The Medford mail. (Medford, Or.) 1893-1909, November 29, 1895, Page 4, Image 4

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    Superior Work.
Superior Photographs
" By making your purchases of us. We can please you on
quality and price of anything in the ::::::::::::::
Hardware Xiine
We are here for business and 6hall make it an object for
those who purchase of us to come again
All kinds of Ammunition on hand
Did You Etfet
A finer store building
just completed and am
Clothing Gents' Furnishings
Than that upon my shelves. My prices are all right.
Come in and see for yourself. Opposite the Bank...
S. ROSENTHAL. Medfonl, Oregon
In great variety
11111 IU II JAlili
Paints, Oils and Painters' Supplies. Cartridges and Ammunition
of all kinds, and in fact a full line of everything carried in the
hardware and tinware business. First-class goods and prices as
low as the lowest. Miners' supplies of all kinds in stock.
The Empire Steel Ranges
Every Range guaranteed to work perfectly.
We 4ave 'EmT
Fly nets, lap robes, dusters and whips at all prices.
: Single harness from $6.50 to $18. A fine line of
saddles for ladies and gentlemen. Everybody in
vited to call and look over our stock whether you
want to buy or not. We repair and build every
thing in our line from a pump-value to a breeching
' harness.
BEIDLEHAN & NICHOLSON, - Medford, - Oregon.
-W. T. CRANE, Prop'r.
We have opened a stable in Medford and are j
located in the barn - west : of the Clarendon
hotel. Our prices are reasonable and we d
solicit a share of the public patronage
Complete line
V horses all
I. L. HAMILTON, Proprietor.
The Nash has heen thoroughly renovated. Accomodations
the yery best. If you try us once you will surely come again.
RATES FROn $1.00 TO Sa.oo PER DAY. . . .
The Gem i
In connection.' The oest and purest of wines, liquors
cigars courteous treatment.
oooooo o o o o o o
Carpels. Paper, Curtains.
undertaking I;
Legal Blanks at
Is what counts in all trades, arts and
professions. If you are looking for
Remember that Mackey turns out noth
ing but first-class work. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Up stairs Hamlin Studio
than that which I Jiave
located in? I knowi you
Plumbing Goods of all Kinds In Stock
Plumbing Done on Short Notice
of new rigs. Good stock'of
good roadsters : . . .
-Seliigeiators, SDailes, Pictures.
Picture Framing a Specialty.
The Mail Office
South Dakota officials have finished
an appraisement of the defaulting State
Treasurer Taylor's lands and find there
is still a shortage of $140,000. Taylor's
bondsmen will have to pay this.
At Stony Point, Ky., the cabin of
Gibson Armstrong, colored, was de
stroyed by fire. His three daugii era
and a niece were bnruud to U-u . ;i. .i i
Wright, his stepson, is 8usiec.el i
cannot be found.
Say, why dont you try DoWitt's
Little Early Risers? These little pills
cure haedacho, indigestion and consti
pation. They are small but do the
work. Geo. II. Haskins , druggibt.
The attorney gein rai vl Nj.. York
state his conmienc ! war 011 the to
bacco trnt.
Peter Maker, who tiow rails himself
champion of the world, Corbet t having
resigned the title, wants to fiht Fit..
immotis. It is said thnt W. R. Kelly, assistant
solicitor of the Union pacific railroad,
will sncceei Senator Thurston as gen
eral solicitor.
"Noting so distressing as a hacking
cough. Nothing so foolish as to suffer
from it. Nothing so dagerous if al
lowed to continue. One Minute Cough
Cure gives immediate relief. Geo. H.
Raskins, druggist.
Brace Haydea of San Francisco has
been eleoted a member of the executive
committee of the National Hardware
A strong effort is being made to se
cure a pardon for Hume Clay, the Bour
bon oonnty (Ky.) forger now serving a
10-year term.
A new illuminating gas has been dis
covered by Professor L. Balliet of Phil
adelphia. The process is purely chemi
cal and the cheapest known.
It is a truth in medicine the smal
lest dose that performs a euro is the
pest. DeWitt's Little Early Risers
are the smallest pills, will pprforra a
cure, and are the best. Geo. II. Has
klns, druggist.
"Whitelavr Reid will spend several
months in Arixona. His health is poor
and hopes are entertained that the dry
atmosphere will benefit him.
