The Independence west side. (Independence, Or.) 18??-1891, May 29, 1891, Image 2

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TUC AIFQT QIDC school to a tttt Institution ami
inc. COl should lw munnKtMl by residents of
hU the Mute. At Noltncr, ot rort-
hunt, a member of tho board, Un
editor, ami you ivir yet Mt a
uew(jmK!r muii w ho did not favor
eduetdloii. Ah editor can not up
peitl to Ignorance
Pc!k County Publishing Ccrr.pany
fkiday, may m.
II WlfttN wly tot" ilr Me pti
ii W rVr to Ptf thetr f
.trviit jrTsoHit ifiw $ "
,Yf Me , the Mr rm
tMthinq M the new.
If Hit
Hero aw a few lUcta which a re
cent oeiwus bulletin furulshctt mi
The debt per capita of the United
Stttteei In ISSrt wiw W.W, and In
l.stMi, fc.1Ud. Tha er capita debt
of (it-cut Itriluin ami Ireland to
s:.T. Tim nor capita del it of
Franco to Ut,a and of the tier
man I'.uiplre only t.57. The lr
capita debt of the atate of Oregon
in ISSO was tlSiy and In 18(H) it to
one eent. and the smallest of 'any
imrt of the Union except Montana
;,!.,. write itm thai' ritt f! and Utah. (I.! forOreg! The
JiiYt tnml'tH your '''''
wiWty or jiaMiVoiim. f '
ftivttriUm the jimW.
ltetituister(leuend Wauainnker
is lamming the West.
per capita debt of Polk county in
tfvso wiw nothing, and in 1W it
watt UU. I'olk county had a
imputation, necordi ng t the censu,
of 7.S.VS, and a floating del of
lV.Hi. There are seven oonnth1
in Oregon out of del entirely.
though the mpltal nuwt m furulalitHt
ly l who th-alre a diminution of
lIuMiiliikliiii wiiiii.
Applying the rule to local mat
ter, It would seem that our tctit
twraneti peoplo idiould eitoourage
rather than dliwounujo place of
amusement, when the temptation j
of drluklng liquor to removed.
There to too much of a tendency to
say to the drinking man, "We
want yon to quit tWnklng, thou
(piititmoklng, and playing billiard,
mid we want you to go to church
every Sunday.'1 The perhup re
pentant tinner hih ho much of hi
pleasure In life taken uway that In
stead of reforming ho got ttttll far
ther lu hto downward coup. Io
not attempt too much In attempt
ing to reform mankind. Would it
not I better to win a young man
from the the habit of drinking
liquor even If he ithould play bil
liard or smoke a cigar, than in
attempting to reform hiui iu all hi
had habit, fail In reforming him
Real Estate TranttaM.
The last coiuh on the regular lVwt master (ionenil Wttnamaker
West Side trttin to an Oivgoniau ; has aeon the Wear, ami peals In
eoaeU from the Kind side, ami shows) o uneorUtin tone about our need,
conclusively that the a 1'. to in full j President Harrison has In Mr.
j Wunnmaker a memiHr 01 um cao-
I iuet who to entirely absorbed In
of the State ! doing hto duty iw an omcer. He
ts reiHiittHt as ayingt
onlrol tif that met
' WM 814 " Can.
W in l(ulil mill wiMbiTJ ltrUiiff, Until
nmr KiXai inui,
Jmhm Unrrli n4 wlto luC II Hrvwu, ha la
J C HmIIhi hi J A tliuiinim, Uud iur
J t' llnlmwtli and wife U tf A Mud, laud
nwr liiilrwinlmiiw; Ihim.
i 11 tMiiii w I. M tivai, land amr IUIUIihii
M M Kllla t at lii D M Uly, In talliwt
(' K tliTrrii hi C Uwlittradfir, M In Uuana
KHAdklnaaadwIia lu Jwm A Adklna,
land in Mimmntolt: ".
