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    the "rcnwmi) daily trimjne, medford, okkoox, Saturday, octobkr no, moo.
New Law Said to Be Dlspleasln'u to
Many of the Foreign
WAKIIINUTON, M.:il).Vli'llicr
1 1n I'liilcd Slulcs in K"'"K K" "'
ii luril'f wiir or nut will) 1 lift rent of
tlm world ri'inniiiH to do uni-n.
Tim wi'iipoim for Hiiitli wnr liro
nlrriiily in poNilioii, (jutm urn now
ink' Irnim-d, mill iiiiiiniiiiition in licinj;
collccti'i). Tim oiiti'iiiiic will ilcicnil
it f tit tln ili'u'ii'o of iii'iiiii'Hi'i'iicn with
wlarli l'nrui;ii 1 1 i i : i i i . s i r willing' to
ri'uiinl our ni'w tnriff lmv, nml upon)
llm iii(liilj!i'iwi', or nullity, with'
wliirli tho I'liilcil Slut cm offiriiiln Cll
furen it.
Kor llioro in mi ilnuM tlml Hut
t'nili'il Klnti'H n (IrliMiiiiiii'd to nu
foi'i'ii it m rililH to mi 'iiiul oppor
liinily in llm iiiiirkcts of the ivorltl.
If IIhti' in to lie any nntioiiH bpci'iiilly
f mured in I In1 iniilti-r of ciikIihii rntnx
tli Vnilod Stuli'H miiht liu mm of
Thin country !h not nuking nny fu
vorn Hint nro not m-cordi'il to oilier,
hut it ilocH liold, for iuKtiini'C, llmt it
hlutll icccivH from ilx iiicridiiiiitH tlm
HiiuiK ciiHtouiH t i'cii t men ( Hint r'nini'p
(liven to Hie Oeriiinii merelnuilH on the
hump cliifi of nrtii'li-K, mid Ciinjtrc'KS
Iiiim provided tlm means by wh'u-li
it is lielievcil, Hint lie insured.
Should n tnriff wnr lie iuiiiiuuruleil
lietweeii nny one of llm liiif Eurojii'iin
I'oiiulrieM nml llm 1'nited Stules there
is no donlit Hint it would lie, nt least
teniiornril.v, disiislroiiH to ninny in
rnslries in both eountrii'M. Hut ns
tlm I'nited Slntes proilueeH onn-tliird
of Hie world's food products, it tins
I lie other cniiiilries liiiudiciippcd in
such n coiiimerciiil wnrfnrn nml Hie
iiii'renscd cost of living in nny coun
try Hint preeipitiiled n filit would,
it is lliotiLiht, suon produce sneb n
condition of nffiiir lit homo iih (o
enfori ciipituliition to llie I'liilcd
Stnlcs ternm.
As is well known, the incnnn 1V
which this country hopes to lie aide to
compel Hie entriiiicc of Americiin
I'niiinioditics into foreign ntin'UcIs on
c(iinl tenns with IIiokc of nny other
country, is the niiiMuiutn in id mini
mum hcetion of the new tnriff luw
In brief, this simply iiicnns that those
iinlioiis Hint do not allow American
products to enter their ports on
oil no I terms with similar articles from
older countries will find, after March
.'II next, Iheir own products, sent to
the l;nilcd Slntcs, taxed 'Jfi per cent
mora thnn tho regular tnriff rates,
mid more Hum the same class of
foods coining from oilier countries
that have been found to treat the
Tinted Stales fairly.
Hymn Tcrril from Harney county
has beers visiting his parents; nt Tal
ent. Horn-To Mr. nnd Mrs. Vanc
Wiilunmnlli), on Tuesday, October l!l,
n ilaiiuhlcr. Mother und child arc
doing well mid it is hoped that Ilia
father will recover.
J, II, Slewnrd of I.os Angeles, Cul
i f' j in in , is visiting willi the family of
Mr. Summers nenr Talent.
; Win. Iteurdslcy (if l'lioauix on Weil
nchdav liui'chaNcd n wagon load of
iipples from parties in Talent, which I
he will sell in Klaimilli county.
Thirty Million Stamps Will Be Placed
on Salo by the Red Cross
. Society.
WASHINGTON, Oct. .'HI. Thirty
I million Christmas stnnps of the
'rank Smith nml his daughter, 1 Americiin Kcd Cross will he placed on
Mrs. h. Wadingtoii of Alnskn, while ',,) (brougliout the country curly in
en route to San IVancisco slopped off . . ' . '
stumps melius n bullet in I lie .great
lit latent anil visiteil Willi Mrs. Wuil
diugton's graudmotlicr, Mrs. Crosby.
