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BLIION & YORK, Publishers.
A. S. Bliton, - Editor
W. T. Yokk, - Manager
Published Every Friday Morning.
He Is of few days; but quite a plenty.
Ebiered In th Postofllce at Medford, Oregon
as Second-Class Mail Matter.
Medford, Fridat, Jan. 4, 1895.
Excbance. an
Francisco, is our authorized agent. This pa
per s kept on tile in his office.
Li ing Agent, SI Merchants
Sixteen Names 14 Days.
Since December 21, 1894, we have taken 1
new subscribers. The total number received
Since January 1. 18M, is just 439. Here is the list:
D Fulton, Medford.
W Eaton, Medford.
B B GeVrais. Medford.
Vs Hover, Over, Neb.
Win Bateman, Medfotl.
Mrs J E Savre, Medford.
Frank Vanina, Medford.
C E Wilkinson. Medford.
' J C Rnnyon. Applegate, Or,
J J Fryer, Eagle Point. Or.
Miss Halle Hoyt, Merlin, Or.
J E Stickle, Eagle Point. Or.
G W Matthews, Rock Point, Or.
J V Bontrager, Central Point, Or.
Mrs H Richards. Midland City, Mich.
Mrs F M Crane, South Quincy, Mass.
The man who rides a hobby pays
well for his transportation, but he
has an awfully lot of fun and satis
faction while making the trip.
The Supreme court of Massa
chusetts has decided that Marriage
is a business. The girls will now be
more than ever impressed that
young men ought to get down to
Spxra has decreed the abolition
of public executions, the ostensible
reason being that anarchists and
others about .to be executed
abused the occasion by making
incendiary speeches or posing as
It is a safe guess that Dolph
don't get a vote for U. S. senator
from Jackson county. We doubt
if any of the members are pledged
to him, and we know some of
them are a long ways from being
favcT-ibla to his re-election.
The Eugene perm-weekly Register
came out Monday morning as a
daily edition. It is- a cracking
fine looking sheet and contains lots
of eood. reading matter. Eugene is
to be congratulated, so also are
warrant such persistent hustling
for the job it ought to be just
enough a snap to fall to the lot of
those to whom custom lias made
it their duty. Sheriff Patterson is
most certainly being imposed upon
in ma'.ters of this nature.
Maoimxe Pollard whose name
is known because of the Breckin-ridge-Pollard
scandal, applied for a
position as governess in a New
York family. When she disclosed
her identity the advertiser said to
begone and was greatly shocked be
cause Miss Pollard had had the
temerity to respond to her adver
tisement. The man in the case
found a large bunch of beautiful
roses on his desk when the present
session of congress opened the other
day and his name is always men
tioned when candidates for senator
are named in Kentucky. After
Miss Pollard has vainly tried to se
cure honest employment for a few
month she will understand that the
world forgives a man and then
evens up matters by kicking the
woman into the street and bolts the
door in her face.
35S7fe I :M III
-ieir. tj
" . i-
- .
: TTi
While all Catholics have a great
amount of reverence for their
church and the Pope, the latest
edict from the high ruler and
church officials, to the effect that
Catholics are forbidden to unite
themselves with any secret society,
is not received with especial favor
by many church members in the
United States. As many Catholics
in America are prominent members
of our best and- most popular 6ecret
societies, and by so becoming they
are apparently none the less loyal
to their church and its dictates, but
instead, by admission to them are
made better men among their fel
lowmen and better citizens gener
ally, in any country or community,
it is difficult to ascertain', with any
degree of satisfaction, where the
harm is either brought upon them
selves or the church.