J I AUkluitaud wlfti Ut Mm II A Adklna
lam! In MiMiiiiiiiiili; n,
A K riwklHif' and wlf in U M Im Jean,
low in lmllj ri.V
K A INHIortiiii anil win- lu K Slivllvy, laud III
I lvlii. and wlft! In I, f tilllnn, land In
Italian; IW,
l.m(viliumilaj K,, lm III Hon
mottiii: rM
I. J Klkliw and wife Ki J tvmMlft, ! In
1 tliU'lK-ltrtrlli-t-:
J llnllrr and Willi la J Mrrla, land bmi
W ft Whiiiimn and wira l c W and T W
Itarr.iml M al Mimminilhi IUX
Jmlnirtin and wiri' lull Hlivllry, land In
Mimntiiulli) tan,
r faiivniHt and win- In II Harrla, bin In
Win Jihim and tv ut J'llian llulm, laud
iMlk Und lit K hi 1Ufn, dil In Tal
iiinav MMtr I ndoiimtint KMI,
f oi K llrer M ItotxHwa llarrla, lnw In
WlilU'tadillll w lndwiidimtw: tfi.
1 llnn Hill mnl lf l W M !, kit in In-
Man who aliilli'rs, ut Itin-im Vlla j dindwi(
M m my ddi-ar, 1 M-lov you. V. , ii-rMliii..di(i.:i?
... iii lllilr,lrtld,,.'UI,
W-wlll you b-b-lie K I Hunilwiii mitl KUi I Hill, laud b-
lilrl from tiulipiiiiknv( hi a nuttier i ii mi,
of feel wav-Ttiat will ttii t il" not HAOnwiaiid winm J aiiliird, land
l ,.M i,ii lh Inaliilliitttlit'iow Hlifldatl.
The indebtedness
Normal achool, thanks to the lib
vnd citiMi of Monmouth, Iudtv
I iroxj to Improve the nutll m-rvlisf
.....i.,. .l ..rh.,1- i.inls. has at lit "a WW Uy uiilcKvuinif me nine
i . i i" . ,ii Th., i., achHlult,lmTv.lim the wiH-kliigfir
last all Uhm, pan. tiMami4m4Utoiutb
eoiitributeii to that school b las)-, mA t,M,,,(n( ,,, (tVit ,u.wry
pie in this county iu the last two, j ,uve iHW, B.iivert to
yeai-s has btu over 12,wm. j u, rimulrwiieiita and dHiiamU of the
jrvat Wiwt, JliTvtufiim wla-n a em-
r - 1... ... ...jk I.. IINMIII
It has Ihh'u reliably aseerli
lucn hi the fume of lila kmd jhwI-
plan. You tmeht to niaki' lve to a
tlonf iitule.
i Uhi, lulu In Tat
that out of ls. cases ot anceesNui . a k amm irttwr Imiirovouwut
swindling throughout the state by j n tie m .rvix, I haw ant tit-re wid dl
tnivclins shariMrs, in various ways,
i. tuw.i.t.i nf tho rural tlis-! t niyw'lf that he wa
Irk-U were robUsl. some to the et- j ' ''"""rt f b5,,M!:' I
" , , , ' . ,lU. lown; imw I am the wariiKt advianie
ti-nt of thousands of dollars. oiil . t .nVM-ir th
IiulltiN atuti'Mtinn (eoumli'iitlally, t a
op IHMctl frltMul front IiideHmleiire)
We pan Jnal lnt litem Mk-ra at my-
thtnif. Why I (eiiihulatlwilly I
worked on a ferm w hen 1 was only one
year old.
Iutk'Hiitl(niy man iumklnt! Ida Ulen
tliy koowiD-What did ywi do on a
farm at that early aw?
JHtllaa man (honeatly) Mllkiu.
Tin uleM-iiiltiitw mini has been
wdug dlallllisl anule worm grwte on
hia furehiwt aJtuw, and aaya when au-
' . . ,. .t . . . a I ... t la
eotuiUst htm all the time. 1 haw aal.l ! inner imuaa mint p ia nun k. ...... .
liilUilst with the ; will ! finny weaim-r.
v i it
t , i .
o:nt -
- Have Just Iteoelvwl Direct From the Factory a Car loud of the
Also a Irge Aasortmeiit of
-And iii Few Hays Will Ifcseeive a Carload of
Plil :
I- All Ji if
Direct From tha KAHT.
Built to ORDER.
