The Medford mail. (Medford, Or.) 1893-1909, February 03, 1899, Page 5, Image 5

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Correspondents 1
KukIu I'olut KnirluU.
Horn January 28. 1H1I1), to Mr.
mid Mm, Aurun Hook, u diiutflititr.
MiHt Mattiii Taylor, who ImH limm
HtoppitiK in Mod lord for boiiio time,
ruturnud hoinu IunI Huiiilny.
Mixs Anna JuflYtty oiunuout from
Mud ford IuhI Hundiiy. Hho vtu uo
ooiiipHiilvd by MrH, LoHlilur.
MuhduinoH S. It, HolinoH and
Frank Drown Hiwnt lunt wmik at
Cuntnil Point veiling ttiuir Hintor.
Mrn. Wiu. HohnoH.
Cluudu Wlillo, wlio Iiuh boon Htop
plug in Cmiti-nl Point for Homo
tliiui, riiturni'd to Kiiglu Point lant
tiutiirduy upon a vittit.
Quito a nutiibur of our youiift
pooplit wont to Cuntral Point lunt
KnUmliiy niulit to nttitud llui outer-tnimiii-nt
lvott liy tlio DugriiH of
Honor IiiHkii, Tliuy rujiort having
had a flnu limo.
Tin) ground Iiuh Htittlml bihco tliu
lii'uvy ruiim ho ilial hoiiio of tlio
fiiriiium Imvi coin mmioi'd plowing.
'J'liu nrimviit indiuutionH art) Unit
th or will bu a lurgn amount of
grain put 111 tliiH noiiHon.
Judiiu Hafl'ord omiiti ui from Anil
land IiihI wuuk, whnru liu in attnud
ing tlio normal. Ha wiih ncoom
panii'd by Mr. Itoouu, who in ulun a
Htudont at tlio normal. Thoy aro
tliu KuuHtD of Juhhu'r iiiotbur, Mrn.
A. Pool.
Mr. and Mm. R. L. I'urkur woro
callml from ttiuir homo on Uig Dutto
liml wuuk by HiukniiHH in the family
of tbuir hoii in law, Prof. IC. K.
Jrimitb, who iri in charge of tlio
school in Phottnix. Thoy toppi-d
with J. J. Kryor Kriday night.
Thuro in ooiiHidoruhlo niokiioHH in
thin ntMghhorhood, moHtly la grippe,
although thoro aro Huvorul cuhch of
pnxumonia and Home of thorn are
)uilu HoriouH. MrH. Howlutt and
ono of our litllo girla, Hatlio, have
been afllioteil with tho lu grippe for
the pHt wevk.
On Monday of last wcok Mini
Anna Jufl'ruy, tho principal of our
Hohool, rucoivud word that hur
mother was dead and at once ru
turnud to Mod ford, whnroupou Prof.
Lincoln Savage, who has charge of
the primary aupartmont. appointed
a committee to draft rcxolutiou of
condolunuo and oxprui'B tho sympa
thy of the Hohool. On Wednesday
thuy sont her tho following oxprou
Bion of their rogrots:
Kaoi.k Point, Jan. !M. 18011.
Mihh Anna Ikkkkkv, Dour Tcaeliur:
Wo know lliul mi wont can uiuku
luiu-mle tor llui tfl-oiit Ion- villi huvo bub
tainod III tllu luee of your imilhnr. Wo
deeply ivull.u Una too uxiiii-eaitiiin of
cimhIdIoiiuu lull lo rinltiru tllu
lovoU unit lout Olio, iiiiJ yoi wn L-uhiiol
but hiipo Hint tllu lu-itriliill ., iiiialliy
of oiira will mkl imi dnmiiud nil intrusion
on your tjrlof. It hits li,.-un wi ll sulci
that "wo woup for tint lovod anil lost
bocaunj wo know our tuitranrc In vain."
