa I'nx nr aa follow!
Hiillnliiii union wm orintnled with
eveii vmlnii ami two honorary niem
taim, Ml Nannie t'hanuian ia prea
Ident. and Ml l.uey Jllrkt la corro
IKimlliiif Mvretry. I doliot know th
date of orifiinlmitloii.
lVrrydide union was oriranlmid
Mured tali, with auven volliic aud on
Honorary ineinOer rnwlileiit. Mm. I
(I. A. Hiiiier; cornwiHiiiilliiK
Kiill ( 'It y union wwiorinoilited March
lutn, wiin thirty votinir aim tweivaiion
ornry iiiPinlit'm. 1'realileiit. Mm. Mar
tha llrowu; eorteN.iudlug anvretary,
Mm. iMiarsiuinweii.
Itiiena V'it union wua itsirganlxed
March llth, with twelvw voting and
eleven hononiry nietiilH'm. I'lenljnlit,
Mm, Mary Jlovoim, istrreioiiillng aeo.
reiarv, nuiw ihwm nus ihiii,
Haver union wna orvauliied Mnreh
tilth, Willi lx voting and three hoiior-
ary leeinlx-m, Mm, tsul Ilowem,!
nrcohlcnt: MIm Anna Uulik. eorrv
aiMiiidlmr secretary.
The follow Inn -named plaism were aim 1
Rrenily lienetlteil, mid thn union
trt'iiutlit'iint and eneouraaiHli Mon
mouth. Unllna, lllekreall. anil Imhiien-
di'iiee, a ii t'arker, wtiieli w lmw in
the ncarfulurv will lo be counted on
our 1st of union,
We at iilad to note that the iieml at
aeh plae where Mm. (Vx hwtured
were itrvatly iiIi'SmhI with her work mid
xnreMNid a dm I re to ttavtt her eomt
la OmabluUoa, frtawniiia am) FrMMt at
raparaUoa, llixxl'i toriiullU pmnm
lb full umll valua et lb brat kaowa .
WMtitM of In TtUM klmilnm.
lmllar in itrotixlh and iiioijf-!Ii4'l
tanaiiarUla U lln onir m4ltta ot wblob
a truly bo mid, " na iIimm dim doiiw.
(HbM atnhflnwi rnulr ritr tat, ao4
U But pniduo M (will reulu m ,
Hood' Kurtaparllla
TtfMu la IU wnllolnal murll, Runi'l
anatiarllla aMomallihiNi earn bltlwrto oie
knuwn, ana hM wna Ui UO of TM tV
al bta4 aariar Ulioeid." .
rullM la IU l nm al hnm"
Dim Ii Mora ot Ituud't Hmwrlll loM to
lll, wbr U U mad, Uiaa at au dUmt
bkx4 purllm,
rmllr la IU rbtnowtiAt rwient ol Ml
abroad, ao eUiar irtrU(M au aUalwal
ab poiulfli)( la no aboil Hum, ll
i , b 1'aeullar le Itaatf. -;
fMUtur In tti arlg1iillir nd tr?
imm of iu adrUtiii. iu hhiUiimI at eme
Uuoally bln nuflMl by tiaiwUiKrt,
IHMuuar la lb y ll lu lit (sweU'
tnaaln, wm bvUU alvayi Ida tuuUiu.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
fcMbrrwaw. ft i Mi tut at. rnimrfwir
by tt L uoou a oo.,iuo uint
100 Dote On Dollar
I. la iBBHMlla,
A lK'nioeratle.Ut eonwnlhm will
he held In ttiaiHty of I'orUwid, rgon,
April 1, JHiti, at liioVUwka. m-, M
lheiiirHsiof iilaelng In 6mulotbm
iwoeaiidl.late for coiucnsaji wi
preme Jiiilgi une l d "'"JS
Jllclal dWrli-t ft ciriiult Jwlge and
i.nwemiting attorney, b wi viitinl r
at theiHin.big Jime kniUou, nnd un
other laialiiMaaM my I'jfrly
ls.for aald ooiiveutloii, Tlw varioua
iountlea aw entitled to reprweiitaUon
In Mild emivwitlon w f'tllowat
iiiuuii.'. Miiiif
. ... a UiMiHl
On ,il',,l .
i'fi..l SHi-r hi I
thmalna X I'lnallUa .
oillUie .........e
i irant Walloara,
lUrnny W.liluuu
Jiiililn ........... 4 1 aniblll
inmoiH ............. ;i
Mltm 1-1.
It ia'rVssiiiiuieni ed. Hlllw otherwlae
J F. 5Dimm)(3ll
J Oliver chilled and steel plows.