Someone has circulated the re
port that the publishers of this
paper were working in the interests
of one of the two tickets recently
nominated to fill the several city
officers. And again someone else
said we were working for the other
tieket. In the minds of some of
means for the purchase of his bread
and clothing. "The land in Jack
son county is almost useless, owing
to the sticky nature of the soil." Not
one twentieth part of the land in
Jackson county is "sticky soil," and
even this is as productive as are
any lands in the United Stales or
England. And here is another
quotation fro.n the letter : "A public-school
man thinks he' will come
here as a farm laborer. lie dops
so, and his life is worse than
that of a crossing-sweeper in
England. There is- no one of
his rank of society here." "A
public-school man" in America
is just as good a man as a crossing-sweeper,
but he isn't any bet
ter so long as both are honorable
and act like men. That is where our
Americanism developes itself to ade
gree most pleasant to all lovers of
free and equal standing and rights
so long as we act honorable, the
one toward the other. "There is
no one of his rank of society here,"
is good, and the writer is correct in
the assertion. ' When brainless
English nabobs come to this
country with the expectation of
lording over the entire country they
get "beautifully" and deservingly
sat down upon we are not that
class of people. If England has
men of ability and good sense
which can be spared America will
furnish them a business proposition,
but don't send us any more
Mr. Parker Declines.
Mepfohd. Or., l)"C. :, !.'.
To the chairman and secretary of the
oeonle's municipal convention. Med-
- Yoran bovs in
branch out.
being able to thus
ford. I rc!roii
f :..nil..m,n- As much as I would lie
our good citizens the publishers of ; ,i..,lSed in accede 10 the wi:i -f th-
this paper must be, us Bill Xve i convention which nominat-d mo for
savs. between the office bov ami ; " '':-' ottceof mayor. I am imp lied.
,lo r , t !... iimdertheeNigeueyof trie oeea-lon. ...
thn . 1 . . ' 1 "" decline the nomination. lusoUouigi
! irhinh frrA li'lCf.lir
Next week we will commence
the publication 01 Private .brown,
,a very interesting bit of romance as
'tis found at one of our frontier
military norts. lour wives will
want to read it and you men
folks will also like it. If you are
jHot a reader of The Mail you
ought to be. Subscribe right now
-and get the opening chapters of
Private Brown.
- The Georgia senate has passed a
bill making it a penal offense for
any person to make any remarks
or write articles that reflect upon
the good name of a woman. The
bill calls to mind that in the old
days there were laws against scold
ing and tattling, as well as laws
against slander, and that the duck
. insr stool was hieh in favor as an
inducer of polite conversation.
Os o"E of our inside pages will
pe found a communication trom a
citizen of. Jacksonville upon the
abolishing of the Oregon State rail
road commission. The gentleman
asked The Mail for its opinion re
carding the subject. We refer him
to his own article with the margin
al note: "Them are cur sentiments,
too." And while we are abolishing
commissions why not do away with
a few more of them? Jf what earth
ly use is the domestic animal com
mission and the food commission,
except to draw their several thous
and dollars a year salary from the
The. Mail turns another mile
post with this issue, the paper is
now on its seventh year, and a very
healthy and vigorous seyen-year-old
it is. It never stood upon a
more solid business footing than
right now a newspaper proposition
in the city of Medford is no longer
a speculation. We are now print
ing 1200 papers, actual count no
more, no less; just that number.
Our books are open . for inspection.
We make 110 promises for the fu
ture; we have never made any in
the past; we are willing that our
record for the past two years
should be our pledge for the future.
Sheriff Patterson's plums go
begging sometimes, and many of
these are times when they ought
not to so go, The heretofore cus
tom of sheriffs accompanying in
sane people to the asylum has
' been knocked out by Judge Neil,
An' act, on the judges part, which
' ought to' have never been perpetrat
ed. If the conveying of these people
. to the asylum is a snap sufficient to
untrue, are not
circulated with malicious intent.
Every man whose name appears on
these tickets is a professed friend to
us. We have nothing but kind words
for each and all of them. The peo
ple of Medford are equal to the oc
casion of electing the best men to
office, and inasmuch as the gener
al reputation of each candidate is
as well known to every voter of
this city as it is to us there is little
need of our attempting to foster the
interests of any of them.
