The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, January 22, 1892, Image 3

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Dims 8mil.,Tlwni will I dime
social at Mr. A. J. Utstdmsn's M
dene. IWlwf wnliw.Jim. ! Every
body Invited., A Hsit lunch will t
I.wt.-A black fur iutr I'"'
thaaUiitf road to (talent, between llldo-
netutetiee and about three mile below,
ahotit two week atro. Tho finder will
I MuttMttly rewarded by leftvlim the
asm lit the W Tj,lt,l,';,v'
CVMiKn.-Khnwluiv In our column
will be seen au extract from liwt Huu
day' OnwwMttN In reference to ft com-
imny of ftrUaUltml will, lu all proba
bility, I lu Independence wlthlu the
next ten day. Vt hlnjt, lu ' w
cult work, 1 sold to rival W, trvli
Bishop, nnd lu some respect It W said
that Kin 'U itlsltott. ir u
pany show here, the Waist Kt will
give full lrtleutarncxt wcc.
Tn8TKAVKKa. Hie "Mauptittllla"
l now plying tlnity Mwwn!ttleui and
Bucna Vint. This bout lake down
raft of hit every morn Inn ami return
with frvlirht 'd paasciiKcr lu the
evening. Captain IK K. Wand ll to
Wast Hai reporter thw week that
the bntt would I here for atut two
mouth KxeurslooUt would do writ
to uw ttil steamer, when they de
sire to make day 'a trip to the capital
dty. ' '
Ha I.wt VA-M0r M. I,
unit family have moved to lortland
The people of Imlepeudcue regret
thHr ttoiurturi The Major wu the
Jeweler In IVIteram'a drtiji store. Wc
wish Bro. White and family the sreat
est mi, t'ut after ono h become so
familiar and highly rvstsvted a wa
Air. White, It 1 uo small matter to (jet
up and leave a place, We have no
doubt tlmt Mr. White and family will
find iimny uew friends, hut they never
will he Wtor thuu the old una. A
uumlwr of friend nceuniivuik-d thvm to
lh txnit to lid iht tn f ir,
tndor, formerly ft iurrbnt f Hn
Vlittft, will oh n now drug lof In
Monutouih. Tho rout met litw bvii
ht for tlio iit'W hulldlnir. and ht
wtut to .t'ortlmid jvtnln.v to pur-
ehami hi toik of dru. Mr. Ah
ndor htw t!o npotluttsl with tto-
Wkkt tiK Company t print hi full
lln of UtU U, ud UtUuiery of all
kluiK nrythlug piaupMi?, Uln
lu hl buKlitf. Wo wlidt Uio grt'ftit
uovm may attvnd thk now tutor
iurl. and It will, a Harlcy know
A Tekriblk Aix'inMT. A tial
train, earryiug tho Andrvwa Optra
(xtipany from Wtt Htipfrir to Oram)
Fork, Mlun., waa draild noar
llralnard. oil the Northern IaoilU.
arly Friday morning. Tlio cngluv
and hKKa)t ar paimil over In itofi'ty,
but the aleeplug far waa derailed. It
toppled, breaking liaa from Hie train,
and went down an embankment live
feet high, lying ou ll aide, ami a
OOll ftlVli)Kl In ltiuiov Alt t'1IJll
with their Uvea, but wiih m riima in
jury, except Mr. Edward Audrewaand
Lillle, who were burned to death, and
aome of the company were m badly
burued that they are uol es'iectcd to
Ax iMTKKtSTiJtu Mkktixu There
waa a,n unuoually larKv atteudnuce at
the ituxlnil and Literary miciety laat
Friday evenlnK,umny havtugloatnud.
The meeting wu oenel allli a cuupte
of at))( from (hI Hymn No. fi, an I
the recitatiuim, aoloa, duet, and ipmr
tettea, were all excellently n'tulerel.
An applause of appreciation went
through the audience when President
Campbell, of the Normal whool of
Monmouth, waa imrialuml a the
peaker of the evening. The auhject of
Ilia addnaa, waa "1'oi la ftudl'wtry of
Euglaud." lie aaid there were always
twothlnpinmiwiary In the ciupltl)n
of poetry the thought and the 1I11M1
aome ptx'ta. timklng the thought
more promlucut lu their work and
other the fluUti. Ho ke princi
pally of Alfred Tennyaon and hi work,
prominent among widiii waa'Trlnctiaa
Ida." of which he gave a very graphic
anal Interesting description, iimklng
Oioat emphatic the beautiful l!nili of
tboK'm. llenlw gnve a hort o
graphical akeltdi of the author, which
waa much appreciated. After the ad
dren, tlie prcldcnt of the noddy made
few rvmnrk. and idd tliut tlic a'lty
would give another public meeting
Friday evening, January ,
MnniMoiilb l.aitU,
Saturday, the Kitli, we vlallod tlic
meeting of the Loyal Temperance Le
gion of Monmouth. Twenty member
of tliclJx'glon Were prewnt, lanldca vln
Itom, It wuoMiifd by Hinging a benu
tlful ong coiniiieiicing with tlic lines;
"What children can do." Their ding
ing wu cheering and Inspiriting, and
wc could but tnlnk of tlic future of the
youth there oKMcmhh'd. A inutlful
banner wn hung on the wall, with
tin Inscription upon it: "Co. I!., L. T.
I Temperance and Truth. I'urlly "
Theiilgniflcance of tliono word contain
much food for rcHcctlon. Mm. II. A.
Elklna I superintendent of thi Legion,
and ohe tithes much Intercut In its mem
bership. The children repented the
pledge In our presence, and we urged
them to remain fulthful to It, ami to
live life of temperance and purity.
We wish this society Joy In their asso
ciations, aud may perseverutiee In the
good cause bo their motto. Friend of
the cause af temperance should meet
with these young people and give them
all possible encouragement. Uod bless
the youths of the Loyal Legion,
J'rof, Itork, who was advertised to
leak to the citizens of Monmouth,
("Saturday, the Will, on "Alliance" mat
ters, failed to make his np'arance, to
the disappointment of those wishing to
hear him. He gained do popularity
by falling to appear.
Don't experiment with your health.
You may be wire of the quality of your
medicine, even if you have to take
much of your food upon trust. Ack
your druggist for Ayer' Hiirsaparllla,
and no other. It is the standard blood
purlflcr, the most effective andecouom-11,
Itcad K. AiisMne'a auction ad, ou the
editorial page tkl Week.
1 grlpiH' aecnm to liqutt prevulettt
lu this vicinity at prwnl.