The Kentucky court of appeals has
upheld the statute imposing a 2 per
vent tax on each $100 of business done
in the state by foreign corporations. j
itev. r ran uyatt bmitn or uoston.
who wrote scurrilous postal cards to
members of his former congregation,
has been adjudged insane and sent to
an aavlnw
A. G. Hartly. of Magic, Pa., wriu-s:
I foe! it a duty of mine to inform you
and the pubfic that IVWitt's Witch
Hazle Salve cued me of a very bad case
eclerua. It alto cured my boy of a run
ning wire on his ley. Geti. H. Has
kins, druggist.
Judge Reynolds, aaaisunt secretary
of the interior, in his annual report rec
ommends legislation which will define
with more certainty the pensionable
rights of minor children under the act
of June 27. 1SW0,
Father Dominick Wagner, the priest
of St. Mary's parish at St. Joseph, Mo.,
who abducted Mtas Maud Steidel ami
afterward married her to escape the
penitentiary, has been acquitted of the
charge of embexaling church fuudv
The general assembly of the Knights
of Labor which has been in annual ces
sion at Washington adjourned nine die
to meet at Rochester. N. Y.. next year.
The boycott on national bank notes or
dered by Master Workman Sovereign
was indorsed.
For more than a hundred years the
Shakers have been studying the reroe
deial properties of plants. They have
made many discoveries, but their
gratest achievement was made last
year. It is a cordial that contains
already digested food and is a digester
of food. It is effective in removlrg
distress after eating and creates an ap
petite for mora food so that eating
becomes a pleasure. Pale thin people
become plump and healthy under its
use. It arrests the wasting consump
tion. There never has been such a step
forward as the Shaker CortMal. Your
druggist will be glad to give you a
little book descriptive of the product.
Give the babies Laxol. which is
Castor Oil made as palatable as honey.
Miss Lizsie Sheets, aged SO, who is
slowly dying near Rochester, Ind., has
been a hermit for the last 40 years, ow
ing to a deformity at birth which was
characteristic of her brothers and sis
ters. All the children were covered
over all parts of their bodies with
scales. Their necks and hands were
more thickly covered than the other
portions of their bodies. The scales
were comparatively soft and of a deli
cate flesh color. As the children grew
np the scales on the exposed parts of 'the
bodies became hard and of a darker hue.
Lizzie is the last member of the family
living. When 10 years of age she be
came so sensitive concerning her condi
tion that she refused to be seen by any
one, and she has since lived a secluded
life. She has done all the farm work
j herself. When she hired a man her
; communications with him were always
i from a room where she could uot be
Acts as once, never fails. One Min
ute Cough Cui e. A remedy for asthma
and that feverish condition which ac
companies a cold. Tho only harlsss
remedy that produces immediate re
ults. Geo. II. Haskins, druggist.
A New Deal on the Northern Pacific.
That enterprising untl "Old Reliable" has
conHumuleil trutlle arrangements with the S. 1'.
whereby they run one of their upholstered
tourist sleeping curs carrying passengers from
Oakland, Calif., via Southern Oregon to St Paul,
Minn., without change of curs. This ear passes
through Ashland, Medford, Grants Puss. Ore
gon every Wednesday on tho regular S. P, over
land train. A second class ticket gives you the
right to take this car, which you will llnd clean,
neut and comfortable. A uniformed porter in
chnrgo to look after the interests of all passen
gers going eust via that line, (io east via tho
N. P. and advise nil your friends to do likowise,
and bo happy. For tickets or further Inforinu
tion apply to A. D. Charlton, A. U. P. & T.
Agent, Portland, Or., H. V. Case, N. I'. Agent,
OruntH Pass, Oregon, or C. C. Helknap, Med
ford, Oregon.
, llllllimillHllllllllllllllMIHIimillllllllMlimillllllMIMIHIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIII
Are the
of all
j . . . .
: Hlch Frame.
: Kim, llelachable
Tire. Scorcher,
weight SI lbs. S8S
Steel KiiiiN, Wavcrley
! Clincher Tires,
weight 24 lb. $Bs
: Regular frame, name
weight tss
Ladies' Prop Frame
: same weights and
: lire
Ladies' Diamond
amond wo d
Rims weight 'JO
lba. ST 5
Deuel & Stevens, Agt's
Four boys John Hildreth, Frederick
Bristol, Herbert Plato and Theodore
Hubbard wrecked a train on the Xew
York Central line near Rome. Engi
neer Hager and two tramps were killed
and Fireman Waguer and Mail Clerk
McCarthy injured. Hildreth confessed
but gave no reason for the crime. The
boys removed a rail from the track and
the train was thrown into a ditch.