Wo would uiiho your eoi-row, yol wo
know not how; wo can only acknoh:dt.i
Unit llio nlll lotion le (jod'e will. We
may not doubt alio' la froo from too
pinna that alio ao lonir oudurnd huro on
earth, and whon wn gather ul tho rivur
ia it not a. awovt ooimolatlou to think
that amonir tllu loved and lot aho may
moot you on thootliur eido? Coiiiuiutid
IniT you to Him who doutli all thiiiKa
. well, wo roniain In tlio tondorual frluud
.1.1.. IM ..- u..t.,.i......
extond our huai-livlt ayiupalliiua to you
in vuur hcroavumont.
Wrltlun by tlio ouininitleo in behalf
of tho Hohool.
Tavik Uowi.rtt,
Iua Tdnoatk,
No Cure No Pay.
That la lha way all dniKKlma oll Ororoa'
Taatoloaa Chill Tonlo for miliaria, clillla and
lovor. It In "Imply Iron aud iiulnlmi In a Unto
loiia form. Children lovo It. Adulta prclor It
lo blltur, nnuHuiUlnn louloa, I'rloo, W oonta
For aalo ly Hlrn. tho ilniKKlal.
Wooilvllle Items.
Our mooting)) oloBiid laHt Thurs
day after two wookn' duiation.
MrH. Wright, of Cuntral Point,
visited relatives here last woek.
B. F. Cartor and Win. Wilt made
a buBinoBtt trip to C rants Pass last
Farmers are' everlastingly "roll
ing logs," so to speak, in their prep
aration for spring work.
Loo linulshaw, of Brownsboro,
visited .here several days last week
with :his liothor, Doo Bradshaw.
Miss Mnhd Cotnrtbok,1 who has
been the guest of Mrs. D. Bradshaw
in packages
. at grocers'
for a oouplo of weeko paHt.'returnJd
to her homo at JuokHuiivllle last
nuturday, ( r
Mr, Hurkhiirt and family have
moved to ICvuiih oroek , whore they
will farm during tho coming hohhou,
The Infant hoii of Mr. and MrH.
Wm. Huymond has been danger
oiiHly HI, but is now improving
llio dutini) In the school house
last Friday evening wan a crowning
HiicuesH. All proHont report having
hud a royally good time.
If the writer of tho above Item
wiU supply thin oflluo with his or
her name, wo will gladly furnish
olf addroHHod, stumped envelopes
and oopy paper. Wo would bo glad
to put itotiiH In typo ouch week
from Woodvillo. ICi
To Cure a Cold In One Day.
Tallil l.uiatlva llromo Qulnlua Tulilott. All
druioiUta rufunil tho mutiny If It falla to ouru,
'J6 ccuta,
lirowiiHboro Iteiim.
J. K. Bell made a buHinoss trip
to ICiiglo Point Saturday.
K. Krnilenburg and family, of
Dig Bulla, romoved Into tliis vicin
ity a short time uuo.
C. IC. Terrill has just returned
from u trip to Big Butte, whura he
hus been riding for cuttle.
Wm. M?.rtin and Jos. Itandla, of
l.uke treuk, and V in, Cook, of Dig
Itutle, wero among the comers and
gotrs of the past week.
Jas. Martin, who has taken charge
of Mr. Hyko'H place, near Phoenix,
wont there during tho past week
for the purpose of pruning the or
chard trees 'luring the good wcathor
W I !
Sick HoadaclioH,
Tho curau of ovurworkud womankind,
ar quiokly and auroly ourod by Karl's
('lovor Hoot Tea. tlio irroat blood purl
llur and tiuo buildur. Moony refunded
If not anlinfaulory. I'rluo 25 eta. and
40 vta. Hold by Chin. Stranu. druuKiat.
Klamath County Items.
From the Republican.
The public road between Klam
ath Kalis and Fort Klamath is in a
very good condition for this time of
the year.
Rover Morgan (Indian) whs killed
on the reservation last Tuesday hv
a log rolling over him. Ho wn
hauling wood when one of the lugs
which ho had chained to tho sled
on which he was riding came un
loosened and rolled off, throwing
Morgan to the ground.
Deputy District Grand Master
Frank Light, of the Indeendent
Order of Odd Fellows, arrived here
last Tuesday from Lakoview ac
companied by James and Henry
Hervford, V. L. Bnelling and S. K.