The hum oflho saw of Prm-oll
Yeliesa'aaawmill I, hetl tlAtiV!niUt
the city this wevk.X ,
Th themrt of Uv, Poll ug In next
umlaj" mornlug'a dtHHiaabm, will be,
l!ev, C. I'towitintt has ooiiuuetid
ft protracted mivmtg at iwu i.a
iii low ever ue ruooar,
Hvavcrud A Co, begin tin pubilca -
tlon of a display ad. ItUhla lue. To be
up with the time you sltouid hm it
The 8. P, company la putting In a
switch connect In the IudewudenV
and Moumotilh motor Hue with their
roail, ;
There will U m-rvlco lu the Chris.
tian churh ou Huuday inorulug and
evening, conducted ty Hvv, l. V, Pol
tug. hpeclul nisulc by choir.
ThcmcuiUunof the Kvaniiellcul choir
will met fr practice at Mr Wllltiuns's
ou r-aiuniav eveuiug, Jan. i, at
S p. m. Im: every member be present,
The Literary and Musical Koclety
will meet to night fcr practice. Every
mcmlwr should be there. Next Friday
ulght another pnbllo mwling llltc
given, Ewrytssly iuviled.
There arc mo Fatem mv in lu
dependence tiit wvk, who are Imiklug
for A ImwlUm to can't an organ factory
We hone our cltlnvua will be ou the
alert and sccuie Its ligation here.
Next wwk we will print the tahlreas
of France IC. W UUnt before the
eluhiecnth lint lotml atol first wttrld's
CimveiKlou, held In Ibwlou, MiM We
print theaddrw a the request of the
prealdeut of the W, C. T. U. '-f thUcity.
HiuJannn McCain, of McMlnnvllle;
C. Wolvcrtou, of Albany; J. J. Isiiy, cf
iliio; and N.L.llutler, of Monmouth!
are lu town this week taking testimony
lafore Hon.W. K.Mcl'adilcH, o, Coral
lis, lu the lU-uttey.IliPwhls rg cams
Ail who are troubled with eonili
Hurt will tltul a safe, sure, and svdy
relief In Aier'a I'lIK' Vtdikc noi
other cathartic, theav pllla streiigtheu
Ihe stomach, liver, and bowels, and
r'ton the organ l normal and r-gu-lar
Mr. F. W. Allen, of port land, will
be In Itub'l n ! next Weilormlay at
;!:$) o'clock in the CliriUn church, to
talk to the kdi of lsid pendent lu
rcfereine tu the Ktcat Colunii-ian Ex
tuition, l't all tle ldUiuieand
(urn out, and hear what this ditlu
gulohctl lady htw t aay.
C. A Miller, of Ulcbrcall, callnl on
u Moudnc. and rnaMirvd a couple of
copies of our holiday t'r to nd
KmI. He Sttbl he had n-cWved a letter
from Kiinh lHtila ltnUiitng alxut
Polls county, and thought the let way
to answer the question a by aeiidlng
Ihe holiday lia of the Wwr Hh-k.
The twelve-Inch br .-ch loadlng rillc
ftr the Monterey, has arrivHl In Chi
cago, having Is-eu hlpd front the
Washington gun foundry a few days
ago. 'J ul la tlie tirsi fiuiiM " cauoiv
etatiplwted by the navy, and the heav-
lit piece of ordnance ever lraurted
ftepMM theeoiitiuetit, IU weight Wng
lilt.S'KI situid.
Mrs. Anna Itlgir very tmieh desire
the young jK-opleof Independence to t
preMMitat the CtirUtinn ctiureh next
Wwlnesthiy evening at "liUo'elm K to
hear what she ha to y lu referentv
to organising ft Young Women' W.
C.T. t. In ibis pliuv. Let everyone go,
but w'elidly the young pl We
ls-.pek for Mr. Itlifg a g- d audience
next Wednesday evening, to encour
age her iu Iter noble work.
We have a few eopl of our holiday
Issue still on hand. One copy of It sent
Eut I worth a hundred letter, so fur
a inducing liiniilurntk'n Is tiunvrncd,
ud If yiu have friends and relatives In
the Fast scud ft copy f the holiday
Issue of the WttT Hll to thctu by all
means, We will send them to any ad
dress you give, and pay the postmreour
selves, for A cents per copy. K ud us a
list of five or ten names, and let's get
people here until every foot of available
land Is utilized. Polk county can
cosily support four times Its present
"In buying a cough medicine for
children," say. H. A. Walker, a prniu
Inent druggist of Ogik-n, I'lah, "never
lw afraid to buy Clmmls rliiln's Cough
Heiuedy, There 1 no danger from It,
and relief is always sure to follow. I
particularly recommend Chanils'riaiu'
Isiiiuso I have found It lobe safe nun
reliable. Fifty-ecul bottle for sate by
nil medicine denier.
" W hat do I get if I get n club of one?"
will l asked. For one new huIumtIIht
we will send free for one year two far
mers' paper: The American Farmer,
published nt Hpllnglleld, Ohio, ami the
Rural Nortbwrst, published ttl Port
land. We send both, wier, postage
free, to any inldressyou designate, for
one new subscriber to the Wwr Hikk
at the regular price of i(Kt per year.
Mr. C. V. liii'd, proprietor of Ihe
Hotel iHlloue, Onialia, one of the 11 nest
new and modern lintel In the west,
siiysoft'liaui'sTlaln's Cough Remedy!
"We have used It In our family for
year with the mot satisfactory results,
especially for our children fur wild
and croup. It can bo depended upon;
beside, It I pleioumt to take, and seem
to bo free from chloroform and the oily
substance put Into many cough mix
tures," Fifty-cent and one-dollar bot
tle for sale by all medicine dealers.
Programme, of Teacher' Association
to lie held lu Monmouth, Jauuury ,'10,
18i; " ,
Opening address. Prof. H, L, Murphy,
Music, by public schisil.
Bchool apparatus needed," and how to
proctiro It, by Prof. Reynolds.
Recitation, from public school,
Music, O lee club.
Music, by public school.
Drawing: how to teach, and with what
end In vluw, by Miss Lcuu Butler.
Recitation, from public school,
Arithmetic! what portion of time
shyuld bo given It, and what parts
especially dwelt upon, Prof, J, W.
Kiel!, of Dallas.
Duct, by Rev, and Mrs, Poling.
Question box prepared for miscella
neous discussion,
Lena G. Uutj.kb, Mcorelary.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla.
Wwim-ott k Irwin 271 Coiumeai'lul
street, Salem, supply their tublea with
the beat lu the market. Meat, ' teiila.
No until at all reached Ihteuft Vista
lnJ rjid unlay, and last week's list of
WtwtHiUK'a Have in )' iwu re
wived. There U certainly rv
tsuea aomewhere. ;
Did you ever taeli n'hiKil? K j ou
ever did. you know the vslue of a Hot
elie dictionary, Any teaeher can get
Woreoater'a uuubild'd, now the lead
lug dictionary of the English language,
by sending u a club of only twenty
ifin,, Vwir pupils gel tliem
and VOU timv wild them III OIIB at ft
. mi. If yim want to, until July 1st.