Monitor drills and seeders.
liens center-cui uist naiiuwx
..v.l....l i, ii.m I.u.mI luuoniltnMia. that
the iirlnmrli- III lint varum mum, Ii,... tiriYAHO
Im lu lil on Saturilay, tlw Mb day of NJlJ Wd!iUIlb.
llvordr of lli iH'inoiiniUe Hut
Coot ml ('omniltliw.
KsiruUiry. Clwlruwu.
given In therein ofismuty pMwident Stwllh TuMOUtS AlWflVS in Read ndSt.
Columbus and Racine buggies.
Deerinsi binders and mowers.
again, a run rexiri r in tour w
Itroitchltla, eolda, COUgli. MthttUL
awl even oousuuiption, la the early
tagra, yield to Aytr't Cherry
Ptctoral. Singer, acton, auction
era, public, apeaker, clergymen,
teacher, lecturer, and all who are
liable to disorder of the vocal organ;
Dud a ure remedy lu thtt wonderful
and well .known preparation. A
an emergency medicine, In com of
crotin, whooping cough, etc, it
hould le In every bouwhold.
'Two yr tt I uKvrcd Nttrtlf trow
aa aiuwa h ton uiniai
And Bronchitis
II MMHt U tt I MM set arlY, tn lb
luual iwntdi proviii ol a atail, Al but
I Ibouitii o Ayf Clwny IVelonU. awl
nr labia iw butUM al thU awdiria I
rMlr4 la Ulih."-Cb, UaatbUL
MUia t HMMll. B4HHMM c, on.
"Then I aollilni bUrftWMtb uua
A ft Clwry INtolnmL I w no oiber w-
iimoi."-luol a tlirtlsf. rrolkw, k. I.
W, It. Clntt a Co.. traUl. CMtn.
!, MMUy Uial aU loroal mi lu trea
vii am iwui
Cured By Using
ArvrtOMtrryrwlor. II hd$ all o(hn.
" la January, nw, I wa Uka dowa wlUl
Ktojulc ao4 avarhil lm, aad aipoalnx aiy.
oil In tooo, eaugbl a Nnn uM hkk
I0"1 oa aiy lui I m Mewl to Uk
to my b4 aa4 u M III Uial Uw aVMiort
a4iit o my imowij, titppMinc aw
to b la qakk ontmipoon. rbann al
(Haul wa mcamnMMMfcMl, but I taa I
aa yr Cbarry fvetofal. aaa aooa rhumi
KIM Atinr mint Mmral IxSllr. 1 M
uchI, an UuU I m m a wll aad rttR4
iir."-Joba DIIUMhir, I'iimuw l
Vtrnua etwtvL ILlllMLlt.
JiwUa, Ttaaa.
Havlnir Intel
IJonee, we are
lit,. am
I IU" IU,'lll-, Hf HIV ll'l" I
autiNtantlttl Improvement.
I Traveling men a sHS'lalty
ly pimhasiMl thn entire luteii'st in the lahl of J. N J m fli I
now Utter prenared ll.nii ever to meet the deinaiideo' 1 0 fl flH 60 fl fill lfl .NTMnl I .51 11 1111 Tlf
we are now muting mid ro tireparlng (o make many 1 JUIq Uy Jl UuilLQ NLUAIU tUulUiU Vl
uprovemeut. Tmms Umrdeil by the day or month. CaUBaaM WiWlJ UWUHH1II
i M ItikJtrtliitt V -"
DAMON & COOK, Proprs.
Will be ready to do all work in the tatimlcrlng Hue iu a tuat and firH
ciax manner
Our deli rery wegon will rail for and deliver woik tb in lodepeo
deuce and Munmouiu. Mihifaction guaraiiweu.
Tlie best place thl side of Portland to buy Urngs, Htatiotiery, Jewelry,
" ana Hook is ui
THE PIONEER DRUG STORE Wo will be responsible for all goods
or , : . damaged.
k s I H K A", vJHk kY
"UUitJ1ia i.i a. low as anv Cttv.
In... 1.. I. 1 1...... ..I ....... 1 ,.! -.I.I..I. r- i 1 !. l.,.o tu WWW WIW w .. .
Iyfnt tivnviij 4111111107111, 11 n ntvii 111. r jiiiii;i hwi v.iw.fcv,
full and complete.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Cutlery, Sil
verware, Canes, etc.
Repairing a bai'liilty, nnd dispatched with prompting and aatifaction.
F. M. GATES, Prop.
Main St., Independence.
lis, F&ids, l, l: L
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded.
Remember, our motto is Quick Sales and Small
Aak I ' - V
Cher Pectoral BUSTER & SHELLEY,
""""" iNrvrDrMnriMr.r
n. i n turn a m .... - w a..
in, j. u men a m., um, kxu,
oMbyaUOranlM. r-rtM 1 Hi kiAllM,i.
la Hie rir.nn court of lb mi of OmMon l
iiiia nii my.
MdIIIi. Nh-kuK, I'Llutitr, t. Malli.w Kli-kiil.
