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all 1 May roses strew your
Anil paths be Rlad and beautiful
on wliich you start to-day: '
May hours of Kolaen sunlight
Drlnt; DUt just a u&sn ui rum.
And gracious gifts of pleasure hold the faint
est touch of pain.
For skies are fairer which betimes tho clouds
have overcast
And pleasure is the sweeter when the grief and
pain are past.
And if among your roses red the ivy is en
twined Your heart will beat the nearer to the heart ot
all mankind.
A Happy Xew Year, one and alii Ah! who
could wish you loss!
Mijy all the gracious charities that heal and
soothe and bless
Drop down into your waiting hands, and may
you e'er impart
To all the weary souls of men the Joy within
your heart.
For hearts that hold no warmth ne'er know
the joy it is to live:
Ou-lives are measured by the joy which we to
others give.
Let all the year be golden with our deeds of
gracious love.
Aid earth will swing the nearer to tho sky
- ' ' that bends above.
' Jfixos Waterman.
mrt. 7I7.X..fjayne.
It was Xew Year's eve in that cold
ind glorious climate where the snow
iies on the bosom of the earth like a
protecting- mantle from December to
March and the nights are crisp and
cold, -with a resinous tang- in the air,
due to the forests of odorous pine.
Sew Year's eve and the merry jingle
of sleighbells in the little town ol
Brandon made a harmonious discord
that reached the ears of two people
who were having- the first quarrel of
their lives, and who presented if they
had only known it an absurd appear
ance, one in a lachrymose, the other in
a belligerent, state. It came about in
the strangest way, this quarrel be
tween two married lovers who had es
tablished their lives upon a firm
foundation of principle and respect, as
well as mutual love, before they took
upon themselves the responsibilities of
wedded life.
These were the first holidays since
their wedding and they had antiei-
ateda season of quiet enjoyment with
each other, and now they were hardly
on speaking terms. And there was no
one to blame but themselves.
It happened in this way: Alioe, Mrs.
Eversham. had been very anxious to
make her husband. Horace, a Xew
Year's present, but had refrained
from prudential reasons. They were
saving money to pay on a home and
were exercising a rigid economy in
which both were equally interested.
If Horace went without cigars and
other luxuries, his wife gave up hav
ing afternoon teas, and hired only one
domestic, who worked by the day. A
certain amonnt was reserved for char
ity, and as the end of the year ap
proached and cold weather brought
extra demands, this fund gave out and
there were several cases of destitution
"which they could not relieve, but were
compelled to hand over to the char-
, itable society of the church.
Therefore it was at Alice's own sug
gestion that the society got up a bazar
for the sale of contributed goods, and
took the proceeds to ameliorate the
conditions of their poor.
This was . the beginning of the
trouble- When the sales were over,
they took the things that remained un
. sold and put them up at so much a
chanee. Alice had put her foot down
it was a very pretty foot against
the proceedings, but had been over
persuaded that it was perfectly riht;
as the church would sanction it. Still.
.. she only gave a negative consent, for
she would neither buy nor sell any of
the chances. 15ut when one of her
young friends took a couple of chances
for her a dressing-gown and chocolate
set she had said, laughingly, that if
she won they might send them to her
She did not say anything about it to
Horace, who was too much occupied
with the closing business of the 3'ear
to attend the bazar, and knew nothing
of this lottery feature.
She would not have had himknow it on
any account, inasmuch as he had been
fond of games of chance when she mar
ried him, and through her good in
fluence had entirely reformed. That
dangerous passion for gambling, which
does so much harm in the world, had
found an abiding-place with Horace
Eversham, and was becoming one of
the pernicious influences of his life,
when Alice effected a cure which she
believed to be permanent.
Tbey had been happy and' larky as
two children, until Uorace-came home
bringing a fine goose.
"It's for dinner Xew Year's day," he
said, holding up the white-feathered
i s length. Isn t it a beauty
tlTT we do with a whole
l-d Alice.
hy father nscd to say that
is aij awkward bird, too
pne, and not ciuiiigli for two.
u'ist if EtfJVane does
her- lg, won't
tfa cush-
mum. -i i.i .jiiiuiiiig u got iccou
cilod to tlie gotwi!."
