The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, September 25, 1891, Image 3

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Cut KiKSsStitejaf
riUDAV.fiKiTKMUKttaa, tsai.
IT.Ougnld watch, filled caw,
opeu hi. Wm hat between I.ttckla
uiuteand Independence. A UUrHl re
ward will be paid to the finder, when
brought to the Wsst Sipr oftlee.
A Goon "Hit Mr. J . J. Daly said
at the openlug exercise at Monmouth
but Tuesday that Mr. Nollticrs Mlv.
tlou wim bceauae h married a lMlk
' eouttty lnty. We believe It, and k
young men If t hoy see lh point, for nil
we can say In, go end do likewise,
' K1.RCTIOX. The Mate Agricultural
Society held ll regular auuual meeting
at Saletu bwt Tuesday evening. T. J
Appcrton wm re elected president
The society authorising the preeldfiit
and secretary to deed nil land, build
ings, ect., of the society to (be state
board of agriculture. Another reao-
tutktn dme away with the old board of
managers, and hereafter only preat
dent, vloeprealdeut, secretary mid tree-
urer will be elected.
Hotsl 801.U-J. M. Ktark, of Illl
now hM bouitht the City hotel aud
will take charge uext week. Mr,
Stark will build additions at onw aud
meet the demand ol the lrk. Mr.
and Mr. Mark will attend strictly to
business, and we bespeak for them a
gratifying iuwwi We mut say Mr,
aud Mr. Cltbeon, the retiring host ami
hoatces, had built up the beat trade
that hat ever beeu at the City hotel In
our knowledge. They have uuuli
tuore out of It than auy other we
know of. We welcome Mr. and Mr
tftark. We bid Mr. and Mm. liibson a
kindly goodbye.
A OUTtoi8M.-The edltorof tlie New
port Time My: "It la atrauge that
ucb ao Inetltutlon m the State Fair can
not be made attractive enough to In
good tU day. Kxlilblt were nearly
all put In place Mouthy. Why cauiioi
exhibit be placed In position In time t
make a decent show Monday aa wella
any other day of the week. No won
der mauy aay It I but a time of yeai
when the (porta aud tinhorn are given
a chance to ateal enough to last them a
year. 81 x day of ftdr I none too much
for ao grand a atnte a Oregon, thru let
the fair be alx days, not advertise six
and have a decent fair only two,
A Jokk. -Through an Informant we
learn that oue of our sutwtantlat far
mer, who la quite uceomful at rallug
Watermehm, had sacked up some tw
or three on a certain occasloti to take'to
one of our residence on the comer,
where he enjoy nmkiug a call no
and then, and after putting them in
the buggy went to diuuer, clurtiij
which time hi bny took out the top
me lou and put In a large pumpkin.
Upon arriving at the above tueiitloueo
Comer aud a he proceeded Jo take the
melon out for a protent, you may linsg
Ine hi chagrin ou fludlg they were
puoipklua, and the Joke that hud been
played upon liiin. If eveyone knew
the particular a we do, thta would I
considered a first clam Joke.
TheOuimt H0K8K. According to
the Mempbi thmmmlal, the oldest
hone In the United Slates ht owned by
Major Kobert Maas, of Louiivllle, Ky.
Ivaiiboe, a be la callcil, ha done duty
tu thl hard world for furty-eeveii
year. During the Civil war Ivsnhw
wm stolen several time. lie succeeded
In escaping from hi captors, however,
and made hi way ba'k to the field m
bis owner. The old bone, which I the
pet of the children of the neighbor
bood, bears on the right flank the ear
of a gunshot wound received In the
Mexican war at the battle of ltucna
V1U while ridden by Mnjor Maw
grandfather. The bone live un
boiled corn aud other soft food, a be
baa lost all of hi teeth. I van hoe was
the chief attractlou at the cattle fair
held In Lexington latt fall.
JofiepiiiNE County A
great and useful discovery has been
made recently In Josephine county,
about three mile from the Southern
Pacific railroad. A large bed of sluie
of superior quality, and the supply In
exhaustible. Tbis I the first slate dis
covered, having a commercial value,
In Oregon or Washington, or on the
Pacific coast, except In Colorado, where
two quarries are In successful opcrutlou,
and paying large profit. The slate
supply has beeu, previous to 1800, con
fined to the Atlautic coast The
proprietor of these slate bed arc
Itlggs & Titman. John L. Kltrgs Is an
old resident of Polk county, grandson
of J. U. Itlggs, the pioneer merchant
of Dallas. H. Titman Is a resident of
Newport, Kenton county. Oregon need
not look beyond her own boundaries
in the future for her own supply ol
late for roofing or school slute. This
makes fire-proof covering for buildings,
and can be furnished at very season
able rates. Oregon beats the world for
everything, her resources are absolutely
beyond computation.
Daintv Lady Drummers. The
sphere of woman's usefulness has been
ao enlarged ivlth the advancement ol
civilization that it looks as if the ladies
might after awhile hold the men a
mighty close rub In almost any busi
ness vocation. One of the most dull
est callings, seemingly, would bo for
ladle to become successful drunihiers,
but there Is at least one Oregon lady,
who Is doing Just this, lie name Is
Mrs. F B. Kobblns, and she travels for
the Portland Cracker Company and
Candy Work. 8he has been in this
city for a day or two, and captured bei
order as gracefully m any of the whis
kered commercial travelers, and she
did It In a modest refreshing manner,
t the same time with all the business
eclat of her male compeers. There
would be something dangerous to tin-
average country dealer In sending out
a emissaries of trade these dainty hi
of feminine cleveruess, aud some string
-check -for instance the dealer's wife-
would be needed in the business to
prevent possible bankruptcy from ovel
goneroslty in placing orders, Albany
The suu ahlnea.