Soaaid Ru
wer, thai
vnratrat of
Novell!, and
aeve apoke mare
truly, and he wight
nit tea
kait added with equal force, that aural
" ...I m
ta in teacne oi auceeet, wiaooia
I rilk (' Und I n lu M
' nimi-s MO,
i It Slwllry Iii A INowrwiii, laud In Mint.
lllmllli; $ti.
H U Irniip and win lu II HinK-lilwm, hil In
liitwiiilra; tun.
tVilk Ui Und 5o hi T J kaa In Tal-
mnv. .m. . .. !
W C llrn In I. ( I'arknr, land tirar IMIa;
MuryK 1 1 writ to XI IUylr, laud 8ar
tHUIas (lull; '
W I. Il1,inaiid aih-Ki NiMI)1 Hill, Ma
In Indvimidiiunr, IM I.
Julia Mim-7 l'i K Hldwall, krt In JI.hiuioiiIIi;
U T Stanley til II K Ut, lull In Muttniitatbl
J X W Mi-IMH hi f'mry Bma, land In Kino
Vallry; (.IU.
IjuirallarrUttaltn A A CaUnm, Ma lu
Mmituimih: tl.
oCH Id'uloJ H irimm.iiU, a.i
niwr KIikh ValWy; iuu,
I MrNKIVkht II K Imw, land In rallt
Miiiiiimuili Uwla r (l Utile boy) i fur, no.
nine or ten were aubscritters "' 1 mcmu.r fwm I'allforula.
rentiers of the home county laijH'ra.
Clint, rIvo me a aenteuw where "tuil"
Is timtl at a cmijuiictUnt.
flint the eiatt but the boy.
. . Monmouth li-wher-llow l but
I Many good peoplo waste their w B w),jUnt., there?
iUliu.k iiitil Mil(Ullll1tka)l 11(1 ftttHi fori Ml.-i I a .v-,- I .,, I-.l ullli llm
MUIV W."a-a" V Illli Vlin IW V aa-'J
There is no safeguard like
newspaper. Nothing can tl ,uore humanity leeause, although their yunt,
to keep np a town and help "'j Mentions are good, they art tH
nes. ineiowii imw supihhib ; m.UiHh and inut datl In Ineir tie
good itiH:r is the town that to j umiiK They believe that the sa
Mic.vssful and growing, and thej)HI) js tie lMirs of humanity, and
newswijwr that keeps up with and J wju,u something is proiaeaHl in
a little in advance of the town's ; j,U4 0r tj,e k,,,, while it will
growth is the ouo that will live j eul,,,.taju umi amiLsewill l a grade
long and prosper. letter, they raise their hands in
- 1 holy horror, and say "No! No! not
The UuitedSUUojW.irsliip('hart-j that!" We believe that the great
il C U It ( Vi t H A tJnw, S ai'rm nr
Hall. urn; IW.,W.
i Mann hi A J Ktll'Ht. land tnr Italian; V
Murdarare Aaerahanded.
Robrnlna it the eynonytn of aterit end
Ita blatorr ta nccca. The Baikal e-
fret of this preparatloa have beta attaav
ed by thonaanda of the leading ladle of
oclate and the Mage. It kt the oale arti
cle ever diaeovered which gtvee a ffttmf
tl and Btattliml tint to the eonpltiioai,
at the aaaie time renoviat ail rounhnaaa
of the fare and arma and letving the
kin toft, amooth and eeleete. if baa
lone been the atudy of chemlate to pro
duve an article that while it would toa
tff the completkm would elao have the
eierit of being karmbu, but tbaae two
Itupurtant qualittre were acver brought
njvtlier until eoniMned la
Tlieao Ulgn were ordered early last Fall and built especially for tbla trade, they are oneqnaled
for Finish Durability and Frioe, '
We also have a few of the Cinclnatta buggies, which we can sell to anyone wanting cheap
Rig. We also carry a full and complete line of First class
A Full and Complete Stock of Hardware, Stoves and Tin
ware, Pumps, Pipes, Fittings, Shingles Etc.
