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The natij.ial debt is $l,G33,S0o,
240. Carpenters in China get 30 cents
a day.
The world contains 1142 railroad
New Yok lias about $40,000 ten
ement houses.
The Dominion of Canada owes
New Hampshire pays a bounty
for grasshoppers.
The railroad system of this coun
try began in 1827.
Paper carpets are cheap and
answer the purpose.
The luntrs of the average man
hold five quarts of air.
Aluminium drums are finding
place in military bands.
Forty-three million stars can be
seen by a powerful telescope.
Roots of hair penetrate the skin
about one-twelfth of an inch.
There are 13,000,000 men of mili
tary age in the United States.
The mean temperature of the
whole earth" is about 50 degrees.
The pecan tree3 of Texas yield
every year 9,000,000 pounds of nuts.
Female bootblacks are getting a
fair share of the business in Paris.
Eight million people in the
United States own their own homes.
More than 2o!oOO,000 cows are
needed to furnish milk to Ameri
An extension ladder tor upper
berths of sleeping cars has been de
The size number of a woman s
shoe should be just half that of her
The hottest region on the earth's
snrface is the southwest coast of
The average man can do the
most work at 3 p. m. and the least
at 9 a. m.
A rich Laplander sometimes
keeps as many as 5000 reindeer in
his service.
There is more money in raising
frm't. in Missouri, than in almost
any other crop.
"Come. Ye Disconsolate," a hymn
sung the world over, was written by
Thomas Moore.
A croun of gold mines on Douglas
island, Alaska, is alleged to be
worth $50,000,000.
One horse power is the power re
quired to lift 33,000 pounds one
foot in one minute.
Branding live stock, as well as
dressed meats, by electricity lias
come largely into use.
Lager beer was so named because
in order to ripen it was allowed to
, lie in a lager, or cellar.
The elephant is the longest-lived
' land animal, and the whale the
longest-lived sea animal.
Maps were first made on piects
of cloth like napkins. The punic
word for napkin is mappa.
The 271 parks of London are not
considered, an over-supply. They
are maintained at little cost.
In San Domingo articles of cloth
ing are unknown to ' children until
after they are twelve years of age.
A Hungarian inventor claims to
be able to to make from wood pulp
a fabric suitable for durable cloth
ing. A 130 tori cannon costs nearly
$200,000 and can be fired about
sixty times, at a cost of 4,700 per
Minneapolis mills saw over 360,-
000.000 feet of lumber every year
and turn out 7.000,000 barrels of
John Burns, of Boston, say3 he is
the oldest street car driver in the
world. He has been at work forty
years. ,
Amelia Rives Chandler is pro
nounced by the London Literary
World ''the most beautiful women
in literature."
According to statistics, women
to-day are two inches taller on an
average than they were twenty or
thirty years ago.
There are in the United States
37,129,564 single persons, 22,321,
424 married, 2,970,052 widowed
and 120,996 divorced.
The great artesian well at Gren
elle, France, has been flowing
steadily for fifty-two years, without
apparent diminution of volume.
Camels are, perhaps, the only
animals that cannot swim; imme
diately after ' they enter the water
thev turn on their backs and are
France has more inhabitants over
the age of sixty year3, in proportion
to the population, than any other
country in the world save Ireland,
which conies first.
The greatest daily change of
temperature to be found on the
earth's surface is in Arizona. There
is frequently a change of eighty de
grees in twelve hours.
Bunford Samuel, assistant libra
rian' of a Philadelphia library, can
recall instantly the title and loca
tion on the shelves of any book
mentioned an.o lg 110,000 volumes.
A great many persons, including
not a few Washingtonians, are una
ware of the fact that a daughter of
President Tyler is living at the
Louis home in the national capital.
As Presidential salaries go, the
pav of the French President is
liberal. He receives l,200,000f, or
$240,000, per annum. The Presi
dent of the Swiss Confederation has
to be content with a very modest
sum, his services being valued at
only $3000 per annum.
Final Road Communication.
EDEN Phkcisct, Feb. 11, ISM.