The weather cool and pleasant.
Iiook out for some big ad, soon.
The Normal school la now In
Htudents arriving every day at Mon
Venlaon Is now plentiful In the meat
The geutle rain brlugeth forth lh
green gra.
Considerable real estate changed
haud thl week.
Ho and ee M. D. Scott and make a
contract for your painting. gw
When you want to buy a Wkht Hints
call at Wheeler's bookstore,
The fouudatlon of J. F. O'Oonnell
uew brick la about completed.
Cheat aeed for aale by Mrs, L, M
81oHr. one mile south of town.
Our advertising smc la nearly all
taken.. "Uwt cornea, first aerved."
ludependeuce and Monmouth will
aoou be one, as the motor line I one.
Tell the people what you have for
aale, and they will know where to buy.
The Wkrt Kidk, the great advertis
ing medium for Pulk and Marion couth
The Kulght of PythlM are growing
rapidly In Iudewndnce, That la,
the bulge k
A large uumtier of atudeuta arrived
thl week Ar tlie openlug of the Mon
ni'Hith Normal school.
Hakim' Uiant base ball team will be
over Sunday aud show our tadl team
how to play base ball.
Dave Oclwlck always ha on hand
fresh caudlee, Key Weat cigar and
tropleal fruits lu season.
Kit. Johnson sent Into our market
till week seven flu deer. He la a
Nlmrod wbk-h you read about.
Time are getting so much easier,
except for the man that dm to pay
security debta, and hut own, aa well.
We have mail arrangemenla to
keep the Wkht Bins on tale at W. 11.
Wheejer bookstore, Five cent per
It everyoue knowing tltemwlve
Indebted to the late Arm of Jone Ut
ter come forward and settle all account
lueaald firm.
Independence la the only place where
ladle have been admitted free to ball
name. Itemember Huuday they pay
twenty-five cent.
Mr CC. Huff aud tier daughter
Grace, woo kt eleven year old, made
$.16.50 plcklug hop during the hop
picking aeaaon thl year.
If you want something nice go and
examine the stock of Kallcr Leweu
stirs' Just received by Bhelley A Van
luyn. Ttiey will try and please
Krvle lo the Christian church at
II a. m. and 7 p. m. on Huntlay, Rept.
Zlt To these servk the public
ao Invited. IX V. Poling, pastor. .
ltcllglou service In the Evangelical
hurch 011 Batibath morning and even
iir by Itev. A. 8. Copley, the pastor.
Come to the sanctuary of the Iord. '
Wm. Marks, ktcated on C street,
opened up thl week with a full lino of
,-lgam, toliaceo, caudle and confection
ry. Watch for hi new ad. next week.
Macaulay A ItolierlsiHi will have
ihelr final winter millinery opening
Friday aud Saturday, Hept. 25th and
SUh. All are cordially Invited to at
The sawmill here I worklugup to
it full capacity. Prescolt A Veness
are ready to fill all order at lowest
prices on shortest notice and have the
beet of lumber.
"rtnlrit Mother Hear My Prayer," a
touching solo, whose author are Mr.
aud Mm. Laltaualcur, of thl city, will
be sung at the Evangelical service
Bunday evening.
Itemember ladle and gentlemen
will be charged twenty.flve cent ad
mission to ball game Sunday lo order
to pay the large expense of securing
Salem' first nine.
Quire practice at Mm. J D. Irvine'
Friday night. The members of tlie
Evangelical quire are urged to attend.
IcHsm. K-bring and Hill will assist In
the music hereafter.
In making up ordlanoe No. 79, which
we print on our first page thl week,
he foreman got section s inserted In
section 9, which you will please observe
In reading the same.
The City hotel wm advertised for
sale three weeks ago In ouly three pa
pers, and there were six application
to purchase In that time. It la sold.
It pay to advertise.
T. J. Fryer sold alx hundred bead of
mutton sheep to Portlaud parties. He
will deliver the same this week. Jeff
Is the boss sheep man. No good bar
gain escapes his notice.
Itemember when in Salem to call lu
at Htroug's rcstauraut, now Westaoott
k Irwin, and get a meal not to be ex
celled on the Pacific coast for 28 cents,
it 271 Commercial street. tf
Itev. Isaac Peart will preach Sunday
night In the Methodist church. Bub
led: "A problem to solve, or a ques
tion this world must answer," Hing
ing conducted by Mr. White.
Through the kindness of Jas. Harris,
of Suver, we were the recipients of a
box of delicious prune, plums and
pears which were raised on his place,
tfor'whlch he has our hearty thanks.
M. C. Russoll's Jump Seat Surrey,
tbe two daisies can't be beat In Oregon,
look at them and be convinced tbat
they are beauties and are A, No, 1 In
every respect. Next door to O'Donell'a
In looking over our School Journal
list tbe other day we noticed that Her
mann Hlrscbberg, of Independence,
was the very first cash eubscrli er for
theournaJ. Thl wm In December,
Dr, Butler picked some ripe straw
berries from hi garden tbis week.
They were good, for we tasted them
There are on the vine blooms, green,
half-ripe and ripe strawberries, A va
riety indeed. " ' '
Dr. J. K. Locke Is hereby constituted
agent for the West Bidk at Buena
Vista, and wheresoever dispersed. He
will receipt for all money, take sub
scriptions, advertisements, etc., etc.
4t J. II. X. Bell k Son.
TxWrfcrica ornffm"aV OfVK.'JStrr V H WMrAlMtNTiOr
church Habbatu morning insjki or
theevenlngM prevlsouly ennouuoed.