There are Englishmen in Amer
ica who have made themselves rich
off the products of our soil and the
profits of our commercial advan
tages. There are as well English
men in America who have wallowed
in the slums of the gutters and
have experienced aught else than
the most extreme poverty. This is
equally true of all other foreign
subjects who have sought this land
as a means of pecuniary betterment,
nor are these facts less true of the
American , born. But when Eng
lishmen of no greater calibre and
means than one Elliott O'Donnell
visits this our . garden land the
Rogue river valley, and after
a few months hibernation upon
a farm, near Lagle Point, writes
a scathing letter to "Answers." a
London, England, publication, tell
ing that Oregon is the most poverty
stricken state in America, The
Mail can but, in justice to our un
usually prosperous state, brand
the writer a liar in his every utter
ance. O'Donnell came here bv the
advice and promise of some alleged
designing individual, to be moulded
Mrs. Ym. Simmons visited at Ash
land Tuesday with her friend Mrs. V.
C. Llewellyn has returned from
Smith's river, Calif., and has moved to
the A. UorUon ranch, on urifnn creek.
Dan'L Richards, a prominent real
estate man of Gold Hill, was doing
business in the metropolis Wednesday.
B. S. Webb was in Jacksonville
Tuesday making some needed repairs
on the telephone instrument in that
N. Charley, of Antelope, enme over
to Medford this week to buy lots of
pood poods at small prices und lie suc
ceeded .
Mrs. F. L. Ckankii.l was at Central
Point Saturday nnd Sunday visiting
her husband, and sort o' helping about
the store.
Hon. V. II. Hhandsuaw. of
Urownsboro, came in Tuesday with a
band of cattle for the Southern Oregon
I'ork Packing conpany.
Madison Jones and family, of
Poudieton. Oregoj. are here looking
for a location al present thev are
domiciled at the CJarcndon.
P. Donahce, of Ashland, was here
Tuesday buyiiijj poultry. The gemle
man supplies the Pullman cars on the
S. P. with this Hue of goods.
Rey. and Mrs. Reese P. Kendall
wore at Ashland a few days this week
for a visit with their daughter. Mrs.
Jos. Polley, and family, of that city.
Wm. Forsyth, of Asbestos, is don
visiting his brother-in-low. Merchant
Wilson. Mr. Forsyth has recently
taken up a homestead, near the above
W. C. Englkdow was over from
Jacksonville yesterday. The gentle
man has but recently completed a
splendid job of painting and paper
banging on the new Miller house.
I'M IIost.Ki:. who recently moved
with liis f.tiiiily from Gold Hii! to j
Ashland, in Medford on business j
Tue-day. The g'ntm:m i der-innis j
of semiring a good farm location here-!
ulicuts. I
Wm. was in Tuesday from i
Brownsb"ro. The gentleman has been !
on the road, as traveling salesman, for j f
a school s-.i;p!y hoiw, during the sum-
mernnd f.isl months, but is now home j
for she winter mouths with friends. s
Judge and Mrs. L. II. Wkhstkk left j
ast welk for I ortl:ind-thcir new
otne. ll.c judge is a verv bmuanl
aitorner. and bis friends hereabouts
Stands for Question, Quality and Quan
tity. The first question is, where can
you buy the best groceries in the. mar
ket; the second question is, where can you buy
the most for the least money?
Stands for Answer. The answer to the
first question is, at I. ft. HuIIer's.
The answer to the second question is
at I. M. Muller's.
Stands for Proof. The proof of the
pudding is in the eating. The proof of
the above assertion is in the fact that I
am enjoying an exceptionally large trade.
UK line of Gent's Furnishing Goods is
complete in ever particular. You
should see those nobbv ties that I am
selling at 2- cents each.
Corner Seventh and C,
Medford. Ore.
We are
Still Here!
And are keeping up our
reputation as the ....
assure you mat. i am noi :ncnsiiic u
the earnest desire of those who nomi
nated me. for this convention was com
posed of representative taxpayers but '. j
I feel thai it would bo imjK-litic to sup- j j
plant one aireauv in iao Harness, nw
WIIO Knows tne puuiic ntrusui me v.11. ; ... ,,,, ,..i,:.- f
bv nuolher who is not fully conversant ',., .,. : , 1...,-i ..,;
Vtllll ! . ' I IV 1 . . i .. v ....... .. v. - - -
conduce to lhe general interests of the
citv. I have not come to this conclu
sion hastily, for I have given the mat
ter mature consideration in that tne
importunities for me to accept the nom-
nation ticket have been so persistent
and pressing.