Plumbing and Tinning Neatly Sorie.
stoii which hits Ihh'ii chasing aroumt
atler the Chilian insurgent war
.ship Ituta lots not yet captured that
vessel, and the Impression is that
for some reason she does not want
to do so. It behooves our govern
ment to Iw tstrefal altout uggressive
warfare. We are a slay at home
nation, and should keep within the
three-mile limit if we would avoid
Should any of our sulwcrilxsrs
fail to get their paper regularly
they will please notify us by postal
card, and as far as lies in ourjiower
we will cheerfully supply all "liss
ing numbers. Occasionally papers
get lost in the mails, and without
investigating the matter the sub
scriber jumps to the conclusion
that his paper was withheld by the
publisher. Make your complaints
direct to us and wo will see that
yon get the paper regularly.
mistake of reformers consists
their having an idea Unit unlets the
world comes to their standard at
one jump, that InternitHliate sta
t ions are of no use. These thoughts
are suggested from a rcUct made
to an official of this city stating
that the saloons and b'lliard halls
should be suppressed. Many ier
sons who admit that iiitcmeraur
is an evil would take Issue alxmt a
game of billiards lieing harmful.
la Ixindou. Knuland, and other
great cities, one of the most sue
cessful plans of lessening Intemper
ance has been iu supplying social
plans of meeting, conducted on the
an me plan us a saloon, but having
coffee Instead of liquor. We quote
from an editorial on the "Coffee
House rian," published in the Chi
eago 1 itvr th-ran:
A drt ll alienee follow a In which there
t pic ul v of loud tirvulhliitf.
Young littlv (to dia.-tr) -Un'tah, do'
you evalt damn the lanixirH'?
JKa'tnr No, mwlnm; but t have
lanced the ilitnvr oil ninny in-lon.
(htlaa (of Kalla ftlyl Did you lieah
de itaemn any tlut whtwla-rhml "tole hla
ptimpklun would g to tie Nul plaoe?
I'niutioetl colored pemon lleah!
h.-ali! ittll't I gttiil IJilliln'l -leiil ittifllii'
hut titlitatifi's.
Ttn-ni wa a IIUI dudo Inmi Olurr,
Wlio luld bin band un lwtrl wlrr.
Tliy burlwt a boot and aiaallnw-lnlliMl tin I
Hut Oiv nut waa niiiuiiimt In lhi lire.
Has just received an Flegaiit Mne of
The man, W. M. lbtrtiour, of Iln
utt, who waa niurli nvl In Portland,
mid who muiderera were unknown,
' lu al IumI Laat1tewaa
n ii v iw eHon'Mi w ' ----- -
have lieea apprehendisl, Oa Wtsluea
day tiny were arreted at llutle Ulty,
Molilalia, ud were treixil there from
I'orllund, Oregon.
lUrboiir, who waa a Halng inerehanl j
of llxtiimi, and married but a abort
Hum, eiune to l'orlbtitd on a matter of
buidiica on the llneenlh of April. In
wan to return to his home on the all-
j lecitth, but all triwTof him waa !(
. after he lull the I (niton hoirna on the
evenliiKof the Hftefiilli, The young
! wife did mil know what hi initke of
t the myalerliHta dlwiiieamiiee of her
; IiiuUhhI. Hhe knew that lie could not
have diverted her and aha feared the
worst. The matter woe finally placed
1, H. Thla poem waa found etched j In the hand of the Portland police,
In a pune of window gliiKa aiipxwl to t and ulthoUKh they madeevery effort to
have twit cut there by llie ilude'a llml the miimitiK man iney outaiueo no
du tuuhJlsl
In all the New Styles and Tattcrns, and are now ready for the
spring trade. These gtHUi are direct from
-NEW .-. YORK-
. fcaatia mm 1 1 4V rr WT
Kliiwtly dliintood pin.
Solomon A. Craven.
Among the uiciNt practical ahemea
for the promotion of teniiertiiiee la thai
which Is known a the coffee-hoiwe
plan. It hu been In oa'ratlon for
aonieyeant in Great Ilrituln, and, as
we understand, la hi its tentative stuKt!