The evening service will be given to
II,. UWiil. Ululnn I vnlk.
the Woman' Home Mission work.
Address by Mia Alice Vase, late of
Our city marshal ) the street
With slow and steady l JL In search
of violator of the law, but lilt arerch
la In vain, Owing to the civilising In
fluencee of tbe Wwr Hum, he hM few
opportuultle to call luto exercise the
operation of the law to vindicate the
people rlghta,
The editor enjoyed the sight of the
Capitol ally this week aud took In sev
eral day of the Mr, but the fair I but
a poor exhibition except say two day
of the week, Even the county fair la
Minnesota and Dakota and Iowa com
pare well with Oregon' slate fair,
A'eufHirt Jtnies,
After much exertion, ltev. F. H.
Noel, of Roaeburg, hM finally succeeded
In securing tb pmmlse of the I'rsulln
rziiu zzzr.
Lit.. f ll.l.. M tfU.lMl.IUIt
which will be eondueted by most com-
rf.,,t .in u inl
.11 tat'tNhuskmih HvIh.
at Dal la.
the Evangelical asmnlatlon will onu
veneat Indianapolis, Ind., on Oct
1, 1N01. In view of thl fact, this day
hM been set apart to be observel by
special prayer and fasting throughout
the church. Conformably to such an
arraugement, their will be preactiiug
by the paator lu tbe Evangelical church
at 7 JO to-ulgbt. You am heartily wel-
Tti Portland Industrial Exposition
give special excursion rate from all
sUtlous on the Southern Pacific com-
nanv'. line In Oregon, to Portland aud
return. TlckeU entitling holder lo ad -
mission to ex nail Ion will be aokl mr
train of Mouday. Wednesday, and
Friday, commend ui Friday. Sent. 1&
Ittttl, and ending Friday, October Ift,
1881, good ft return within ten days
from date of sale. Kates made known
upon application to deHt agnt. E.
linger, Asst. Gen. Paa. Agent; T.
If. Goodman, Gen, Passenger Agent;
Itlchard Gray, Geu. Traffic Manager.
How many Intending visitor to the
great Portland Industrial
be held at Portland from September 17 Damon, and bis wife, aud Mr. Full
to October 17,haveever seen the ludiao ter aud wife left Independent
In hi native ceremonies and wlld.welrd
danceaT How many have ever seen
war dance or a ghost deuce, such m
eaute o near plunging tlte country In
to a bloody Indian war but winter?
Those who have uot will have an op
portunity to witness these peculiar cere-
moulals of the savage at tbe coming
expoaltion, m Superintendent Mitchell I
hM succeeded In procuring from the
Umatilla reservation a number of noble
red men for this purpose.
There will be a baby day at the Port-
Uud Industrial Kxtasiltlon. which
onen at Porllsnd Sentamber 17. Tbla
- I
day will be October 12: and every
f..j f. .IL- win
aia hiuimvi m w hhiiw
uw Her i iu """"
bulkUng, baby and all with the ptwul
consckiusnea tbat with her nursling
no other can compare. What an array
of cherubic darling will be presented
lo the bewildered Judge, who, m some
time happens, may be bachelor
and know nothing about tbe little
"God's blessings!" Woe betide them If
their decision awards not the prise to
the sweetest, prettiest and beat. Better
for their peace of mind that they were
umpire of a base ball game.
A numler of our cltlxeus went to
Portland lsst Friday and Saturday to
see Sara Bernhardt In the rendition of
some ol her irreat olsva On Krldsv
nls-hL Gm first nerrornismw. liw hoa
nwwlnt wm iiwoi.AO. Th i.(ol
nutiiM fr tha thrm huiorin ni..rtMin.
menta given by Sara Bernhardt and
ber company of forty-three person
amounted to Just about $15,000. This
Is a large amount to gratify the dra-1
matlc side of our human nature. Vet a Statamtw reporter yesterday, of mak
we caunot take exception to this fact, lug a fill serosa take tablsh, made me-
m million are expended dally for
much less good to the human family,
and much more might he spent lo
better causes. We quote what this
lady mid to au Ortgonhtn reporter re-
latlve to "making money" aud
"Amerlcau men." Mr. D. P. Tliomp-
son, of Portland, after her return from
around the world, told us that the
women In Hweden were "the sweetest,
oleanest, and most lovely" she bad
ever seen, but the "American men
were the most magnificent seelmeus
of a cultured and polite people she bad
met with In all,her travels."
Bo Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Bern
hardt wltb an experience of obser
vation that few have enjoyed, speak In
terms so unlike some others we have
heard and read of, that we breathe a
sigh of relief, and are truly thankful
that the American "Lords of creatkm,"
are not as bad hs some we wot of, won Id
have us believe. How true, that
American sous are kings and American
daughters are queens. Here I what
Hara Bernhardt says;
"My earnings during my career?
Nothing." (Here she waved her arms
In tbe air and let them fall.) "Nothing,
I auy. It comes, It goes. I keep no
account Could I not spend money I
would not earn It. Money I to spend.
I detest accounts. I don't bother. I
have enough. I never calculate I
can't culculute. Ob, bother the money,
"I like the American men and the
American audience as well as the
French almost, when the audience is
Intelligent, and not there from mere
curiosity. American men are perfect,
because tlie aim of the American man
is to work for tbe American woman.
He live to lighten the burdens of
woman. No other countryman works
so gallantly and toll so bravely for tbe
woman be loves m the American."
The stockholder of the Indepen
dence Land, Loan and Building As
sociation are hereby notified to meet at
the office of the, secretary Monday
evening Sept. 28th at 7:80 p m. for the
purpose of extending the limit of said
Jambs Oibsok J, 8. Cooper,
Secretary, President.