To Mmliw Nu u, Hi liT.nmiil do. I
tVntlanti In Hit nom.nlUi. urn ( Orvra
yB r nviilrrt ii ipntr and iuwr I
lhi cwniilttlul niml mralnal yuu In III ! I
.ntlllnl mill. a-iUtln III Urn hi-rrln named
wit, nil tho Ll rtny f , null Irrm irf I
lh i-lmill mini iif IVitk nmnly, nnin, lu I
l"-l'l mi Hi Hill itm ill Mnn-li. Iwl And II I
Tin mn mi iu iirr nir kiii lliimr, lh I
miiiliir win with miirl .r Hi m.1
I rnyw n.r In Hi r.nn.l
,(., JjYU&mMi Imp
Taylor & Wilcox, Proprietors.
in. ti it. Hi.
Ilunlulkiii nf ihff nirrlnii ciilnwl l.lln
tHlrmn lilalnlllTniiil drlmuUnl. uid lur ra.L.
tifi iii.i,iiri-iiirtll. In nil. itmrt.
l-nhll.hrrt l nil IMllnr or tHll.ll.allilll .((IIMl
T Jn.lm. It I' llolae. clmlil lu.Ua H.r uld
miinijr, nniru mait-u lit, i'i
ito-U A, U. Heai.r.
Atmrn.y 11., t'lalnlllT,
If you want
Faraitiire, Be Jig, Carpets, Wal
articles on the free list nod made tho fanioua Lick olwcrvatory will, it
grearer remictions entire on those is thonght, do much to clear up
"'f ui r,u)r jtm. t tutnut'ui- I iniMC lUyHt'H'l'H
''-,( I ''p. ) - -
Just so. Then MeKinley i a The Prohibition party lina with
better democrat than Milk liiitMi'awii from the Peopled party in
wherein your Iwmlcd protectior f Oregon and will proceed indejicnd
It is "going, going," and next No- fiUy. The party haa ndojited the
vember it will all be "gone." The N'ihicc4 l'r!rt:n,nt Monnioutli, as
only elciiieut.s of (loiiiiiii'iidalioii in it8 official organ. What will tho
the MeKinley bill, are those "free nominees do now which havo been
list" elements, and the dear re
publicans are clinging to these with
the same tenacity that the drown
ing sailor clings to a hencoop.
Tin-: Ilcpublican stale convention
nominated Hon. liingcr Hermann,
of Kosebiirg, fur member of con
gress for the First district, anil 11,
Jl. Ellis, of Hcppncr, for congress
man for the Second district. J. F.
Caplcs, Portland; If. p.. Miller,
(iranta Pass; W. I). Hare, HiUs
boro; and I'ev. G. M. Irwin, Union,
were nominated for presidential
electors. Geo. J I. Burnett, of Mar
ion county, was nominated for cir
cuit judge of this district., over It
P. Boise, of the same county, the
present incumbent. For prosecut
ing attorney, James McCain, of
Yamhill county, was nominated,
Ifcxt week we will give the ticket
put forward up in the ticket before
tho separation! What will our
friend It. F. liamp do at Itoseburg,
who has been with b ith parties.
and Professor M. V. llork, and also
our tariff friend J. I. liobertson.
Wehaveseen feataof equestrianism
where men havo ridden a large
number of horses at once, but the
horses were always going in the
same direction; just what kind of
a forward or backward somer
sault will le required to light on
these horses going in different di
rections is a question of more than
ordinary importance.
We have received a copy of the
pamphlet of Polk county in general,
gotten up by Mr. Snyder, of Dallas,
and we arc much pleased with the
effort. Tho written description of
the' county is as good as we have
ever seen anywhere.
Paper or Picture Frames,
I bJ all right to km AHTR lb dai, fcul If pm n mOly 4mtrmn ot mvUtt Uma. sua
ll a.n-ta a mo .ibi and buy j,wr
Sc6c2l B::ks, Tablets, Inks, ad Schc;l Supplies.
IhMB W. IL ffbnlur, 11 ami no nrihoi o ll Ih.l if mi bb nr lb dwllar now. Owr
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independence, ur.
I have bought the meat market
and accounts of I Lemmon, and
will keep constantly on hand all
kinds of the choicet
, ,.r i i mi i
"us muc oi i oruanii, anu win always treat you
right. Wall paper trimmed tree of charge.
That describes oiirstncr of mmm . Knthin
hut hnnMt ttnnils j hm nrieae anil H.,1 ... FRESH AND SALT MEAT
mm iiwiiww WWHV HI UVIIVVb UVV HHU Hint, flu
c has the best and most complete stock' COUlltS fOf til Mwl Of Till & t'ILCOI'S
a viumiu, auu win uiwuys ircai you 1 ol i i i n i' i. . ?
sure, dnrewa anu mm , outers ana shunters
will not lie duped or remain at the mercy of Ori- RICHARD TTlPrTFR Ppm
eotal Mess methods, but, will shop .around and 1UlKLK' Pl P-
..Mil. AAA mml J.J ....... lL 1 . ' I III I
fumjiait; jiiiucs anu uepena upon ineir inn
to discern where to leave an order.