Editor Mail: It is an old saying that "no
wan is so dead as be who has killed himself."
Misleading and false statements about
one's neighbors are very effective "kill
ers" and when published, though slower to
re-act. thev uro more deadly in eneci. inai
me " queer uiiugs unuer me duu
tup. ts putting it mini.
i ue stiinemeui iimv i utnnuK
are mistcud-
These People Are Pioneers.
During1 t he past couple or three
months Mr. Wm. Grilliu has boon
britifrin"; his pencil and note book into
use, and as a result he has tnado the
discovery that there uro now living in
Jackson county just 134 of the etirly
day settlers, all of whom en mo to this
county prior to ISo". Beliovin-j that
many of our readers would be pleased
to read over the names of those ho
were the early supports which settled
and built up this part of the great
Rojjiio river valley, and whose progeny
are today tbo life and sinow of our
wondrous country of value, we give
their names and dates of birth below:
the fort, with a pugnacious and tenacious crip '
worthy a better cause, o'outu natumiiy ieau i
those outside of the neighborhood to thitik that j
1 have been acting stubbornly about the road, j
and that, too, against tuv own Interests. When j
the majority of the people who live in the im-1
mediate vicinity can wuh'iiuiliiiu.i, .
llenuett's line is the most convenient and pr:ic j
ieable route for a road to the seuooi uou.e, i
then there will be no kick troiu me.
There is a grade twenty rods long, wua an i
levatton of three feet, two inches, per rod as I
near as I could gel u witn a pirn invi-uu me ,
line between my place una me line running ,
west from the school house, and there has nev- j
er before to my knowledge been a road pe'.i- j
Honed tor, runumg over me mtuium ,
hill. The reader will please refer to the re- j
mark about the"pack mule." and the "identical j
road, with onlv two exceptions, ana juut-e wr
himself. Now (or the statement he inade.
speaking for the remonstrators, as it were: "Old
Mr. riauiun. in nts day. wanoiw u,
we will walloD the Hamlin boys, though il takes
off our own nose to do it." 1 wish to say, for
one, in justice to the departed pioneer, that
during my acquaintance oi aiiuoi uc jra w
was none other than a friend to me. And to be
accused of possessing and practicing the princi
ples of revenge and justice mai are uuy prac
ticed among ignorant and unconquered Indians
and savages don't set easy with me, to say the
least. He states again: "The road will entire
ly cut off thirty of Mr. Bennett's trees, len of
them having been set out since the road busi
ness was gotten up. ana me oiuer mcuij bcv
out late iast spring, not having grown uiuea.
A road there would cut off a row of my trees
all right, but I bave not set any trees m that
row since last spring, when 1 set len cherry
inwa and a few il rune trees in place of those
that had died, ins true me irees nac i
grown much the past season, owing to my j
horse being sick at the time the trees most
needed cultivation; but how many et my read
ers would destroy a row of their young fruit
trees for the sum oi twenty aouars r uoso:
I only have ten acres nearly all set to fruit
and there is a county road on my north line: my
west line is forty rods instead of forty-eight
rods, and I paid sixty-five dollars per acre.
The argument that I. "In common with, the
rest of us in here, would be two miles nearer
Medford. on the pound trip." is very nimsy
when taking into consideration that the author
of that article, "in common with the rest of us
In here." almost invariably travels the valley
road to Medford, by preference, even when the
gates on the Hamlin property are open as they
nnw are and I am all but positively certain
that that article rode to The Mail offloe, with ;
its author, via the valley road to Medford. j
That limber thai would be "several miles !
nearer" Is at present jusl 41 li 10U chains from i
my south lino. '
One day I was notified that on a certain da!e j
our partnership fence which happened to all !