I.. V V....I; II Id nniluMiul til irlvn It
investigation regarding the reading ( a UM n VMmiK Tlie uriitkhig Imblt
tastes of the public has found that! ll(tt)m(,Ht w,oIly wwlul; it hua lawn
in circulation libraries, where all j Ulj,ted by many as a relief from care
,.i.,Liu,a ,fW,L-M aw rr.u. that those lor aniialor. "Give HtroiiK tlrllik unto
An eminent writer who made an
who at first read only trashy litera
ture gradually, of their own accord,
him thut la ready to perish, ami wine
unto Uiohb that lie of heavy hearts,"
are those who read
kind of iKsiks.
' " -7"' ! miA Momon, the great and wine.
rean more soim uu-rwio tbulthe drinking habit Is not no
tiiste for residing having been suf- nU(, on uUt(Jom 0f inherent vice iu of
liciently cultivated, they are satis- j lulwd wearlnwa. Men Imta wruleh
fied with standard authors only. cdnwaand love pleasure, Cponknowl
Those who read trashy literature edge of thla why not proceed todevlne
scarcely any pleasure tnai is not neeuug mm un-
j IOWCCI liy HtJVITnTUiii" vi iimhi; uh'iumrh
I wenrliiinH and wrettdietlniaei than that
- whii'h It briefly aupplanta? The coffee-
Independence has always dealt j ", the plan la to be as brUllanta.
1 . , . j , , ny w ue shop or beer-hall. It Is to lie
liberally with Monmouth in help- j, m llfiwj an(, of t)e
ing pay and build up the ormal . llrMliU pUbllc-houMc, u well adorned
school, two years ago raising I.IOO ( wjtn the giitusrlng ware iw the aaliKin
ami this year nearly 1000, and it'f the t'nlted Htales. It U to be a place
does seem as though those who ' where men can smoke und crack Joke
have the expending of money at ! or , politics or alt and m,.llh,te.
. . - ii . ,..i ii. The coffee-house was the restlug place
VI l ill II 11 ,11 II 1 ill nut ienn;nu;i ui
who have always stood by them
aiid been their staunch friends.
Speaking of ourselves would not be
in good taste, but we understand
that a great ileal of work both for
the business men and the school
lias been sent to Portland and
else where when it might have been
done in Independence us well and
at as small or even less expense
uud talking place of Addison, Johnson,
Steele and till the wits and politicians
of Oiiceti Anne's reign. There In no
reason, other thiin thai of custom, why
the coffee-house of the plan should not
serve us a nursery for the lubor poll
Helmut of this era. us the coffee-house
of (juecn Anne's time served In Its day.
The project certainly is worthy oftrlul.
Of course It must not be offered to the
wuge-earuer, for whom, niuinly, It Is
Intended, as a charily, uor openly us a
'.. 1.,.... u fi.innllv Wlilicr IllilV ho refurmatory ugent. 1 1 must lie ollered
. .,., i... f w ; us u business experiment. . the man
itnuw n oci.. of ft of twenty.flve pllU1
i cofl'ce-liouscs, started iu un English
rr,. , i r .t f Ho. Shite, i town by the temperance icople, reisirts
v , ,k1 , fin,,ifiui I, whiln dividend of 12 per cent, upon the cup
Urinal school at Monmouth, w bile mk vm
the appointments are somewhat ol 1 altm.llvii lttUage,i with the
a surprise to many, are
all men of
intelligence and ability, and while
ll 18 prouawio no e.i.nvv,i;.nii; nuii-
agement of the school will be in
augurated for local interests, they
are men who will take a great pride
in seeing the school prosper. Only
one is a resident of Monmouth, and
on that account the selection is par
ticularly a good one, since the
shrewdness displayed by saloon kct'iicrs,
und proved profitable from the first,
Meals were served cheaply and elegant
ly, as I hey arc In those saloons where
they have lunch or restaurant attach
ments. Customers were made to icei
ut home. The result has been a nota
iiin reform In the Uvea of many who
hud been frcouentera of sulooim
Equally, of course, the experiment, to
be successful, must not Is; under the
Solomon A. Craven died April 2i,
ISOl, nged 30 yearn, fi months and ?
days. He wit born In Mimoiirt, and at
the age of live years Ida parents with
their little family came to Oregon slid
located In I'olk county, but hi a few
years the parents both died, leaving two
anus und a daughter, thcclderof whom
la the aubject of this sketch. Solomon
made a profession of religion lu 1S77,
and nulled with the ltuptU church
and rcuiitliifd In thai relutloa to hla
death. Aa fur as hla menus and heullh
would penult, he sought to obtain nn
education, smdlng two yearn In Me
Mlnnvllle college and one term In Port
land business college, from whence he
came to Independence, and for three
years was In the employ of Mr. L. W.
