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Last week we spoke of the trial
which was on before Recorder Webb
wherein J as. Stevens was charged
with selling liquor within the incorpor
ate limits of Medford. At the time we
went to press last week the recorder
had not rendered his decision. He
iid this Friday afternoon and his de
cision was thit he was guilty and the
sentence was that he pay a fine ot $75
and costs, amounting in all to a little
More than $100. Upon the defendant
promising to refrain hereafter from
the illegal sale of "booze" and as it
was his first offense, the recorder let
him off with the payment into the
town treasury $27.50 and the cost of
the trial. Stevens, we understand,
has decided not to take out a license
and his shop will not be open for the
sale of 1 iquors.
'A thing of beauty is a iov forever"
especially true if the article is as good
s it looks. The Zenith steel range is
warranted to be equal to any other in
th.e market. Kame & Gil key.
Miss Fannie Haskins entertained
several of her young lady friends last
Thursday and Friday evenings. Those
present Thursday evening were Grace
Davis, Edith VanDyke, Maud Johnson,
Maysie Foster, May Phipps, Myrtle
Lawton. Mabel Jones, Zoa Bruns, and
Cora Coontz, all of Medford, and Rose
Fielder, of Central Point. On Friday
evening the guests were Grace Foster,
Ollie Butler, Mamie Nicholson, Myr
tle Woodford, Georgia Spencer, Bessie
vVait, Edith White and Etta Medynski,
Refreshments were served both even
ings and altogether a couple of very
pleasant evenings were spent.
Coughing irritates the delicate,
rgans and aggravates the disease.
Iastead .of waiting, try One Minute
Cough Cure. It helps at once, mak
ing ; . expectoration easy, " reduces
the soreness and inflamation. Every
one likes it. Geo. H. Haskins, drug
gist, Joe Shone is putting in some good
work these days on his new residence,
which, when completed, will be one of
the best and prettiest buildings in
Medford. Joe being a carpenter and
a good one he is leaving not a thing
undone that would help the building's
"beauty and convenience,. One especially
fine feature is that the building stands
well up off the ground, thus permitting
of the grading of splendid grounds
around it. The finish of the building
is to be of a style of architecture very
out of the ordinary and when completed
it cannot fail to attract much favorable
P T?nsa informs ns that he will
- sell fruit tress at a figure just a little
lower than they can be purchased else
where until his entire stock is disposed
of. Nursery situated one-half mile
east of Medford at the mill.
The plasterers are now at worlc on
the new school building. A Mr. Brown,
of Portland, arrived in Medford Sun
day and at once began upon his work
that 01 engaging aieoiora plasterers
and making ready generally. Alpine
. -. . .1 T t XA.
to that orainamy usea, inasmucn as it
J) - ! 3 I . r..
ouite as hard rock in fact the Al
pine' is a cemev - The price, ordinar-1
ily, i a little higher than lime plaster
but this job is made at a reduced
price to introduce it in this locality.
Chaparejos made to order and
kept in stock by Beidleman & Nichol
son. These same articles repaired
and f:onts put in at a figure that is
ot unreasonable .
Tomorrow night, January 11th,
Schilling's minstrel company will ap
.jLt at the Medford opera house. This
company numbers twenty-four people,
and have this year the greatest num
ber of comedians and singers that Mr
Shilling has ever carried. The stage
settings and costumes are said to be
magnificent, and the music perfection.
In the second part, or olio, appear ten
of the latest and most finished special
ties in the orofession. including the
great English acrobats, the brothers
la Rose. Reserved seats on sale at
the Crater.
Parties living in the vicinity of
Gold Bill are informed that they can
procure all harness, harness repairing
and general horseware as cheaply at
"Gold Hill as they can in Medford. Call
at Lawton's Gold Hill harness shop.
A peculiar accident is reported
from Siskiyou station which caused the
death of Thomas Quirk, an old gentle
man seventy years of age, who resided
with his son near the station. He was
pulling a railroad tie from a large pile,
which he intended to saw into firewood,
but a number of -them were dislodged
and they rolled upon him. breaking
via neck and fracturing his skull. Ue
was found dead by his son, on the lat
ler's returning from his daily employ
ment with the railroad company. j
I can furnish prune and pear trees
from the Willamette valley at a rate
as low if not lower than any other
dealer in Southern Oregon. E. Russ.