beious to me would be a tatr.g of the liasl :
hence the lane, as he says, "between all oi us, (
and which is locally known as S spite lane. ;
is not a lane for it is closed about the center. t
Fmailv. 1 wish to stato that I was not even '
somueh'asaked U 1 wanud the roud cr nit. '
And while there may be some of tnuiih
princlie aoul me. in coinmou with neariy all
uianUmd. wL:c "wiii lead, bul may kielt if
driven," I will ;gn an a.-revnacul in conimoa :
wua ail tae rest ol my nciguuurs. to bave the ,
ocnrd ol coraailst n,ner or llirev eoii;j'cU :l. ;
eor.M'ieniioa. di:nivr led men i-co-vn by !.-
cliooi il.TvcUira ie' a a.j-s dam-
ayes, to lae scii?; :.:a-c Iruin nil sines ar.d uu
lines that will be the mu; cjuveuu-iit aau
X ynwtiO.e tor :i;e gre-iVi-at number of
! If tiivv ie on i.y l:-e I wul set u. Ir-iee
back 'Ailnout a luiiruiiir. and li oil otlivr lines
i will snare the asses-sea daiaagrs in tae saiae
ratio as lai valua'.iou of my properly is to liie :
vatuu;i.n of tlie property ol the school dlnL
Tbai.kiLg tne editor (or his kindness, I remain '
Vours resjectfu::y. j
Busy people have no time, and sensi- i
ble peopie have do inclination to use a j
slow remedy. One Minute Cough Cure
acts promptly and gives permanent rv
suits Ceo. a. Has kins, druggist.
Flooded With Stamps.
NAMES. DATB Olf UlttTll.
Anderson, Q N April IT, 1818
Anderson, E K Dec S, 1836
Anderson, E N Oct 30, 1S31
Adams, J L Dec 1.1. ISM
Alison, H July 28, 1K!3
Ashmead, M July 24, 1834
Applcgate, E L April 8, 1KU
Heekman, C C Jan M, 1828
lilshop, W U July 21). 1S31
Barneburg, F ' Jan 17, 1838
Brill, P Men 11, 1818
Brooks, E C Sept 16, 1821
Barksdull, C H Dec 21, 1M
Bellinger. Merritt Feb 2, 1833
Bybee, Wm S Mch lft, 1S2U
Beatl, Vincent June 13, 1S31
Barnes, D P Mch 4, 1S24
Collins, Thos Mch I, lsut
Coleman. M H Feb IS, 16
Crnln.JA May 11, ISil
Cary. Robt Feb S, IKS)
Cook, HA May Si, ISM
Curry, Thos Dec S3, ISO
Caton. M Jan 27, ISSS
Cuttle. J II Octil, 1-cU
Cadby, 11 Aug 2, l.HM
t'aiu.C Dec 24. 1828
Cameron. Tod ' June 21. l!U9
Coleman. J Jan 2. l.2l
Dulllnp, K S Oct 8. is-'l
Donigan, P May 18. ISS
Doherty. Jas Nov 1, I'd
Dunn r Mch 21. 1C21
Drum, Jas April 30, 1SH
Day. Silas J April 3, ISM
Davison, Jeplha June IS, lsSS
Foudray , ED Jan 8, 1821
Fisher, Dan'l Dec 1, 1S17
Fryer, J J Oct 1. IS31
Grlffln John B Sept 14. 1S'3
C Ibson. T 11 Mch 23. IS2
Gall, LF Oct ), 1S."7
Griffin. W M FebS,lS
Gall, W S Aug 11, IS3S '
G Ibson, Mary May 14, 1SS0
Hoges, C Dec SI. IS2
Hoges. RE Jan 24, 1S39
Hardin, J R April IS, 1S54
Buffer, M Aug 12, IS34
Bank. Silas Sept 12. 1819
Hugh-ins. Jessie March Id, 1831
Htnkle, Rtlcy Oct 1. 1S31
Haymond. B May 27. ISJB
Helms. H Aug IS. ISU
HoXle.CH Dec S3, 1S38
Hurd, Jas June 4, 1830
Hurst. Margaret F March 31. iS4j
Hurst. M F Oct 11. IS
Ivory, P March 17. 1819
Isaacs, G W Jany 19, ISJl
Jordan. Jas April 2U, 1S31
Jones. S P May 23. 1SB
Jacobs. AS Oct 3,183
Kentnor, W W . Nov 27, 1828
Kentnor. S A Oct . IS44
Klncaid. W B Aug IS. WO
Klncald, J J Feb 20. 1N27
Klippel. H " Dec 11. 13
Kubli, K Aug I, ISM
Kahler. C W Nov 4. iSW
Lame. J 11 May 21. 1?34
Linn. D Oct 28. IS
Lindley. Mtltc-n Aug II. 1
Unksw.ier, T I. Sept 7. 14
Leslie. J Sept 1. Is O
Langvll. N June.i-Cl
Lcts-lan.T Aug 1. IV-
Li,-,-. 1'r.m'a J-.:y H. 1-
Lacy. J 'ia J Viy JI. l-V.