Every young man or woman
has desire far knowledge ought by all
moan (ij have an encyclopedia. The
Wicat Hum Company I ottering the
tluiwt work of tbi kind wer priutrd a
ft premium for seVeuty llve uhcr!Ur,
It Is the great Encyclopedia Hrilutv
nion, which WHt almut li'si. Every
coms'lvalile ubjd't I trenlil at length,
and the work I replete w ith map and
Everyone h u Chiinils'in' Eney
1'lopie.llii, 1( 1 admitted by all to rank
next to Ihe Itrltannlca. We boiai to
some ymug lady or geutiemuit win
this prUe. Hupw you want to know
the origin of Halloween, or nad the
hUtory of yellow fever, or to become
eonverinl with the history of the tar-
ItVj when cati you tlnd every lomgtiut
tde aubjeet so fttlly treated? Fifty suit-
Hritar arehll that are uecewiuv
Toe philtws'phy cluw of the Normal
wlosj vtltd our elei'trlc llght plant
last Friday evening to get ft lesson In
the si'lence of the generation of elec
tricity, Hlnee the company have got
ten located In their new tpmrtera, they
have received considerable attention
from the public, as It Is quite it sight to
them make the light for our city,
It I undoubtedly una of tlie la-l plants
In the slate,
Au exchange iy: "It aiw an Ore
ijiiii Jn-tlt-e of Ihe w"C who wmtetieial
a msti to the penitentiary; aiiothci who
got Into rw with iili;lils,r while
killing hog and Hoed biui for eon
tempt of court, and au Oirgnti Judge
lnsep'n apsilutmeul us consul to
the Houdwleh Islands niouoUd hi old
horse and tartel out for Id t of
duty, having lo.irmd that Honolulu
wo Just licyond Callfornl. And It
was an On-got) htrtrt' a ho allowed hi
prltsiucrcouvieted of murder, to go
home and put in bl ero. Irusllng to
hW honor to show up on the day of ex
ft utlou. And the loan Imogvd, ti,"
M. Hvarverud A Co. have Jni
iqu'tied a bard ware store lu the build
ing recently Vacated by J F O'lloilliell.
Mr, Ciiiiuts?il, niatisiter of the lode-
isoidt nee house, ufriu u that they
ill ctrry a stm'k swiid to none, Thi
linn 1 already well known In Polk
eoouty, having Uen lu theagrteultural
ituptement busiuesalu lljsctty Ar wuiie
time. Their trad lu hupiemcut lu
the pant h Iweu very M(lon tiy,ainl
Messix Hvarverud A Co. lutein! to their sales In that branch of
their bulue and bImi to secure ft fair
share of the general hardware trade of
1' county, if fair dellutaud honest
good arc ctihshlered by buyer.
No healthy jarou need ft-ar any
dangerous eou pieiiees fhuil an atlat k
of k grlp If properly (rented. It l
much the same a a severe eld and rw-
qulre pnel,-ly the sailH' trcalineot.
I U-urn! n quietly at home and lake
t'tiniolsTlalu' Cough Retmsly a di
rected for a vere cold, and a prompt
and eiuuplele recovery Is tore to follow,
Thl remedy also counteract any ten
dency of la grip- In result in pneumo
nia. Among in,, many thousand who
have ucd it during the epidemic of
the ptut two jenr. we have yet lolearn
of a single ojmw that ho Hot recovered,
or that ha rcultel In pneumonia
Fifty cent bottle for mil by all medl
The lemM-rHls of Mnnuiouth met
Monday evening for the purpose of or
giiul.lng a Is'iiio riitle ,'luli. A tem
js,rary orgnuintlon wa vffceled.
Judge Ira F M. Itullrr was elected
chulrmnn, ami W. A. Wun it, secretary.
The club will tmt In the
building Hotunlay evening, January
ld, to perhs-t lis orgiiU itloo. All
IH-uiis'rats are Invited tocomoaiid take
jiurt In organizing the club Tho mil
al present I a follow: (IT IWdhby,
J II V Roller, O F Waller, F It Xeal,
W A Mishead, John K Miller, J J
ltucl, Jiiiimm Tiitom, Ira V M Jtutlcr,
It T iMHithby, J M Wood, J O Holt, R
E Hiu lib, J If Mulkey, W A Waim, M
O Hawkins, W H Powell, W W Cur
tls, N H Ilutler, C Uwreiiee, F Y Mul
key, TO Waller, C P Jordan, A L
Hta. ks, C C Hull', M K Weatlicrford, H
V Turubow, John Jordan, J C Haney,
Joseph Craven, J H Mulkey, V J Mul
key, ! K Crowley, N I. Ruiler, II J
A Million lrl.11,1..
A friend in need 18 friend Indeed,
and not less than one million people
have found Just such n friend In Dr.
King's New Discovery for Coumiuii
tlitu, Cpughs, and Colil.lf you have
never used I hi Great Cough Medicine,
one trial will coiwlnceyoii tlutt ll has
wounilei'ful curative power In till
diseases of Throat, ('11111 and Lung..'
Each bottle Is guaranteed to do nil thnt
Is claimed or money will bo refunded.
Trial Iioltlea free at any Drug store,
Lurgu liottlcs 50u. and (l,mi,
A pronounced vein of humor must
have rim through tho curate who
said to hi flock: "I fear, when I ex
plained to you In my last charity ser
mon tlmt philanthropy was the love of
our species, you must have understood
mo to say 'ss)clo,' which may account
for tho slimline of tho collection, I
hope you will prove hy your present
contribution that you no longer labor
under tho mime mWiiku."
Leap year usually occurs every fourth
ycarf but not always. For tho lieiicllt
of the young ladles we might aUito tliut
eight years from now will not bo leap
year. A day Is added to Feb.
ruaryon account of theexcess of the civil
ycar(:i(IO d,, fi h., 4H in., 411.7 sec.) above
.WiiluyN. Itut one day added every four
y ea' s Is ei ul valcn t to si x hou rs each year
winch Is 11 in., 10,11 sen, too much, or
mom than 5 h., I8 in,, 40 7 sec. tho ox
new of I ho real year, 1 fence tit tho end
of every century divisible by 400, it Is
necessary to retain tho bissextile day
and to suppress It at the end of those
i centuries which aro not dl visible by 4f)0,
Mr. Ed Ikive lost ft flue two-year old
mil till week,
Zed Ilesendorf made ft Hying trip to
Portland thl week.
We are sorry to any that Mr, N. 0,
Clodfcltcr I quite sick thl week.