L. A. Neil, living near Ashland,
has furnished the Tidings some very
conclusive figures upon the actual
revenue to be derived from the milk of
one good cow. His figures show that
one cow, half Jersey and half Durham,
for nine successive years has turned
him in a little more than $110 each
year. These figures are from the but
ter supplied and from the sale of ten
calves which the cow has raised. Mr.
Neil feeds his cows mill feed wheat
bran and shorts mixed.
$800 will purchase a store on D
6treet, Medford. Oregon. Inquire of
S. H- Lyon, Waddington, N. Y.
An eight acre chunk of East Med
ford real estate has shifted, ownership
this week. P. B. O'Neil has sold that
amount of land to John Wilkie, a re
cent arrival from Pendleton, and a son-in-law
of Mr. Tripp. 'The considera-
inn WHS $1600 cash. Mr. Wilkie will
improve the property but will not di-
vide it lnw nauw o.u yioaouw.
These people have decided to make
Medford their permanent home and
are the kind we can feel safe in giving
hearty welcome.
Price's cream baking powder full
i pound 16 ounces, for 35 cents. Guaran
teed. Lumsden & Berlin.
fio. R. Pelton & Co. have opened
a meat market on South Front street
in the Stanley brick. These gentle
men inform a Mail reporter that their
intentions are to conduct a- first-class,
up to date market, and that their aim
shall always be to keep the very best of
meats and to sell them at a verv rea
sonable price. These people will have
a display ad in the next issue of thi9
paper. A share of the people's patron
age is kindly solicited.
To the voters of Medford: We say
vote for whoeyer you wish but don't
forget te buy your shirts at the
"Racket." The" celebrated McDonald
The gross valuation of all property
in the state, as returned by the several
counties, is $loS,S19,730. The gross
amount, as equalized, is $153,!KV7,177;
total exemptions, $3,621,751, net tax
able, upon which the state levy will be
made, $144,445,426. In Jackson county
the assessment as returned to the state
board footed up $3,4$6,r51, after being
equalized it is $4,254,956, and after de
ducting exemptions it is $4,036,476.
Pipes from a nickle to $7. The
seven dollar follows aro dandies the
1 nickis ones aro not quite so much so.
I. A. "Ounce-.
Architect W. J. Bennct is prepar
ing plans and specifications for a fine
farm residence for our good friend. Mi.
J. H. Lame, he whoowns a good chunk,
of good land noar Tolo. The building
is to be of modern architecture and a
beauty throughout. It will be put up
some time next spring or early sum
mer. ' You may believe it or not, but its
the beautiful truth that the "Racket"
has the best and cheapest hosiery in
Mrs. Ella J. Colo has this week
purchased one and an eighth acres of
land from H. U. Lunisden locatod
near W. H. Barr's place. The con
sideration was $250 and the sale was
made through the agency of W. T.
York. Vn. Cole expects to erect a
fine residence thereon in the spring.
Parties holding policies la the
State Insurance company, please call
and see me before placing them with
other companies. W. T. York.
W. F. Halley has his new brick
dwelling house completed, and this
week Rev. A. S. Foster and family
moved thereto. The residence is very
nicely arranged inside and when the
porches and other prospective fixin's
are put to the outside the house will
be one oi beauty entire.
Oregon Kidney Tea is pleasant to
the taste and the moot effective blood
purifier known. Sold by Charles
Strang, druggist.
K L. Walden has moved his broom
manufacturing establishment to the
J. S. Howard place, in West Medford.
The gentleman reports a good business
in his line hia average monthly sales
amounting to about $100.
Cleaning, dying and repairing
ladies' and gents' clothing Excelsior
Dye works.
P. J. Ryan, one of the Jackson
ville leading merchants, has a dis
play ad on the local page of this pa
Der. The gentleman is telling you of
his special January sale. Read the
Wanted Hydraulic pipe and giant,
eight-inch pipe or larger. No. 1 or
2 giant. C. W. Dugan, Jacksonville.
. The country has been looking to
congress for relief but the people of
our city look nearer home. They look
to the "Racket" for relief from nign
prices and they find what they want.