Ahlslrom who proceeded lait night
to institute a lodge of Odd I'cllows
here. Tim lodge will ho known as
Klamath Lodge No. 137, I. 0.0. F.
t-'rom tho Klamath Pall Kxprojtn,
Lust week I. I). AppluttHto sold
COO Head of mutton sheep to Louis
(terlier at cents, and parties Irom
Lakeviuw Htato he sold this week
1000 head of slock sheep to Sol.
Chandler at $3 per head.
T. J. Ollinld and crow took 160
beef and)00 mutton sheep to Mont
ague, bv way of Merrill, last Kridav
Thev were fed on the Roames &
Martin. J. T. Honley and E. W.
Gowon ranches, and are all in fine
Malaria produoca woaknoaa, (tutiural debility,
blltouHnuNN. loaa of aputllc,.laillKfHllOD and
ennnltpallon. Urovait' Tnxloleaa Ohlll Tonic
nnnovoa tho oauito which producea tbuKo trou
bloa. Try It and you will bo dollghtcd. Ni
cunta. To ki tho gunulno auk tor Qrovea
For aalo by Birnug, tho dru?lnt.
Tho Nevada lujrUhituro Has aain
nlooUxl William M. Stuuart United
HUitoa Hoiiator.
Prof. CtuiiniiiiKH Cherry, famons in
America us a xooloKiat, 'Uoii at- UliiiuiKn
a few days iiro. Ohovry Iiokihi hisro-
Boaroluw in California many -yours ago,
PiMsoiit count iNwoitKor rates to Skat?'
nay and Dyoa aro til) and ronpootivlv
froiKht rates, 8, and $10 jwr ton; uvo
alixik, iwr head: horses, $ JU.50; dogs ff
Tho Twentieth United Status infantry
arrived at San Fruiielsoo last" wook and
immediately boanlod the trausiorts aud
suilod for Mauila.
Tho Now YorkOontml railroad or tho
Vandborblldt linos aro said to bo pre
Diirinir to oonstrtiot a road botwoen Or
don and Sau Franolaoo, lu order to have
a traiiKoonlluoutal line.
Captain Joint Dnurds, a ploncor of tho
oarly '40s. died at Moiitoroy rooontiy
Dnurds help raise tho Stars and Stripes
over' Moutoi-er uurtinr tuu war witn
Hoxloo. ...... i i , "i. ,'
Tho transport Zoalnndiu loft Manila
Thnrsday for Sau Frailoisoo with liw
ofticors and onlistod moil. Tho soldlors
nu the Zoalundiu aro said at the war
department to bo oonvaloseonts. ,
A. D. Holmos. arrested in Soil Fran-
olsco for passing a forgod oheok for $35
ou a saloon-ltooDor of Frosno, pleaded
guilty to obtaining money nndor falso
nrotonsos and was suntonoad : to tho
county jail for six months.
Tlio oaiinurs of British Columbia aro
alarmed at tho "proiiosod notion of Hie
Ottawa Government rosnootlnir tho can.
liing lntlustry. Thoy say that if tho
proposed sugwostioii is can-toil intooffoot
tlioir ll,000,0l)0 litrlustrios will bo driven
bodily iuto tlio United States. ,y
Baking Powder
Made from pure
cream of tartar.
Safeguards the food
against alum.
Alum baltinf powders an tlx frt&Uat
maiucOT to bullh of the prcstol day.
awr wwiiwuoi. t toaa. 1
BeUoy Ann 5tlll Live.
Kam(ikkim Kamon.
mv ukkh K: l seed by yer
last ishsue ov Tim Mkmkokd Mail
an ansor to my koinmiiiilkashun by
1 Harry ilombray, ov Htikky, ak-
knowk-dging my version of the dog
killing to oe kuroct, but lie sea 1
did not tell the hull thing. Now,
my deer Ed? I only told what eye
herd to he fucks. I sent Prof. Skon-
chin, my enterpreter, up to the
springs to assertain what enferma
tion kud be obtaned, and the follow
ing bit is what he got. fur me, viz :
No jug, no (task, no explosion, no
dog killed by Ilombray only krip-
piod, 2 deer krippled by Hembray,
ona ov em was a pet misstoolt for a
wild ouo and tuihor one Hembray
krippled unci Kume killed it. 2 uien
as wuz huntin' up thar at the same
time sod lha saw a man up above
the springs, as wuz gone wild on
millenary tuck tick a. Tlia sed he
had a lot ov tn-ezo lined up and
wux given 'em orders parrad
murtch, keep up in line, etc. Jist
then the 2 men kum up to him and
axt him what heer.o d-u'n', Her. he,
"My kname is Captin Hembray.