I have no doubt out mat .Mr. nasKins
will encourage a spirit of progress and
not allow our common interests to lie
dormant or to retrograde, for he is a
taxpayer and a substantial citizen of
the to'wn.
But I sincerelv appreciate this high
honor, and shall ever cherish this
mnrk of commence reposed in me as a
token of unselfish friendship. Very respectfully.
1 our uoeuienv --rvufc.
W. II. Parker.
A New Year
Calls for
New Resolu.
Resolved, First that our thanks
are due and hereby expressed to the
public, for the liberal patronage we
have received during the past six
months. Second that for the ensu
ing year we will try hard to merit
your favors. Third and best that we
"shall continue selling the most and
best goods, attainable in Southern Ore
gon for the least money, Thompson &
Death of Mr. J. W, Plymire.
Mr. J. W. Plymire, an old resident
of this part of Jackson county, ditd nt
his farm house, throe miles northeast
of Medford, on Monday of this week.
Fnneral services were held the follow
ing dav. conducted bv the members of
the A. O. U. W. lodge, of this city, to
which he belonged. Somo twenty odd
, i . .... i r..
from a London clerk with little - ,7, .bout two
money into an American landed we"t,ks prior to his death and was only
lord with dollars galore, but fortu- confined to his bed five days. His
nately for us, unfortunately for malady wits Hrighfs disease. Deceased
rvn,. il ..- ,!,.' I....-- l.wl I came to Jackson county in 1.0 and
ODoni.el , e don t h.ite h'"d h aud un the land upon which he
lords in this country lliey are junt llsl M,iuy. Ho was born in
plain farmers without tin- prefix or ; Missouri in is:t!. " In lxiiis, or soon after
aflix of handed down titles. Let; the close of tho war, ho moved to Xe
,..., f-, i,!o l..t t .... . I vada where ho remained until IJmO,
English gentleman who lias money
invests it, and loses it nil." An
Englishman who has not hrains
Eulllcicnt to conduct Lusiness suc
cessfully in his own country may
lose his four bits in this country,
hut EnglishMEN with the liea'd
capacity to nmass a fortune anJ
the prudence to keep it, are com
fortably and independently situated
and there are many such right
here in Medford. Let us quote fur
ther from his letter to show to what
extent a shallow, disgruntled would
be American nabob will lead him
self to do dishonor to American soil
and our citizens, and bolster up his
excuse for returning to England
and to the protection of those who
have brains enough to provide
when In? came to Oregon, as above
soiled. Hu leaves a wife and f-ur chil
li ion to mourn his sudden demise. Of
the children there are two sons and
two daughters, the oldest, Lilah, being
fourteen years of age. the three young
er being Jessu, Carrie and Oiyde.
In the back, shoulders, hips, ankles,
elbows or wrists, is caused by aeeiimu
lalion of iicid in the blood. Hood's
Sarsiipnrilla neutralizes tho acid und
cures rheumal ism.
Hood's Pills arc the best
cathartic and liver medicine,
less and reliable.
For Sale..
Eight v acres of good land
it a bar-
It. K. DitUM.
Table Koek, Or.
Legal Blanks for salo at this oflioo.
W. II. Bark is back from bis several
wesks' visit to Uriggs valley. He came
out at the same time as did Mr. Hurt,
but unlike the latter gentleman did
not get frel bitten. He reports ex
tensive piping being done on his com
pany's mine.
Miss GRACE I SHAM, of West Fork.
Douglas county, was in Medford n few
days hist week visiting with her friends,
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Drisco. The
young lady is a telegraphy student at
"the above statiou under her brother
who is agent and operator.
Hon. Geo. DUNN was down from
Ashland this week having a talk with
bis friends upon matters general, but
particularly, in the interests of coming
legislation. Mr. Dunn hits sold to Mr.
Hoekersmith a carload of cattle which
are this week being shipped to San
Mrs. I it A A. PltKLPS :md the chil
dren returned to Medford last Friday
from their quite extended visit at sev
eral Willnmette valley points. Before
their coming, the lady's husband, Ira,
the printer, had caused to be fitted up
a suite of rooms in the new Barnum
brick block, in which they are now
nicely situated.