Seed wheat for sale the Austral
ian Club. By Scott Griffin, Tolo, Or.
There is a noticable goneness in
the travel on the Shasta limited since
the fare from San Francisco to Port
land was raised to $7.50 for second
class and to $15 for first class.
Rogers Bros', silverwear, at Kame
We said last week that it was W.
S. King who had been fined for per
mitting gambling in his place of busi
ness. It was V. J. King and not W.
S. who paid the fine.
Oregon Kidney Tea thoroughly
purges the system from all impurities
Sold by Chas. Strang, druggist.
Stockmen must grow better horses
if thev expect to realize better prices
Five Frenchmen are now in Chicago
buvinz heavv driving horses for the
city markets of France.
Five bars of full sixteen ounce
Royal Savon soap for two bits, at Lums
den A Berlin s.
The railroad company has unloaded
several carloads of granite gravel near
the depot the same to be usea lor
sidewalk between the Turf Exchange
saloon and the depot.
Don't buy your tea until you have
seen that elegant silverware which is
given as a premium at G. L. Davis'
Wilson & Owens have postponed
their dance one week until January
13th to cive the Schillings Minstrel
company an opportunity to use the hall
tomorrow night
Oregon Kidnev Tea has a direct and
powerful influence on the blood. Sold
by Chas. Strang, druggist.
TnE Mail wants a correspondent
at Prospect. Who will sond us a lew
items each week? Stockton, where are
you at all these long winter evenings.-'
The lean made fat and the fat made
lean. See I. A. Mounce for particuars
A. Z. Sears, who has been having
a 9evere wrestle with neuralgia of the
eves for the past three weeks, is now
considerably improved.
One hundred and sixty acre farm
to rent. W. T. York.
A birthday social is to be given by
the Juniors at the Christian church
next Saturday evening at seven o'clock
All invited.
Demorest, the dentist opera block
N. Sawyer bus been quite ill for the
past three or four weeks but is now
considerably improved .
All kinds of wood for sale, Bellin
ger & Co., the draymen.
H. C. Mackey, the photographer
has a changed ad this week. Lion
miss reading it.
Wood for sale G. L. Davis.
I have all kinds of wood for sale
yard corner C and sixth II. G
Registered Mail Lost.
During the first part of last wook a
registered letter was reported lost
somewhere between Etna and Trail
postoftico. The letter alleged to have
boon lost was addressed to Win . Cush
man, Trail, and was all right when it
reached the Etna postofflee. News of
the matter reached this city yesterday,
which is to tlio effect that the Etna
postmaster claims to have sent the let
ter with another registered package
for the Trail postofflee, with tho two
liod in one package and that the
Trail office receipted only for its own
package. Tho Etna offico has pressed
tho Trail office for an explanation' and
now an inspector has taken a hand in
the affair. Who is to blame, our infor
mant did not effect to know. The &UK)
contained in the letter stolen was in
the shape of a $200 chock and $100
in cash. It is qulto probable that
payment of the cheek has been
stopped, yet the loss of even $100 will
be quito severe on Mr. Cushman.
Obituary Bryant.
William Newtott. second son of Rev.
G. W. and Mrs. Bryant, was born in
Crawford county, Arkansas, October
lOlh, 1S79. Died at tho homo of his
parents in Medford Oregon January
2d, lS'.Hi at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon.
Ho had boon in delieato health for a
long time and his death wan doubt
less a happy termination of a lite des
tined to suffering. Willie lived about
his surroundings and would have in
voked even if it had not been so wil
lingly and universally accorded, tho
confession, tht he was in every sen9e
"a good boy." Nothing bettor can
bo said. No higher honor is needed
for him. Sloop, dear boy, till all is
over and wo will see your modest man
ly face again.
The Minstrels are Coming.
- - - --- - g 'I
A minstrel show like the proverbial
circus will draw a crowd where any
other kind of a company would starve.
Schillihg's minstrels is no exception to
the rule, as tho business done by this
company so far this season has been
enormous and no sign of hard limes is
visible in the places where they have
appeared. One reason for this, no
doubt is the superior class of entertain
ment they are giving. Tho press,
without exception, speak in the high
est terms of the entire performance.
This celebrated minstrel troup will ap
pear at Medford opera house on the
evening of Saturday, January 11th.