lAten.JC ?! iy is. r-:a
Ma-.his. IV M Nov a.
Md'.er. K .V. ' Jnsy 27. iss
Myrvs B K A I1. I "21
McDonough. Jas J'J 8. ll
.Mills, John W Jan . l-CB
Maurry. K F May 2a. 1-21
Jtcrtevon, J V Feb IS. ISM
Mlngus. Conrad May6,lS2S
Muller. Max May 20, iv)6
Mcltoy. J W April 9. 1817
McCulley. Jane Mar-h 31. LS2I
McAndrews. Thos Nor 2. IS2
McDonnell. J N" May 31. 1SS
McCowl. J M Jan IS. ISii
Nell.JR Feb2S. 1S41
Nell. R P Apr"
Mrs. Charles Garnian, or Edna
Brown, as she is known, the stamp
collector who was assisted by many
in this locality in securing her col
lection, now regrets that she ever '
undertook the job, as also does the i
postmaster at Kaneviile, Illinois,!
her home. Miss Brown, who has
now become Mrs. Graham, is re- i
ceiving from KUKX) to 1",(JJJ every j
day, and already has on had mill- j
ions of canceled stamps which 6he
does not want, and has no idea how
to dispose of tham. Her wish now i
is that stamps would quit coming, j
Postmaster Shpellhoon, meanwhile, j
has the distinction of handling !
more mail daily than any other j
fourth-class postmaster ever did.
One dav recently lie turned os-er
20,000 letters to Mrs. Carman. As i
Kanevillo is not on anv road, the !
mail is brought once a day by
stage from Sugar Grove, eight
miles away. Before the "chain"
got in working order, only a hand-
tul of letters arrived daily: now i
there are bags of them and the
trouble continues to grow. Where
it will end no one knows, but the
postmaster and Mrs. Garman de
voutly wish to have tho thing
stopped at the earliest possible
moment. It is estimated that if
the "chain" could remain unbroken
Mrs. Garman would receive in'
round numbers 1,007,877,000,000,
000,000,000,000 letters. If eacli
letter contained 10 canceled stamps
Mrs. Garman would receive
1 1, 845, 647, 000,000,000,000,000,000
stamps, including the stamps on
the envelops.
You ought to know this: Do Witt's
Witch Hazel Salvo will heal a burn
and stop tho pain instantly. It will
cure badly chapped hands, ugly
grounds, sores, and is a well known cure
for Piles. Geo. H. Haskins, druggist.
Nye. Chauncy
Nay'.or. Granville
Neil, C
l'rnegar, David
Plyroale. F M
Pcnse. Jacob
Ptymalc. W J
I-arker. W II
l-rlra. P P
Pickel. Francis
Payne. C T
Kaiiisdalc. John
Reames. Thos G
Riggs, Michael
ltlggs, Mary
Richardson, Jessie
Held. C B
Simpson, J W
Siuip-on, B
Skeeters, Isaac
Skeeters, Grace J
Sebullz. Chas
Snttertlold, John
Sisemore, John
S'Kirs, Granville
Thornton, J
Taylor. M A
Town, Fran!:
Taylor, S K
True, J P
Weiss. John
Wagoner, Jacob
Wright, Thos
Wilson, W M
Wrislcy. J B
Walker, E F
Woody. J N
Young, N
Ohina a Menace to the Civilization
of All Lands.
Japan Within Ilrr Lights In Her Kftorts
to Maintain a Hold l pun Corrn
Kzcluslve Nationality ot
the Chinese.