F. Austins In In Portland thl week
buying gisst for the spring trade,
Mm, Ilutler, of Albany; 1 visiting
her daughter, Mr. J. F. O'lsinnell
thl wwk.
iHivetlelwIek tiaik Tuesday' north
bound train for Colfax, Woh.( where
hexeiio locate.
Mr, Roblusoti was on Ihe sick list the
hitler part of last week and lbs first of
thl, but liU'tler now,
J. W. Ferguson ha the grlpi In
dead vanicat. He wu coiiflurd to hi
l'd n part of the wwk.
!ohod Hup'tW.J. Reynold, or lal.
la, was In town Wednesday, In the he
lereat of some school mailers,
Mr. J, A. Wheeler l a been quite
sick with la grip;, hut, we are pleased
to state, I convalescent at present
tlraudnm Irvine, who went to Mo-
Mlntivilteft few week ago Ul S'lid
the winter, Muruml to lndeHiuleuie
ft few day ago,
(). A. Kramer moved Into til new
cottage last week It I nut yet fully
completed, but will be ft sill the
weather will rmlt,
Mis Little Rutk r took the printer'
veil lu (hi office last Monday, mill !
ready she ay "she la sorry she learned
the printer' trade."
We are glad to note that II, M. lJne
Esq., who ha been sick fur soma three
week, I now Improving, W hope to
we hi familiar face on the streets again
iu. .
M.wsr. W. Ws William, E, K.
Kwnglc, and T. F'cnnell, went to Ore
gon Ciiy last Monday, to prove up ou
nine land claim they had taken up
Usii the Lueklamute,
Mr, Frank Hhanuleftud wife Miirnetl
b ludeicrtdntKH from Portland, lat
Friday, to remain during the winter.
Mr Hhaitgle say she inil'h prefer
uir growing little dty of I nlcndeiie
t Ihe great, mtrosll of tlw liorlh
J, F. O'lMmel! k ft, via Halem, !
Monday ntorulug, for Portland, to re-
niiiin adnyor two on lU"lin 'rheine
be will goto Clieuvy, Wah, In ksik
after sonic business there, and he will
not return until iilsait the middle of
next week,
F M. (ialc, who left I ndes'udence
lat fall lu ereh of Utter eountry, it
turned yeatculay. After visiting Call
fornl, iMkota, and several utherntale,
he ty that Oregon 1 the l, audi
lrfiiily Nitislted to remain lu Ihe WU
tatnelte Valley.
M. L. ThouipMi, of Oreenvllle,
Mlelilgiiu, arrival In Imteiviidetice
Ihe latter pnrt f lust week, and I the
guest of (). A. Kramer and wife, lie I a
flrst-cUi druggist, nod If writable po
sition mil be found ltd will locate lu
Oregon, a he ia very much phased
with the country and ellmate so far,
frnm I IllMrnla,
Ham Fai immi, Jan, fi,
F'iutou VtT piiK! How gladly I
welcome your good little paper each
wwk, you can never umkrtaud, a It
miiii to recall iiieinurhsi of the past,
and give kindly Information of mauy
lu whom I feel tniereated, Then there
1 ft Jolty tone -rvading 11, which
make u think life Is worth living,
and tlmt we may "latighand grow fat."
I am glad to know that there lis been
lllsjiat aker In !odea-iiilcnce, also
a good test luislluui. It la high time
that Ihe seals fell from the eye of the
bigoted, ami that th-lrearwvrcfl'ucd
to vgce from tlie Ureal Reyoud.
Mr. Hushuell ami I were Invited I y
Colonel and Mr. Hlveu to their luai.-
nilleent home, at Llvtngstnue, III!
tulle from here, to tul New Year's
day. We arose early to catch the inoru
lug train, and had ft delightful trip,
free of exieie. We crossed four
bridge, over the Han Joaquin, Htaul
lail, Tuolumne, and Mcrocd rivers, and
the scenery was flue. When the
trail) arrived, the carriage, with elegant
fur ml, awulted us, ami we were
whirled otf lu it Jiffy, and were met by
our hoit, hotto, and daughter, ou the
sti i, who heartily welcomed ti to
(heir domicile. After we hod removed
our outside garment, we were ushered
Into spacious dining-room, whew the
appetlJng mlors arising from the roast
turkey and other delicious condiment
assured u that the comfort hud not
been forgotten, and a we were hungry
after our long rldo ami early rising, we
lid full Justice to the delicacies set Is-
fore u. In Ihe evening about twenty
(Uncouple wssvuibll'd In tliclc ilimeiiig
bnll III tlic basenieiifi ahd tripped the
light fanfiwtlo bK uitll 1iree o'cl-iok
a, m., uild tlieii left i llh regret, -'' Cob
oilelaiid Mrs, lllcvii N k'l'g louu order
calle.1 tlic "Huu AhKH order tf Jlirtlt."
iiniJbavo,6lie MrgvJonnt' set asbh-l
lor suanet!." i ue corji nnu,uinrte'
fui'nlturs!iadc4,'" rfi-aiU'tKn, nnd -curtains,
tlie pure whlt jivltlVjiJIItlo (MP
0to blue on tliut able citrf(ud large
lamp shade. )il ciitcmng IlilsNipiirK
mcnt a feeling awe raiuA nr Hue,
ks i bd never before Hocn anything of
thc kind, but after honing tho invoca
tion, I felt nothing but plensum, and
enjoyed the word of wisdom which
fell from tho lips of some of the R'uk-
era. My visit to lilts lovely uinxlo will
not oon be forgotten, for violet and
other lovely (lower were In bloom lu
the garden, making one oblivion to
the fact there Is such a thing a frost or
mow. I um so delighted with Huu
Francisco that I think I shall prolong
my stay hero. Last evening Mr, Wm.
Emmctto Colcmnii, one of the greatest
savants and writura of tho age, spent
the evening here with his fiicmls, and
wns introduced to me, I feci proud to
meet men of his caliber, iisono can gain
knowledge from thcin. I wish a happy
New Year to all your milwu'llicix, and
liopo they will dully increase In num
ber, to that your purse may become
plothorlu, Your faithfully,
Marian K. La Ranhihur
Inukpkmiionoh, On., Jan, 0, 1802.
Notice to everybody that owes J. J).
rrvluc a grocery bill. Please call nt
tho IndoiHUiiluuco National bank and
settle the samo within the next, thirty
days. 1 have sold out and nut very
anxious to close up my books. I moan
business. Yours truly,
J. D, Irvine.
W. V. T, II. irfM,
lllf Ms, ft. A Ahsiss.l
Mr. F W. Allen, or Portland, one
of Oregon' lady coiunilloiiei for
the CnhiiuUmi Fxisislihiu, to be
held lu Chicago, It) l'fl; nlso Mr. A
II. Rigg, state president of the W.
(', T. I'., aUerimle of the exissiltlon
will accompany Mrs. Allen on visit
to Monmouth, and will meet the ladle
of thw town and vicinity In the Interest
of tin Columbian l'.pdilon, lu the
Christian church nt iM i. in., for the
pursw ofhilerestlng the ladle In the
great Xsis)tloii, ud fo forming ft local
amiety of the lady manageri All the
won icu of the community ate cordially
Invite,! to attend, mid hear w hat these
Iodic have to say, The occasion will l
one of lutirest.