"It's a imMu bird, ami its cackling1
nnvi: saved Koine." remarked Horace,
scntontiously. mid then they went to
gether to the kitchen, where the jroose
was laid on Ellen Jane'a shitless white
When that functionary saw it, she
lifted up both hands:
"Oh. but it is a bennty, missis. An'
what a pity that they hed to shoot so
foine a burd!''
"Shoot it," echoed Alice, "well, don't
they always kill jreese that way?"
"Xo'in, only wan it's at a rallle. I
heered me Tom savin' as Mr. Ever
sham won it it's a foine shot he is, I'm
A rallle! Alice's heart 'ent down to
zero. Her husband shooting- birds at a
raflle! All her year of faithful precept
"Where was the raffle?"' she asked in
a voice that she tried to make firm and
"At Little Jake's, mam, in the back
yard. There was a bip crowd of men,
an' they do say Mr. Eversham was
the first one out of the lot to hit the
burd. and look how nate he did it
that goose, mum, never knew what
killed it."
"You needn't cook it," said Alice, "I
don't like goose."
"l!ut vour husband, mum? lie
would enjoy it since he fetched it down j love of truth and right, ami the I.iui
with his own gun. It were banked in ' ; skeys were the happier for the appli
the snow, my Tom said, with its head cation of that ofteu misinterpreted
sticking out an' a moviu' it as fast as a j text to do evil that good may come,
flash this way an' that, an' everybody
that fired at it missed it "
"That will do." said Mrs. Eversham.
and she walked off leaving Jane Ellen j
staring at the goose. j
It was Xew Year's eve. Alice and
Horace were only a few feet apart, in
reality, but miles of distance could not
have separated them so completely.
Horace had tried to explain, but had
been instantly silenced.
"Xo, no. There can be no explana
tion. Yon have broken a law of moral
obligation. You have broken your
promise to me, said Aliee.
I I! I
Tap, tap. went her little foot: there j
were tears in her voice. Horace felt
that he was a criminal, yet if she only i
would let him explain. He was verv j
There was a ring at the door bell.
The two com nosed themselves to mo
callers. The conventionalities of life !
must be observed, and no one must
know that they had quarreled. Kut it
was only a boy with a note, and a
package for Mrs. Kvei"shnm.
It was the drcsving-gnwn from the
bazar. The chance taken for Alice had
drawn it. Alice did not look upon it
with horror. On the c.-intniry.shcconld
not conceal her delight at having- won
it. But she said coldly Ms she handed
the handsome garment to Horace:
"Your Xew Year's present. I hope
it will lit."
"Thank you very much." said norace.
bis eyes sparkling with pleasure, "but
I thought we were not to give each
Other presents this year."
"Why, there's tin: gose?"
"Oh. that only c:st half a dollar
and we must cat."
"This cost only twenty
ty-flve ccnt-s. I
at our church
won it in a chance at
Horace threw back his head and
laughed immoderately.
"Mv dear little wife." he asked when
he could get his breath, "do you know
the difference between tweedle-dum
and tweed le-ilcc?" J
"I hope f know the difference be-j
tween an enterain:iieut designed for
charity under the auspices of the
church and a low rallle with no other
"A charity, my dear; you wouldn't
let me explain, but 'the rallle was to
ibta::i money for the bene'.il of a poor
family '
"Name the family," commanded
,Aliee, who did not believe herhusban
was telling the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth. - -.
"The Liaipskeys. a poor family who
have recently come here.
""Why, thev are the s:i'
whom we yot up the b;j
"And for whom I he
"It's the principle
"Hut, my deur, i
priiidiilc is tue siuue whether ltsiti
the church-or the saloon. Itistnget
something for nothing. 1 got the
goose you got a dressing-gown, which,
as it iloes not cost anything, you kind
ly donate to me."