1 Mm, J. W, Kirkland and lira, John
I Kirkland isvs tb Wnrr Hi UK office a
Very pleasant call yesterday. .
.. .... .. ..
Clarence Heukle returned from Port
land Monday where be had been at
tending tbe exposition a few day.
Ml Delia Uyem, returned from Port
land last Friday on account of III health
We acknowledge a pleasant call uwt
H. M. Line, of Indewnce, and W
W, Iilnea, of !ebenon, are In attend
nee thl week In Portland at the
undertaker' meeting,
Mis Nora Miser, who Iim been visit-
lug In Southern Oregon for aouietliue,
returned yeaterday to take charge of
her school near Monmouth.
J. H. Alexander and wife of Buena
Vlata, are eomblulng oualnea with
pleasure at Portland thl week, buying
good and seeing the big show.
Messr. J a person, Goodman, Oak
wick aud Irvine went to Portland last
Wednesday to epeud a ftiw day and
Mr. H, K. FMrgeaou, of ludepsu
deuce, k-ft on uwt Tuesday 'a train ftr
three nwinth' visit In Michigan. She
wilt visit lb sosue of her earlier year.
Tsisi ttrvswi lilutM aABinAavlMtldMfea ikLasasa.
Mr. Miles, of the ltelorm cbool, Hon
J. J. Daly, of Dallaa, and A. Noltuer,
of Portland.
J. A. Morris of thl city hut Tuesday
returned from an extended visit to the
sntlre sound country and Portland In-
eluded. Mr. Morris says, "iiulepetwne
beau them alL"
Prof. McElroy, Mile and J. J. Daly
visited our public aoliool last Tuesday,
ind expreaaed themselves m quite
pleased with the school work being
""" ioa.n-iiw.
I J l W...1 i ...
1 Mrs. Wliinull and her daughter,
Mlsa Aggie, went ou a visit to Ohio
tub week. We regret their absence,
out supivase lliov will Help Jame
Campbell out for governor, evu f tbey
cannot vote.
- Mr, and Mr. Johnny Kirkland n
turned to their home at Newport to-day.
Their visit here hM been a very enjoy.
able one, and their many friends In
Indeiieudence only wish they would
. Wilton Damon, brother to Lyman
Wed ueaday for their homes in Sher
man county. They expect to rehialn a
few days In Portland. Milt expressed
surprise at the Improvement made In
Independence since be left here a lew
yearn ago
Messra, J. J. Daly, C. (I. Cuad, J. F-
Sibley aud A.V. H, Suyder, took lo
the mouutalna lat Saturday fur a few
days outing. Tliey went preiwired to
gvt (mr, and on their return, no doubt,
will tell of sum wonderful adventure
' ,he "J lh w""t
wm uv. w snow up
I . t . I III I . k
l" ""' w" w,u wr-vTW7-,
U"t Kla Tnuufvr Thl Wk,
If lll1.,l.r In A H Alkl... l.l
A. II. Atkln to N. P. Cooiwr, land
near Independence; oonsideratkiu f'ttSO
A. 11. Atkln aud J. E. Kirkland to
II. D. and E. W, Cooper, land near In
dependence; consideration 14,000,
It I) Cooper to J. E. Kirklatid, lot
In Portland; consideration 1SOO.
L. C. Gllmore to Nellie Damon, laud
near Independence; consideration
Nellie Damon to M. V. Gllmore, k.U
In Independence; oouslderatlon, 13,000.
J. G. Van Ormleli to Mr. Scrogga, IS
acre, near Indeiieudence; considera
tion 1744.
J. N. Jones bought the J. I). Irvine
Property from J. R N. Bell this week
vuimnuuu fiw.
J- M. Stark bought tlie city hotel
pmpemr imm j. . st. Men uii wsea
Consideration $4000,
r Amvt to Broin thb Fit.t. The
Southern Pacific U about ready to oom-
menoe work, so a mau fnm UbUh told
morable by the fatal train wreck of last
November. Thl peat bog, m will b
readily remembered, I spanned by a
wooden trestle on an averaae of about
eighteen Umt In height, and 2550 feet
,,ng. It wm 600 feet of this trestle, be-
Ing the north end! that fell with tlie
overland passenger train on that No-
vember night, and this fill Is now be
ing made to avoid a repetition of the
scenes of horror and suffering. Owing
to the pceullar formation of the soil the
marsh, which Is of quicksand, the en
gineers thought a fill m high m the
trestle would sink, aud on this acoouut
decided Upon making the fill about six
fectblgh. To overcome thl and still
afford an esy gradient, deep outs will
have to be made at either end of the
fill, the one at Cbemawa being ten feet
deep. The company is understood to
have It laborer now making ready to
proceed to the lake to work on the fill,
llcladcnts of that vicinity who say they
have contract to board the workmen
were In Halem yesterday making pur
chases of dishes, provisions, ect., In pre
paration. The Poorman Mine.
BnowN8vii.tR, Or., Bept. 24. News
from the Poorman mine Is very en
couraging. New silvered plates aud
fine screen arrived here for the com
pany Inst night, and to-day Messr.
Ellwlck and Blanclmrd will start for
the mine. A good report Is looked for
when they get the mill In shape
again, although it I now saving some
gold. ,
A Woman's Alliance.
Topeka, Kan., Bept 24-The charter
of tho woman's alliance wm filed with
the secretary of state this morning.
Tbe Incorporators are:
Mrs. Senator Feffer, Mrs. Congress
man Otis, Mrs. Oatham French, wife
ofscoretary French, of the state farmer's
alliance; Mrs. Emma D. Peck, editress
the Topeks farmer's Wtfe, and Mrs.