Alfred Neville, a carpenter, was shot
and instantly killed in a grocery saloon
at San Francisco by a robber. Neville
was standing at the bar when two
strangers entered and commanded the
proprietor to hold up his hands. He
ducked behind the bar aud escaped to
an adjoining room, leaving Neville alone
with the roobers. A shot was fired and
when the proprietor returned Neville
was lying dead on the floor. The vic
tim left a widow aud three children.
It May IK) as Much for ou.
Mr. Fred Miller, of Irving, 111 .
writes us that he hail bad a severe
kidney trouble for many years, with
Mvere pains in his back and that also
his bladder was affected. He tried
many so called kidney cures but with
out any good result. About a year
ago he began the use of Electric
lJiitors and found relief at once. Elec
tric Hitters is especially adapted to
cure all kidney and liver troubles and
often gives instant relief. One trial
will prove our statement. Price only
.Vie for large bottlo. At G. H. Has
kins' drug store.
The president aud Secretary Olney do
not expect the reply of the British gov
ernment to this country's representa
tions concerning the Venetuelan boun
dary dispute and the Monroe doctrine
in time to admit of its treatment in the
president's annual message to congress.
It is understood the British cabinet is
now at work upon the reply, but the
assembling of congress is so near that
it is not likely to be received before the
first day of the session. When it comes
it will be made the subject of a special
message. There are good reasons for
the belief that Premier Salisbury's re
ply will be of a conciliatory nature,
either submitting the boundary dispute
to arbitration and thus recognizing the
applicability of tbe Monroe doctrine, or
preparing I lie way for such action later.
So far as Great Britain's reported ulti
matum to Venezuela is concerned. Sec
retary Olney believes no ultimatum
wa sent.
Knights of the Maccabees.
The state commander writes us from
Lincoln Neb., as follows: "After try
ing other medicines for what seemed
to be a very obstinate cough in our
two children wo tried Dr. King's New
Discovery and at the end of two days
the cough entirely left them. We will
not bo without it hereafter, as our ex
perience proves that It cures where
others fail." Signed F. W. Stevens,
State Com. Why not give this great
medicine a trial, as it is guaranteed
and trial bottles are free at Geo. H.
Haskins' drug store Regular size SQc
and $1 .
Minnie May, the notorious diamond
thief of Chicago, has announced her
permanent retirement from the profes
sion. With her husband, Dan Nugent,
she has gone to Dayton, O. It is esti
mated that within the last 10 years this
woman has stolen $100,000. She is 28
years old and has been arrested over
1,000 times.
Marshall Black, colored, and Bettie
Wooten, white, daughter of a farmer,
eloped from Ashland, Ky., to Ohio.
Black's brother James worked for the
girl's father and helped her to elope.
Bettie's brothers met Jamee returning
from the Ohio side of the river and
killed him. They are pursuing the elop
ers and swear they will also kill Mar
shall Black on sight.
Secretary of State Headley created a
small panic in the courtroom at George
town, Ky., by attempting to stab At
torney John Brand. Tho men were on
opposite sides of a case on trial and
quarreled. After an exchange of words
Headley drew a knife and made several
flourishes with the weapon. Brand did
some clever dodging and .escaped un
hurt. Headley was disarmed by court
officers and the case proceeded. ,
The U. S. Gov't Reports
show Royal Baking Powder
superior to all others.
WHTrl riV
iWarrantefi Snuerior to m Bicycle inili in ice vrcrld,
Kcgaraiess or trice . . . .
Krod the following oplri'.n of ouc of the most prominent Amerl j
cud dealers who bus sold hundreds of these wheels: :
Kioiimokd, Va.. Oct. 2. 18TH,
Indiana Bicvo.E Co.. IndinnapollK, Ind.: ,
Oknti.kmes The Waverley Scorcher Kud Bello came to hand yen-;
terdav. We arc afraid you have sent us the high priced wheel by :
mistake. You can't mean to tell us that thi wheel retail for $S5:
We must say that it in, without exception, the prett lent wheel we ;
have ever seen, and, moreover, we have faith In it. although it:
weigh only 22 lbs., for of all Waverley we have sold this year and:
last (and von know that is a right good number) we have never had :
a .Ingle frame nor fork broken, either from accident or defect, and ;
that is more Ihnn we can sayof any otherwbcel.howeverhlgh grade, .
no called, that we sell. We congratulate ourselves every day that we :
are the Waverley Agents. Yours truly, Walter C MkrckkA CO.. :
Senator Peffer of Kansas cts collected
statistics on the cost of congresional
fnnerals, and early in the coming ses
sion he may advocate a complete change
in the methods of conducting them. He
wants the onst of the funerals much re
duced. Peffer wants lea champagne
and more tears. Senators and repre
sentatives appointed to represent the
houses of congress at the funerals of de
ceased members, he says, have come to
regard these expeditions as picnics, for
the special entertainment of themselves
at public expense. Absolutely no limit
is put upon commissary arrangements.