Ize captin ov ihe 250th mounted
iiifanUreezo, volleutrecze ov Med
ford, and Ize pracktizing fur the
fray." Spoze iniku kuinlux Hotton
wa-wa? Nika pcalta klatawa ten
ess siyah kopa illuhee nika nanage
In yuti niowwich nika uummalooho.
Now, deer Kd, if ver over kum up
this way stop unci see mo.
x ourze as ever,
You Try it.
If Shlloh's Couuh and Consurootlon
Cure, which is Bold for the uroull price
ui it els., :M old. aud SIUU, duc-s not cure
luko thii bottle back and wo will refund
your money, bold for over Ufly years
on vi) i guaruniou. t'ricu zo cia. aua
A) els. bold by Unas, btranjr, druKKlat.
Tho latest ropnrt from WiwhliiKton
ooiiwniiiiK tho First California ruKiinont
Ik thut it will roturn on tho tr.insxirt
S.-4iiilia as soon an tho vowels roacho.t
Manila and tlio tnxtns disembark. Tho
Sciindia Kiilod from Suu Kranutsoo but
Romoldo Iz-poz, tho Mexlrnn who
ploailod (ruilly to tho oluu-ijrc! of rattle
irealiiiir and attomiitod to implicate
Hiury Flonrnoy, a butohor of Pasadena,
ivroivod a ioiitoii'io of seven years in
San Qnontiu poiiitontiary. Tho case
iisainst tho others namod by Lopez as
accomplices fell flat.
Tlio residence nf Mayor Borirman of
Astoria tnu roblwd recently, and his
wife last, a thousand dollars' worth of
diamonds. A front window was found
open and femal" footprints found in
front of tho unuso. Tlio servant girt is
undr nn-ost, and Chief Halloclt promises
that ho will discover the diamonds.
Tho completion in every dotail of the
longest power transmission system in
thu world, that which supplies tho city
of Los Aavelos with olootrioitr from
power developed at tho hoad of tho
danta Ana river 80 milos nvniy. Tho
svstom has occupied sovoral years in
iniildinir and has onuseil tho oxpunditure
of large sums of money.
Private K. A. Doty of Battery C,
Heavy Artillery, California Volunteers,
was drowned In rite ocean nt Fort Canby,
Wash., Doty, Willi two companions,
started to olimb around a bluff whon he
was washed off by tho surf. He was
carried out lo sea by the heavy breakers,
aud his companions wore nnablo to as
sist him. Doty loavos a widow r.
Chioo, C:il.
Lafayotta Ditty, a colored man, who
has boon acting as a cook for E. J. Bald
win at his eolouratod Santa Anita ranch,
drowned himself and his twelve-year-old
son on Sunday lust in a reservoir an
on tho ranch; five mill's oast, of Pasartoun.
Ditty had a lmil attack of grip, which
appeared to ofTect his niintl, aud his
wife had notiotMl that ho had boon oot
Ing strangely for the last few days.
Two masked mon entered a house on
a vegetable rauoh oast of Sacramento
in wliioh ten Japanese wore asleep, and,
presenting pistols, mado them all got up
and hand over tlioir money and valu
ables. Thoy got at least $50 in money
and several watohos, Ono or the Japan
ese, namod Tatsnmaina, made somo re
sistanco aud tho robbors shot and killed
Tho trnnloos of J San Luis Obispo at a
mooting rooontiy formally ogrood with
Lo Prune and Ryland, roprosontatlves
of tlio San Luis Water company, for the
giilo of all tho property of tho water
company to tho city for $fil),000. Tills
Is tho result or nogotlatlons ponding for
many months, Tho company at one
time asked $125,000 for tho works, bnt
tho oitizons showed a determination tc
put in a system pf their owu. '
Kulul Aaflidttnfc Wlilla Tryinif to do a
Trlitk With a Shulmin llrltlah Culuin
lilaiu Alartllfid it tlla I'lllua of .lap
annan Itrotliura Chmrumd With Araoit.