llols-rtaon as druggist; at the end of
this time Mr. llobertwin took him to as
a partner, and began business lu lluetia
Vista, when he formed the acquaint
ance of Miss Helen Hpunhllng, with
whom hu was united In marring!' lu
the autumn of 1W. Throe years before
his death his health la-gun to decline,
but until a few mouths since he was
able to attend to uuslueas, and always
bore the name of being fallhful ami
true. He waa an honored member of
Bueiia Vista Lodge of I. O. O. V. for
some years, and the bereft widow do-
sires hereto express her thankfulness
to the lodge for their untiring Interest
In the welfare of herself und husband
during his protracted Illness, also to
say she will ever hold hi great fid re
meuibrunce the kindness shown by t he
members of Valley IiOdge No. 4, lu
I ndependence, during the last days of
her departed one, and b thank the
many friends for the tribute of respcel
paid to the deeetweit ou the funcrul oc
casion. The brother, thu sister, llie
widow, all sorrow, but not us those who
have no hos. II.
r.. .,..
Grange Plonlo.
The grunge pienlo ut Jllckrcall June
5 and 8 Is going to lie largely attended.
The program Includes HieecheH, music,
and plenty to eut. J. C. White, the
president of the grange, will deliver the
address of welcome, commencing ut 10
o'clock Friday, June 8, followed by the
Declaration of Purposes by 11. C. Mc
Tlmmonds. After dinner there are to
be. speeches by nteitilierH ol Stiver
grange, by lecturer Win. Holder, and
H.K. Hays of state grange, by mem
bers of Mono grange, by Mill creek
grange, and by llullstoii grange.
The second day's program include
speeches or. essay by Pleasant Valley
grange, by Salt Creek grunge, by Oak
View grunge, also a speech by Hon. It,
P. llols; and after dinner speeches by
visiting grangers, by members of Dalbis
grange, by Oak Grove grange, followed
by volunteer speeches.
truce of him. This was a mystery for
the pollie t clear up, and although
they had but a alngle thread to work
on, they Anally succeeded In dolug it.
Detective Hurry took up the clue fur
nished by the watch in the pawnshop.
Ho learned thai the watch had been
traded for a cheap silver watch. He
got a divurlptloti of the men, and also
of the diamond ring worn by Ibtrbour
when be was lust aeen alive by hi
friends. This ring the murderers did
not nawu, and by It they were traced
to the Sound, ami lluiilly to llutle,
Montuim, where two of them were
under iirrest for vagrancy. The tell
tale ring wus fouud In the poawaaion of
one of the men.
On the third of May the body of au
unknown man waa found floating in
the river bctwmi the logs at Pennoyer'
mill. ApN-arances indicated that the
body lind been In the water at least ten
days or two weeks, The forehead waa
crushed In and through a bullet-hole
lu the back of the head the brain were
(sizing out, A ficarf-plu found on the
body led to lis Ideiitillcittlon. It was
the body of Wm. M. Bnrbour, the mis
sing U'btiuou merchant.
A ManhaaCa Wlf tha Boater Caatoatlaw
A DannnolaUoB.
A well known merchant who bat batn fnatl)
bcaoQUad b; Joft Vatatabla Sanaparllla, datlM
to lr It to bli wllo, who wai vary dalle!, but
outofoautloo lint eoorallad bli pbyilctan, Dr.