Bucklen'a Arnica Salve.
The best salve in the world for cuts
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and all skin eruptions, and posi
tivelv cures piles, or no pay required.
It is "guaranteed to give perfect satis
faction or money refunded. Price 25c
per box. For sale by G. H. Haslns.
Eugene Debs was received with great
demonstration at Chicago when be was
released from tbe Woodstock jaiL
Thousands of workingmeu met him at
the depot and marched to the hall
where Debs delivered an address. Many
delegations from labor unions outside
of Chicago were present at the recep
tion. When Baby was sick, we pare her Cfcstorla.
Wben she was a Child, she cried for Cut oris.
When she became Mas, she dung to Cmrtorlav.
Waen the hid Chiiiren, abe gae. them Castoria.
The lowest bid from Pacific Coast
firms for constructing a lightship for
use off Flattery Rocks, Wash., was
made by J. F. Stephen of Portland for
$69,000. An Eastern firm made a bid
of $68,000, but the cost of bringing the
vessel around Cape Horn will probably
result in the contract being awarded to
The healing properties of DeWitt's
Witch Hazei Salve are well known. It
cures eczema, skin affections and is
simply a perfect remedy for piles. Geo.
H. Haskins, druggist.
Seventeen crews have beeu laid off on
the Iowa aud Dakota division of the
Milwaukee line, caused by the farmers
holding their grain for a rise in prices.
They say the prevailing price of corn
does not pay them for work of husking
and marketing. Corn is being gener
ally used for fuel.
by the
The - Shasta - Route
South North
8:50p. m Lv. Portlnnd Ar. I 8:10 a. m
11 :05 pm Lv. Medford Lv I 5:05 p. ru
7:15 am Ar. San Francisco Lv. 8.00 p. m
Above trains stop at East Portland, Oregon
City, Woodhurn, Salem. Turner, Marion, Jef
ferson, Albany, Albany Junction, Tangent,
Shedds. Halse.v, Harrisbunr, Junction City, Ir
ving, Eugene, Creswell. Krains and at all sta
lions from Koseburg to Ashland inclusive.
S:S0 a. m I Lv
5-i0 p. m i Lv
Ar I 4M p. m
Lv S.oo a. ra
Ar 1 10:15 a. m.
Lv 8:1X1 a. m.
4KW p. m. I Lv
o:ia p. m. Ar
Dining Cars oh Ogden Route.
Pullman HnfTett Sleepers and Second Class
Sleeping Carsattaehed to all through trains
Between Portland and Corvallis.
Mall trains daily, except Snndav:
:80 a. m I Lv Portland Ar I ti:ftl p. in
12:lf p hi j Ar Corvallis Lv 1:S5 p. m
At Albany and Corvallls connect with trains
of O. C. St E. railway.
Express Trains daily, except snndav:
7:45 p. in I Lv Portland Ar 8:'ioa. in
4 -op. mAr McMinnvlllo Lvd:60a. lu
S-Throiigh tickets to all points in the
Eastern states, Canada and Europe can be ob
tainrd at lowest rates from W. V. Llppincott,
Agent, Medfonl.
Manager. Asst. U. F. & P Agt
Knights of the Maccaoees. Triumph Ten
No. 14, meets In regular review on the 2d ant
tn Thursdays or each month jn A. O. U. w .
Hall at 7::t p. m. Visiting Sis Knights cordiad
ly invited to attend.
vm. mm monk, t ommancer.
9. S. Pentz, R. K.
A.O. U. W. Lodge So. W, meets every 11m fk
and third Wednesday In the month at H p. in
i p. in a
In their hull in the opera block. Visiting
brothers invited to attend.
E.W. M.W
J. W. LAWTOS, Recorder.
W. K. C Chester A. Arthnr Corps No.
meets second and fourth Friday of each
month ul 2 o'clock: p.'m.. in Wooll's ball.
Mil. !aiiaii I. rviiits, i'res.
MliS. M. E. Ijavik. Sec.
K. of P. Tallyman )ode No. 31, meets Mon
day eveninK at p. m. VisitiiiB brothers al
ways welcome. J. W. ccuitv, C. C.
I. M ., IC of R. aad S.
i. O. O. F. Lodze No. H3, meets In I. O. O. F.
ball every Saturday al at 8 p. m. Visiting
brothers always welcome.