Marin wjuiity capitalists are to open a
bank at Han ltafael.
The Santa Cluru county farmers' club
has IA0 memlsirs.
This year's celery crop of California li
estimated at TOO carloads.
A farmers' institute was held at Se
bastapol early In tho week.
Nevada minors have asked the legis
lature to pass an eight-hour law.
The Fn. Tlobl'-s liank and the Oiti
xous' bank of Haliuoa, will consolidate
on Fobruury 1st.
On March I 1,730 stamps will be in
opumtlon at. tho Alaaku-Treadwcll nflne,
ou Douglass island.
Tun thousand carloads is the latest
estimate of tlio present orange crop of
the smthoru counties.
Miichinory is to be put in the new sug
ar factory at Oxnurd so us to raise it to
its maximum caici.y. '
Tho gruuduting class of the state nor
mal school at Ohlco, 20 in number, re
ceived their diplomas Friday.
A man recently from New Mexico is
in tho county hospital at Sacramento
suffering from smallpox.
A severe wind storm prevailed in the
mouutaiits back of San Diego, and
several houses wero blown down.
A party of eight eastern prospeotors
was caught in an Arctic blizzard on the
Valilez glucicr, Alaska, aud five frozen
to death.
Tho holdivnr stock of beans in Ven
tura aud Santa Barbara counties has
been exhausted. There will bo a large
acreage of beans planted tho coming
The Union Sugar company of Santa
Barbara will plant 4000 acres of sugar
bouts in the Santa Maria valley and 3000
acres lmve boon contracted for with
Mrs. Thomas Kell and hor 8-mouths-old
child were thrown from a buggy
near Sau Joso. Tho mother sustained a
broken arm and tho child was instantly
A. O. Bradley, tho old soldier who
shot Governor Smith of tho Soldiers'
home at Santa Monica, has been found
guilty of assault with a deadly weapon.
The jury recommended him to the
mercy of tho court.
The plant of the Tehama Elootri'
Light and Power compauy, rooontiy
completed at Hod Bluff, was destroyed
by tiro last week. Tho loss is about (13,
000. It is probablo that tho plaut will
be rebuilt at once.
Tlio Sau Bruno hotel, in the outskirts
of San Francisco was destroyed by fire
Sunday. Mathiaa Eieeorn, an aged
boarder, was burned to death, and five
firemen wero injured.
F. S. Markariaii, and his brother
Charles are in Jail at Fresno, charged
with arson. One of tho brothers con
fessed that they couatructed a machine
which sot firo to their furniture store.
Thoy had tho place heavily insured.
William Pinknoy Toler, who as r
midshipman on the staff of Commodcr
Jones in 1843, raised the first Americ,
flag ou California soil, died at his boo:
in Oakland, after a prolonged illnes
Owing to ill health for many y-irs !:
had boon compelled to load a roHre
lifo. The immediate causa of his deal!,
was dropsy.
Nellio, tho 4 year old daughter of W
G. Hind, of Salinas, poured some coal oil
ou a fire lu tho sitting-room of their
home. Tlio can exploded, setting her
clothes on fire. Her fahor smothered
tho flames, but not until tho child't
hair was burned p. close lo the scaln
Daneers of tho Krip.
The greatest ditugcr from la e-ipne
Is of its resulting In pneumonia. U
reasonable care Is used, however, and
Chamherlain's Cough ttemedy takon.
all dancer will be avoided. Among
the tens of thousands who have used
this remedy for la grippe wt have yet
to learn of it single otae having resulted
lu pneumonia which shows conclusively
that this remedy is a certain preventive
of that dangerous disease. It will cure
la grippe in less time than any other
treatment. It Is pleasant, and safe to
take. For sale bv CIibs. Strang, drug
gist, Medford; Dr. J. Hlnklo, Central
Point., ' , ,
it tree. The
art alike, and
eiallf. A
you free.