Miw, lllgg wishes t iutstiill, ei-
clully the young ladle and gentlemen,
at 7 ii. ui. sain day mid nlace, lu the
Interest oftlie Young Wt. men's Chris-
(Ian Teiuiwratice Assncluiiou,
(I. H. caver, after forty years" hilmr
in i ne i nrisiiuu nuuisiry, w riu inns
In the I iitim Miwit eoni-crulng wo
limn' work: "No nival and iil
work of moral ami reliulou nature is
done liy iiuui alone, and dune a well
a It ought to t. Men are not eumii
to the evangelical work Ihu world
lieida. Woman w llio last llliule,
and made a the eniupleuient of man
with quicker ami atmugvr evangelical
sensibilities, With euual opporlmilllis.
Woman I tint Is'tter evaliiielist.
"Tim great mistake of the ago Is
that the woi Id lia Mcen irvlnu to !
saved by inell ulnlio. '1 tin woman ele
ment, and iwer,auil work, are needed
a much In the ehuivb bona, as die
domewtic home; a much In evangelical
worn, a in iiimiiosiiu worx.
"Hince the lairtt oiatued the great
modern crusade against liquor, by call
ing womaii to work In her own way.
there In, Usui more eltoct uol work done
fur temis-rauce, than lu all the ucs
lMnrw, r.lghttsui year of womau III
(hi work, ha Ueu Worth more than
all lime ts'fore w Ithout her. Tlie world
never saw sin h au nwakcniua a we
now have ou I lie sulijtvl of umsr.
nee, and pmiiliiitlMii, and wc all
cheerfully confess that weftwu lli liirlly
lu woman. Men work ts tirr and are
worth umre with women by their side
Our teuiHrauee men w ere never so
bruad, tlirti't, and werfut, a now
that lliey are quickened by woman
"Mum womau ha enteOMl into liter
ature, It ha greatly Improved. More
(Miiu bs tss'ome a leat her, clue
tlou tuts rapidly ademn.,, and the
school lis beiiaoe Ihe third estate of
tlie world.
"Men hve been running (heir gov
ernment without women, and lliey
Oieutselve wdiuit that tbey are full of
(dumb-ring, weaknews ami corruption.
U t womau lu, i;!i brisim and duster,
mop and illli'li,ti, and lti house of;
sllt would la a ch atter plats In a
altort lline."
Jjwl Hatimlay, the Loyal Iagloit
were ftmiuliling lu the church at
Monmouth, Wi plwu Hlaat walktsl lu,
Uik hi ( al the (aide, and so
meius'd w riting. S,miu found out
,e was htklng note or tile W Ml' illK
and now for fear he will ts- tst nitHlest to
tell II hiilM'lf, we want to tell (he rend
ers of 1 1 b- Wir HuK (bat he made a
MihmI httl lein.mii(V ssrch 10 the
U and girt. Mauy tlmnks, Mr.
Maul, ('omeagaiii.
In the city of Halem, ouihe Hth day
of January, S2, as "Morn, waked by
the circling hours, with rosy hands un
barred Ihe gale of light," ihe beautiful
spirit of Mr. Muttlo Hmlth, wife of Dr.
J. N. Huilth, Journeyed on and pasmsl
the istrtaU of life. Although lu the
early hlouiuniul fu I lues, of w miuuiiIhkkI,
she fulfilled every duty, and was
ready (o take ber itepitrtore. Earnest,
sincere, loving, and lovable; xt-almis, In
telligent, and thought Ail, she garnered
with busy hand the full brief uinmcr
of her life lu the heart wfatMiiislwnd,
father, mother, brothers, sister, and i
frletidi,-gissl il.sils, kind wonl, sweet
iiiemorlcx, thought "that Into glory
ep," and lmMrlshable love for her
elf. With her the key of life w not,
Iwll ;bu', I ihu t-l must mtit;tid,
I do It. How well she did it, oh, htt
bNiid, father, mother, brother, ulsters,
and f i lends, your love for her can alone
A one "w ho garner quietly and
slugs song (but all the hushed with
music thrlllj," In her work she glory
lied the common ollltv and duties of
life, ihe grandest pct of woman's work
III this world. Her sweet prvseoee wa
the chief eharm of her home, and her
hu-liiiiid and home were lint chief de
light of her heart. To him she was
nil ol t ruth, ts-auty, ami love, and for
him earth' lost aradls w restored
lit Ihe green Isiwcr of tln-lr home.
Many lsnutiml imliitliurs, the work of
Iter own hiilids, declare (lie lolly puiitv
of her soul and (hat nature was wltli
her In every charm supremo. With
this noble woman then was a pleasure
lu the pathless woods: there was a rap
More on the lonely shore; there wtts so
ciety wiiere none intrude tiy tlie deep
sea and music lu ita mar. Her gentle
niitiire found sweet coitiaiilushlp
with (lie llswersof the gulden; of them
and with tlicui she talked a wit It fa
miliar friend. Willi tender and loving
solicitude' she watched (heir growth,
ami their fragrance and lawny lilled
and adorned Iter homo. !( u believe
lhat she now walks In their midst, and
that her gentle bauds lire gathering
Mower of immortal blisau fast-liy tlie
throne of Uod. Uiaalhve. dear mo'ther;
your ineniory Is einlMiiined In our
heart. The bright messenger that
railed you hence hath left the precious
yrouilsti tliut wc, too, shall soon lie
culled. Yes, darling,
A liil' will I IhhiI, l,'p nur liolil,
Oiiiiwii in ivave lline Ui tlie Ueowr ntsl, the
iiler fnlili
Tji Jiij IniiiHirtal; Jfouth while we rnw old,
"Hhc was his life, tho ocean to the
river of his thought,"
- - --
MIliil-llrHilhiK anil Miinle,
Thei'titsrtuliiuicnt by the Carl King
combination hist Thursday evening
wu beyond all question one of the most
unique and clever ever seen In this city,
Consisting, a It did, of feats of thought
reading by Cart King, t ho mlnd-rcudcr.
and musical selections Icy thttcclebraloil
Hptinlsli Troubadours, headed by the
r icu t luaudolli) artist, lion Jose Ram
Ire. There waa at every point some
thing to uiiuihc, entertain or Interest the
lurgo audience. The trtmiim ha ou
several occasions snoken In glowing
tonus of the wonderful faculty possessed
hy Mr. King. He 1 simply a marvel.