It was I ite. and a merry peal of bells
rang out the nntlieiu of the New Year.
The two fell into each other's arms.
"Send the goose to the Limpskeys,"
saiil Horace.
"And 1 he dressing-gown, too," said
Alice, with half a sigh.
"Anil when we want to do a charita
ble act. let us give from our own
"f-nnlien like a dean! The best nnn-1
eip'.e in giving is that of sacrifice. We,
won't imiUe any resolutions, but we'll
try to-live up looiirUnowledgeof what
is right and true. You don't care lor
tnc goose. I
les, i no very mueii. u m ,., i;,,:r:.-. ". . Ojfijor "M.
make such good eating stuffed with -r;l0 wcjm::ker.i werj t::vr men
sage and onions, and served with apple mouno.i ut.'a o.,:a;lrapk-t machine.
snuce-' , , Thu:; for the Srst ;i:::e ::: :"n: worlds
"No much the greater sacrifice if you h5stl,rv ;l ,,,, ; rrn-.llo.l him lf
give it up. And you know that dress- n m;l( pmv,v , , 111Uf.u;;:r crtion
ing gown would fit you elegantly, but fa!)U.r .!l:ln :,3 elc-; .r :;:-v other
old Mr. I.mipskey is ragged and needs ,winjr t.wat, e-.vr csrr r:.-d K over
il mVre,r , . . , ! the earth's -'.vi-faae. A:i a tri-.nnph of
Vile shall have it. And we will be- Hum:,-., de-.vl .m.-nt. i by the in
gin the Xew Year poor but honest." 1 voutioas of huut-.n iiirv:-.-..i.v. over
Alien i nose two voting people kissed
and made up. while the Ivll rang out j
Young Mr. Tawker was going over ;
his Xew Year's accounts. His counte
nance iM-trr.ved a fact he would never I
confess to Angelica that i. -. in a cot- j
tage is much more cxpoiv.ive ii paper
had considerately left the room: when
the bills were put away she returned.
Algernon, snc saul. "we really uuuf
make some Xew Year's gifts.
"But, dear, we really mutt econo
mize." J
"Hut see what a splendid plan I're ,
aevised. ion know we received some
lovely things when we were married?"
"Mostly useless ones, though.
"The more suitable for presents.
ell. 1 ve deciucu to you II never
guess to use some of them for Kew
Year's gifts.
"What a head you have! But you
must be careful.
"I will. I remember just who gave
each one.
"Let's do them up at once, then."
"This hanokerchicf case was from
Dora; it is too limp to use, so I'M give
it to Eva- Having- so many babies, she
never poes anywhere, so she'll think it
the latest style."
"Isn't it? This pickle castor Kffie
pave us; that can st to Fanny they
! in't scnk, so Kliie will i
; "You are a mancyiT."
never sec it.
"Now this Mrs. li:irplei)rh I want
her t.i ak me t a: -i:-t at her rteip-:
tion. so 1 11 irivc her the en". -?rla os IhiwI
that is too Iare for our t.-.l-'e. Let me
j see. it was
' Smith? Xo
from sue, or was it Mr. '
matter which: it lo.ks ;
'"The very idea! I to pass!
Eva's and can deliver her "'resent."
"(iood. I'll take Mrs. -ii:;rpleijrhR j
myself will lie a yoi for her
to ask me about the reception." j
Mr. Tawker. eominir ii rr.e with a;
lonjr countenance, found hi.- wife iu the
dark. j
"Did yon deliver Eva's present?" she ;
asked in an anxious tone, "and was it j
ttllriht'?"' i
"Fin afraid not. Dora was there, and j
she recognized it by a place inside '
where the silk was stained."
"Oh. mercy!" she burst into tears;
"what shall I do".""
"W'as Mrs. Sharplei-h pleased?"'
"O, Algernon, how shall I ever tell
you? It was the very bowl she had
g-iven us herself she reeopnized it by
tiny flaw in the bottom; she says
she will never speak to me again as
long as she lives!"