A re you weak t
Where How long t
Do you havo paint'
Where How long
Hieht twtatt 9 How often 9
Bo your tyet blur 9 When 9
Doyoutleepatnight9 How long 9
Are you eonttipated9
u B at AT aw -mm
a a t
XX Kr X.
x. aty j s . -v.
Antwer thett autttitnt and a tptoial
trial treatment will be prepared and tent
torou by mail free, feu take nt ebanoet.
and me was sororei IriJltreVI aboui tJe
body. Hor faTher's hands wore burned
In a shocking manner.
The citizens of Vancouver, B. O., ore
becoming alarmed at tho large Influx of
Japanese. They havo too informed
Irom Ottawa that tho Federal authori
ties cannot help them, and a ooinmun
liuLtfnn htis tnien forwarded frrm, .inmnl.
Cliunilstrlain. imperial wcrotury of state
tor tlio colon 'os, saying in ciroot that ho
hoped nothing would be done la the
way of Inh'iHlation to displease tho
nations interested.
Preparations are said to be ofoot for
tho transfer to a big transcontinental
railway company of the San Fruncisco
and North Pacifio railroad, wliioh, runs
from Ukiah southward to Point Tiburon
and thenoe has forry connections across
the bay to Sau Francisco. The prospec
tive purchasers aro believed to bo either
the Vundorbilts, that thoy may socare
advantageous terminal facilities for
their coutomplatod extension to tlii
ooaat, or tho tho Southern Pacific, that
it may shut off thu prospective rival
from one or the best romninlng bay ter
minal points for u great railroad.
A shocking affair occurred Sunday at
the homo of John Garter in Tolo coun
ty, near Clurfcsburg. His youngest son,
aged li yours, and tho boy's older bro
ther, aged 15 years, wore doing a shot
gun trick, which resulted in tho formor'e
death. They had for somo time past
put unloaded cartridge shells in the gun,
dropped a marble iu tho muzzle of the
gun, and the older boy would explode
the primer. This had just enough
strength to 8"tid tho marble a few feet
and the younger boy would catch it in
its flight. They wero to perform the
trick Sunday, but the cartridge in the
gun, wiuoh they supposed to be empty,
proved to bu leaded. When the gun
was discharged the load of powder, and
shot took effect In tho younger boy'a
head, shattering it in a horrible manner.
Death wu almost instantaneous.
TlwuMadi ara Tryfag 1U
In order to Drove the creat merit of
Ely's Cream Balm, the most effective cure
for I alarm ana uoia in tieaa, we nave pre
pared a gaaeroui trial aize for 10 eeuta.
Got it of your druggist or send 10 cents to
ELY BUOS., 56 Warren St., N. TC. City.
I suffered from catarrh of Uin von t kind
ever stuco a boy. and X never hoped for
cnrt, but Ely'a Cream liahn seems to do
veu tui-t. M:ny uiNiuaiuLinreaLma used
it with exjIlent rMU!t. Uacar uatnun,
45 Wurruu Ave., Caicagj, 111.
Kl'a Cream Balm is the acknowledged
ennt for caurrn and contams no cocaine,
mercury nor any injurious drug. Frlca,
W ceuU. At druggista or by mail.
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profit and satisfaction
will result if you plant
Tbr are nlwnrs the beat 1
Do not accept nar MitntU ;
tut buy noil bat Frrrj'i. i
o'1 by all dflni. Write lor
tho'89Sca Annual frea.
D.M.FERRY& C0..Dttrcit,Mlch.
Recommended by Leading
S Dressmakers. & Sj
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J IVTheie pattrmi are sold in nearljr
e-enctty and town in the United States. ;
If your dealer does oot keep them tend
I direct to us. One cent stamps received.
Address your nearest point. ;
i 138 to 146 W. 14th Strael, Htm York j
branch ornras :
i 189 Filth Ave., Chicago, and
j 1051 Market 5t., Sen Franciaco.
aar mm m
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Cure It!