The liglitulng-lllto rapidity with which
he perforins his various feats. Booming
to catch tho thought of his suhjeui al
most before it 1 thoroughly formed lu
tha latter' mind, iHlmjly astonishing.
He gave the plu test ilndlug a pin
hidden In an obscure place, and, blind
folded, placing It lu tho hole from which
It had been taken, with all case imagin
able. Articles woro collected from a
number of person lu tho audience,, and
Mr. King, blindfolded, found them
and returned them to tho owners,
Not tho least enjoyable feature of
tho enterlalnniciit was the delight
ful iiiiinilolln in id guitar playing of
Eon Jose Riimlrcx and the Spanish
troubadour, from Madrid! Mr. Rum-
Irex Is I lie champion niando-
ltnisMil the world, unit thu cuso with
wlilcli he play the tnost dltllcult oper
atic sclootions. which are attempted iiy
no other artist on the mandolin, stainim
him as the king of artists lu his line.
Mtutny uregomnn,
MAllltA(,K or (ikIIHliK f KOH4I.
M Wu AeMlil hf M'lrs, soil
rlsd J.l Klghl,
tt M
There I ft romance connected with
the marriage of ( leorgc Hi mug, baker
of Initi peloletii', which waa solemn
lyicdhy the Ib'V, N. FIiiipp, of Fist
portlimd, last evening,
On the I'.tliday of last lkietiilier, W,
II. Hawlcy, ft banker of 1 uli.mdenee,
caaiially reumrki d toHtroug: "I would
Ilka to st you get insrrled. If you
will get married, I will buy you ft '
"How tsain will I have to got mar
ried lu order to gel Ihe will?" ftkd
Ht mug.
"In month," was the reply.
"Can't you give me few day long
er?" fked Htroiig, who was Isglunlng
toeonnlder the proHMltlou with an eye
Hut Hawlcy would not extend the
time, ami all bough pracliml banker,
he would not even allow Htroiig the
usual throe day of grace.
"Roy, you have ail heard Ihe agree-
itM'iit," said Htmng, turning to aeveral
frlciiils, w ho wcrelislcuiug to the con
versation, "and In case I get married
Inside of a mouth. I w ant that suit of
All considered the proposithui In the
light or ft Joke, mid thought nothing
more uhout the matter, hut Htroiig
fisilid them all.
Like ft great many other young men
who leave the East to s'k their for
tune out III the West, Wrong left
sweetheart at home, fur whom he still
had tender feeling that neither time
nor distance could obliterate. Hbe
lived In New York, lis wnrte her ft
litter the following day. making
formal proHisnl of marriage, with In
struction U answer by wire nt once,
He also Inclosed it draft with
which to buy a ticket to Portland and
lefray other Incidental traveling ex-
Sllc, In cose her heart was still In
the right place.
The answer came back, " ."
The brhh-clcet arrived Wednesday
evening, and lost night h was made
Mr. Htroiig, Htroiig' month will I
up to-day, o he I one day obetnl of
time, ami ho well curneil the f-VI suit
be wu promlm'd a mouth ago. Ore
ijtmlun, Jumumj ,
The htppy rwiple arrived In inde
pendence on hist Frlilay' train, and are
for the prewmt stopping at D. II. Tay
lor's, the groom's fonner Issinllng
place. They will, however, go to
housekeeping In the near future. The
bride expniw herself as being very
well phased with our little city, nnd,
although it will not compare with
Rnsiklyu, her former home, In lnt of
population, yet, for natural beauty ami
equable climate, It exceed anything in
New York. The WmstHU'K extend
heartiest congratulation, nd wUhc
that (heir voyage over life' ea may Is?
without ripple.
ii, v not ii r
That ist organ, w e mean. We ex
pect to give R to some church society,
you know, and most any one of them
can get IU Why, there are several
churcbe In Polk county thai can get
the requisite nuuiis'r of sultscrils-rs
w ithout going outside of their organ
isation, Oct the children out, and M
M m help. Just think, dear readers,
bow much easier and quicker It I. to
get a beautiful organ lu thl way than
by taking up collection and giving en
terttillililelits. Rut VOU Heed not stop
(he collection and entcrtalimieut.
You w ill have Just that much mote
money left for other purpose. Re
mcmlH'r, thl I actually ihe very finest
oigwn that money can buy, Aud we
award It with (ho guarantee that If at
any lime wihm thrrr jrmn you aw not
sat Idled w ith It, w e w ill refund you the
money ami tou six )rr trot wrcr
rfor rAf mc of ll. Thl organ I the
crowning triumph of (he great house of
Daniel F. Realty, or Washington, N. J.
llml-KiUls Trsautellau.
Polk County IjuuI Cotupany' sale
tho mst w k arc:
Four lota In Talitiiigetolevl W. Ellis,
consideration lino. ,
Four lota lu Tiilmiigo to E. N.
Thompson, consideration $ tu.
Two lot in Tiilumge to J. L. Peter
sou, consideration f.isi.
Twelve acre tract, near 1ihIcs ii
dence to Alice Whlteomh, consideration
M, L. White to F. A, Pat tenon: res
idence proriy In Independence: con
sideration tf 1-tsi
V. A. Patterson to J. D. Irvine nnd
others, HI acres adjoining Indepen
dent', consiiieratloit js'N..
W. V. Per.4val to F. P. and E.I. H.
Rversi'M li-ltHl acns uear I ndeiaMideiicc.
consideration if-IKHI.
HoiiKaty I Hi llrt 1'olliy.
This Is ii pnlent-mcdlcliie ailvcrtlse
mcnt, but your nttcutlon one moment
may save you much suH'erlng as well its
We euro tlmt cough.
Wc euro that tickling,,
Wc cure that hacking.
Wc cure that throitt olcnrlng.
We cure Croup,
We cure Rroncliltls.
Wo cure tlmt La Orlppn Cough,
We help you to slug and Hiuk.
Wo aro not tho H. R. Loauigc.
Wc are a pleasant Cough Hyrup,
Weureplit up InfiOand 75 -cent
We are the 8. B. Cough Cure.
Gaurauteod by all druggist.
llsattyi Pinion sail Orgsn.
lion. Daniel F. Ilciitty, the great or
gan am! piano manufacturer, Is build-'
lug mid shipping more organ nnd
pianos than ever. In 1870 Mr. Realty
left homo a penniless plow-boy, and by
his Indomitable, will he ha worked his
way up so its to sell so far, nearly lOO.OtH)
of Reittty'g organs ttnd pianos since 1870,
Nothing seems to dishearten him; ob
stacles laid In his way that would have
wrecked any ordinary umn forever, he
turns to an advertisement nnd conies
out of It brighter than ever. His
Instruments, as 1 well known, are
very popular nnd aro to bo found lu all
parts of the world, Wo are Informed
that during the next ten years he In
tends to sell 200,000 more of hi make,
Thnt menus tv business of liJO.OOO.OOO If
wc average them al $100 eiiclt. It Is al
ready thu largest business of the kind
In existence. Send to Daniel F. Bontty,
Washington, JTew Jersey, for catalogue,
Hsllu llsms.