A liberal share of your patron
age Is desired. llill8 collected
motiUily. Free city delivery.
)Vill miike the rnn of 18112, eommoncuiR April 1 nnd muling Jul 1, a Ml,
i.Li imim, AT MI OWN I'LAOK, l'ff" milv wont of Monmouth.
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in a ninHt poworful, compnot, mid perfoot spooiroen ot uu Enliiih alilre home, with
ironil Htylii nnd iicticm, '
lawyer win roi.lod m May, 1881; bred hy Win Newton Kq Nwark-on Trent.
LltlColtlHtllro, JMlllHIIll. llllil wim illlllortnil from h'.nulnn.l l,u T,m(I..I,I
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enmpton p. o., Uutnrio, Cinmdii. in AugiiNt, 1H82. Hince importntinn. Lawyer bni
martin nn, I iliA T2.u..i. : 1 n m m , .......
mni.Du .no ...iMiwiiiu J..1, prize hi wmorn coiiniy nur, imj; aeound price
at UorobOMlor fair, 1HH2; mioond prize at Iiondon WenUirn fiilr. 1HS11 n,l ihri
uuiera ounipniiiiB; aecoiui prize nt jjoroiiester nur, lnHili (Imt pria in aneoinl and
uweepitiilieii nt tho Houtli Oxford spring fiiir, 1HH4.
Extndi:d iilli;re, o entored in the ICnuIinh Shirs Rtnd Hnnk mwl a. ..
oejved from Mr. Nowton, Kan., Knifliind: Lawyer (mi): ahlrs bone- hnv. l.ii. i,i,,.i
fiwt; fouled 1881; breeder, Wm. Newton, Itillaide HonH, Newnrk-on-Trent: aire.
weiiMiurn Hweep (aitri)i iliun, ennerlor cart mure, by 1'renident Linoolo (1800), aire
ul nmuuuiu i.ivikii i,wii, uj living Krem-freiu Biro, mnuiii
(rreiit-mre, Active (2'J). .)Hm by Htiifford (liOt'.t), he by Hoi
Honest Tom (107!)). lie by Honest Tom f 10761. ha hv Knuln
-HoncNt Tom (KKKI), he by Milton Colley ImrHo, of BiiMlnirham. areiit-BreHt-Brand
mre, Active (20), by Fiirmora' I'rollt (878); dnm by Abmra Newliind (10), he byAbrnn
M"it "J in mum 1 win nio;i uiim oy Aunim iiiiwiaini (ill), lie l)y Abruro
1 (8), lie by K (B), he hy Klankwell. Farmer' Frotit (8711), by liownrd't
1' l'roflt; dmn tiy Eniliiiiil'l Glory (7051. he bv Hnnnat Tom fionnv i. h.
We are not running. a broad gango business
on narrow gango principles, but wo depend
on tho standard of intelligence ind economy
of our ciiHloincrs aa n culding btwlnewi pHn
ciple, which iiiHures to them every advantage
obtainable, Initli , lu prions and quality of
goods. We carry every thing in thu lino of
groceries that como under that bead. We
solicit a share of your patrounge, and you
can depend on fair treatment and honest
dealing. ,
nrZwarT that we have a full
other articles, w h leh we are imli i 11 du, i ,urnwK pwta, and many
city. We haVe 2 "than nSni 'f Ub
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1 more than fifty articles ou our
None of which have
Second door south of ?i3ftiW&Sr
ilton Oolley'i brown horHft. lliim'a aire (08), uriiud aire (10871. armik-omni.or.i
(MM), BK-K-rnndHire, Fnrmere' Olory (815), be by David (505). he by Honnt
(1002), he hy (John Hull), l'lHlier'a bhmk hoMH. Greiit-0rniir-riin1liiii- 7Ji
ft B-BriitKiHlre WW), B-B-B-K-Bmii(lnlre, (1008), b-b b-b B-irrnndmre, Lion (liintnni
IbAmn. W) it piild when nmre ia known to be with fnnl: KM in lnir. u.,..
oolt. l'enmiw diapoaiiiK of their mare before evidenoe i (jlven n to whether they
lire with fonl or not, will be held respond! ble for iiwurnnoe. All aeoidetit at rink of
owner. Free piwturuflo for mare till bred. J. E. DAVIH.
Monmouth P. 0., Oregon.
TAYLOR & KJILCOK, GEa w-REED' Proprietor
Might rrch ft.ra IIMIme, and wouhl not