Fannie MoCormlck.
The object of tbe association Is to es
tablish a bureau for the better educa
tion of women upon economical, social
and political questions, aud to make
and develop a better state, mentally,
m 1 ally and financially, with full and
unconditional use of the ballot
0 the Mat Maratal IhmI at ManiMlb
Last Taesdeyllaesaal latere
For several day previous to the
opening exercise Iho Normal student
from all parts of the date came flock
Ing to Monmouth prejwratory to taking
np their studies and to be present
the opening. A large crowd of oltlxen
from Independence and DallM wen
present. Tb chapel wm nearly full
There were eome feature of a com
menoemeut day, The attendance this
year I greatly In excess of any previous
year, aud the young ladle and gentle
men are of the brightest sort. The
itatetiM come nearer entiling up
the true American Idee of fostering
schools, In taklug full charge of thl
Normal school than any act site Iim
ever passed outside of the public school
legislation. How cau w have efficient
public school without efficient, well
trained normal teaohemf It cannot
be done. Therefore every effort of sup
port given to normal training 1 a dl
reel benefit to every Child In the state,
rich or poor, far or near. Thl trained
teacher go to the fastnease of our
uiountalu school house, and carries to
every child the direct benefits ecorulug
to thorough education. The kind ol
work done at tbe State Normal school
I J tut tbe kind of qualification which
tb teacher needs. The present, and
aud ulterior result of normal training
are far reaching, and are adapted to lh
many, not to the few. .
Tlie openlug exercise consisted uf a
song by the quire. Beading the Scrip
ture and prayer by IWv. Lott, of lie
dependence. Au autheut by the quire,
wm then given In excellent style.
Hon. J. J. Daly, chairman of the ex
ecutive committee, hit roduced Hon. K,
H. McElroy, who gave a very succinct
outline of what wm to he done by this
school. Mr. McElroy I still lu rather
feeble health, but I gaining slowly,
Next earn ltev, T. F. Campbell, tbe
educational war horse, aud made
poluted aud well-timed remarks to the
student and faculty. A piano solo
wm then rendered by alls Hruoe, the
musk? teacher, with a delicacy of touch,
aud smoothness of expresakin tbat one
seldom beam, Hon. J. C While, one
of the regeuta, pc4e In hi happiest
strain, although be apologlacd air not
being a speaker. In other words, he
fuokd"u. The editor of the Orfgtm
HnKuat Jouriuil and WierrSibK, then
made some remark. Hon. N. L.
Butler, repmieutailve from Polk comi
ty, tbe ludefatlgable worker In tbe In
terest of tiie Stale Normal school, wm
thoroughly at himself In bla address.
Hon. J. J. Daly made some telling
point In reference to tlie management
and make up of the school, and prove,
beyoud a doubt that the governor
made no mistake In tlie apolnttueut
of this gentleman on tbe Board of He-
geuta, ltev. D. V. Pollug, of Indepen
deuce, then Mng a solo to the edifice
tiou of the entire audience. While
rvaldeut P. I. Campbell wm making
the closing remarks, Hon. A. Noltuer,
of the Portland X?irA, and an tfl)
elent member of tbe Board, entered
tbe chapel aud wm caned upon for re
marks, to which be resMnded m only
an old pioneer newspaper man ran.
The organisation of clauses, occupied
the afternoon, aud In the evening a
reunion wm held, wltti Improvised
literary exercises, which were voted a
;dendtd sucoessu Thus another school
year begins, and our sincere wish is,
that It termination may be as bene
ficial with happy results, m the open-
lag day wm propitious.
Maamaalh Rata.
Monmouth Is still on tbe move. Ou
passing along the road aee more Im
provement going on In M mi mouth
than In any other town in the county.
Many new residences are 'going up,
aud that too of good substantial work
and architectural beauty. Indepen
dence must look out for her laurels, or
Mouuiouth will leave ber In the rear of
progress. The Qulmby Broe., of Inde
pendence, hnve beeu at work here, and
between building lu Monmputh and
Independence they expect to find
steady employment all winter. Bluce
tbe state hM taken control of the Nor
mal school a new Impetus Iim been
given the town, and all feel enthusias
tic at the bright prospect before them,
ludependeuce may be the business
mart of the county, but Monmouth
now Is, and must continue to be tlie
educational center. The time may
not be far distant In the future, when
tbe two towns become consolidated,
and should that event occur, a volume
of business will accrue to Polk county
that many now living have no concep
tion of. Polk county Is near the center
of tbe Willamette valley, and occupies
an extent of territory uueurpaseod lu
fertility and varied sources. We My to
tlie stranger come aud visit Polk coun
ty and test the truthfulness of these
asserted fact. -
Our county Polk must take the lead,
With all who now tbe Wm Bidk read.
Your reporter on passing through
Monmouth last Bunday evening
caught a glimpse of Jay Butler and J.
F. O'Doimel, the Independence bard
ware merchants, In close consultation
near one of the windows of tho Polk
county bunk. Vc did not know what
wm up, so we merely notified the
police authorities of Mouuiouth to look
out for what might huppeu,
Mr. Cleveland, who Is uot running
on a platform, ha said more about tbe
silver question than some Democratic
candidates who are stuudlng before the
people with a free-coinage declaration
under their feet. Mr. Cleveland would
rather be right, as he sees It, than
MCALLISTER. Born to the wife of
O.' McAllister, Independence, Ore
gon, lust Saturday morning, a girl.
Weight eleven pounds. Mo, will re
cover, and 1 happy.
BROWN MEYER. At the resi
dence of Thomas Puarce near Kola,
Oregon, on the 21st of Sept. 1801, by
W. ,T. Pcarce, justice of the peace,
Miss Helen Meyer and Mr, L, H.