Reserved scat tickets on sale at tho
Among the Churches.
Mr. Hart will hold divine
Georoe Parker left Sunday even
ing for Grants Pass.
Miss Josie Benson, of Ashland, is
visiting Miss Bortha Langley.
Mrs. C. T. Nicholson is at Central
Point visiting her daughter, Mrs. E.
M. Loever.
Miss Theresa IIoyt, of Grants Pass,
is in Medford visiting her sister, Mrs.
T. W. Johnson.
Charley Tick, of Klamath Falls,
cama over Tuesday night for a visit
with his friends hereabouts.
C. A. Baker left Tuesday evening
for Redding, Calif,, at which place he
will do minn photographing.
Martin Perry, of Sams Valley, and
one of the squarest men who ever stop
ped on Jackson county soil, whs in Med
ford Tuesday.
C. W. Kxightkx was in from Trail
Wednesdny and, of course, called
upon THE Mail, whore he is always a
welcome visitor.
J. B. Ronnfso.v. of Ashland passed
north on the overland Sunday evening.
The gentlemau goes to Portland for a
term in tho Seven Day Adventitheolog
ical school.
C. D. Reed was oyer from Jackson
villa Tuesday. The gentleman is
quite an extensive grate grower and is
right now doing a good business in the
sale of choice grape roots.
Elder A. B. Hood, of Central Point,
was in Medford Tuesday. Tho gentle
man arrived sometime ago from east
ern Nevada and has since bought forty
acres of land near tho above place and
is uqw making many inprovements
Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Pletcer left
Sunday evening for Woodvllle, at
which place tho doctor did dentistry
the first three days of this week. Upon
their return they will stop at Gold
Hill whore Mr. Pletcher is doing more
W. L. ESTEB. of Beagle, was in
Medford over Sunday visiting, with
his uncle. Attorney L. A. Ksteb and
family, of this city. Upon his return
he was accompanied -by Miss Hattie
Bliss, which lady is now teaching the
Antioch school.
G. S. BRIGGS, he who is mining over
ou Grave creek, was in Medford last
week visiting friends and upon busl
ness. Everything is all right in bis
country but there is still a scarcity of
water. Not nearly so much rain bs
, fallen there as here.
I S. A. Carlton and County Couimis
i sioner W. H. Bradshaw were in from
j Brownsboro last week. These are two
lot tho very solid ranchers of that lo-
disposo of their property there and
purchase here. If all those Iowa peo
ple are of the same cut as the two
above named, they are of the kind
which will be given a hearty welcome.
Wants to Exchange Land.
A seven tooti house all finished, good
well, out buildings, good stable, one
acre, or more, of Bear creek bottom
land, one half acre in berries and fruit.
Revenue therefrom about $150 per
year. Running water. Located on
Front street, Medford. Title clear.
Will exchange the above described
property for improved or unimproved
land. For further information call at
this office.
Independent Candidate for Marshal.
To the voter of Medford precinct: I
hereby announce that I have filed my
certificate, as an independent candi
date for city marshal, with the city re
corder, and I kindly ask all my friends
to give my candidacy a favorable con
sideration on election day, promising
in return, if elected, to faithfully per
form all the several duties of the
F. M. Poe.
u rv loo in St. Mark's Episcopal church jcality and their coming to Medford
next Sundav. morning and evening. I one of the pleasant events which we
Cordial invitation to strangers and are called upon lochronicle frequently
THE W. C. T. U.
The regular quarterly executive
committee meeting of the oman s
Christian Temperance Lmon. or Jack
son county, will be held at Medford
Friday, January 1 .
Mrs. U. L hyde, co.. rres.
Mrs. ROSE DeUroot, Co., Sec.
Sundav school 10 a. ru.. new officers
assume duty and classes provided with
teachers. Preaching 11 a. m. and 7:30
m. Junior Endeavor 3 p. m. Chi Is-
tian Endeavor 6:30 p. m. Morning
theme, "One Church Good s Another.'1
Evening theme, "Where is mtiUUDiniy
to be found, the bead or the body, the
foundation or the building, the Bible
or the church, which?", Every protes-
tant and Roman Catholic ought to hear
this sermon.
Inoculation For Yellow Fever.