W. II. Ortawold o( HO Markal itmt Thodoctof
who a oa ol oar lead log practUloaan objattad
aylof babad uerer attnaianapartlla tbat did
not aentalo potaih, wblca Iblooad tha elood
that hit patient did sot havt air TlUHtjr to lot
and Ibat what dtlloat paopl ntad li not d
ctaanad Tlttlltjr. but mot blood. Ba eooNnt
wbtnanuradlbal Joy't Vafttabl aanaparllll
waa directly oppoatdto tb old mlitakto blood
thtnalDf Idea ot other Hnaparini I, and that oa
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MlDUlated tb excretory org, pr aoted dlgea
Uod, aod repaired nutrition, beace created aa
blood and wai tb Tery thing lor leebl paopl
Tb tw ipllo lb bundredi ol cue Id
Which ged, enfeebled, delicate ad rua down
people, bar beta built p by Joy Vegetable
Samparlll alter tba potaib urieperlllu tailed
It tteoU ere creating a leuittloa. & . Jb
e j. t - eJElT3ET jae3ijS!333
. ewe)'-ei!Hi-w---wt
" f rr wnr ej.wwrw www it
Our Clothing is Immense.
Our Hats are Complete.
Our Shoes are First-class.
Our Facilitit for doing Business are Uncqqnlod in the
County. Good Quality mid Fair Price is our Motto. We
welcome One and All.
Independence, Oregon.
If you want T11K ItKMT, buy
HLtFlO oku ir.v
If llie Mrchiit you di'iil with diwanot kwp
tlicm eiuid Ui Al.l.EN dlrH. Ho pay the
posUiKA. Ikailtmil Cillnlngno will free.
Addrvu: C.W.ALLEN,
Second St., rORTLANI), Or.
j. d. mm
I am always busy, have just time to nay
Tbat in these dull times I have no dull day;
Of course one day may be hotter than another,
For trade is good or bad, somewhat like the weather.
You will find in my store an elegant stock
Of Groceries, Canned Goods, sold at bed rock;
Tobacco, Cigars, Crockery and Glass;
At the prices I Bell them you surely can't pass.
I buy lots of produce or take it in trade,
And give the fame price as though all cash were paid.
My goods are best quality, my prices are low,
My goods speak for ine wherever they go.
W. E. GoorJell
Successor to H. D. Waller,
July t.
OON IT Wilt " TOO UTi.
I have beta troubled nun? were with
duwaee of the kidney, and be tried
way different remcdlee and hem
eougM aid fro diffrreot
without relleC Aboul the 15th of April
1 wa. eu Bering from a eery eioleal
eltack that alnoal proetnted me la
eucna manner m 1 iw.
Wh I eat down K wm .lmoal ImpoMjhle for m,
to get ap .lone, or to pot oa r "kea
kind Prorldfnca tnl Dr. Henley, wli the
hotel. I Immediately aommenctd
mlDf the tea. It h.d aa almoat
mlruulouc crTect, and to the eetoa
bhuent ofaU the ga-u at tha hotel,
la a few daye,I am heppy to euie,
that I u sew man. I wn
recommend tb lea to all .rBldi
ae 1 bete beea. . .
O. A. Turrita,
Froprtetor OcddeaUl Hotel,
nil 1 I
Millinery; Fancy Goods
Kelt to Independent National Bank.
Indihndinci, Oanooif.
Lewis Kelso,
-0K.VI.Klt IN
Ladies and Gents Fur
nishin; Goods.
Most Complete Stock of
Boots and Shoes
In the City
And be Convinced.
72 Steel tooth iron harrow, 20.
5 nnd 7 tooth cultivators.
The best horse shoeing.
The Is'st lu
or Wood
E. E. Kmgd's.
Best price paid ft t
Old Iron and !
Castings, j
Main St,. Independenue.
Foot Wear of Extra Quality.
Ngw Roods Arriving Every Vsk
My stock la now more complete than ever before. Shall be pleased
to have all the customers of the store continue trading, and hope t
iuduee many to trade who never did before.
In connection with my store is
Where boots and shoe can be repaired or manufactured nnder the
management of M. A. BAKER.
Rememlier the name:
Main Street, - - Independence
MlM Ada Judeon. Mm. Wllliaiue.
New Bank Building, Independence.
Monmouth Ht, Independence
llmeece made to order, and cutting don on
the beat and inoet nwMlern Kyuteni. A trial
Will convince that Imy ayatein la baaed
on eclentlflo prlnclplee and I ur
to pleaee mypatrone.
Price reaaonable and work lurnUhed aa
Sueeessort to
CityTruck aod Transfer Co.
Hauling of all Kinds Done at
Keasonable Bates.
Mill Feed, Oak, and Ash Wood
far-Collection Made Monthly