Brown, all of Marlon county.
it! imn ton
Its Governm&nt Tak
q St:;s b Suppress
Th3 S. P. Ignores the Ccmmis-
ort' Rulings Great
Forest Fires.-
Tha CmiiMf IlanllHM (a Suhuill Ui lb
Oria Hallraad i'aiamllnn.
Ban Fua nvmv, Bept, lH.-Thc Bou th
em Pacific Coniiway Iim given notice
that It will not otwy the Oregon rail.
way ouinnilsslon in the matter of re
ducing Irclght rate on the Oregon A
California. The matter will be taken
to the state courts and there decided.
For disobeying tbe recent order of tbe
oommlastouers lbs company gives two
reason. In the first place, the rates
uow lu eflW-t were fixed by the so-
oafled Houltactlii.lHM, and this act,
the company claims, Is, In effect, a
maximum rale law. Heeondly, the
Hue Iim never paid a fair rate of inter
est on the Investment. Trafilfl Muna
gerOray Mid, In speaking of this mat
ter yesterday, that the oierallon of last
year would not even pay intenwt 011
tbe Isitids. Hold he:
If we obey the order of the commis
sion, thelosaforlftul will approximate
fiftfl.QOO, and we consequently shall
demur and make this a test com-.
Tb rvraal Aala. Hvrnln la WIubon-
la aa North llsSol.
Ashland, Wis., Bept. The
eather tbe past few day lnu been
Intensely hot and dry, Knrly last
evening It wm noticed that fori! tin
were under way sptin. They seemed
to sweep along almost with the ve
locity of prairie flrva, Hcveral home
steader iowrd the reservation lost
their shanties and barely eeacd with
their live. During the day the atmo-
iliere Iim been heavy with smoke
troiu the surrouudlug fires, Iteimrts
from down the St, Paul and Omaha
road elate the damage will lie the
heaviest ever k uow n, unless the Hume
are soon checked. Over a hundred
acre am snld to tw a hiom of flames
about three mile from Cslile. The
telegraph win are down to a con
t.derabte extent. It I feared the de
vMtatlou will be more serious than It
wm last spring.
A Datanulnwl Kffrt la sump Oul lh
Bas Antonio, Tex., Kept 21 Dr.
I'luUroho Ornenls, the Mexican consul
In this city, Iim tvtvlvinl Instructions
flom Presldctit Diss to kHp himself
fully lnfunned lu regard to the pro
grvm of the revolution In uortheru
Mexico. Acting tinder these Instruc
tions, he has established courier ail
along the Itio (Irundc birder, at Mon
terey aud other tow us further in the
Interior. Dr. OrnelM lute this evening
received a dhqiatch from Monte More
los, lu the state of Nueva Umiii, stat
ing that but very little could be k-arucd
of the movements of the revolutionists.
They are known to be marauding be
tween Mler sod Malamoras. They
have eommttttHl many depredations,
aud the excitement among tbe eo)le
Is intense. All of the towns are laying
in quantities of arms and ammunition,
and are patrolled day and night. The
Fifth Mexlcau infantry aud the Tenth
cavalry were ordered early this morn
ing from Nucvo Iaredo and will make
a forced march until they reach the
locality of the revolutionary army.
Mexican troops were also ordered to
the soeue of the trouble lost night from
Carrlso, Ban Miguel, Rey-nose, Kbauo
Idtmem, Kosenada, Cuhote and La
Roslta. The rcvolutlonlNts are fully
1.10 miles from the railroad, and news
concerning their movement travels
slowly. Hundreds of n-fugee on this
side of the border have crossed the
Bio Grande during the past few days
are making their way in detachments
to the main body of tho malcontents.
Blaine Will Announoethat Hs Can
net Aeeept The Nomination.
New Youk, Bept. 22. -The Mail and
Erpreit prints this s;icelul: "Wash
ington, Bept. 22. James O. Blaine
wkio after tlie first of the now year
will notify bis friends and admirers
who are now urging his Domination
for the presidency, that under no cir
cumstances could lie accept such an
honor, aud that he In for the ru-noml
natlou of Harrison. This Information
is given to the Mail and ;)( ou
the authority of a man whose name Is
national. He is tho mini who has
charge of tho Northwest for the presi
dent, and has the fullest confidence of
both interested parties, litis situation
has been known to tho president some
time. Blaliie postpones notifications
for good and sufllccnt reasons, best
known to himself. Ho expects to re
turn to Washington In October. His
health Is go much Improved he will go
to work at once.
Will Take Charge ef Hhe Case
Himself and Cenduot his
Own Defense.
New Yokk, Sept. 22.-Dr. Charles
Augustus Briggs returned to-day on
the steamship Bervla from his summer
vscatlon in England. Dr. Briggs went
abroad lost May with his diuightct,
Immediately after his trial for heresy
was ordered In the presbytery. He said
"I have been greatly benefited by
rest aud the change of air. I went to
Oxford expecting to do some work on
a Hebrew lexicon In which I am
Interested, but for two months I could
Children Cry for Pitcher's ,Ci
do nothing but rest. I am not In
formml of the event In America In
connection with my case, nor do I
know what my friend have done In
Drenaratlon for the trial I shall take!
charge of the case myself, and shall
conduct my defense on my own behalf.
1 sin glad of tbe opportunity offered to
me by thl trial to explain my views
to tho presbytery. I never bad thl
opportunity, and when the committee
have their construction of what I have
written 1 shall give mine. Of course,
this will give my views wider publicity
than they have had heretofore. They
are at present known to the scholars,
but the general pulillo lis not had my
side yet"
Tlie trial of Dr. Brigg will begin
Monday, October 5tb.