Z. Maxev, N. G.
A. S. Hi.rros. Rec. Sec.
I. O. O. F. Rogue River Encampment. Ledge
No. ), meets in I. O. O. F. ball the second an
fourth Wednesdays of each month al 8 p. m.
B. S. Webb, C. P.
ISAAC WOoi.r. Scribe.
Olive Rehekah Lodge No. 2. meets la LO.
O. F. hall Urst and third Tuesdays of each
month. Visiting sisters Invited to attend.
Sf ISS MAMIC NtCRoLaoK, Rec. See.
A. F. & A. M. Meets Aral Friday on or be
fore full moon at 8 p. m., in A. O. U. W. hall.'
O. A. B. Chester A. Arthur Post fie. 47.
meets in Woolfs hall every second and fourth
Fridays in each month at 7 :30 p. m.
J. W. Miller, Com.
W. T. Kame. Adjutant.
I. O. G T. Meets Tuesday night at p. ja
at A. O. U. W halL
J. L. WlCLK, C, T
Jcstix Wicle. Rec, See,
W. C. T. V. Meets every Wednesday after
noon in the Halley Black.
Mas. A dime vaAxtwff, Pres.
Mrs. Rose DeGkoot. Sec
Young People's Reading Circle Tuesday even
Ing ef each week, under the auspices of tbe
Ep worth League.
F. A. & I. U.-L. L. Polk lodge No. 865. meets
every Satnrday al b p. m.
J. H. Smith, Pres.
Saint Marks Episcopal Sunday School meets
at Episcopal Church every Sunday morning at
lOA'rlivk. Rev. Wm Hurt HMtnr- i
Superintendent. .
Methodist Episcopal Church Edw. Giltins.
pastor. Services every Sunday morning and
evening at usual hours for shurch services.
F.pwonh League meets at 6 JO p. m , Sunday.
Snnday school at 10 a. m. Prayer meeting
Thursday evening. Pastor's residence South
B street.
Presbyterian Church Rev. A. S. Foster, pas
tor. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7.-00 p. m. Sun
day school at 10 a. m. Y. P. S. C. E-, :15 p. m.
Junior Endeavor Society at S p. nu. Sundar.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday evening at" 7
Baptist church W, c. Jenkins pastor. Wor
ship aud preaching every Sunday morning and
evening at usual hours for church services.
Covenant meeting on Saturday al S o'clock pro
ceeding each first Sunday. Prayer meeting on
Wednesday evening. Baptist Young People
Union meets at on Sunday evening. Sun-
day school at 10 a. m.
Christian church Corner of Sixth and I
streets. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7. p. m.
Sunday school at W a. m.; Junoir Endeavor at
3 p. m.:Y. P.S.C. E. at :30 p. m. Prayer
meeting every Thursday evening. Ladies
Missionary Auxiliary to C. W. B. E. first Thnrs
day 7:30 P. M. each month. Choral Unioa
every Friday at "iU p. m. The people we loom e,
Eli Fisher pastor. Uesides at the c&urch.
Methodist Episcopal Chnreh South Rer.Jno.
L. Jones, pastor. Services at 11 a. m. and 1 p.
m. on tbe 1st, Ind and 3rd Sabbath; Sabbath
school at 10 a. xn. and Epworth League at 6 p.
m. every Sabbath at Medford. Services on th
Sabbath at Soda Springs at 11 a. m. aad Neil
Creek school house at S p. m. A beany wel
come toaiL
Thos. F. Oakes. Henry C Payne, Henry C
Rouse. Receivers.
Sleeping Cars
Dining Cars!
Sleeting Cars
jsr. Ptw
Sr. aaUl.
Grand remti
Assistant General Passenger Agent,
No. 255 Morrison St.. cor. Third.
Or C. C. Belknapp, Ticket Afrent,
Med Cord, Oregon.
S. F. CASS, Ticket Agent,
First Nat'l Bank, Grants Pass, Ore.,
Robt. Leonard, Ticket Agent,
Ahland, Oregon
If you use the Pvtatem
JncttbaCora a Brooders.
Muke money white
others are wasting;
time by old processes.
Catalog tells all about
it, and describes every
article needed tor uii
coultry business.
The "ERIE"
mechanically the bet
.WUCCl. i mi irL aiiic :.
I We are Facinc coast
Anantd T3ir"T1 IV. 1:1-
3 fnll description. prices, etc., aornts wajttfd.
I A rnrr.rraATOW ca..PetalBma.Cal.
Wi 4SPaRe'.ri
aSis z:.: "":? iJi