OontaRioui blood poison Is absolutely
beyond the skill of the doctors. They
may dose a patient for years on their
mercurial and potash remedies, but ha
will never be rid of the dlaoase; on tho
other hand, his condition will grow
steadily worse. S. B. 8. Is the only oura
for this terrible affliction, because it is
the only remedy whioh goes direct to
the cause of the disease and forces it
from the system.
I waa afllatad with Blood Pntaon, an4 to
baal doc cora did ma no good, though I took
uair truimanl faltb
full. In tut, I aaaaiMl
lo sat woraa all tha
Whlla. I look almoat
arary ao-oallai blooij
raaiedr, but thtf did sot
aaeaa to reaoh the dla
eaaa. and had no affaol
whataTr. I waa d la.
hartenrd. for It aaaraad
that I would never be
onred. Ac the adTtoe of
mend 1 then tool
B. 8. 8., and hraan tolm-
Drove. I onntinued the
sudletna, and It eantd tne eoniplrtelr, build-
lasupmr health and Inen-aalng my appellte.
fupmr Health and inen-aaing mr appeniv,
houffh thla waa tnn yeara ago. I have naves
eunousn mie w.n jfmrn shu. i hut
vat had a alsn ol the dlaeaae to return.
Staunton, Vs.
It Is like self-destruction to continue
to take potash and mercury; beside
totally deetroylnir the diaestion. the
dry ud the marrow in the bones, nro-
duoing a stiffness and swelling of the
joint, causing tne nair to tan out, ana
completely wrecking tho system. ,
is guaranteed Purely Vegetable, and is
the only blood remedy free from thessi
dangerous minerals.
Book on aeir-treatment sent rree oy
Swift Specific Company, Atlanta, Go.
Southern California railroads are re
ported to be abandoning the efforts to
burn oil in their engines.
Mrs. J. P. Chriatenson, aired 70, wife:
of a contractor of San Diego, started to
drivo to Old Town with her son. The
horse ran away at Old Town, boina
frightened by a passing bicycle, and the
old lady grabbed at the lines, bat only
caught one of them, which caused the
horse being turned short over the hillside.
The woman then jumped from the
buggy, fracturing her skull and dying a
few minutes later.
t ,
The - Shasta - Route
9:30 a. m
6:17 p. m
8:00 p. in
tf:00p. m
0:1? a.m
7 Mr a. ii!
Lr. Portland , Ar.
Lv. Med ford Lv
Ar. Ban Prnnclsco Lv.
Above trains a too at ail stations belwet
PurlUtud and Salem. Turner, Marlon, JefTersoa
Albany. TantreiH, Sheddit. Halaey, HarrlRburp;,
Junction City, Eugene, Cottage Grove,
lrainfc, Oakland and at all stations from Rose
burg to Ashland inclusive.
i'JW u. m 1 Lv
Sart p. m i Ar
4:V p. m
?J0a. m
Dining Cars on Ogdon Route.
Pnllman Bdffet Sleepers and Pecond Claaa
Sleeping; tarsaitacnea 10 an inrouga irmma
Between Portland and CorvaUis.
Mall train dally, except Sunday: '
7 to a. m I
U:1B p m
Ar I 5:56 p. m
Lv 1:06 p. m
At Albany and CorvaUis connect with trains)
ofO. C. & E. railway.
Express Trains daly, except Sunday:
p. m I Lv Portland
7 nop. in Ar MOIInnvllle
p. m I Ar Independence
5:50 a. m
4:f0a m
Direct connection a; San Franciaco with Oc
cidental and Oriental and Pacific Mail a tea ru
sh iu lines, for Japan and Claa. Salltnz dates
on application.
Kales ana ticjceia ana to eastern points ana.
Europe, also Japan, China, Honnolulu aud
Australia can be obtained from W. V. Llppla
cott, Aeent, Medford.
Manager. G.K.&P A
Parle Medlolna Co., 8t.Lonla,Mo.
(loDtlemen: We told last year, 600 bottlea of
hought three Krosa alroady thla rear. , In all oar OS
vcrlooce of li reare. In tho drug huslneM. bave
novor mM an article that bare nuon ualTareal aatar.
taouoa aa rou TosM. xotu-a truly,
AjuiiV.Cabb A CO.
Tor tale by Ctats. Stranf, Medford, Oreiion. i