Tho Alan Astrtdo a rneumatlc-TlrHl
Wheel Trlauphft Over llnrse.
The thoroughbred race horse is be
lieved to be tho swiftest animal on the
globe. So when the king of racers, Sal
vator, covered a mile on a straight
track at Monmouth park on August 28,
18D0, in 1:35' which is still the record
he probably went the distance in less
than it "was ever traversed before or
since by a living creature of any kind
moving unaided over the surface of the
earth. Had anyone at that time predict-
c'Lthat within five years a man on a bi-
would propel himself over the
distance on a similar or any other
in faster time than that of the
Highbred, he would, says Harper's
cly, have been considered some
s' more than merely visionary. At
U time the bicyclist was competing
he trotting horse, but thut he
bearing the head work of grocer or J Jff-fr W" a. c 's
butcher than on that on which tho i JT !!!ltjjii'. fjtmm, Till H '
young couples make their calculations. t !:;!!!)' ifS I f) 4'.ii I
' Angelica. perfectLv aware of this fact, MU' JWtft' jl
! !l, IK
WOlll'.l CVOl CtJ.Ul Lily luil.lvt' tV.i.1 l.i.
dreamed of even by ultra enthusiast
And vet this un:hv.i.:ie l-';f feat has
now teen uc-):n)li:.h-j.l. Sirs-.- the ad
vent of tho iiiieuuiatic lire v.-:i.-cl wit V
ball bearings. retv.ivVi h:ivj !i.m:i fall
ing before the bleycle. more rapKi!;.
than be Tore the tr-I U-r notwithstand
ing I'.'.o '''.lenome'i'il .".1v;::ol-; of the
h::ve -anta of l::f.)
:l"t. - liivr mile
iV.M lain-.-:
ov.i . f
'.::is c ::!.
i'-tos, leaving the tr.-tlvr ,.:
the racir. i'-'.it n '.il.-yc!-.
withhi stri!;i:ig di .t:vi j.; C
of even u:i Unary r '.!"
til of a :iU'ii'ro:i" n ;.r.!'
.yclist, Johu S. ,lo'i:iso:i. tin.
.V' .:i l 'r." took fou-iecri :ac.)
bicycl, record at a sin-fic
i s;ie -..
red. un-
"wc tern
'."r, o.ri" I'.;.!
cli;i, :t::.l
ci.'.i;'--1 :i:-.t .-Mly :i.j:n2 but al! L!i
lire 1:; ov ri.liir a mile in !:::. :.'-.'
feai w::s aj.-.Kiiplii-.vl over :. r.traight
mere a:ii:sial devel .pTn-.-m.'.iieve-
m.'iit i ; here fore unique and worthy
of record ;-!: te :rarl from its interest
to the sp.)rt-.'.;i:iii.
She I hear you got a little brother
for a Xew Year's present. Ain't yer
He Xaw!
She Did yer want a sister?
He Xaw. I didn't want no brudder
i nor no sister neider. I wanted a fight-
i " dorg an n pair o" skates! Life-
Tlir Wlff.
On Xew Year's, -.vbe- hc hears him say
He'll wror cIT everj.- fault.
She lake- it lr z. quU t war,
Aad with a grain o( salt.
'"What shall we do with him. grand
pa?" asked the gobbler. Harper's
Young- People.
"Arc you ready t meet that solemn
; event in every man s cM-tcno". the new
! year?" asked the meditative man.
"You Jvt I am."
friend. "1 have
swenrinrT otT than
mv life.'" Wa-.h'-'
replied his I'inpar.t
inre uia'erial for
I ever had Iv'ore in
't,.:i ;:,r.
Scvcd Mis Lire
by a foniin.itc dis-;
c ivl-tj- ::i the r.iek of ,
time. ihn:lrvis of j
person sadcrin? j
irom ci!i:i;!:;)ti.':i j
lave b id the " pto- i
Tc-iS et" ihtr ciistase
stoircd. and h:ive i
... j. "31. ric;-n hroiKjiil b.iok to 1
-r"5:'' i- liiVamUKMlthbythel
!.-' - ' iiPhlcil Jicdicai :
tCvinicovery " of l'r.