Sir Edwin Arnold is a warm partisan
of tho Japs, but lie had the privilege oi
witnessing- the grand army maneuvers
of some two or three yc:irr and
no one will deny to him a knowledge
of tho interior economy of the country.
Sir Edwin Arnold, says the London
Daily Graphic, will not countenance
the belief of Mr. Curzon that the Jap
anese government is desperately occu
pied with domestic politics.
I am surprised that so intelligent an
observer should not have known how
little the Japanese houses of parlia'
ment count socially or politically
against the policy of those ministers
whom the emperor appoints and whom
hp removes at his sole Pleasure. When
the deputies make themselves impossi
ble they are simply sent home; when
they refuse supplies public funds are
taken quietlv on account; and when
thev brius things to a deadlock the
emperor and his advisers carry on the
business of the country, alter uiasoiv
itig parliament, which, amid all these
vao-.iries the lively worl:insr of new
and generous wine remains steadfast
ly loyal and ardently patriotic."
' That the two countries had equal
rights in Oorea. and that w hen one in-
crvost-d its foroethe other was bound I
to do the same, was the writors con- j
tontion in short, that Japan has done I
and is doing precisely what England ;
would have done under the same cir
cumstances. "In the present struggle
Ji.pau unquestionably stands the cham
pion of progress, of justice, and of in
ternational development, so that the
partisanship shown in certain quar-
1 ters against her has in it an element of
stupidity which cannot, therefore be
easily excused." Mors interesting than
this, though, is S ir Edwin Arnold's re
minder of one of the forces "which
more potently tends to hold China to
gether in her intense and exclusive na
tionality.'' namely, the extreme anx
iety of the Celestial to be buried at
home, "liut if some high ecclesias
tical authority, or the Vermillion Pen
cil itself, should decree as they well
might, that Confucius should be sat
isfied if a pinch of Chinese dust were
thrown into the foreign grave then
the floodgates would be open to a gen
eral Chinese immigration into all lands.
"One perceives how heavy the obliga
tion is, and at the same time how bind
ing, when airain and airain, at San
Francisco and other ports of embarks
tion, Chinese passengers are stopped
carrvinir in a carpet-bag or a hat-box
the bones of their relatives. Hut when
any such general emigration of China
men occurs as that which I am fore
casting, it will be a social and industri
al deluge. The markets of the world
will tie literally swamped with the
most industrious, persevering, fearless
and frugal specimens oi mankind wao
will everywhere underbid labor and
monopolize trade, as they have done in
imraoore. 1 enacs ana many o.jer
HAMILTON & LEGATE, Proprietors.
The Medford has been thoroughly renovated. Accomodations
the very best. If you try us once you will 6urely come again.
RATES FROfl $1.00 TO $a.oo PER DAY. ...
The Gem Saloon,
In connection. The best and
cigars courteous treatment.
purest of wines, liquors and
.. ?". v? f
We Carry the Celebrated:
Mitetell Lmnlier anfl SDring Wagons,
Corvallis Top and Open Buggies, Buckboards, Carts, and in fact a full
line of vehicles of all descriptions, case ana canton uiacK
land plowe, both single and gang. Bissil and Gale
stubble plows, Case steel frame lever harrows.
jCCalI and eee us before purchasing. Catalogue sent on application,
' Mitchell. Lewis & Staver Company
ID. T. LAWTOX Manager, Medford Branch.
Is a name more fameus than Debs, but in a different way
Wagons and Carriages are known the World over and ar
first-class evervbodv wants a Studebaker
A full line of Studebaker Wagons, Carriages, Carts, Phaetons and
Surreys can be found at the warehouse of
Medford, Oregon
sTso aijXiii;. iinnffonMiiir m fin nil
n-'rsiren lIliJL
sl.!':iful rcsonrees, the inoCkv.ey of i
Mjr In is
Feb 1(5, li
March 1. 11
Si-pl 5. 1SIT
March IT. 1-33
Fob . IT
July IS, 1-lA
My i l!M2
Nov -ii, !.