Br. l)vm, Mo, Bept. 24. Oregon
lend. The tovcrlgn grand lodge of
Odd Fellows (Mde to hold ltd session
next year In Portland. Tbe compete
lor were Milwaukee and AUanllenty.
Laadlna DamaaMta Cialu tm W..4.
Tho Democrats of natloal reputation
who are now attending the convention
of Demoeratlc clubs are coming to
Portland. George C. Htout, chairman
of tlie local committee of arrangement, ure In extending to you an invitation
received a telegram front Bpokaue yes- to attend Its third annual fair, which
terday, stating that tbey would arrive oommeuoes on the 22d day of Septetn
here next Thursday, The party con- ber. ,
slst of Bctiator Faulkner, of West Vlr- Enclosed you will find a oompUmen
ilnla; Congressman William Byrum, I tary ticket Tbe management hopes It
ol Indiana; Congressman McAdoo, of
jvew Jersey; ex-4iovernor Cuaunoey F.
Black, of Pcnsytvsnla, president of tlie
National Association of Democratic
Clubs; Iawrcuc Gardner, of Wanking-
ton, D. C, secretary of the dubs, and
Mr. Ik k, of Pennsylvania.
Please observe that the Washington
(D. O.) remarks that "the Demo
crat next year, lu making up their
books, will make a great mistake if
they overlook Governor Peunoyer,"
Just what the Vnyrmktn Iim beeu My.
ing all the time. We shall get him
mere, jte can aim oepeua on our
ftkrtrh at Job Waraalr.
Our old and valued friend, John Way-
mire, bus (Missed lu his check. After
havlna lived hi natre than three score
year and ten, during a great portion
of which lime he wm sorely afflicted
be hM succumbed to the fell destroyer
-1.. 1 t . s
untiii, mm nuvv rmu irora in utuon
t lktw u.rl aIUHirii nr.. 1 a ...11 !
V: " "' pr..
taA uutita ftasisttuiil eall til ns !. I
.I , ... . V . """"
- -- " ii - v
Jo-eph. Me left tlie Missouri river
On n, and after a five-mouths tedious
I,,r..u , .1.. 1r111 ...
' "v I
..11..,. ...,l ....1 I. ...
luwn , Mill ATluauvil I
abiding platv. .At tbe start John wm
made lieutenant of the company, aud
neu ever active ana vigilant In The board of school directors of dis
tending to lu cswnforte and security, trict No. 29 will bold their regular
He bestrode a mettlesome animal, aod meetings in the director's room of tbe
roue oacs sua ronu along tbe line or
travel, urging uie artvew, In stentorian
ou.-,wp iu ciism ana oompaci
siiape, ready for ail emergencies. He
auia;uuiuuiiin,aua nisuearcana
nana were ever open to relieve the dl
tress of sutrcrlug humanity. He set
Ued In Polk county in the fall of 1M5,
aud for a time wm engaged in agricul
tural pursuits. Iu 1817 he removed to
Portland, aud erected one among the
first houses In tbat then little village.
He moved hack lo Polk county In 1WS,
bought the Jones ranch a couple of
mile south of Dallas, and engaged In
merchandising. He, a abort time
afterwards, moved to Dallas, erected a
flouring mill there, aud also continued
In the mercantile buslneas. He was,
aud is still well known all over Polk
county, aud after ao Intimate acquain
tance with kim and his neighbors, we
have never heard an expression
uttered tending to Impeach bis per
fect honesty of character. He has sev
eral children lu Oregon, aud though
they may sorrow over hi demise, yet
they may take the cheering consolation
that he Is free from tlie tolls and aftlo-
Hons of this life, and having been dur-1
log the lost quarter of a century a
consistent and warm hearted Christian,
he is now enjoying the rewards prom
ised by a loving Bavlor to all who are
faithful until death. Johu was a broth
er to Frederick Waymiro, who wm
several times elected to the Oreeon
legislature, and was always a true
Kuarilltui of the people's interest, so
much so, that he was
treasury. The writer of these Hues Is
well aware that he too soon must Join
the number of pioneer who have
passed before, and had we the same
faith In the promises of the Gospel tbat
our friend John had, wo would look
forward with Joy to a speedy reunion
lu the relms of tlie blest. Farewell
dear aud valued friend, No man
would question the manhood of him
who might shed a tear to his memory.
8. &
HOWELL-IIenderson .Howell, of
Lebanon, died Sept. 17, 1301, of
cancer of the stomach. Aged 67
years and 3 days.
Mr. Howell wm formerly of Polk
comity. Ho came to Oregou In 1861,
How's Thl I
WenfTerOne Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by taking Hall's Catarrh
K J. CHENEY k CO.. Proos.. Tole-
Wo, the undersigned, have known
F. J. Cheney tor the last 15 years.
and believe him perfectly honorable In
all business transactions and finan
cially able to carry out any obligation
mime uy incir nrm.
WkotATmux, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, 0.
Waldino, Rinnan & Marvin. Whole
sale Druggists, Toledo, O
null's Catarrh Lure is taken luter
nully, acting directly, unon the blood
uud mucous surfaces of the system.
Price 75a per bottle. Sold by all Drug
When Bsbjr wu siok, w gave her Cattorls.
When slw wis Child, she eried tor Outori.
When ahe bocsm Ulas, she clung to Cutorla.
tn she had Children, she gave them Osstoria
..-.tut 0
1 1 $t mgjH.'"
Wse dsaib to ll hlfWr e toalgkt,
An s 1' "i'i 1 r -- r-nflslii.
Uj frtoaos waeM ssUisr renad wMfe ir-rtnw
Aod m Uwy ka4 weald ferosli soaseleai
.. aw.