At the meeting of the American Pnb-
lio Health association at Denver, Dr.
Mannel Garmona y Valle of Mexico
read a description of his discovery of a
certain cure for yellow fever, which Lc
has used successfully in hundreds of
cases, idis method is to make a snDcn-
tanoons injection in the cellular tissue
of the arm of a secretion takeu from a
yellow fever patient between the fourth
and fourteenth days of the fever. Ibis
effects a cure, but the disease can be
guarded against in this wav, jnsi as
smallpox is guarded against by vaccina
tion. Baltimore Sun.
January Periodicals.
The January Review of Reviews in
"Progress of the World" deals at
length with the many phases of the
Venezuelan controversy and stand
squarely by the president's policy, be
leiving his defense of the Monroe
doctrine and his application of it to
the boundary dispute between Great
Britain and Venezuela is the only
proper one to make, in the face of
Lord Salisbury's contemptful treat
ment of the issues presented by tho
United States; but it is suggested that
Salisbury will not always be prime
minister of Great Britain and that
the sober sense of the British people,
a of Americans, is for peace, and that
the difficulties will be amicably ad
justed before the end of this year'lWKi.
The technical offense which Embassa
dor Bayard committed against diplo
matic usage in his Edinburgh speech
receives some attention, and th
progress of "Municipal and Civii
Service Reform" is among the very
interesting subjects presented. Aside
from the usual book review and tho
usual comment on the leading articles
for the month, perhaps in the light of
the many eccentricities of the Tilman
ites and the very sudden departure
from the conventional idea in state
government, the digest of South
Corolina's constitution will attract,
the most attention.
Poverty is very terrible, and somo
times kills the very soul within ns, but
it is the north wind that lashes men
into vikings; it is the soft, luscious
south wind which lulls them to lotns
dreams. Onida.
There is a false modesty, which is
vanity ; a false glory, which is levity ; a
false grandeur, which is meanness; a
false virtue, which is hypocrisy, and a
false wisdom, which is prudery. Brn
yere. In every apartment the screen is abr
solntely necessary. It shuts off the ugly
beat, hides a bedroom door and conceals
dressers, which in any apartment are so
For bargains in
C. W. Palm.
real estate go to
, Notice.
The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Jackson Countv Bank.
of Medford, Oregon, for the election of
directors, will be held at the banking
house at 2 o'clock p. m., Saturday the
1st day of February, let).
Board and Lodging.
Mrs. Lantrley. haviDg nearly com
pleted her boarding house, near Jack
sonville depot, is now ready to furnish
you ooara at liviiu hates, r-ieaee
give her a trial.
For Sale.
Rooted grapes, large table California
varieties Flame Tokay, Muscat, Black
Melvoise, Malaga, for $3 per hundred
at my vineyard near Jacksonville.
C. D. Reed-
The best shaves put up are those
you get at Bates Bros, shop, ditto hair
cuts and baths first class, everythingr
Hotel Nash.
There is no flour quite its equal
See the brand on the sack, Rogue
River Mills, A. M. Woodford.
For sale a new Davis
machine. Call and see it," at
Clemmcns, on North I street.
M. G.
flo to Dr. O. F. Demorest.
Medford. Oregon, for first-class work of which was inn procuring
iho frviirurincT aivrwiul ti.- Th "rhnso i riaire license for himself
L. P. Lampinu, of Portland, special
agent for the t ire Association of Phil
adelphia, was io Medford Wednesday
and located a local agency for his in
surance company with W. T. York.
The Fire Association has but recently
! established its headquatters at Port-
I Jas. A. Wright was in from Ccn
' tral Point Monday. Mr. Wright is
but recently from Washington and is
the gentleman who purchased, a few
weeks ago, the (.oodsell place, near j
Central Point. He is strictly a roan of i
business and a hustler" and s sure to
make a success in Southern Orccon ag
riculture and fruit growing.
C. E. Lane, of Ashland, was in Med-;
ford Tuesday visiting .Mr. Isaacs peo
ple. He was accompanied by Guard
VanRiper. also of Ashland. The lat
ter gentleman was down this way doing (
business with Clerk Jacobs, the nature
of u mar
aud Miss
Angia Mullen, who wore married in
Ashland Wednesday.
Messrs. J. P. Hauler and J. T.