E. G. HURT returned Monday of
this week from an extended trip to the
mining district of Briggs valley. The
gentleman was pretty badly crippled
the effects of having his feet frost bit
ten while crossing he mountanis He
relates that in Briggs valley the snow
is two and a half feet deep while in the
mountains it measures easy ten faet,
and this for a distance of about- four
miles. Ten miles of the trip was
made out on snow shoes nnd it was
while thus traveling that the frost
nipped his feet.
W. V. Lipri scott nnd D. T. Sf.aks
were at Hoseburg last week, in attend
ance upon a regular meeting of
the Masonic order of that city.
I'pon tho evening these gentle
men were present tho third degreo in
Masonry whs ci n'urred upon three rail
road conductors on tho S. P. road,
they being P. H. Tynan. Lee Hender
son and James Hansbro. After the
work of the evening was over a ban
quiet was given in h mm' of the event.
Both Messrs Lippiin-ott nnd Sears de
clare the Hoseburg Vns royal enter
tainers and a clover crowd of gentle
men to meet.
C. D. Kki.Lhoo loft- Tuesday for
Portland, where ho wili accept a posi
tion for a few weeks as fireman on the
steamer Northwest, plying between
Portland and Kahuna. His father,
liison Kellogg, who has been visiting
in Medford during the holiilnys, re
turned with him and will resume work
in his old position, that of captain on
this same steamer. I ho eld
Kellogg has held this positio
for over fifteen years. Mrs.
remnin in Medford, After
months Clm-eiicu hopes to bo pi
to tho position of engineer, a
friends here hope with him.
Miss Hali.k Hoyt left Sati
evening for a three months'
her 3ister, at Merlin, Oreg
however, will visit Grants
Of this vallev. Wo will soon receive a new
line of fine Dress Goods, at greatly reduced
prices. Our low prices to all. marked in plain
figures. Honest goods and fair treatment.
Keep Your Eye on the Flag.'
Deuel & Stevens,
l, - - Meflforfl, Oregon.
AT COST . . .
Having on hand an immense stock of Clothing and
Gents!" Furnishing Goods and being in need of more
room and money, too I will offer my entire stock
At Cost for tie M 60 Days, for Casl Only.
Come and see for yourself and you
convinced that I mean business.
will surely be
S. Rosenthal,
for a few weeks before going K Merlin.
For over two years Miss Hoyt has
held tho responsible position of book
keeper in the mercantile store of Angle
& Plymale, nnd during this tiaie she
lias made scores of friends who will re
gret the absence of her pleasant face
from its familiar haunts. The lady
lias proven herself a very proficient
n.-couutnnt and tho position, which,
by-the-way. she "lias resigucd, will be
difficult to till with another equally as
Many Ktmld of I).i-a In Our.
A mean solar day is the average or
mean of all the apparent solar days in.
aycar. Mean solar time is that shown by
a well regulated clock or watch, while
nppnrcnt solar time is that shown by
a well constructed sun dial. The differ
ence K'twecn the two at any time is
f tune, and may amount
MedtT regou.
The Mail will taky "
scrivtion. We will 5
I .itOwermtinil lor a tieV L.i.W
L. ,.f , ,. . , V.
I . mm Ul MU.iii'-u 1.4 ill , .mt mill itiuvim . 1 11111 l IH ill" 111111X7 LU.tll Vi-
ij tiVvunutos and twvnty-ono soo you want t apply it all 1
1 Vivil day at the preceding1 into a rd,
.a vii i it ! him imiTi v. i m m
invariable, but one S -y
J M-r is .equal to one day J- -f
r inn ou.-'.u seconus 01 tne I
r i
Photographs of the Departed.
We have the 13,000. more or less,
negatives made by Kifinburg & Mur
phy, from which we will print dupli
cate copies, at Si. 00 per dozen.
Wirtu Photo Co.
For Sale or Rent.
A five-acre tract, house and barn;
one-quarter mile from schooi bouse.
J. S.
For Sale.
For $.") each, St. Bernard and Siber
ian blood hound pups.
I "N. I
X. I