Tbey would recall Uw kladly a4s I'd dose,
Tb syaipUlsiag weed ay lis bad said;
Utisa rlndlr ones lo ssMekea eae
Taay Would rseaasibsrall tf I wars dsad.
wby not dltpsa km imU spaa ai
Wby not imt (Mtlr wltb lb basely asartr
(llv lander word, a smile, a kiss a so ssr
Or softemd kwkf whleb ease Hat1 eruel
. smart,
Wba draanlsssthwe is ssiae.I stall sol
Cera, smltr, sad loviac mil
rortlvMMss lev Md IruH, lot whleft I plead,
hotild txrt M lfl oa sstortuUaa al.
tstrsoc no tbw year basrl, bet obm le
Tarn aot away wllb mid averted yK
The iMa hU, m ssrtb aaads srnaalbyi
Not wbM m aal brkbL bsroad the skis.
MoaoweiMrf. .bw. M.K.L.
we Kindly act now ledge tbe follow-
Ing invitation:
Jacksomvim-b, Or., July 16, 1861.
Dear Bir: Tbe Southern Oreejon
State Board of Agriculture takes plaas-
will be convenient tor you to attend,
and will iim their best sndeavors to
I make It pleasant for you during the
event. Very Truly Yours.
W. J. Plymale, Q. W. Riddle.
Secretary. President.
The Markets.
WnsAT-The market quiet with a
weak tone. Quote: Valley, f 1JS0;
Walla Walla, f 1.45 per cental.
Flop Quote: Standard,
Walla Walla, H60 per barrel
OATS-Quoteold, 45 60c.;
42c. tier busbeL
Bi'rr kb Quote: Oregon fancy cream-
ery,V,32jo.; fancy dairy, 27c,; fair to
good, 29 27Jc; choice Cel. ,22 24c.
per lb.
Ehi Oregon, 20 22c per dosen.
Poultry Quote: Old
W OO eB); young, 120 i.00; old
I duck H00 fj 6.00; geeee, 18.00 per
dosen; turkeys, 15c, per lb.
We quot prioe m follows: Flour,
V " '
standard, 15.00 per barrel; potatoes,
ter, 25c. per ft., according to quality;
J r a,.u1 .hj .'
Ll.M .u.L m-i.
" '
hnn. t.w.! tOI
. 1-. -,
independence National bank at 4
o'clock p. m. Friday, October 2, 1891,
,0d on Friday at the same hour of
every four weeks thereafter. Signed,
tf Board of Directors.
ladepa4ao sad Meaasaalli Metoe LU
Indrpradcoee. lfonmeath.
7:00 7:90
fc.1 luao
11:14 190
1 l
S6 6 ,
W t:l
From the premises of O. J. Bsgley
on or about Aug. 28th. One Gelding
four years old, color, brown, branded
also mm About 16 bands high. Any
one giving information leading to the
recovery of said hone will be suitably
rewarded. O. J. Bagley.
Airlie, Oregon. 4w
The undersigned has thirteen head
ot Bwapshlre down bucks for sale, one
mile north of Parkers Station. These
bucks are the fullblood end of the best
grade. Call on
8wsll J. O, and E. Davidson.
W. II. Wbiteaker will exchange pho
tographs for wood. For further par
ticulars call at his art mllnrv mi n
,lrMt n.. Annr in . ...
$3000. For sale a 21 room hotel fur
nished, in Independence, Oregon. One
of the beet corner lota in town 54x132
feet on railroad and C streets. Terms
easy. Three per cent off for all cash.
Apply to James Gibson, Indepen
dence, Oregon.
Worse Than Leereey
I catorro, aoo there s one but one pre
paration that doei sure tbat disease, sad
that is tbe California Positive and Nega
tive Eleotrio Liniment. Sold by all
druggists. It slso onras neuralgia,
rheumatism, beadaobe, sprain, burn
and all pio. Try it and tell yon
negihbor where to get it
To trade improved business property
paying In rent ten per cent. Interest on
20,000 in the heart of the thrivmsr cltv
of South Bend, Wash., for Improved
farm land in Willamette valley. For
particulars address
' Anthony Bower,
. South Bend, Wath.
There art-nitflDTCD !
tied in B
.dre-riP H -
too, 1
ncu.'Wlmt VI it
U now Baker Ciiy, PC MTl tDV
omit who hns since VtU I I UII I
becomeideiuiliedwithUiertaourcnaad BfA
developtneut that country, Tbtt bub ftVlW
li no other tlmu Mr. Jnliu Stewsrt, aa of the
welthiebt cnl m.wt furlitenU! dUten la Uw
eaunty. In a recent letter he yt "Iksdtwe
ulirriuK from ivtiu In my tuck and geatnl kid
ney complaint fur omc time, and bad need away
remedied without uny but temporary relteC Tae
paina in mv luclt hail become o erere thttliras
prevented tmn ctt.-nillnt: to my work Md could
not move without the use of a enc Hear
ing;, thraiurh a friend, of the wonderful cures ef
fected by Oregon Kidney Ter,, I w induced to try
s box, aitd from that very first dose I found initaat
relief, and before n-i.itr half tbe conteut of the
box tltt paina in rivbnels entirely dlnppeared.
I have every fiilth itt the vh-tuea of the Oregou
Uduey Ten, and ra cownjetttlonaly recommend
It to my rrieuOH, 1 wuntt uot be without it for
Oregon Kijntv Tint cures backa-.he, roeootl.
aenc of t 1u. biick dust aediinent, burniagor
painful aenwtlun while urinating, and all unc
tion of the kidney or urinuryorganaof either .