" i'i-.-Te. I
4 ears r.c-o Dr. R. V. ri-.rcc. nrw chief
consultiuit pliy?ici:iii to the Invalids Houl
and I.itiiute of N. Y.,
rccoiHiiriiis; the f.iot that was
essentially a ppnn disease, :::d ;l!;:t a rcni
ctly which would drive the trcrms and their
poison from tiic blond would cure consump
tion, at last found a medicine which cured oS
prr cent, of all cases, if taken in the earlier
staires of the disease.
The tissues of the lunirs beinir irritr.tcd by
the pcrnis nurl rtfti-,i,a in tl,. )1.l
I ins tliroui'n them, the germs find lodgment
mere, ana inc lunirs begin to break clown:
Soon the general health begins to fail, and
the person feels languid, weak, faint, drowsy
and confused.
This is the time to take Dr. Pierce's Gold
en Medical Discovery; it drives the germs
and poisons from the blood, and has a sooth
ing effect upon the dry cough. In cases of
bronchitis the "Discovery" is invaluable.
"Golden Medical Discovery" increases the
amount and quality of the blood, thus invig
orating and fortifying the svstcm against dis
ease and builds up wholesome flesh and
strength after wasting diseases, as fevers
pneumonia, grip and other debilitating af-
JNO. M. IIlTr, Of (ll-
duton, A uiiuoH G., la.,
snvs: "I toofc a wvcre
cold which settled on in y
luntrs nml chest, mid I
snllcrcd intensely with
it. I tried several ol
our best phv.sieiuns here
nnd they gave I nil
hones of mv rccoxrv.
nnd thought I would
have to iiie. I would
eouirh nnd spit MikmI
fur hours, ami I was pale
nnd weak. 1 was ireal 1 v
discouraged wheii I Ik.
gau the useol'the "His
covcry,' hut I soon eot
better. H has liecn five years since I took it and
have had no return of that trouble since."
s. .f.".-J.
J. M. Hite, Ksq.
What is
Castoria is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It Is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor OIL
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years use by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays
fercrishness. Castoria prevents vomiting Sour Curd,
cures Diarrhoea and Wind Colic. Castoria relieves
teething troubles, cures constipation and flatulency.
Castoria assimilates tho food, regulates the stomach
and bowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas
tori;t is the Children's Panacea tTio 3Iother,s Friend.
. " Castoria Is an excvllcnt medicine for chil
dren. Mothers have repeatedly told nie of iu
ffood effict upon Uicir childrea."
Da. G. C. Osooro,
Lowell, Mit-sa.
Cc-t:or:a is Uie bcr reruedr for children of
wbicli I ain arquainled. 1 hope tbt day is cot
far distant when moLhrrs will consider the ncA
inlcrest of their children, and use Casuiria In
stead of the Tariousquack nostruma which are
destroying their krred ooea, by forcing opium,
morphine, soothing syrup and other hurtful
agents down their throats, Uteretrf sending
them to premature graves."
Da. J. F. Knrnrnos,
Ooowsy, Ark.
Th Caatsur Compaaw, TT
Union Iiivery Stables,
FRANK MINGUS, Proprietor,
Successor to ED. WORMAN. ...
Having lately imrchaJ this popular, stable and stocked it with
new rigf. saf- Rud t-:in-s I in now prepared to meet the want3 of
the traveling public i:i a alisfactory manner.
BaM to a Delicate
That's th best thin-r a housewife can say for a cook stove or range.
The stove that cooks well is the stove tout suits, providde it is eco
noroienl on fi:cl. I have an extensive rtook of stow and
and ranees, and ach one is thij very best stove lh;t m3ey will buy.
I.-st baker, broiler, best burner all best. I also carry "
Hardware, Tinware and Fine Building Material;
Cutlery, Fishing Tackle, Ammunition, Etc.