A new butcher shop I about to lie
opened up.
Y M. Evo was hero hi the Interest
ot the Portland JJinifvh.
Jacob Rukrr, of Liirkliunule, wo lu
tlie city on busiues nssmtiy.
The tax lew ho not yet been made.
Our court Is will ling on the action of
the state,
Monday waa fine day, -and time
psarcd very lively In Dallo. It
teemed lmot a holiday season.
Dr. Hite suy be ha quit the prac
tice of medicine. He I ft t's kbolier
In the pnwpm tlve Dulls woolen mill.
W. I. Wright, tha llvft rcal-eaUU
agent, reixrrui the asle on Monday of
two lot in towu, prle recelveil for
same t'M. '
Jim MAgeraoonUunplaUwftddlug mm
sidt-ralily Ul the I'lty lioiel lu the spring.
At the pri-sout liuiu It Is pleasant re
treat for the hungry.
Mail 'mitraetor T. A. Fark-y nqsirt
the nsuls ts'tweell Dallas and Halem
tlie worst he ever aw them. Jiut be
make his trip on time ocverthclcs.
Carey Enibivc I the oldest cltiwn of
1 )n Has, be Is lnif now eighty-Mix year
f aire. He 1 also the oldest ploms-r,
having lived near the town since 1Mb i
We notlcetl our old friend I. Km
luoli, walking sIkmii. Heat one time
w as It-adiiiu men huiit of Italia. He !
now carries grubbing hoe iiisleatl of
a lelillng Hie yardstick.
The Dullo llourlmr mill I operated
Isiut Ilfleeu hour out of the twenty-
four. 'They turn out about threo bar
rel of tlour to the hour. Not very
large supply or wueat on nauti.
The Democratic club of Dttluut now
numia-r seventy-live member, with
Ihe prosia-ct of there soon Wng a hun
dred. '1 hey are HauKiiiue of great
victory in roiK county in June,
Pat Huulie, the pioneer boot aud
siiiK-iimKer ot iNtiios, uiii keei "peg.
glugaway." J lei now sixty-one year
or age ami yet can put soli under your
reel, in lite !eiice of any elsewhere.
LlmUiy Kohl, in still move around.
Ill slithl hd Uxsime very defective.
making ll ditlleull for him to mxieuliw
the limn or mentis. Iu olden times lie
wa III chief and only teacher of vocal
iiiusiu in i 'oik county. .
We had ft very pleasant chat with
Hon. T, J. Hayler about time past
ud prc.-iit. Jin was luemls-r of the
leglsfsture the w-s-ion ufls'rt, and
elosely guurdisl the loU-reisnr bis con
stitiieiit. Ho hi no (ireeley iH-nua-rat,
neither is he protectionist.
W. C. Rrow it A Hon are doing gl
busllicHs. MissHaltle Williams, daugh-
l-r of J. J. William, is head clerk. Hie
move ts'Iilud the counter w lib much
gmee, aud with pk-aslug smllea bands
over uie many eotiimislltii purcltattetl
by the pat rons of the house,
J. M. Oraut wear his star gracefully.
Tliut star wbervver borne command
rtsct, and Mr. (Jrant sees to It that
peace reigns In the city. Hi having
servtsl a innrstial over six year con
tinuously, gives evlileiioe that be 1 the
right mau in (be right place. He read
(lie WlxrHiun.
A (elegraui fnaii Halcm announced
Ihe death or Mr. Hmllh, wife
of Dr. J. X. Hmlth of that city, and
later of M. M. Ellis, of Dallas. Mr.
F;ill started tmmisllatt-ly for Halem.
The cause of her deatlt wa piareml
fever. We extend lo the bereaved out
our heartfelt condolence.
Jialy, Hlbtcy & F'jtkln have nice
and com modioli ortliw here, Thl Is a
strong firm, and most of the time they
recugai;cd In atlemllng (o (be want
of (Ins needing legal eounatd. Mr.
Daly huajust returned from Portland,
where he iuilills-d much Jelfersouuin
!vinsracy. He Hunk Polk 1 all
Cli ITord i Irk at riek , a patriot ic you n g
mau of Dallas, Its cooitm-uot-d to raise
a coutauy of voluuttsT to make for
Cbiliasstsui ft the disturbance com-metu-in.
F'rtan lust acvounta he bad
si-veuty-two iiamesenrolitsi. He I a
bright yoting man of martial apiiear
anct, and I now ready at the call of
(he government, to take up arm In her
deft-use. Hurrah for the Italia volun
teer. We find the people of Italia
ently contented, quietly
itly contented, quietly pursuit
untuiug uielr
usual vocation and hots-fiil as
to the
future. We claim that Folk county Is
I In- liest eooot to Ihe slate liolvtllli-
standing trtlcs in and alsnit Salem
won nt (iiscoiirucemuniirrauui trom set
tling on Itils side of the river. They
point to the F,la hill andsny, There Is
polk county, 1 1 Is a jssir platv to settle.
ThestiH'kholdersof the woolen mill
mot at the court hou Monday at 1
o'clock and elected the following direct
ors: W.C. Rrown, Peter Allison, M,
M. Ellis, H. V. Craven, T, K. Wll.m,
W. P. Wright, and J. F. tlravea. The
wisileu mill will he built, aud It will
add much to the business Interests of
Hut whole county, when we left the
courthouse fsni.jQ of stiK'k had been
taken hy partiea present.
't Rkportkk,
llii. klrn't Arnlea KsIts,
The lawt salve In the world for cuts,
bruise, soft, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped bands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tively cures piles, or no pay required.
It Is guaranteed to give iierfoct satis
faction, or money refunded. Price, 25
cents per Ikix. F'orsaleby any drug
gist, j
ftloekliolilcrs' Moellnf.
The annual meeting of the sbaa-
holders or Ihe Independence Water?
anil I'.iecirio l.tglil company or Inde
pendence, ur., tor me ekcimn ol tttrec
tors will is' held nt the parlors ot the
iiKicisMHicucv rsititouai taink iu said
city Is-twtH'u ten and twelve o'clock,
(Saturday the 30th day uf January 1S!U,
ami for tlic transaction of such other
business that may come before the
J l. J l. J ASI'KKSOK, N'C y.
lM)KI'KNl)KS(lH'C,ailh, WU.