I' (. Hopkins from Vniicnuvor,
fight iigninst the White, i'lugue..
yiishinglon, is visiting willi llm fum-, These stamps arc not to ho used in
ily of John Hearing nt Tnlent. ,ymt ,lf (;,.( Hll1-H (IOs!ngc thy
Itobeil l'urves nnd Jack liallard on ,.v ,m, IMI.r(.v Ht,.k,-rn" intended
Thursday went out to the Applcgalo , )C Ul)C.,j ; bl!llyin,, ;hHi,11(lf) ,,jfls
country on n hunting trip.
If. J. Kiiicbarger from Mcdford, on
Thursday was in Talent, lie pur
chased ii couple of lags for deer
hides from Justice Sherman.
W. U. Mason from Portland hist
week w'as visiting his father, J. ('.
Mason of Tiilcul.
lieu Tliurber from Minnesota last
week arrived in Talent. Mr. Thurher
is n brother-iu-law of I'rof. 0. W.
Agr of this plncn.
The dance given in Iho Netberland
hull Saturday evening was a pro
nounced success. There was n good
Utlendance und those present en
joyed Hi ! ni selves.
On Sunday Sam Hobinson suffered
n severe accident. While repairing
the windmill tower he lost his balance
and fell to tlm ground 'injuring his
back mid shoulders. Drs. Forbes mid
$wedeiiburg are in attendance.
The following is n list of persons
stopping at the Hell house during the
week: If. W. Hurling. Portland; W. H.
Mason, Portland; Charles I.. Hat
field, Mrs. N. Cunningham, Mrs. Ida
or letters
As far back as 1802 slnmps or
"stickers" of this kind were sold us n
means of raisii g fiuds for charitable
purposes. In that year great num
bers of stamps known iis"Sanitary
Fair Stamps" were sold at a fnir nt
Hostou, the proceeds going into n
fund for Hie care of the wounded sol
diers of I he civil war. Two such
fairs were held in Brooklyn, one of
which m 1804, netted $1(10,000. In,
tho siiino your the United States
Miniliiry commission stumps were
sold, realizing .$1,200,000.
, The staff poet on the Oregon Jour
nal sal down nmllhiiikcd ; and hav
ing thiiiik, scribbled seriously;
Apples rosy, apples fair, apples,
apples, everywhere;
Apples yellow, apples red, best of ap
ples, kings have said;
Apples favored with pure joy for
man, or maiden, eld or boy;
Apples known (ho world around,
from Hood river's mount-girt ground;
Apples from Willamette's plains,
glistening in October ruins;
Apples from the , choicest brands
from southern Oregon lucious lands;
Apples from Nehnlcm's vales, and
Polk's foothills, where a crop never
Apples in sen-fneing Coos, in high.
dry lake tlicy ore no, more news;
Apples in Raker, Union, Grant;
they say you may try to bent them,
but can't;
Apples in Lane, Linn, Josephine, in
Lincoln and Crook, e'en Harney, I
Apples, oh welli in all the rest
that are or can be made, the best;
Apples from California's line to
Coliimhin's rift, und from ocean's
brine; '
Apples to the mountains of Idaho,
by millions of bushels will finely
Apples, apples everywhere; it is
good to go to an apple fair.
Attorneys Now Considering the Own
ership of the Air Over- .
WASHINGTON, Oct. 30. Who
owns the airT
The ancient Romans who mnst
huve looked ahead through the cen
turies and had visions of the present
day aeroplane and dirigible, enacted
a law grunting absolute ownership of
the air above property owned by a
- In the light of the achievement of
the Wright Brothers, Curtiss, Bler
iot, and hosts of others, the ipicstiou
has been reviewed after sleeping for
centuries, nnd nerial enthusiasts are
now asking legal , authorities' for n
citation in the wodcrn . laws which
might throw some light on it.
T.yttleton Fox who is a member of
theAero club of America, started tho
discussion nt a recent meeting of
that organization. He renched hnek
into the musty tomes of ages and
found that old lioimin law; remem
bered Hint the English luw was mod
eled after that code, recollected also
that the statutes of America were
made after those of old Great Britain
and (hen cast about to see whether
that particular ancient Roman law
had survived through the process of
Banilliouso, J. E. Smith, Mrs. E.
Kease.Mrs. D. E. Warner, II. G. Pnr
ker, Ashland; George II. Parker,,
Grants Pass; Clauds Schrock, Cor
vallis, Gerald Picker, Avers, Oregon;
If. V. McCrellis, Piirceil, Oklahoma;
H. G. Dake, Seattle;!). M. Souther
land. Kay Lce Portland; R. A. Tnyne,
0. L. Irwin, Ashland; E. J. Kriiusc,
C. Walker, I). II. Jackson, Churles
Chauffer, I. M. LnCassoau, Medford.
Have the Best Turnouts in the City
You nro treated right, the prieo is right, the team is
right iit fact, everything is right. Como and see.
Free Christian
Science Lecture
at the
Medford Opera House
at 8 o'clock.
Tuesday Evening, November 2,
Colorado Springs, Col.
Member f the Christian Science
Board of Lectureship of the First
Church of Christ, Scientist, Bos
ton, Mass. The public is cordial
ly invited.
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