Ret) Jacket Force Pumps.
For Deep or 5halIow Wells.
First-class quality of Brick always
j promptly tilled. .
Give uie a cail when in r.eed of anytiiiiig in my line.
All Aboard....
I'ppcr Appiegate. IZIliott Creek, I
Squaw Lake Steamboat. Cin-
nabar Springs, atkin : : :
am! w,iy s:u:ior.. Sj.- lo;vr- t
Jiu-krmnvU M'i;iiav-. ;in-.i Kri-
tlu.; ihti'oi!t.uitiCii:ys 9 ;
i- -Hur.tors w:l: fin! !h:s : v'tisiu ! "r-"!!- t
r';Mhi: The tim-"- t .inv nnd -.".'in
fnuint in H:o worlii. V?!;.r-t :-. r-ti-rS-T.
- jrvt ul low rates. .ViMly t?
JAS. LOUDEN, Prep.-.,
A younir mnn infornnMl his sweet hoit ot
hi-love foi her. ami ho "if Viu ik),
show it." So tltcs
Alison's Monarch Sarsapariila
show you what i pewer it is to clcnsothe
hUxxl and the entire system. tvmovtiiQ
1'imples, Hoilsaiid all diseases arising from
impure and weak blmxl.
Trv a MV: bottle ami you will hnc no other
Dr. Rush, founder ot Kush Meliint
leue, onee Miid this remedy is the World's treat
est remedy for tho blood. Try it and let it
show you what It cuu do WILL-SON HKOS., Edtferton. Ws
consiu. For sale by (5. 11. HASKlXS, MeiUotrU
Notice of Finai Settlement.
In the County Court of tho State of Oregon,
for Jackson Couuty.
In the mutter of the estate of Uurbarn X'lrlch.
"V'OTlcK Is hereby Kivon that the udmistrator
i of the estate of liarburu I'lrich. deveasett
has tiled in the County Court his limit account
in saul mailer, and by order of sutd Court.
Tuesd.iy. January S. 1SK", at the hour of 10
o'clock A. M., is set ftr hearln-f thciwf. All
persons interested ure herx'by notiiU-d lo ap
pear luid tile his objections to said account on
or before said da v.
Published by urder of Hon. J. R. Neil, Judge 1
of said Court.
Dated Nov. 30, ISM.
Administrator of satd estate. 1
" Castoria is so v. ;'. adrtT--I
recomnieuJ it is superior;.
known to mir."
IT. A. Ancnts.ll. D.,
ill So. OxfonlSt., Brooklyn, N. Y.
" Our phrsicians in the children's depart
ment have Eo-ca hiculr of their eiperi
ecoe in tlieir outssie practice with Castoria,
ai:d altho:h we only hare among oar
medical suitplies what is known as regular
products, yet we are free to confess that the
merits of Ca&Lona has won us to look with
favor upon it."
Us usu EosRzu. in Dnmsur,
Boston, 1
sua C Sans, iVes,
ISnxraj Street, Hrw Terk Ctty.
on hand. Iirt; atid stnaii orderf
lV:btfil Soods alone. The bert
arv e.tsy 10 &vu atii rot r.o
more. Ass your uca!er far
Alnar the et. Krotrri
everyvho;x Krrrr'- Scri
A u u u m I for Isvs to Us yoa
' what, how, ami when to il;r.u
i ir-eui Free. Jvt it- Address ,
Detroit, .Mich.
G. W. Isaacs, Proprietor.
t ShavinTliaircutsinsr, Shvrnjwx)-
lug ana iieartls Uvea. All work
first-class or wo will ivfuml tha
Agent for Salem Steam Laundry.
Seventh Street, opposite Posuifflee.
That is. I have received jtriee from
Krarer it Chamlcis. tf rhuagt, on
Whlrh will prove of more value than
the finding of several miRuxts to iu
tcndlnjcpurehasers. Oct prices from
F. LEWIS, Mechanical Kturtncer and Ma
chinist. Medford, Orejrou.
rTave l