The Racket is rumbling all over the
Tho Racket Is putting the prices all
Tho Racket is causing the people to say,
"If you want to buy cheap, come see us
The Racket luce curtains, one dollar
per pair,
The fabric so fine, the pattern so rare.
The lino Racket shirt, as white as the
They sell for a dollar, how fast they do
Ladies' hairpins, two for a dime,
Two thimble for a uickel, O ray! what
a time.
Shoes, trinkets, nnd notions, we soli
themso cheap, ;
Our customers laugh, and competitors
weep. .
You can llnd us ou nciln street, Inde
pendence, Oregon.
B.F. Andukws.
When Baby was sick, t e gate her Castorla.
W hen she was Child, the orled tor Castor:.
When site became Miss, the olung to Castorla.
When ihe bad CblUrou, site gave tbum Castorla.
An A$4 L4j.
NrwOHt.r.A, Jan. 14.-Mr. I.ydla
Rean, reprmenting many of the best
famllle In New Orleans, on Tuesday
otipl,rutd Um l'Hb tnulveraory of kcr
birth. A retx'ptlon wa held and ft ooti-
J gri-gatlon of her deacelidanU gfttliered
bout ber to celebrate tb event. The
old lady 1 remarkably well prwerved.
Her hair I full and not completely
white. Her eyesight I only beginning
to fall, while Ih poaacsat- all ber facul
ties lu a vlgopKi degree,
: At 1km Holm, Iowa, on January
lath, tha thermometer showed thirty
degree below xero,
Ttio ooldtut t on tlie earth 1 at
Werkbojausk, In HIIstu, whert tha
llieriiiometcr ho regtaUtred 81 degree
Isrlow xera The soil there la froxen to
a depth of four hundred feet.
A ftmki VmtUtr.
Makvhviu.1, CaL, Jan. 14, 1C
F,imii Wixr Hib: In the JJalem
Si(ilrmnn I noticed an lu-m alsmtyour
Issue of a bollday number, Aa I Intend
to remove to soma part of tha Willam
ette valley, I would be pk ased If you
would end mo that holiday Issue, in
order to get soma Information about
your country. I Inclose ten cent in
postage stamp. Yours truly,
A. Ladvnmki,
MII)1JLKHAM.-In Independence,
January 0, W2, to the wife of R. H.
Mlddlehsm, a girl; weight, olna
pound. Mother and child doing
well, but the father's case Is quite
Notic I hereby given that I wilt
not I responsible for any bill con.
trai ted by my hmtljand, Jasper Ken
uedy, from thl data on.
Martha A. Kkmukuy,
Independence, Oregon.
January 2n, 1M2.
ladrada 4 Msa-aoatb Mahsr Lis
lsss Imw
lndn-ii,lttiet, MonniiMKh.
slo :
rl llnll
11:14 I2:l ,
S:ti ' iit,
b'O 1.1
. IkU .4 .
F. Anstlne, tlie house furnisher.
New line of decorated ware at Walk
er Rru.
New Orleans molaaaea in barrels at
W. Ilrtta.
lUa-k Candy syrup, the best in the
city at T..W. Kates'.
T. W. Estea wants ail the butler and
eggs in Folk county.
Hot and cold water baths at any hour
at Heukle's bath house. ' tf
Public auction at F. Anstine's In
Monmouth next Wednesday. Please
note and act accordingly.
Hetid your laundrying to the Salem
steam laundry where It will be done
In the best of order.
When it comes to low prices, T. W.
Estc la fairly in It. He pays cash for
his goods, aud sella way down.
To people who pay cash for groceries,
It will pay you to call on T. W. Estea
and get his prices. He can knock 'em
all out.
When In quest of a shave or hair cut.
call In at Heukle's barber shop. Bank
building, Main street, Independence,
Oregon. tf
Halcm steam laundry, 230 Liberty
street, Halem, Oregon, docs all kinds of
laundry work In a flrst-cuuw niauner.
Free delivery to and from Indepen
Remember when In Halcm to call lu
at Strong's restaurant, now Westaoott
A Irw in, and get a meal not to be ex
celled on the Paclflo coast for 25 cents,
st 271 Commercial street. tf
Westaeott A Irwin, 271 Commercial
street, furnish the best meals to be had
In Halcm, for 25 cents. When in Halem
give their restaurant ft trial and get
your appetites satiated with all the
delicacies the market affords.
It. A brown leather folio of or
chestra music beteewen Independence
and Monmouth, or in Monmouth.
Anyone finding the same will be suit
ably rewarded by leaving It- at this
Bee Anstine's new line of chairs and
Qo to Monmouth and buy furniture
of Anstlne.
Hhcllcy A Vanduyn are dosing out a
lot of shoes without regard to cost.
Come amljret them at hair price.
Our holiday Issue Is not yet exhausted,
and you should scud for copies and
scud them to your friends East, aud
elsewhere. Better than a hundred let
ters is our New Year's Issue. Only
five cents a copy,
Denervlaf lrUe.
We desire to say to our eltlsens, that
for years we have been selling Dr.
Ktng'sXewDiscovery forCousumptlou,
Dr. King's New Life Pills, Bucklcu's
Arnica Halve and Elcctrlo Bitters, and
have uever handled remedies that sell
as well, or that give such universal
satisfaction. We do not hesitate to
guarantee thorn every time, aud we
statid ready to refund the purchase
price, if satisfactory results do not fol
low their use. These remedies have
won their great popularity purely on
their merit All druggists.
niere stl,
tlrd in 11,
kcrcoBt tj". Ore f-in JJ
sun, ni -what Jl l
is now Itakrr City, PCMTlI D V
d'man who has sine LCll I U It I
become ttknlliicd with tlic resource anil JJfrt
development of country. This man flVlvJ
ta no oilier th.iu Mr, Jotia Stewart, one of the
wealthiest tout man influential citliens i Ihe
county. !n n rsontt h-tter he say ! " I had been
rmltertue; from litis i:t my back and general kid
ney coiuptuint l'ir Hinic tiine, and had used many
remedies without any but temporary relief. The
pnina in my t wit It id hecome so severe that I wa
prevented from (.Ib-nrtlng to my work and could
not move about without the nae of a cane, Hear
h,K. thromrh a file nd, of the wonderful cures ef
fected by Oregou Kidney Tea, I wna induced to try
a box, and from thnt very first dose I found instant
relief, aud before ti 1ms' lialf the content of the
bo the palus nybaci entirety disappeared,
I hnve every fiviih i:t lite virtues of the Oregon
Kidney Tea, an t cati conscientiously recoiumeud
h to my frki.ds. 1 would not be without it for
Oreguit Kidney Tea cures bncka;he, ince-'t.
nence of t lite, brick dust sediment, buruir
painful sensation while urinating, and all
lions of the kidney or urinary organ of elu