Dec 5, ISU
MaySJ, ls2
Dec IS. 1
Seil 1:1, l;Cl
llcl 2. MM
Auk IS. IS'.I
Sept 8. l.'.'l
Au 2V lT
Dec 'A'-, ISiJ
Doc IRJ.1
Auk i
March S6, 1--M
July 4.
Dec II, 1 '-'
April a. Is
Doc I, ItM
Ai-rilJ. 1)
March ll. l:i
Feb I'l. 1S3
Dec li l!.'
June 21, ISPJ '.
Sept V l!t
Oct 23. isa
juue ai. it;
Aug l, 1S19
Jan IS, 1SU
AprH'J9. ISM
April 2, lstil
which for actual service Japan has al- j
readv exposed lv the brilliant com-1
niencenu-nt of the present cara;viiirn.
-K,ir the.4c and other reasons it is to
the intere.Nl of the civilized world that
China : h.'til.l not Ixxonie more h.nn
j.t'neous or any lr.rtTT than she is al
j-.n-M-nt. and above all that the thould
not i:i:rim-' with the second colossal
standing menace to human proirreNS.
the Iius:.ian empire, a!7aint the free
dom ct the raoitic That Herman jour
nal bad the true instinct in scicntiiic
politics which lately wrote that, in the
war just declared, the sympathies and
pood wbJies of civilization were due en
tirely to the side of Japan."
It is estimated by jrardeners that in
the course of a season a frojr will de
vour fifty-seven times its weight in in
sects. It is floured that every man, woman
and child in the I'm ted Mates eats an j
average of four and a nail rnisnels oi
when, c year in the form of bread or
breakfuN. cereals.
A Nw View of the Ox.
"A railroad tn::n that I was on the
other day," said a man. "went with a
rush and a roar a Utile bridfje
under which at that moment there was
n man drivhi'j mi us team. A moment
later as we rushed on we saw the team
out ou the road, the oxen jnm;iii:r and
i.kipinff nrd anvavently trvinir to run
away. The drier w::n str.iulin? in the
cars, and swiniritiir his f:iaii unninl and
brincinsr i down on them with vi-vr-oils
wl'.aeUs: iip:'.'.'v he cheel.ed 'em. I
don't pretend to 1; now much about oxen.
may le tney re jriven to rutiuinp; away,
but to me it w;:s a new view of the dull
and ploddiiiff ox."
J. C. AVHlPj Propr.
! Does General Contrsctins in a!! Unas l -----
O retro ii.
AH Work Warranted First Class.
and 1 Juries !Made
to Order.
C and Eight streets
n, mm
JLmP r
Yon make no mistake when you tako
De Witt's Little. Early Risers for bil
iousness, dyspepsia or headache, be
causo those littlo pills euro thorn. Geo.
II. Haskins, druggist.
I.N recent legal proceedings in Lon
don regarding the uoise and vibration
caused by a neighboring factory, a
phonograph was used to record these
noi: es and reproduce them in court, at
the suggestion of l'rof. S. 1". Thomp
son. A hciiooi. district in Grant county,
Kan., contains only one fam
ily. The father, mother and eldest
son have elected themselves trustees
and appointed the eldest daughter, at
thirty-tive dollars a month, to teach
the younger children.
rk Guaranteed first-class. Plans and estimates f-irnished
nil kind of work either brick or wood.
Hills el LVMHKK of all kln-.N title A on short notice. Sash. and Mill work or al
Klnjs-oaj thing in lh shape ol eud work can le had on short notice.
A Sovereign Remedy Sf G)UESi
Colds.LaGrippe and ill Aifeclior
cf feThroat. Chest ad Lvigs.
Legal Blanks for sale at this oflloo.
My work is warranted,-
and my prices reason
able squarely in line
with the times.
TQfLocated at
old stand,
Mernman s
63 CllnC I3 THE BEST.
4.3.sp Fine Dur&KMKAma
3.3? POLICE, 3 soles.
cnin rnQ TATAl nrilir
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W. L. Douglas $3 & $4 Shoes
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A. C. TAYLER. Meilford, Oregon.