Haoen. two gentlemen connected
with the management of Wilson .N:
Baird's placer mioe at Tolo, were in
Medford last week with twenty-four
ounces of gold dust, which was a part
of the clean-up of tho above mine after
a three weeks run. Other amounts
have been brought to this city from
the above mine which were the result
without gold band, the "seamless gold,0f this clean-up but of these amounts
crown ' or the "iioiianaswortn porce- . we have no figures.
Iain-faced bicuspid. There is no den-, j. u jOI,ssos jeft last Saturdav
tistry extant that beats our line. j f iwel. iowa whore he has re
cently disposed of ll0 acres ol real
combination ' upper piato with gold or
aluminum roofs, the "cast aluminum"
upper or the "cast metal lower plate.
The above takes tho place of the old
absorbing, uncleanly rubber plates.
We make tho "low method porce
lain bridge, the "saddle back" porce
lain bridge, or the all gold "seamless
crown oriage.
For single insertion -we make the
"Richmond" which is a porcelain faced
crown, "Logan an porcelain wun or
Caldwell & Demorest.
Warning we do not cement our
porcelain faces on or in. hut re
(NO SHAM). " '
Romanism and A. P. A.
Rev. Father Desmarais will lecturo
in the opera house in Medford at 7 p.
m. on Monday, January 13th'. Sub
ject, "Romanism ana the A. r". A. '
Seats free. Kveryoouy welcome.
One Minute Cough Cure is rightly
named. It affords iustant relief from
suffering when afflicted witn a severe
cough or cold. It acts on the throat
and lungs and never fails to give im
mediate relief. Geo. R. Haskins, druggist.
estate, receiving therelore sown, tie
also has several other -tracts of land
near Lawler upon which negotiations
are pending, and which he expects
will be adjusted to bis satisfaction.
He will be absent several months.
Upon bis return the yellow gold will be
with him and unless wo are not much
mistaken every dollar of it will go
into Jackson county real estate.
F.M.Sams and D. L. Hutson, of
Colfax. Iowa, arrived in Medford TueS'
dav. Those gentlemen, together with
five others, who aro now at Grants
Pass, arc in the valley looking up Bev
eral locations both farming and busi
ness. If thev should decide that this
is tho correct place to cast anchor there
are soveral families in Iowa that will
A Blow at
Prices . . .
Our prices on Grcceries during
the winter were as low as we
thought they could be sold with
anything like a fair profit, but
now as spring draws near we
find that prices the coming sea
son will probably be a little lower
than last, and my customers will
get the benefit of the reduction.
In the past It has been my aim
to deal squarelv with all be
lieving that a pleased customer
was a good advertisement. If
vou were not my customer in V3
now is the lime to turn over a
new leaf and trade with me in "io.
January Sale ! !
"D"7" A TVPG Jacksonville
xv j. AX-q kj, Oregon.
In order to reduce our stock and make room for
Spring purchases we have determined to make
Gieat Reductions II
In our prices on all kinds of Dry Goods. Now is
the time to buy, when you can get things cheap
Greater bargains than ever offered before, at
P. J. fYflfl'S Joa""e' ..
Doctor Danielson,
Halley block. Chronic
Office in
seases. and diseases of women
children a specialty.
Rolled barley for sale, rolled on
"smooth rolls." Custom rolling done
on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Medford
Brewery and Ice Works.
A Woman's
Aim . . .
Above everything else is to
be able to prepare a good
meal, but to do this she must
have first-class groceries. I
wish to inform the ladies of
Medford and vicinity that
my goods are the best that
monev can buy. They are
always fresh and the prices
are all right.
They Cannot be
Excelled. . .
Neither in quality or price. It has long been an estab
lished fact that they have no equal. We mean the
Thompson glove-fitting corset. We have the sole agency
for Medford for this famous corset. We have a fine line
of Ladies' and Misses'....
Cloaks, Capes aiiEl Jackets,
At astonishingly low prices. Also Mackentoshes,
bers, umbrellas and all kinds of wet weather goods.
Miners' Rubber Boots
In this department our assortment is complete and our
prices are "down to bed-rock." Our stock of staple and
fancy groceries is complete an,d the goods are new and
fresh. When you come to town call and see us.